Silent Predators (1999) - full transcript

In 1979, a delivery truck makes its way up a lonely southern California highway in a storm, bound for the San Diego Zoo with a deadly tropical rattlesnake as cargo. When the truck suffers a blowout, the driver loses control and hits a tree, shattering the snake's aquarium in the back and the window separating the snake from the driver. The snake slithers into the front of the truck, kills the driver with its bite and then moves off into the forest. Flash forward to 1999. The small southern California town of San Vicente has grown from 6,000 to 30,000, and the rattler, which escaped nearby years ago, has bred. There are now 25,000 of these hybrid rattlesnakes, and they are slowly making their way downhill into the town, attracted by the movement of the blasting as the town paves its way toward progress. Progress, in this case, brings terror, in this tale originally penned by John Carpenter.

Thanks for stopping.

What a place to break down, huh?

Guess you need a ride.

Do you mind?

Hop in.

Well, it's too small

for an alligator,

too big for a lizard.

What is it, a baby dinosaur?

It's a snake.

What... kind of snake?

A mean one.

Oh, great.

Look, it ain't getting

out of there,

so relax.

How far is the nearest town?

Little place called

San catalano, just ahead.

Well, you can just

drop me off there.

That crate's busted open.

Aah! My leg!

Hang on, buddy,

I'll be back as soon as I can.

Male vocalist:

♪ Had a low-grade fever

♪ since the day I was born

♪ a real mistreater

♪ like my daddy before

♪ mama, don't you worry

♪ if you stay out late

♪ the sun's coming up

♪ as I'm coming

♪ through the gate

♪ well, the doctor said

♪ "son, don't you

♪ grow up so fast

♪ before you know it

♪ your life will pass"

♪ bu I don't hear

♪ a word he said

♪ I've got it up loud

♪ and I can hear 'em playin'

♪ to wake up the dead

♪ I'm gonna wake up the dead

♪ I've got a 6-string strat

♪ Tattoo on my back

♪ man, I'm feeling fine

♪ my girlfriend's screaming

♪ at the top of her head

♪ if you play any louder

♪ you'll wake the dead

♪ well, the doctor said

♪ "son, don't you

♪ grow up so fast

♪ before you know it

♪ your life will pass"

♪ but I don't hear

♪ a word he's sayin'

♪ I've got it up loud

♪ so I can hear them playin'

♪ as I wake up the dead

♪ I'm gonna wake up the dead

♪ yeah



Nice to meet you, finally.

How you doing?

Have any trouble finding US?

No. Just follow the signs.

San Diego county's

fastest-growing community, huh?

Yeah, well, I hope

it doesn't grow up too fast.

It's nothing like what

you're used to. Oh, by the way,

I'm going to be staying on

for an extra week, make sure

you get squared away.

Good. I'll take

all the help I can get!

What's that?

That, my friend,

is the reason I'm getting

the hell out of dodge.

I noticed that new develop-

ment on the way into town.

How could you miss it?

I don't care what anybody says.

I think it's a damn eyesore.

Now they've got this phase ii,

it's gonna be twice as bad.

I heard caltrans is gonna

put a highway through here.

When I first moved here,

it was like paradise on earth.

I mean, it was special.

Now it's gonna be

like everyplace else.

Well, that's what

they call progress.

Yeah, well,

I'm in the vast minority.

Everybody else around here

thinks Max farrington's god.

Max farrington?

I'm not going to poison

the well. You'll meet him

soon enough. Make up

your own mind.

We're all clear!

Max, sales have been


Consistent isn't good enough.

We need sales to be booming,

and we need to get to the next

level, no matter what it takes.

I'm already working

a 7-day week. I've given up

having any kind

of a social life.

Well, there's not much

of a social life to be had

in this town, but that's all

gonna change, you watch.

Not that I'm in

any kind of a hurry.

At least this job puts back

what you put into it,

unlike most relationships.

Oh, by the way,

Johnny's been asking about you.

Oh, I don't think we have

much in common.

I don't know.

I think he'd be a pretty good

workout partner.

I'll stick with my stair-

master, thank you very much.

Look, mand,

I-I don't mean to be

ragging on you,

but I've got a lot

invested in this project,

and now I'm starting to catch

heat from the lenders.

I know. It's okay.

Let's go to the picnic, huh?


...they're saying

they're not sure yet.

Now, is he gonna fight

with it, though? 'Cause he's

gonna not be used to it

being around.

No, they make

a wonderful couple.

You'll like it here.

The people are real,

and if you need help,

they'll be there for you.

Oh, sure.

George. I thought

you were going fishing.

I am, but first I have

to break in our new fire chief.

This is our new fire chief!

Well, hello.

It's very nice to meet you.

I'm Vera.

Are you single?

Vera owns the local

pet shop. You know,

if a cat get stuck in a tree,

they call Vera before

they call the fire department.

Did I hear something

about a new fire chief?

Mr. Mayor. Have you met Vic?

So far, we've just

talked on the phone.

Now, I'm impressed.

I mean, you got the whole town

out here to greet me.

Well, now that

you mention it, follow me.

Oh, uh, to answer

your question, I am.

Oh, come on,

don't be shy. Come on.

Come on, come on. Follow me.

Hello, folks!

Hello, kids!

Hello, dogs!

Well, as we all know,

our beloved and long-time

fire chief is retiring.

Going fishing.

I'd like to take this

opportunity to introduce you

to our new fire chief,

Vic rondelli.

So let's give him a sincere,

small-town welcome, shall we?

Well, thank you.

Thanks very much.

Well, that really did

sound sincere.

Listen, about being behind

schedule and the pressure

that we're under, that's just

between you and I, okay?

Of course, Max.

There's bill and Larry.

See you.

...I've got a lot to learn

about this place and all of

you, so you're welcome to stop

by the firehouse any time

and introduce yourselves.

So, uh...

Well, I'm gonna try to do

the best job I can,

and, uh...

Well, the only thing I ask is,

somebody save a burger for me!

He's adorable,

don't you think?


Mayor in distance:

Beautiful Sunday, all of US

enjoying our families,

enjoying this beautiful


With so many new people

moving here,

planning is essential,

especially if we want

to keep San catalano

the way we like it.

You know, uh, I don't

believe we've met.

No, we haven't,

but I already know

all about you.

I've only been in town

for an hour.

Welcome to small town, usa.

...when we think about it.

Now, I want to take

this opportunity

to introduce...

What's that?

I don't know. It's okay.

It's cool.

...wonderful day.

Now I'd like to bring up

a man whose vision gave US

all this, a man who is putting

our little town on the map,

Max farrington!


Thank you, Mr. Mayor.

Thank you, everyone.

Friend of yours?

Boss of mine.

...the people of San catalano

together, and to get together

with your new neighbors.

Now, we're not just about

building homes,

we're about creating

a total environment

where you and your families

can prosper.

We'll have a one-acre park

for kids and families,

an olympic-sized pool,

a basketball court,

and a baseball diamond.

Let's go somewhere else.

Wait. I just want

to check it out.

...videogames, libraries--

in short, we're going

to have the whole nine yards.

And we want everybody

to appreciate

that's just the beginning.

She's an important part

of the farrington team.

Makes my job a whole lot

easier. If you've met her,

you can't help but love her--

our v.P. In charge of

sales and marketing,

miss Mandy stratford.

I'm on.


Thank you, Max.

You're welcome.

Well, I just wanted

to add a warm welcome

to all of our guests

who are joining US today.

Please feel free to mingle

with the homeowners,

enjoy all of the food,

and ask me any questions

that you might have.

All right, folks,

just take it easy. Take it easy.

Over here! Over here!

Let them take care of it.

Help US!

Let them take care of it.

Please! Aahhh!

What's going on?

Help! Please help!

Help, please!

Please, it bit him!

What bit him?

A snake. It bit his arm!

Please, help him!

It's okay, it's okay.

What happened?

A snake.

Oh, my god, what happened?

He's dead.


My guess,

he was bitten by a rattlesnake.

Did-- did you see it?


I never heard of anyone

dying that quickly

from a rattlesnake bite.

I'm so sorry.

If you need anything,

please call me.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, there are--

there are no words to describe

how terribly I feel

for you two right now.

I'm sorry, folks,

but I needto get

some information.

Look, uh...

Why-- why don't we go do this

someplace else, okay?

Yeah. Sure.

Do you need a ride

back to the station?

Yeah, sure.

I've never seen anyone

die so quickly from a snakebite.

Do you know a lot

about rattlesnakes?

I was deputy fire chief

in a suburb of Tucson.

We'd get half a dozen

rattlesnake bites every summer,

but no one ever died.

Lacey said the snake

was huge.

Well, I'm sure it looked

huge to her.

Women tend to exaggerate

these things

excuse me?

Well, you know how women are

when it comes to snakes

and spiders and mice.

No, I don't know,

how are they?

Well, let me rephrase that--

some women.

How 'bout some people?

Ohh. I'm sorry.

I'm just upset.



Thanks for the ride.

Welcome to San catalano.

I wish it could have been

a happier occasion.


Just float it.

All right, if I have

to pay the penalty, I will.

I... I just can't discuss

this right now.

Um... I know I'm new

around here, but I just

wanted to let you know

how sorry I am about Jake.

Thanks, Mr. Rondelli.

When you're up to it, um...

Well, I'd like to talk to you

a little bit more

about what happened.

What do you mean?

Well, about the snake.

I mean, it's unusual for

a rattlesnake to attack

somebody just--

Jake didn't do

anything wrong.


He just wanted to look at it.

Lacey, you okay?

Look, it's not that

I don't believe you.

My concern is for public safety.

If there's some abnormally

aggressive rattlesnake

out there, I've just got to--

excuse me. Obviously,

whatever you're talking about

is upsetting her, so...

Why don't you go lightly.

Well, I'm sorry.

It's just that...

Well, I need to know

what happened.

That boy was the victim

of a very tragic accident.

Now, case closed.

Well, that's not

your call, farrington.

Your title is fire chief,

correct? What does any of this

have to do with a fire?

All right, guys. Enough.

Come on, I'll walk you back.

Here, buck, come on! Come on!

Go, girl, go!

Good dog.

Come here. Come on. Come here.

Good girl.

Yeah, ready?


Get it. Yeah!

What's wrong, buck?



Mrs. Holden, just--

just calm down.

Just-- just take a deep breath,

okay? Everything is gonna

be all right.

Have you called anyone else

about this? That's good.

You just stay put.

I'm on my way.

What's up?

Someone just found

a snake under one of the houses.

A rattlesnake?

She didn't say.

You sure it didn't come

from up on the hill?

Tammy said it came

from under that house.

All right.

Yeah, Ken, it's Max.

Look, I need you up

at phase I right away.

Holden house.

No, no, right now.


What's up, Mr. Farrington?

You have a flashlight

in there?


Grab it.

You're gonna need it.

The holdens' dog found

a rattlesnake inside

this foundation.

I'm gonna need you

to go inside there

and check it out for me.

A rattlesnake?


Is that a problem for you, Ken?

No, sir.

Good man.

Who are you calling?

Fire department.


What did you find?

There's a whole bunch

of 'em in there.

All right.

Let's get an exterminator

up here, a.S.A.P.

I want you to take this carcass

and Bury it somewhere,

and be discreet.

Did you find anything?

Good news! No more snakes!

But just to be on the safe side,

we're gonna go ahead

and fumigate this

whole foundation here,

and yours too, Mrs. Holden.

Why mine?

Well, it's always been

a policy of ours

never to take any chances

when it comes to our homeowners.

Ah. Who called

the fire department?

I did.

Smart girl.

Sorry, chief. False alarm.

Well, Mandy said

you found a rattler.

Yeah, a dead one.

And nobody was hurt.

Where is it?

Foreman's taking care of it.

Now, Mrs. Holden,

while we're fumigating,

I'd like you and your family

to be my guests at the inn.


How big was it?

Pretty big.

But you know women.

We tend to exaggerate

these things.

I just felt

it should be reported.

Yeah, well, your boss

probably wishes it hadn't.

What you looking for?

Reports of rattlesnake bites

or sightings.

You should talk

to Jack Kelly.

I saw his exterminator truck

up in phase I.

I'll meet you

at the car.


I'm Vic rondelli.

I'm the new fire chief.

Hi, Vic.

Nice to finally meet you.


I hate spiders.

You know, I heard you were

doing some fumigating

up in phase I.

Did you find any snakes?

Sure did.

Half a dozen, actually.


Yeah. Big ones, too.

Well, biggest I've seen

around here.

You, uh, you mind

if I take a look at 'em?

Not at all, but we burned

the carcasses.

And why'd you do that?

Well, that's what

the client asked for.

The client

being Max farrington?

That's right.

I'll guarantee one thing--

I'll be getting a lot more

work out of farrington

& Associates.

They found six more snakes

under that one foundation!

We had a problem

and we dealt with it,

and no one's reported

any more snakes.

That doesn't mean

they're not out there.

Look, you saw what happened

to Jake.

What if someone else

in phase I gets bitten?

That was a totally

random incident.

And what if it wasn't?

Let's get the construction crew

together and go on a snake hunt.


And then word gets out

that we have a snake problem.

Sales plummet,

the company goes belly-up,

it's over for me, and you...

You're out of a job.

Then-- then let's at least

fumigate the rest of the homes.

That's a great idea.

I'll have the exterminator

back up here again next month.

No, Max, this is a problem

right now.

Look, we had a family

of snakes living under

one of our unfinished homes.

Those snakes are gone.

End of story.


You're the boss.

Hey, guys.

You haven't seen any snakes,

have you?


They found a next of rattlers

under a house in the next block.

Listen, until we figure out

where these things are

coming from, I think it

would be a good idea if you

played up on the pavement.

You know, I couldn't have

said it better myself.

Did you know that

the average adult length

of a western diamondback

is four to five feet,

although some have been known

to reach a length of seven feet.

Vera told me about a snake

website on the Internet.

All the snakes under that

foundation were at least

seven feet in length.

Which means we're dealing

with something very different.

But a western diamondback

is the only snake

indigenous to this area.

Yeah. Is your boss

planning to post signs

around here?

If there really is a problem,

I'll get out there and post

signs myself.

I'm gonna hold you to that.

How'd you find out

about the nest?


Thought I'd go

right to the source.

What are you gonna do

about it?

Well, I'm gonna go on

a little snake hunt.

Hey, you wanna come along?

I don't think I'm wearing

the right shoes.

Well, I got a spare

pair of boots in the truck.

Probably not my size.

Aw, come on.

Extra pair of socks or two,

it'd be okay.

All right.

All right.

I'm going on a snake hunt.

What, am I crazy?

All right.

Oh, lovely.

Are you sure you don't have

anything in a ladies' size 7?

You know, you don't

have to do this.

I won't hold it against you.

Oh, no, I'm going.

I'm going. I'm not crazy

about snakes, but I'll

deal with it.

All right.

They have pits

below their eyes

with nerve endings a thousand

times more sensitive

than human skin.

That's how they know

whether an animal is prey

or an enemy,

from its body heat,

although most rattlesnakes

will flee

in the presence of an enemy,

except for the tropical

rattlesnake, which they say

is the most aggressive.

I don't think we have to

worry about too many

tropical rattlesnakes

around here.



One of those tropical

tree branches.

Now, they're vicious.

Ha ha.

So, what will you do

if we catch one?

I don't know.

Kill it, skin it,

throw it on the barbecue.

You know what they say--

Tastes like chicken.

I can make myself

a cute little pair

of snakeskin boots.

Cut off the rattle,

make yourself a new keychain.



Two o'clock,

about ten feet ahead.

We were just kidding.

M-Move back, real slow.

Stay still!

Don't move!


Get him!

Got him!

You better have him.

Are you okay?

Oh, yeah, I'm fine.

Would it be possible

to helicopter me out of here?

I think this is

my last snake hunt.

Oh, god! Ohh!

Oh, god, it's already numb!

It's already numb!

Can you suck out the poison?

I'd love to, but...

There are no puncture marks.


Didn't make it

through the boot.

Oh, that's good.

That's good.

I'm gonna put my boot

back on.

Can we go home now?


Did you hear that?


They're everywhere!

Let's go!

You stay behind me.

Let's go.

Let's run for it. Come on.

Come on.

I don't hear 'em.


That was pretty...


Can we go home now?

You ever been to

a herpetologist?

Excuse me?

Snake scientist.


Well, there's always

a first time. Let's go.

All right, Vic,

let's see what you've

got for me.

Crack that.

Shut it!

Definitely more aggressive

than I've ever seen.

This is no western diamondback.

Okay, then, what is it?

Well, there is a test

I can do. Crack that for me.

All right, now,

grab that for me.

In terms of quantity

and color, this is

highly unusual.

Unusual good

or unusual bad?

Scientifically speaking,

it's rather remarkable.

This venom is much more

like that of

a tropical rattlesnake,

which is about 50 times

more toxic than any snake

found in southern California.

Vic, I wish I could

give you more answers, but I

need some time to study him.

Well, how's two hours?

Well, I figured we'd go out

and get a bite to eat, and then

we'll stop here on our way back.

Well, I can't promise you


Look, uh, I know this

is rushing you, but the sooner

we find out what we're

dealing with, the better.

All right. I'll see

what I could do.

Was that a backdoor way

of asking me out to dinner?

Well, come on,

you are hungry, aren't you?

Well, I'm hoping my appetite

will return after we leave here.

No offense.

I never gave much thought

to snakes before--

the reptile kind.

Speaking of which,

how do you like working

for Max farrington?

Max has been really good

to me. I was going through

a really rough time when he

offered me this job.

Aha. You were running

away from something--

a bad relationship?

Okay, what did Vera tell you?

Oh, it wasn't Vera,

it was George,

and welcome to small town, usa.

It's all true.

I needed to make some

big changes in my life,

and I did.

No regrets.

So what else did he tell you?

What else do I need to know?

Oh, no, that's my

deep, dark secret.

What's yours?

Well, I thought you knew

everything about me.

Not everything.

Ever been married?

No. Not that I have

anything against it,

but... there's only been

one woman I've ever known

that I wanted to marry.


She was married

to someone else.

Oh. That's complicated.

Yeah, well, it gets

Her husband

oversaw my department.


Now it's getting interesting.



A girlfriend once told me

that work is the best refuge

for a broken heart.

You believe that?

I do. About 12 to 14 hours

a day, and then I go home

to my empty house

and I begin to wonder.

You know, San catalano

doesn't seem like the best

place to meet eligible men.

That's why I live there.

It's called self-imposed exile.


Does it bother you

that your boss made

the exterminator burn

the remains of those snakes?

Look, I know what

you're thinking:

Yes, we've had some

construction setbacks;

no, homes aren't selling

to their original projections,

but... Max just doesn't

want to alarm people.

Well, how 'bout warning them

for their own good?

Why do you think I went

on that snake hunt with you?

If there's a problem,

I want to know about it.

Even if it means

going against your boss?

You don't know Max.

He may be under

a lot of pressure,

but in the end,

he'll do the right thing.

This snake is a realkiller.

It has characteristics

of both the tropical rattlesnake

andthe western diamondback,

and yet it's neither one.

What it is, is a combination

of both.

I contacted a colleague

at the local zoo.

Someone there in the reptile

department remembered

an incident that happened

20 years ago.

The zoo had acquired

an unusually aggressive

tropical male rattlesnake

from the jungles of Costa Rica.

They decided to have it

transferred to a research

lab back east.

Now, apparently the driver

of that truck got into

an accident out where

highway 12 meets the 315.

That's just before

you get to San catalano.

Yeah, well,

the rattlesnake got loose,

bit the driver

and another person,

then disappeared

into the hills.

It was never seen again.

Unfortunately, both

the drive and that other

passenger died.

So, you're thinking

that this tropical male

mated with some

western females?

Species seldom interbreed,

except in artificial conditions,

though it has been known

to happen.

Well, that--

that's gotta be the answer.

So, for the last 20 years,

some whole new rattler's

been breeding in the hills

around San catalano.

But why are they only

appearing now?

Well, this is the time

of year that snakes start

coming out of hibernation.

Wait. I've read the files.

You'd think there'd be some

report of people being

bitten by rattlesnakes

or dying from snakebites.

Well, this is earthquake

country. I've heard

of snake dens being disturbed

by earth tremors.

Oh, my god.

What is it?

Well, there's a big

new housing development

being built out there.

They're using dynamite

to grade the lots.

And this development is

where the snakes

have been appearing?


Well, in that case,

it is very possible

that this construction

has encroached in an area

where these snakes are

used to hunting their prey.

You're sure it was

one of these things

that bit Jake?

Well, not absolutely,

because we didn't catch that

snake, but based upon what

Lacey said, we're pretty sure--

mnh. That girl

was hysterical.

The venom from a western

diamondback would have never

killed someone that quickly.

It had to have been

one of these mutant snakes.

Mutant snake. Okay.

Let's say you're right.

What do you want me to do?

Get Max farrington

to suspend all dynamiting

and construction in phase ii.

Then we get Dr. Watkins

out here to do

a thorough study.

Any idea how long

that would take?

Dr. Watkins understands

the urgency. He'll move as

quickly as we need him to.

Shutting Max down,

that's asking a lot.

He's got deadlines to meet.

What's more important?

His deadlines, or the safety

of this community?

Listen, I hear you.

It's just that I don't want

to ask rashly.

Better safe than sorry.

It's been quite a day.

Yeah, well, we should

do it again sometime.

Sure. Let's just leave out

all the parts having

to do with snakes.

You know...

I'm leaning towards

inviting you in,

but I have a feeling

I wouldn't get any sleep.

Well, what sh--

what shall we do?

We say good night...


Yeah, I was afraid

you were gonna say that.

Good night.


Would you mind checking

under my bed for snakes?

I'm just kidding!

Good night.

Good night, Mandy.

I'll see you.

You'd better.

Oh, no!

Okay, let's settle down!

I've discussed it with

the mayor, and we've

decided to continue grading.

But you have no idea what's

going on here.

All I know is one person

dies of a snake bite,

and you're ready to

declare a national emergency.

There were seven of those

things under one of your homes,

and probably hundreds more

where they came from!

That does not justify

shutting down my operation!

So you're saying that

your operation is worth

more than people's lives?

Look, if I shut down, dozens

of people are out of work,

and it jeopardizes this town's

whole economy.

This is not about money.

That's easy for you to say.

You have nothing at stake here.

Max, I was up in those hills.

I saw those things

with my own eyes.

I've already talked to Jack.

He's going to fumigate the rest

of the homes in phase I.

We're dealing with it.

That's not enough.

Well, it's good enough

for me.

Bottom line, rondelli,

you do not have the authority

to shut me down.

And whose side are you on,


Fuel's stored

too close to the explosives,

the shed isn't properly

ventilated, and you're one

fire extinguisher short.

Okay, we'll get right on it.

These kind of violations

give me the legal prerogative

to shut you down for 24 hours,

which is just what I'm doing.

You've got to be kidding.

He's shutting US down!

You want to play hardball,


So, have they fumigated

your house yet?

Oh, they're coming over

later this afternoon.

We've already shipped

the kids off to grandma's.

Dave and I are spending

the night at a b&B.

Oh, some quality time, huh?

Oh, yeah. Anyway,

I gotta run.

Okay. That'll be all.

Aah! Aah!


What's going on?

The mayor called, and he didn't

sound too happy.

We'll know more

after this phone call.

This is Watkins.

Yeah, it's Vic.

Look, I'm gonna put you

on speaker.

I'm here with George Mitchell,

my predecessor.

We did some preliminary

genetic testing, and this

rattlesnake is unlike

anything known.

It's completely new to science.

You run any numbers on how

many we might be dealing with?

This is just a rough

estimate, but assuming they

started breeding here

20 years ago, we could be

looking at anywhere

between twenty-five

and thirty-five thousand.

All right.

Let's say they put up

this new housing development

in a place where the snakes

were used to hunting for food.

Given the aggressiveness

of that specimen,

do you think these snakes would

attack humans unprovoked?

No. The problem is, they're

disoriented and confused,

which means that they're

more likely to attack first

and ask questions later.

But, Vic, what really

worries me here is they've

just begun to come out

of hibernation.

This is only the first trickle.

In the next few weeks,

there'll be a hundred times

as many coming out

to look for food.

I just came from phase I.

A homeowner was bitten to death

by a rattlesnake.

Uh, listen, Vic,

I just heard that. Maybe

I'd better come out there.

Yeah, that'd be good.

And, uh...

We need you here yesterday.

This is no random incident.

We've got ourselves

a problem here.

I'm gonna need your help.

That's a good idea.

Here comes trouble.

What is going on here?

Deploying a roadblock.

No one but residents

and emergency personnel

allowed beyond this point.

Well, on whose authority?

The sheriff's

and the fire department.

Did you even think

to consult with me?

There wasn't time. We're

dealing with a crisis here.

Two people bitten by snakes,

and you call that a crisis?

They weren't just bitten,

they died!

Look, I'm moving up

our city council meeting

to eight o'clock tonight.

We need to discuss this

under calmer conditions.

Well, in the meantime,

I don't want anyone coming

into San catalano

that doesn't belong here.

You're gonna start a panic!


You got nerve,

I'll give you that.



Mandy. Remember what

you said about posting signs?

She had two small kids.

You know, Vic,

if these snakes

really are hybrids,

they need to be studied.

Yeah, well, right now,

we've got to get out

and warn people.

Maybe we won't have

to post those signs after all.

Hey, how long are you

gonna need to set up?

About 10 minutes.

Uh, that's, uh, too long...

Farrington and associates.

Sure. Please hold a moment.

Mr. Farrington,

mayor Parker's on one.

Yes, Dean?


Female reporter:

San catalano is facing

a threat that is turning

the dreams of its residents

into nightmares.

Reports of a deadly

rattlesnake infestation

have been circulating

throughout the community

since the death last week

of a 17-year-old

high school student

who was bitten by a snake

in the woods near his home.

Fire chief Vic rondelli

issued an official warning

as he spoke to US

earlier this afternoon.

I'll call you back.

I just want people

to be aware that, uh,

people shouldn't take

walks in the tall grass...

Karen, you get Mandy

on the phone, right now! shut at all times,

and keep your pets inside too.

Theevening news has found

out that the latest casualty...

Right on cue!

...was a young mother

of two who was bitten by

multiple snakes in

the garage of her home.

Hello, this is Mandy.

Hi, Karen. Yeah, I'll hold.

Hello, Max.

Yeah, I know.

We're watching it right now.

...experts say that

as the weather heats up...

Okay, I'll be there

in a minute. 'Bye.

What a surprise.

Boss wants to see me.

Are you gonna be okay?

Yeah, I'm a big girl.

I'll be fine.

On second thought,

could I just

borrow one of these?

Why the hell didn't you

tell me about this?

A woman's dead, Max, a woman

with a husband and two kids.

And I feel terrible

about that, but it does not

justify setting off a panic.

So what are you gonna do?

How are you gonna protect

these people?

Well, obviously we need

to be proactive.

What we don't need is

some fire chief running

around like a loose Cannon.

Look, Max,

I know how to turn this

whole thing around and make

farrington & Associates

look like the big heroes.

I'm listening.


We hold a press conference.

We invite snake experts,

city officials, citizens.

We tell them that farrington

& Associates is gonna be

funding a scientific task force

to look into the problem

and offer solutions.

That means we'd have

to stop production.

Homeowners would be

living in fear.

New buyers would be

pulling out of escrow,

and prospective buyers, well,

they're not gonna want

to set foot here.

So what are you gonna do,

Max? Nothing?

You coming to the city

council meeting tonight?

Of course.


Make sure you bring

your new friend, the fire chief.

What are you up to?

♪ Don't you know that

♪ you just want to do it

♪ no, no, don't do it

♪ oh, oh

♪ get up

♪ don't do it

♪ Move it up

♪ move it up

♪ move it up

Help me!

Please! Somebody help me!

Please! Help me!

Please! Help me, please!

Please help me in here!

Please, please! Aahh!

Please! Aaahhhh!

I'm sorry to report

that despite all efforts

to revive her, Olivia Porter

was pronounced dead

at the scene, all the more

reason for this emergency

session of the city council.

Now, to begin with,

we should start with

the expert on snakes,

Dr. Matthew Watkins.

Hopefully he can shed

some light on all this.



Well, let me first start

by saying that in the world

of poisonous snakes,

there are two basic

types of venom:

The first attacks

the central nervous system,

the other attacks

the vital organs.

The venom of the specimen

that I examined contains

a powerful combination of both,

which means the snakes you're

dealing with here are by far

the most lethal I've

ever encountered.

You only examined

this one specimen, correct?

It was the only one I had

to examine.

Well, are you saying this

is the very same snake

that bit Jake Ellison?

Chances of that are

pretty slim.

So this specimen could be

the exception and not the rule.

It's too soon to know that.

Let's say this snake is

the rule and not the exception.

What can we do to protect


Well, first, you'd have

to locate their dens.

One way would be

to capture a snake,

implant it with an electronic

homing device, and then

follow it back to

where it lives.

And then what? Kill them all?

Shouldn't we be concerned

about the balance of nature?

I-If we just wipe

these snakes out,

aren't we upsetting

the whole ecosystem.

The ecosystem was already

upset by the intrusion

of this tropical rattlesnake

20 years ago.

I have a better solution.

It's not a quick fix,

but it's ecologically sound.

We import some of

the rattlesnake's

natural enemies,

like the king snake.

They're immune to

rattlesnake venom

and harmless to US.

You want to bring in

more snakes?


Here, I'll prove it to you.

This is Henry...

He's a king snake,

and he makes

a terrific little pet.

Okay, Vera,

you've made your point.

Put your pet away.

You'll love him.

Dr. Watkins, is that

a viable solution?

With all due respect,

if my estimates are

anywhere near correct,

you'd have to import

king snakes in by the thousands.

How long would it take

to do what you're talking about

with this homing device?

We had to euthanize

a specimen to do our analysis,

so a new snake has to be caught.

Then that snake

has to be sedated,

a radio transmitter implanted.

Problem is, it may take days

or even weeks for it to return

to its den.

Excuse me.

Three residents

have already died,

and every day, more of these

things are gonna be coming

out of hibernation.

Mr. Rondelli, you'll get

your chance when I open

the meeting up to guests.

But these people need help

now, tonight.

So noted, sir. Now, please.

Mr. Mayor, may I

be recognized?

The chair recognizes

Max farrington.

Thank you.

I want to apologize

for being late, but I had to

wait at my office for some

documentation to arrive.

What I have here is a report

from the committee on public

safety. It's a watchdog group

in Tucson, Arizona.

May I see that?

Now, according

to this report,

Mr. Rondelli was given

a strong reprimand for,

and I quote,

"willfully disobeying

the orders of a superior

and conduct unbecoming

a public official."

It also goes on to state

that Mr. Rondelli

negligently put firefighters

under his charge in harm's way.

That's one side of the story.

It says the committee

was made up of

impartial citizens.

Impartial, my ass.

Mr. Rondelli, this action

against you is on public record.

However, I should remind

everyone that he neglected

to put any mention

of this incident in his resume

when it was submitted here

last November.

Because it was all a lie.

Is that the reason,

Mr. Rondelli?

Or is it because this report

shows you are someone who's

given to reckless

and impulsive behavior?

And if there is no truth

to these findings, when why

would you try to keep it

concealed from the city council?

Mr. Rondelli?

Look, folks, I'm not saying that

we don't have a problem here,

but I think we should all try

to keep it in

the correct perspective.

Well, that's what

I've been saying.

Now, apparently,

the bulldozing and blasting

being done by my company

has disturbed a number

of rattlesnake dens

in this area.

Okay, what's done is done.

We don't need to sit around

and debate that. What we need

right now is a plan of action,

so first thing tomorrow

morning, with the help of

all the volunteers

I can muster, mayor,

I'd like to go back

into those hills, find out

where these things live,

and eradicate them,

once and for all.

Hear, hear!



So, you want to tell me

your side of the story?


Doesn't matter.

Does to me.

Well, I got on the wrong side

of someone in a position

of authority,

and he tried to railroad me

out of the department.

The husband of the woman

you were in love with?

We got a call one night--

a fire in a single-family


When we got there,

the roof was...

Fully engulfed in flames.

Mother was hysterical.

Daughter was still inside.

I went in. My men followed.

We got the girl out...

But one of my men

didn't make it.

So he twisted it all around,

made it look like I was


Thus the tribunal,

thus the reprimand.

And the woman?

Didn't work out.


It took some time.

I got over her.

Well, I just wanted

to make sure you were okay.

You know, I'm leaning

toward inviting you to stay.


No, I really should be

alone tonight.

I was afraid you'd say that.

Ever been bitten before?

I don't know anyone

in my profession who hasn't.

That's why I carry this--

it's the strongest

anti-venom made.

I dropped some off

at the hospital too,

just in case.

I brought some sodium cyanide

along just to try on

these snakes.

I was thinking more like

a nuclear bomb.

I got one over here!

I-I-I think we're okay.

So we don'thave to cancel

the game?

The only sightings have been

clear on the other side of town.

I mean, why worry the kids

when we don't have to, right?

Check on your right.

Where's this road go?

Old mining road.

Now, take your time,

don't hurry your windup,

and stick with your best stuff.

Okay, dad.

Go kick some butt.

We're gonna win today, right?


Oh! Thought you'd be

out with the snake hunters.

Family comes first.


It's gonna be a good day

today, I can feel it.

Let's go, wildcats!


[ Spectators laughing

and jeering ]

That's not funny.

Okay, keep it together.

Find anything?

Don't move too fast.



There you go.

So... how's he doin'?



He's okay, I guess.

He went to school

with my older brother.

I've known him for years.

Thing about Vic--

he's a survivor.

Let's keep going.

Strike three! You're out!

That'll be you next year.

Heads up!






Honey?! Honey?!


Unit one,

possible snake attack

at the baseball diamond.

Respond, code three.


Please, my son!

Where? There!

Rondelli! Over here!

Just stay calm.

We're gonna get you.

Lance, you're doing great.

I want you to stay as still

as you possibly can, all right?

Now, I'm gonna pull you

out of there, but I have

to do this real carefully.

Okay, now, I'm gonna

reach down real slow,

and I want you to try

and grab my hand.

Come on.

Okay, on three.




Oh, thank god.


Come on. Let's go.

Keep looking.

This is Mandy.



There's been a snake attack

at the little league game.

I don't know, man.

Let's go!

You go on ahead!

I'm gonna check something out.

Why were our kids

allowed to play here

if this town is infested

with rattlesnakes?

Mr. Mayor, you care

to answer that?

The problems were all

happening at phase I.

How did they get

all the way across town?

Well, forget how.

The fact is, these snakes

could be anywhere.


Did they use the anti-venom?

No, it was too late.

You find anything up there?

Just some individual snakes.

None of the dens.

Four people have

already died from these things,

and your son was about

to be number five.

I've got to get to a phone.

I've got to make some calls.

Here, use my phone.


Now, you listen to me: These

things are gonna be coming out

of the hills by the thousands.

We're gonna have to get people

the hell out of here.

You mean an evacuation?

Well, you saw the way

everyone panicked.

How many more are gonna

have to die before you

take this seriously?

I-I'll go to city hall

and make the announcement

from there. Thanks again.

And while you're at it,

call the governor's office.

We're gonna need all the help

we can get.

You know, um,

why don't you and farrington

go start evacuating all

the residents out of phase I.

We got a ride down

with somebody else.

Max stayed behind.

I-I don't know where he is.

Ah. Well...

You're gonna have to get

started without him.

He'll probably fire me.

There's more at stake here

than my job.

Take it down!

We got five more.

Did you get

the pictures?


it's your mother's.

We've only got

five minutes!

Thanks a lot, folks.

I appreciate this.

Are you all set,


Honey, come on,

get in the car now.

All right, let's go.

See you later.

Meet you at the hotel!

That's for you,

all right? Put that in.


You heard from the mayor?

Not yet. What's left to do?

We've got to block off

all the access roads

leading up to those canyons.

Let's dig out those

barricades! Let's go!

Oh, Vic, I just got

off the phone with he governor.

He said we can count on him

for whatever aid we need.

Great. We need a medevac

chopper, and more anti-venom :

As much as we can get

our hands on.

What am I supposed to do

with my animals?

I can't just abandon them.

Don't worry, I'll help you

load them into your car. It

should only be a couple of days.

I found Mr. Farrington.

Listen, I'm going to be

right over to help you. I just

need to deal with this first.

He's up at phase ii with Ken.

They're loading all the dynamite

into one of the trucks.

I tried to tell him

what was going on,

but he wouldn't listen.

He's acting really strange.

Max, what are you doing?

What I said I would--

I'm handling the problem.

What does that mean?

You'll find out!

Ken, can you tell me

what's going on?

All I know is Mr. Farrington

offered me a big, fat bonus

if I'd help him.

Help him what?

I guess he found

those snake dens.

Let's go, Ken.

Gonna get dark pretty soon.

Two more people

have been bitten.

It's simple.

You identify a problem,

you address it,

then you make it go away.

Those are the principles

I've built my career on.

This is not a business

problem, Max, this is

a nature problem.

Let US know if there's

anything else we can do.

Where's Mandy?

Last I heard, she was

evacuating phase I.

Calling her cellphone now.


I thought we

covered this ground.

We did.

We just ended it

a little too soon.

I'm going to call

Dr. Watkins, get his...


Max, this really isn't

a good idea.

What is this?

Come on, I'll show you.

Hear them?

Oh, my god.

They're in there.

What are you thinking?

We're gonna get the dynamite

inside there, blow it,

collapse the mine,

crush 'em all to death.

Max, we need the experts

to deal with this.

Okay. You just sit

back here and watch, then.

Ken, you've got

to talk him out of this.

We're already here. We might

as well give it a shot.

It's too dangerous!

Max is the boss!

Vehicle one to base, come in.

Vehicle one to base, come in.

Vehicle one to base,

this is Mandy. Come in.

Please respond.

Is anybody there?

Somebody, please.

Give it up, Mandy.

Max, don't do this.

They're gone.

It's all up to US now.

Give me a hand.

Let's get this fence

out of the way.

I got it, I got it.

We've got to get

the dynamite as far back

as we can.

There, now.

Vera's pets.

Hi, it's Vic.

Is Mandy with you?

No, but, actually,

i'm-- I'm expecting her

to show up here.

When was the last time

you talked to her?

Oh, about an hour ago.

Did you-- did you

try her office?

No answer, and she doesn't

have her cellphone.

I want you to pull forward

and turn on the brights.


We have a chance

to end this all right now.

I need you.

Just pull forward.

Okay, let's go.


Oh, my.






Max? Ken?

Can anybody hear me?

Vehicle one to base.

Vehicle one to base,

come in, please.

Hello, this is Mandy.

I'm in trouble. I need help.

Please answer.


Is anyone there?

Oh, god,

can anybody hear me?

Please, somebody pick up!


Oh, god, please! Somebody!

Oh, god! Aah!

Please, somebody!

If anybody can hear this...

Mandy! me, please!

Please, somebody!


Sorry about this, Max.


Please, I need some help!

Oh. Mandy!

Mandy, is that you?

Oh, Vera,

I can't believe it's you!

Mandy, where are you?

I-I'm trapped in an old

abandoned mining shaft.

Max and Ken,

I think they're dead.

You've got to get Vic!

Slow down, honey.

Now, where are you?

Max found where

the snakes are breeding--

an abandoned mining shaft.

There are thousands of them!

He tried to just blow them

up with dynamite, but...

It didn't work,

and there was an explosion.

You've got to get me out!

Where are the snakes?

They're outside, but they're

trying to get inside.

Please hurry!

All right. I-I'll go

find Vic.

You stay put.

Keep this radio on!

I'm not going anywhere.




Henry! You saved my life!

I've hiked a lot

in this area.

I-I think I know where it is.

Stay on this road.

It-- it's gonna bend

to the left.

See? Right over here.

Okay, it's totally blocked.

Well, don't sugarcoat it

or anything.

What are you gonna do?

We're gonna dig you out.

Aah! How?

Well, I don't know, but...

We'll think of something.

You hang in there.

Oh, I'm hanging.

I'm hanging.

Water seepage, and we've got

a lot of earth to move.

Means we're gonna need

some heavy duty earth movers,

which are typically found...

At construction sites.

How are you doing?

> Oh, I'm doing great.

Can't they go any faster?

Honey, they're moving

as fast as they can.

Hey! Be careful, be careful!

The windshield's starting to go!

Sure this stuff will work?

It should penetrate

their skin. At the very least,

it's gonna immobilize them.


Pretty quick.

Here you go, Vic.

All right.


Mandy? He's on his way in.

He's going to hook you up

to the bulldozer

and drag the truck out.


Mandy, we're gonna

pull you out.

Oh, thank god!

Just hang in there, okay?

Okay, Billy, I've got it.


Okay, Jake, back it up!

Easy, easy!

Hey, stop! Stop!

The windshield's

starting to go!



Hold it, hold it!


No! They're getting in!

Hold on, I'm coming!

I'm coming in!

All right, I'm gonna

open the door!

It's jammed!

The door's blocked!

I'm going around

to the back. Hold on!

[ Snakes rattling

and hissing ]


He's getting in!

Stay back!

They're getting inside!

We're almost there!



All right, let's go, quick.

I'll pull you out. Come on!


I got you. All right.

Okay, hold on.

We're almost out.

Let's go.

We're good.

We're good.


Mayor park said

the national guard are coming in

to smoke out the rest of

the snakes in town.

Fire in the hole!

Don't move.



I hate spiders!