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Silent Ones (2013) - full transcript

A girl wakes up after a car crash. Her younger brother has disappeared. As she promised him, she boards a cargo ship to find a new life. Then the shady Gábor crosses her path. A surreal trip on the fragile edge of life and death.


the longest in my life.

I was unconscious.

I didn't breathe anymore.

It was deathly quiet.

That's how my life started...

my second life.

I lie there holding my breath, motionless.

A terrible silence...

as if the world has ended
and hardly anyone is alive anymore.

My world exploded.

I walked to the car.

I sat there all the time.

I lay down, rolled up like a ball,
like my little brother.

My only little brother.

An ominous silence.

A terrible silence...

There's nothing you can do about it.

There's nothing I can do about it.


I couldn't find you.

Isti, where are you?

I'm not going back.

I'll never go back.


I shall complete our journey.

I had no other choice.

I had to go to Gbor.

He is in importexport business.

I can earn money with him.

But not just like that.

Gbor always says:

There's no such thing as a free lunch.

I was thinking...
Listen, we're friends.


Do you want a good life?

To earn money?

You like that?
Of course.

Why don't you stay here
and work with us?

I have an idea.

Look, we're going to leave here.

We go on and on and on...

We go on and on...

and then we reach Western Europe.

Here. This small place.

We are sailing, sailing, sailing...

Do you have a nice bathing suit?

I was just asking... I'll help you.

Why don't you work here with us?

You could earn a lot of money.

What is that necklace?
Can I take a look?

What's in it?
It's none of your business.

Let go of it!

How much?
It isn't for sale!

You have something to hide, right?

I have nothing to hide.
You can trust me.

You're Csilla.

I am Csilla.

You're doing fine.

I'm doing fine.

You're not going back.

I'm not going back.

I'm never going back.

I'm never going back.

I'm never going back.


I'll never return.

Then it'll be fine.

Then it'll be fine.

It'll be okay.

No one can have him.

I'll fulfill our dream.


Isti, where are you?

Three months at sea.

Days go by slowly.

Time seems to stand still.

Morning becomes night...

night becomes morning.

I wake up...

I start moving...

I swear...

I bathe, I work...

I earn money.

We sail and sail...

further and further away.

Sometimes we are in port.

Loading and unloading.

Often I can't sleep.

I count the days without Isti.


I am trapped in a labyrinth.

Behind each door there is another door.

Sometimes I think it's all a hallucination.

As if I am sleepwalking.

It's as if I am standing still.

Am I alive?

Am I dead?

But when it happened with Isti,
I had to leave.

Things could have taken a different turn
when it hadn't happened.

If that hadn't happened...


and eighteen.

What is it?

Did you sell your little fish?

Don't forget...

you still owe me 300 Euros.

This isn't enough.

You know that?

Where is your necklace?

I'm a businessman.

Come... let's have a drink.

Today is my birthday.

Come in!

Sit down!

yes, yes, yes...

Let's see...

we leave from here...

we go on and on and on...

here is that small place.


Where is your necklace?

Where is the little fish?

Stop it!

Look at this.

Do you want one?

Give uncle Gbor a little kiss!

There's nothing wrong.

Nothing wrong.

Let me go!

Calm down.

Take one.

Grab it!

Is that so difficult?

No, please, please...

My thoughts fade and become quiet.

Something dark slides into my head.

I breathe in calmly...

I breathe out calmly.


come back!

We heard a deer and a snail...

a ship...

the train on the tracks...

the wind in the grass...

the door of the truck...

the tyre on the asphalt...

the fish in the water.

He heard the wood groaning.

He heard the trees whispering.

He heard noises that weren't there.

I know that Isti really heard those sounds,
not only in his imagination.

We held those sounds in our ear.


We made up our own rituals
and customs.


What can you hear?

We come from nowhere.

From here, there's only a road south.

There is only one straight main road...

as if drawn with a ruler.

The exit to the south takes us
to farmland.

The exit to the north
is a deadend.

Everyone knows everyone here.

There are no strangers.

The snow dampens the sound.

Our world becomes silent...

we can only see it,
no longer hear it.

Gbor has arranged a job for me.

We can work for him.

at the European border.

We are waiting behind the window.

We are picked up by a van.

Isti is waiting for me when I sell.


Gasoline, liquor, cigarettes, textiles,

to earn money.

I'm not going back.

I'm never going back.

You're doing fine.

I'm doing fine.

It'll be okay.

It'll be okay.

It'll be okay.

Be happy.


I called you but you couldn't hear me.

I couldn't hear you.

It was wrong.

Never again.

You're doing fine.

I'm doing fine.

I'm not going back.

I'm not going back.

I'm never going back.

I decided never to lose Isti again.

He will never leave me.

He may never leave me.

Never again.

We have left.


away from everything.

Leave everything behind.

Far from the mud.

Far from the trucks.

To a remote place.

Isti wanted to see the sea.

Another world.

Leave everything behind.

To disappear.

We keep on driving and driving...

in any direction...

past signs with names we do not know...

along unknown roads...

as far as the road runs.

We drive into noman's land...

where the road stops.

The night is pitch black...

with glistening water everywhere.

The sea was splashing...

some waves started rising.

The darkness was clouded by the mist...

and the lights of the ships...

sailing through the channel
were barely visible.

The sea was covered by a grimy mist.

I'm feeling giddy.

My heart pumping like a fool...



I have to find him.

I must find him.

I must find him.

I have to find him.

Otherwise it'll all go wrong.

Gbor has Isti's necklace.

Gbor has stolen it.

He has taken it.

I have to have Isti's necklace back.

I must find him.

Gbor has hidden it.

No one can have it.

Isti, where are you?

I have to find him.

You're mine.

You're mine.

If that hadn't happened...

maybe everything would be different.

Then we'd still be together.

Isti, where are you?

I feel cut off from the world.

I wish it was a bad dream.

I don't know... it's as if...

I wish I could do it over again...

as if I've been dreaming for days...

or months.

If only I could do it all again...

It's as if my life is standing still.

Am I alive?

Am I dead?

My only little brother.


the longest in my life.

Nothing moved.

It was deathly quiet.

I was unconscious.

I didn't breathe anymore.

I didn't shout.

I was quiet.

Like my only little brother.