Signal 100 (2019) - full transcript

These high school students are under the influence of their teacher. They are hypnotized to commit suicide upon command. One girl decides to use her will power to fight back and avoid this fate. She is caught in a ploy, with others, and wants to not lose as she is forced into a game of life and death.

This world is full of many misfortunes.

Like traffic accidents, they come
without warning.

Take for example everyone's
favorite topic: love.

Our hero falls for a daughter
at a local inn.

But ironically, she is smitten by
his best friend accompanying him.

Jumping ahead, Soseki's "Kokoro"...

can be read as a story about
the killing of a friend.

You two!

Ezaki and Osanai.

We all know your feelings for each other.

But keep the gazes under 10 seconds.

How embarrassing!

Mizutani, that jersey isn't dress code.

How embarrassing... for your boyfriend!

You're violating dress code, too.

How about going on a grand trip
after exams?

We're minors.

All the better.

I'm in. I've actually been wanting to.

That's my Reina.

See ya tomorrow.


So where to?

Sota sleeps through class,
but is perky at soccer.

I didn't notice.

I guess not.


Oh, sorry... thanks.

"3rd Year Class C's 36 Rules"

"Special class on Nov. 3rd
in the AV Room"

Where is everybody?

I keep telling you not to be tardy,

Sorry. I'll hurry over.


Take this.

I'm counting on you.

How about here?


Hawaii's out of reach.

Free next week, Hashiba?

"Harajuku birthday date?"

"Can I spend the night?"

"Badge of Honor"

I'm so sleepy.

Better wake up, Sota.
Teacher's coming.

Complain to these painkillers.
They make me drowsy.

Need a co-sleep partner?

Listen up, Captain's orders.
It's commemorative photo time.

Good idea. Wake up, Sota.


Take our picture?

Come on. Go do it.

Move aside.

Poor Sota, what happened to your arm?

That's annoying.

Are you all right?

Yeah. Thanks.

I hate stuff like that.

Now are you okay, Minowa?

I'm not myself today.

Minowa! We need you in the photo.

Here comes our manager.

Clear out. It's photo time.

Late again today, Yoshikawa?

Wait, I'm doing something.

What's that?

I don't know.

Okay, that was creepy.

Did Teacher call attendance?

I tried to mimic your voice,
but failed.

You promised!

You got a tardy.


A tardy, huh?

Call an ambulance!



Yamamoto, huh?

Who else?

I knew it. Yoshikawa, too.

Do you remember?

This world is full...

of many misfortunes.
They come without warning.

It is also true of suicide.

Suddenly one day...

a person among you commits suicide.

She had no telltale signs of trouble.

Those around her can't understand
what made her do it.

Baffling and inexplicable
as it may seem...

perhaps the reason is very simple.

For instance...

what if she'd merely...

been hypnotized to kill herself?

What's he saying?

Which brings me to my announcement.

All 36 of you in this class
are currently under hypnosis.

One in which a particular action
will trigger your suicide.

Quiz question!

About that particular action.


In other words...

What's the "suicide signal"?

You're fricken insane.

"Quiz question", seriously?
People are dead.

Mom, help me!




How unfortunate. After I went to
the trouble of explaining things.

She failed to grasp anything.


The same signal as Yamamoto.

Using a cellphone is the signal?

Way to go, Wada.


But there are still many answers to go.

100 signals, to be exact.


Did you hypnotize us, Shimobe?

Who else could?

Unhypnotize us right now.

You hear me?

Kubota, stop!


The courageous die first.

Displays of violence against others
is another signal.

once the trigger is released...

it awakens the subconscious,
and your physical strength doubles.

I don't understand!
I don't understand! Why?

Crying's also a signal.

Thanks for your attention!

Class... dismissed.

Get back here!

Leaving the room could be a signal.


You can't cry.


Well? Am I dead?

It's okay to leave.

We've got to find Shimobe!

I'm sorry.

Shimobe! Where are you?

Somebody, please!

Satomi, wait!

Someone help!


Please, don't.

Sota, help.

Sota, stay back!

Leaving school grounds is a signal.


We're trapped in here.

Anyone out there who can hear us?

Watch yourself!

Be careful.

Leaving the school and...

informing outsiders are both signals.

If you seek help, you will die.

That's all you get.

I'll reveal no more signals.

I've already contacted your parents.

They think you're spending the night
preparing for your school festival.


Question, Sonoda?

Tell us how to undo the hynposis?


Follow me.

It's safe to enter.

I shall now tell you...

how to undo the hypnosis.

It is when everyone but you is dead.

If you're the last one alive,
you'll break the spell.

Think about it.

In a strange way,
I'm doing you a favor.

You all grew up being constantly told
what not to do.

"Don't do this. Don't do that."

But as you become adults,
you'll find...

freedom is further restricted.

If you misbehave...

the anger is real,
the public scorn severe.

So think of this as a life lesson.

Pre-graduation training for your
transition to the real world.

Yeah, so what?


Who was that?

Which of you said that?

It was me.

I said "So what?"

Do you really believe you're
doing something right for us?

Reina, as I recall,
you're interested in studying law.

You'll never get in. Never.

You're not cut out to be
a judge or a prosecutor.

Just follow my career guidance advice.

I refuse to listen to you.

Murderer! Bring Haruka back!

Bring them all back!

The dead can't be revived.

I'm sorry to say.

This sucks.

I have a Tokyo college
recommendation coming.

Oh, so you plan on being
the lone survivor?

What's that look?

Hoping I'll kill myself?

No, you're hoping I will.

I don't want to die like them.

I can't take it any more. I can't.

Let's all try to stay calm.
There must be another way to undo it.

Yeah? How're we going to find that?

Unless you've got some idea,
just shut up, Mori.

No, Miori. He's right.

There has to be a way.
We need to put our heads together.

I'll research it.

We'll go, too.

Me, too.

And me.

You stay here, Noriko.


How about searching Shimobe's desk?

That means the faculty room.

There's also the PC room.

Let's split into two groups.

Sorry about before.

Just forget it.

What're you reading?

English, huh?

Using your smarts...

so you can be the lone survivor?

No, I'm just...

I checked Shimobe's office but all
of his things were gone.


No. You?

School's empty.

And Shimobe cleared out all his stuff.


All the wires have been cut.

But we're free to roam the school.

No clues to break the spell?


Listen up!

We learned something about the spell!

From where?

From a library book.

Heinous American crimes.

Can you read it?

He hypnotized us with that video.

A mind control cult in the 1980s...

apparently used the same video.

It scored a 50 on the Lecron-Bordeaux
hypnotic scale...

giving the practitioner deep
behavioral control.

The cult kept its members in line...

by triggering suicide
for any rule violators.

That's the same as us.

Any mention of how to break it?

To be the last survivor.

Ths is to prevent the spell from
annihilating the cult.

That's all it says.

Then it's just as Shimobe said.

But it does list prohibited beaviors.

Shimobe's "signals". 50 of them.


Like trying to inform outsiders or
using violence on others.

Using violence on others.

Trying to inform outsiders.

Shimobe said there are 100.

He must've added 50 of his own.

"51. Using a cellphone"

Modern ones like this.

I know!

Leaving school grounds.

I'm sure Shimobe added this one.


If we figure out the remaining
48 to avoid...

at least we'll survive even if
we don't break the spell.


For the other signals...

I'd like to search the library
for more clues.

Let me go with you.

No, Sanae.

It's okay.

I'll go, too. I work in the library
and I read English.

Me, too.

Okay, thanks.

What about food?

This will take time.

Vending machines?

I checked. They're still broken.

There's a box of sports drinks.

Great. You get those.

I'll help you.

Me, too.

Our club room.

More food?


Be careful.

I'll help you copy.


Violence toward others.

Trying to inform outsiders.



Up there?

Looks like nothing down here.

Are you sure?

Found them. Right here.

There's a lot here.

I'll get a dolly.

Help me look.

I got to admit not knowing the suicide
signals had me freaked out.

But I feel better.

I mean, look at us.
We're able to move around freely.

That's true.

No food in our club room. Yours?





We're probably all going to die.

I need to tell you something.

Can you slip away?

At a time like this, I want you to know
how much I like you.

I'm glad.

I really like you too, Wada.

Scared this could be a signal?

No, I'm okay with it.

I've a confession.

The signals I found...

number 64, not just 50.

For example, touching an excited
sex organ is one.

What an idiot.

He got excited peeping.

I found a Japanese translation
of that book.

I figured out what you're up to.

"38. Beer Showers"

"41. Drinking coffee"

Those drinks weren't either.

Wada and Izawa are fishy.

Sota, sit down and listen to me.

If I found a signal,
I wouldn't tell anyone.

You were telling them.

Yeah, but not all.

Saying you found 50 earns trust,
but keeping 50 to yourself...

gives you an advantage.

An advantage? What for?

To break the spell
by being the last survivor.

So he'd try to get everyone
to commit suicide?

I'm not saying that.

Wada suggested finding food
and now more of us are dead.

It was a trap.

You're right.

That's possible.

I agree with you, Sota.

Real friends need to band together.

We'll know if we get Wada
to drink this.

Noriko, what's wrong?

I went to the nurse's office
and I saw...

I bet this is Wada's doing, too.

He couldn't have done this.

Where's Gen?

He went to find Wada.

Not alone!

Split up and look for him.

Come on, Sota.

Get back to the classroom.

Can you return to the classroom
by yourself?

No crying.

You've never beaten me on the track.

I'm beat. I need a drink.

No, I can wait. You drink first.

Unless you don't mind.

But then again, ladies first.

Want some, Reina?



You know more signals, don't you?

You're acting suspicious.

Drinking that's a signal, right?

I want to trust you, Wada.

So tell me you're not hiding
anything from us.

Will you trust me if I drink this?

I'll drink, you'll drink
and we're all good again, right?


That was close.
You're right, Kirino.

Drink from a bottle...

and you die.


Why are you doing this?

Gen, stop!






This can't be happening.

No crying.

Nobody cry.

Was it Wada?

The signals listed in this book
aren't 50 but 64.

Wada deceived us?

What are they?

I can't do that.

Wada and I have to keep you all
from murdering each other.

Screw you! Give me that!

That was a comic book.

The cult forbade reading of comics.

It's another signal.

Here's the book.

You did that on purpose?
That's not suicide, that's murder!

No, Shimobe killed him.


What's happened?

Sorry Wada, I told them everything.

I see.


I think they'll do as we say.



Don't tell you killed Sanae.

You knew she liked you!

How could you do this?
You killed her!

Hold on, Seiya.

I'm pissed off.

So are we!
How could Wada do that?

Not at Wada. At you!

Stop it.

If you'd suspected Wada earlier,
Gen might still be alive.

But you guys let him deceive you.

Don't take it out on us.


I'll handle this.

Stick together.


I hate myself.

It's the situation.

No one's to blame.

Except Shimobe.

Him again.



The 100 signals... you know them.

I'm working to break the spell for all.

Is the soccer team against that?

Say something.

Are you a monster?

Answer me!

Ho hum.

As you wish.

I'll tell you another signal.

Being pointed at by 7 or more people...

all at the same time.

Who should we start with?

Not Sota. He tried to convince us
to trust you.

Is that so?

That means Seiya goes first.

Ready, everyone?



This isn't right!

Shut up. It's Shimobe's fault.
We're just victims.

I'm sorry, but we can't
fight them any more.


Let's go.

And leave Sota?

We'll get him later if he resists.

Don't die!




He's dead, Reina.

Don't quit!



Come on!

Don't die!

That's enough.

Let him go.

I said that's enough!

Cry any harder and
you'll both die, too.

Wada did this, right?

I'm scared, Sota. Don't leave!

Just stick together.


Going to Wada?

I'm going to put an end to this.
I must.

I'll go with you.

Are we right not to follow Wada?

As long as I'm with you,
I don't care what happens.

Sota, quick!


I think I know the other rules!

Sota, look!

"3rd Year Class C's 36 Rules"

What the...?

They're gone.

Let's try to remember.

No long gazes.

Go tell the others.

No, wait.

You might run into Wada.

There's no time to waste.


You all right?

I'm sorry.

But we...

don't know what to do anymore.

It's okay.

I have an idea.

There you are, Noriko.

Still alive, Reina?

I'm so glad you found me.

My belief is confirmed.

You're in my way.

A total nuisance.

I don't need you.
You should disappear.

But don't worry.
I'll take over all your duties.

We need one more.

Use this to hang yourself.

Bye-bye, Reina.

Hold it!

We have seven, too.

An eye for an eye?

Then it's a quick draw.

Who should we target first?

Let's start with Sota.

Ready and...

Point, Wada.

Is this...

your tactic, Noriko?

Sorry, but we needed to be
at equal strength to talk.

We know the remaining signals.

Mr. Shimobe's often-touted
36 taboo rules.

They're all signals.

Yoshikawa died for being tardy.

As did those wearing jerseys.

Or anyone on a cellphone.

And couples gazing at each other.

Add them all together and you get 100.

There's no need to fight.

Give it here!

"Staying at school till dawn"

No way!


We're dead!

Don't cry!

Let's stop the killing.
There's no time.

If we don't cooperate to
break the spell...

we're all dead!

It can't be true.

What're you doing, Noriko?

I think she's lying.

Dawn's not the time limit.

Don't be fooled.

Point your finger at her, everyone.
Don't be duped!



Come on.
You all promised to get her.

I'm ordering you to point!

It doesn't matter.

We're all doomed.


Here you are.

You knew we'd all die,
didn't you, Juri.

You planned to use us,
then discard us!



You're nothing but a murderer.

Are you any different? Any of us?

We're all killing each other
to be the last survivor.

Don't just bame Juri.

That is correct!

Juri doesn't know anything.

The only one who knew
all 100 signals...

was me.

You worm!


End this already!

Yes, let's end this.


"Beer showers"

I'm sorry.


I'll kill you!

This is...

all your fault!



Why me?

Help me!



I don't want to die!

Help me!

Help me, Sota!



Hey, Hayato.

Long time since you called me that.

But you...

were real slow figuring it out.

It was you after all.

I had to try.

If you knew, then why?

We could've all spent this time
finding a solution.

Are you still harping on that?

There was never any way
to break the spell.

I was the one who suggested
we commit suicide...

long ago, remember?

Let's kill ourselves.

Let's kill ourselves.


Let's kill ourselves.

Hey Sota!

Get out here!

Got ya!

I've been wanting to talk to you.

But you...

left me for your soccer team.

I guess that happens with
childhood friends.

I realized when Shimobe died...

there was only one path for me.

To be the last one standing.

I'd drink another's blood
and commit suicide.

I've reached my limit.

Let's kill ourselves.


Let's kill ourselves together.



What were you thinking?


Pills to break the spell.

I found them back at the classroom.

Shimobe had hidden them away.

I wanted you...

and Haru to take them.

But now...

there's just you...


and Wada.

Two of us can be saved by the pills.

That leaves one person.

If Shimobe is to be beieved...

the last one of us will also survive.

In that case...

who'll take pills and who'll be
the last survivor...

should be decided together.

You're very brave, Reina.

Let's cover him.

Yeah. I'll find something.


"Badge of Honor", "Our Hero!"

"Watch when the sun rises - Sota"

Watching the sunrise from school...

is a first.

Worst night ever.

What now?

You weren't wrong, Hayato.

I'm sorry.

I can't let you take this pill.

I know.

Your plan was for the two of you
to take them.

And make me the last one.

What is that?

Pills to break the spell.

Give it here!

I'm glad.

I lied.

I can't let you take this pill...

because it's only aspirin.


I'm sorry!


No! Don't die!



Time to confess your love for someone!


Last names? First?

Last names.

Okay, family names.

Ready, go!

Reina Kashimura!

No way! Seriously?

Let's say it again.

Ready, go... Reina.

No matter how much I cried,
I didn't kill myself.

The spell had been broken.

I was taken into custody
as lone survivor.

I told the police everything I could
as honestly as I knew it.


Mr. Shimobe's body...

had disappeared.

The news of our high school
mass suicide shocked the world.

But five years later,
everyone had forgotten.

Except for me.

How long's it been?

Five years, huh?

What became of you?

If I remember correctly...

you wanted to study law.

Did you get in?

I gave up upon learning
I couldn't prosecute you.

So I studied criminal psychology.

And now you understand me?

You hypnotized many kids and
forced them to commit suicide.

Must've been a thrill.

Suicide had long fascinated you.

But the suicide of strangers started
to not be enough for you.

Especially since...

I loved you all from the bottom
of my heart.

Seeing those I loved kill themselves
filled me with such joy.

I didn't study criminal psychology...

to understand you better.

You kept it, huh?

"So what?"

Who, who, who, who, who?

Who just spoke right now?

It was me.

"So what" what?

You say it's all for us,
but do you think it's right?

Yes, is this...

your idea of justice?


Kanna Hashimoto

Yuta Koseki

Toshiki Seto

Shido Nakamura

Producers: Kenzo Ishiguro
Keiichi Hashimoto

Based on comics by
Arata Miyatsuki惻Shigure Kondo

Screenplay by
Yusuke Watanabe

Jin Nakamura

Lisa Takeba

English subtitles by
Anthony Kimm