Siesta (1987) - full transcript

Claire (an American) wakes up in a terrible state at the end of a runway in Spain. As she tries to account for her state (blood-soaked and bruised), she has flashbacks from the past few days. She thinks she's killed someone, but isn't sure, and now she's wandering the Spanish streets without money or a clear memory.

So you know,
I pulled some strings

and had NASA do some trial readouts
on wind direction and velocity.

Guess what?

They checked out A-OK
with all our calculations.

Of course, I didn't
tell them that.

I let them run off the
mouth, same old warnings

about free-falling from a plane
at that speed and altitude,

not how critical your time is,
not how few choices you got.

All that good shit makes
the whole thing look kamikaze.

It's not my blood.

Must be somebody else's,

I must've really hurt them.

I must have hurt
them pretty bad.

I'm in Spain.

Oh, Jesus, what the
fuck am I doing here?

Where are my things?

You got money?

No, I don't have any money.

Everything's in my bag,
my passport, everything.

My god, what's happened to me?

I remember coming here.

And I don't remember
anything else.

Top down, five,
four, three, two, one.

Five days to go and
we're going to need

every minute in every
god damned one of them.

Come on, baby, get up.

You got the whole wide
world waiting for you.

I'll get up when
I'm ready to get up.

Oh, yeah?

- You talk big. But you're
still just a light weight. - No!



There you go.

Come on, come on, get in there.

Oh, it'll warm up.

Gotta roll, baby.

Crew's already down there.

(Inaudible) burnout.
Bud and the boys (Inaudible).

10:00, reporters from UPI
and AP will make a tour of the site.

All you got to do is make a grand entrance
and pay a lot of special attention

to that ugly little
lady with the red hair.

Who's that, Bill?
Your mother?

I heard that.

We got lunch with what's their
names tomorrow in LA.

Don't eat too much. You got a
final fitting with Thea at 2:00.

That's my girl.

Letter for you.

So you know I pulled some strings
and had NASA do some trial readouts

on wind direction and velocity.

Guess what?

They checked out
A-OK with all our calculations.

Of course, I didn't
tell them that.

I let them run off
off at the mouth

with the same old warnings
about freefalling from an airplane

at that speed and altitude.

Then I just very
politely suggested

that they should issue a
news release about their concerns.

And bingo,
another 10 shares in the Nielsen rating.

The right of jumping into the
volcano for the television.

This will be the
jump to your death.

For what?

You have forgotten
everything that I have taught you.

No, I think you're right, hon.

My IQ does drop about
30 points when I put a hat on.

Claire, I am
going to be married.

I think we will not
see each other again.


OK come, on, Claire, think,
now what happened?

Why can't I remember
what happened?

I think I'm going to puke.

I've got to get out of here.


Distinguished members of
the press, step right up

and watch Claire on a dare.

Watch Claire defy death right
here in Death Valley.

Watch firecracker Claire celebrate
Independence Day, independently.

Now I ask you, Jojo
Starbuck this beautiful?

Mary Lou Retton this beautiful?

Hell, no.

After this god damn stunt, she's going
to be on a Cracker Jack box in America.

We're going to be doing Tampax ads,
Fruit of the Loom, Gatorade, you name it.

Now, the only reason
this is not an active volcano

is because we couldn't
find one around here.

So in order to rectify
that situation,

we are building our own
little Mount St. Helens.

When Claire begins her
job, and we're talking 25,000 feet,

the safety net will
be set on fire.

If Claire misses her timing,
then the net's gone and so is Claire.

Now just between you and me,
I'm not all that much

enamored of being left
a widower at age 46,

so we're taking a
few precautions here and there.

Not only will I be getting
continuous readouts

and instantaneous updates
on wind direction and velocity,

but radio beacons from
three manned points

will hone in on the
approaching aerocraft.

When the plane
reaches their vortex,

the signal will be
given and Claire

will have all of
hundredth of a second

to make up her mind to jump.

Tell me that girl
don't have balls.

Any questions?

I'm going down to
the site, honey.

Hi, this is Del.

Claire and I aren't
here right now.

If you don't know where we
are, we should fire our publicist.

You be sure to watch Claire live
from Death Valley on July the 4th.

Check local listings.

God willing and the
creek don't rise,

we'll both be around
return your call on the 5th.

Wait for the beep.

Del, I had to leave for
a couple of days. I...

I'm sorry.

I promise I'll be
back by the 4th.

You know it all means
too much for me but,

I know you know where
I'm going, baby.


Oh, my god, I'm falling.

I got your letter.

Did you get mine?

That's why I'm here.

I think I deserve a
Littlemore than that letter.

What do you want from me, Claire?
My blessing? My approval?

I've said all that
I have to say.

You've gone too far this time.

Is why you are here.

I'm not a religious person.

But I think I may be in
some kind of trouble.

I think they must
be looking for me.

Listen to me, Claire.

I taught you to fly.

You chose to fall.

What you're doing
has no meaning.

Your life means more
to me than my own.

Is that why you
married someone else?

Go away from here, Claire.


There will be
trouble if you stay.

I think it may
have killed someone.

Oh god, let it be her, not him.

Please let it be her.

- What's going on?
- Think there's a fire?

Something far better, a miracle.

Some children saw a bright light
coming from the grotto yesterday.

And now it seems
the whole village has seen it.

Charming, isn't it?

By tomorrow, that light will
be Holy Trinity, no doubt.

You don't love her.

Need money.

I go.

I follow you.

You in trouble.

I help.

You hungry. I feed.


Looks like he could
eat a horse with those.

Eat you.

I need your help.

I need you to give
me a ride to Angeles.

Friend there?


I take you.

Thank you.

Look, I don't want you to get in any
trouble with your cab or anything.

- Don't you have to get back?
- Not I.


Maybe you should call your wife.

I wouldn't want her to worry.

Do you have a wife?


Do you have children?

I got a dog.

You fuck me, OK?

- No, not OK.
- Suck then.

Oh, Jesus.


And then you'll
take me to Angeles.

Angeles. Fuck first.
Then Angeles.

I don't speak Spanish.

May I see your papers?

- I left them at the hotel.
- What hotel?

The one I'm staying at.

It's a big white hotel.
I don't remember it's name right now.

It has some nice potted
plants in front of it.

I went to a party with a
man and he tried to stab him.

- Where was that?
- What?

Somewhere over there.

Do you have a friend
to take you back to the hotel?

In that gallery, yeah.

In fact, I was just on
byway over here right now.

- Where's Kit?
- Who's Kit?

He's got the strangest
habit of disappearing,

just goes up in a puff of smoke.

- How did you do that?
- Do what? What did I do?

Are all American women as
beautiful as you then?

What day is it?

Come on, it's firecracker and
hot dog time back home.

It's 4th of July.

Oh, God, I really blew it.

I lost four days.

Jesus, how did I
screw up like that?

They're gone.

The bruises are gone.

We are all spoiled for choice,
aren't we darling?

I married for love
instead of money.

And I knew after the first three days,
that I'd blown it.

I came home and I found
him sleeping in my garterbelt.

So I left him and I
married a Mexican,

who owned an ocean
liner and 200 acres of Acapulco.

After about a week,
I knew that I'd really blown it.

So, here I am,
in a bathroom, utterly pissed,

alone on my birthday, without love,
without money,

asking myself, what else is there?

Ambition and a half
hour of prime time TV.

I married a man who could
give me all that and I blew it.

Wait a minute.

Would you look in the back
of my dress please, and tell me,

is that very noticeable?


I'll soon sort him out.

Ah, fab, there he is.

He behaves so badly.

God, he's got such
such a sensuous mouth.

Oh, look. Look who's coming.

That's Desdra. She's Kit's wife.

She's a crashing bore and
she's been demonstrating all week

with the coal miners in Wales.

And this is Kit.

There was a young fellow from Fife,
whose marriage was ruined for life.

He had an aversion
to every perversion

and only liked fucking his wife.

He called my work grotesque!

Look what you've done to his shirt,
for God's sake.

You've torn off all the buttons.

Well, they have to
be here somewhere.

Here's one.

You move like a dancer.

When have you seen me move?

In the park, a few minutes ago.

What were you doing in the park?

Were you following me?


Why not?

Eat up, eat up.

A full stomach means
a short memory,

which means you won't have to contact
your lawyers in the morning, right, mate?


And where is Conchita?

With due respect,
she arranged this whole thing.

There was a young lady from Eeling,
who had a sensational feeling.

She laid on her back
and opened her crack

and pissed all over the ceiling.

And what about my window?

Who do I give it
to in the morning?

The man whose destiny
it is to fix broken windows.

After all, we all have
our reasons for living.

Nancy, for instance,
was born for tonight,

was born to travel down here with
Kit's brother and ditch him by seven.

Was born to be pretty.

Was born to be dizzy.

Was born to be having
one (Inaudible)

on top of my husband's
leg right now.

And tell me, my dear,
what were you born for?

You know.

Yes, but I'd love
to hear you say it.

I was born to forgive
you in the morning.

Ah, dog that I am.

Your life means more to
me than my own, Claire.

I just remembered
where I saw you before.

It was in Angeles, remember?

The hotel in Angeles.

Wash my hair, would you?

Makes me sick to see all this wine
go down the drain, especially since

no one seems willing to pay for it.

I think it's the police.

Wait a minute, love. You don't have to
run away. You didn't do anything wrong.

Yes, I did.

I did something awful.

Yes, I know all about that.

What do you know about me?

Who are you?

I know all about you.

I'm your guardian angel.

I'm here to protect you
from the forces of evil.

I'm almost tempted
to believe you.


Who lifts the veil
of what is to come?

striking five again.

Can't be 5:00.

It's much later.

Come back to the hotel with me.

Some rest,
a little sleep will clear the confusion.

I killed someone.

I'm in love with a man
and I killed his wife.

How extraordinary.

I don't believe it.

Now, if somebody would
have told me that you were still

hanging around this part of the
world, I would have said, impossible.

But here you are, Augustine.

Maria, this is Claire.
She's an old friend.

Old friend?

This is Maria, my wife.

Wife. Well, congratulations.

I think marriage is fantastic.

I've been married five, well,
no six years actually.

And I'm as in love as
I was the day I was married.

Wedding present.

Do you always carry
cigars with you?

Yes, I smoke them myself.

??Small town girl.

Augustine was always partial
to small town girls.

I'm from Madrid.

My parents had a
country house here.

Well, the only thing Augustine likes better
than a small town girl is a rich woman.


We came here.
I want to stay.

- We came to see the race.
I want to see who wins. - Exactly.

What's a race without a winner?

How did you two meet?

12 years ago she was my star pupil.

Claire was the best.

But she got bored with
the flying trapeze.

There wasn't enough
money in it for Claire.

There wasn't enough, how you say...

Nobody knew her name.

And now she jumps...

from airplanes without a parachute.

Don't you, Claire?

Perhaps feeling closer to death,

makes her feel more alive.

Do you still take your siesta in
the little shack beyond the church?

Not so much any more because

I'm a married man now.

I don't have much
time for sleeping.


Tell me, my soul
can this be death?

The Earth recedes.

It disappears.

Heaven opens my eyes and
my ears with sounds seraphic ring.

Lend me they wings.

I mount.

I fly.

Oh, grave, where is thy victory?

Oh, Death, where is thy sting?

Well, blow me over.

Where did you go?

Where did we go?

Where did you go?
I looked around and you disappeared.

I'm glad I found you.

Would you like to put your
hand inside my pants?


Then I'm not about
to force the issue.

I'm in love with someone else.

So am I, my pansy.

Don't even think about it.

It can't take you
where you want to go.

I've got to get to a telephone
and call my husband.

Poor Del.

How are we ever going to
payback all those promoters?

I got to get out of here.

All you need is money.

I can give you some tomorrow.

The gentleman with the broken nose has
promised to buy one of my masterworks

to make amends for his affront.

Come on.
I have a convertible.

We'll drive you across the border.
We'll go to Paris.

You can take a
flight from there.

Tell me why you're
being so good to me.

Give to the world the best
you have and the best

will come back to you.

I can't go on any further.

I can't take another step.

Yes, you can.
You have to.

I'm really falling apart here.

My god, I can't feel
my fingers any more.

I've heard that scream before.

All I said was that
I was worried about you

and that bastard brother
of yours threw me out of the room.

Oh, no, we're going back up.

There, there.

It's just that he's upset I
invited so many people.

I suppose you told
my brother that I threw you out.

Kit, this insane
party has got to stop.

Have you any idea how we're going
to pay the hotel bill for instance?

Oh, Roger, don't be so twee.

We all thought the show would
be a roaring success.

But since it isn't, well, I hardly think
I'm responsible for the hotel bill.

Now, the only thing to do since
we don't have the money

is to dash down to the bar,
order some more drinks

on the room and think about it.

- Are you with me, my dear?
- Mm.

I abhor irrational behavior!



For god's sake!

Let's turn this thing out.

I can't go on.


I didn't see you.

I have to get some sleep.

I don't feel so good.

I think I need a bed.

Ask, and it shall be given.

Hi, this is Del.
Claire and I aren't here right now.

And if you don't know where we
are, we should fire our publicists.

You be sure to watch
Claire live at Death Valley on...

Kit thinks you're in trouble.

I think you're coming off a bad trip.

Killing someone is not
something one forgets.

Believe me,
I practically killed my second husband.

For months afterwards, it's
all I could remember.

Are you shocked that I know?

Well, don't be.

Kit tells me everything.

Would you like something to eat?

We could order up
some Crab Louis, hm?

Can I borrow something
to wear from you?

I need a disguise.

Oh, I would, darling, but they lost
my fucking suitcase at the airport.

Maybe it would help
to cut your hair, hm?

Tell me what you thought, the
first time you saw him.

I thought
that this is the man

who's going to change my life.

So, naturally, you married
someone else.


I've got to tell him.

Tell him what, darling?

Things I've
almost forgot the words for.

Such as?

Such as why I'm here.

And why my life is
unthinkable without him.

Doesn't he
already know that?


Not the way that I feel it now.

Why not?

My life's been very strange.

It's like a complicated chess game.

He makes a move and
dares me to follow.

I do and I dare him to match me.

It doesn't sound like love.
That sounds like sex to me.

Yeah, partly.

Wasn't smart, what you did.

Coming to (Inaudible) like that.

You make bad troubles for me.

You said it yourself. That's my
biggest problem. I push too far.

- You're doing it again.
- Am I?

I don't have much time.

Make love to me.

It's so sad, Claire, because

I don't have the time either.

Maria, she has arranged a party for me,

so I'm late already.

She come looking for me maybe.

What's she having a party for you for?
It isn't your birthday.

She want me to celebrate anyway.

You know, she's,
she's like a child.


At the beginning of
my siesta, you come.


I have to leave tonight.

I'm lucky if I make it
back on time as it is.

Make it back for what?

Claire, on a dare.

But this time I will not
be around to catch your fall.

It had to be her or me.

And I guess I'm still
here, so it must be her.

Hello, Mummy?

Did I wake you?

Oh, sorry.

It's just that I'm in a
bit of a bind, is all.


Well, my traveling
companion and I had a bit of a tiff

and I'm afraid I won't
be returning on his ticket.

Yeah, well he caught meat loose ends,
I'm afraid.

Oh, perhaps you could wire it.



Oh, yes.
Oh, thank you so much.

Love you.


So easy for you.

No, I don't really think so.

Although sometimes it is.

Sometimes it isn't.

Don't make me cry.

You're so cold.

I want my mother.

Close your eyes.

Hello, ladies.

Desdra wouldn't let me
in so Roger gave me his key.

No, stay, love.

I'm too pissed to stand
up, let alone get it up.

The cock of a fellow named Randall,
shot sparks like a big Roman candle.

He was much in demand, for
his colors were grand

and the girls found
him too hot to handle.


It's a fair trade.

I remember going back to that
stinking little hotel room in Angeles.

And I packed to leave.

What happened to me?

I changed my mind.

Do you have another flight to
LA early tomorrow morning?


Anywhere near there?


What about New York City?

Flight to New York.

- Where do you want to go?
- I want to go to LA.

- What time does that flight
get into New York? - Yes.

When? What day?

Could I get a flight out of there

that would get me into LA
by the morning of the third?

Si. You will fly to Los Angeles
the night of the third.

And I could get a limo that would
get me to Death Valley by morning.

That leaves me no
time to prepare.

Do you think I could do that?


You devil.

Book me on that
morning flight, pal.

Desdra, where are you going?
What are you doing?

Look, I've had it.
I'm leaving.

- Where's Kit?
- We're all going back together, remember?

I've had enough!

There goes my convertible.

There goes my love and life.

There goes your ride
across the border.

Go after her. There's still time.
You can stop her.

I don't think there is.

Surely, my good man, you're not saying
you're not paying me for my effort.

I'm not paying, period.

Your work is grotesque.

And I hate naked women.

If I'm weren't for Conchita,
I would have ignored it completely.

- Give me my money.
- No!

I want my money!

There is your bloody money.

- You wouldn't dare.
- Wouldn't I?

Step back, my flowers.

Run for your lives!

You're all crazy!


It's a bit of glass
from the window.

Didn't even feel it go in.

It's in deep.

Turn away or sing along or something.
I'll pull it out.

I think I'm going to be sick.

Wait out, a bottle
of gin, please pronto.

Kit, you know we don't have
the money to pay for it.

No matter, my peony.
This is an emergency.

This'll deaden it.

Just pull it out.

Well, I'm feeling
a bit tepid myself.

Now put this on it
the moment I pull the fucker out.

I can't stand the sight of blood!

Stand by with the nappies.

It's moving!


You're so pale,
so beautiful really.

Claire, when I pick up
the ticket Mummy's sending me,

I want you to have it.

Go home to your husband.

Kit's going to take a picture of me.
You show it to him.

Tell him how I helped you,
and if he thinks I'm attractive,

maybe I'll come and visit you.

And maybe I'll come too.

Now all we have to do
is figure out how to pay for this,

and we'll be all set.

Now, let's get to the airport
and pick up the tickets.

Don't be upset, but the frigging
ticket isn't transferable.

Get me out of here.

Wait, my dove.
Where are you off to?

- I'm going to Angeles.
- There's no sense running away.

We can sort it out.

Nancy will give you the
ticket and the passport.

Yeah, I'll just get a new one
from the British Consulate.

I don't even look like her.

Then there's Conchita.
She knows everyone.

We can get one on
the blackmarket,

a passport with Nancy's
name and your photo.

After last night, she
owes me something.


I don't know where.

I turned a corner and there
was no turning back.

Somewhere I made a mistake.

Don't mourning, sweet.
It's all right.

The marvelous thing
about making mistakes

is that we can keep making them,
the same ones over

and over again.

You maybe, not me.

To me, mistakes are
desperate things.

If I make a mistake,
even a very tiny one,

I'm through, the end,
the eternal black.

I wouldn't be so sure of that.

Oh, it's the only
thing I am sure of.

It's what soothes me when I jump.

I know that if I make a mistake,

I won't have to account
for it later.

It's ideal then, isn't it?

Look at my hands.
They're shaking.

No, they're not.
They're solid as a rock.

Stretched out against the blue.
Making time stand still.


And falling because
I decided to fall.

To me, the only falling
that doesn't mean failing

is falling in love.

Come back to
the hotel with me.

My plane's not till four.

We've have hours
till I have to leave.

You were not invited.

I know.

- Then why did you come?
- I'd like to speak with Augustine.

He's not here.

I don't believe you.

I don't want to see you here.

I just came to say goodbye.

I'll never see him again.


You didn't go away.

No, I didn't go away.

I looked out my window at nine.

I see your plane in the sky.

I say to myself, that's it.

She has gone away.

Do you remember when
we were working at the circus

and we crept out in
the middle of the night

and made love in the cage with
the lion sleeping inside?

I remember it was so dark,

I didn't even know he was in there.

I did.

I love you, Augustine.

I love you.

I've got to go.


Tomorrow at the hour
of the siesta, you come.

You wear the red dress.


Conchita, I'm here.





Serves you right.

You nasty, nasty boy.

Meet my new baby, Roscoe.

Jesus, a rat.

Where's the raven?
I thought he was Roscoe.

I see.

And you have friends.

There used to be a
time you'd come alone.

Come in anyway.

Conchita, Claire.

Claire, Conchita.

This is Nancy.

How do you do?

I don't.

What does it do you want?

Claire is in some
trouble and we had hoped

you might find her a passport.
She's lost hers.

I wouldn't trouble you
if it wasn't important.


Wake up, old girl, wake up.

Now rest and we'll
sort everything out.

- Please don't tell her anything.
- I won't.

- Promise me.
- I promise.

You looked at her eyes?

She's crazy.

You would be doing
everyone a favor

if you took her to the
hospital for 72 hour observation.

I could never do that.

Course you can.


What's she going to do, wandering
around the streets, unable to eat,

unable to care for herself?

Why are you doing
this to me, Conchita?

Why can't I just leave
her here until a passport comes?

She frightens me.

I frighten you?

It's two to one.

I'm sorry, Kit.

She's just as much
my responsibility as she is yours.

And I side with Conchita.

For her own good, she's
got to be committed.

Stay there, for Christ's sake!

I'm coming!

Por favor, por favor.
Please follow me.

A proper bull fight is played out
just like a great tragic play.

In the spectacular first act the
matador demonstrates the skill...

Please forgive me, Augustine.

I'm so sorry.

You say you need ride to Angeles.
I give.

You're smart.

You're firecracker.


Used to be.

If I still were,
I wouldn't be here with you.

I take you some place nice.

Yeah, why don't you
make sure it's dark.

Make it so dark I can't see those
wonderful teeth of yours.

What difference does it make?
I'll forget it when it's over.

I'm forgetting it right now.

You fuck with me on top, OK?

You call the rules, fat boy.
Whatever you say.

I'm not going to feel it anyway.

Oh, you'll feel me all right.

You see me.

Not if I close my eyes.

- Please hurry.
- Can't wait, huh?

Look, hard like stick.

I say look, look.

Car no good.

You come to Angeles with us.

No insurance. No English.

You need to lie down.

Run away with me.

Let's go.

Let's go far away from here.

Why do you stay here?

There is nothing here.

Believe me.
There's nothing here.

Why do you stay in this
silly little town, Augustine?

I don't feel good
about all of this.

I don't think you understand.

You made me stay.

I missed the plane.

I can't go back there.

Maria is acting crazy.

I told her that you left last night,
but I don't think that she believes me.

Who cares what she believes?
Who the fuck is she?

She's some stranger you met
a couple of months ago.

I hate that woman.

If you were a man,
I would hit you.

She is my wife.

She's not your wife.
She's your compromise.

I'm compromising?

And what about this Del?

At least I never lied to him.

You're pathetic.

You think that
you are using him.

You are wrong.
He is using you.

Yes, I made you
not go away today.

But you should be thanking me
that I saved your life.

I can understand you dying for love,
but for Del, for money.

I said I don't
want it in the room.

I'm sorry, my darling.
I didn't mean that. I'm sorry.

It's OK.

It's OK.
It's not your fault.

You are who you are and
I've always known that.

Oh, once I found you,
why didn't I hold on to you?

Why did I ever let you go?

He just do watch.
No touch.

You like?


You no good!

No good!

No good!

No good!

No good.

Why you no watch?

She's no good!

Come on, buddy, open your eyes.

You sure could keep them
open when you thought

there was something to see,
couldn't you?

You couldn't help me then.
Help me now.

Say you think I'm too
weak to get out of here.

Say it!

Come on, dare me to run.



Don't fight it any more, love.

Go where you're being taken.


No! Claire.

Maria, Maria, why did you
leave her body at the airport?

Augustine, tell me.

If it wasn't her who was
killed, if it was me...

Why do I still feel such love?