S'ids Lake (2019) - full transcript

A boy, who is accused of murder, looks for advise inside his brain.

(eerie buzzing)

(steady orchestral music)

- [Narrator] If you sat
next to this man on a bench,

would you trust him not to hurt you?

Of course you would.

Because we trust ourselves.

Because in our heads, our
perceptions of people are perfect.

Well now, every so often,
a child is actually born

with an extraordinary sense of perception.

Someone who can separate their
thoughts from their opinions.

But if this world were to ever recognize

this particular child's talent,

people would have to do something

they have never done before.

Admit that the entire
way they think is wrong.

(ominous music)

- Everyone is going to locate a heart,

and a brain, two kidneys,
and yes, the stomach.

(gentle music)



I'm not gonna explain this a second time.

Do you understand?

Now take off your hood and pay attention.

(people chattering)

- Look at this dude.

- And so,

the tendons connect
themselves to the bones.

- [Narrator] Now this boy Sid,

he had a bully that just wouldn't quit.

With all the picking and teasing.

- Hey Siddy, do you connect
tendons to your bone?


(rumbling and bubbling)

- [Narrator] But what boys forget

is that one day, every
dog's gonna bite back.


- Sid, you just couldn't stop
testing me now, could you?

You just bought yourself some detention.

Now, let's get in to groups of two.

Once you're in your groups,

come get a frog and knife
and six labeling pins.

(people chattering)
(chairs shuffling)

- [Charles] Hey.

You with anybody?

- No.

- Good, 'cause I got a present for you.

Bam, you're Sid, right?

I'm Charles.

(gentle ominous music)

So, you like her more than you like me?


- No, I was just.

- I'm kidding, I'm kidding, man.

We used to be friends,

but something happened to her.

She just changed her whole look,

and she just don't talk to nobody no more.

Then again, I changed my look too,

and nobody talks to me,
so what do I know, right?

I'm sorry, you want in on this?

- No, I'm fine.

He's all yours.
- Okay.

Don't cut me, please!

- Gross.

- Right?

Yo, sorry about earlier with Kurt.

I really don't know why he does that.

I mean, the dude is 19 years old,

and he's still in high school.

- Wait hold on.

You're about to cut a muscle.

Let me try.

(gentle music)


- How did you do that so fast?

- I guess I just see things differently.

(eerie rumbling)

- [Charles] Yeah, right.
(booming and whooshing)

- Did you know that Mr. Gabriel

has only worn three
shirts this entire year?

And that this girl right here,

she acts like she's sick

every time there's a group assignment,

and there's three crickets, two spiders,

two scouting ants in this room,

and the spiders are girls.
(ominous rumbling)

- You gotta tell me more.
(school bell ringing)

- Later.

I got detention, remember?
(students shuffling)

Text me later about the assignment.

(gentle music)
(people chattering)

(ominous music)

(metal clinking)


(steady piano music)

(birds chirping)

- I don't know if I'm gonna make it, sir.

- You've had a good run, soldier.

- It's been pleasant.

- Hey.

- Margie.

- Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you.

- No, you didn't scare me.

Did you follow me out here?

- Yeah, I followed you here from school.

I don't think so.

Can I sit next to you?

- Yeah, sure.

- You know, I noticed you were
looking at me in class today.

- Looking at you?

- It's okay.

I look at you too sometimes.

I'm sorry about what happened today.

(gentle ethereal music)

- I'm used to it.

- Yeah, but you shouldn't have to be.

(rumbling and bubbling)

- You didn't really come
out here for me, did you?

- No, sorry to disappoint you.

This is where I always come

to get away from the noise and the people.

Life kinda sucks sometimes, you know?

Except for when you're out here.

(rumbling and zapping)

- Are you planning on killing yourself?

- Why would you say that?

You don't know anything about me.

Do I look like some emo girl to you?

- No, no, it's just.

I say that because I know.

I've been there before.

I know what you're doing

because I've been there myself once.

You know, I've thought about it.

I mean, do you not think
guys make fun of me

for the way I look?

- Then how do we get away from it?

From all the people and critics

and people teasing you.

- You don't.

Anywhere you go, people
are gonna find a way

to make you feel bad for the way you look.

- Yeah.

You're right.

About everything, actually.

This really was supposed
to be my last day.

- I don't get it.

Unless you really don't
know what you look like.

- Can you hold me?

- Hold you?

- Yeah.

Hold me.

Make me feel better.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Just lay next to me.

Put your head on my shoulder.

Get some rest.

I'll wake you up in a little bit.

I promise I won't kill myself.

(gentle ethereal music)

- Damn it, Sid.

Get those stupid chips off your shoulder.

You want to get expelled?

- Expelled?

- Yes, expelled.

Do you have a problem with that?

I asked you if you have
a problem with that.

Do you have a problem with that?

(suspenseful music)

- You're asking me if I have
a problem with being expelled?

- Sid.
(suspenseful music)

- This 25 year old man whispers in my ear

every fucking day, and you're asking me

if I have a problem?

- Dude, sit down.

You're not gonna do shit, just sit down.

- I'm not gonna do shit.

You're not gonna do shit, Sid.

You're not gonna do shit.

Yeah, you're right.


Oh my god.
(suspenseful music)


Oh my god, oh my god, I'm sorry.

(phone ringing)


- [Charles] Yeah, what's up?

- Charles, I'm in the forest.

Something bad happened
while I was sleeping.

- [Charles] What, what happened?

- I'm in huge trouble, okay?

My dad can never find out about this.

- [Charles] Trust me, I'm
not saying anything to him.

Look, maybe if you go to
sleep, that might help it.

- No.

No that's it.

(suspenseful music)

(ominous rumbling)

(birds cawing)
(wind rustling)

I can see behind that bush.

I don't want any trouble.

I didn't see anything, I was just leaving.

- Hey hey, I didn't see anything either.

Oh my god.

Is that a girl?

- It's not what it looks like.

- What did you do to her?

Is she dead?

- No, I didn't kill her.

- Oh that's even worse.

Look, I'm not gonna say anything.

Just don't hurt me.

- I didn't hurt her, okay?

I fell asleep, and when I woke up,

she was knocked out on
the ground, alright?

Okay, I didn't do anything.

Do you know someone who can help her?

- What, you don't think I could help her?

- Well, I don't know.

Wouldn't you already be helping her?

- Well maybe I thought
you were gonna kill me.

- Alright then, can you help?

- Well, probably not.

- Don't touch me.

Sorry, I just.

I have a thing about
being touched, alright?

- No, no, no no.

I understand, you know.

Handsome boy like you doesn't want

to be touched by someone like me.

Although, I'm not the
one dragging a dead girl

down to the lake.

- She's not dead.

- Oh, well, if she's not dead,

then why don't you put
her out of her misery?

All I'm saying is,

you either put her out of her misery,

or you drag her back into town.

But either way, you better hurry,

'cause they're gonna be looking for you.

(birds chirping)

(ominous music)

- Nice of you to come home.

Are you gonna stand there,

gonna tell us why you're home so late?

Sit down.

It's eight o'clock at night.

Where have you been all day?

- [Sid] Mr. Gabriel kept me
after school for detention.

- You had detention until
eight o'clock at night?

What'd you do, kill somebody?

- No, I didn't kill anybody.

- So what'd you do this time?

- A kid stuck me with a pin.

- A kid stuck you with a pin?

And you got detention?

Well gosh golly, that
doesn't seem very fair.

Your momma had her tongue cut out.

Maybe she should go to jail for that.

Do you think your momma should go to jail?

- No.

- I can't hear you.

- No sir.

- It seems then there must
be a bit more to the story.

- Now I don't know why,

but my teacher always seems

to give me a hard time for some reason.

- Your momma's been cooking for two hours.

Just for you.

Now that's a hard time.

What will you say about that?

- Thank you mom.

- Thank you?

Who said you're even
going to get any of it?

Now go in to your room.

Go on.

(ominous music)


You know what's gonna happen?

He's gonna get kicked out,

and I'm gonna have to drive him 20 miles

to some stupid school for delinquents.

- [Mary] What about the other boy, though?

Maybe Sid gets picked on.

- Mom?

(gentle ominous music)

- [Narrator] Your mind starts to do

funny things under stress.

Starts to make up things
that might not have happened.

(phone ringing)

But one thing this boy had to find out,

what's he gonna do about little Margie?

(ominous music)

(people chattering)

- So say it, what happened?

'Cause you didn't call me back last night.

You was with Margie, wasn't you?

- Margie?

Why would you say that?

- Whoa, calm down.

I just thought that, you know,

you guys were like, on
a date or something.

You know she's not here today, right?

- No, I just, I got lost in the woods

and freaked out about it.
(ominous music)

Sorry I didn't call you back.



- I fucking hate that damn guy.

You knew he calls me Charlie Pussy-foot?

What does that even mean?

- They say that when
people call you names,

they're trying to control
you by subliminally

making you act a certain way.

- You know, my dad said that one time.

I tune him out though.

Speaking of dads,

my dad is not really
a big fan of your dad.

- What did he do this time?

- He wouldn't tell me,

but he did tell me not to
hang around you though.

Do you think we all turn out
like our dads in the end?

- Not if I can help it.

I actually think I'm obsessed

with not turning out to be like my dad.

Charles, can I tell you
something in confidence?

- Yeah, sure.
(ominous music)

- Okay yesterday, something did happen.

I was with Margie,

and we were talking and--

- What, what happened?

What y'all did, what
y'all did, what y'all did?

- Shh, shh, okay, this
is in confidence, stop.

- All right, all right, all right.

So, what happened?

- We started out talking.

We're talking for a little.

And then I ended up taking a nap.

- You took a nap in the
middle of talking to Margie?

- It's a long story, okay.

Too much to explain.

But, when I woke up,

she was on the ground,
and she was knocked out.

- Wait, hold on, was she
like, dead or something?

- I don't know, okay?

I have no idea.

I just woke up and she was there.

- Where is she right now?

- She's still up there.

- She's still up there?

You left her up there, Sid?

Are you insane?
- Yeah, okay.

She was saying all these things

about wanting to kill herself,

and how that was her last day.

- What's up, pussies?

Why you ignoring me?

(ominous music)

Hey, there's something I gotta know.

Does it hurt when someone
touches your face?

Oh come on, let me see what it feels like.

Oh you just hit me.

You trying to pick a fight with me?

- [Charles] No, he
doesn't want to fight you.

- Shut up, Pussy-foot.

I like this new Sid.
(ominous music)

Get up!

I'm gonna give you a free hit.

I'm being serious.

But after that, I'm gonna kick your ass.

You're gonna throw your
boyfriend's book at me?

(ominous growling)

(glass shattering)

Oh my god, are you that uncoordinated?

- Who did this?

- Sid did, I didn't lay a finger on him.

- Is this true?

I've warned you, Sid.

Didn't I warn you?

Now you're about to get expelled.


(suspenseful music)

(leaves rustling)

- Naughty, naughty.

We saw what you did.

I think you need to come with us.

Or we're calling the police.

(birds chirping)

- Mr. Milgram, he broke the window

and then laughed it off.

We can't have this here.

I'm sorry, but I'm asking
that he be expelled.

- Has Sid had any history of fighting,

or vandalizing school property?

- This is his sixth detention this year.

- Alright.

I'd like to know about his home life.

Are there any problems going on at home?

- That's a difficult question to answer.

My son has never done anything major.

And he comes across as a peaceful boy.

But there are days when,
(gentle ominous music)

how can I put this?

- Sir, this is not a witch hunt.

We're just here to find the
best solution for your son.

So I need all the information I can get.

- Deep down, my son is a good boy.

And has never done anything malicious.

But he has been picked on and teased,

and I feel like one day
he's just going to explode.

And God help whoever is in front of him.

- You see?

- Now, now hang on.

My school board is gonna need

stronger evidence than that.

Mr. Young?

Has Sid had any reason
to suddenly act out?

- What about all the
times he's had detention?

Sir, I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound

like I'm trying to get rid of your son,

but as you already know,

he has repeatedly gotten
into a lot of trouble.

- I know.

- Ma'am, what do you think?

- Mr. Milgram, she doesn't speak

on account that her
tongue has been cut out.

(ominous music)

- Did you just say cut out?

- Her tongue was cut out about a year ago

while I was at work.

All we know that it was some homeless bum,

and had two homeless people with him.

- I'm so sorry, ma'am.

- It's in the past, and we've moved on.

(gentle music)

- My husband told me about
what you did yesterday.

- This man who was.
- Masturbating?

Yeah, he does that.

A lot.

If that makes you feel uncomfortable,

think about how it makes me feel.

We're married.

By the way, you can call me Sue.

- I'm Sid.
(birds chirping)

I should get going.

- I don't think you're in any position

to be leaving right now.

Here, try some of this.

Go ahead.

It's good, ain't it?

I told you so.

So how you gonna get back
at that boy that hurt you?

- How'd you know about that?

- You don't look big enough to bully kids.

And you don't seem like
the drug addict type.

So why else you getting
expelled from school?

- Yeah, why else?

- Somebody beat you up,

and you took the blame for it, didn't you?

- Well, that bully picks on everyone.

No one does anything about it.

- Well, you got everything
all figured out, don't ya?

Are you sure this is
his fault and not yours?

- Why would it be mine?

- Well, seems odd for
someone to get picked on

for over a year and do nothing about it.

Especially for someone
who says, "I" a lot.

- What can I do?

He'd kill me.

- See, there you go again, saying "I."

Come here.

Let me tell you a little secret.

Sometimes, things aren't
always what they seem.

Or what they don't seem.

- Thanks for the chicken,

but I should get going.

- Whoever said it was chicken?
(ominous music)

- So, how is your relationship at home?

- Well, we don't speak very often.

But I've tried to teach
him what my daddy taught me

about hard work and being honest,

and doing right by the Lord.

And he's nothing like me.

- Well, I'm gonna get some coffee.

Would anyone else like some?

- No thank you.

Mary, dear, maybe you could
help out the principal?

Mr. Gabriel.

You and I are both
honest, hard-working men.

May I be out in the open for a moment?

- Please, feel free to say anything.

- Ever since the day that boy was born,

I have felt that this demon
was given to this world.

And I have been going crazy

because I seem to be the
only one that can see it.

Now I know it's not right

for a father to talk
about his son like this,

but I just can't shake this feeling.

- You're not alone, sir.

You are not alone.

- You know, the more I think about it,

the more I'd hate to make
a big fuss about this

to the new school board members.

You know, there's no need
to expel anyone here.

I think if we give Sid a
little three-day suspension,

he'll think twice before he
acts up again, Mr. Gabriel.

I have another meeting to go to,

so I'm gonna have to say my goodbyes.

It was very nice meetin' ya.

It's tough love, people.

But it works.

- [Narrator] Looks like Sid
caught a bit of a break.

It wasn't Principal Milgram's
fault he had no backbone.

People liked him.

Good looks, no strong opinions.

And a golden smile can
take you far in this world.

- Can we cut the bullshit now?

And have a real conversation.

We all know what you did.

- I didn't do anything.

She was knocked down on
the ground when I woke up.

And I didn't want to take
her back to town because,

because I knew what people would do to me.

- Hey, get up.

My husband's lazy, but
he's good at fixing things.

- Husband?

- Yeah, I have two useless husbands.

So what do you think?

- Did you want me to tell him about--

- No, not yet.

Just tell him what to do about the girl.

- Well, seems like you
got a couple choices.

You can bury her, put her in the lake,

or burn her.

- I'd say, bury her and
be done and over with it.

- She's still a person.

I mean, you guys are talking
about her like she's--

- Dead.

That's because she's dead, right?

- Well that's the thing.

I'm not really sure.

- I don't know, she
looked pretty dead to me.

- Why would you think she's not dead?

- I don't know, I just

I have this weird feeling.

- Well, if she's not dead,
then I'm going back to sleep.

- What, that's it?
(ominous music)

You guys call me out
here to watch you guys

eat and sleep and--
- Silly boy.

You called us.

(ominous music)

(leaves rustling)

(water dripping)

(leaves rustling)

(television noise)


(door shuts)

- [Carl] Consider yourself
lucky you only got suspended.

There's one school in this stupid town,

so don't screw it up.

- [Mary] You woke him up.

- [Carl] He ain't asleep.

- [Mary] Has anyone even
asked Sid what happened?

Maybe we're not hearing the whole story,

nobody breaks a window without a reason.

(ominous music)

(phone ringing)

- Go ahead.

You can have the first hit.

- Get up.

You know what I just heard?

Little Margie Washburn
from down the street,

she was just murdered.

- Murdered?

- Missing, murdered, its all the same.

You know this people in
this town are gonna flip out

until someone hangs for this.

You know anything about what happened?

- What would I know about that?

- Where were you last night,

when me and your mom was busy
seeing you get suspended?

- I was here waiting for you, asleep.

You think I killed somebody?

- Never said you did.

I was just wondering if you knew anything.

You knew her, didn't you?

She lived about two blocks from us.

- I never went out that way.

- You know, you sniff your
nose every time that you lie?

I gotta go to work.

Don't get in any trouble today.

- [Narrator] Those were heavy words

about the town freaking out.

People in a small town
want blood for blood.

And at this point, it didn't
matter who's blood it was.

- What's up Sid?

- Hey.

- So, what happened?

- Mr. Gabriel wanted me expelled,
but I just got suspended.

- Nah, I was talking about Margie.

- I left her body up
there in the woods, okay.

I don't know what to do with it.

I swear to God, I didn't kill her.

I mean, you believe me, right?

- Yeah yeah, sure I believe you.

But you know the town are gonna
want to know what happened.

- But I don't know what happened.

I just woke up and she was on the ground.

And you know what they
gonna do when they find out.

- [Carl] Who are you?

- This is my friend, Charles.

- Sir.

- You have a friend?

Well listen here friend.

My son just got suspended from school,

at this time he can't have any friends.

I don't want to see you
back here, all right?

You understand me?

- Yes sir.

- Wait, you and Sid together last night?

- No, I was at home all day.

- Hmm.

You have an appointment with
a school counselor today.

Don't be late.

(leaves rustling)

- [Mrs. Erikson] Sid Young?

- [Sid] Yeah.

- Go ahead and have a seat there.

- Thank you.

(pages rustling)

- So, your dad seemed very adamant

about you coming to seeing me.

- Yeah, he can be like that.

- Hmm.

Do you know why you're here?

- You'd like to find out if I'm dangerous?

- Smart boy.

So are you?

- Are you afraid of me?

- And what reason would I
have to be afraid of you Sid?

Do you think that people are
naturally good on the inside?

Something funny?

- No, it's just that,

the purpose of that question
can be taken a few ways.

- I thought it was
pretty straight forward.

- Would you like to know, I mean,

would you really like
to know what I think?

- Sure?

(static buzzing)

- Listen, we've all done something selfish

or malicious in order to get ahead.

It's called self-preservation.

Even the guy who killed Margie

has done something kind or loving,

We're all good and bad.

So, when you ask me, "Are
people naturally good?",

you are forcing me to
say that people are good,

because if I don't, I'd be expelled.

So let me ask you, what kind
of stupid question was that?

- There's no need to become
aggressive in here, Sid.

- Mrs. Erikson, you are making
me aggressive in your head,

because you too scared to admit

that you're being outwitted by a student.

- Whether you want to admit it or not,

you are being aggressive, Sid.

- Well, I'd ask you to fix me,

but I don't think you can.

You see, if psychology
worked, it would work.

Maybe all the real scientists went into

Chemistry and Physics, hey doc?

- The human brain is a lot more complex

than the equation: H2O.

- So why are you asking me
all these simple questions,

that you seem to know the answers to?

- I believe our meeting is done here.

- "I believe our meeting is done here".

No, I believe we have
25 more minutes left.

I'm sorry.

I'll be good.

Just ask me a good question

and I'll answer the hell out of it.

- Okay.

What's the meaning of life?

- You patronize me.

But, you're in luck.

I'll tell you.

I think we're a lot like ants.

We eat, crap, sleep, have sex,
until all the food is gone.

Excuse me.

And that's the secret.

We're just a bunch of
ants, we just eat more.

- That's a very grim outlook, young man.

- What do we do that ants don't?

- Are you being serious?

- Oh, I'm being dead serious.

Convince me and I'm all yours.

- Well, we love.

- Every family I know fights all day.

- We have a God.

- It's the same God the ants have.

You know what, I have changed my mind.

I think we are done here.

- Yeah, that was him, I
don't know what to think.

(ominous music)

- That was classmate
number twelve, Sid Young.

I got everything up until
his mother said nothing.

(car revs)

- Hey, you staring at
your own house? (laughs)

You know the whole school
thinks you kidnapped Margie

because you weren't at school today.

- You know why I was suspended.

- I know.

But, the kidnapper is still out there.

I probably stood right next to him

and didn't even know it.

You never can tell, right?

See ya around.

- [Narrator] Sid knew

that violent people are
always given a free pass

to beat up guilty men.

If Kurt ever found out what he did,

Kurt could beat him to a bloody pulp,

and the town would call him a hero.

- Things have gotten really bad,

I could really use some help.

- They always come back to us, don't they.

Let me guess, did they
send you to a counselor?

- Yeah, but I made sure
she's never talk to me again.

- That's my boy!

- But there was a detective
at my house today.

- They know!

- They don't know nothing.

That's why they're going
from house to house

talking to people.

- But what if they start
searching the lake?

I think we should pull
her body out and bury her.

- Why don't you have some tea first.

- I don't want any tea!

- Oh, but you'll eat a baby?

- I didn't eat a fucking baby!

- Be a shame if a certain
someone just "popped" up somehow.

Sit down.

You need to relax.

The police are obviously
going to ask questions,

that's their job.

Give it a month or two,
and it'll all be forgotten.

- He's right.

People overreact to what's
happening right now.

In a month, they'll overreact
to the next big thing,

soon it will all be forgotten.

- Yeah but what if it isn't?

What if they start searching the lake?

- It aint gonna go that far

and I have an idea that will
take care of everything.

- What's your idea?

Why can't we just do it now?

- No, not just yet.

Because once I tell you,
there's no going back.

(birds chirping)


(ominous music)

- Speak of the devil.

This here is detective Rogers,

and I understand you know Kurt.

- Son, we've found out that
Margie Washburn is missing.

And this boy Kurt, he said
his seen you talk to her.

I'd appreciate any
information you could give us.

- I've spoken to her
but I barely knew her.

- Where were you right now?

- I fell in some water.

- What water?

- If you don't mind, sir.

So, did you see Margie
Washburn two days ago?

- No.

- Uh huh, so you did see her

when you were in class that day?

- Oh yeah.

I did see her in class.

- Right.

So, did you see her after
school that day, walking home?

- I don't remember.

- She walks this way home right?

- He didn't see her
because he had detention.

- That's right, I had detention that day.

- Then he came over to my house.

We played catch.

- Sir, could I bother
you for a glass of water?

- Sure.

And you, I'm just gonna
ask you to get out.

(ominous music)

You know what this is?

It's a scale.

Over here, you have
everything that's true.

And over here, you have
everything that is bullshit.

Now when I get back to the office,

and weigh this out, and there's
more bullshit than truth,

well, you know what happens then?

(static buzzing)

- I reckon I'd get the slammer?

Detective, the question you're seem

to be beating around
the bush to get to is,

did I kill that girl?

Well, I can assure you that I did not.

I barely knew the girl.

Wish I had, she was kinda cute.

And that's the truth.

- I do appreciate this, sir.

- I'm sorry, I gotta get going.

- Not a problem, I appreciate your time.

I think it's been a
whole lotta nothin' here.

You boys let me know
if something comes up.

I'll walk you out.

- Sure.

You are not to leave this house.

And get out of those
wet clothes, all right.

- Goodbye, sir.

You owe me, Sid!

- I don't owe you anything.

- I stuck up for you,
and you know what I want?

I want you to show me where
you put Margie's body.

I know you saw her last.

I followed you.

What do ya say, Sid.

I just want to see her, that's all.

If you killed her, I know
you did it by accident,

it's not like a pussy like you

could actually kill someone on purpose

- I didn't do anything.

- This is Margie's hair.

You little bastard, I knew it.

You did do it.

Where is she?

You're a murderer.

Do you have any idea

what this town is going to do to you

once they find this out?

They're gonna to torture you.

Take me to her body or I'll
tell the police about this hair.

- Okay, Just let go.

She's by the lake.

- There's a lake?

- You two are friends now?

- None of your business.

Come on, Sid.

- Just go home.

(ominous music)

(leaves rustling)

(mysterious music)

- What's the problem?

- This is where the
lake was, but it's gone.

- Is this some kind of joke?

- I've taken you this far,
why would I lie to you, okay?

This is exactly where I put Margie's body.


- I'm sorry, I'm just anxious.

Just find her!

- I don't know where to look, okay.

Someone must have taken her body.

- You're lying.

(leaves rustling)

(suspenseful music)

(static buzzing)

- [Narrator] Now, nobody
knows the true details

of that murder,

but we all know that boy, Kurt,
had it coming from someone.

And whoever said revenge
is a dish best served cold,

hadn't tasted a good hot meal.

(orchestral music)

- You're the monster now.

- I know you didn't have a choice.

- He was going to kill me.

I mean, he said he was going to kill me.

- Yeah but I still don't think
you should have killed him.

- Of course you don't, you're
afraid to stand up to anybody.

- What's done is done, I guess.

Welcome to the club, Sid.

You're one of us now.

We only have one rule up here though;

don't you ever bring in
any strangers around here.

It's just us.

Do you understand me?

Now that it then, we have a pact.

We're all in this together

and we're safe if it's
only us that's up here.

Do you understand?

- Yeah, I understand.

- Can I ask you a question?

How did it feel when you
killed that boy today?

Did it feel good?

- What kind of question is that?

- I want to know.

So did it?

- It didn't feel good to kill someone.

But it felt good to kill Kurt.

- I guess the real question
is, would you do it again?

- I feel horrible for saying this,

but I think I could kill Kurt everyday

for the rest of my life.

Do you think God will
ever forgive me for that?

- Well, I don't know much
about God and forgiveness.

But I've felt like something
been watching over me before,

have you ever felt that?

- Yeah but not today.

I really screwed up.

I wish this would have never happened.

Can't we just do your idea?

The one that would make
everything go away?

I don't ever want to think
of what I did today again.


(ominous music)

I have to go!

- Where's he goin'?

- He still thinks he' one of them.

He still thinks there's a tiny chance

that the world still cares about him,

but he's one of us now.

He just doesn't know it.


- I thought I told you
never to come here again.

- I know, but I gotta tell
you something, about Sid.

- At 12 o'clock at night?

- Listen, something bad just happened,

but it wasn't Sid's fault.

- What did he do?

- I don't know the whole story,

I just know that he needs you right now.

He needs his dad.

- I appreciate your concern,

but he's in his bed, asleep.

- No, I think he's in the
forest, I just saw him.

I was just there.

- Come here.

(orchestral music)

- Bingo.

They're gonna find out.

They're not gonna find out.

You don't know that.

Don't talk to me like that all right,

I'm trying to help you.

I don't know if I can go
through with the rest.

What do you mean you
can't go through with it.

Kurt was one thing okay.

Of course he was, he needed to go.

Okay, but my teacher and how
you talking about my dad.

Do you remember what
kurt used to call you.

He called me a pussy.

Exactly, now what's he calling you?

He doesn't call me anything.

Why is that?

Because he's gone.

So who's next?

(door knob squeaks)

- Is someone here?

I'm calling the police now.

- You don't want to do that.

- Sid?

What are you doing here
at eight o'clock at night?

- I'm a good student, what can I say.

- you can't be here, you're suspended.

What is that?

Someone is pushing a body into a lake.

Is this you?

- It's not mine, I've
been suspended, remember?

- Sid, I've tried so hard to help you,

but you've left me no choice.

This is a police matter now.

- What are you going to tell them,

that I was vandalizing
property with a pencil?

Mr. Gabriel, please, put the phone down

- What are you gonna do?

This is real, Sid.

Can't you see I'm trying to help you!

I've kept you after
school to keep you safe.

- Oh yeah?

So, what, I should say thank you then?

- Those other kids pick on you.

We both know they're not going to stop.

I think the best thing to do
is to get you to a new school.

- Yeah, heaven forbid you kick out Kurt.

I was perfectly fine, sitting there,

minding my own business,
not bothering no one.

But you kept picking at
me, and picking at me.

You made me like this!

- If you sat there doing nothing,

you'd be no better than an ant, right?

- You know, if I got rid of you,

I'd be doing a hole lot
of people a good service.

- The phones gone, Sid.

Why don't we just go home,

and I won't say anything
about this to anyone.

This is real!

- Why do you keep telling me this is real?

- I know this may not seem like it now,

but sometimes people aren't
what they appear to be.

And the better they are at their job,

the harder they are to spot.

- I don't need you
protecting me from the world.

- I'm not protecting
you from the world, Sid.

I'm protecting the world from you.

(mysterious music)

- Dad.

Dad, I'm sorry.

I don't mean to be like this.

I mean, I'm really trying
I'm really trying to be good.

But things, things keep happening!

- I know, son, I know.

- Where were you tonight?

- I thought I was in Biology class,

but I'm not sure anymore.

I feel like somebody else
is writing my own story.

Like someone else is controlling me.

I need help, Charles.

Am I losing my mind?

- No, no, no, no, you're not
just get some sleep, alright.

I'll see what I can do, tomorrow.

- [Television News Reporter] This just in.

Two days after the disappearance
of Margaret Washburn,

fellow student Kurt
Lewis has gone missing.

In the town, mobs of people are outraged

over the lack of concern over them.

- Damn it, Sid.

- Your friend was worried
about you last night.

Said he saw you in the forest.

Is that true?

- Nah, I didn't see him anywhere.

- Hmm.

That Kurt boy, the other
day he vouched for you,

what were you two really doing?

- We were playing catch.

- You don't own a glove.

- We were just playing catch, all right!

- Excuse me?

- I said we were just playing catch, sir.

- Thank you, Jesus.

I have to ask you 20 damn
times for one answer.

- Then just ask me what you want to know.

Stop trying to be this detective father,

because you're not good at it.

Just ask me.

Did your son kill two people?

That's what you want to know, right?

- All I know is that
something changed this week,

you've been different.

If you need help, I'll hire a
real psychologist or a lawyer.

- Have you ever thought, why
would someone punish the boy

who's getting picked on?

I mean, does it even cross your mind

to get my side of the story?

- I am always asking you questions.

- Yeah, detective questions,
that accuse me of something.

And I mean don't even know why you ask,

because you think you know everything.

That's why no one in this
whole town likes you!

- I'm gonna finish this tonight.

You aint gonna leave this house today.

(mysterious music)

- Hello?

Thanks for coming over.

I'm not allowed to leave the house.

- I was very surprised you called me.

- I was too.

- Is everything okay?

- I got into a fight with my
dad today, I yelled at him

and I've never done that before.

And I feel like I'm having these lapses,

where I can't remember
anything from an hour ago,

other than, being by a lake.

And I rarely ever sleep.

- Loss of sleep could sometimes mean

you have feelings of guilt.

- Can I tell you something in confidence?

- Well, sure.

- No, I mean, in real confidence.

You have to promise not to tell anybody,

because if you don't,
I'd rather not tell you.

- Okay.

I promise.

- A couple of days ago,

A couple of days ago I woke up

next to Margie Holland's dead body.

By the lake.

But I didn't kill her, I swear it.

- She was killed when you were asleep?

- Yeah.

- And you swear you didn't do it?

- That's why I'm telling you.

That's how confident I am.

- Sid, do you have a history
of narcolepsy or sleepwalking,

or even, multiple personalities?

- I understand why you would
ask that question, but no,

I've never had any of those.

- Sid, do you remember what you said to me

in our last meeting?

- Not really.

- I have to say,

you are a completely different
person right now, Sid.

I'm not accusing you of anything,

but sometimes people, they
invent different personalities

out of guilt, or sometimes
to hide from something.

- No, it's not that,
it's something different.

I just can't figure out what it is.

- Sid, have you ever hurt someone else?

(ominous music)

- I think I need some air.

- Wait.

You wanna go to the lake, am I right?

You feel safe there, don't you?

- Yeah, kind of.

- Sid, you know there's no lake, right?

- Of course there is, I've been there.

- I want you to close your
eyes and take me to this lake.

(static buzzing)

- This is all in your head, Sid.

This is where you go to think.

- Are you saying they're not real?

- Oh, they're real.

Just not how you think they are.

- She needs to go, Sid!

- That's the folder from your office.

Do you know these people?

Are you all in on this together?

- This is your brain.

That's to your Id, and your
ego, and your superego.

- She shouldn't be here, she
really shouldn't be here!

- One's impulsive, and one fixes things,

and one tells the others whether
things are right or wrong,


- Sid, go get your knife.

This woman, she gotta go.


- Don't do it Sid.

You need to control
every part of your brain.

- You had one rule to
follow, Sid, one rule.

- This is bad, real bad.

- You need to make a
decision right now, Sid.

Who are you?

Sid, Sid.

- Stop!

- I'm proud of you, Sid.

You made the right decision.

And when you're ready to talk to me again,

I'll be here.

You are not a bad person.

- I am not a bad person.

I am not a bad person.

- Of course you're not,

but people have been
torturing you your whole life.

They gave you no choice.

And if it wasn't you, they
would have teased someone else.

- I need you guys to leave.

- You need us, Sid.

Everyone else has made fun
of you and teasing you,

except for us.

We take care of each other here.

- Yep, and it's all done now.

Everything is clean now, see?


You still want him to
do your plan, don't you?

- I think it's time.

- No, everything is clean now.

He doesn't need to kill anyone else.

There's no going back from this.

- Your father doesn't like you, Sid.

He's gonna turn you into the police,

and you know that.

His own son.

- There's no other way, Sid.

You gotta take care of him

and then everything will be fixed.

- What do you want?

I spoke to him, just
like you asked me to do.

- It's not that, I saw him kill Kurt.

I was hiding behind some
bushes and I saw him.

And I think he did something
to our biology teacher.

And I think you might be next.

- [Narrator] People in this town

thought they had seen everything.

But that was before the
day the monster came.

His head was missing a jaw.

And it's eyes were missing,

and fingers cut off.

It was as if, whoever did this to him,

wanted this man to
never communicate again.

- Call the police.

This gotta end today.

(crow caws)

- [Carl] We need to talk, boy.

(upbeat music)

- I'm gonna ask you this one time.

Did you kill those kids?

- I didn't kill Margie.

- And the teacher?

- You only ask questions
you know the answer to.

- I've stood up for you for 16 years now.

- Please, don't call the police.

- And I'm sorry, I knew that
this moment was going to come.

- Don't call the police!

- Or you'll do what?

Kill me?

You gonna be a man and kill your daddy?

Go ahead,

because I aint gonna fight back.

I never laid a hand on
you, and I never will.

You're my son.

- You never liked me.

You put me a label, and I
had no choice but to act out

what you thought of me!

- You could have been anyone at that lake.

- And it looks like I chose you!

- No you didn't.

You're gonna tell everybody that

and you gon tell them
that you hated your daddy.

His awful to you.

You live by his pity.

But one day you'll
remember that I loved you

and I spent moment trying
to taking care of my family,

and you did everything in
your power not to be like me.

- You made me like this!

- Yep, just like your
teacher, and your friends,

and your counselor?

It's everyone's fault but yours.

How did it feel to slice a
man's eyes out of his head?


Officer, I would like to turn in my son.

He killed Kurt Lewis with a wooden branch.

I'm sorry, son.

- I'm here for you, Mr. Young.

You are under arrest.

Please put your hands
behind your back, now.

- Me?

- I don't want to make this any harder

than it needs to be.

- I didn't do anything, I'm innocent man.

But he's the killer.

I wasn't near those kids!

- Let's go.

(eerie music)

- [Narrator] So the town finally
found their token villain.

Unfortunately, it was me.

And that's the whole story.

From beginning to end.

(phone ringing)

- So, that was you who was
born in the hospital that day?

- Yep.

Scarred since the day I was born.

- Mr. Young, you're saying your son

killed that girl by accident,

slaughtered the second one
in self defense, that boy,

and carved the third into a monster?

But that one was on purpose?

- Yes!

Although, I'm not exactly
sure about the girl.

- I have to say, you're
story is very detailed.

Mr. Young, look at this picture
and tell me what you see.

- I see a nice boy,

but a boy that's done
some ugly, ugly things.

- I think I understand now.

This is the boy from your story,

and this is how you see him.

Your mind has made him into a monster,

because of what you thought he did.

Just like everyone else
in your story, your wife,

the teacher, they've all been
changed into how you see them.

Now, this is what he looks
like to the rest of the world.

This is the real Sid.

- I know my son.

- Mr. Young, you're not with
him every minute of the day.

You have no idea what goes on in his mind.

Only he does.

And each of us has our
own little world up here.

Castles, gardens, lakes.

Worlds you will never be able to see.

And besides, I don't think
this nice-looking boy

is capable of such ugly, heinous things.

- I know I wasn't there to
see every second of his life,

but I know what happened.

- Yes, because of your

"special ability" to see things
for what they really are,


- It's more complicated than that,

but yes, could you please get
these ants out of my shirt.

- There are no ants in your clothing.

Mr. Young, did you know
that Miss Margie Washburn

returned to her family yesterday?

Teenage drama, perhaps?

- Wait, so, that was
all in Sid's brain then.

That's why I couldn't tell
if he was telling a lie.

So can I go now?

- Oh no, Mr. Young.

You are a long way from recovery.

But you should have known that,

seeing as that you have
super powers, right?

- But everything I've said is true.

You're being outsmarted
by a 16 year old boy.

You're smarter than that, doc.

- Is Sid home?

- Sid hasn't been home in a week.

- Damn.

I left something in his room,
do you mind if I go get it?

- [Radio News Reporter] Margie Washburn,

who has been missing for a
week, returned home yesterday.

Police say--

(ominous music)

- I saw Sid kill Kurt Lewis.

And I'm ready to go on record now.

And I think she is ready too.

- Mrs. Young?

Are you ready to go on record?

Mrs. Young?

Cat got your tongue?

- No, I can talk and I think I'm ready.

Let me tell you everything
I know about my son.

- [Charles] Sid's father
was right about everything.

He had all the answers,

but no one bothered to
ask him the questions.

And I believed every story
Sid told me about him.

Both of them were right in front of me,

and I had no idea who either of them were.

Another great visionary will come again,

but I wonder if we'll
just pass them by too.

Because we all want that
person, so badly, to be us.

(mysterious music)

- Thanks for stopping.

- [Mr. Gabriel] Not a
problem. You from down south?

- Yeah, sure am.

- [Mr. Gabriel] I was
there not too long ago.

Cant say I enjoyed my visit.