Side Out (1990) - full transcript

Midwestern law student comes to California for summer work. Instead, hangs out at the beach and chases waitresses. Meets up with a washed-up King of the Beach, and the rookie wins the biggest tournament of the year in only his second tournament.


American Airlines welcomes you

to Los Angeles
International Airport.

Ground transportation
can be found

at the lower level.

There you go, sir.

Next. Claim check,

Get this morbid piece
of junk out of here.

You hear me, Wiley?

I've got as much right
to be here as both you guys.

Anyway, I'm picking up
a customer today.

Sure you are,

Claim check,

Hi. Uh, yes, ma'am.

We seem to have
a little problem here

because I've lost
my claim checks.

I need to see
two claim checks, honey.

I understand.

Man, you buzz off,

or you're gonna
be riding

in the back
of this thing.

Sure. That's funny.

All right, what's
happening here?

This guy's got
no license.

He's always pulling
this bullshit, man.


Talk to me, kid.

I'm picking up
a customer today.

Yeah? From
which flight?

Well, it's a tragedy, sir.

It'd probably
break your heart, but...


Do you know Freddy Krueger?


Much worse than him.

I'm telling you,
this is a scam.

Okay, where's the body?

And I'm looking
for a cab.

There he is
right there!

What are you trying
to pull now, Wiley?

Will you get this guy
out of here, man?

We got a job to do.

Can you help me find a cab?
Your limo's here, sir.

- My limo's here?
- Your limo's here.

My limo's here.

Where are you going?

How's the fever?

What fever?

Hey, look, if you
get a little queasy,

just let me
know, all right.

That's no limo.

Hey, wait a minute, pal.
Wait a minute.

I'm not so sure I want to go
where you're going.

Sure you do.

You're in L.A. Now.

Hit it, kid.

Hey, I owe you one.

So did my uncle
send you?

Uncle? Sorry,
I'm strictly free-lance,

but I'll take you
wherever you want to go.

By way of
Acapulco, right?

So you're
an athlete, huh?

Yeah. I play basketball
in Milwaukee.

For the Bucks?

Yeah, for the Bucks.


What is this
dead movie star business?

It's pretty
catchy, right?

See, everybody
sells maps

to movie
stars' homes.

Too much

Had to come up with
a little gimmick,

you know?

Wiley Hunter's

Gravesites of
the Rich and Famous.

Press that button.


Adds a little pizazz, huh?



Your basic mix
of rockers,

punks, actors...

members of major satanic cults.

It's home.

You're funny, man.

Yes, who is it?

Uh, it's Monroe.

Drive on in,

Think this place
has a gift shop?

Oh, definitely.

Wow. Is this your
uncle's house?

I don't know.

I've never
been here before.

Not too shabby.

Not too shabby.

You must be Monroe.

Yes. How are you?


Hola, guapa!

Look, don't worry
about this guy.

- He's crazy.
- I won't.

Well, it doesn't look like

you're gonna have
too much trouble

coming up with
50 bucks, are you?

50 bucks?

- 20.
- 30.

Yeah, 20.

Okay, 20 bucks.


Thank you.
Thank you.


I'll be seeing you.

Not if I
see you first, pal.

Hey, if you make
it to the beach,

I'll be in Hermosa.

Third in the strand.



Thanks, man.

Thank you.



Yes, I know,
it's a real palace.

You'll get
used to it.


Your uncle said

that you should
make yourself comfortable.

The driver will pick you up
for the office

at 8:00 a.m.

Don't be late.

All right!


Excuse me.

I'm here to see
my uncle, Max Clark.

I'll get his
assistant, Marie.

Have a seat.

Thank you.



Come with me.


He's right in there.

Thank you.


Huh? Huh?

Ah, you're
right on time.

Sit down, son.

Thank you, sir.

So how the
hell are you?

I'm good. I'm good. Obviously
not as good as you, though.

Well, not many people are.

And it's Uncle Max to you,
all right?

How's my brother?
Everybody's great.

Family's good,
everybody's fine?

Yeah, everybody's good.

You know, I was you once,
young, ambitious...

needed a mentor.

Modeled my whole career
after a man named Darrow.

- Clarence?
- Who?


No, Eddie.
Divorce lawyer from Pasadena.

Here's those files
you asked for.

Thank you, sweetie.



So when do we get into court?

Whoa! Whoa! Wait, wait.
Slow down. Slow down.

Let me tell you a little bit
about the business

you're getting yourself
into first, all right?

Real estate law, Monroe,

despite what you may think,

is not all
glamour and perks, okay?

I mean, you know, even if...

even if you make it
to the top of your profession,

you're not going to be
on the 6:00 news, but...

on the other hand,

you may end up
owning the station.

Huh? Here.

See these? Hmm?

Deadbeats. Hmm?

Liars. Scum.



Each one of those files
represents a tenant

who's either
refused to pay

or is unable
to pay our clients

the money owed.

In either case,
your job--

hello, Monroe--

is to serve
these deadbeats

with a notice
to pay or quit.

Well, that doesn't sound
too tough.

Well, it's not too tough,

unless you're the poor sap
who can't come up with the rent.


Anyway, you're
not in this

for a popularity contest.

You're in this business to make
money, not friends, right?

Absolutely, sir.

I'm gonna throw in
a company car, all right?

Thank you, sir.

Yes, sir.

Happy hunting,
kid, all right?.

Okay, sir.

Good to see--
Oh, Monroe...

be back at 6:00.


♪ Let me take you to a place
I know you'll want to go ♪

♪ It's a good life ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey, yeah ♪

♪ I don't wanna stand around
And beg you ♪

♪ Just don't say no ♪

♪ No, no. No, no ♪

♪ I have got a real magic
You're gonna like it ♪

♪ What I'm doing to you ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ And I'm doin'
What I'm doin'... ♪



Uh, good morning.


I'm looking for
a Mr. Martin Salazar.


Is he in?


Does he live here?

Who wants to know?

Well, you see,
I'm a representative for--

Are you Mrs. Salazar?


Well, I work for Clark,
Nolan, Riley,

and Associates,

and, you see,

we represent the owners
of the property here,

and apparently, Mr. Salazar's
failed to make payment

for quite a while now.

Oh, yeah, well,
for quite a while now

the owners have
forgotten to maintain

this hotel de cucarachas.


No tengo nada.


♪ Let me take you to a place
I know you'll want to go ♪

♪ It's a good life ♪

♪ Hey, hey, hey, yeah ♪

♪ I don't want
to stand around and beg you ♪

♪ Just don't say no ♪

♪ No, no. No, no ♪

♪ I have got a real magic ♪

♪ You're gonna like it ♪

♪ What I'm doing to you ♪

♪ Ooh, ooh, ooh ♪

♪ And I'm doin' what I'm doin' ♪

♪ I'll be doin'
What you want me to do... ♪


Yeah, what
do you want?

Hi. I'm looking
for Mr. Halmar Webb.


♪ Good life, good life ♪

♪ Good life, good life
Good life, good life ♪

♪ Good life ♪

♪ Good life, good life... ♪

Get out of here!

Get him!



Mr. Barnes?

Mr. Zack Barnes?



Oh, excuse me.

Hi. I'm looking
for Zachary Barnes.


Oh, yeah, I think
that was his name.

You a friend of his?

Uh, no. No, not exactly.

He's a fun guy.

Anyway, he split.
He went to work.

Can you help
with this, darling?


Do you know exactly
where he works?

Oh, I don't know.

Some beach club
or other.

You've got to
excuse me, hon.

I have to be on
a plane to Denver

in less than an hour.





That's it!
Go, go, go, go!

Get over, Nick!

Way to go, gang.


All right!


Way to stay with it.
That was good, man.

You got one game apiece, right?
You guys almost have it here.

You talk to each other,
see what happens?

All right, that's one apiece.

We get Zack!


Yes, of course.

I'll tell him
you called.

Thank you very much.

Excuse me.

May I help you?

Yes, ma'am. I'm looking
for Mr. Zack Barnes.

Is he
expecting you?

Yes, ma'am.

I have an appointment
with him.

Well, you go out
to the left,

out onto the beach.

He's out there.
You can't miss him.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

I got it here.

I got it.

Go. Over.


Um... all right, you guys,
keep playing, all right?

It's your serve still.
That was my fault.

I'll be right back.


This is Steve Walker.


Steve Walker.

I bought your
marker from Harry.

What are you talking about?

Cut the crap, man.
You got my money?

Pardon me.

Yeah, I got your money.

Good, because I'm
here to pick it up.

You're here?

Yeah, I'm in the lobby.

Uh... that's not a good place.

Um... how about if we meet
at the lifeguard station

in a couple minutes?

Be there.

Yeah. Okay.
Thanks. Bye-bye.

Zack Barnes?

Uh, no.

Uh, he was just here

a minute ago.

Aren't you Zack Barnes?

What? No.

This guy told me
you were Zack Barnes.

Oh, no, no.
God. No.

Why? What did he do?
Is he in trouble?

That's personal.

God, the guy's such a screw-up.

Could you just tell me
where they guy is?

Um, I probably shouldn't.

He's a friend
of mine,

but, uh...

but, you know, what the hell.

Probably be good for him.


Yeah, I'd like to page
Zack Barnes, please.

Yeah, have him meet me
at the lifeguard station.

Immediately, please.

Yeah. Thank you.



Zack Barnes, please come
to the lifeguard station



Where's the lifeguard station?


it's right over there.

You might want to, uh,
take your shoes off, though.

Mr. Barnes...

This is
a pay-or-quit notice.

You have 30 days

to either pay
past rent due

or vacate
the premises.

Is this a joke?

It's no joke, sir.

If you pay your rent,

you don't have to deal

with this sort of
unpleasant experience.

Experience, huh?

Here, why don't you
just experience this?

Oh, jeez!

Excuse me!

That's mine!




Just evicting
some fish.

Well, good luck.



♪ Here come those summer days ♪

♪ And now we're just
Against the waves ♪

♪ Here come
Those summer days... ♪

Where's the rest of your suit?

My God, my God.

Hey, Milwaukee!

to the beach.

How come you're
having all the fun?

What happened
to you, man?

You don't
want to know.

Jesus, these
bikinis around here

are made out
of dental floss.

It's paradise, man.

This is paradise.

Come with me.

♪ Those summer days ♪

♪ And love
is just a kiss away... ♪

God, what I wouldn't
give for a spatula.

That's very funny.

That's actually
very funny.

You got it!

There you go! Go! Go!

Come on, come on.


I got it. Set me up.

Here we go.

Back up, back up.


Where were you?

Relax. I got
a little distracted.

It's only one point.

Only one point?

You want to be
my partner,

be there every point.

Mr. Congeniality.

His name's
Rollo Vincent.

That guy seems
like a real jerk.

Yeah, but
he's the best, man.

He's king of the beach.

They take this game
pretty seriously,

don't they?

These guys are making
six figures

playing this game.

Well, I'm in the wrong
business, then.

Okay, straight up.
Up, up!

Hit that. Hit it!

That's the way.
Nice play.

Thanks for coming out, boys.

Check out.

You ever play
any volleyball?

Played a little
six-man back home.

Wait here.

Hey, Mooty.

What's up?

Steve, how's
it going, guys.

Do me a favor.

You see my friend
over there?

Hey, guys.

Let's play a little

I'll let you win.

What do you think?

Okay, Wiley.


Let's see your stuff,
city boy.

What are you serious?


Wiley, I was
basketball all-state,

three years in a row.

Well, listen, Kareem,

that was wood,
this is sand, okay?

Now, here's
the Reader's Digest--

only the serving side
can score,

and you can't
hit the ball

two times in a row.


I'm glad you're
losing those duds.

You're making me

Okay, boys,
taking no prisoners.

Okay. No prisoners.

Here he is, guys.
Here he is.

Hi, guys.

Monroe Clark.



Hi. You can
call me Moot.

- Moot?
- Yeah.


Let's do it, Moot.

Let's do it.

You guys can serve.

Yeah, right.

This is gonna
be great.

So, uh...

All right, buddy.

Let's get into it.

No problem, Moot.

Let's take care
of them.

Make quick work.


There's one.


This ought to be short.

Okay. That's okay. That's okay.
Get the ball.

You got to
get out there.

All right.

It's yours!
It's yours!

♪ Lost in a dream ♪

♪ I don't know
which way to go... ♪

♪ If you are all that you seem ♪

♪ Then, baby
I'm moving way too slow ♪


♪ I been fooled before ♪

♪ Wouldn't like
To get my love caught ♪

♪ In the slammin' door ♪

♪ How about
Some information, please ♪

♪ Straight up, now, tell me

♪ Do you really
Want to love me forever ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Or am I caught
In a hit and run ♪

♪ Straight up now, tell me ♪

♪ Is it gonna be
You and me together ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Or are you
Just havin' fun... ♪

It's paradise.


♪ Waitin' for some
Small clue ♪

Here we go.

♪ I keep getting chills ♪

♪ When I think your love ♪

♪ Is true ♪

♪ If you're only
Playing games ♪

♪ I just have to say ♪

♪ Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye
Bye, bye, bye, bye ♪♪

Good game,
good game.

You okay, buddy?

Hey, I hope we weren't
too tough on you.

Hey, your sympathy's
killing me, pal.

Hey, are you sure

you haven't
played before?

Nice try, man.

I may never
play again.

I hope this thing's

Aw, shit, it's 6:00!

Wait, you don't want
to play another game?


What the hell happened to you?

Look, I know
what you're thinking,

but it's okay
because I'm all right.

I was down on the streets,
and I got a little bit lost,

and I was looking for somebody
to help me out.

I went to this guy, and I said,
"Look, help me out here,"

and all of a sudden this guy
punches me in the stomach,

and I got four guys
jumping on me,

kicking the hell out of me--
Kicking the shit out me.

Next thing I know,
I'm being dragged--

To the beach.

To the beach.

Because that would explain
the sand on... the files.

Yeah, I'm sorry about--

Sorry about that.

So that's...
that's your story?

That's what
you're going to stick with?

Yes, sir.

This is real
good, Monroe.

Not just the ability to lie,

the ability to tell such
an outrageously stupid story

in the face
of unassailable facts.

You're going to make
a great attorney.

Listen, Uncle Max,
I swear to God,

I was working my ass off.

I was trying so hard
to do the right thing,

but I got a little bit lost,

and I asked this kid
that was selling these maps

for some help--

Hold it!
Let me tell you...

the next thing
you knew.

The next thing you knew,
you're on a plane

headed back
to Milwaukee,

working at some
Jack In The Box

trying to make
your tuition.

Look, son,

You may be able to
bullshit your parents,

but I'm running
a company here,

not some Goddamn
summer camp!

Do you
understand me?

Yes, sir.


Sit down.

Yes, sir.

Oh, you're a good one, kid.

You're a dandy.

Why don't we just...
start all over again, okay?

This guy Barnes, huh?

He's been giving us the slip
for quite a while now.

You just, uh...

you take care
of that one case,

and we'll pretend
that this whole ugly...

affair never happened, okay?


I'll take care of it
first thing Monday morning, sir.

Hold it.

Not Monday.


Zachary Barnes?

You're trying
to evict Zack Barnes?

Why didn't you say
something to me?

Why, you know this guy?

Well, I don't
know him,

but he practically invented
beach volleyball.

He is the original
king of the beach.

If this guy's
the king of the beach,

why isn't he paying his rent?

Well, I don't know.

Is he over the hill?

He's not over the hill.

I mean, he practically beat
half the guys on the tour.

He was Rollo's first partner,

taught Rollo
everything he knows,

then pulls a no-show
at the classic

a couple years ago.

He dropped out

Rollo hates him
for it,

but if you really want
to find this guy,

stick with me.
I know where he hangs out.


What do you think?

I don't know.
See him?

Not yet.

Should we
get a table?

Yeah, let's
sit over here.

♪ Girl dancin' down
Those dirty and dusty trails ♪

♪ Take it hip to hip
Rocket through the wilderness ♪

You know, I've been
thinking something.

Yeah? Don't
strain yourself.

Now, you and I...

we should play
volleyball together.


What, are you
kidding me?

No, I'm serious, man.

We were good today.
We were really good.

We must've played at
different beaches, pal,

we really stink.

I thought
we were good.

I was good.
You were bad.

Hey, Wiley...

Hi, Sam.

Whoa! You
were the wet suit.

The law suit.

How are you doing?

Hey, Sam, we're over here,
dying of thirst.

Hey, Rollo.

Why don't you
pull up

and have a drink
with us?

I'm working.

What about
on your break?

Not till 2:00.

Well, great. I'll stick
around till 2:00.

Well, until then,

why don't you give
me a gunslinger

and my friend
here a...

fuzzy navel.

All right. Thank you.

That's the girl that
I was telling you about,

that came from the water
with my briefcase.

All right, here's the deal.

She can go to hell.

The deal was

that you get the kids
every other weekend.

You should just go take 'em.

Just go take your kids, man.

What happened today?

This close, man. This close.
A $200 exacta.

They were

You should have been there, man.

I've been there.

151. Strong shit.

Yeah, you got to spot
me on this one, okay?

Bingo! Over there.

That's my man.

What are you
going to do,

walk up and hand
it to him?

Watch me.


Billy, hi.
Is Rollo around?

Yeah. He's off
getting a drink.

Why don't you sit down.
He'll be back soon.

Okay. What I want--

Have you seen
Zack Barnes?

Oh, man.

You're a funny guy,
you know that?

Listen, pal, you've repeatedly
ignored requests from my firm

to either vacate the premises
or pay past rent due.


You know what this is?

It's a pay-or-quit

That means my client
wants his money.

Not only does he want his money,

but he wants your ass
out of there.

The bottom line is you're
an undesirable tenant.

You're not much fun either.
Hey, we got a problem here?

Yeah, we got a problem,
this guy doesn't pay his rent.

You want money from me,
take a number, stand in line.

Zack, let me guess,
car being repo'd?


Gambling debts?

You're being evicted again.

You know what?

Rollo here. On me.

Have a drink.
Really, seriously, okay?

Oh, eviction?

You know what I've
always wondered, though?

For some reason, it's
just stuck in my mind.

What do you think, huh?

What are you doing?


You dropped this, pal.

Let me at him.
Come on.


Come on. No.
Don't do this.

We don't need this.

- Relax.
- You okay?

Yeah. I'm okay.

Get him out
of here.

Nothing damaged?

Nothing important.

Get my car. Bring it around.

Good boy. Good boy.

Let's go.

You heard what she said.
Go get the car.

This isn't over, Zack!

Get him out of here!

Come on, man.
Go get the car.

All right,
get him out of here.


All right,
everybody relax!

What, is Rollo
your new boy now?


You disappoint me.

Well, now you know how it feels.

Are you all right?

Hi. Yeah.
I was, uh...

I was just trying
to get your attention.

Well, it worked.

Good. Well,
what about that, uh,

that drink at 2:00?

All right.

I'll see you then.

It was a nice punch.

Good night, Sam.
See you tomorrow.


Goodnight, Sam.
See you tomorrow.


I didn't think you'd come.

Yes, you did.



So Wiley tells me
that you go to college.

Marine biology.

Oh, yeah? The
ocean and stuff.


"and stuff."

The ocean
is full of stuff.

Well, I'm from

We don't have
the ocean there,

but we've
got college.

I've got a year to
go till law school.

Oh, no.


Sleaze and stuff.

Come on, I'm out here
working for my uncle

who's a lawyer.

Oh, so you figured

you'd come down
to the beach

and score with
a cocktail waitress, huh?


I figured, you know,
while I'm out there,

I'll go down
to the beach,

I'll get lucky...

All right.

It's just that most
of the guys down here

are either burnouts,

rich boys slumming.

Oh, yeah? Rich
boys slumming.


That's pretty gross.


So what do you
do for fun?

At 2:30
in the morning?


Well, generally
after work,

I tear off
all my clothes...

put on one of these
and go for a swim.

In the ocean?


Scuba diving in the middle
of the night in the ocean?

Yeah. You scared?

Yeah. Yeah, that scares me.
I don't do that.

So I got an idea.

Why don't you come with me
to my friend's house?

He's got
a great pool.

A friend of yours?



Come on, trust me.

Can I?




Can we take your car?
Mine's in the shop.


Look at that.

Wow, you've got some
pretty rich friends.

What, are they out
of town or something?

Yeah. Something
like that.

Let's drink.

You know, this stuff
isn't chilled.


♪ There's something
Perfect tonight ♪

Ah... this is great.

♪ There's something
Perfect tonight ♪

Aren't you ever going
to take that suit off?



♪ There's something
Perfect tonight ♪

♪ I've been spending some time ♪

♪ Thinking how much
We've opened up... ♪

You trying
to get me drunk?


I didn't think so.


So in California,

is this considered as foreplay?

Why, do you like it?

Yeah, but I just get
this funny feeling

we should be swimming
upriver to spawn.


♪ There's something
Perfect tonight ♪

What's going on
down there?

Is that you, Monroe?

Yeah, it's just
me, Uncle Max.

Uncle Max?

I thought you said

this was
a friend's house.

Yeah, well,
he's my friend.


It's late, Monroe!

Uh, yes, sir.

Did you get our man?

Yes, sir, I got him.

That's my boy.






Monroe! Hey!

Monroe, you're going
to love me, baby.

Our problems
are solved.

Yeah, I'm glad
you think so, buddy.

I've got a business
proposition for you.

Let me guess.

You and I are gonna
play volleyball.

I never would
have guessed that.

I entered us
in a tournament.

Starts in
two weeks.

Look, Wiley,

I didn't come out here
to play volleyball.

Hey, there's big money
to be made here.

We could be making
a killing.

You mean, we
can get killed.

Look at these

We can't play
with them.

What do those guys have
that we haven't got?

Natural talent,
stamina, endurance.

It'd solve
your problem with Sam.

She loves
volleyball players.

Maybe some other
time, all right?

Come on, man.

I'm talking about
bump, set, spike,

chicks, brews,

You're crazy.


your shoulders.

Square your
shoulders up.

Yeah. Right...

Thank you.


Hi, is, uh, Sam there?

It's Monroe.

Okay, look, um...

could you tell her
to please call me?

It's important.


Thank you.


You can't
touch the net.

You can't touch
the net.

You can't
touch the net.


Hi, this is The Lighthouse.

Yeah, who's calling?


Monroe, I don't see her
right now.

Yeah, maybe she stepped out.

Yeah. Okay.


There you go.

Didn't I tell
you, Monroe?

Two weeks, we're
playing like pros.

Just remind me
of that tomorrow

when we're playing
in Hermosa.

So it's like I'm
instant dog meat

all of a sudden.

You know, you don't
return my calls.

You don't answer
my messages.

I'm sorry.

I just figured

a guy like you
could deal with it.

What do you mean,
a guy like me?

A cute rich boy
on holiday?

Sam, I'm not rich.
I told you that.

I'm just working
for my uncle

so I can pay
my tuition.

Fine, but you
still lied to me.

Yeah, I know. That was dumb.

I just didn't know
how to explain it to you.

I would have understood.

Yeah, well, that's no reason
to not call me.

I'm just not looking
for a summer fling.

Who said I was?

So you're telling me

you're not going back
to Milwaukee

when the summer's over?

I'm going back.

Monroe, I'm sorry
if I hurt your feelings...

but I got to go.


♪ I'd say it was
The right time ♪

♪ To walk away ♪

♪ When dreamin'
Takes you nowhere ♪

♪ It's time to play ♪

♪ Bodies working overtime ♪

♪ Money don't matter ♪

♪ Clock keeps ticking ♪

♪ When someone's
On your mind ♪

♪ I'm moving in slow motion ♪

♪ It feels so good ♪

♪ It's a strange anticipation ♪

♪ Knock, knock
Knockin' on wood ♪

♪ Bodies working overtime ♪

♪ It's man against man ♪

♪ And all that ever matters ♪

♪ Is, baby
Who's ahead in the game ♪

♪ Funny but
It's always the same... ♪

This year's Spike Sport
is forgetting black and white,

those pastel colors of the sea

that you're so
accustomed to seeing.

They're neon.
They're exciting.

They're absolutely electric.

Why, some people
might call this wearable art.

♪ After chasing sunsets ♪

♪ One of life's simple joys ♪

♪ Is playing with the boys ♪

Take your time.

Right there.
Here we go.

Go, buddy. Get her!


Spike down the line
by Rollo Vincent.

Vincent goes downtown.

Point, Vincent and Cross...


Monroe, are
you ready?

Okay, I got good
news and bad news.

Good news is
we're playing

in front of
all these girls.

Center court.

Buddy, that's
bad news.

No, pal, that's
bad news.

We're playing
Timmons and Luyties.

Didn't Spike there
win a gold medal?

Yeah, they both
won gold medals.

and whatever you do,

don't call him
Spike, all right?

Hey, boys.

Good luck.

Hey, Spike.

Good luck, Rudy.

Ladies and gentlemen--

It's Luyties.

All matches will be played
one game to 15 points.

Using a side out
scoring system...

Friendly guys, right?

Maybe they're
just a little shy.

If I may direct
your attention

to our feature court

where two of America's
Olympic heroes will be playing.

Two-time gold medalist
Steve Timmons

and Ricci Luyties.


Timmons and Luyties
will be playing a rookie

out of the Midwest,

Monroe Clark.

Monroe's partner,
the Wiley One, Wiley Hunter.

I love it out here.

Former USC Trojan
Steve Timmons

to start the serving.

Okay, serve it up, guys.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

Okay. Watch it.
Watch it.

Go. Go.


Down the line by Timmons.

Lucky, lucky, lucky,
lucky, lucky.

Lucky serve.

Let's get
this serve.

Let's get
this serve.

Trust me,
the crane.

The crane?



Get on it.
Get on it.

Help me,
help me, help me.


Shot by Wiley Hunter
failed to clear the net.

It's Big Red again,
toe at the line to serve.

It's yours.

Help me, help me.
help me.

Monroe Clark failed to get
the pass by Wiley Hunter,

and the rookie
getting an education...

Sorry I'm late.

You're always late.

Timmons and Luyties
continue to serve.

Business looks good.

It is.



Kate, what
do you want?

That's it?
No conversation?

No "Hi.
How are you's?"

uh, "Have you missed me?"

Okay. How are you?

I'm fine.

Good. What do you want?

We really
bring out the best

in each other,
don't we?

How in the world did we
ever do business together?

We didn't, remember?


We could have.

Oh... Oh, yeah,
but Zack ran out,

irresponsible Zack, is that it?

You want
another apology?

Another one? I don't remember
getting the first one.

All right, you listening?

I am sorry.

Is that better?
Are you happy?

Okay, what are you sorry
about, Zack?

Are you sorry that you
stood me up at the tournament?

Are you sorry that you cost me
a fortune in promotions?

Are you sorry that you didn't
even leave me a goddamn message?

What do you
want me to say?

I'd like to know
what happened to you.

Watch it. Watch it.
Out of the net.

It's coming back.
Get back. Get back.

Get up, get up.

All right, Katie,
what do you want?

All right, what would you say
if I told you

I want to do business again?

I'd say you're either nuts
or desperate.

Maybe both.

I want you to do
some coaching, Zack.



Spike Sport is sponsoring
some of the younger players.

Now, the higher they're ranked,
the more my line gets seen.

The more my line gets seen,

the more we sell.

- Go, go!
- Oof!



Think about it, Zack,
this could be good for you.

This could be a way back in.

You still haven't told me.


Is this business or pleasure?

Why are you doing this, Kate?

All right, there's a little
bit of money in this.

You could
use it, right?

Oh, Jesus.

Oh, Zack.

Look, I'm doing fine, okay?
Thank you. I'm fine.

I happen to know
that you're not.

Oh, that's right, you know
more about me than I do, right?

That's right, I forgot.
You know everything.

What's the matter, Zack?
Does it sound too good?

You got to walk?

Thanks, Kate. Thanks.

I'm already coaching a team,
all right?

Oh, who?


Wiley Hunter takes one
in the chops.

Time out. Time out.

That looks like Zack Barnes.

What are you
doing, man?

These guys are indoor players.
What are you doing?

You can't play
a power game.

What are we doing?

Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, Wiley, what's going on?

It's just time out.
This is our coach, okay?

Is that all right?

Now, listen,
listen. Wait.

Come here.
I'm not done.

So you don't want to hit
through the block, right?

You can't hit
through the block.

You use the block.
Aim for the elbows.

Aim for the elbows, all right?
Try that. Try that.

We've got to play
the smart game.

- Who does this guy think he is?
- Our coach.

Thank you.

Hit through
the elbows, okay?

Come on. Here
we go, partner.

Ricci Luyties and Steve Timmons
continue to serve.

Yours, yours,

Okay. It's on the net.

Angle! Angle!

Spike off the block
of Ricci Luyties

by Monroe Clark.

Not bad. See, now,
that's the idea.

Now let's see if you
can serve something

besides legal
papers, huh?

All right, on the serve,
all right, get the toss high

and hit through the ball,
don't hit at it, all right?

Got it?


All right.

One more time.
One more time.

Here we go.


Get back.


Dude, dude,
put it away!


Hit by Monroe Clark at the net
and it went downtown,

but it had some juice on it,

It beat the defense
of Timmons and Luyties.

Point, Monroe Clark
and Wiley Hunter.

Come on, boys,

get it together
over there.


point in front of Wiley Hunter.

Side out Timmons and Luyties.

I got it.

Get on that.

Get on it.
Get on it!

Get back.

Mine, mine, mine.

And Timmons closes the book
on Hunter and Clark.

Timmons and Luyties
advance into the next round.

I thought we played
pretty good.

So when do we start?

Hey, coach.

Start what?

Wait. Wait. Wait.
Wait a minute.

Come here.

You guys want
to compete

with the big boys,

you need a coach.

I don't get it.

Well, your strategy's

but at least your
teamwork sucks.

Oh, thanks a lot.

It's true.

So what do you think?

I think there's
a string attached.

What's in it for you?

For me?

Yeah, what's
in it for you?


for you to evict me,

you need to file something
with the judge, right?

It's called
a summons of complaint.


Well, you probably
have a bunch of files

around your office, and...

What, you want me
to lose the files?

You just misplace it
a little bit.

Just until my investments
pan out, you know?

I can't promise you anything.

All right, I'll see you
tomorrow morning.

I've got to work tomorrow
morning. I start at 9:00.

Who said anything about 9:00?

Lay it down.

Okay, Zack.

Nice guy.

Right here.

Your umbrella.

Thank you.

Hey, hey,
what are you doing?

I'm getting
the ball.

Not yet.
Down to the pier and back.


Twice. Shut up.

What are you doing?

Down to the pier.

All right, move it!

This isn't a high school
P.E. class.

I've got 64
dead movie stars

relying on me for
survival, you know.

Get a line!

Wait a minute.
Wait a minute.


Monroe, why don't you listen?
Why don't you listen?

He can't call line
while I'm in the air.

Your partner says line,
but you hit angle. Why?

Well, I'm in the air
and he's calling line--

Guess what? This is
a two-man sport.

Let me introduce you
to your partner.

Wiley, Monroe.

- Hi, Monroe.
- Great.

Now, we've got two
people on the court.

Can we play with
both of you, please?

Hey, Zack!

Call me a paramedic,
will you?

Once more around.
Keep going.

You're doing fine.

And I'll set it.

Get up!
Get up!

Oh, yeah!

Such an incredible set!

You're amazing.

Okay, amazing grace,
here we go.



There we go.

All right,
all right. Come on.

Wiley, give me a set.

Yeah, let
the pro do it.

Just watch, all right.

Zack Barnes!

- Oh!
- Oh!


You've just got to bend
your knees when you set.

Come on, come on.
Just pay attention.

Bend your
knees, Monroe.

I am.
I am.

Relax your hands.

You're too stiff.

Hey, what are you doing?

What's it look
like we're doing, Rollo?

You're not coaching these guys,
are you?


For what?

The classic.

- The classic?
- The classic.

Are you nuts?

All right, let's try
something else.

Let's do
a hitting drill.

Wiley, you set,
and Monroe, hit.

Hey, these guys
aren't gonna make it

to the second round.

You wouldn't care to make
a little wager on that?


A little bet.
What do you think?

Hey, unlike you,
I like to work for my money.

Hell, I'm not
even sure

we're not ready for
you and Cross right now.

Barnes, why don't
you get real?

Come on, come on,
just a little bet.

4:00, Sunday, Manhattan Beach.
What do you think?

You got to be kidding.
Look at these guys.

Come on.

Go, go, go, go!

Come on,
just a little bet.

You've got a game.
You've got a game.


See you
later, boys.

Great, great.

Not if we
see you first.

Right, Wiley.

Did you just do what
I think you just did?

We needed
some incentive.

I don't think that's the
incentive we need, though.

Not for you,
for me.

I need all the incentive
I can get.

Hey, how you
doing, kid?

Hey, Uncle Max.

Listen, as long
as I got you here,

you remember
that Barnes case?

You know, that deadbeat
living on the beach?


Well, a buddy and I
are kind of

in on this one together.

You know, condos.

The bum's sitting
on a gold mine.

Anyway, we lost
the paperwork somehow.

but I had Marie
refile it for us,

so I guess I'm gonna
be able to see my nephew

shine in court
after all, huh?

Well, that's great.

Hey, remind me
to talk to you

about moving up
to foreclosures, will you?

You're looking good.



You're right so far.

For you.

Hey, I had to go through a lot
of flea markets to find this--

Kate. Katie, I don't want
to fight anymore, okay?

I don't, either.

Can I come in?

I'm on my way out
to coach a game.

Let me buy you a quick drink.


Hey, guys,
where's your coach?

He'll be here.

He's probably just
doing something. You know.

Don't hold
your breath.

You ready, partner?

Yeah, I'm ready.

Oh, remember? We got this
at that garage sale.

You said it was
the world's ugliest lamp.

I don't know, I think
this one's uglier.

It's really
a lamp, huh?


I don't know.

I think maybe the one
in the bedroom's uglier.

Is this going to be a
night game or what?

What's the deal, guys,

you can't play
without a coach?

Give me a break.

Let's do it.

What about Zack?

Screw him.


Screw him.


♪ On the horizon ♪

♪ The landscape's burning red ♪

It's my fault.

♪ Smoke in your eyes ♪

♪ Smoke in your eyes ♪

Go! Go!

Nice try, Wiley!

Oh, man, these guys got nothing.

That's you. Go!

♪ If you've got a fire
And you can't put it out ♪

Go! Go! Go! Go!

Let us know when
you're ready to play.

What are you guys
doing out here?

Give me the ball.

♪ My mind's being going places
Without me lately ♪

♪ I need your arms
To take me down ♪

♪ Take me to the ground ♪

♪ But I hold back ♪

♪ Get away from the heat ♪

♪ Hold back ♪

♪ In my field of vision ♪


Was that
the split defense

over there or what?

You guys
can't be serious.

That was yours, right?

Or was that mine?

♪ Fire in a field
Of molten flowers ♪

♪ There's a bushfire burning
Yeah ♪

♪ You'd better hold back
Hold back ♪

♪ Bushfire ♪

Mine, mine, mine.

Get it!

Here we go.
Let's get another one.

♪ Bushfire ♪

♪ Well, now we're moving
To the beat of a big bushfire ♪

Block, block.
Nobody hit that.

What are you doing?

I called that.

These guys...

My fault.


What is that?

Set me up at the net.

Well, partner, it's 9-1.

What are we doing?

You play harder.

Oh, I get to touch
the ball, huh?

♪ Well, everybody loves
To dance ♪

♪ Around the heat and fire ♪

♪ Oh, lightening
Strike twice... ♪

Don't you have
a game to coach?


It can wait.

♪ Hey, everybody
Bask in the the afterglow ♪

♪ Smoke in your eyes ♪

♪ Bushfire ♪

Let's go.
Top serve.

Come on.

Mine! Mine!

Go! Go!

Get up! Get up!

♪ Bushfire ♪

Come on, get out of the way!

What are you doing?
I called the ball!

Oh, are you okay?

Yeah, he's all right.
Get over there and serve!

Anytime, pal.

Jesus, Monroe, what
are you trying to prove?

Can't you see
he's hurt?

Hey, can you play?

I don't think so.
Here, try and sit up.

What's the matter?
Come on, shake it off!

I think I broke my arm.

Here, let me
help you.


You think this beach
has collision liability?

Come on.

Thanks, Monroe.

Nice teamwork
Zack's been teaching you.




Sex police, right?


Where were you?

Uh... Kate,
this is Monroe Clark.

this is Kate.

Hello, Kate.



You leaving?


I'll call you.

All right.

All right.

Excuse me.


Sorry to break this up.

I take it you lost.

Yeah, we lost.

You were supposed to be there.
We needed a coach.

Yeah, well, I didn't make it,
all right?

No, it's not all right.

Wiley got hurt.

What do you mean,
Wiley got hurt?

Oh, what, now you care?
No, what happened?

I'll tell you what happened.

We didn't have enough money
in our little deal,

did we, Coach?

Oh, that's great, man.

The guy who goes around
evicting people

because they can't afford
to pay their rent.

And money's not
important to you?

First of all, that's my job.

Therefore it's fine?
Second of all,

you're going to find out
how important money is

tomorrow in court!

What do you mean, court?

Why don't you read
your mail once in a while?

If I were you,
I'd buy a new suit.

You all set
with all this?

all right?


It's gonna be
a slam dunk, Richard.

Guaranteed, we'll have that
lot cleared by Labor Day.

All right?


How many strokes
you going to give me

this afternoon?

None, as usual.

All rise.

Court is now
in session.

The Honorable
Judge McKibben presiding.

You may be seated.

Your testimony, then,

is that this
pay-or-quit notice

was properly served.

Yes, Your Honor,
the second time.

The second time?

Yes, sir, the first attempt
was unsuccessful.

The defendant
was not cooperative?

Well, yes and no.

Well, which is it?

Well, sir, the first time
I tried to notify him,

he, uh, inhibited
the delivery of process.


By manipulating me

into a confrontation
with a bookie.

A what?

Your Honor, excuse me.

My neph--uh,
assistant Mr. Clark here,

is new to these

If it please
the court--

Yeah, it pleases the court
just fine.

Look, we have a full calendar
this afternoon.

I don't see any reason

why Mr. Barnes'
failure to pay his rent

should take up any more
of the court's time.

Mr. Barnes, please rise.

Mr. Barnes...

is there anything
you'd like to say

in your own behalf?


No, Your Honor,
the way I see it,

money talks.

That's it?

Well, with all due respect,
Your Honor,

uh, it seems to me
the issue here's money,

not what
I'm gonna say.

Very well.

Gentlemen, it is the decision
of this court--

Uh, Your Honor, I have further
pertinent evidence.

Well, good
for you, son.

Sit down.

Except that I was
just about to rule

in favor of the plaintiff.
That means you guys.

Yes, sir.
I understand that.

However, there are
several elements

that should be cleared up.

Elements that are germane
to the case.

What is he doing?

I have no idea.

According to Sections 1161
through 1179 inclusive

of the Civil Code,
in a month-to-month rental,

notice of increase cannot
be less than 30 days.

Yeah, I'm very well versed
on the Civil Code, young man.

Mr. Sidney,
was sufficient notice given

for the rent increase or not?

It most certainly was,
Your Honor.

I beg to differ, sir.

You see, defendant Barnes
was given notice

on February 1st of this year

that on March 1st,
his rent would be increased.

That's 28 days,

two days shy
of the legal 30 required.

Your Honor,

this is a technicality,
Your Honor--

As a consequence,

the increase
is not only invalid,

but implies that the
plaintiff's eviction attempts,

according to section
1942.4 of the Civil Code,

were retaliatory.

I call the court's

to the inflammatory
language used

in the notices
sent to Mr. Barnes.

Well, if the plaintiff
wishes to refute...

I want that over-age
beach bum out of there.

It's my property. I can do
what I damn well please.

I mean, within the law,
Your Honor.

Well, as I was about to say,

the court rules in favor of...

the defendant.


Next case.

I paid 250 an hour
for this?

Clark, you're fired.

What the hell
are you smiling at?

Richard, just relax,
will you?

I can handle this
whole thing, all right?

Oh yeah? See if you can
handle malpractice.

Richard, will you
just listen?

Who do you think
you are, huh?

Wait till your father
hears about this, huh?

That Mercedes better
be back in my office

by noon,

or you consider it
a stolen car,

and I want you out
of my house by tonight.

Look, kid...

let me tell
you something.

I think you
should forget

about going
to law school.

You're not cut out
for what I do.

You're right, sir.

I'd rather
be a lawyer.

Bailiff, call
the next case.

Next case,
Finesman vs. Davis.

So you gonna
dribble that thing

or spike it?

Going home, huh?


Um, I didn't get to say
thank you,

and, uh...

I didn't do it for you.

No. I know that.

You did it for yourself

because it was the right thing,

but that doesn't mean I can't
say thank you, does it?

Is that your dinner?

Yeah. You want some?

Maybe you don't know everything
after all.

Let's get you
some decent food, huh?

Come on.

Soccer is not my sport,
so I try basketball, right?

Okay, here I am standing
in this long line of guys

who are... trying to do lay-ups.

So I go running down four times
trying to do a lay-up.

I don't hit one of them

so they cut me
from the freshman team.

That's the end
of basketball.

So what's left?
Volleyball. So--

What's this
shit, man?

Oh, it's a recipe I got

from an Indian
chieftain in Hawaii

about 10 years ago.

He claimed it warded off
evil spirits.


You got some tobasco
in there, huh?

Yeah. Yeah.

Listen, uh...

you were, uh...

you were good...
up there in court.

I was impressed.


So, uh...

you're going back
to Milwaukee, huh?

Well, I'm not exactly
busting with options, am I?

Too bad about
the Classic, though.

You were getting good.

Well, pretty
good, anyway.

My partner's
got a broken arm.

So you need another partner.

Yeah, where am I gonna get
a new partner? You?


Why not?

Eat up. What's wrong?
Don't you like it?

Seriously. You can crash here.
You don't even have to pay rent.

You don't pay rent.

Details, all right?

You want to do this or not, huh?


Listen, I just want you
to be my partner.

I don't want you to
pick out silver patterns.

Look, if you stick around
here long enough,

you get to know me,
you're gonna realize

I do a lot of shitty
stuff, all right?


what do you think?


Okay. Okay.

Tell you what...

I'll even do the cooking.

Oh, man, where's the airport?
I got a plane to catch.

I'm out of here, pal.


The Duke, the Bogies,
the Gables.

All the kings
are in here,

and, uh, hey, look,

the bigger stars
seem to be buried

towards the back
of the cemetery,

so I'd walk towards
the back of the cemetery.

Yeah, right
back there.


And have
a good time.

Enjoy yourselves.
Watch your hat.


Nice hat.

How's business?

It's dead.

That's pretty funny.

No, I'm serious, man.

A business like this kind of
runs on a rhythm, you know?

Oh, look,
I found something for you.

I got this--
this article on an actor.

He tried to commit suicide

He set himself
on fire

and jumped off
the Hollywood sign.

Is that what you
came down here for?

No. No.

I came down here to apologize...

for what happened.

It's cool.


So, listen, I'm gonna play
in the Classic with Zack.

Well, good luck.
You'll probably do pretty well.

Well, listen,
I'm telling you this

because I'd like you
to be around, you know?

Yeah, well, I got some things
happening, you know?


I'll see you later, huh?

All right.

Hey, man.


Grab that sign, will you?

I invented you, man.

I mean, you guys
were nothing before me.

I can't just let an investment
go down the drain.

You know,
there's, like, media, TV.

Okay, men.
I'm your worst nightmare.

Keep it up.

We only got four weeks
till this Classic,

and you're not looking
very classic.

Very funny.
Very funny, Monroe.



Yell out half of 22.
Come on, give me the ball.

Yell out
half of 22?

Whatever I yell,
yell half of it. Ready?

- For what?
- Yell it. 14!

- Seven!
- That's it.

What's it?

It's just
a little trick.

It's a little trick to make you
get connected to me

and get your mind
off the damn ball.

Come on,
pay attention.

Here we go.
Try it again.




That's the idea.
That's starting to work.

It's about--
- Yelling numbers!

No, it's just about
teamwork, man.

That's what you got to learn.

That's the point.

If one of us screws up,
so does the other.

All right.

Here we go.

- 24!
- 12!

That's it.

- 42!
- 21!

That's it!


What are you
talking about?

I failed

It worked, man.

Hey, stranger.


What have you
been doing?

How are you?

I'm good. I'm good.

Actually, I've
never been better.

I heard what you did
for Zack.

That took guts.

Well, let's hope

my folks see
it that way.

I guess the Mercedes
is history.

Yeah, the Mercedes
is history.

So's my job
and my home.

That fabulous pool.

My life is
basically history.

Oh, no car, no job,
no place to live?

That's pretty

Well, actually,

it sounds like
my kind of guy.


That's your
kind of guy?

So should I kiss
you on the lips?

Do you mind?

No, I don't.
So how's Wiley?

Wiley's good.

I--I broke his other arm.


Set me!

Oh! Oh...

Serve the girl.
Serve the girl.

I got it.



Oh, I'm going to stay here
and die.

Do you want
something to drink?

I'd rather
have some CPR.

Oh, I bet.

How about some water?

I'll take
whatever I can get.

Whatever happened to that
basketball/volleyball stud?

That guy's
on vacation.

Is he thirsty?

It's possible.

You were pretty good
out there today.

Oh, thank you.

Easy with that.

What, doesn't it
feel good?


It feels nice.

♪ Tonight ♪

♪ I give myself to you ♪

♪ Completely in all ♪

♪ I do ♪

♪ I'll be loving you always ♪

♪ I've been spendin' some time ♪

♪ Thinking how much
We've opened up ♪

♪ There is no secret ♪

How does that feel?


♪ And the feeling is love ♪

♪ There's something
Perfect tonight ♪

♪ In the way you smile ♪

♪ And the way
I see you're mine ♪

♪ A feeling I get from inside ♪

Where's the cube?

It melted.

♪ There's something
Perfect tonight ♪

♪ In the way you smile ♪

♪ And the way
I see you're mine ♪

♪ There's something
Perfect tonight ♪

♪ Oh... ♪

Is that for me?

No, you want one?

No, I'm okay.

Would you
get me a beer?

You know, this is
why I kick your ass

when we run.

Oh, yeah, that
and about 10 years.

I've never been
in this good a shape.

My bookie probably
thinks I'm dead.

You think
we got a shot?

Yeah, we got a shot.

You know,
it's a long shot,

but we got a shot--

That's not
what I mean.

Are you going
to be there?

Yeah, I'm going
to be there.

Don't look at me

like I don't have
a reason to ask,

because I tell
you what.

I've been getting
hassled a lot about it.

Yeah, well, people
can be real clever,

can't they?

You know what
your problem is?


You don't respect
your ability.

You don't respect
what you do.

Would you just
get out of my head,

will you?

Just leave it alone.

What really happened?
I want to know.

I'm your partner.
I have a right to know.

What happened?

All right, you want to know
what happened?

Fine. I'll tell you,

but I'm only saying it once,
so pay attention.

I bet on the horses, and I lost.

I owed a lot money

to the kind of guys
you don't want to piss off.

So they came up

with this proposition,
all right?

I could bet against myself
in the Classic and lose.

Only, at the last minute,
I couldn't do it,

so I didn't show up.

So what does Kate have to do
with all this?


Kate, she had a lot invested
in the match, you know?


All right, you want the truth,
that's the truth.

I mean, the truth's
a pain in the ass sometimes,

but that's it, all right?

We can handle it.

All right.

That's good.

You do that tomorrow,
and we might have a chance.


Here you go.
Have fun.

- Ladies and gentlemen,

welcome to the big one,

the Jose Cuervo
Gold Crown Classic.

The granddaddy of them all.

The $100,000

beach volleyball tournament

with a $50,000
first-place prize.

If you will,
please settle into your chairs

because we're just about
to begin

the Jose Cuervo
Gold Crown Classic!


We're not even seeded.

They only seed
the 16 best teams.

We've never even
won a match.

Hey, guys,

Moothart and OB
in the first round.

Looks like the committee's
dusting off the heavies.

Oh, no, not
those guys.

Come on. Let's go.

We can take
those guys.

I know what
you're thinking,

but don't worry
about him.

Rollo, with the money
I've got invested in you,

I have to worry
about everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen,

64 teams are competing
in this very unique


Hey, Moot,
there's Zack Barnes.

A legend, huh?

Hey, kid, where's
your suit?

Hey, what's up?

O.B., what's
going on?

Don't have senior's
circuit anymore, Zack.

OB, what happened
to your hairline?

I didn't know
your father went bald.

Hey, what's
up, Zack.

How you doinG, man?
Nice to meet you.

You too.
It's Moot.

Yeah. Right.

Okay, guys,

it's the moment
of truth.

Could you hold this?

Very funny. Very funny.

Come on, buddy.

This'll take about
three minutes.


I got a line,
right here.

It's off. It's off.

Back up. Back up.
Back up.

Right there.


Oh, God!

Welcome to the tournament, Zack.

Switch sides.
Come on.


- That's me.
- That's you.

I got a line.

Nobody! Nobody!

Right here, Moot.
No problem.

Right there.



Just relax. Relax.

Hey, Monroe, you ready?

You sure, big boy?

Here we go.

I'm there.

Straight up.

He's up. He's up.


Nice miss.

All right, Monroe.
Move up a little bit.

Come on up a little bit.
Come on, I'm going to serve you.

Right there.
Come on. Move up.

Let's play. Come on.

Forget it.

That's it. Okay, sweetheart,
here we go.

That's you.

Come on.

It's okay...

It's okay.

Okay, farm boy,
here we go.

This ball doesn't have
any teeth.

It won't bite you.


Time out.

How about three months?

Jeez, how about
three years?

How you doing?

This guy's
psyching me out.

Don't worry about
him. Forget him.

You want to
get back at him?

You want to get him?


The guy's an
absolute egomaniac.

All you got to do
is stuff him once.

He'll go nuts.

All right?

You can do that.
Just stuff him.

Hit him. Nail him.

Okay, let's do it.

All right.


Okay, easy.
Up at the net.

Now, hit that!


Come on.
That's it. See?

Nice. Nice.

How does it feel
to be stuffed like a turkey?

Hey, Ref,
get this guy out of here.

He's too close to the court.

I got a press pass.
Diplomatic immunity.

Way to go, guys!

One, two, three.

Right there.

Watch it there.
Watch it there.

Right there.

Nobody! Nobody!


Okay, guys--

Oh! Jesus Christ.


Great play.

Not too bad for an old guy.

Get up.

Come on,
hit on that!

Such a lucky shot, Monroe.

Come on!

I'm there. I'm there.
I'm there. I'm there.


Nice hit, cheese dick.

Set me.

No one!

Good set.
Get up, get up, get up.

Back, back,
back, back.

Right there.

Go! Go, go, go!


Great play.


Hey, Zack...

In your face!

Folks, we just got a score
update from the provinces.

Barnes and Clark

have just upset Moothart
and Obradovich, 15-6.






That's it.


Yeah, right there.

What's up?

It's just a little
cramp, man.

It's no big deal.

You all right?


That feels better.

Better walk on that
a little bit, Zack.

Yeah? Okay.


How you doing, huh?

I'm good. Yeah.

Listen, I was...
I was thinking

about this match
coming up, right?

If Rollo's up at the net,
and he's blocking,

like, that's one thing,

but if he's playing
back off the net,

you got to hit low.
Down to his feet.

Right, play short.

Right, play it short.
He'll never get it.

We'll work him. We'll
just work the guy.

Can't get there.
His feet are really slow.

- That's good.
- All right?


Hey. We're in the finals.

We're in the finals.

We're in the finals...


All right.
Showtime in about 10 minutes.

I'll see you in the sand.



Hey, what
are you doing?

Oh, nothing.

Getting nervous?

Yeah, I'm nervous.

I never thought
we had a chance

at the big money.

I thought Wiley
was crazy.

Wiley is crazy.

Wiley is crazy.

So I guess there are
a lot of good law schools

back East, huh?



But UCLA's okay,

it's not like you
can study the ocean

in Wisconsin.

Hey, you.

You looked pretty good
out there.

Must be all
the training, huh?

You've been pretty
active lately?

Yeah. Yeah, I have.

Must have
a good coach.

Oh, I do.

What's the matter?


Just thinking
how funny it is.


Oh, how things
came back full circle.

You and me, the Classic,
my business...

all the goddamn


I'm scared, Zack.

Oh, Jesus...

You really are.


Hundreds of thousands
of dollars

I've got riding
on Rollo.


press runs.

Yeah. Like before.

Yeah, Zack,
just like before.

What do you want?


Look, you do look
great out there,

but let's face it,

I mean,
It's been a while.

You're out of practice,
people don't expect--

Oh, wait a minute.

Just wait, listen!

Oh, Goddamn it,
Katie! No!

Just pull it back
a little!

You owe me this, Zack.

What makes you
think I could, huh?

You almost did it before.

Yeah, almost.
Okay, all right, fine.


Well, things are different now.

You could do it for me, Zack.

How much?

And now

the match we've been
waiting for.

The king of the beach,
Rollo Vincent,

going up against
his long time mentor,

the legendary,
the great Zack Barnes,

and let's not forget
Rollo's partner,

the defending world champion
Billy Cross,

and the kid.
Yes, the kid from the Midwest,

rookie sensation
Monroe Clark.

- Ladies and gentlemen,

we're just a couple
moments away

from the start of play
in our championship match

here at the Jose Cuervo
Gold Crown Classic.

Where the hell is he?

Hey, don't worry
about it. He'll show.

I don't know.

I'd like to introduce
our players to you.

Haven't we been here before?

This gentleman
is a world champion--

I can't believe this.

He's from
Santa Monica, California.

Please welcome
Mr. Billy Cross!



His teammate,

out of Pacific Palisades,

the king of the beach.

Please welcome back
to center court

the other half
of the top-seeded team,

Rollo Vincent!


And now,
ladies and gentlemen,

let's meet the opposition.


From Milwaukee, Wisconsin,
the rookie,

Monroe Clark!


His teammate,

one of the all-time
greatest players,

Mr. Zack Barnes!


Ladies and gentlemen...

I don't think this
guy's gonna show.

The Cuervo Gold Crown
Classic championship

is one game to 15,

side out scoring.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the legendary Zack Barnes!

Zack is back!

Yeah, Zack!

That's my man!
Here we go!

Now, here we go!
The championship!

Barnes and Clark.

Vincent and Cross.

I'm glad
you could make it.

Can't a guy
take a piss?

Let's go.

Remain seated
while play is in progress.

All right,
come on, baby, let's go!

Keep your eye on the ball
at all times,

as the ball can be traveling
up to 90 miles per hour.

Please, settle in.
We're ready to start

the Jose Cuervo
Gold Crown Classic!

We got a strategy.

We're gonna keep it low, right?

Right. Keep it low.


That's you. Line.

I got his line.

Go, go, go!

I got it!

Get back. Get back.

Back up.

Get back, partner!
Get back!

Come on!

Get up and hit it!


Nice tip, coach.

What the hell was that?

Three years of dance lessons
finally paid off, huh?

There you go.


Got it!

Now set me.
Straight up.

Hit it.


Spalding tattoo.

You guys are gonna wish
you never came out here.

You okay?

Yeah, what are
you talking about?

Billy Cross back to serve.


Let's go, partner.

Here, cover the line.
Cover the line here.

Goddamn it!

Oops. We could have
a mismatch on our hands.

Cross and Vincent, three,

Barnes and Clark, zip.

You okay?


3-0 here
on the feature court.

Billy Cross toes the line
one more time.


Here we go,
I got his line.

Coming back here.

Set me. Straight up.

Hit that!

Barnes can't pick it up.


The serve is staying
with Cross and Vincent.

Come on!

Let's go, partner.
Serve 'em.


I'm there.

Go, go, go, go!

It's out!

Oh, come on!
Looked good to me.

Just inches out of bounds.

Cross and Vincent take
a commanding 5-0 lead.

Time out!

Time out called
by Monroe Clark.

Look at Zack.
He's dying out there.

What's the matter?

This is a joke.

No, he's just
tired, man.

That's bullshit.

So Rollo Vincent
and Billy Cross

looking very good here--

Doing all right?


Barnes and Clark,
they are having their problems.

They are arguing
with each other.

There is no communication,

and they may be
feeling the pressure

of the defending
world champions.

Go, go!

Billy! Billy!

Another point
for Vincent and Cross.

Come on, guys!

Come on!

Dive, dive!



Come on, Z.

Zack Barnes can only
come up with sand.

Vincent and Cross
still hold the serve.

10, 22, 42, 50.

You remember
that bullshit, coach?

Give me half.

Zack, go. Get on that!

Go, go!

Oh, man.

The fall-away shot
for Zack Barnes

just doesn't go.

Vincent and Cross

are starting
to celebrate, folks.



Billy, he's cramping.
I knew he couldn't last.

Okay, Z, walk it off, baby!
Work it out!

There is no doubt about it.

Zack seems to be moving
a step slower out there.

After three matches,

Father time could be
catching up with him.

Zack, I hope you bet
on me this time.

I don't bet
on apes, Rollo.

I bet on horses.

We're back to action
here in the championship.

Rollo serving.

Okay, partner, concentrate.

Are you with me?

Would you get off my back?

That's you!


Come on!

I hope you're getting
a lot of money, old man,

because you're blowing it.

Listen, you don't know

what the hell
you're talking about.

My legs may be shot,

and I may be
a little bit tired,

but I'm here to win,
do you understand me?

I'm here to win!

Then show me.

The defending champion,
Rollo Vincent,

back to serve.


Set it!

Nobody! Nobody!

Yes! Yes!


All right, here we go!

Get it?

Welcome to the match.

This way!

Get back!
Get back!

Yes, you got it!

What is this crap?

Damn it!
You can't do this to me.

Forget it,
he's just--

What do you think
you're doing, Zack?

He's just trying
to get you upset.

Let's go.

It looks like it's working.

Point number one
up on the board.

I got it.
Stay back.


Zack Barnes buries one
into the sand!

Another point
for Barnes and Clark!

It looks like the spark is lit.

That's it.


Set me straight up there.

You're on that.


Off his fingertips.

No touch, ref. No touch.

There's no touch.

It was off his hand!

Back away.


It came off
his fingertips!

I don't
believe this.

Forget it.
Let's go.

He didn't even
see it.

I know. Forget it.
Let's play. Stay in it.


Block that,
come on.

Here you go.

Here we go.
Straight up there.

Get up!

What is that?
Didn't you see that?

I saw it. I saw it.
I saw it, all right?

You're not
gonna call that?

I didn't see anything.
He was holding me!

Calm down.
Calm down.

Just let me take the
next serve, all right?

Let me take
the next serve.

It's all right.

Forget it.
Forget it!

All right, Rollo!

Rollo Vincent back to serve.

Hit it back there.

Go, go, go!

A beautiful driving spike
by Monroe Clark.

Where did he learn
that move in Milwaukee?

Side out, Barnes and Clark.


Come on.

Here we go.

Watch him.
Watch him, Billy.

Go, go!

All right, Z!

All right, we're on a roll, now!

Let's go, Milwaukee!




Now, block it.

Get it!

Yes! Great!


Yes! All right!

We got a chance here.

Now, come on. Stay in it.


Let's go.


Oh! What an incredible rally,
ladies and gentlemen!

We are all tied--


We are two points away
from the championship.

Zack Barnes going back
to serve.

Got any more tricks,
old man?

Just get up at the net.

Let's do it.

Two more!

Your ball!

Your ball!
Your ball!



You called the ball!

Damn it!

All right!
Here we go!

Okay, old man.

One more.

Whatever it is,
it better be quick.

I can't move.

Just one more day
at the beach, Zack.

Let's see it, baby.
Right now. For me.

It is now championship point
for Barnes and Clark.

Zack Barnes to serve.


Okay, 20.


Setting up,
come on.

Cut now!
Cut now!

Let's go.
Get that! Get that!

Cut, cut, cut,
cut, cut!

Let's go. Come on.
Now, get it.

Go, go, go!
Hit this!

Let's go,
come on! Go!

Look out! Look out!






Yeah! Yeah!


$50,000 richer!

An incredible feat!

An unseeded team

knocks out the top-seeded
team of the Classic!

Welcome back, Zack,

and welcome to the
up-and-coming youngster,

Monroe Clark.