Showroom (2022) - full transcript

Liezel, an ambitious agent, learns that her colleague, Susan, uses her body to sell condo units; so she imitates her scheme. When the tables turn, Liezel begins to face her punishments one by one.


Can I get it now?

You need to pay your rent.

Arnel! Apologies…

I haven't withdrawn money.

Did bringing home a guy
make you forget your rent?

I'm leaving for work.

I'll give it you later. Promise.

Alright. Later. I'll wait.


Alright, team.

Look at our sales figures
for the second quarter.

Good news!

You are the hall of famers.

Look at our top agents for this quarter.

Dan. See, congratulations?

Jasper. Like a close fight!

Rhen, I'm sure you
can do a lot more.

Of course, we have
those who didn't make it.


What happened to your client?

I heard they backed out.

I'm sorry, ma'am.

They said you gave the wrong information.

You told them they
occupied the entire floor.

That's right.

Have you forgotten?

Mr. Villaflor took the
corner unit of that floor.

That's just one unit that
the client won't live in.

Your client was very disappointed.

Furious even.

And because of that…


You didn't reach your sales quota.

Your contract is about to end.

I'll hit my quota. I promise.

I hope so.

Team, just continue.

I'll work at my office.

Keep it up and be good!

What happened to you?

No sales yet.

I just wasted time pitching
only for the client to back out.

Relax. Are you about
to reach your quota?

But they backed out!

That's why I'm so stressed out.

I've used my credit card
for this new phone!

How about you stop buying stuff?

I didn't expect this!

It would've been a large deal.

I'm past my dues at home.

What's your plan?

How will you reach your quota?

Need my help?

No need. I can manage.
I'll get through it.

After all, one of the top agents, am I not?

That was before…

When you were a newbie.

Now you barely meet your quota.

Hello, Ma.


What is it?

How are you?

I'm fine here.

Why did you call?

I'm just checking on you.
Do you eat properly?

I'm totally fine.

I eat properly.

I still have stocks here.

Your father and I miss you.

When will you go home?

Not anytime soon.

I'm busy at work.

I'm trying to hit my quota.

You know you can work here in Cebu.

We can all be together.

The grocery store is opening a new branch.

We need your help here.

I don't want there.

I told you that before.

I won't waste my
life selling in a store.

I can handle myself here.

I can succeed in life
without getting old in a grocery store.

Watch your words, Liezel!

That store you are bettling
is the same store

that helped you finish your studies.

This is our livelihood.

I'll go ahead. I'm running late.

What's that?

Requirements for my visa application.

You're pretty sure you're leaving.


What are they gossiping about?

There's a newbie coming in today.

A new one?

We can hardly make our sales.

Everyone, may I have your attention?

I would like you to meet our new hire.

She used to be a broker
for small-rise condos

and she was one of their top agents.

You could all learn from her.

Hi, everyone.
I'm Susan Rivera.

I look forward to working here.

- Okay, have a seat.
- Thank you.

I'll leave you, guys, to get acquainted.

Have a nice day.

Why does she talk like that?

A provincial woman.
She has accent.

She's like my uncle
who's from the province.

Thank you!

Oh, sorry.

Of course, I'm your fan.

Why are the guys
swarming over her?

Well, she's pretty good-looking.

The innocent type.

These days, guys like that type of girl.

So she's your type?

No way.

My type is…

one who is opinionated.

That's good.

Her kind is outdated.

Nowadays, girls must be strong and
independent like me, and not trying hard…

So they could last long.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Take care.

Hi! I'm Liezel.

Hi, I'm Susan.

So, I've heard that
you're from another company

and you used to be their top agent.

- Wow! Congrats!
- Thank you.

So why did you leave
and decide to go here?


I know how to speak in Filipino.

I'm sorry, I'm not
proficient in English.

A friend recommended this company,

saying it pays more,
with better incentives.

I heard Rolex watches were given last year.

I see.

It's quite true.

But it gets pretty competitive
here because of the high quota.

If I were you, I would focus on the job
so I could stay longer.

Hi, sir. Good afternoon!

Hello. I'm actually looking for Susan.

- Susan?
- Sir!

I'm Susan.

Hello. Hi, Susan!

Apologies. My message did not push through.

- Okay.
- Follow me.

Sir, thank you for availing…

No problem.

- Please take care.
- So, you're going?

Thank you, sir.

Thank you!

You're unfair, I can't
take what you're drinking.

Your client is big time?

He's the son
of the owner of J's Manukan.


Where did you know him?

A previous client referred him to me.

I see.

Congrats! First day on the job
and you've closed a deal already!

Keep it up!


We're about to clock out.
Where are they?

We're done. Let's go?

Let's go?

How about you, Susan?
Aren't you going home?

Not yet. I have to finish a contract.

We can wait for you.
So we can go home altogether.

No need. I'm good.

- Are you sure?
- I won't keep you waiting.




Are we going?


- What happened?
- You want to go first?

Go ahead.

We'll wait for you.

I left something inside.

Take care!


- Bye!
- Bye!

Okay, sure.

Alright, alright.

Let's talk about it.


Okay, then.

Are you done? I'll give you a ride.

I don't want to bother you.

I will take the jeepney.

You can ride along.
Save your money.

It's on me.
What are neighbors for?


Would it take more weeks
before I get your rent?

No, Arnel. I just had a problem
with my bank I can't withdraw.

You used that excuse already.

This is the last time.

Or I'll kick you out next time.

Or else…


With other mode of payment.

I can pay you. Don't fret.

I have good news for everyone.

But first, let me remind you…

those who are nearing
the end of their contract

and haven't met their quota yet,

you better do something,
otherwise you won't get renewed.


We have good news.
This is all you've been waiting for.

I would like to confirm that the
agent of the year is going to get

300 thousand pesos!

As you can see, Susan is taking the lead.

Although she's a newcomer,

she has sold three units
in a span of two weeks.

Don't lose hope, anyone.

There's still a number
who hasn't sold a unit.

Everyone has a chance to
bring home 300 thousand pesos.

Thank you, everyone.
Thank you for your time.

Thank you.

Liezel, can I talk to you
privately for a few minutes?

Yes, ma'am?

What's happening to you?


You haven't reached half of your quota.

Last time, you barely made it.

Your client backed out again.

I'm sorry, ma'am.

I was also surprised
that the client backed out.

I'll hit my quota. I promise.

You better!

Your contract is about the end.

I will no longer be lenient.

Yes, ma'am.


are you alright?

Yes. Let's go.

Hello, Mr. Baylon?

This is Liezel from Kandi Realty.

I want to update you
about our latest promo.

Hello, Mrs. Fruto?

I just saw your Facebook page!

Did you just go to Singapore for shopping?

Wow! You're something now!

Too bad we didn't bumped into each other!

Yes, I was there with my family.

Hello, Mr. Lim?

Our company is providing
three percent discount.

You might want to avail of it to save.

Mrs. Fruto, since you love to shop,
how about shopping for a condo unit?

No worries, sir, it's fine. Thanks.

Is that so?

Okay. Thank you.

Fuck you!

I suggest you take the two-bedroom unit

since you're one family,
so you're comfortable.

We also have a promo.

Once you have decided,
just give me a call.

My number is there.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.


Did you hit your quota?

Shit, not yet.

When's the ultimatum?

This Friday. If I don't land a client
on the next two days, it's the end for me.

You know, I'm leaving for the US soon.

There's no need to make my quota.

Don't do that. It's yours.

How about Susan?
She might help you.

Hell, no! Not from
that provincial girl.

I can make a sale.

Wait and see.

- Hi, sir.
- Hi.

Good afternoon!
How may I help you?

Actually, I'm looking for Susan.

Hi, sir! I'm Susan.

- Hi, Susan.
- Hi, sir.

Over here.


What happened to you?

That Susan pisses me off.
She's the talk of the town.

Don't mind them.
What matters most is your quota.

I will hit it. No matter what.

Why don't you want my help?

No need. I don't want to bother you.

It's totally fine
if it means having you stay.


Will you miss me when I'm gone?

Let me drive you so we can discuss
how you can get a client.

No need. I'll stay a bit longer.
Who knows, I might catch a walk-in.

Are you sure?

I'll go ahead, then.

I'll make some calls too.
I might have someone for you.


That's our master's bedroom.
You can see that we have a walk-in closet.

Actually, that's good.

I'll get the one a while ago.

I'll also get this one…

on one condition.

My friend who referred you told me...

you give freebies.


Let's go here.


Thanks. Just got lucky.

That's lucky?


Were you also doing that
in your previous job?

What are you talking about?

I saw you…

You and your client at the balcony,


Liezel, please.

Don't tell anyone.

Why not?

Everyone should know
you're selling yourself to get sales.

You're smearing the company's
model units and showrooms.

That brings along bad luck to everyone.

Except you.

Our company became infested.

My child has a heart condition.

I'm just saving up for the operation.

I don't know any other jobs.

You're always coming home late.

I'm swamped at work.

Is that so?

If that's the case,
I can fetch you.

Don't bother. I can manage.


- Denise?
- Wait!

My god, Susan. What time is it?!

Your daughter has been waiting.

Where's Ysay?

She fell asleep waiting.

Thank you, and I'm sorry.

My clients came in late.

Why are your eyes red?

Did you cry?

It's nothing.

I'm just scared.

Scared of what?

It's just that…

I was caught red-handed.


By who?

Never mind. I might look
for a new job soon.

Denise, I'll take Ysay now.




Your mommy is here now.


I'll go ahead and cook now.

My husband is home soon
and he requested for squid adobo.


As in the canned squid.

Go ahead. Sleep tight!

Let's go.

Mama, have you bought a tablet?

Not yet.

All of my classmates are
using tablets except me.

I'll buy you with my next payout.
Let me save up for it.

- Promise?
- Promise.

Love you, Mama.

I love you too, baby.

Baby? I'm no longer a baby.

I forgot you're a big girl now.

Let's come inside.

Damn it, bro. Push it!
We could lose.

Go to the other side.

Such a burden!


Why did you lock my apartment?

Arnel, please?

I'll pay my rent.



There's no other way.
You've exceeded my limit.

Please? All of my stuff is inside.

I have nowhere else to go.

I need your rent.

If you want, I'll pawn my phone
to cover the rent.

Come on, please.

What I need is money,
not your phone.

How about my watch or my bracelet?

Please. My salary is just delayed.

Give me a few days.

Alright, then.

On one condition.

Make me happy tonight.

It will be quick.

Make me relaxed.

I'm too stressed with you.

Fuck you! What do
you think of me? A slut?

That hurts!

You're a pervert!

Keep it cool.

Others will hear you.

You're the one in need, aren't you?

Otherwise, you can go
back to your province.

That's where you belong…

Selling goods.

I'm easy to negotiate with.

I'll open the apartment,
you'll grab your things and leave.



No more.

It's from someone.

He's a regular here.

Big time.

He's a seller of high-end cars.

- Hi.
- Hi.

- Liezel.
- Joey.

Thanks for the free drink.
The perks of being big time!


- Not really.
- You're humble.

You're alone?

My date stood me up.


His loss.

It's fine. I'm used to it.

No. You shouldn't get
used to such things.

If I were him, I won't let you
go to a place like this alone.


You're beautiful.



Liezel, what do you usually do?

I actually sell condos.


Condos. As in real estate.

I think I misheard.

If you want, you can come
to the office tomorrow.

I can show you some units.


whatever you misheard.

I like that.

Sure, I'll be there.


I'm not sure if I'll continue
with real estate in the US.

Or I'll try modeling.
That's my dream.


Why are you so busy?

I'm waiting for…


A client.

You found one?

- Yes.
- Is that for sure?

Don't jinx it. It's a sure thing.

There he is.

Good luck!

Hi, Mr. Joey! It's great
to see you again.

I thought you won't come.

Why won't I?


Nice place, Liezel.

You haven't seen everything yet!

It's nicer inside.

Shall we? Let's go!

This way, sir.

For this unit, we have
an island-type kitchen.

This is a connecting bathroom.

This is the living area
which is very spacious.

See how a five-seater sofa can fit in.

That way is the balcony which
connects to the master's bedroom.

And this is the door to the bedroom.

Let's cut to the chase, Liezel.

You know how busy I am.

If you'll keep your word last night,
I'll buy three units from you.

Full payment.

I'll do my end of our bargain
if you'll issue a check right now.

Just for security.

I like that. Okay.

We're both prudent.

Made a new sale!

Very good!

Congrats, Liezel!
Your client is big time!

Correct! Three units paid in full.
Where did you get him?

Why are you so surprised
when I'm simply great at work?

But where did you get your client?

It's an old client.
He just found the time.

Friend, should we work overtime as well?
We might bump into a walk-in!

In your dreams!

That client was meant for me.

Let's go out for lunch.

- We'll go ahead. Bye.
- Bye.

- Let's eat?
- I have to finish this.

- Alright. I'll go ahead.
- Okay.

Can I talk to you?

What do you want?

- I want to thank you.
- For what?

For not ratting me out.

Is that so? That's nothing.

I don't have time for you.
I'm busy with work.

Congrats again.



- Liezel…
- What?

Did you keep quiet because…

I know your client.

He was also recommended to me.

What do you mean?

Am I correct?

You hit your quota,
and you didn't rat me out…

Look who's talking!

You really think I'll stoop
down to your level?

I'm good at my job,
and I work hard every day

that's why I can sell. That's it!

I will never be outplayed
by a provincial girl like you.

We'll see.

Aim for that ball.

That will hit.

Good shot!

You're a quick learner.

Thanks to you.

Why don't you visit
the office tomorrow?

Sir, I'm a sales agent of a condo.

You might want to buy,
come and visit the office.

It's my turn to teach you about our condos.
I'll show you the units.

Is that good with you?

Do you plan to buy several units?

I can only buy one.

We can discuss the payment options.

How much is the downpayment
for you to give me freebies?

Well, for that…

I recommend you to get
the full payment option

so you can avail of the
discount and the freebies.

Follow me. Let's prepare the documents.

Sir, as you can see,
here's the overlooking view.

The pool area looks neat.

Looks nice!

This place is private too.

So that means
nobody will see us here.


How many units will be get?

It depends.

Cash or check?

What do you prefer?

This is one of our
bigger one-bedroom units.

So, we have here an island-type kitchen.

You can see that these are high-quality.

And here's the living room.

See how exquisite the designs are.

And also the balcony.

This is the favorite spot here
because of the sunset's view.

Is it true that a seaman
is an expert diver?

How long do you dive?

Depends on how deep.

Will you take the unit?

Okay. Looks cool.

You're easy to deal with.

There. I'm coming!


Five million pesos.

I'll process your papers right away.

Thank you!

- Nice dealing with you.
- Thank you.

Who's there?

Madam! How are you?

What are you doing here?

Don't you smell me?

I just took a bath.

Here. Soak yourself in bleach.

You need to clean thoroughly.

You're arrogant now, huh?

I didn't come to collect rent.

I'm just checking if you
need someone to talk to.

That's my last rent.


You're leaving my apartment?

I'm moving out! Fuck you!

Hello, Ma!

My child, my birthday is near.
When are you coming home?

I can't, Ma.

I'm still busy at work.

I'll just send money
so you can celebrate.

I don't need money.
What I want is your company.

I really can't, Ma.

I'll go ahead. I still have things to do.

- Hi, Ysay!
- Hi, Mama.

I have a surprise for you.

- Wow, Mama. Thank you!
- What a surprise!

You have a tablet now.
I'll go now to cook.

- Thank you.
- You're the best, Mama.

Sit down.

Let's open it up!


Where's my thank you?

Thank you, Mama.

You really know
how to flatter me.

Good thing I'm doing well at work,
I got to buy you that.

You love it?

Play now.


This is strong, isn't it?

It's my first time to try this.


- Hi.
- I'm Susan.


Do you mind if I join—

Sorry, it took me so long.
There was a queue at the restroom.

You two know each other?

No. I just thought
she was someone else.

Wait. Where are you going?

I can see you have company now.

I'll just go ahead.

No, stay. The more, the merrier.

- Correct.
- Right?

That's right.

- Join us.
- Have a seat.


I'm Susan.

- Eric.
- Hi.

So what were you saying earlier?

Nothing. Never mind.

What's the story behind you two?

I rarely see two guys together here.

- Is that so?
- Yeah.

Or are you together?

No. Eric is my nephew.

He went out with me to drink.

Uncle Jason here is busy with work.

What work?


- Contractor?
- Yeah.

How about you? What's your work?

I'm a sales agent of a condo.


That's something I can't manage now.

I really want to invest
in properties like condos.

- They appreciate their values.
- Correct.

- And you know—
- What a coincidence!

I'm also a broker.

I have available units you could check.

How about you?

Can you offer me something?

- Oh my god!
- Shit!

- Are you alright?
- I'm so sorry!

Go with her!

- I'm fine.
- Are you sure?

- I'm totally fine.
- Let me accompany you.

No need.

Is she alright?

My god. I'm so sorry.

She got mad.

You think so?

Most likely.

I didn't mean that.

Her outfit is now ruined.

Her outfit does not
even look good on her.

It does.

It seems it came from a thrift shop.

Is that so?

- Are we good?
- Yeah.

I'll buy her another drink.


Thank you.

Well, I think I'll just
buy her a new drink.


She's here.

There you go.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay.

Are you sure?

You okay?

Here, I got you another drink.


- Cheers.
- Cheers.

Their drinks look delicious.

- Is it good?
- Yeah.

That's my special recipe.

- Really?
- I requested the bartender.

How about you? What's your work?

I don't have work right now.

I just tagged along with my uncle.

So you're free?

- Free?
- Free?

What free?


I mean, free spirited.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm okay.

- Are you sure?
- Sure?

I'm okay.

- Where are you going?
- Sorry.

I need to go.

Hey, wait!

Wait, you can't stand up properly.

- No, I'm okay.
- Wait.

- Girl, are you sure?
- I'm okay.

Eric, why don't you help her?

Is she okay?

She's a prostitute. Take her home.

I'm on it.

She's too drunk, I guess.

Eric, take care.

Yes, uncle.

Let me get your number.

Tomorrow, I can show you around.

I like that.

I was hoping to buy from Susan too.

Don't bother.

It's not our fault
she can't handle her drink.

Besides, I can offer
something better.


Oops. I'm clumsy!

Sorry! Oh my god.

It's hard.

Where are you going?

I need to go home.

Stay longer.

I have work.

How much?


Here. Is this enough?

What do you mean?

Don't play dumb.

Liezel told me last night.

You're a prostitute, aren't you?


I'm not a slut.

Whatever Liezel told you is not true.

I don't even know why I'm here.

You don't know?

Liezel told me last night,
you took an "e".

That's why you keep
going back to the restroom.

You were wasted.

You drank a lot.

What "e"?

Don't play dumb.


Liezel saw it in your bag.

You had ecstasy!

You raped me?


But you're a prostitute.

In fact, you loved
how I caressed you,

how I kissed and licked you.

And now you're playing dumb?

Don't take me for a fool!


Hello, Susan, where are you now?

Your daughter has been
crying since last night.

She's looking for you.

Tell her I'm coming home.

Congrats, Liezel.

I suppose you're now
the new top agent.


You have consecutive clients
who are big time.

Of course, that's what
an excellent agent does.

It's a very tight race for you and Susan.

Yes, they're tied now.

Liezel, you know I'm on your side.

You know that ever since.

I'm on Susan's side.

She's just a newbie,
but she has closed a lot of deals.


Do you hear yourself?

You really think
Susan can beat me?

She doesn't even memorize her materials.


Then how does she manage?

I don't know.

I wonder.

I'm curious.

How about you, Liezel?

Can you recommend a client?

But then again, your clients
seem to be available only at night.

Big time clients are
usually available at night.

During the day, they're quite busy.


You achieved what you've been dreaming of.

Why don't you look happy for me?

I'm happy for you.

I just wonder how clients
suddenly flock to you.

It's because I work hard.

I get lucky with my clients.

Isn't that possible?

Take good care of what you do.

Do you have anything to tell me?


can we talk?

What happened to you?

Why did you drug me?

Drug you?

I didn't drug you.

I saw the ecstasy in your bag.

I assume you took it in the restroom.

You told Eric I'm a prostitute.

What's your problem?

Isn't it the truth?


Does the truth hurt?

You were once a slut, right?

And now you still sell
yourself to make sales.

I'm doing my job
for my daughter.

Compared to you who
splurge in vices and luxury.

Just because you're
doing it for your family

doesn't give you justification.

Stop playing victim, Susan!

A slut is a slut!

However you look at it,

you're still a slut!

How I spend my money
is none of your business!

The next time you pick on someone,

not on Liezel Fernando.

Since when have you
been friends with Liezel?

It's been a long time now.

Recently, we haven't talked.


She became distant.



I just noticed.

Noticed what?

You're not getting together.

- I noticed something too.
- What do you notice?

I notice how you stare at me.

- Me?
- Yes.

I notice you too.

So we've been staring at each other.

Are you thirsty?

Actually, I am.

Let me get you a drink?


- I'll be back.
- Okay.

They're good. You may come in.


- Hi.
- Hi.

Is it okay that I'm early?

Absolutely. I freed up the place.

Isn't that Susan?

I thought you didn't know each other.


We're not close.

And we barely talk, anyway.

Excuse me.

Susan, right?

How are you now?

Do you feel better?

You got wasted last night.

I’m better. Sorry for last night.

I got too drunk.

No. it’s okay.

Since you’re here, perhaps you
can show me your available units.

- Let’s go?
- How about Liezel—


- See you around.
- Okay.

Is he your client?

Never mind.

Do you want to drink upstairs?


Come on.

What’s that?

What else?

I don’t do that?

Are you fucking kidding me?

Fuck! I’m wasting time here.


How many units are you buying?

How many do you want
for you to do what I want?

The entire floor and I’ll agree.

No big deal.

What’s with the hassle?

Write your figure.

Hi! Are you alone?

I’m with someone.


- Hi!
- I’m Liezel.

I’m Susan.

You’re alone?

No, I’m with someone

Where’s your companion?

- If you want, I can give you company.
- Excuse me.

What’s your problem with me?

Look at you!

Where’s the sweet,
innocent Susan that I know?

Stop it!

Why are you doing this to me?

What did I do to you?

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

You’re taking my clients away.

Wherever bar I go, you go.

And what happened with Eric.

Did I do anything wrong
for you to treat me like this?

Are you mad at me?


I’m mad at you.



Whatever I did to you,

I’m sorry for it.


Stop doing this.

You’re really that stupid.

You did nothing,

which makes me hate you.

You, the provincial girl
who can’t speak in English.

You don’t even know
what you’re selling.

So why do they
go crazy over you?

You’re just like me before.

A provincial girl.

One who went to Manila
to find a better life.

If I was like you,
why are you so mad at me?


Because I had to sacrifice
a lot just to make it here.

In contrast,

you are a slut and you’re living
the life that I want!

Yes, I’m a slut
and I can’t do anything.

This is how far I can go.

This is where I’m good at.

While you’re doing
everything just for yourself,

I’m doing this for my daughter—

I don’t give a fuck
where you spend your money!


I just want to have the best life.

To make it on my own.

Is that bad?

I don’t want to meddle with your life.

Who would even want to do that?

You have dreams,

you want expensive clothes,


- everything!
- Yes!

Whether I sell myself or not,
I’ll do everything I can!

We’re all sluts in
one way or another.

We sell ourselves just
to achieve our goals.

I don’t give a damn if
you belittle my dreams.

We’re all slaves to
our dreams and desires.

We are all sluts for our goals in life,

and for a better life.

I’ll do everything.

I’ll do every single thing
just to achieve them,

even if it means bring you down.

So don’t you ever cross me.

They’re not around.

They just left.

Wait, wait.

You’re too snobbish.


Won’t you give me a chance?

Or when will you do it?

I’m willing to pay!

You have nothing to hide.

I know your job.

I see you every night.

May I?

Stop it!

Excuse me.

- Hello.
- Hello? Susan!

You called.

Ysay was rushed to the hospital!


Denise, what happened?

She was playing,
then she suddenly couldn't breathe.

She vomited and fainted.

I rushed her immediately.

My child, what happened?

I’m sorry, Mama. I’m always sick.

You’re my child.
I will always worry about you.

But you have work.

Don’t worry about my work.

You must recover.

Susan, the doctor said
she needs to undergo a bypass.

That would cost a lot.

Do you have savings?

How would you manage?

I’ll find a way.

I could call my previous clients.

They might have recommendations.


Hello, Mr. Lim.

How are you?

I’m doing well.

I want to follow up
if you’ll get the condo…

Oh, I see…

Thank you, Mr. Lim.


Hello, Allan.

How are you?

I’m good.

Do you know anyone
who wants to buy a condo?

I see.

Thanks, anyway.

Hello, sis.

Sis, how are you?


I need your help.

I’m badly in need.

Ysay is in the hospital.

Could you recommend a client?

I have one.

But he’s quite a weirdo.

He might have some requests.

I don’t mind. I badly need it.

Just a request.
Maybe one who pays in cash?

Alright. Thanks a lot.

Why are you frantic?

Stop messing with Susan.

I’m just asking
why she’s frantic.

Are you okay?

I’ll be inside.

Did you see a foreigner come here?

No, we didn't.


Hello, Susan. Where are you?

My husband needs me now.

I'll just get my bag.

Look at her,
she's trying too hard.

She's looking too desperate to sell.

Hi, sir. Are you looking for someone?

Yes, I am actually.
But I forgot her name

I believe it starts with S.


If you want, I can be
the one to assist you.

You'd like my offers better.

Hi, sir Fred, I'm Susan.

I'm the one referred to by Aida.

Ah, no, it's okay.

I think I found what I want.

Shall we, sir?

Let's go.

This way, sir.

Right this way, sir.

So, this is our one-bedroom unit.

It's 60.4 square meters.

Here is the connecting bathroom
going to the bedroom.

We have an island-type kitchen.

Granite top, of course.

Here is the living area.

Let's just cut to the chase.

You know what I came here for.


We can talk about the payment terms.

And the number of units
you'll buy for me.

From there, I can give you the freebies.

I'm not comfortable with that.

Get off!

I guess you're all the same.

Fuck your money!

Get off!

Where do you think you're going?

Let me out!


Fuck it!



Fuck you!

How do you like that?

Mama, why are you crying?

It's nothing.

Forgive your mother.


I can't provide your needs.

I'm sorry, your mother is useless.

That's not true.

You're the best mother for me.

You get tired because of me.

I'm sorry if I'm always sick.




Nurse, she can't breathe.

Can you breathe now?

We really need her
to undergo surgery.

Prolonging it could worsen her condition.

Yes, please.

Let's do what's needed.

Are you better now, my child?

Are you okay now?

What is it?

You sounded urgent.

What happened to you?

It's nothing.

I slipped in the showroom.

Don't lie to me.

That's not from a mere slip.

Why are you doing this to yourself?

I told you to take good care of yourself.

Your client did that to you.

How did you know?

You're my friend, Liezel.

I see how you behave
with your clients.

You were not like that before.

Until when will you continue that?

Until I buy a house and a car.

I just want to succeed on my own.

My mother was
submissive to my father.

She let go of her own dreams.

I should lead a different life.

Without being controlled.

I work my ass off.

Too many sacrifices.

And even if I get everything,

it would still be so sad.

Whatever you do,

you'd still be alone.

Break it off, Liezel.

It hurts seeing you like that.

I love you.


I knew it!

You'll come and get me.

That's not what I came for.

Then why are you here?

Do you want to make a lot of money?

Who wouldn't?

Of course!

I have work for you.

Look for this woman.

She has money.

My money.

You'll recover that money
and we'll split it.

You despise this woman?

That's none of your business.

Do you accept the job?

You know I don't need your money.

Make sure you bring me the money.

Anything for you.

Are you sure?

I can accompany you home?

No need.

It's out of your way.

Let's just wait for a taxi.

Take care.

Thank you.

I'll go now.

Susan, are you alright?

I'm okay.

I'm okay…

I just can't—

I just want to give her everything.

I would do everything for her.

I thought...

I was brave.

Why did you end this way?

I'm not an evil person.

I just do it—

I just do it for my daughter.

Stop it.

You can get over this.
Stop crying.

Sir, where are we?

Where did you drive me?


Don't resist and you won't get hurt.

What do you need? Money?

Here you go.

Take everything I have.

My initial plan was to rob you.

But when I saw you,

I changed my mind.

Let me out!


Please, sir. Let me out.

I told you. Don't resist.
You won't get hurt.

I have a large sum of money.
Take them all.

Please. Get me out of here.

Sir, please.

Screw you!

Screw you!

Come here!

Help me!

A woman was found dead in an open field
of Barangay Poblacion, Layag City.

The woman was identified
as Liezel Fernando.

Witnesses infer that the victim was raped
and her body was abandoned.

Investigation is ongoing

to determine the suspect and motive
for the murder of Liezel Fernando.

Everyone! Hello!

This is what you've been waiting for!

The agent with the most sales is…


- Amazing!
- Congrats!


- Congratulations! You deserve it.
- Thank you.

Have fun, everyone!

I'll give this to everyone?

- Congrats!
- Thank you!

Susan, there's a new agent
joining our team.

Just eat. Feed yourselves!

You're getting thin
because you don't eat!

Susan, right?

Yes, it's me.


This is me, Sandra.

Your newest agent here.

Wow! Top agent! Congratulations!

It's also my dream
to become like you.

But I'm just a newbie.

I will see to it
that I will succeed.

Is that so?

I will do everything
just to achieve my goals.