Shout at the Devil (1976) - full transcript

Just prior to World War One the hard drinking sharpshooting, Irish American Colonel Flynn O'Flynn, uses British aristocrat Sebastian Oldsmith to help poach ivory from German controlled territory in East Africa, putting them at odds with Herman Fleischer, the local German Provincial Commander. When Sebastian is infected with malaria he is nursed back to health by Flynn's daughter Rosa, they fall in love and marry. Not long after Britain declares war on Germany and they are drawn into the conflict, ultimately making a daring attack on the German armored cruiser SMS Blücher as it undergoes repairs in a local estuary.

- Eyes front.

- Eyes front, Herr Young.

- That's better.

Zanzibar, Captain.

Reduce to 30.

Bridge, to engine room ...
Reduce to 30.

"Jawohl, reduce to 30"

Signal from Berlin.

What does it say?

It is from Admiral, Sir, at Berlin.
0800 hrs.

"Due to British pressure,

Sultan of Zanzibar refuses
docking facilities."

"Proceed to Dar es Salaam."

Damn the British.

They behave as if they
owned the whole of Africa.

One day, we'll return.

- Listen, el Sultan, my boy.

- The area is crawling with elephants.

- There hasn't been a shot fired in
Rufiji Delta in 20 years.

- So, I go in there.

Bang. Bang. I bring you back
20,000 pounds worth of ivory.

They are the
German Kaiser's elephants.

You know, look, we, we'll send them
a thank you letter, later.

You will bring back 20,000 pounds
worth of ivory through German territory.

Not a bit of it.

I borrow one of your stinking boats
and I'll sail up the Rufiji.

And sail the ivory here.

If I lose one of my dows,
worth 2,000 indy pounds?

There is a German battleship...

- I know all about the Blücher.

We'll fly the British flag.

Then they still stop you.
And they get the ivory. And you ...!

Allow me.



Not if I have an English captain.
- Have you?

Yes, but he doesn't know it yet.

How are you, Mr. Oldsmith.

I see you found
your land legs already, eh?

I'm so glad that we don't
have to go any further.

We go up country tomorrow.
When do you sail again?

Tomorrow, morning.

Oh, well, if you've got only one day
in Zanzibar, Mr. Oldsmith...

you should take Cynthia along
to show you around.

I'm sure Mr. Oldsmith
can find his own way around.

I'm sure you would
add to it's pleasure.

- Ms. Smythe.

Is your room
at the hotel comfortable?

Yes, but mama and papa are
right next door.

And the walls are very thin.
- Oh, pity!

- There's no need to go
all the way to Australia.

- There's lots of opportunities here.

My husband has a large plantation.

It's no use, mama. Mr. Oldsmith
is determined to go to Australia.

But, it's such a long way away.
Perhaps, that's why he's going.

Do you ..uh .. have family there?
- A distant cousin.

He's into sheep.
I'm going to work with him.

Do you know
anything about sheep?

Wool on the outside,
mutton on the inside.

Very good. Indeed.

- Your family must be
very sad to see you leave.

I mean, Australia's on
the other side of the world.

I think that's the bit that
appealed to them the most.

Well, if you will forgive me, I must
turn in. The ship sails very early.

- No, no. Just let me.
- No, no. Let me treat.

The family chipped in a farewell present.

Very touching.

Goodbye, Mrs. Smythe.
Mr. Smythe... Ms. Smythe.

I've already told you!

They took my 200 pounds
in sovereignence in your hotel!

And I have told you, it is
most unfortunate, Mr. Oldschool.


But, Mr. "Oldsmith,"
the bill is still 100 ruppees.

Damn it all, man.
They took all my money!

My passport, my letter of introduction,
and my sailing ticket to Australia.

I'm sorry, Mr. Oldsmith, it will
not be possible to go to Australia,

until you pay your bill here.

It will not be possible to go to Australia,
because they stole my sailing ticket!

And it would not be possible to
pay your damn bill, because they...

stole my money! Now can you get
that through your thick head?

Now, Mr. Oldsmith...

- Now hold on a second!
Don't get ... excuse me.

Did I hear you
be referred to as "Mr. Oldsmith?"

Sebastian Oldsmith.

You wouldn't be one of the
Leicestershire Oldsmith's, would you?

God! You know my family?

Oh, I've never had the honor personally,
but I know of them. Fine, fine family.

Now, what's this about a bill, Raji?
- A bill for 100 rupees.


Give the man a sovereign
and let him keep the change.

Now, allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Flynn Patrick O' Flynn.
But you can just call me Flynn.

It rhymes with "Gin."

Which reminds me,
doesn't every American know...

that all English men are great sailors?

Not all of us exactly.

Listen, there's nothing
to it, bassi, my boy.

It is Sebastian.

I ... phftt ... Sebastian.

I just need a helping hand.

The nation that gave us great Nelson,
and Oldsmith.

Cheer up, bassi, my boy.
There's the mouth of the Rufiji Delta!

Well. Cheers!

You know the Germans have
never properly claimed this area.

Whom does it belong then?

Well, it could belong to us,
if we wanted to claim it.

Or I can claim it for America.

Or I could claim it for Britain.

I'll tell you what.

I'll flip you for it.
Heads, Britain. Tails, America.

We are gathered here today
in the sight of God ...

to join together this...
holy matrimony.

That's the wedding ceremony, Sebastian.

I've never done this
sort of thing before.

Well say something stupid.

Alright, um .. I uh ... I hereby
claim this territory

in the name of his most gracious
majesty, George the fifth.

The King of England, Ireland,
defender of the faith.

Et cetera, ... et cetera.
Where's the flag?

There's alot more.


Oh, thank you.

Now, what are you
going to name the place.

Well, I thought I'd name it after mother.

And what's that name?

Um, ... Gertrude.

- Yes.

We'll think of a name later.
Let's get on with it. Now, raise the flag.

- Go on.

- I can't get any higher, Flynn.
- Well, fix it there!


- Mohammed!

We won't sing the national anthem,
because the boys do not know the words.

Come on, let's shoot some Dumbo's!

Oh, Flynn!

Hold it!
Hold it!

Sergeant Dumu?

What is he blubbering about?

He says, you are his father and his mother.

I'm not his mother!

And he crawls on his belly before you.

He says, the fine legends of your face
and the great thickness of your body,

blind him with beauty.

The piss-ant came here to tell me that!

These men have been seen on the river.

They put on the tree, a flag,
which is red and blue and white.

Having crosses within crosses.

As soon as they do this, their guns
speak along the river bank.

A great killing of elephants.

So that the barges which came down for
the meat, darken the sun by the wind.

O' Flynn!

Call patrol! Immediately!

O' Flynn here?
This time will get him!

Hang him from the tree
with that acursid flag!

We'll let him burn to hell!

- Hi! Yo! Company march!

Better get off my message to
the governor of Dar es Salaam.

Jawohl, Herr Commandant.

I'm afraid with the British
we may need help.

Get the patrol boat ready!

This time we will cancel training.
We will tie him up, maybe.

Alright, keep on moving.

We got to get out of here.

Come on!

2 1/2 tons of the sinom.
That should make quite a good team.

Maybe we should open a barber shop.

Let's get going, Mohammed is waiting.

Oh, by the way, Flynn.

That scar around his neck.

I don't like to be coy,
might seem insensitive ...

but, they say he
tried to hang himself.

Somebody tried to do it for him.

A fat pig, by the name
of Herman Fleischer.

He's the German Commissioner
who does all the hangings.

Well, what for?
Just for the fun of it, I guess.

But, I got to him in time.
He's been with me ever since.

Alright, now you load all this ivory
on the dow and set sail.

You're not coming?

Oh no. I'm going back over land.
It's quicker that way.

I can set up the deal before you get there.
You never said anything ...

It must have slipped my mind.

I can't manage a dow myself ..

Don't worry about it, Mohammed
will take care of you. Now get going!

Here!... Grrr!

It's Flynn!
Get Flynn!

Get him!

Get him!

Shoot them!

Get him!


Go after him!

I think we got him.

I'd say we got him.
We cannot get across.

The Congo dile will get him.

And then I'm going to face
the irony of the river.

Get the patrol boat!

- That's it!

- Follow me!

Now, we make the English find them!


Go away!

Get out of here! Get away!

Get out of here!

Go on!


Ah, Sebastian, my boy.

I never thought I'd live to see the day,
when I'd be happy to see you.



The bullett is still in there.

Now, not too much of that.

Best anesthetic in the world.

- Hurry up, boy!

- Hey, come on!

Full ahead!

- Stoke more wood on the fire!

- Full speed ahead!

- Full speed ahead!

- Don't wait for them!


That should stop the bleeding.

What is that, Mohammed?


Flynn, the German's coming.

Order us drinks, my boy.

Order us drinks.

Mohammed, get those boards down.
Move those strings.

Stack them up along there.
Form a barricade.

You! Come on!

Come on. Move quickly!

- Alright, now bring it right!

Hold it!

Mohammed, get ready to lay
those nets over the stern.

Well, do as I tell you, damn it!

Give me an assist.

More wood on the fire!

Get ready to fire.

Now, start laying it over.

Make sure it don't get stuck.

Faster now.

Get ready.

- Throw it over.

Alright, don't fire, until
I give the command.

Take cover now!

We need to draw them into the nets.


Steady lads.


Alright, now!


Go! Go!

And keep shooting!


Full speed!
Full speed!

Shoot them!


More power!

More speed!

Hold it!

Stop it!

Stop the engines.

We did it!

We did it! Yes!

Clear the view.

Flynn! Flynn!

We done it! We done it!

We done it!

There's the marsh.

They've escaped to the sea.

Keep going.


Now, we are godsend.

The English have landed a full scale of
expenditionary force on our territory.

Is this correct?

Well, in fact, it was just one vessel.

I want armand.

It was actually unarmed.

On what then?

They have a dow.

A dow?

This is ridiculous.

The Kaiser has delivered an ultimatum
to the British in Berlin.

Where is this dow?
What is the nation have you?

This was arraigned by our enemy Flynn,
the famous ivory poacher.

He is with an unknown Englishman.

The SMS Konigsberg is the most
powerful ship in the Indian ocean...

to catch a pair of common
criminals in a dow?

This is ridiculous!

We'll be a laughing stock.

Only if they escape
through the delta door.

But, uh...

if ... were they to disappear...

without a trace...

A ship.

It's a Battleship.

They must be British.

Flynn. Flynn.

Flynn, there's a British warship

They've got to have a doctor on board.

It's getting close.

Doesn't seem to be reducing speed.

What the hell is she up to?

He's going to ram us, slam-bang.

Right up the eye,
that's what they're going to do.

- They can't do that.
- You wanna bet?

That's the god damn Blücher.

Mohammed, get him in that lifeboat
and stay with him.

No matter what happens, stay put.

Get the lifeboat ring.

Come on then, you bastards!

God almighty! She's coming
back at us!

That's Fleisher! That fat pig!

Machine gun this swine.

- Yes, sir.

Slow ahead.

I've waited a long time to get that Flynn.

This is my ship, Commissioner.

Lower a life raft!

Go ahead, tell him you filthy
yellow bellied sour face.

These men are criminals.
You are defeating the hand of justice.

This is an outrage.

My government will have a
full report of your conduct.

This entirely ridiculous episode is
of your own making, Commissioner.

And you expect me to commit
murder on your behalf.

Full ahead!
- Full ahead.

- Ohh!

Give me the Gin.

That's the best idea you've had yet.

Hate to tell you this, friend, but
this is going to hurt even more.

Ow! Hey, that's good Gin
and you're wasting it!

- Ow! Ohh!
- Take it easy.

Oh! Oh!



- That!

That reef!

It'll tear us to pieces!

Ah! Agh!


Where's Flynn?






Looks like he dragged himself out.

He's up on his feet.

He seems to know
where he is going alright.

So, why not try O'Relly's daughter. ♪
Ha! Ha! Ha!

♪ - Jiggidy jig. Jiggidy jig.
Jiggedy jig... sig... sig. ♪

♪ - If I was asleep in O'Reilly's car... ♪

♪ - Thinking I had done
what I hadn't oughtta... ♪

♪ - When the thought came
through my mind... ♪

♪ - Why not try O'Reilly's daughter ♪

♪ - Jigga jig... jig. What a jig she is.
Jigga jig... jig...♪

Bassi, my boy. They found you.

We've been washed up
on Portugese territory.

Old Fleischer can't touch us here, huh.


This is palm wine. Real rot gut.

You wouldn't like it.

Oh, this is my old friend, Louie.
And... uh...

his two lovely daughters.

We'll be home in three days, Bassi.


Home sweet home.


Oh, no...
Ugh... umpf.

Oh, father.


But, it's too blue!

And drunk again.

Drunk again, eh?

Not one drop of christian Gin has
crossed these lips, in ten days.

You're drunk!

Of course I am,
I'm ...just... seeing things blue.

What did you drag in?

Oh, this is my old English friend,
Sebastian Oldsmith.

Bassi, my boy, this is my lovely
young daughter, Rosa.

Are you sure?

Well, you can take him back to
the bar where you found him.

I'll not have another drunk
in this house.

Just one minute, ma'am.

And that goes for you, too.

If you step one foot in this house
before you are sober...

I'll blast it off with a shotgun.

Now, is that any goddamn way to
talk to your poor old father?

Who's been trying to earn
an honest crust?

Just like her dear mother.
God rest her soul.

This man is sick! Dying of the fever!

You're going to have
his blood on your hands.

- Nanny...
- Nanny here, Rosa.

If you lied to me, you're dead!


It's malaria.

Nanny, fix the big bed.


Comen si mia.

One minute.

Now, where do you think
you're going?

You can stay out here, until you're fit
to be with decent people again.

Well, even your mother would
let me in the house.

And you, watch that chair.

What about my poor wounded leg?

Now, you put him in
that guest bedroom.


Nanny, get some clean clothes.


First the night shirt.


This man is so big.

Stop it, Nanny.

Don't be afraid little one.

Cannot bite you?
It has no teeth.

...Whe ....

- Where am I?



You're his daughter,



It's jolly kind of...

Now, listen to this.

To his excellency, the governor of
German East Africa, Dar es Salaam.

Sir, I have the honor to present my
account for damages arising...

from the sinking of my dow off
the mouth of the Rufiji river...

on 10 September, 1913.

The aforementioned act, being an act
of piracy, by your gun boat Blücher.

One dow, market value,
5,000 pounds.

Two thousand?


2000 pounds.

Ten rackets 200 pounds.

Various stores and provisions, et cetera,
100 pounds.

Injuries, suffering, hardship,
estimated, 200 pounds.

Ivory, estimated,
20,000 pounds.

Mm... perhaps your right.
Maybe, I should forget the ivory.

I would appreciate payment in gold
of 2,500 pounds,

on or before 25 September, 1913.

Failing which I will take steps to
collect same, personally.

Signed Flynn Patrick O'Flynn esguire.

United States Ambassador to Africa.

You don't like the Ambassador bit, huh?

Well, how about the...



the United...




You did a good job of patching up
the bullet holes, Mohammed.

Well, they look like
a bunch of Askari's.

Now, let's see if
they can shoot straight.

Right turn and follow me.

Your mother?

She died the year after we came here,
I was fifteen.

And you've looked
after him ever since.

And I haven't done
a very good job have I?

Actually, I rather feel that,
he could look after himself.

With a little help from his gin.

Now, there you are boys.

Nothing to it.

Now, if you're gonna play as
being a bunch of Askari's...

you gotta learn to shoot straight.

Now, hold it like a woman.
Firm, but gently.

One, to get ready

Two to aim.

And three to "Fire."

Why you miserable bunch of skags,
at a heineless spot!

Will you go to Australia?

I'm not sure now.

Then stay.


now that I've seen elephants...

sheep have lost some of their attraction.


Bassi, my boy,
you look fine, just fine.

I'm sending out for some supplies.

I thought maybe, you'd like
some new clothing.


Thirty-three and a half.



Oh, oh.

The boots and the hat,
might be a problem.

Boots and hat?

What are you up to?

Oh, uh, nothing my dear.

It's really going to be tough to
collect that debt from the frog.

How you coming along, Mohammed?


Him self will look just grand in that.

A little trip, will do him good, huh?

And out of mischief.

We have competition, huh?

Wanna watch them dance?

Want to dance?

We'll see next year.

- Hey there, try this on.

What do you want me to try it on for?

To check the size.

We'll have to put paper in it.

What is this all about?

The time has come, Bassi, my boy.

- Who's time?
- My German friend.

I wrote him a little letter.

Claiming expenses for
our recent travel loss's.

And they have not replied.

So, time to send the barrel in.

- You mean rob?
- Rob?!

What the hell do think Fleischer was doing,
when he shot my ass full of holes.

Maybe you don't care about your money,
but they owe me and they're going to pay.

This is the time of year when the German's
collect their taxes from the villagers.

So, you, and you my boy,
plus some Askari's...

are going to do a turn as
German tax collector.

- Like hell I am!

Look, I would go myself, but the
villagers all know who I am!


Haven't you enjoyed my hospitality?

- Yes.

You had a fine convalescence, with
my daughter, just, falling all over you?

- Yes, actually.

And, well, I...

I'm jolly grateful and all
that sort of thing, but...

But, the damn risk is...

No risk at all! There's enough
money for all of us to live in grand style.

I could get killed.

Don't you want to get back,
the 200 pounds you lost?

And didn't the German's ruin
our last little effort?

- Yes

- Alright then, we'll scare up
a list of villages.

Don't you listen to him!

Now, you're not going!

He's not going.
He's not going anywhere!

Now, I forbid it!
I absolutely forbid it!

- Oh, you do, do you?
- Yes... I do

Alright, then young lady, if you
say so, he must not go!

Remind you, I always thought a
grown man, as innocent as that,

had a mind of his own, but maybe not.

Alright, Missy, he must not go!

Well, that...

Well, what do think about that?

Just like her dear sweet mother.
All spirit and no gile.

But you learn.

I can and you know that.

You know Fleischer's collecting the taxes
already, that's why you're not going.

Fleischer collects north of the river
I'm sending Sebastian south.

Fleischer starts in the north this year.

Hey! That's a 50-50 chance.
Hey, that's not bad odds. I'll go with ya.

You stink and that's a bloody business!

God damn right.
It's a bloody business!

- Don't you start with me!

Hey, Flynn...

What were these patches from?





Moths around here don't bite, do they?

Well, the moths around here,
pack a ferocious bite.

Now, this is a genuine
German patch, here.

There's a 102 rubiles of expense
money in there.

That could weigh a full English pound.
That's dead weight!

Now, listen to me carefully, Bassi.

See that tree, I want you to
follow that down to the big river.

About a day and a half from here.

- Excuse me, Flynn.

On the other side of the river...
- We need more time to get ready.

that's German territory.

See that nob looking mountain over there?
- Mm.. hmm.

Behind that is Fleischer's headquarters.

- Steer well clear of that.
- Alright.

But, Mohammed knows.

Bassi, I want you to give a wide berth
so, Fleischer doesn't

Now, what do you do, if they try to
talk you out of this thing.

Do you hear me?

They're going to cry
about poverty and famine.

But, if they give you any difficulty?

You always can hang
one or two of 'em.

Hang them?!

Look, that was just a joke!

The German's cut their throats
and that's a hell of alot faster.

Well, Bassi, my boy...

good luck.


Form a mount, to the right!

Right... face!




- Sebastian!

Don't forget to speak German!

But, I don't speak any German!

You look good.


Damn German helmet.

I say gents,
not too much noise.

We're in German territory now.

Well, glad we got here then.


We.. uh...
We work for the tax of the house.


Wir werkt für die steurer zie haus.

I don't think he speaks German.

Parlez-vous français?


Okay. Mohammed...

Give them something to get them by
and they can buy some food.

Yeah, now come on. Don't cry.

Here, put on this helmet.

Put that thing away!

Can't you see they're starving!

Now, come on this is good...

There you are. Now, you'll be able
to buy yourself some thing to eat.

Mohammed! Put that thing away!

Give them money!

Put that away, Mohammed!

Give them some money!

Pay them some money.

What is that?

The English man.

Shoot them!

- Get the English man!

- Don't let him get away!

Get them!

- Get the english man!

- Try to capture him alive!

- Hey, Sergeant Duma!

What happened to you?

Hey, get up!

Get up!

They've stolen the donkey.

They are trying to run away.

Get after them!

Come on!

He's safely across
the river, that schweinehoot.

I will prevail, until they are dead.

Ahh... caught you, you bastard!

- Don't shoot, Flynn.

- It's me.

- Sebastian.

Get over here in the light,
where I can see you!

- Good god...

Well, good god, it is you.

We heard that Fleischer got
rid of you for good.

But, you made it.

- Look...

You made it, Bassi, my boy!



Young lady! Get back in the house
and get some clothes on!

Get this out of here.
Come on.

Well, I've worked out the account,
so all's fair and square.

Joint venture between us,
Mr. O' Flynn exquire and Mr. Oldsmith.

German and Portugese East Africa period
May 15 to 21 October 1913.

All accounts converted to British sterling
at the rates set down by Paris Almanac.

Gross proceeds...

4,652 pounds 18 shillings
and 6 cents.

From which, to deduct the
following expenses.

Accumulating loss's of previous expeditions
to Rufiji Delta plus interest 3,000 pounds.

One German officer's helmet
five thousand ten shillings.

One German dress uniform
15 pounds ten shillings

Advance to Mr. Oldsmith one pound.
That's traveling expenses.

Ten rifles 200 pounds.

Five mounts for rifles...

- Daddy...
- 3 pounds.

- Daddy...!

Don't tell us all that and tell us
how much Sebastian share is.

Sebastian's share?

22 pounds.

22 pounds...?

That and he owes me a little less
than 22 pounds.

Oh, you!


The lad doesn't have to
pay up immediately.

We only deduct it from his share
for this expedition.

You hand over half of that money
to Sebastian, right now.

Rosa, you do not understand
O'Flynn business.


Are you calling your father a crook?


And she is right.


my half of the money.

You said you were going to share,
because we had an agreement.

It'll be to your advantage again.

My advantage?

What the hell are you talking about?

With... uh...

my half... in my pocket,

I'll be able to ask for your
daughter's hand in marriage.


Who the hell is talking about marriage?

We are.

I want to marry him.

Marry him?

An Englishman?

A penniless Englishman?

He's not penniless anymore.

Now, Rosa, my child.

What do you want to marry him for?

Look, isn't life here grand?

Aren't I enough accompaniment
for you any more?

We love each other.

Don't give me that creepy
crawly english sir stuff.

Please, daddy...


Alright... alright...
I'll give him something.

There's no hurry in getting married,
because he's got a few pennies.

But, there is a reason to hurry.

I'm going to have a baby.

You ask for her hand, after you've
had everything else?!

Is that the way you
pay back my hospitality?!

You rapist!

He didn't rape me.

Why, you hussy!

You tramp!


you're speaking to the woman I love.

Don't give me that, you
blue bloodied swine!

Get your coat off!

I'm going to slash you to
an inch of your life!

I don't want to fight with you.

You're going to be my father-in-law.

Geez, don't call me that, ever!


How could you do that to him?

What's the matter?
He's not pregnant, too, is he?

Alright, Bassi, my boy...
get your coat off!


I must warn you...

I was boxing champion of Eton.

Champion of Eton, eh?

- Ohh..!

Heh! Heh! Heh!

- Stop! You're killing him!

That's what I am to do!

Champion of Eton, eh?

Well, the others couldn't
have been too much.

We follow the Marquis of
Queensberry rules.


Footwork, my boy! Aha!


Footwork, my boy.



Wait, no more.

Thank you.


You play the organ real good.

Here is an Irish song to play.





Over here!

This way, huh!

No... no... no... rules!

Marquis Queensberry rules?

Footwork, my boy!



Ohh... ohh...!

Have you had enough?

Do you wanna quit now?

Rules, my boy.


For god's sake!

If he won't fight fair, then I'm going
to blow his brains out!

Well, if that ain't just like
a bloody Englishman, eh?

Needs a woman's protection!

Rosa, I can handle this on my own!

Now, you still want to
marry my daughter?

Of course, I do!

Flynn, where are you?

Over here!

And let that be a lesson to ya.

Now, can I marry your daughter?

Over my dead body.



Thank you.



Now, I've decided to call him,
Flynn O'Flynn Oldsmith.

You have, have you?

Well, can you think
of a better name?

Yes, now you asked, I can.

Well, what's that?

Francis Sebastian Oldsmith.

Hmm... sounds like the
Archbishop of Canterbury.

No grandson of mine...

- What the.....?
- Get out.....


- Will you open this door?

- Rosa!
- Open this door immediately!

- Rosa!

- Rosa! I want to see my grandson!


- Nanny, open this door!

Open up the door.

- Open up this door!

Get away!

Rosie... you alright?

You look so sweet, I'm going to
check you from head to toe.

Let's see... two eyes.

Two ears and...

one nose...

one... two... three... five fingers.

What the hell do you
think you're doing?!

He's deformed.

He's a girl.


Here we are, how's that?

Don't you think Maria looks
just like, daddy?

She what?

She looks like him.

Oh, yeah.

She's just like her
dear granddaddy, right.

There's no doubt who
her grandaddy is.

By god, you're right.

She's a regular little O'Flynn.

Especially the eyes.

I'm glad you're seeing mine.

God bless her soul.

Bassi... you're breath is
breathing all over her.

What about your's?

Mine is gin.

Gin is a great sterilizer.

Anyway, it's time for her bedtime.

Rosa... come on.

There we are...

come on, baby.
- Be careful, with her.

Well, Sebastian, you've got
responsibility for yourself now.

It's high time, we got back to work.

With a larger dowry,
you can marry properly.

You haven't forgotten,
what it's like, have you?

Damn it to hell.
Something's frightened them off.


- Fleisher.

And his whole tin pot army.

He's coming this way.


- Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut! Hut!...

- Wunderbar!

- Wunderbar!

Why that grass eating pot-bellied...

he just cost me another 200 pounds.


I wonder where he is going
with his whole tin pot army?

Bassi, my boy...

we're going to teach that kraut a lesson.

- Look at that bed.
- Ya.. ha.. yi..!



Hey, care to indulge?

Here we go...

from the Kaiser himself.

Krieg.. isn't that war?

Telegraph, from the German Governor
dated 4 August.

- That was yesterday.

It is my duty to inform you, that
a state of war...

now exists between the fatherland
and the government of England...

France, Russia and Portugal.

You are hereby appointed military
commander, of the southern province...

with ordinance to take whatever
steps you deem necessary...

for the protection of our borders and
the confusion of the enemy.

You will operate with forces
presently at your disposal.

That's why Fleischer was moving
toward the border.

Toward my place.




Go find Flynn!
Find Flynn first!

I want Flynn!
Burn them out!

I want Flynn, alive!



Nanny.. no!

- Have you found the white man?

- He must be here!



Oh, please!


Oh, please.


Let go!


Please.. Stop!

My baby!
You killed her!

My baby!

I told you to take them alive.

Flynn and the Englishman...

Where are they?

You killed my baby!

I'm talking to you.

Where are they?!

Where are they?


the white men they're not here.

Kommen, guys.

Nothing more to do now.

Yes, there is.

Find that German....

and kill him.

Kill him.

Kill him!

Sebastian is ready.

What are those bloody grey wheels?

And where the hell are they taking them?

Forget the wheels, find Fleischer.

He's there...

Mohammed saw him,
didn't you Mohammed?

Hold on.
There's a white man.

God damn, he's gone.
It could have been him.

What's the matter now?

I'm sick.

You have to pick up the pace.
You must be there in two days.

I'll be alright in a minute.

Come on.

Yeah, boss.

What do think you're doing?

Hold it back!
Hold it back!

Hold it!

Hold it!
Hold it back!

Hold it!





Drop it.


He's a naval officer.

A naval officer?

What's he doing here?

And what are these things?

He wouldn't tell me anything.

I'll get him to tell.

He'll tell me where Fleischer is too.

You can't make a naval officer talk, Flynn.

I'm not playing by the
Marquis of Queensbury rules anymore.

You can look the other way.

Where's Fleischer?

I've told your friends, I don't know.

You're lying.
We saw that fat pig with you.

I have to tell you nothing but
my name, rank and number.

Now, you tell me your name.


and number.

Good morning.

Who is this Flynn fella?

The usual blossom growing up
in that part of the world.

Irish American, now fighting
for the Portugese.

His little band likes killing Germans
from the sounds of it.

They found this in
the Germans wallet.

Chap in the center is
the one they killed.

Background is a battle cruiser.

Intelligence reports the Cruiser was
a B-class vessel, sir.

Bremerhaven, August 1912.


The Huns launched only 2 ships
of that class, Berenzen and Blücher.

Berenzen is safely bottled up in Hamburg.
- Hmm...

And Blücher was attacked
in the Indian Ocean by...

our destroyers Bloodhound and
Blunger five weeks ago.

All three ships have disappeared,
presumed sunk, no survivors.

Well, went back the following day.

They found floating refuge and some
British and German dead, that's all.

A German naval officer transporting
steel plates across Africa.

You know what I'm thinking

That the Blücher wasn't sunk at all, sir.

Just keep up with me, Henry,
don't get ahead.

Sorry, sir.

Signal, Joyce and Renounce, in Zanzibar.

An aerial reconnaiscance of the Delta
is what's needed.

Suggest that Irish, American friend
might be useful.

What was his name?

Colonel Flynn Patrick O'Flynn, sir.

What the hell is he a Colonel in?

The report doesn't
make that quite clear, sir.

The news of your exploits seems to
have traveled far afield, Colonel Flynn.

- This is a lovely piece of gin.

- Good.

Admiral Howe in Motors asked
me to talk with you.

...this god damn lemon shit.

Phipps, give the Colonel some water.


Uh, ... but...

Now, what were we saying?

Uh, yes, Colonel, have you heard
of a German war ship?

Named the Blücher?

The Blücher? She sunk me!

Sank, you?

Rammed me right up the arse.


How else do you ram
anybody up the arse?

Why would she do that?

Let's just say I was going
about my business, alright?

Actually, well it seems on your
last business operations...

you captured a German naval officer?

- He was shot.
- Had to be shot, he was trying to escape.

Now, on the basis of your report,
naval intelligence believes

the Blücher may not be sunk after all.

They're hiding it.

- Not sunk?
- Mm... hmm.

And if we can trace where
those wheels went,

we might find them.

Wheels, huh?
Well, it could be anywhere out there.


So, we'll do it by aerial reconnaiscance.

By what?

From the air. Portugese was very kind
to lend us an airplane and a pilot.

Oh, that's a grand idea.. uh...

- You mind if I help myself?
- No, go ahead.

When will you be ready to leave?

To leave, you mean go up
in a flying machine?

I'm not going any closer to heaven
then I have to, until the time comes.

You mean you won't help us?

I'd like to, but...

my poor old eye sight...

I can't even see the heaven.

Is that the deck?

Well, that's a great pity.

They'll probably wanna
give you a decoration.

Maybe, even given an
honorary Royal navy rank.

A real rank, "Colonel" O'Flynn.

A rank and decoration, eh?

Of course, British naval rank would
entitle you to...

duty free supplies from
the Americans.

If you survive.

Grrr.... uh....

I've got just the man for you.

Young bag of guts, eyes like a hawk.

Fists of steel.

Stick your trousers up there.

Trousers don't fly, do they?

If only they would have let me fly.

I would have given my right arm...

- Why wouldn't they?

Hey, they said they needed
a younger man.

Terrible thing, this growing old.

I don't feel so young anymore either.

Oh, come on, my brave young lad.

This is your chance to fly with
a famous aviator, for christ sakes.

He can fly upside down,
without even flying up.


Rosa, we can't let this destroy us both.

Try and forget.

I can't.

Maybe after I get revenge.

I hate him too, but it doesn't
stop me from ...........

- Mohammed.

The flying machine.

Scared the hell out of you, didn't he?

Scared, hell. I tripped.

Here he comes again!

How do you do?
I'm Sebastian Oldsmith.

Capitan Lasieva.

This is Rosa.


- Senor.
- Colonel O' Flynn.

Uh... huh.
Glad to meet you.

Well, Bassi my boy.

Your big moment.

You, bastard.

When I come back
I take you for a ride.

I'll show you Zanzibar at night.
From the air, it's beautiful.

If you'll forgive me, I would like to
say goodbye... to my wife.

You're wife?
Yes, of course.

You must find that ship.
Fleischer's on it.

We can't be sure of that, Rosie.

Now, look it can't be just our war,
the whole damn world is fighting now.

I know he is on that ship.

Alright, I'll find that ship.

And I'll find Fleischer, too.

I will kill him.

I ... will kill him.

Then, we'll forget.

Promise me.

Promise me!


I'll try.

Goodbye, Rosie.

Be careful, my love.


Alright, stay back!

Just stay away!






....we found the Blücher.

That machine was hit by rifles
but no one saw it crash?

I'm afraid we must assume
the enemy now know our position.

We must speed up the repairs.

We're working the men beyond
their limits already, sir.

What major work is still left?

Transfer of the shells and explosives
to the magazine X TURM.

How many men can you spare?

If we are to be ready
to sail in five days, sir,

I can't spare a single hand
on the repair work.

There's no question of not sailing
in five days.

Early intelligence reports,
the British troops are...

heading through
Swisswood Pass again.

We must be ready to
intercept and destroy.


Captain, the flying machine got away.

Your guys could have spit on it.
It was so close.


you led that airplane straight to us.

In sailing your rafts down river
in daylight, you defied my orders.

You wanted it urgently.

By night!

Your orders were to give
me every assistance.

Not to place a series of
obstacles in my path.

I protest, sir.
I have done my utmost.


the Commisioner might provide us
with native porters.

Good idea, Tyler.
How many will you need?

200 at least, sir.

I want 200 porters for heavy work
onboard, immediately.

Are you mad?

- I cannot...
- Are you disobeying my orders again?

I shall protest to Berlin.

Not before I court martial you
for insubordination.

You could be tried in short, by sunset.

You can not do that.

How many porters did you say?

Two hundred, sir.

Two hundred and fifty, Fleischer.


You mean you want somebody actually to
go onboard the Blücher and plant a bomb?!

That's the idea.
- You're crazy.

Colonel O' Flynn...

our convoy is three days sailing time
away from the mouth of the Rufiji.

If the Blücher is ready and
gets out of there,

it will be a full scale slaughter.

It's a race against time.

Well, you've got war ships don't you?

There's not one that can attack the Blücher
within a week from here.

Alright, then send one of your men.

It has to be someone
the natives trust.

Look, because of your excellent
Intelligence service...

we know all about the Britain.

Well, I must admit I do have my
fingers on the toaster a bit.

Right, and surely you can provide
us with one reliable man.

Well, I'm not so sure about that.

He'd have to be dependable and
willing to risk his life.

Well, that cuts out, half of my crew.

He'd also have to operate a
simple mechanical device.

That cuts out the other half.

There will of course...

be a reward.

A reward, you say.

How much?

A thousand pounds.

Green backs?

And ... uh... I'll throw in
20 cases of London dry gin.

- I just don't know.

My, god!
I've got just the man for you!

Young bag of guts!

Fists of steel!

Look, I'd go myself. I told the Captain, that,
but they would spot me a half mile away.

Do you think I'd pass as a native, sir?

Look, with a nose like that, you're
almost one already.

Ha.. ha!

The lives of 20,000 men on that
convoy at stake.

I'd sail a ship against the Blücher, myself.

But, she'd sink us before our
guns even got in range.

Come on Bassi, my boy.
There's nothing to worry about.

Sure as my father's name is O' Flynn.

Well, I tell you, I'd like to be
more surer than that.

- Hey, you know what...
- It's up to you, Mr. Oldsmith.

I can't order you to go and
even if I could, I wouldn't.


Fleischer's gotta be caught.

Nothing to it.

All you do is set the clock.

Press this button here.

Replace the lid.


6 hours.

And then........ BOOM!

- Exit, quickly.

We made it 6 hours to give you time to
get away quickly as you can, alright?

Any questions?

Yes, just how the hell do I
get on the Blücher?

For Mohammed, it's all across land.

He has access from
the German work crew.

It's all fixed up, you can trust me.

Have I ever let you down?

You needn't worry about
the clock, Mr. Oldsmith.

It keeps perfect time, since
my wife gave it to me.

What is this stuff from?

It's the juice from the Tanga tree berry.

Turn you black as the
ace of spades, heh.

Will it ever come off?

Oh, sure, I mean, yeah some...

It'll wash right off and
he'll be white as an Easter lily.

And I will be a
thousand pounds richer.


- Yes, we.

Here, get the creases around your eyes.

Right there.

Alright, now stand up.

Hope he's right about
this stuff coming off.

Don't worry.

It'll come off.

You know why I came here?

I want our war to end here.

Oh, Sebastian...

Take care, please.


I'll be back.

I can't make that any clearer then,
I promise you.


What the hell time is it?

Jolly nice of you, Flynn, but no thanks.

Hold on.

Get ready.


Hurry those men along.

Get that man moving.


God, it's hot down here.
What time is it?

Another four hours, until
we are relieved.

Watch the guards.

Come on, hurry.

What's going on here?

Get these men back to work.

Re-stack this shelf.

I want no sloppy work in here.

There's no problem here.
Alright, you men, get to work.

Alright then, out.

Out. All of you.

They're finished?

Yes, sir, the last of the shells
are in X magazine.

Well done then.

At first light, we move out and
surprise the British convoy.

A little action at last.

Alot of it.


Did you do it?

Right in the middle of the main magazine.

- What time?
- Six.

Ah, well done, Bassi my boy.

What is it?









Can you hear me?

Did Fleischer do this?



Did he take Rosa?

Does Fleischer have Rosa?

Oh, god.


Fleischer's on the Blücher.

And what time is it?


What time is it?!



Let go.

Now, you tell me.

Why were you camped there?


Tell me where they are.

Tell me!

Why are you camped there!

I'll make you.

Tell me!

- Shit.

- Fielder?
- Ja!

Where would they put her?


I'll draw them off.

You grab her and get the
hell off the ship.

What are you going to do?

Never mind.

When you hear me shout, don't stop,
no matter what happens.


Do you understand?

"Where are you Fleischer?!"

"You fat bag of pus!"


"Where are you?!"


You pus scab on a hyena's bum!

Where are you, Fleischer?!

O' Flynn.


you big bag of pus!

Come out here!

Stay here. Watch the girl.

You come with me.


"You big bag of pus!
Come on out!"

"Come on, Fleischer!
I'm waiting for ya..!"

You run piggy-back!

Come on.

Come on.

Rosa, come on.


- Father?


Rosa, jump.


Come on, swim.

He is finished.


All go to hell.

What do you mean, Flynn?

Up on your feet!

A bomb...

A real beauty.

In the main magazine.

In the main magazine, I saw a
man with a portal.

Any minute now.

We must find it.

It was in X TURM.

There is no time!

Seen you in a minute, Fleischer.

We'll shout at the Devil together.

Could be anywhere.