Shout (1991) - full transcript

A new music teacher in a 1955 West Texas home for wayward boys brings new vision and hope for many of the interned boys.



JESSE: Wake up!

Wake up!

Wake up!


Wake up!

Wake up!


It's time. Wake up!



Get back in the house!
Hurry up. Hattie! Elizabeth!

You get in here!



Wake up!


Come on!

Wake up!

Yeah! Come on!

Wake up!


I told you it was
that damn new kid again.


Don't make me come up
after you there, boy!


Wake up!




Excuse me.

Either of you boys have any gum?


♪ Are you out there

♪ Can you hear me

♪ Can you see me

♪ In the dark

♪ I don't believe
it's all for nothing

♪ It's not just
written in the sand

♪ Sometimes I
thought you felt too much

♪ And you crossed
into the shadow land

♪ And the river was overflowing

♪ And the sky was fiery red

♪ You gotta play
the hand that's dealt ya

♪ That's what
the old man always said

♪ Fallen angel

♪ Casts a shadow
up against the sun

♪ If my eyes could see

JESSE: Thanks a lot
for the ride, fellas.

♪ The spirit of the chosen one ♪

Means a lot to me.

Easy. Easy, chief!

What's the matter there,
big fella?

The sheriff didn't feed you
a banana this mornin'?


All right, boys.
Nobody said to stop workin'.

That's right, boys.
Hard work works.

Mornin', Mr. Benedict.

One, two, three!

ALL: Twenty-seven!

One, two, three!


One, two, three!


One, two, three!


All right.
Sit-ups. Hit the deck.

And ready!

Up! Down.

Up! Down.

Up! Down.


Up! Down.

Up! Down.


- Down.

Up! Come on,
Mr. Lane. You can do better.

Keep it up. Up!

- Down. Let's go! Let's go! Up!

Oh, come on.
You think this is hard?

Life is hard. Up!

I... I can't...

I will not tolerate
you quittin' on me!

- I'm sorry, sir. I'm sorry.
- EUGENE: All right?

You just got
yourself an extra half hour

of calisthenics after
the other boys go in.

Look at me!
I got 30 years on ya!

He ain't you, Benedict.

I know that's what you want,

but he ain't you.

And you just got
yourself another hour.

Make it two, and you got a deal.

Welcome home.



- Bradley.

Who is that?



What's she doin' back here?

It's summer.
She's back from college.

That's not Sara.
It's too big to be Sara.

- She has...
- Tits.

The place looks great.

Doesn't it?

All right, Mr.
Tucker. That's enough.

Uh... Wait a minute.

Take these bags
into the house, please.



Excuse me. I have some
fragile things in there.

Tucker, please, be careful.

Who's that?

Oh, he's the new boy.
A handful.

Look at you, honey.

- You light up this whole house.

I gotta get that. Mr. Tucker,
take the bags upstairs.

Hello? This is Eugene.

Yeah, well...

would you please be careful?




Mr. Tucker!
Get these things picked up.

What happened out there?


If he gives you any trouble,
just let me know.

I can take care of myself.


Of course you can.

Excuse me.







The new boy.


♪ Well, I was a fool

♪ Believe what you said

How about a whiskey, Junior?

Good song.

WOMAN: Hey, Molly,
come here and dance with us.

Do you wanna dance?


♪ Oh, goodbye, baby

♪ I may never see you anymore ♪


- What are you doin', man?
- What?

I said, "What are you doin'?"

No nigger music in here.

What's it on the juke for?

It ain't.

Let her go.

You say somethin'?

Come on, man. Be cool.


What kind of word is "cool"?

Too many syllables for you?

Come on, Travis.
Leave him alone.


You're not from
around here, are you, boy?

You need a ride to the bus stop?

No, thank you, sheriff.

Just here for a job, that's all.

Music teacher, Benedict's place.

Mr. Benedict's expecting you?

Yes, sir, he is.

You enjoy makin'
me look like a fool?

You do a pretty good
job of that yourself.

WOMAN: Let's go, Hank.

MAN: Fine, come on.

Y'all come back now.

I was hoping you'd come out.

I keep telling
him we're old news,

but he never was one
to keep up on current events.

Look, I run a club on the other
side of the tracks, so to speak.

How's the booze?



Stop in sometime.
Ask for Molly.

Hey, Molly.

How come that
record was on the juke?

I slipped it in when
nobody was looking.

I'll see you around, Molly.

Definitely see you around.

- Thank you, Doris.
- You're welcome.

You're more than qualified
for this job, Mr. Cabe.

You're gonna find
these kids are damaged goods.

Some of 'em are orphaned.

Others are sent here by their parents,
by the juvenile authorities.

It's a great pity.

A strong hand is what they need.



They need role models, Mr.



CABE: Mr. Benedict,
you don't have to worry about me.

You need somebody
to get the boys ready

for the Fourth of
July concert. Am I right?

I'm your guy.

I saw your sign when I
walked through the gate,

and I agree with it.

I'll work hard with these boys,

and I'll teach 'em their music.


♪ A mighty fortress is our God

♪ A bulwark never failing

♪ Our helper amid the flood

♪ Of mortal ills prevailing


Wake up!

♪ Doth seek to work us woe

♪ His craft and power are great

♪ And armed with cruel hate

♪ On earth is not his equal


So what are you
gonna do about it?

Do about what?

About what. About her.

Go over there and talk to her.
She wants to talk to you.

No, she doesn't.

Yes, she does.

No, really?

"No, really?"

- Yeah, she wants to talk to you.
- You really think so?

I know so.

You look fine. Go talk to her.

- Okay.
- Go.

BOY: Let's get some lunch.
Let's get something to eat.

what he's thinking about.

I saw you looking gaga at
that girl in church yesterday.

No, I wasn't.

Yeah, sure you weren't.

Oh, Alan. Oh, Alan.

Come fondle my massive
milkers. (LAUGHING)



One, two, three, and...


Bop, bop, bop, bop,
bop, bop, bop, bop.

Quarter note, sharp attack.

Bop, bop, bop, bop.




You've gotta loosen up, man.
You're playin' like a robot.

Try it without this.

I can't play without music.

Try it.

I can't.

Jesse, you gonna join us?




You play chords with your left hand,
and you pick with your right.

- Pick with the right, huh?
- Pick with the right.

Kind of like this? (SNICKERS)

That's just
the right look for you.

I know you better than
you think I know you, boy.

If he don't wanna participate,
I got a job for him.


Mr. Tucker.



Well, let's go.
And one, two, three, and...



What is your problem?

Excuse me?

Look, it's obvious you've taken
some sort of disliking to me.

I don't much like you either.

So why don't you stay
down there in your hole

and I'll stay as far away
from you as possible, okay?



♪ Look at old Jesse
there down in a hole

♪ He acts real tough
but he looks like a mole ♪

What's your problem?

♪ His punishment was diggin'
in the mud and the sand

♪ When he could have been
playin' with the boys in the band ♪



Come on. We ain't got all day.

All right, all right.


♪ The day I died
there weren't no funeral

♪ Throwed a big party instead

♪ Shouts to the preacher
Let's raise the toast

♪ 'Cause that
bitch is finally dead

♪ I hear 'em callin', sayin'

♪ Oh, bring your saxophone

♪ Oh, and a black cat bone

♪ Oh, tell the whole room

♪ The devil
callin' me back home ♪



Come on, get the lead out.

Come on!
Come on, come on, come on.


♪ But before I go
I'm gonna make it true

♪ That, baby, I'll get my kicks

♪ I hear 'em callin', sayin'

♪ Oh, bring your saxophone

♪ Oh, and a black cat bone

♪ Oh, travel all alone

♪ Devil's callin' me back home ♪

Go up there.
They're gone. Come on.

Shut up!

♪ Oh, playin' my saxophone

♪ Oh, and my black cat bone

♪ Oh, I travel all alone

♪ The devil
callin' me back home ♪


Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

Geez Louise! What's
wrong with you guys today?

You were bad before,
but you're stinkin' up the place now.

What was that music you were
playing in your room last night?

Yeah. We'd like to play that.

Yeah. It gave me a boner.


- Will you teach us?
- No.

Why not?

Because Mr. Benedict
wouldn't appreciate it.


Keep goin', Jesse.

Everybody, join in.
Toby, quarter notes on that.

Quarter notes on that.

Straight quarter notes?

One and three on the bass drum.


Add a backbeat.


Bradley, just play the changes.


It's not on here.

You'll get used to it.

Big Boy. Just play the
bass line. Play the bass line.




It's called rock and roll, boys.

Only a select few know
about this right now.

But I'll tell you something.

In the not-too-distant future,
it is gonna burn through this country

like a prairie fire.

You think you can handle it?

You got the guts?

Dang straight, man.

Well, you can't.

Not yet. You gotta get better.

- Okay?

Now, this is the deal.

You practice real
hard and you learn

your music for the show,
and then...

And then we'll talk
about rock and roll.

You guys gotta practice.


Hope you taste
better than you look.

Come here, you stinkin' bird!
Come over here.

MAN: Let's go! Let's go!

- She smiled again. I swear.
- No way.

Yeah, she did.

Out of the way, boys.
Coming through.

Move over.

Excuse me.

Hey, guys,
you know what'd be great?


Startin' our own
rock and roll band.


Could we do that?

Jesse, wanna join
our rock and roll band?

BOY: But can we do that?


She's beautiful, isn't she?

She's the most
beautiful girl I ever saw.

Only girl you ever saw.

BOY: Shut up or I'll
kick your little butt.

BIG BOY: Try it, blimpo.

I'm gonna nail her. (CHUCKLES)


I'm gonna light up Benedict's
precious little daughter

like a pinball machine.


What do you mean,
you're gonna nail her?

What do you mean,
what do I mean? What do you think I mean?

Yeah, sure you are.

You wanna bet?


Come on. You boys must have
a little chore allowance saved up.

Why don't you put your money
where your big mouth...



- I'll bet.
- Me, too.

BRADLEY: How much? $2?
BOY: You don't have $2.

Wait a second. I don't think that we
should bet about something like this.

What's the matter? Chicken?

No, I'm not chicken.
I just don't think...


Hey, you shut up.

You what?

It's not right. I...

She's a nice girl.

TOBY: So marry her.

Are you kidding me?

Look at her sittin' back there.

That's Benedict's
little pride and joy.

This'll teach him.


All right, fine. You
don't want in, no problem.

How about the rest of you guys?

I'm in.





Hey, Sara.

How you doin'?

Did you have a good ride?

Nice legs. On you too, Sara.

SARA: Look,
I've had just about enough.



JESSE: Shut up.

- Shut up!
- You're a regular Cary Grant there, Jess.

TOBY: Smooth move, ex-lax.


You're not
supposed to be in here.

Nah, it's okay. I...

I get invited in
here quite a bit.

My father will be back.

Do you want me to go?

Do what you want.

- Okay, I'll go.
- No, don't. Uh...

Sara, I'm really sorry that

I threw dirt on your feet.

You know, you're the first
pretty girl that we've had around,

and I guess I got
a little flustered.

What are you doin'?

I'm just writing
a letter for my father.

Hey, is this a picture of you?

- Yes.
- Really?


I got a little
picture too, actually.

SARA: Are these your parents?


Handsome couple.
Where are they now?

Uh, they died.


Yeah, in a car crash.

I'm sorry.

Nah, it's okay. You know,
it was a long time ago.

My mom died when I was eight.

I remember that she had this
one freckle on the end of her nose,

and she would call
it her kiss button.

Whenever I would touch it,

she would give me a kiss.

Hey. What's the matter?


I just hadn't thought
about her for a while.

Look, I should go.



I'll see you later.



Try it without the sheet music.

I can't play it
without the music.



I wanna see you after class.

Okay, guys.
And one, two, three.


- You scared?
- Yeah.

Yeah, me too. Stay there.
Stay there. Stay there.

All right. I want you to go from
there to here without walking.

No runnin' either.

How am I supposed to do that?

I don't know. I don't know.

Just use your imagination, man.

Come on. Come on.

Yeah, that's it.

Now, something else.

What else?

I don't know. Something else.

Like what?

Well, anything. Walk like a
monkey. Cluck like a chicken.

I don't care.

Monkeys don't cluck.

Oh, come on, man. Just do it.

Come on. Yeah.







Good, man.

How long should I
keep doing this for?

Till you get it right.

Now, come on. Come on, man.

Yes! Yes! Yes!


What's up?

Pork chops for dinner.


What a dick.


- Hi.
- Hi.

I got something for you.

Your picture looked a little
worse for the wear, so...


It's an old
frame of my mother's.

You didn't have to...

I think...


Well, I'll talk to you later.


Don't sleep much, do you?

CABE: Mmm-mmm.

What are you running from?

CABE: What makes
you think I'm runnin'?

You're a runner, all right.


- Good mornin'.
- Good mornin'.

What are you doin' up so early?

Couldn't sleep.

This is what I was looking forward
to most about coming back here.

Do you ride?

Nah, we aren't
allowed to ride 'em.

Pretty good at cleanin'
up their crap, though.

Did you like the picture?


Listen, there's
something I need to tell you.

I never did get to thank you

for the picture.

I love this time of morning.

Would you like to kiss me?

Now walk like a monkey,
cluck like a chicken.

You know, I've been thinking.

I've never done it before.

Maybe you could teach me.

Teach you?

Yeah, 'cause it's gonna be
a long, hot summer.


Do you ever let
other people touch it?


You mean my guitar?

Of course.

What else would I
be talking about?


Okay, that's it.
Just go. Let it go...

All right, now, play. One...

They are doing so
much better now.

They're actually starting
to sound like a real band.

It's your methods, Mr. Cabe,
in the classroom.

And those silly, stupid dances

you're teaching Croft
and Blaine out in the field...

I'm trying to
make it fun for them.

You didn't see these kids
when they came to me, Mr. Cabe.

running with gangs...

Control is the only
thing that got 'em this far.

Mr. Benedict,
I am so sure that everything

that you've done for
these kids is great.

Thank you.

I just feel there are other ways

of getting results, that's all.

Mr. Cabe,
I'm not gonna argue with you.

I can always get me
another music teacher.

What do you guys want?

Wanna hear some tunes, man.

No. No more records.

Why not?

'Cause you heard 'em all.
That's all I got.

So we'll listen to 'em again.

Nope, I can't.

Why can't we?

I just can't, okay?

It's Benedict, isn't it?

He found out.

It's okay. He gets to
everybody sooner or later.

Wait a minute.

All right!


any of you guys got a radio?

- No. Why?

- Forget it.
- What?

What? I'm not gonna get
you all cranked up over nothin'.

Forget it.

Oh, come on. Tell us.


All right.

All right, there's
this deejay I know about.

What's a deejay?

Don't you know nothin', man?

Tell him, Mr. Cabe.


Deejay's a disc jockey. The man
who spins the platters on the radio.

And there's this one
fella in particular...

Out of Memphis, I believe it is,

and he plays
the hottest rock and roll.

I mean, real scorchers.
Strictly underground stuff.

Now, he calls
himself the Midnight Rider.

Everybody has
tried to shut him down.

I mean,
parents, school teachers,

the government,
President Eisenhower...

Tried to shut him down,
but nobody could.

He's always one
step ahead of the law.

Nobody can stop
the Midnight Rider.

How can we hear him?

Well, like I said,
you need a radio.


You know, come to think of it,

you probably even
need a shortwave

all the way out
here to pick him up.

Now, beat it!

I can fix that old
radio in the garage.

There's a book in science
class all about radios,

and I can go from that.

- All we need is the pieces.
- Let's do it.

- Sure you don't want me to do this?
- No.

I gotta do it.
Keep your eyes peeled.

Bradley! Bradley, come on!


What are you doing?
What's that?

This is

a project for science class.

We're getting extra credit
for taking apart radios,

and examining
what's inside of them.

You can do better than that.

We wanna listen to a radio
show that Mr. Cabe told us about,

and I need one of these
to build a shortwave radio.

- What show?
- Midnight Rider.

BIG BOY: Come on! He's coming,
Bradley! Come on!

Go on, take it. Take it.

We listen to
Midnight Rider at college.


Thank you, Sara. (CHUCKLES)

JESSE: All right, now you sort of
cradle the neck with your left hand.

- And then you rest this on your knee.
- SARA: Hmm.

All right.
Say, like, a "D" chord.



All right, now, you put your
first finger on the second fret.

This one here. That one there.



Now with your right...

Well, now, you gotta
hold on tighter here.

- SARA: Okay.
- Okay?

- Okay.
- Okay.

All right. Now, strum.



- It's good.
- Sounds bad.

It's good. That was good.


- You know it sounds bad.
- It was good.

I got it! I got it!
Okay, end the bridge.

Coming off the verse,
you play like you were before, right?

then... And I'll answer you.

And we'll do it
four times, right?


It'll be perfect!

Shut up, shut up, shut up.

Why do I you just
keep doing the "D" chord?

I got a problem.

Ooh-wee. I guess Jesse's
gonna win that bet after all.

Shut up!


Hi, Sara.

Hi, Bradley.

Did you get that radio working?

Yeah, yeah.

Um, thank you for that.


You okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.


What's wrong?

Sara, there's
something I have to tell you.

A bet? A stupid bet?

Come on.
Let's win that bet for you.

Come on. Here I am.


- That's what I thought.
- Sara.

Sara! It started out as a bet,
but it's not about that anymore.

That's a good one.

That's almost as
good as that sick lie

you told me about your parents,

or whoever those
people in the picture were.

You were using me to get at my father,
weren't you?

That's what this was all about?

Well, I'm not my father, Jesse.



MAN: Now, let's start
off with Lefty Frizzell...



Come on, man.
Find the Midnight Rider.

I'm trying to.

MAN: (DEEP VOICE) Are you out there,
brothers of the night?

That's it.

Are you listening?

Flying to you on
night-silent black wings,

gettin' inside you, urgin' you,

tellin' you that tonight,

anything can happen.

Are your ears open?

Because the ears
and not the eyes

are the windows of the soul.

Listen, my children. Listen.

Listen. Listen.


♪ Soldier of fortune

♪ He's a man of war

♪ Just can't remember
What he's fighting for

♪ Start a revolution
Right before your eyes

♪ When you hear the big bang
Don't you be surprised ♪


- Where you goin'?
- Him.


I want my money.


I thought you
were gonna nail Sara.

What, did you chicken out?

Yeah. You chicken out?

We had a bet.

Pay up.

That's right.
Put up or shut up.

♪ Can't predict the future
Can't forget the past ♪

Jesse, wait a second. Jesse.

♪ Feel like any moment
Could be the last

♪ In the valley of tears

♪ By the river of time

♪ In the book of David

♪ In the Holy Bible

♪ It will be written

♪ By the children of Eden

♪ And the Holy Ghost

♪ Save this place

♪ In the valley of tears

♪ By the river of time

♪ From weapons race

♪ In the book of David

♪ In the Holy Bible

♪ When it's laid to waste

♪ It will be written

♪ By the children of Eden

♪ And the Holy Ghost
And the Holy Ghost ♪

TOBY: Jesse.


BIG BOY: Hey, what happened?

Where are you going?

- Out.
- Bradley.

What if Benedict catches us?

Let's go.

BOY 1: This is it. Come on.

BOY 2:
Are you sure we can get in?


I told him to meet us here.

- ALAN: How do they know about it?
- Jesse.

Cabe told us.

We're gonna get
our butts kicked.

- What's up?
- Just follow me.

- Hi.
- Hello.


- Jesse.
- Jesse.

- Put the cigarette out.
- Do you know what you're gonna say?

would you guys just shut up

and let me do
the talking to this guy, okay?

Be quiet.

ALAN: How do we get in?
BIG BOY: I don't like this.

JESSE: Shit.


It's all right.

- All right. Here we go.



We're friends of Cabe's.

- Come on.



♪ My old lady's back
in the driver's seat

♪ And she's a-rainin' down on me

♪ Rainin' down on me

♪ She got
the jury in the sidecar

♪ And the judge
in the front seat

♪ You gotta pay through the nose

♪ For everything that you owe

♪ Yes, you do

♪ You got to pay
through the mail

♪ Or they will haul
you off to jail, yeah

♪ Well,
you can walk away now, free

♪ But you must wait indefinitely

♪ Alimony, alimony

WOMAN: You pig!

Shut up!

♪ Alimony, alimony

♪ The judge says
this man's a phony

♪ And he's full of
nothin' but plain baloney

♪ Alimony

♪ Yeah, in the fast lane


WOMAN: What'd you call me?


♪ Too much love in the fast lane

♪ Really don't mean a thing

Take your time. Easy.

♪ 'Cause when your gal gonna die

♪ Every girl is just the same

♪ Alimony, alimony

♪ Alimony, alimony

♪ Overruled my testimony

♪ Yes, it did

♪ Yes, it did

♪ Alimony, alimony

♪ Alimony, alimony

♪ Overruled my testimony

♪ What you say

♪ The judge says
this man's a phony

♪ And he's full of
nothin' but plain baloney ♪



It was me.


I told Sara about the bet.

What did you do that for?

'Cause you're an asshole.


Man, you don't just make a bet
on a girl about something like that.

You like her, don't you?




But she's in love with you.

You're blowing it, man.

♪ You gotta pay through the nose

♪ For everything that you owe

♪ You got to pay
through the nose

♪ Everything that you owe

♪ All right

What are you doin', boy?

Better take it easy on that
stuff. It'll make you go blind.

How you doin'?

You brought the troops
with you, didn't you?

Better not make a habit of
this. We'll both get in trouble.

How you doin'?


I don't know, man.

Got it pretty bad, don't you?

She ain't nothin' like
what I thought she was.

(LAUGHS) They never are.

Why don't you get up there
tonight? Jam with the rest of 'em.

Be good for you.

Why don't you?

Maybe I will.

(CHUCKLING) Come on,
sugar, let's dance.

As long as you're here,
have a good time.

MAN: ♪ Big guy
whompin' out on the bass

♪ Johnny Ray a piano taste

♪ The joint's smokin'
And it's packed inside

♪ Everybody's just feelin' nice

♪ So get with the band

♪ Get with the band, y'all

♪ Yeah, get with the band, now

♪ So get with the band

♪ Get with the band, y'all

♪ Yeah, get with the band, now

♪ Try and catch the guitar man ♪


♪ Shake your can

I gotta do this.

♪ Come dance the guitar man

♪ Shake your can

♪ Come dance the guitar man


♪ Everybody stay on your feet

♪ In the back, on the tables
And the seats

♪ Get your thing
out here on the floor

♪ Keep it,
keep it out in the window

♪ Keep it,
keep it out in the window

♪ The cook is smellin'
something It's not right

♪ The bar is wet
But the county is dry

♪ Get with the band

♪ Get with the band

♪ Get with the band

♪ Catch the guitar man

♪ -Get with the guitar man
-Guitar man

♪ -Guitar man
-Guitar man

♪ Hey


♪ Get with the music

♪ Get with the guitar man

♪ Shake it with the guitar man

♪ -Guitar man
-Oh, yeah

♪ The guitar man

♪ Guitar man

♪ Guitar man

♪ Guitar man

♪ The guitar man


WOMAN: I don't wanna go.

Did you see him?

You did good tonight, Jesse.


I did, didn't I?

Yeah, you did. You were hot.

Well, well, well.
What we got here?

Little after-hours action, huh?

Travis, you're drunk.

- Yeah, come on, man. Just you and me.
- Jesse, let's go.

No, no, no. Come on. What's the
matter with you? It's you and me.

Off the record.
Completely off the record, uh?

No badge.

Why don't you sleep it off, man?

No gun.




JESSE: Cabe! Cabe, man,
come on. That's enough.

MOLLY: Stop!

- JESSE: Let go. Let go.
- Come on!

Jesse, get him outta here.

- Let me at him!
- Just get him out!

Are you crazy?
He's the goddamn sheriff!

- JESSE: Come on.

JESSE: I don't know, man.

I've never felt like that.
I've never played like that.

It was amazing.

I know, but I don't think
runnin' away is a good idea.

I'm not goin' back in there.

You can't beat
these sons of bitches.

You can beat 'em.

It's a rigged game.

It's a rigged
game if you run away.

They automatically win that way.

I wouldn't do it.

I wouldn't do it if I were you.

If you're gonna go, I'd go now.

He'll be up any time.

I'll cover for you
as long as I can.

You got bucks?

Yeah, I got some.

I'm gonna miss you, man.


All right, you know where to get me,
if you need me.



(SNIFFS) You know, uh,

I'm gonna give you something.


I'm gonna give you this.

No, man, I can't take that.

Yeah, no, you know,
a good friend of mine gave me this,

and I wanna give it to you.

So please take it. Go ahead.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

I'd learn how to fix it, though,

'cause it costs an arm and a
leg to get that thing repaired.


Glad to have you back.

You young people are
coming to a time...

When difficult
decisions must be made,

as is our country.

There is a moral decay
eating away at our land,

in books, on television,

- in the movies...


In our own government.

And now, in this new music.

It is a foul, black music,

godless and profane.

I implore you to say no to it.

Shout no to it.

And now let's bow our heads
in a moment of silent prayer,

and ask God for
the strength and courage

to fight this evil that
threatens the very foundation

of our American way of life.


I'm sorry about last night,

about the bet, and everything.

I got no excuses...

Except that you scare me.
I mean,

that first day you showed up,
I remember thinkin'...

This is the kind of girl that

that wouldn't ever want to
have anything to do with me.

So I guess I must've
known already that...

I liked you, and it scared me.

You were right
about the picture.

Came with the wallet.

It just looked like the kind
of folks a guy should have,

and I just sort of adopted 'em.

So who were your parents?

Who were my parents?

Father was a wildcatter,
and my mother was a waitress,

or maybe she was a salesgirl,
and he was in the service.

Or maybe they were just two
teenagers who met behind a bar.

I guess you heard
about the trouble we had

at the Lizard Lounge last night.

I am sorry, Travis.

You were right.
I should have fired the guy.

I'll do it just as
soon as I get back.

I don't want you to do that.

I've been doin' some checkin' around,
like we talked about.

I'm expecting a phone call from
the sheriff in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Seems as though
they had some trouble

down there a couple years back.

The description could be Cabe.
I ain't sure that it's him.

But if it is, I don't want you
to spook him, so sit tight.

I want this man just
as bad as you, Eugene.

Just as bad as you.


We're cookin' now, daddy.


Who is responsible for this?

I am.

No, he's not. I am.

It's me.

You know who it is.

All right, everybody
back to the dormitory.

You, come with me.

I've been easy on
you long enough now.

This is your new bed.

Get used to it.



Hey, Jesse.

Okay in there?

Yeah, I'm fine.

I thought you guys were
headin' over to the girls' school.

Yeah, we decided not to.


Well, you know.

Look, you like her, don't you?

I can't stop thinkin' about her.

Then go down there and see her.

Okay. Thanks, Jesse.

BIG BOY: Alan, wait up.
Come on, man, wait up.

ALAN: Come on, slowpoke.

BOY: Guys, keep it down.

BRADLEY: What are you doin'?

Be careful.

What's he doin'?

BIG BOY: You lame brain.
What's it look like he's doin'?

They're coming.

ALAN: There she is.

Listen, maybe we should go.

Come on.

- Yeah, we should go.
- Shut up, Willis.

Come on.

GIRL: Come on, let's go.

BOY: Hey, turn the radio on.

I'll be right back.

Are you leaving?

Come on, come on, come on.
All right.

MAN: This is
the Midnight Rider, KZWR,

ridin' on the silver waves
of this moonlit night.

Are you out there?

Are you listenin'?

Do you wanna dance?


♪ Rubber on the highway

♪ Smoke in the air

♪ Rollin' out of this town

♪ Headed I don't know where

♪ I don't know muddy waters

♪ Or the Johnny Cockaroo

♪ And I don't know Jesus

♪ But I may have seen the truth

♪ I don't know love

♪ But I know this


♪ It's more than a kiss

♪ More than a kiss

♪ Standin' on the outside

♪ Just me and my mate

♪ With our backs
against the wall

♪ And the midnight
train runnin' late

♪ I don't know love

♪ But I know this

♪ It's more than a kiss

♪ More than a kiss

♪ More


♪ I've been to the altar

♪ But I didn't know the words

♪ When the candles were
burnin' And the colors were turnin'

♪ She could see
just what I heard

♪ I don't know love

♪ But I know this

♪ It's more than a kiss

♪ More than a kiss

♪ More than a kiss

♪ More than a kiss

♪ More than a kiss

♪ More than a kiss

♪ More than a kiss

♪ Well, more than a kiss

♪ Talkin' 'bout, talkin' 'bout ♪

What are you boys doing here?

♪ Talkin' 'bout,
talkin' bout, talkin' 'bout

♪ Talkin' 'bout,
talkin' bout, talkin' 'bout

♪ Talkin' 'bout

What's your name?


My name's Alan,

and I love you.

♪ Well...

I can't stay.

Why not?

My father, he'll know I'm gone.

Well, he's gotta know someday.

I know. I know.

Don't you wanna get away?

Don't you ever just wanna go
and keep on goin'?

- Sure.
- I know I do.

I don't wanna see nothin' but
blacktop for a couple thousand miles.

Where would you go?

There's this place,

they've got this little bar
and a stage in the corner.

And on Friday nights,
everybody comes down after work

and gets to drinkin',
and makin' all this noise...

So you can
barely hear the music.


But I wouldn't care.
I'd just play.

I'd just keep playin' till there
wasn't anything left to play,

and then I'd play
until they drag me out.

Where is it?

I don't know.

You'll find it.







- BOY: What gives?

He's gone.

What's goin' on?

What are you doin' out here?

I wanna know what happened.

Your Mr. Cabe is a wanted man.

He's a murderer.

What's the matter with you guys?

Don't let Benedict see
you acting like this.

How are we supposed to act?

You tellin' me you believe
what they're sayin' about Cabe?

No, I suppose the cops
just made it up, huh?

I don't care what the cops say.

Then where is he, Jesse?

- Where did he go?
- He'll be back.

He'd be back if
he was comin' back.

You guys can go to hell.


Where you goin'?



Go, Jesse!




CABE: Well,
there was this friend of mine. Colored guy.

We were playing gigs
in Biloxi, Mississippi.

All colored clubs.

And then this one night,
this guy who owned a white club came in.

Heard us. He thought
we were pretty good.

And he offered us
a gig at his club.

He said that he
didn't really care,

you know, what color
the musicians were,

as long as they were good,
and we were good.

Josh tried to talk me out of it.

He said that he
didn't really think

it was worth
makin' the trouble over.

But I don't know. There was
just something about the idea,

that they didn't want us there

that made me wanna play that gig

more than anything
else in the world.


So we played.

At least we started to play.

Got about eight bars
through the first song,

and then all
the trouble started.

Someone threw a beer
bottle in Josh's face.

Then someone had a knife.

I tried to stop it with my hand,

but it went right through my hand,
and right into his gut.

I swear, my hand was
stuck to his belly.

And I looked up,
and there was this...

Kind of puzzled
look on his face.

And I picked up this
broken beer bottle,

and I went after the son
of a bitch who got Josh.

So I got away.

And I ran, and I ran.

And I'm still runnin'.

Maybe it's time to stop.

Don't throw my own
words back at me, boy.

This is different.

How is this different?

Come on, get serious.

You didn't do anything wrong.

I killed a white man in
order to help a colored man,

and in Biloxi, Mississippi,
that is as wrong as you get.

Fight 'em.

I'll help you.

Come on, get out. Get out.

Get the hell outta here, man.


- EUGENE: One, two, three.
- ALL: Twenty-four.

One, two, three.


- One, two, three.
- Twenty-six.

One, two, three.





Mr. Benedict?

Can I come back?

What was that, Mr. Tucker?

Can I please come back?

I won't cause you
any more trouble.

I just wanna come back.



You okay?


I waited for you
after band practice.

Yeah, I had to work in the yard.

Left a note with Alan.

Yeah, I know. I got it.

What's the matter with you?


You know, people have been
asking me that my whole life.

I wanna see you.

I don't think
that's such a good idea.

Why not?


Why? 'Cause of your father,
that's why.

What do you think?

Since when do you care
what he thinks about anything?


I'm gonna be leaving soon.

Yeah, I know, and I'm not.

You're gonna go off to college,

and I'm gonna stay here and
dig ditches for your old man.

I just wanna put in my time
and get outta here.

And go where?

'Cause if you're
looking for a place,

there's a great
spot with a stage...

Where you can play...

You don't get it, do you?
You don't get it.

Every time I hit,
they hit me back harder.

And every time I
start to trust somebody...

Jesse, you can trust me.

And you're leavin', aren't you?



MAN: Let's go...

Ladies and gentlemen,

may I have your attention,

Always a great
pleasure this time of the year

to introduce the Benedict
Home for Boys band.



How do you feel, Eddie?


BOY: Who is that?


I'll be back.

All right.

Cuff him.

- (WHISPERING) I'll see ya.
- OFFICER: Let's go.

OFFICER: Stand back.



One, two, three, four! Whoo!

All right!

♪ We gonna rock

♪ We gonna roll

♪ We gonna rock We gonna roll

♪ We gonna rock

Come on!

♪ We gonna rock and roll
Rock and roll

♪ Floyd said, boy, let's
rock this place tonight ♪

What the hell's going on?

♪ Floyd said, boy, let's
rock this place tonight ♪

- Come on, get up!

♪ My baby's in town And
you know I feel all right ♪

- You hear that?
- Yeah, I hear it.

♪ Well, I ain't gonna
mess with anyone tonight

♪ Well, I ain't gonna fool
with anyone else tonight

♪ My baby's in town And
I'm really gonna rock tonight

♪ We gonna rock

All right! That's it, kids.

♪ We gonna roll

♪ We gonna rock

♪ Yeah, we gonna roll

♪ We gonna rock

♪ -We gonna rock and roll

♪ Rock and roll


♪ She been gone so long
I know what's wrong with me

♪ She been gone so long
I know what's wrong with me

♪ Crazy little mama
got everything I need

♪ We gonna rock

♪ We gonna roll

♪ We gonna rock

♪ We gonna roll

♪ Yeah, we gonna rock

♪ We gonna rock and roll
Rock and roll ♪


♪ We gonna rock

♪ We gonna roll

♪ We gonna rock

♪ Yeah, we gonna roll

♪ We gonna rock

♪ We gonna rock and roll
Rock and roll

♪ We gonna rock

♪ We gonna roll

Where are you going?

Let me go.

♪ We gonna roll

♪ We gonna rock

♪ We gonna rock and roll
Rock and roll

♪ We gonna rock




♪ Always lookin'
over your shoulder

♪ Wonderin' where you come from

♪ Runnin' away
Well, that just gets older

♪ Older than the burnin' sun

♪ Lookin' for a place
Out in the desert

♪ Somethin' written in the sand

♪ Lift up your eyes
Heaven is before you

♪ We're walkin'
to the promised land

♪ Up against the big sky

♪ To spread those wings and fly

♪ Up against that big sky

♪ Mother and father

♪ Sister and brother

♪ We have all let you go

♪ Weight of your longing

♪ Well, it's less than a feather

♪ Out where the four winds blow

♪ You've known all along

♪ Where you were goin'

♪ Faith is an open hand

♪ Seeds that you've sown

♪ Well, you know
What you're knowin'

♪ We're going to
the promised land

♪ Up against the big sky

♪ To spread those wings and fly

♪ Up against that big sky

♪ Up against that big sky

♪ Up against that big sky