Shot (1973) - full transcript

Semi-urban detective duo Ross and Wilson have been charged with taking down a local drug kingpin. After busting a low-level pusher, they convince his girlfriend to start working for them as an undercover operative in exchange for avoiding prison.

- A Cinemaguild production.

- I thought it was pretty good.

- I don't much like them
foreign films.

- Yeah, that was good.

It belongs in a class with
the Bicycle Thieves

and Shoeshine, don't you think so?

- It was one of the 10 best.

- Yeah, you're right.

Wasn't it great?

- Yeah, great.

What do you got there, fuzzy?

- You know, I think we
should see it again.

Yeah, let's go back in.

- You're not going anywhere.

You see, you're under arrest.

I don't think so.

Catch a cab.

- Is he really a pig?

- You better believe he is.

- 29 X-Ray.

Headquarters to 29 X-Ray.

HQ to Two-Niner X-Ray.

Two-Niner X-Ray, do you copy?

- Yeah, this is 29 X-Ray.

Go ahead.

- Two-Niner X-Ray,

disregard on the surveillance.

Return to the station to
pick up your partner.

Two-Niner X-Ray, do you 10-4?

- Hi, folks.

- Looks like you got a
pretty nice harvest.

- Yeah, we did okay.

- I wanna see some of it.

- Okay.

Get the stuff.

- Looks like it'll
make real good rope.

- Yeah, real good rope.

- Let's get it loaded and
get out of here.

- Hey, look, man.

I think you counted wrong.

There's $200 missing.


- What?

- Where's the rest of our bread?

- That's it right there
in your hand.

- Look, this isn't
what we agreed on.

- That's what you're gettin'.

- Hey, now look, man.

Me and my friends worked pretty
hard picking that shit.

- Come on, man!

I got a headache!

- Hey-

- Hey, beat it, man.

Look, I got a gun and you don't,

- Hey, we want our bread!

- Listen to this one.

- Come on, let's go.

Get a haircut.

- Yes, sir.

- Know what you're gonna do?

- Right.

- There they are now.

- You got the stuff?

- Yeah.

You got the bread?

- 10-4, 60.

- All right, buddy.

Climb on down out of there.

Come on.

You got a broken leg or something?

Oh, what the hell?

Goddamn it.

- What's wrong, is it locked?

- No, it's just jammed.

I'll get it.

Son of a bitch.

- What is it?

- What the goddamn
hell is going on?

I don't believe that.

You stupid meathead.

Did you forget everything
I ever told you?

- You never taught us
nothing about this.

- That's fine.

That's just fine.

Two-Niner X-Ray, this is 3-3.

Two-Niner X-Ray, this is 3-3.

29 X-Ray, this is 3-3.

29 X-Ray, this is 3-3.

- Give me that mic there, will ya?

- 29 X-Ray, this is 3-3.

- Yeah, go ahead.

- Be prepared to stop
subjects in van

en route to your location.

Do you copy, 29 X-Ray?

- Yeah, roger, 3-3.

We will apprehend subjects.

- 10-4.

- All units, stand by.

Dodge van heading north
on Sunridge Road.

Several white males and
one white female.

Several white males and
one white female.

Subjects are wanted for
narcotics violations

and for assault.

Subjects are wanted for
narcotics violations

and for assault.

Subjects are believed to be armed.

Believed to be armed.

K-M-A 299.

- Where is 29 X-Ray now?

- Two-Niner X-Ray
is on Rail Yard Road.

- Get the hell out of there!

- Wait, I can't find my shoes!

- Two-Niner X-Ray, do you copy?

- You dumb fuckers!

- Drop it!

Hold it!

- Oh, God.

Don't shoot.

I give, I give.

- Jesus Christ.

What the hell's wrong with him?

Did you kick him or something?

- I didn't do anything to him.

- What the
hell's wrong with him?

- I don't think he feels so good.

- Let's get him out of here.

- They have custody.

- I suppose one of you
heroes shot that guy

over there by the van, huh?

- No, sir.

That was the girl who did the
shooting there, sir.

- Ross shot the other man, sir.

What other man?

- There were three men in all.

- And Ross had to
shoot one of them.

- He fired at me first,
Captain Hayes.

I had to drop him.

- Shit.

How many times have I heard that?

- 6-5-5 to HQ.

- Go ahead, 6-5-5.

- We just ran over a dog

or something out here.

Have the street department come
out and clean up the mess.

- 29 X-Ray, the
captain wants to know

how those two subjects got shot.

- One of 'em shot
the other one in the back.

Possible marital dispute.

Officer Ross shot the
other subject.

- We know about Little Don.

What about you?

What's your real name?

- I already gave it to you.

- Yeah, Ruby's a real name.

Isn't that right, Ruby?

- Yeah, that's right.

- Where do you work now, Ruby?

- I don't have no job right now.

- But she used to.

She used to dance Go-Go out
at the Saibo Club.

Right, Ruby?

- I quit though.

- Maybe we can line you
up with something.

- Like What?

- Well, we have a few people
working kind of clandestinely.

You know what I mean?

It doesn't amount to
too much work.

- I don't want to me no
goddamn informer.

- That's be about enough, Ross.

This agency has
specific guidelines

for the recruitment of
special contacts

and those guidelines will
be adhered to.

Do you understand?

- Yes, sir.

I'm just trying to use every
opportunity available to.

- Nevermind.

We'll discuss this later.

- Well, anyway, sir.

We did a pretty good
job this time,

even if Ross did screw up again.

- Yeah, you guys had a real
test this time.

What's that, Wilson?

- What?

- That, goddamn it.

That book up there.

- I don't know.

I've never seen that before.

- Give it here.

What's this crap doing in a unit,

- Someone else must've
been reading it, sir.

- Don't shit me, Wilson.

You guys have been using this
car for months now.

- Oh, yeah.

That's right.

- Just keep this kind of crap
out of official cars.

You get me?

- Yes, sir.

- It's Wilson's, sir.
- Shut up.

- Okay.

- You two are both treading
on very thin ice.

I know you think you're a pair
of real hot dogs,

but after all, there's a limit to
how far you can go.

You understand?

- Yes, sir.

- What do you mean hot dogs?

- Keep quiet, YOU-

Just to show you an example
of what I mean,

look at this car.

It was new when you
checked it out, right?

- Yes, sir.

That's right, sir.

- Well, these ashtrays
back here look like

they've never been emptied.

You've got unauthorized stickers
on the windshield,

a dirty book stuck up
under the sun visor,

and it smells like puke in here.

It may be funny to you guys,
but after all,

this is an official car.

- That stuffs just part of our
undercover look, Captain.

- All right, I want this goddamn
car properly cleaned up

the next time I see it.

- Right, sir.

- Yes, sir.

- Hey, listen to this.

Youth pulls out own eyes
after drug overdose.

- What?

- Orlando Beach.

Police said Monday that
William Chuck Johnson

pulled out his eyes while
suffering the effects

of a drug overdose in jail.

Johnson, 25, was arrested earlier
when he was observed

walking naked near an elementary
school in Orlando Beach.

- Why do you read that crap for?

- A drug worker said that Johnson
had taken an overdose

of PCP, an animal tranquilizer not
sold for human use.

The spokesman said that he
thought Johnson might've

obtained the PCP through
illegal sources.

Illegal sources.

He was reported to be in a
deeply disturbed state

and so impervious to pain that he
did not even scream

when he pulled out his own eyes.

- Jesus Christ.

Do you believe all that shit?

- Well, I don't know.

- Hey.

Hi, man.

How you doing?

- Yeah, how you doing?

Hmm, real nice.

Yeah, real stylish.

- Oh, yeah.

It's great, isn't it?

I just bought it.
- Yeah, it's great.

Now shut up.

Hey, what you got here?

What's this little jewel, huh?

- Give me that back.

- Woo, look at this.

A real hippie toy.

Hey, it's made out of plastic,

- Don't do that,
it'll fly crooked.

- Oh, it'll fly crooked.

- Come on, man, out it out.

It ain't mine.

- It ain't mine.

- What the hell did
you do that for?

Now it's ruined.

- Oh, yeah.

I guess it's no good anymore.

It's all busted up.

- It wasn't even mine.

It belonged to Rosie Sue.

- Oh, hey.

Hey, I'm really sorry, man.


You know, I really am.

- Goddamn it.

- Goddamn it.

Who the hell cares, man?

Who's this Rosie Sue, anyway?

- She's a waitress here,
that's who.

- She's a waitress here.

Now listen, Micky.

I'll tell you what.

Now, listen up real good.

Me and my friends here, we're
gonna wisen you up a bit.

Open your eyes, so to speak.

YOU dig, my man?

- Yeah, Micky.

El Dynamito.

- You know, I like you, Micky.

Yeah, it's true, I do.

And I think you could do better.

I don't think you're working up
to your potential.

- What?

What do you mean?

- Just trust us.

We'll help you out.

And who knows, we might
even need a hand.

Yeah, let's go.

Hey, listen.

Why don't you get that little
dude with the green tie

to drive you out to the
airstrip tomorrow?

- Micky?

Get serious, man.

- No, no, listen.

If you run into the pigs, you can
say it was his idea.

Offer him 20 bucks.

- All right, if you say so.

- Well, if it isn't my old pal,

The lousy shit.

That creep owes me 50 bucks.

Claims he's always broke,

but look at him sitting there
drinking that wine.

Goddamn it, I'm gonna collect.

- Don't look like he's got
much worth collecting.

- Oh, hey, man.

Far out.

What's happening?

- Hey, your old man's pretty
fuzzed out, isn't he?

- He's not my old man.

- What's going on?

- Blasio's trying to
collect from that dude.

Shit, them downer freaks
ain't got no money.

- Well, Peter.

You owe me some bread, right?

- Um, yeah, man.


I wanted to talk to you
about that, man.

See, I was wondering if maybe I
could have a couple of days

to get something together, man.

Get your bread together.

You know what I mean?

I just want to say, man.

Like, you've really mellowed out,
you know what I mean?

Like, all these other
dudes around here,

they all think you're a pig, man.

I don't.

You've really mellowed out.

You know what I mean, man?

- That's nice.

- While I think of it, man,

I was wondering if I couple
have a couple of reds.

- Yeah, yeah, sure, man.

But first, I gotta have a little
down payment, you know?

- Down payment.

Yeah, I know what you mean, man.

Except, I haven't got anything.

- Yeah, well let's
see if that's true.

- Now, come on, man.

What the fuck is this?

I don't deserve that.

- Oh, it don't run.

The sparrow's face is dirty.

Don't look to me like
it's worth a shit.

- Now, come on, man.

Give me that back.

That means a lot to me.

- Sure, man.


Oh, shit.

Now, how in the hell
did that happen?

- Come on, give me that back.

- Hey, is this your old lady, man?

- You bastard.

Now, give me.

Now, that was a
shitty thing to do.

Now, give me that back.

- Hey, look at that.

- Hey, we better get out of here.

- 676 to headquarters.

- Go ahead, 676.

- 676 is gonna be
talking to a possible 10-96

at the intersection of
17th and McHenry.

- 10-4, 676.



- 6-5-5, go ahead.

- 6-5-5, Code
ten-sixty at 17th and McHenry.

- Twice a day.

- 632, 10-8.

- Roger, 632.

- What's up?

- Okay, we're going to see a Mr.
Daniel Danny Revelli.

- I know Danny.

He's been busted a couple of times
for dealing, hasn't he?

- Mm-hmm.

Well, according to this,
he's moved up.

He handles distribution and
shit like that.

There were 17 raids on the
boards this morning

and Danny's name's on the list.

- Subject does
not have any pants on

and shot Officer Holman in the
face with a water pistol.

- 10-4, 632.

Report of a 10-10 in progress.

- Never had much luck, anyway.

I remember he had his name
tattooed on his fingers.


Real nice job, too.

Decided to get tough
with Moose Cook

and Moose Cook bit his
little finger off.

Now it reads, A-N-N-Y.

- Anny.

- Yep.

He tried to have the letters taken
off, but they still show.

- 6-11 and
six thirty-two are over there.

We've got a sex columnist.

Sounds like a good one.

- Wilson, you've gotta quit buying
these day-old donuts.

- Any units on the west side?

- Yeah, 6-20, I'm clear.

- Last seen
running south from a market

with a large frozen turkey.

- 10-4.

- What do you think about this,

- Come on, Wilson.

Let's go.

Watch out for that puke there.

- Police!

- Open up, police!

Where is he?

Where'd he go?

The other door.

- Shit, I missed!

- Jesus Christ.

I didn't know that son of a
bitch carried a gun.

- Hold it!


Get up.

- Careful.

Thing might go off.

- Move.

All right, let's go.

We've got your
boyfriend downstairs.

- I didn't do nothing.

- It's okay.

This is just routine.

- I didn't know he had a gun,

- Where do you want to
print this girl?

- I don't use dope,
that's for sure.

I don't even drink very much.

Hey, do I have to go to jail?

- I don't know.

I'll see.

I don't have much to
say about this.

- Listen, I suppose
you'll find out.

I've been arrested before.

- Nobody's perfect.

- What's he doing?

- Ah, he thinks he's Dick Tracy.

- Picture time.

Say cheese.

- I'll try to make this brief,

You know you're in trouble.

We got you on 8-15, possession of
over 500 grams, a 20-20,

possession of a controlled
substance, and a 37-100,

interference with police officers.

You'll get some time for this one.

- But I didn't.

- What do you want to do?

- Huh?

- Do you want to work
for us or not?

- I don't know.

- Wouldn't exactly be a new
experience, now would it?

- No, I guess not.

- So?

- Yeah, I'll do it.

- Shit, I don't think she knows
enough to help us.

- Yes, I do.

I helped out a lot.

- Okay.

- But, I mean, are you guys
gonna protect me?

Some of them guys that hang
around with Danny

are pretty mean.

- You don't have to
worry about that.

I'll take care of that personally.

- Swear to God you won't
let them get me.

- Yeah, I swear to God I won't
let them get you.

- Shit.

- Ross, how long has it
been since you read

the book of rules and regulations
of this department?

- I don't know, Chief.

- Well, read it.

Pay particular attention to the
article in there about hair.

You need a haircut, so
let's get one.

- Yes, sir.


- Okay, I'll do it.

But what do I get?

- You get to go home now.

- Yeah, well it's just that I
don't have no job right now.

- And Danny won't be around.

- He ain't shit.

- All right, we'll see if we can't
get you a little dough.

Maybe later on if things work out,

we'll get you on the payroll.

- Okay, but nobody's
gonna find out, right?

- Right.

- You know, this ain't a bad way
to make 20 bucks, is it?

- Well, let's go get it.

- What's your hurry, man?

I mean, there's no way the pigs
could be out here yet.

- Come on down
out of that plane.

Come on down out of there.

Come on.

- Shit, man.

What are we gonna do now?

- Shut up and let's
get out of here.

- Car 12 calling Radar 4.

- Radar 4, go ahead.

- Yeah, I got her set now, Bill.

- Roger.

Got it clocked at 73.

- Okay, I'll be out of car here.

- 10-4.

- Easy 20 bucks, huh?

- Hey, stop whining, squirrel.

- 15 to disregard 19.

- Hey, what's this, a roadblock?

- Nah, it's just a speed trap.

Keep going.

- That guy's doing over 90.

Car 12.

Radar 4 to car 12.

Radar 4 to car 12.

- Hey, what's he trying to do?

- Fuck him.

Keep going.

- Pull over!

Hey, stop!

- Woo, what's that?

- Goddamn.

Sergeant's gonna kill me for this.

- You gotta be shitting me.

- Hey, man.

Not so loud, huh?

- You just better be glad that
that goddamn van was rented

with a hot card or you'd be up
shit creek right now.

- Yeah, well how was I
supposed to know

the fucking pigs would be
out there, man?

- You could've looked
around before

the fucking plane landed,
you shithead!

- Looked around?

Oh, yeah.

- Ah, shut up.

And who the hell do you think that

disguise is gonna fool, anyway?

- Well, I don't know, I thought.

- Where's that
goddamn idiot Micky?

- Micky?

Well, man, that fucking baby was
making so much noise

I put him in the trunk.

- Good.

- Yeah, the pigs are looking
for two guys anyway.

- All right, take your friend home

and stay there till I get there.

You got it?

- I got it, man.

- I've got some business
to take care of.

- What kind of business?

- Beat it!

- Hi.

Is Mark in?

Is Mark in?

Hi, how you doing?

Goddamn it, is Mark in?

' Uh, yeah, yeah.

He's in the back.

- Yeah, well nice talking to you.

- Hey, look who's here.

- Yeah, I thought I'd just drop by
with a little something.

- That's great.

Let's see what you got.

- Well, I like to make my
deals confidential,

if you know what I mean.

- Oh.

Don't worry about my
assistants here.

They're quite trustworthy.

They work for me.

- Yeah, sure.

If you say so.

- I say so.


Just fine.

I've got a little
something for you.

- It's been a pleasure, I'm sure.

- Hey, stick around for a minute.

You know, they don't build
those cop radar sets

for the kind of punishment
some people dish out.

- What are you talking about?

- Don't bullshit me, man.

That business out at the airstrip.

That was your doing, right?

Huh, am I right?

See, I was right.

- You don't fuck around, do you?

- Fun's fun.

Takes money, but fun's fun.

That's great stuff.

That radar business was a
real mess all right.

Hey, I don't mean to slight you.

I know a lot of time and
effort went into that

and went right down the drain.

And leadership and planning too,

Great stuff.

Hey, I'll tell you what.

Will you take that out
of here already?

Tell you what.

I'd like to hear some more
about this stuff.

I might want a little
piece of the action.

- Is that right?

- That's right.

Hey, look.

Why don't you stop by in a
couple of days?

We can talk about it.

- Yeah, sure.

Catch you later, man.

- Yeah.

Hey, watch out for radar on
the way home, huh?

- Say, what are you doing
in a liquor store?

- Chief told me to take a
couple days off.

Thought I'd pick up something
to pass the time.

You're an expert.

Is this stuff any good?

- There's only one
way to find out.

Yeah, this is real good.

This is fine.

- Sure you wouldn't
like another sip?

- Oh, thanks.

It's not that good.

- You're right.

I'm gonna try some Fiesta.

- Hey, your pig pin is crooked.

- Thanks.

- I wonder if I should go to work.

- Go to work?

- Yeah.

There's nothing wrong with being

a professional dancer, is there?

- Nah.

Where do you work now?

- Saibo Club.

Same place I worked before I got
arrested on a bum wrap.

- You mean, plugging your old man?

- Yeah, that's right.

A clear-cut case of self-defense

and they say I gotta go to trial.

- You should've taken my advice.

We could've worked something out.

My recommendations carry
a lot of weight.

- Is that right?

Aren't you gonna pay for that?

- Nah.

Come on, I'll give you a lift.

- Hey, a real police car.

What are you doing
driving this car?

- I don't have a car.

I kind of take care of this.

- Look at all these fancy gizmos.

What's this for?

I'd like a hamburger and an
order of fries, please.

- Hey, come on, goddamn it.

- Can you repeat?

- 10-22.

Why don't you come on downtown

and make a quick statement, huh?

- About what?

- About Little Don and
the stuff in his van.

- I don't feel like making a
statement right now.

Why don't you try me a
little later?

- Yeah, yeah.

- Is this your siren?

- Isn't this your place here?

- Mm-hmm.

- What a dump.

- Thanks for the ride.

- Yeah.

- Look at that.

Isn't that the chick that
shot her old man?

- Hey, isn't that that pig that
plugged Sammy, man?

- Yeah, yeah.

Shut up and get the
hell in the car.

We're gonna have to
take care of that.

- 29, 10-21.

- Yeah, okay.


- Hello?

- Yeah, this is Ross.

- I wanted to tell you.

- Tell me what?

There's gonna be some

stuff delivered tomorrow.

A lot of stuff.

- What stuff?

- A big delivery.

I'm supposed to go along with a
guy, one of Danny's friends.

- Who is it?

- Some guy with rotten teeth.

You should smell his breath.

- Where's the stuff at?

- I don't know
where the stash is,

but he's gonna pick
me up tomorrow.

- You don't know where the
stash is stashed?

- No, I don't,

but I wanted to tell you about it.

- That's good.

- And you're
gonna help me out, right?

You're gonna protect me from
the guys, aren't you?

- Yeah, we're gonna protect you.

- Okay then.

You said I might get paid, too.

- Yeah, we'll see if we can't
work something out.

- Goodbye.

- Roger.

I think I've got 'em right now.

- Roger, Air-4.

According to the info we
received yesterday,

the car should be a

Red and pretty beat up.

- 10-4, I have
subjects in sight.

I have subjects in sight.

- Ah, this coffee
tastes like shit.

Air-4 to unit 29.

Suspect vehicle is stopping.

- What are you doing?

- Roger, Air-4.

Have they spotted you?

- 10-34, I don't think so.

- What are you doing?

- That one's mine.

It's the bonus I richly deserve.

- You're crazy.

They're gonna know it's missing.

- Oh, shit.

Them ying yangs don't know
what's going on

as long as you don't tell 'em.

- Sure.

- Now listen, you ain't involved.

Just don't say nothing.

- Okay, 29.

They're moving again.

- 10-4.

Do you have the suspect
vehicle in sight?

That's affirmative.

They're approaching your location.

- 10-4, Air-4.

You can 10-7.

- Okay.

♪ You know I can't go
to the seashore

♪ 'Cause the police got my Chevy

♪ I ain't got much money

♪ And the landlord's after that

- They must've turned off.

Damn it.

Let's go.

♪ 'Cause he listens to my troubles

♪ Course he don't speak no English

♪ Lord, I wonder where I'm at

♪ Those country blues

- Think you were followed?

- Nah, I was real careful, man.

Just one of the things you
learn in this business.

- Yeah.

Hey, what happened to your teeth?

- I bet the pigs
knocked 'em out, huh?

- No, they just fell out.

Rotted, I guess.

- Yeah, well never mind that.

You got it?

- Yes, sir.

This is it.

- Okay.

Yeah, real fine, real fine.

Except there's one missing.

- Huh?

No there ain't, man.

You must've miscounted.

Let me see.

- Where is it?

- What do you mean?

- I mean, this packet is missing

and this bundle's been
messed with, man.

- Shit, man.

I don't know.

It's just one little
packet anyway.

- Yeah.

Yeah, you got a point there.

Except I don't.

What do you got to say,
little lady?

- Yeah, he took one.

- Goddamn bitch.

- I told you not to, didn't I?

- Yeah, she told you not to,
didn't she?

- That was bad, man.

Real bad.

- Yeah, real, real bad.

- Look, man.

I earned that shit.

I more than earned it.

- You earned something,
but not that.

- Yeah, not that.

- Hey, hey.



Goddamn it, let me go!

- It's just like a rubber chicken.

Except nobody's pulled
out his cork.

- Hey, he fell.

- Hey, he fell.

- Yeah, he fell.

Jesus Christ.

I swear you goddamn butterfingers

would screw up a shit sandwich.

- Man, you should've
seen him splatter.

- The pigs!

- Come on, damn it!

- Jesus, he fell.

Open up!

- Hey!

10 to one says he's dead.

- Well, look who's here.

Things got hot, but I guess you
outslicked 'em, huh?

- Yeah, it looks like it.

- Hey, you guys are really crazy.

You know, you could've got into
some shit over this.

How about a drink?

- Sure.

- Say, how'd that guy happen to
fall off that building?

- Yeah, he fell like a rubber
chicken, didn't he?

- Well, what's next for you boys?

- Who knows.

- I gotta tell you,

you did all right for
me on this one.

- Yeah, well what about Sammy,

The pigs blew him in half.

- Shut up.

- And what about that chick that's
working with the pigs?

- Yeah, yeah.

We'll take care of it.

Now, just keep quiet.

Thank you.

- Look, I'm really sorry
about your friend.

- It's all right, Mark.

I can call you Mark, can't I?

- Sure.

- Well, Mark.

It's my idea that me and my
friends here...

Excuse me a minute, Mark.

Goddamn it, Micky!

If I told you once, I told you
a thousand times,

not to fuck around when I'm trying

to make an important deal!

It's my idea that we take an
extended vacation to Canada.

Just till things cool off.

- That sounds like a good idea.

- Mark, I'm gonna be upfront
with you on this.

We need some bread.

And there's an opportunity for us
to make a big score

on a beautiful investment if
we have the backing.

It's a thousand percent winner.

- And you need some
investment capital, huh?

- That's right, Mark.

It's a beautiful opportunity
that just can't miss.

- What is it exactly?

- A fly in.

A big fly in of goodies
that'll bring

a thousand percent profit.

- Come on, man.

It's not gonna work.

Look what happened the last time.

- Yes, it will.

Now, the last time was bungled.

I'll be the first to admit it.

But that's because it wasn't
organized properly.

Me not being on the scene and all.

- That's right, he wasn't there.

- So what's gonna be
different about this time?

- It's gonna be a drop,
first of all.

None of this landing
and takeoff crap.

And it's gonna be planned right.

We're gonna find a place
that's secluded,

then we'll use radios.

You know, walkie-talkies.

We'll have guys watching the road

just in case the pigs come along.

Everything will be covered.

- Where's the drop gonna be?

- Out in the sticks.

Someplace where a plane
can fly pretty low

without attracting attention.

- Who's gonna be your pilot?

The other guy's in jail.

- I got a guy I think
will do all right.

- Yeah, he's just right.

- I'll tell you what.

I like those thousand
percent returns.

So, if you can get a pilot,
you can count me in.

- I think he'll do just fine.

- Yeah, unless he gets fried.

- Jimbo.

Hey, Jimbo.

How you doing, man?

- Shit, this goddamn place
is a drag, man.

- Here, you better take this.

- Ooh, that's good.

The boss said you called.

We're not allowed to talk
during working hours.

- Yeah, I just wanted to
ask you something.

- What's that?

- I was wondering if you still had
a pilot's license, man.

- Yeah, I still got it.

- Well, if you can get
hold of a plane,

you might be able to
earn some bread.

Like about 200.

- Yeah.


- Only it's slightly illegal.

- Who the fuck cares?

- That's the right attitude, man.

Excuse me a minute.

Micky, put it down.

Good help's hard to
find these days.

- That sounds good to me.

- Good, good.

And little Wanda here will be
going along to help out.

- Yeah, good.

I'll take care of it.

Just let me know when you
want me to do it.

But there's just one thing though.

- What's that?

- I don't want no fucking
fried chicken around.

- Micky, put it down.

- 29er X-Ray to HQ.

- Go ahead, 29.

- 10-21 this number.

10-21 this number.



- 10-4, 29er.

- Who's that to?

- Ruby.

I told her to meet me
here at three.

- She didn't want to do
much talking before.

What makes you think
she'll talk now?

- Sometimes being arrested has a
delayed effect on people.

It loosens the tongue.

Know what I mean?

- Ross, we busted that girl.

She hates our guts.

She's not gonna talk to you.

Headquarters to 29 X-ray.

- Yeah, go ahead.

- 29er, nobody
answered on your 10-21.

- Okay, 10-4.

I wonder where the hell she is?

- Hey, did I tell you
about the shoplifter

I caught last night?

She had a 12-pound turkey
between her legs.

Not only that.

- Shut up.

There she is.


You're right on time.

- I still don't like the
idea of meeting

out in the open like this.

- This is unofficial.

- Unofficial?

- Well, semi-official.

- I don't think this is a
very good idea.

I gotta go_

- Wait a minute.

It might be wise for you to talk
to me for a minute.

- What about?

- About Little Don.

- What kind of shit are you
trying to hand me?

- The only shit involved is
what Little Don

had in the back of his van.

- Yeah, I remember.

Only, why should I want to tell
you about Little Don?

- 'Cause if you don't,

I'm gonna rake your ass over
the coals in court.

- Is that right?

- That's right.

Let's get in.

You drive.

- All right.

So what about the
goddamn court date?

- You know, Ruby,
sometimes I get the idea

that this here's the only
real friend I got.

- What?

- YeP-

It's rough fighting
crime all the time.

Day in, day out.

Nobody appreciates what you do.

Ain't that right, Wilson?

- Yeah, sure.

- That's not all.

Hell, just the other day the
captain got all over my ass

about not having my hair out
according to regulations.

Ain't that a bitch?

It's a dog's life.

This place is a pile of shit.

- Things are tough all over.

So what?

How about taking me home?

- Okay.

Got any of this stuff
back at your place?

- Hey, come on, Ross.

We gotta 10-25 back to the station

and finish up that report on those
two queers you beat up.

- Hey, fuck you.

I don't want to go back to
the station now.

- Hey, look, goddamn it.

If you wouldn't make so much
trouble all the time,

we wouldn't have to make out
the fucking reports.

Shit, Captain Hayes wanted that
thing two hours ago.

- Big deal.

Do it yourself.

My spelling's no good anyway.

- You're absolutely crazy.

You're really a fucking lunatic.

- Thanks.

- That's disgusting.

- You know, Ruby, you're
really something.

You blow up your old man, then
you get mad with me

'cause I happen to carry a gun.

- Oh, shit.

- Don't go.

- I'll be right back.

- You really think that hippie can
fly a plane good enough?

- They let him rent one,
didn't they?

How's everything look, Number Two?

Can you hear me okay, Number Two?

- Yeah, I hear you real good.

There's nobody around.

- Okay.

How's it look, Number Three?

- Looks good here.

- That's a pretty original code
you're using there.

Number One, Number Two,
Number Three.

Yeah, it's real tricky.

- Look, goddamn it.

You can't use names
over these things.

It's a violation of the statutes.

- How about flying planes around

with big loads of dope in them?

- Don't worry about it.

Just get off my ass.

- All right.

What do I care?

- You just better care
about this deal.

- Know where we are?

- Yeah.

If we follow that little
road down there,

we should be all right.

- Hey, let's try out some of
this stuff back here.

- Oh, no.

That's just not done
while you're flying.

- Aw, come on.

It'll do you good.


- You know, it's funny.

You were with your old man when
he got busted, right?

- I told you he's not my old man.

- Yeah.

Yeah, okay.

But you were there.

- That's right.

- Why didn't you get busted?

- Maybe I hid under the bed.

- Bullshit.

- Maybe they didn't think I was
doing anything wrong.

- You better be sure you're not

doing anything wrong now, baby.

- Woo.

That's the El Dynamito.

- I told you it'd do you good.

- Yeah, sure did.

Wow, it sure is beautiful up here,
isn't it?

- You know, I bet a couple
pieces of fried chicken

would taste great right now.

- Ah, nothing could make that
greasy crap look good.

- What's the matter?

- Nothing.

Shit, I was afraid I was lost
there for a minute.

It's okay now though.

I gotta get a grip on myself.

- No, you don't.

Get a grip on this little devil.

- Good, good.

Do you hear that?

Oh, you goddamn dumb broad.

You don't even know what's
going on, do you?

- We should be coming up on the
spot pretty soon now.

- Want me to get
this stuff ready?

- Yeah.

Yeah, we're almost there.

Goddamn, I feel funny.

Not bad, but kind of strange.

- This is Number One.

Chicken Boy is approaching.

I repeat, Chicken Boy
is approaching.

- Number One.

Number One, this is Number Two.

Number One, this is Number Two.

Number One, this is Number Two.

There's a hick in a station
wagon heading your way.

- How do you get this thing open?

- You gotta push on it.

- Shit, man.

This is hard.

- Well, just hold on.

We're almost there now.

- That's them.

- Tell me when you want
these things to drop.

- Goddamn it.

That damn idiot's gonna drive
right into the drop.

- Okay, let it go now.

- Anything you say.

- Well, let's get the
hell out of here,

get this thing parked,
and get gone.

- Thought you were watching the
road, you shithead.

- I was.

I called and nobody answered.

- That useless bitch.

- Hey, man.

How'd it go?

Oh, shit.

- Come on, let's get
that stuff back.

- Did you ever see such a thing?

Fella shouldn't be allowed
to fly an airplane

if he's gonna pull a
stunt like that.

- Yeah, for sure.

- Hey, what is that stuff?

- Doesn't concern you.

- Oh, yes it does.

It concerns the sheriff, too.

- Listen, maybe you just better
forget you seen us, Jack.

- My name ain't Jack and why
should I forget I seen you?

- Because if you don't,

you ain't gonna be eating
anymore hog jowls.

- Come on, goddamn it.

Let's get out of here before
something else happens.

- What about this guy, man?

He's gonna run home and
call the pigs.

- Then fix his car so he
don't go anywhere.

Besides, there's no pigs
for miles around.

- This is your fault!

- Come on, let's get out of here!

- Air One to 29 X-Ray.

Air One to unit 29er X-Ray.

- Hand me that, will ya?

Go ahead, Air One.

- Suspects
leaving area in a green

1973 Chrysler Newport.

Turned left on County Road 131.

Proceed to intercept location.

- 10-4.

- Air One to 29 X-Ray.

Your suspects are moving fast.

You're gonna have to hustle
to cut 'em off.

- Air One, we're at the
intercept position.

Have subjects passed
this location yet?

- Sorry, 29er.

Suspects have already
passed that location.

- 10-4.

- This party is a real drag.

- Hey, I didn't know that those TV
guys were gonna be here.

- Yeah, what are they doing?

- Mr. Chambers, do you feel that
the drug rescue center here

is a valid answer to our
community's drug problems?

- Very definitely.

Very definitely.

Just to look at what the
rehabilitation centers

like our Zodiac House have
done is living proof

of what we have accomplished.

- Mr. Chambers, what do
you feel the future goals

of the Zodiac House operation are?

- Well, there's kind of a
dichotomy of terms here.

First of all, we've gotta
think of the kids.

That's most important.

And if we can prevent a
crime from happening,

maybe we can prevent arrests.

Prevention instead of detention.

- Hold it, man!

This is a private party!

Come on, stop!

- That stupid jerk.

- Well, Perry, let me put it like
this plain and simple.

If we're going to
stop the problem,

we've gotta get the
pushers off the street

and stop the flow of drugs.

Excuse me.

Will you please excuse me?

- Just a second.

- What the hell are
you doing here?

Why didn't you phone
like we agreed?

- Because something fouled up,

The pigs are after us.

We gotta hide here for a while.

- Yeah, man.

There are pigs all over the place.

- Jesus.

You mean the police are
following ya?

The police are coming here?

- Hell, no.

We left 'em way back there.

We just need a place to hide
the car and the dope.

Can you dig it?

- You want to
leave the car here?

I guess it'll be all right.

Drive it around the side.

- Yeah, sure.

- Listen.

You sure the police don't know
you're coming here?

- Look, man.

We left 'em way back there.

They'll never show up here.

- This is a private party,
goddamn it!

- Yeah, but we're the pigs.

- Hey, what is that?

- I don't know.

- What's that?

- The Pigs-

- Shit.

- Police, halt!

- What are you shooting at?

- Johnny, we gotta make sure
there's no dope in the house.

- Oh, Mark, screw yourself.

I wanna fire this thing.

- Son of a bitch.

- 29er X-Ray this is Air One.

- There's keys in this one.

Come on.

- I ain't going.

- All right.


- You dirty bastard!

- Women, man.

They're nothing but dead weight.

- Yeah, I'll say.

- Shut up.

- Where'd they go?

- Down that way.

- All right, don't go
anywhere now.

- Hey, I think they're
catching up with us.

Hey, can't this thing
go any faster?

- Relax.

- Air One to 29 X-Ray.

We're going in to refuel.

We'll be back up and topped off.

- Hey, look out for that gate.

- Got out of the road.
- That son of a bitch.

- Hey, I'm hUn9W-

_ Shut up.

- Hey, watch out for that gate!

What the hell are they doing?

- Piss on 'em.

- Unit 76 will be out

at the north side of the stands.

- 10-4, 676.

- 10-4.

- Air One to 29 X-Ray.

Do you see suspect vehicle?

We lost contact.

29 X-Ray, do you copy, Air One?

- Get back here, man.

I'm gonna waste this guy.

- 29.

Headquarters to 29 X-Ray.

- Freeze!

- Hold it!

- Oh, no.

- Get out.

Get out!

On your feet.

On your feet!

Get up!

- If I had my piece,
I'd blast you.