Shooters (2001) - full transcript

Shooters is a drama documentary film, directed by Dan Reed for Suspect Device Films. The film is set in Liverpool and used local criminals as actors depicting the lives of local 'gangsters'. It is most notable for having been completely unscripted apart from a brief outline; each scene was improvised and ad-libbed by the actors themselves. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Fucking hell!

Fucking hell...

Fucking stay there.
Get on the floor!

John! You know me!

You don't fucking know me.

Put your hands together!

I've seen you at the club.

I don't fucking know him!
I don't fucking know him.

- Have you got shit in this house?
- Check the bedrooms!

He doesn't fucking know me!

Hurry up!

This wasn't supposed
to fucking happen this.

I know his fucking sister.

He knows him.

Turn him over, I don't want to look at him.

Well, you fucked it,
so you'll have to do it.

We can't walk out of here.

and leave him alive,
'cos you'll end up fucking dead.

I can't kill this man, like.

We've got 40 keys of whatever in that bag

That's a shitload of fucking money.

But the only problem is,
he fucking knows you!

Someone's gonna have to do him.

- Fuck that.
- It's got to be done.

So you don't want to do it?
Don't you want to do it?

I'll do it, then.

- I'll do it!
- You can't do that, mate.

I'll do it.
But get the fuck out then!

There's got to be something else
you can do besides this.

Go outside. Fuck off!

I don't fucking believe this.

- Fuck off out!
- Fuck that!

Fucking hell!

What are you fuckin' doing, now?

Ah, fuckin' hell.

Fucking hell, I don't believe this

Fucking hell!

Here we go.

You know, man, I want to get out of here.

It's all your fucking fault, anyway.

Youse were to deal with that.
I wasn't supposed to go in.

I was a backup man,
I just set the alarm off.

It was either you or him.

No, it wasn't.
He was on the floor tied up.

Man got fucking wasted, mate.

You knew this before
we all entered the fucking game.

750 grand's-worth of caper,
and you're moaning!

- And a dead man.
- That's not my problem.

You didn't fucking shoot him.
I had to fucking do it.

So, is this going three ways anyway?

Have you had the bollocks?
You got bent on the graft.

Hang on a minute,
this was my graft, not yours.

I bent you on. You were crying,
you, "I've got no money"!

Listen, it's not going
three ways, John, that's that.

If it wasn't for me,
the guy'd have got away.

If it wasn't for you,
l wouldn't have had to kill him.

There's a lot here.

You can't change fuck-all, kid.
So, happy days!

I'm out of here.

Put your coat in the cloakroom.

Don't come in trainers again.

All these phones, man.

Anything on you that
shouldn't be there? No drugs!

John? John!

Come in.

I want a word with you later.
Put him down to me, please.

Everybody! This is Liverpool!

When you make, I make.

You owe me about three
and a half hundred quid.

You've owed me for three weeks.
Where's the fucking money?

You've been selling shit tonight,
haven't you?

I've only sold one.

- You owe me about 350 quid.
- I know that.

- You haven't got any dough?
- I'm trying to get it.

You've been making it here tonight.
When you make, I make.

I keep turning a blind eye.
You still owe me 350 quid.

You've got nothing for me now?
Get out of here.

I guess you'll know me now.
Get out!

I want it and I want it tomorrow
you fucking knobhead.

You're taking the fucking piss.

Get the fuck outta here.

You're a fucking dead man, believe me!

We won't be outnumbered
next time, knobhead!

Believe me!

- You OK?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

Been battling again? I'm glad
you can see the funny side of it.

- Are you cut?
- No, it's him.

- What happened?
- Slow down, I'll tell you.

You know that crew from Manny
that's been coming here?

- That big boy with the locks.
- The Black guy?

I've just done him.

Bit his ear off.
He was snarling at me all night.

Sack all that shit, let's get out of here.

I'm having a line, and that's it.

Wipe it all off, lad.

There's fuck-all wrong with me, John.

It's all on the side of your face, then.

- Have you got a clean top?
- I've got one in the car.

Before the cops come, let's go.


Remember my first line, kiddo,
on my birthday.

Couple of years ago.

I was flying round the gaff, la!

- That was a good night, that.
- Can't believe it.

I spent a lot of dough that night.

I couldn't sleep the next day.
The next day I was still up!

I thought I could go home
and sleep it off. I got in bed...

And twitched the curtains?

No, I went to baggie, mate!
I went to the fucking baggie!

I lost me car. And I couldn't
remember where I fuckin' put it!

That was the start.
The slippery slope, mate.

I keep seeing shadows at the door.

That's the coke, that is.
You're paranoid.

J, you're just p'd up.

Sit down and chill out.
It's the beak.

Paranoia's setting in, lad.
Slow down.

- Is Franny there, John?
- Are you taking the piss?

Franny, a minute.
What have you come here for?

- Did you just call this guy?
- What's up, lad?

This cunt owes me dope
from the fuckin' club.

Are you fucking joking?
Do you owe him money?

Come here!

Listen, I've got a daughter
upstairs in bed!

Do you owe him money? Sort it!

I'll get you the money back.

I'm trying to sell this
to get you your money.

- Give us the fucking gear.
- I need that, John.

Sit down there, soft-arse.

Listen to me. The only thing
that's saving your arse now

is I've got a little girl
lying upstairs in bed.

You cheeky little cunt.

It's my house.
You know I live here.

- What're you coming here for?
- Sorry.

- Did you call him?
- I didn't know he owed you.

That's why I'm trying to sell that.
To get you money.

How much is here?

- I'm having this and I still want the...
- But I need it to get your money...

I don't give a fuck.
You get my money.

Empty your pockets now
and get the fuck out of here.

I'll break your neck, do you hear me?

Get the fuck out of my house!

My daughter's in bed
listening to this shit.

Get out. Hurry up.

Fucking run,
you soft little cunt! Run! Fucking run!

If I don't get cash tomorrow,
I'm going to waste you!

I didn't know he owed you money.

If I'd known that,
I'd never have brought him.


How much beak's there?

Three grams, something like that.

Well, just take that anyway,
and get your money.

- Are you alright then, John?
- Yeah, yeah.

I'll be alright
after I've had a good sleep.

- Sorry about that.
- No problem.

- Take care of yourself, Fran.
- Speak to you tomorrow, lad.

- Have you got that, yeah?
- Got it there, lad.

Go ahead. I'll see you later.

Mum, listen to me.
You've got to understand.

You know, the car, the flat...

You're a gangster, Dez, you're a gangster.

I'm not a gangster, Mum.
You don't understand.

How did you kill him, Dez?

- Mum, it's...
- How did you kill him, Dez?

I shot him.

My God, so you've got guns?


Oh, God!

I didn't go out to kill someone, Mum.

I was put in a situation,
and that's the only option I had.

You had a gun!

How did you come to have a gun, Dez?

- Why you?
- I was in that position.

I was stuck between a rock and a hard spot.

I had to kill him or he'd kill me.

It was either him or me.

And I don't... I had to do it.

- You'll have to go away, son.
- I'm not going away, Mum.

You have to.

If I go away, people will know
I've done something.

I'm not going. I've done it now
and I've got to get on with it.

- Dez, please go away, son.
- I'm not going away, Mum. I'm staying.

You've broke my heart.

- What d'you need a piece for?
- I need one, man

- What for, lad?
- Some dickhead.

Just have a straightener with him.

No he's too big for me to fight.
A big man.

- So you want a gun to go and do him?
- Yeah.

What's the world coming to, lad?
All you kids just want to kill people.

If I give you a piece,
you'll go and do him.

If you don't kill him but get nicked
you'll get seven. Kill him, and it's life.

I'm not giving you one, lad, that's that.

I ain't giving you no piece.
You're only a kid.

Sack all that shit, lad.

Come this way.

- And her boyfriend's 19.
- Nineteen?

- Yeah, and she's pregnant.
- She's pregnant?

Oh, Dad! Just listen.

And you want them to come to the club?

No, she wants to.

Well, she can come down
and ask for Big John.

No, you don't get it.

You're not going to be there
on Saturday, are you?

-It's my birthday
-I'll put her on the guest list.

But why can't you just give me tickets?
It would be simple.

I'll see in a bit.

Dad, I want one of these when I'm older.

He's left the car open.

What are you doing here?
Fuck off.

Knobheads! What are you doing?

Shakira! Come here, darling,
have a look at this.

Come on, girl, get out the car.
Stop messing about.

I need some dough.

Money comes when money comes.

I suppose if we'd got the money,

you wouldn't be sitting
on the end of me bonnet.

You'd be out partying again.

So let's forget about it now
and get on with it.

Are you para on beak?

Stay off the charlie, mate,

and you'll have a few quid in your pocket.

It's not our fault you're off for three
or four days on benders.

No-one can find you for three or four days.

How much money do you blow on them?


The way you're acting there...

I won't be asking you to do anything else.

John, get in the car, lad.

I'm serious, I'll tell you
when you get in the car.

All right, Dez, all right, Rick?

- What's up, lad?
- I'll tell you on the way.

- I've got to get my daughter home.
- No problem, lad.

Go on, get in.

Ricky, Dez, I'll speak to you later.

I missed you, sorry about that.
I had to wait for a call.

I've got things to sort out.
What is it? Hurry up.

She wants her birthday party in the club.
Can you organise that?

I'll sort something out for you
during the week, I'll give you a bell.

I've got to invite everybody...

- I'll call you. I have to go.
- John, seriously...

This is your daughter!
Make sure you phone. I'm serious!

I can't believe this.

One minute I'm with my daughter
and the next...

We're just fuck this cunt up nice
and quick then we're out of here.

- Let's go get the things.
- They're in the boot, lad.

- You've got shooters in the car?
- Two nines in the boot.

You know how many people
will be here? Only four of us.

I don't give a fuck how many.
This cunt is getting it.

There they are,
in that fucking Jag Bentley again.

- Which one do you want?
- Any one.

- Why are you beeping?
- Open the gates!

- What for?
- Just open the fucking gates.

You've got blood on you.
What's happened?

- Mind your own business.
- What's going on?

- Go get the scanner.
- What's going on?

Be quiet. Do me a favour.

Go to the petrol station
and get me some petrol.

Get me a bag, Scull.
Scully, get me a bag.

- Sort her out, will you?
- Go and get me a plastic bag.

What happened to your face?


Is there a bag there or what?

Why are you bringing all this to our house?

It doesn't matter. Go in.

These are ready now, Scull.
Where do you want these?

Fucking hell, Scully. I just had
tunnel vision on that cunt then.

Lad, you bit half of his face off.

- You bit half of his face off.
- He deserved it.

Alright, P?

Got any shit with you?

Of course, all the time.

Have you got something for me?

We need a couple of grams, kiddo.

Only a couple of Gs.

But I can't pay you today.
Maybe tonight, tomorrow morning.

I'm sorry, mate, we ran into some trouble.

You've done this to me before.

Of all days, today don't let me down.

Just give us the shit.

Hiya, babe.
Do me a favour, love?

Just come and pick me up
at 12 Aspen, please?

Don't worry, everything's alright.
I'm bit messed up, but...

The fucking car needs wiping down.

Get the fuck will you!
It's only a bit of shit.

There's things to be done in here.

This needs wiping down, lad.

Your fingerprints are all over it, lad.

- Your hand's fucked, lad.
- Take it easy, Scull.

It's all right.

Do you want one?

You're fucking mental, lad.

You won't be saying that
when they get your fingerprints.

Franny. Franny!

- I'm off lads, see you later.
- See you later, Fran.

What's happened?

Come on, babe, I'll tell you in the car.

Don't worry about it.

Lads, I'm out of here, I'll see you later.

Listen, there's a taxi outside.

I'm not having all of you in the garden.

Paul, your taxi's here,
so take your taxi and go.

The rest of you go as well.
This is my house, not your house.

You don't pay my rent, you don't my bills,
so I want you out.

I'm not having you bringing
all kinds of drugs to my house.

I'm not having it. Out!

No ifs, buts, whats.
Out! OK? Out!

Your taxi's outside!

There's been madness.
D'you want to hear all that shit?

I know you really don't need to hear that.

So d'you feel better now I've said it?

You don't tell me anything that goes on.

What have you got to gain
from knowing anything?

All I'm saying, don't worry!

I can't rest when you're out,
can't rest when you're in!

Don't worry about it. I know
this is bad, seeing me like this.

Do you think I like bringing this home...

and arguing with you in my fucking house?

But I can't rest when you're out!
I can't rest when you're in!

And I can't fucking rest,
coming home to this shit,

after what's just happened.

D'you know what?
Fuckin' hell, babe.

I didn't expect this getting a hard time
off you like this.

I just don't need this shit.

Fuckin' hell.

I can't believe this.
I'm sick of this shit.

Are you OK?


Come here, love.
Come and sit here.

Franny, are we safe here?

Of course we are.
It's our house. Chill out.

You've got nothing
to worry about, seriously.

Chill out.

Only today you were moaning about money...

and now you're carrying guns
and having straighteners.

Are you having a laugh?

- No one has them anymore.
- They were shooting back, too!

No one has straighteners no more.

- You know Franny.
- You're all fucking mad.

He wouldn't walk away from any brawl.

He's got to watch himself.
At the moment he's on a roll.

You know it's not like that no more.

You keep quiet and earn dough,

or you run around the city,
and don't earn dough.

What's it to be?


I want to get out of here.

I've got aches and pains all over.

What are you doing sitting in my car then?

I want you to drop me off.
Get out of here.

It's fucking mental!

Never mind, that.
Money! What's happening?

Money comes when money comes.

She's alright, her.
You ought to be doing her.

Leave her, you bad beast.
Leave her alone, she's alright.

This shit stinks, la.

What you doing?

What you doing with the fucking ciggy?

Get in, you stupid bitch!
You'll fucking kill me.

Rub on your face as well.

Grab those clothes, lad,
I need to burn them in the alley.

You can burn them for me.

What was the petrol for, Scull?

To wipe myself down, lad,
get these forensics off...

Get the gunpowder off my arms.

- Has Carl still got the jeep?
- Why don't you burn it?

I've only just bought it, lad.
I ain't burning nothing.

Hurry up, Scull.

Get behind, get over there.

Grab that.

Right, hurry up.

Come ahead, let's go.

How old are you?

- I'm 18.
- You ain't 18.

- Are the three of you 18?
- Yeah!

- You've got no ID on you?
- No.

Fucking hell, girls.
Listen, I'll let you in tonight,

but next week bring some ID.

Here you are, kiddo.

How much is here?

- Fifty for now.
- There's more coming?


- Party time!
- Don't spend it all, mate.

I won't spend it all, man.

Be happy for me.
Party time.

I know what you're like.
I'm not saying you can't party.

But don't go mad with it.
Look after your mum and your kid.

- I want to buy my daughter a present.
- I'm not saying you can't.

But keep a lid on it for a couple of weeks.

We're not out of the woods yet.

Remember what we had to do for it.

Someone's dead.

We've done the shit,
it's finished no ifs or buts...

No, listen. The hardest part's
not over yet, John.

Keep it cool.

Don't start spending money
like it's going out of fashion.

It's my fucking dough.
What's the matter?

Never mind that it's your money.

Just calm down.

- I can't be happy about it?
- I'm not saying you can't spend,

but don't go out and buy mad things.

Use common sense.

Just keep a lid on it
for a couple of weeks, that's all.

I'm still made up.

John, he's not saying don't spend it.

Just take it easy.


That's right.

Cool, man, let's get out of here.
Nice one! Big time!

Fire tonight!

You're gonna be
on window patrol tonight, lad.

No, I don't get schiz like that, mate.

Get out then.

The only one getting heavier.

Some of them wouldn't let go.

Oh, that's me again.

What's that?

This is the last couple,
I'm out of here now.

Where did you get that from?

How long would you wait
on a date for someone?

Tell the truth, be honest.
How long have you waited?

If you really liked the guy?

I've never waited for anyone!

You'll wait for me!

I'll never turn up!

Is it just me doing this?
Am I on my own here?

It's just you, lad!

John, you'd better put it
over there by you.

I keep ending up back here though.

Boy, those lines are big.
I'm getting to like this.

You ain't going nowhere.

If you don't mind, I'd like your number.

If you don't mind.

I'd like to speak to you
but I can't here, I just can't.

I need to get out of here.

If you would like to.

Don't listen to him.

Why do I feel shy?
That's what I feel.

I'm bladdered, probably.

Yeah, I'll take some.

You've got nice hair.

Have I?

You've got nice hair.

Nice, man.

- So...
- Tell me, darling.

Are you gonna tell me
a bit more about yourself?

What d'you want to know, I'll tell you.
Whatever you want.

I mean, you seem really nice but...

I think I am a nice guy, really.

I'm not a bad guy.
I've had to do bad things.

Have you?

Sometimes, yes, I suppose so.

Like what?

Deep question there.

Am I getting too much,
asking you these questions?

No, not at all.

I want to be honest and tell you the truth.

What things have I done?

You have to ask specific questions.

Don't know.

Sometimes I've had to defend myself.

Because you work on the doors?

On the club scene, but besides that...

- Have you ever killed anyone?
- No. Not at all. No.

I know people who have.

But I've never actually killed anybody.

I need a favour, you know.
It's just, I need a piece.

- A what?
- I need a piece, lad.

What for, lad?

I've had some madness with these people
and I need to sort something out.

- Who?
- Just some people, man.

Will sort it.

You must have been there yourself, lad.

Certain things you want to do yourself.

OK, then. You can't have them
from today because they've gone.

It doesn't really matter.
I'll be grateful, whatever it is.

- I'll ask Paul to get one sorted.
- As long as it's small.

Don't worry. You've got me
in a crackhouse, kiddo!

I'm in and out you know.
Just passing through.

Fuck that. I'll phone you
in the morning, lad.

In a car? What kind of car?

It doesn't matter.

I'll phone you later on,
see if anything's happening. OK?

Speak to you later, ta-ta.

John's gone and bought a new car.

It's only been two days, Ricky,
and he's bought a brand new car.


What's happening, lad?

- Alright, Fran.
- Alright, Dez.

- What are you doing, John?
- What d'you mean, mate?

What's the matter, man?
It's a car.

What are you doing?

I bought a car, man.
Small-small, mate.

What d'you mean, small-small?

I just spent a bit of dough.
What's the problem?

You're just making everyone know
you've done something wrong.

You're pulling up here,
telling him how to spend his money.

Telling him this, that.
He's done his graft.

He's done his graft,
I bent him on the graft.

- Let him make his own mistakes.
- But they're going to spread to me.

The man's trying to explain himself

to you and he really doesn't have to...

It's nothing to do with you!

Enough said, Dez.

Get rid of the car.
Or whatever happens, happens.

- I don't even want to hear this.
- No problem.

Hello, lad.

What's happening, Scull?
Alright, lad?

- Alright, P?
- Yeah, man.

Can we go and get this thing, lad?

We'll have to go in my ride.

Are you alright to drive this?
I'm banned.

- Where are the keys?
- The key's in it. Alright, P?

It's not far, Scull.

- Paul, you coming with me?
- If you want me to, yeah.

Just here, Scull.

- Hello, Ann.
- Alright, stranger?

Can my mate just sit here
for a minute, love?

He'll have to sit with the kids for a bit.

- That's no problem.
- D'you want me?

Yes, do us a favour, get us that thing.

- Right now?
- Yes. Go ahead, lad. Sit there.

I'll have to see you
about something before you go.

D'you want to finish this off?

You behave yourselves, right?

Behave yourselves.
I'll be back in a minute.

Get off the fucking car.

Get off the fucking leathers, you!

What you doing up here?
I told you to stay downstairs.

- Out! Now! No messing!
- God!

Never mind God! When I say
stay down, I mean stay down.

I've got to get it sorted, Franny,
and I mean quick.

Let me sort this out, Ann.
I've got a few quid on me here, girl.

I'll leave you something before I go.

- Have you got it with you now?
- Yes, I've got money on me.

You were late last time.

I'll leave you some when I go
downstairs, love.

Don't worry about that.

I need this sorted.

- You alright?
- Yeah, OK.

I'll be downstairs, alright?

I'll be two seconds.

Are you rushing off?

No, I'll phone you later.
Just let me sort this out.

There's that change there.

Let me sort this.
I'll definitely ring you later.

- Promise?
- Promise.

- Say ta-ra to Uncle Franny.
- Ta-ra, kids.

See you later.

The car's getting scratched up!

Do me a favour, Paul. Make sure I get
this one back, lad.

If it's dirty, get rid of it.

Make sure you get rid of it yourself.

I'll get rid of it, lad.
No problem.

Bloody hell,
you've done that behind Donna's back...

There's my dad.

- Alright, girl?
- Hello, Dad.

How come you're in Dezzy's car?

It's not Dezzy's car, it's mine.
Get in, I'll take you home.

See you later,
half past six, alright? Ta-ra.

- It's not Dezzy's.
- Knock at Shirelle's, alright?

Shall we go for a little drive?


- It's not rented, no?
- No, I've just bought it.

Oh, Dad, this is not really your car,
stop lying!

Of course it is, I'm not going to lie.

Honestly? I don't believe you!

- Don't you like it?
- It's gorgeous!

When did you get the money to get this car?

Never mind where I got the money.

It's mine and that's it.

Oh, me dad's rich now, eh?

I don't know about rich,
but we'll be alright.

I'll be able to put some clothes
on your back.

- It's exactly the same as Dezzy's.
- Yeah, it's the same.

Smart, like. Same colour,
and a convertible.

Has it got a convertible roof
and everything?

Yeah, the roof's pretty much the same.

Of course it has.
Can I have it, when I'm older?

Yeah. Maybe I'll buy you one.
We'll see.

Oh, Dad, I really do like this car.

My dream's coming true when I asked for it.

And suddenly you've got it!

Mysterious ways.

- Are you chuffed?
- Yes, I'm glad.

Close that door after you, John.

Take a seat, Dez.

I've had a problem.
Quite a big problem incidentally.

And I need your help.


There's a fella driving around in
a flash car, throwing money about.

You know him.
Connected to you.

John? But he said he...

- John who?
- Big John

Big John.

D'you know him well?

Yeah. He's a mate of mine.

How far back do you go?

I've known John for a while,
done a couple of things with him.

Some things suit him, some things don't.

I need him when I need him,
and I don't when I don't.

But he does his own things as well.

Well I need to speak to him.

OK. What about?

Well, I've lost a parcel.

A fucking big parcel.

Can you enlighten me on anything?

I can't enlighten you about anything,

I don't live with him.

I've done a couple of things with him.

Would you have done anything with it?

- With the parcel?
- Yes


Well, who do you run with
for that kind of work?

I don't know 100% that he has...

He was looking at a couple of vans.

Is he capable of killing someone?

Yeah. We're all capable
of killing someone, Frank.

Well, the situation is, not only
has the parcel gone missing...

he's smoked a mate of mine's mate.

He's fucking slaughtered him.

I'm not his keeper, he does his own thing,

I only see him from time to time,

he's a big man, Frank.
He's a big man.

I don't give a fuck how big he is.

You've just admitted to me that you knew

that he's driving round in a flash car,

and spending money
like it's going out of fashion.

You haven't told me fuck-all
till I had to bring you here today.

You're hiding something, aren't you?

I'm not one to be fucked with,
you know that, don't you?

Does he think I'm a fucking divvy?

Does he think he can fuck with me?

Does he think I'm soft or something?

Do you think I'm soft?

Don't you realise how serious this is?


- Are you listening to me?
- I'm listening.

Well, fucking look at me
when I'm talking to you.

Get him here to me, now!

Hiya darling.
You alright, sweetheart?

- Have you seen my dad's car?
- Yeah, I've seen your dad's car.

Do me a favour, darling,
just take our Che round there.

I've seen your dad's car,
I think we have to have a word.

What's the problem today?

The problem is...

I don't think that your ma
won that car at the bingo,

I think that car came
through serious money.

Well, of course.

So how d'you get serious money, then?

I earned it.

- How did you earn it?
- That's irrelevant.

That is what's relevant.
That's what the problem is.

Of course it's come a little bit dishonest.

But that's the way it is.

A little bit dishonest doesn't
produce a car like that, John.

It's hard to have one foot on one side,
one foot on the other.

Either you're in or you're out.
And I am in.

I have to live with this.
Only me, not you.

You don't have to live with it.
I have to live with it.

John, d'you know what I care about?

This is what I care about... I care

that I'm safe, my daughter's safe,

- that I can answer my door...
- You're safe and she's safe.

How can you tell me that,

when I know you've
done something really bad?

How can you tell me that?

You're talking to me like
I don't know these things.

I know these things.

Just before you go any further,
this is stupid.

You're talking to me like
I'm a little child.

- I'm not a kid.
- I don't mean to do that.

I know, but stop that right now.
Because I can't have that shit.

Because really...

without making you feel uncomfortable,

it's got nothing to do with you.

We're not together anymore.

Do you know how to use one of these, lad?

Someone showed me when I got my first one.

Make sure I get it back.

If you use it,
bring it straight back to me.

Don't you try and get rid of it.

Bring it straight back to me.
Alright, Carl?

No problem.

There's some shells there as well, lad.

Don't lose it. It's not mine.
I've borrowed that for you.

I'll bring it straight back.

Use it and bring it straight back to me.

I've just had a meeting with Frank.

Listen. The tattle was his.

He's had it from a good source,

that John has had something
to do with this bump.

And to cap it all off, John's been seen
in brand-new Saab

and throwing money around,
like it's going out of fashion.

Yeah, but John's John.
That's the way he is.

What d'you think Frank will do
when he sees him?

Shake his hand and offer him a cup of tea?

Frank's going to welly him.

They'll make John tell them the truth.

What happens then,
when the trail ends at us?

We were all on that graft together.
I'd rather do Frank.

Listen, you can't do Frank.
You're not doing Frank.

I've got a nice chunk of change there,

I know what I want to do with mine.

I won't go to war with Frank

because he finds out we've bumped someone,

I'm not doing it.

- He's our mate.
- He might be our mate...

John's my mate and I love him.

But I'm not going to die for him, Ricky.

He did what he had to do.
We were all in it together.

So what are you saying?

So John can jeopardise my livelihood
because he wants to spend money!

There's no fucking way!

What d'you mean jeopardising your life?

I stood on for John in that house.

John never had the arse
to shoot him. I did.

Because I stood on for John.

Now you're telling me
you're not standing on with me

because you don't think it's a problem.

You think you're right
but you're wrong. He's our mate.

I'm not interested in who's right or wrong!

You don't understand how serious this is!

Someone's lying dead and a zillion
pounds-worth of swag gone

and you're sitting here thinking
"Nothing's gonna happen to John"?

You're fucking mental!

- What are you saying?
- I'll do what I've got to do.

But when the shit comes round
the corner, you mop it up,

because I'm having fuck-all to do with it.
I'll do what I've got to do over John.

But after that, you're on your own!

I'll deal with it.

Go away on holiday.
Come back, see what happens.

It's my daughter's new toy, man.

Take your daughter with you.

Do know how good that was,
to drive to her house in that?

It felt good.

You've brought it on yourself,
John, by spending like that.

I told you not to.

The car might have been a bit extreme.

But for the amount of cash was taken,

the car is buttons, mate.

Yes, the car is buttons.

But you've come from nothing.

I stood on for you
because you were my mate.

I said, "John needs a few quid,
let's earn him it,"

I appreciate that.
Yes, I know that.

That's why I'm saying to you,
I've done that for you.

Now I'm asking you, for me,
just go, have a little break.

Let me think on this,
I'll give you a call later.

You don't need to think.
I'm asking you to do this.

What? Just pack my things
and fuck off right now?

Speak to whoever you need to,
and go tonight.

I don't fuckin' believe this.

Here he is now.

Fucking hell.

He must be going to his bird's.

- Doing a runner, are you?
- No, not at all.

I haven't known you that long,

and I'm telling you I'm out of here

because I'm in a bit of trouble.
But there isn't really a problem.

- I'm just worried, you know?
- Yeah.

Don't be worrying.

I've not known you long.
But you worry me.

I shouldn't be doing this, but I have to.
I'm sorry about that.

It's fuck-all.
I shouldn't be going away.

And the more I look at you,

and think what the fuck am I doing?

Excuse the French.

When I come back, if you're here,
which I think you will be...

I'll explain it all to you.

I'm going to see Shakira before I leave.

It's her birthday today.

Like that?

Just put it up on the bin bags.

- Like that?
- Yeah.

I didn't even hit it

Are you OK?

Honestly, don't feel bad about this.

I'd like to just leave you
a little something.

- Buy yourself something.
- Don't be silly, John.

- I won't take it.
- Don't worry about it.

No, I feel really embarrassed.

Just take it, for me.
It will make me feel better.

I know you're not like that.
But take it anyway.

I'll save it for when you get back.

When I come back, we'll spend big time!

I'll spend it with you, then.

- Shit. This time, watch.
- Shit.

- There's that dickhead.
- Isn't that John?

Hey! Where's my money
for my six half-grams, John?

Easy, kiddo.

Where's the money for my six halves?

Who the fuck are you talking to?

- Where's my money?
- You cheeky knobhead.

Where's he going?

He's always arguing with them kids.

I told you I'd give you a good dig,

you cheeky bastard.
It's you that owes me the money.

Do you want your money?

Here's your dough!

He'll be here, you know.
Don't worry, darling.

It's cold, it's getting chilly now.

Here he is.


- John! John!
- What are you doing?

Wait! Wait!

John, babe. Please, John!

Come away, come away, darling.