Shoot to Kill (1988) - full transcript

Sidney Poitier returned to the big screen in this action-thriller, after a decade-long absence. When a cunning murderer vanishes into the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest, pursuing FBI agent Warren Stantin (Poitier) must exchange familiar city streets for unknown wilderness trails. Completely out of his element, Stantin is forced to enlist the aid of expert tracker Jonathan Knox (PLATOON'S Tom Berenger). The killer has infiltrated a guided hiking trip led by Knox's girlfriend Sarah (Kirstie Alley, at the height of her Cheers fame). Viewers don't know which of the hikers is the killer, and the tension lasts well into the movie.

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Hello. Hello, Warren.
George Kelly called us.

He wants to ignore,
the 24 hour rule.

Informally, it becomes
be our jurisdiction.

The pajama guy is, Mr. Berger, the owner.

Mr. Berger, this is the Agent.
Special Stantin, from the FBI.

Mr. Berger...

I do not believe you came
to steal their own diamonds,

at least I would not
do This in your pajamas.

You have to explain, what's going on here?

This store is mine.

I was going to take some diamonds,
home. My diamonds.

No one has the right to be here!
I want to leave.

Usually carry this amount of diamonds?

I do whatever I want, with my stones!

I want to leave now!

Ms. Berger is co-owner.
We can ask her to come here.

No, no, not that! Please!
Do not do this, please!

Where's your wife, Mr. Berger?

Please, for love. of God, help me!

He forced us to watch
while killing our dog.

He said that my wife would be next.

Go there.

Yes? Mrs. Berger?

Please do not be scared.
Everything will work out.

I'm here with your husband.

Now, please, let me speak,
with the man who is there with you.

Mrs. Berger? Yes?


This is Special Agent Speak
Stantin, of the FBI.

As you can see, the house
is completely fenced.

We have Mr. Berger
and the diamonds in custody.

I'll give you some instructions.
If followed correctly,

everything will work out, understood?

Tell the police not to shoot.

The maid will leave.
with a message for you.

All right, do not shoot.
The maid will leave.

Nobody shoots.


Did you get the message?

The Mercedes of Mrs. Berger
is parked at the entrance.

I want you to put
a police radio and a handcuff,

or I swear the woman She'll
be dead in a minute.

You take a car. Nobody else.

Take the diamonds with you.

Follow me to where I'm
going find my people.

I'll know if you will. to be alone.

We will make the exchange in this place.

It can not be. You have no choice, Stantin.

She has thirty seconds!

Who is our best sniper?

It's me. Great.

You'll have to shoot him before him
to arrive at the Mercedes.

The material you requested is in the car.

Get out!

Shit! Son of a bitch!

The guy's smart.

Get me a civil radio, fast!

Just connect to the cigarette
lighter Of car.

We close all communications
civilians on Channel 30 for two hours.

If it crosses with one
of the ours, we end it.

They do not risk it. Right.

Do you have the diamonds?

Have. Very well.

Now turn away our people.

If any of you try to follow me,

I kill the woman.

They are moving.

If I hear someone's voice
on this radio and it is not yours,

I swear to God I killed her!

Get away! Let us through!

All! Get away! Move farther!

It's an order! Nobody shoots!
They will leave. They will leave.

Let's take a walk.

All right, here they come.

Back! Okay, here they come!

Nobody shoots. Let him go.

Here we go. Back!

Back! Back! C'mon C'mon!

It's the second time
we give round the block.

The idiot is lost.

No, it's not. Is trying to mislead people

I think he'll try follow towards the coast.

Prepare the police boats
and warn the coast guard.

Stop the car here.

We are on pier 99. He must have,
a boat waiting for him. Right!

Try to line up for a window,
over my shoulder.

Stay down.

Very well. So far, everything in order.

Now turn up the volume of your radio.
Turn on the external speaker.

Get out of the car, bring the diamonds
to the middle of the quay.

Do you have angle? Perhaps.

He's really on the edge.

If I misread a few millimeters,
I can hit the woman.

Too risky.

I'll try to lure him here.

If you are sure, shoot, but only
with absolute certainty.

Stop. Play the diamonds into the car.

First, let go of Mrs. Berger.

No way!

I know you have a sniper
just waiting for me.

I'm going to keep Ms. Berger
here in front of me.

Now give me the shit. those diamonds!

My God! Can not Shoot farther?

Get back in the car! Fast!



You have made this more difficult,
than it should be.

I handcuffed Mrs. Berger to the dock.

Wait for my signal.

Then you come and get it.


Got it.

Does not appear.

A boat in the of Oakland! Go, go!

Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!

He's on radar, route 22.

We lost it!

where is he?


Flight 005 from San Francisco to Paris.

The flight with a passenger Not identified.

Yes? Young, 12 years old,
with the mother's passport.

Very well. Let's check
the flights that left after

of verified, the airport, by insurance.

The only valid impressions belong
to the maid and family.

And the lab will have the analyzes
ready in a few hours.

All right, thank you. What did you get?

I looked for links
with other cases

of abduction and extortion
of the last five years.

There are 267 cases,
with an equivalent method.

It's the best you can get with
the information we have.

Then pick up the phone.

Call the agent responsible
for each of these cases.

Tell us what we have and see
if that makes him say anything.

We do not have enough staff,
to make those connections.

Call eight more agents.

There are 27 phone calls for each.
Start with Homicide.

He had an automatic of nine millimeters.

Compare this with the profile,
of the suspect.

Caucasian man among 20 and the 40 years.
I know he's already killed.

It was too easy for him.

It's been twelve hours.

I think I should stop one little
and try to sleep.

I am fine. You look terrible.

I read the reports.

There was no way to know
what would happen last night.

What do you mean, Charlie?
I'm saying, that these things happen.

It happened to me.
Remember that fucking Sausalito?

Sometimes a hostage is lost and there
is nothing else that can be done.

I know this speech, Charlie. I invented it.

Let's go. Follow me to the exit.

Warren, he's leaving.
Let this mess with you.

This is becoming personal.

It is saying that "I could have
done that, that. "

What matters is that he did everything
I was right, I could not do anything.

Go home. Sleep a few hours.

I'll call you when I get to Washington.
It's ok.

Good trip.

We've already started
the phone calls. Great.

Do you want them to call your house?
I'm not going home. I will stay here.

Good morning, the day is fine, for fishing.

I think we were the first coming, right?

Yes, I know it has happened before.
Am sorry.

I should have called, to the restaurant.

But we were, in a terrible situation.

Yes, I'm sure that It was terrible
for you too, my love.

I will try. I can not
promise, but I'll try.

I have to go.

Bishop's Falls, Washington.

A murdered tourist,
on the motorway to Canada.

And then?

Shot of high caliber,
left eye of the victim.

Where the hell is it? Bishop's Falls?

It's here, northwest of Spokane.

I want to be in the next Book a flight
to Spokane on our Flights page.

Prepare an itinerary, to Bishop's Falls.

It was Crilly who found the body.

Ag.Stantin, Austin Crilly.
Stantin's from the FBI.

This way. You really are, a special agent?

Since the last time, I checked, I am.

Well, I'm a caretaker,
when the mine closed...

I'm going to the point,

Dave. I saw the place where the gate
I was worried and went to look.

And I found a corpse stretched out there,
flies the size of cars and...

Whose cars are those, Mr. Crilly? Right.

From the staff of the activities
outdoors, fishermen.

They stop here and meet up there.

The guide meets with them
there up at the camp.

Guide Service.
Jonathan Knox and Sarah Renell.

Are you really special agent?

This area is known as the best
of the world for carp fishing.

That's how we found it...
Naked and with a busted eye.

He was killed outside and dragged
up here by the ankles.

The killer wrapped the victim's head
with this before taking your clothes off.

Why would he do that?
He did not want the laundry to be dirty.

We know that the killer wore the
his clothes, even his underwear.

What the fuck...
Do not Tread It! What?

What is it?

Burnt hair. What does that mean?

All we know is, that our boy
has long hair and a beard.

This may be it.



All right, Sheriff. What happened?
He looks shaken...

Sam, I need a description.

of all who were,
in yesterday's fishing group.

I do not know any of them. Because?

You do not meet these people?
No, not at all.

They go straight to the meeting area,
above the mine. Did something happen?

How many are in the group?

Five fishermen and the
Sarah guide, Sarah Renell.

Dave, what happened?

Can we call them? This
Sarah, do you have a radio?

There are radios in the huts,
that remain on the course.

They stopped calling me
of Timber Falls.

And they did not call?

They can be in any point of this place.

They sometimes go to
places where no one was.

Jonathan knows that.

And the border is near there. Exact.

I have the emergency helicopter,
of the prontinho county. Not...

this would alert the killer to our pursuit.
Very dangerous.

Could not use the helicopter,
even if we wanted to.

A storm is coming.

No, there are no roads? Not one.

Who can guide me?

Jon Knox is the ideal.
He's Sarah's partner.

Mr. Stantin, listen to me, please.

Sarah ... It's, in a way, special for us.

Do you think he would kill
any more of those people?

I think so, Mr. Baker.

Imagine living all your life.
life in this place

so far...
of people.

Thankfully there are wild places
and forgotten by God like this,

because they are the only ones
where, Jon Knox feels at home.

That's what I need... Another crazy.

Jon is grumpy. It's just
a little different.

He is not very with people.

He lived in those hills, like a hermit.

Until Sarah appeared.
They fell in love in five minutes.

Did they fall in love?

This complicates further, but the things

Jon, it's Dave Arnett.

I brought Warren Stantin with me,
of the San Francisco FBI.

I know this moment, is difficult for you,

but I think we can work together and...

Mr. Knox...

I'm stalking a suspect
of kidnapping and homicide.

I need a guide. Do not touch me!

I hear it's the best. Find another person.

Hear me Knox, you come with me.

If you refuse to help a federal
agent, in the pursuit of a criminal,

can be arrested, by obstruction to justice.

Get out of my way.

Is arrested! silly

You have the right to remain silent.
Skirt. I'll go alone.

John, the man is right.

He can not walk outside, Dave.
He's just going to mess me up.

Do not count on it.

Outside there are no elevators,

there are no lifts, nor cars, nor taxis.

So why not go to a motel
and let me do what I know.

Mr. Knox, you only have one choice.

Which is to guide me through
of those mountains.

There is only this alternative, the only
that will allow her to help her friend.

You're not a cop, will
act under my authority,

under my orders!


Great. I do not want to know whether
the idea pleases you or not.

If you try to go it alone,
behind that face,

I put you in jail, In a flash.

Do you understand what I am?
speaking, Mr. Knox?

Where's his gear? In the truck.

What the fuck is that? Socks heated,
battery operated. It's fashionable.

Did Ed Miller sell you this?
Was. I knew it.

98 bottles of beer on the wall...
Ninety-eight, ninety-eight.

98 bottles of beer...
That's it!

If you take one, go through 97
bottles of beer on the wall.

97 bottles of beer on the wall...

Ninety-seven bottles...
Please, I'm going crazy!

Wait, let's not lose. the concentration.

No, let's play "Following
the Line ", right?

I love a good parade. There is?

What did you say you were doing? Oh...

I work in a shifting firm.

Furniture, appliances, this things.
Is that you?

I have business... Some things.
You can get some change.

What kind of business, attends
the counter, sale to fabric, computers?

I get some change.

Does not matter! I was just asking What
I did, people. Via, go, go, go...

I have a curious mind. Do you want
to talk about anything else? Baits

All right, everybody, let's do it.
a five-minute break.

Take off the backpacks and rest

You look a little agitated...

I want you to stop before you do
not Get more breathing, okay?

Hey Ben, do not come close.
both of the border.

This is not a good place
for rafting. Hold on, anyway.

See? I can not get it
out this from the back.

Looks like they stole a Cadillac
and they hid it in my backpack.

You scouts do not know
who can not be heroes?

Sarah, my boots are killing me

Release the strings a little. Do not
pull, otherwise you can not put it back.

It's ok. How's it going, Harv?

I will survive. Very well.

I hope!

Hey Sarah, when are we gonna
find a radio that works?

What about the radio in the last cabin?
Was broken.

What do you want a radio for?
To know a weather forecast.

I knocked my knee playing soccer.

Now the knee warns, when time changes.

Let's get to a cabin tomorrow in the
evening. Let's have a roof and a radio.

This looks good.

The last time my knee hurt so it
rained for three consecutive days.

The best fishing, however,
It is done in the rain.

On my last trip, I arrived at a river

which was full of the
largest carp I saw in life.

You know how they they are afraid...
Of course!

The slightest sound and they disappear.

This is going to be another story.
of crazy fish, Ben?

Go. On that day, it was raining heavily.
You okay, Norm?

At where... Where was this?

What? Where was this? In what river?

It was on... Fraser.

British Columbia.

Be that as it may...

Never made a trip these, was not it?

No... No, I always did,
that wild nature

were the botanical gardens, in the Bronx.

What brings you to this trip?

I just passed, by a very difficult divorce,

Now, I was looking for a vacation spot

where would you be sure not
to I would find my ex-wife.

And since she never spent a minute,
of your life without room service ...

Chose the ideal place.

The sound of water, is attracting fish

and the stream, of the river.

is bringing them, to the surface.

How big were these fish from
the Fraser River, then?

You and your questions...

They're that size, okay? Happy?
Can I continue with the story?

You can go back when you want.

Worry about yourself. Hunm...

C'mon C'mon.

Do not get nervous. Do not get nervous.

No, no, to the other side. Wrong side!

Hook curve!

Hey, hey, stop that shit! Wait. Wait.

What did you find? Hello!

Earth calls Knox, you hear me?
What happened?

End of the line for you, buddy.
She made her way to Ryan's Gorge.

Horses can not go. Very well.

If I never see a horse,

if I ever ride a horse again,
if I ever sniff a horse again,

no offense horse, It will
be very little time.

I'm going to go through treacherous places.
You'd better come back now.

You forgot what I told you.
That man is mine, got it?

What do we do with the horses?

It's ok.
Come on, little horse...

Home! Home!

It is better to walk a little by the water.

As I said?

Helps to break. Walk with wet boots.

You're joking, are not you?

There are some weird things on the field.

Oh, ah, ah...

Oh, son of a bitch. As I said?

I said I hate it. those forest shit!

He's waiting for the moss to sing.
or are you praying? Let's go!

Listen, gentleman, you can be a great shit,

Where are you from, but this one?
it's my territory.

So why do not you slope and enjoy the ride?

Do you see the moose?


then the doctor hears a horrible scream!
Another medical history.

He runs into the room
of exams, look and say:

No, nurse, I said. to burst the bubbles!

Please! I heard that, with twelve years!
I had two!

All right, I got another one. An old...

No, no, Ralphie. No more! No more!

Let's talk about fishing,
or something else, please!

Sarah, the Normie is raving again.

Norm, do you feel well?

Yes, I'm fine, I think until
I start liking this...

Have you seen the landscape? Come on!

What do you think? Fifty
dollars for the biggest fish?

If you bet one of a hundred,
We have business, big guy.

Okay, but I want to see the bait.
I have a good bait here...

I can not believe I'm out of shape.

Is this really safe?

I like that. Heavens! Spooky!

Has anyone done this or was it always like
this? What a beautiful view, is not it?

A show! What the fuck is that?

That thing, gentlemen, will
take people over the gorge.

That? That.

We are going to die. Hey, calm down.
I've been through these things.

Let's go. No, no, listen...

It's worse than it looks.
Say, say, Big Ben.

How far have you ever gone?
Mars? Come on, Mac, please!

I'm a fisherman. Gentlemen,
let's see the logic.

Let's ask ourselves if we really want this.
Come on, stop whining.

What is the problem? Let's go
and that's it! Here they are.

That's the way it is, boy! Wait,
we do not have to do this!

This is to be fun, not a hell of a night!

We can climb the canyon and down
a few miles down the river.

We only lost one day. Do not.

I would rather die now than losing a day.

He's right. Hold on.

I'll go through with one of you.
and show how it is done.

The others cross in pairs.

Who is going to dive with me?
Since you put it like this... I'm going!

Oh, what the hell! Oh oh...

I think he will. Can be? It's ok.

Oh yeah. It's if I do not go now...
It's all right.

All right, great, thank you.

Okay, what do we do now?
Now we let gravity act.

Right. Let's go!

My stomach!

Oh, I do not want to do this!
I want to go... Look at the boys.

It's all right. Look at
the top of the trees.

Is not it beautiful? I want to go back.
I do not want to stay here.

It's okay, see? You are
doing everything very well.

Stop this? If you want.
It was very important.

Oh... No, this is worse. This is worse!
Exciting, is not it?

Yes, an airplane disaster is also. Norman,
I want you to do something for me.

As? As? I want you to come
back and hold this rope tight.

What? I want it to start
pulling, arm to arm. Right.

And I want you to concentrate
on that side. It's ok.

It's ok? It's all right. Just the same.

Like this? Like this? Norman, you
do not have to pull yourself.

These things have a rhythm. Sorry, sorry.
It's just...

I'm just a little nervous. It's going well.
It's all right.

We are almost there.
A little more. A little more.

God, we're on dry land! Thank God!

Here we go. It's ok.

Very well. Pull. I want
Grab that trunk down there.

It's ok. Great.

Yes? I'll help others.

Okay, when they come, I want you to
Help them, okay? It's ok. Sarah?

Yes? Your boyfriend.

What does he think of you?
be here alone with us?

Well, the choice is not
his, may I help? Uh huh.

I've always been very capable
to take care of myself.

What happened? What do you think? Look!

That basket should be in the
middle and the cut is cut.

Calm. Anyone could have
come back and done that.

This does not mean that it happened.
Something with Sarah. Yes.

What are you doing? I'll get the basket.

Oh shit! Take off the backpack.
Put the gloves on.

Hold this rope and give me some slack.

When I get into the basket, pull.

Ready? Ready.

Are you alright? Do not.

Oh, ah...

Try to grab the border! I'm trying!

Try to climb!

Pull! It's ok.



God, what does he Is doing?

It's ok. Hold on! Come on.

You men of the mountain, Do
they do these shit too often?

Every day.

Thank you.

Hey, is everything okay?
This arm...

Let's continue. Do not.

No, you need more. some rest.

No, I do not. I need some more rest.

I have to admit.

It's good? Yes Yes. It's really good.

They are not oysters, but...

Do not. What's it?

I should be meeting with my
girlfriend at Donatello's.

Three days. Three days?
To the nearest phone.

I'm dead.

Oh, do not worry. She will understand.

Oh, forget it. Ended.

Let me cut you some more.
Let's have a long day, tomorrow.

You have to save energy.

Three days until you get to a phone.
How can we handle this?

You should try it. Able to do you good.

Could not handle it.

I'm from the big cities. Tell me something.

What would you miss most,
beyond the telephone? Even everything.

The activity, the action.

Theater and music.

A good meal, at four in the morning.

Even everything. There is...

I bet you will never
You ate none of it, did you?

Hunm... Serves rabbit
in many places.

Yes, maybe, but this it is not rabbit.

So what is it? Groundhog.

Groundhog? What is a Groundhog?

A rodent.

A rodent?

Like a mouse?

It can be said that it is a
species of big and hairy rat.

Oh shit.

I know how you feel.

As for me, I think the
oysters know the snot.

Oh, shit...

God, you scared me!

I almost burst your head!
There's a bear there.

I'm trying to sleep. Ben, I heard a bear.

Harvey, wake up. I listened. Only...

Where's Steve? Where's Sarah? Steve. Steve.

Steve! Steve!

I was building, a cabin.
Heavens! Oh...

I thought it was a bear, or something.
You scared me.

It was a big cabin.

That's the noise. It is! Give me that!
Give me that!

Give me the knife! What's it?
What happened?

There! Which is? Look! Look!

What's it? They thought, that I was a bear?

Are you kidding? What bear?

Bear? Please. We are not idiots.

They always think who is a bear.

Born in the mountains from Tennessee...

Killed a bear when
I was three years old...

Killed a bear when
I was three years old...

Killed a bear when
I was three years old...

Yes, Davy, Davy Crockett.
Norman, watch out for the tree.

King of the wild frontier! Sorry, sorry.

So, Davy, Davy Crockett. Just walk.

I'm going to walk and sing.
King of the wild frontier.

Born in the mountains from
Tennessee, killed a bear...

Okay, guys, I want you to have a lot of
caution. Now it gets more dangerous.

Do not be ashamed to hold on on
tree branches or stones, right?

The mother arrived. Be as you wish.

Benny, it's not this way. What a view.

Hey Steve, wait.
I'm telling you, we're lost.

I have to tighten the cords,
right? It's ok.

I'm really starting, to like this.

I thought you would not like it, you know?
I just came here to get away from my ex.

To tell you the truth, I'd like
to have her here with me.

A little push would save
me some 79 alimony checks.

Already understood.

No no no no!

Hold on if you can! Oh, ah ...

Ah. Support your feet! Do not look,
down! Do not look down!

Norman, look at me.

Help me, Steve! Calm down. I'll help you.

Do what I say. Control your breathing.

Now, lean on that stone.
and give me that gun.

No what? Help me, damn it!

I'll help you. Do what I say, okay?

Lean on the stone and
I Give me that gun! Oh...

Very well. That's right, give me. Let's go.

Ah, ah... Where did that come from?
From my backpack. I'm a cop.

Come on, fine, fine. Calm down now.

Help me, help me. Hold my wrist.

That's it.
Oh, ah...

Come on... All right.
Let's go. Let's go.

Very well, you did it. Got.

Just a little more. Ready?

What happened? Who's yelling?

Careful, be careful!
Do not move Do not... Watch out!

What happened? It was Norman.
Did not you see?

What's it? He slipped and fell.

At where? Do not know. Did you see?

My God! Get away from the border!

Steve! Harvey, run!



Sorry I cant!



Come on! Come on! Calm! It's over!

Calm down, Sarah, calm down!
It's over. Understood? Calm.

I will not hurt you. Understood? It's ok.

I need you, understand? Need you. Yes.

You gotta get me out of these
mountains. It's ok? It's ok.

It's ok. All right, good girl. Let's go.

Ready. Let's just forget.
What happened, okay?

It's ok. Let's forget what happened.

Continue as before. It's all right.

You are the guide, I'm the customer, right?

Right. Let's go then.

0-4-7 calls Bishop's Fall.

0-4-7 calls Bishop's Fall.

0-4-7. Are you listening, Sam?

Sarah. Sarah! Is that you, Sarah?

Sam? Heavens, Sarah,
I've been trying...

I did not try anything.
I thought I might have.

Listen, Sarah, a storm is coming.
Such a storm.

Already arrived here and going toward you.

You and your group have to
Stay in the cabin, understand?

Say that it will continue another day.
Until the storm loses its force.

I want to do another day on a trip.

Stay there.

Sarah, do not do this.

Do not do it.

He would not be so worried
because of a storm.

Ask what happened. What happened?

It would not look like this because
of Storm, Sam. Storm of those.

No ... huge storm. It's ok.

We're talking about a
storm of those, Sarah...

Five inches of snow, at least.

Say you're alone and you
can talk. I'm alone.

Girl Renell, tell the Agent
Special Minelli, from the FBI.

One of the men, in your
group is an impostor.

He is a fugitive, sought by
kidnapping and homicide.

He is armed and
dangerous, understood?

Understood? Yes, I got it.

Sarah, Jonathan is going there.

He is guiding the Stantin,
the FBI, to get to you.

They should have a couple of days of
delay, but with this snow, who knows?

Stay near the cabin and the radio, Sarah.

It will be hit by a front
of diabolic bad weather.

All right, Sam, I'll stick around.
All right, Sam, I'll stick around.


Do you think she's with him?

It seemed a bit strange, I'm not sure.

Who is Jonathan?

Is that your boyfriend, Sarah?

And your boyfriend?

Yeah, it's your boyfriend.

Do not move.



She's dead.

The river took her. Do not.

If he knew the mountains, had fled alone.

He knows nothing, so you need a guide.

Let's go. She is still alive
and we have to help her.


Yeah, Sarah's handwriting.

What this means: "Do you know me well?"

Easy, Knox. Take it easy.
What did this guy do?

You talked about kidnapping and murder.
That's what he did. How do you light it?

It was not any of that, was it?

No, it was not.


He took a hostage in San Francisco.

The wife of a merchant
of diamonds. He killed her,

after picking up the diamonds,

just to give you a message

Which message? That I
should not have interfered.

You did shit, you got revenge
and She's going to die because of this!

Listen to me the message makes sense.

I'm starting to understand that guy.

He only kills a hostage when,
it loses its usefulness. Understood?

Therefore, as long as we are close
to Sarah will continue to live.

Let's get some rest.
Tomorrow we will continue.

Go get your backpack.

They've come a long way.
Now are only two, will walk faster.

And we'll walk more Quickly yet.

In two or three days will be on the border.

You said he's going to kill you,
when you do not need it anymore.

This means that we have to to reach
them before they reach Canada.

Let's reach them before that.
Wait there, Stantin.

You're already tired. Is cold and the
temperature will drop even more.

A storm is coming.

Do you understand?
I do not have fear of a storm.

You old ass. You can die here!

And if it does not die, it will
delay me, enough for Sarah to die.

You only have one option: Stay here.

You come with me, or is not going anywhere.

Nonsense! You're not going to shoot.

Have you ever killed a man?

Have you ever prevented,
an assault on a bank?

I've been at the FBI for
twenty and two years, Knox.

I already faced the Mafia,
the Ku Klux Klan,

to the KGB.

Listen to what I tell you.
I'm qualified to pursue this face.

You think you are, but it's not!

All right, all right, I'll take you.

But it will be good to hold the pace,
because if I'm late and Sarah dies,

I'll kill you.

Sarah, slower.

Stop! Sarah, wait.


At the last minute, you have more and more.

What happened, Sarah?

You are crazy.


I'm not crazy. Yes.

If you take me to the border,
I'll give you one of these.

See? I'll give you that.

But if you try this shit
I'll kill you again.

Your name. Say your name.

Warren Stantin...

Whenever you lose your breath,
stop and say your name. It's ok?

And if I'm too tired, to remember my name?

For ten dollars, I remember you.

All right, all right.

He should have stayed in the cabin,
when he had the opportunity.

I have to go to the face of the stone
and climb a chimney to the top.

This will make us win, at least one day.

They will follow the valleys,
to avoid the storm.

I have to climb the mountain
and cross the storm.

Therefore, when it gets dark, enter the
bag, stay under my poncho and pray.

Everything will work out.

When I arrive at the border,
I'll send the people to pick you up.


What a stubborn face! Do not you
have an ounce of common sense?

Tie the rope in my waist,
I make you come down.

What is it... What is it making?
Do you want to die?

Tie this on the waist!
I'll get you down! Do not.

I'm going up. You're crazy!

I'm going up.

All right, force!

I can not. Great. Now,
will you tie it or not?

Are you going to come down? I will.

No. Fuck you, then. I'm going to Canada.



Changed idea about going down, Stantin?

No, I want to go up.

All right, you stupid bastard,
I can not waste the day arguing.

Tie it on the waist I pull you.
How do I know it will not come down?

Because I said no, you son of a bitch!

Now, tie while I am willing to!

Oh, my God.


You also have to help.

I will not do the whole job.

Very well, Climb as I pull.

Come here and light this.

It's ok.

Why all this smoke?
Are you sending any signal?

The wood is moist, It will make smoke.

Seriously? So we do not need,
The fucking fire. What about?

I'm tired of it.

Do not want a fire, okay. We eat sushi!

Do you want some?


My leg. I have a cramp!

Lay down!

It's better?

Yes Yes.

It's soaked. When to start to
warm up, it will get better.

Take off the backpack.

Search for something to dig

Cave, Stantin, cave!

Start digging or let's go die both!

God, you gotta get this out!
Your belly is cold!

Get up!

Oh... What happened?

You've heard of us, country men, now?

Jesus, what a smell!

Do I smell so badly? Good...

Time seems better ...

I think we can recover some more time.

Thank you for your help.
You do not have to thank.

How it feels?

How am I?

My great-grandfather died,
eighty seven years old

and I will never forget of
having seen him in the coffin.


Well, it seemed much healthier,

three days after his
death, than you seem now.

Jesus Christ!

What we do?

Do not move.

I know it.

You are the mountain man.
How are we going to scare him?

We can not do that.

We can throw food at him. We are food.

Why did not we shoot him?
This will only irritate you even more.

Let's go back, but very slowly.



I've never... I've never seen a
bear turn and run like that.


all these people here too says
he has never seen a black man.

Why does a bear
would be different?

Which way, Sarah?

Which way, Sarah?

I can sniff them out. We're really close.


What happened? Do not know! It's my leg.


Please help me!

Sarah! Get away!

Move and I'll kill her!

Hey, hey! Stop!

Stop! Stop it, okay?

Very well. So, so same. C'mon C'mon.


Thank you! You're welcome.


Ah, ah! Stop!

Half of my refrigerator was gone.
I did not check the rest of the house.

It may be missing more.

I'm sorry, but we are chasing a man...

I can not take anyone up there.
Jack, I know what you're thinking.

This is not the same as painting graffiti
on the wall or ruin the flowers...

No, I understand...

When they enter At home,
I can not...

I should have left You in the woods.

I should have left you. freeze
in the middle of that snow.

I could have left you hanging on that rock.
You know that.


Gentlemen, we have two
new occurrences...

A motorcycle was stolen from
the back of high school

and three hundred dollars disappeared
of the Crown Market cashier.

I know this does not look like
big deal, but you never know.

Let's see what happened in the market.
Mildred, we're very, very busy ...

They went in there!
The kitchen is a pigsty!

Yes, I'll send someone there like this.
what you can, all right? Thank you. Right.

It's ok. Sorry, ma'am. What
happened in your kitchen?

Inspector, you need to check made
long distance calls from here?

I do not think they were adolescents.

Which teens would drink milk and Coca-Cola,

when there was beer in the fridge?

On that side, the table and
the cutlery was clean.

On this side, impressions, everywhere.


The suspect brought Sarah
until here. Rope fibers.

He tied her to this table,
He sat there where you are...

and ate.

A call was made. To Vancouver. 926-0484.


Mr. Stantin...

I'm Superintendent Hsu.
I expect that my men have been useful.

They were clean. I had already forgotten
how well he knew how to work like that.

How are you? This is Jonathan Knox.

Mr. Knox. Thanks for the clothes.

I promise I'll burn these. You bet.

We just asked, the man who
received the phone call.

His name is Fournier.
He lives in British properties.

Very expensive neighborhood.

He's a diamond dealer.

How have you been? What happened?

We could not prove anything.
He claims that someone called by mistake.

The operator says that the
call lasted nineteen minutes.

We know you're lying. There's Fournier.

Superintendent, I'm very concerned
about the hostage situation.

I am sorry that I can not help but
would like to know how things ended.

Is not he a great man?

He and I just talked
to your boss,

Inspector Hsu, and I think
he listened to us,

if I drag my client back, for one
of these interrogations of dung,

I'm going to sue the shit.
from the whole department!

Understood? Makes sense? Do keep
the law and all these things?

Why are you letting him go?
We can not blame him for anything.

Let's keep him under surveillance.

I'm sure, that his men take him.

Thanks for everything, Inspector.

You're going to let him go, are not you?
The police are doing what they can.

Stantin! Listen, gentleman,

You can be such a shit. where it comes
from, but this is my territory...

so sit down and enjoy the ride.

But what...

Hey, hey...

Get your hands off me! What is happening?

Shut up! Jesus!

Do you know who I am? Shut up!

I give you a call and you die. Fuck you!

Did you hear that? He can kill us.

What you want? Money? Want money?

I open the safe, I'll give
you whatever money you want.

Great great.

Ready? Ready. Two minutes.

What's that noise? What is happening?

What is happening?
Talk to me, damn it! Talk to me!

Let's just tear the liner two sofas.

Oh my God, they're going to
burn the House? Fuck you!

Can we make a deal? Can we, by God?

You are already dead.
Men's dead do not make agreements.

What did he do, anyway?
Steal diamonds from the wrong people.

No, I did not steal! Okay,
burn it That and the rest comes down.

I did not steal, they're not here!

I was just trading! I did not even
know Where did they come from!

They can locate this recording. Do not.

It will burn everything,
with him and the rest of...

You can recover, the diamonds.

The guy who stole it, will
you meet with me tomorrow?

Robson Square, noon, in the skating rink.

Okay, thirty seconds, let's go! It's ok.

You want him, not me!

You can get the diamonds back!
Turn off the timer!

Diamonds, Mr. Fournier?

what are you doing here?

We received a call, about an assault.

He stole my purse! He stole my purse!

Come on, buddy! Someone stop him!
He stole my purse!

Somebody get it, please!

Your thief!

Rays! What the fuck!

Let's go! Go Go go!

This way! Not!

Police! Come here.
Let me go!

Get up! Get up! You fucking shit!

Sarah! Jonathan!

Let's go! Come on!

Get out of the car! Get out of the car!
Come on! What are you doing?

On here! Come on!

He took my car! Everyone on the floor!

Over there! Come on, quick, fast!
Open the door!

Watch out!

You are crazy!


All right, what do we got?

See the car? Do not.

I am. It's there! No Ferry!

On the left ferry! C'mon C'mon!

Wait until you have a clean shot.
He still has a hostage.

There will be lots of people,
be careful. Let's go!


Let's see the wheelhouse. The carriage!

On the upper deck!

Knox. What's it?

He's in it!

Why do you think that?

Because that's what that bastard
would do. Get away!

You can not go in there! Stop!

Where do we start? Right here.

Go to the right, I'll go to the left.

Sarah! Get down!

Get up!

Come on, do not resist!

Let's go! Come on!



Let the girl go. Fuck you!

Come on, Stantin...
We've already done this.

You tried to play with me the last time.
and a woman died. Remember?

This time, will do what I say
or I'll have to kill another.

Pass to the other side.
If he kills her, he dies next.

Stantin, I'm serious. Me too.

If you want to die, you can shoot.

I'll kill her! Let her go or she'll die.

This is the only agreement,
that you will succeed.

I'll kill her, Stantin!
Shit, I'll kill her!

Oh my gosh!

Get out of the way! Fast!

Get out of the way!

Get out of the way!

Fast! Fast!

Go fast! Fast! Let's go, down. Let's go!

Down! Down!

Come here! Come here! No, no, no.

Come here. Let's go. Let's go.

Let's go. I will not hurt you.
Come here. Let's go.

Holy shit, come here! Okay, you'll see.

All right, come on.
Everything will work out.

It's ok. Not! Not!

You FBI men, Do these shits often?

Every day...