Shikkar (2010) - full transcript

A lorry Driver who was a police officer tries to protect his daughter from an unknown man who is hunting them.

Sir! A person named
Balaraman here...?

He's left from here. It's 8 or 9 years
since he left this place.

I don't know where
he is now, sir.

From where do you come?
- Rameswaram!

You people, who got
suffered a lot...!

If you people go out leaving
your motherland...

Searching some other place...!

You people should get justice.
But our suffers have got doubled now.

You'd go to Chittoor through
East Godhavari from Srikakulam.

If you travel up to 360 kilometers
from there in road way...

You can reach Dharmapuri.

You people should stay
there on that night.

You'd reach Kerala through
NH 47 route in the morning.

Deep forest of Idukki Jilla, which is
situated in Southern Kerala.

We have to reach
this place. Here...!

East to Aanaimudi & foothills
of Iravi mountain...!

A terrific forest, where elephants
& tigers dwell...!

Chittazha, what we search
is situated here.

A village in the forest.

Woodcutters festival will be there
here in the next 6 months.

Woodcutters such as Lorikar & Vanivasang,
who are there across many hills & forests...!

They are magical people, who
travel throughout the day.

Chittazha is going to welcome
the next spring season.

We can able to come here via
mountain also. But this is shortcut.

You lady! Did you come from your palace?
Why is your face looking dull?

Your keep is looking dull, man.

You stealthy fellow!

This old lady will make
fun always.

Walk there. - You man!

Your people are less this
time, aren't they?

I only know my suffer of making these
people to bring down from the mountain.

Vinay! Let me come settling
their accounts first. Okay...?

Walk fast. Come.

Move forward, men!

Is it enough?
- It's enough.

Make it fast. You'll get
good money.

He has not yet
come. Right?

How? He has made me to
keep his things there.

That man will be here
among these people.

That person, whom
we search.

Idiot! All of you finish
his chapter together.

Stop it!

It's enough. All of you
leave the place.

Even if you are a sage, you behave
like a womanizer. Shameless man!

Come. - He's like our saloon
shop man. - He is no more now.

Who told that ladies
are innocent?

Oh mother!

Goddess! Don't give them
such a great strength.

Mother! - Get down!

You've reached the place. Right?
- Give me your hand please.

Let this Kuttappa sage
stamp the land & breath.

You have to save me without
making me to fall down.

My body is very tired by
those ladies beatings.

Thanks a lot.

Please bless me.
- You'll come up in life.

Me & my family.

Goddess! This should not
be a covering jewel.

Oh God! Please save us.

You need not take your hands.
Let me go through this way.

Sir! I told you. Right?
He's the party Allu Salim.

He's a new import of
Thambi's contract.

He was there in jail regarding
a murder case.

He's come out in
parole now it seems.

We used to get this wood contract
from the 8 to 10 years.

We lost that contract
this time.

Can Thambi contractor
just watch this?

Nair brother! Whatever it is.
It's a good way for the season.

Let me hear their talk. We have
to know their procedure. Right?

That's always good.

If it is not a procedure
that affects us, enough.

They've started their light
decorations & music.

It's a festival of getting forest Goddess
consent for cutting woods here.

They believe that Goddess will decide the fate
of this season at the end of their festival.

Whether it will be good or not.
Goddess only knows that.

We got a good profit last year.

Everybody got good
profit & earnings.

But one year before. There was a great
flood & destruction in our forest.

God! I don't know what Goddess has decided
to give Chittazha people this year.

Goddess! Give us
good things alone.

Ramani! Didn't you feed our cow
& tie it until now? She's a lazy lady.

Oh my Goddess!

How many times I have
to tell you, man?

You only agreed that you would
come to take our loads. Right?

If you give any reason in order
to avoid to take our loads...

Bashir sir!

There's no use in shouting here.

We should get our vehicle maintenance
charge to take your loads in Kuruvithodu.

If we got our vehicle maintenance
money last time...

We would have bought
a brand new vehicle.

We stopped that
job there itself.

We will take your load only
if you pay our money.

Or that will be there
itself permanently.

We won't touch that.

Can any good thing take place?
- We can't predict anything.

Idiot! You have threatened me.
Right? Go that side, man.

12000 people have come there for
work across hills & forest.

If you spoil this season demanding money,
they will starve for their gruel.

Bashir is thinking
about that only.

Tell me. What's your demand for
your vehicle maintenance?

We can consider about you if you give
Rs.300 or Rs.400. - Oh! Rs.300 & Rs.400.

I can sell those wood &
give you more than that.

Hey! Don't threaten
me, men.

Bashir has met many
people like you.

I've started my work. I know
how to take our loads also.

Let me see the rules
& law for that work.

Kunjikanna! Start our jeep.

Hey! Law & rules are
very low in our place.

Our rules are different. You don't try to
change those coming from the hill station.

Okay...? If you do so again,
I'll finish your chapter.

I am seeing,

I'm seeing his shadow across
many trees of this forest way.

He's come. Hail the
lord Hari.

Shouldn't we teach
them a lesson?

There's a hot problem outside.

Will he get affected?
- That's definite.

Don't say something by
your evil tongue, man.

Go & give me my drink.
- That's it.

Can any good thing
take place here?

Then, no need.

We've known about your strike after
when we made our loads ready.

Why didn't you give us a notice
about strike in advance?

Please come. Let me
tell you. Come.

You people used to take Kuruvithodu
load until the last year. Right?

What happened to you
people this time?

That is our decision this time.

That's all.

We've told all the matters
briefly to him.

If you want to tell anything
further, tell him.

Here...? - Yeah.

Swallow-wort is better
than date-palm.

If we decide to take date-palm in
swallow-wort, can it take place?

It won't take place.

Because there is no
date-palm in swallow-wort.

That's the matter. - We have to go there,
where date-palm is available.

If you trim your mustache,
date-palm won't come here.

Bashir told that he'd give Rs.100 as
maintenance charge for a vehicle.

My brother! If you ask Rs.100,
it's not a great matter.

You can take 2 plates of Briyani. - You can
take Briyani fully & work happily.

That will be a happiness for us.

Bashir! Fix them for the next trip.
- It's enough if they tell their flexibility.

The problem is solved. I told that
Sunny sir is very decent. Right?

What does it mean? - It means if
we try, we can make him decent.

Is that the matter? -That's
the matter. Come!

Stop there, man.

You're irritating us from
sometime. Right?

Take back your load
& chase some other work.

Or I will bury you.

Am I a seed to bury?

Go, man.

Raman brother! Move.


Why do you stretch your hands,
men? I'll give your needs to you.

Raman brother! No.
Don't kill him.

Listen to me, brother.
Don't do this. - No.

No. Don't do him anything.

Listen to me.
Come here, man.

Get up & leave
the place, man.

You come. Leave him.

Come here, man.

Raman brother's house is
there in Aramuli only.

They both studied in the same school
& same bench up to 10th standard.

Sathya had time to tell me about his friends
only in the beginning after our marriage.

Whatever he says. That will be
ended with Balaraman only.

We got a great pride in our colony after
when Balaraman uncle started staying here.

I need not pay money,
if I want chocolates.

His daughter is there in
Kozhikode. Right?

She is staying in hostel for her
entrance exam coaching.

She is not his own daughter.
Brother's daughter.

His brother & his wife died in
an accident, when she was 2 years old.

You've seen a person with him,
haven't you? He's Maniappan.

He was his brother's driver.

He & that child alone
got saved.

Pity! They were staying in
Pondicherry for some years.

They came here with Bashir
sir in a season time.

After seeing Sathya...
I have to explain you everything.

After how many years they
both are seeing each other!

He joined with us, when
my hubby compelled him.

What was our story before
when Balaraman came here to stay?

Remember that just.

Nobody came out fearing for
Thambi contractor & his people.

When we got a person
to question their cruelties...

Thambi got controlled. Right?

Raman brother! We can't go back
after holding a tiger's tail. Right?

I've interfered into this problem
by your support only.

Do you know that?

There's a story in Pancha
Thandhiram, Bashir.

A story of a lion as it got afraid
seeing its own face into the well.

All the rowdies of world are like this only.
If anybody questions them, they will fear.

That only has taken
place now. Right?

I've interfered into this matter,
when you could not solve it.

Thambi contract will not be there
here in this birth. It's confident.

Am I right, Sathya brother?
- Should we say that too, Mani?

He's given them a heavy
load. Right? - Yes.

What, man?

Ramani sister...

My heart says that
it is a good party.

Ramani sister! Serve me fast.

You people start the party.
Let me come taking bath.

Let me also come. - Have
you drunken already?

3 rounds! Ramani! Bring 5 to 6
tumblers & side dish here.

Where were you, man?
Keep that here.

Is it enough if I calm?
Shouldn't I achieve our goal?

Shut your mouth. - You don't tell me.
I'll cut your neck & remove your head.

My sweet drink.
- You proceed.

Why didn't you do
these things already?

She's Ramani's sister, who was
studying in college. Right?

Yes. She's a girl,
who passed B.A.

She is suffering
a lot by poverty.

Her problems started after
when her mother passed away.

There's no use in telling
me as her uncle.

We have to finish her father
in the middle of the road.

She got chased out from her
family by a new relationship.

He got an illicit relationship.

When I went to her house last time,
I asked my wife to bring her here.

Let her stay here.
Let's support her.

Come, man. Let's take bath
& take drinks there.

Let's take 2 rounds. - It's enough if
they keep some drinks balance.

Once I received an interview
card from Tribal department.

My good time. Postman gave
that card in my wife's hands.

I saw that card after 5 days
from the interview.

Whatever it is. It won't
be like that.

This letter came by today morning only
from your daughter's institute. Here!

They ran the model exam
of entrance there.

She only got the top mark
in all the 3 centers.

Is it so? Show me that.

You mind it. She will get
100% marks this year.

I'm confident about this.

Kaveri would be alive
at this time.

She only dreamt about
our daughter. Right?



Come. I'll tell you.

Our daughter will
become a doctor.

Watch her activity.

My gold! Come, dear!

Has she slept?

Our daughter is smiling after dreaming
something, What will it be?

I can't say what will be that.

But she will take sometime to
get up from her dream.

Let's have a dream until then.

What? Beautiful parrot!
Why did your lips turn into red?

Who has kept the eyetex
in your eyelids in the mirror?

Sky's moon, which comes down
in the pure evening time.

Like breeze plays on the jasmine...
Who plays entertaining me here?

It's a function time, when flowers will
blossom. That's this girl's wedding time.

I have to buy glittering gold
& beautiful dotted dress for you.

My time is not enough
to play prattling this girl.

What? Beautiful parrot!
Why did your lips turn into red?

Who has kept the eyetex
in your eyelids in the mirror?

Clouds came with golden deers
to swing on the branches.

Let's join together like
dew drops on the grass.

I was roaming actively.
You've joined me with you.

What? Beautiful parrot!
Why did your lips turn into red?

Who has kept the eyetex
in your eyelids in the mirror?

Sky's moon, which comes down
in the pure evening time.

Like breeze plays on the jasmine...
Who plays entertaining me here?

It's an usual problem.

What happened for your
stay this time, man?

Did you leave it to
any new relative?

No one can control
me except God.

Did you understand
this, man? - Yes.

Who is that dog? Why
do you hide, man?

If you have guts, come
in front of me, man.

Idiot! Are you playing
with Thangamala?

Did I know that she
would take bath?

It's enough if season starts. All the rowdies
will be there in this Chittazha.

I've come. Hey lady!


Have you locked? Where do you go
locking our home? -To shop! - A shop...!

Is that a great five star hotel?

Those lorry people have
kept that rubbish shop.

My uncle Lukochan arranged a wonderful
job of Rs.3000 as salary per month.

You spoiled that job at that time.
So suffer now!

You have to beg my favour after
when this season gets over.

You've decided not to
bear our wellness.

It's enough if you
go there lonely.

Don't try to relate my
daughter with anybody.

A father can decide about her.
- Oh! A father...!

I've never seen such a father
in this whole world. Come.

Give me the key & go. - Come to shop
& get it from Sathya brother.

I asked you to stop. I have to
go out. Give me the key & go.

Wherever you may go. Get the key
from Sathya brother & go.

Your dog will come
for that. Go, girl.

Let it be. You lady!
Come out.

Won't you obey my words?

Have you come? What?
- I got a pain in my hands.

I got injured my hands
while working in Vizanral.

Without knowing that, I've fallen down,
when I took the bottle outside.

What about that now?

Ramani sister! Clear these
with the broom.

Where do you come?

It's glass. Right? If we stamp it,
it will hurt our legs.

I'm a genius. - Dear! No need of
a broom. Let me clear these things.

Here, she is.

Hey! What did you say having
a third person's key?

You asked me to get the key from
Sathya brother. Who is Sathya?

What, man? He is my
dear brother-in-law.

Leave my hands. - He married my
Ramani sister. I used to call him as baby.

He is my soul.

A great Sathya brother.
Who is Sathya brother?

Ramani! Bring that parcel here.

He came with a great shout.
But he has gone silently like a rat.

Did he come again?

Hey! Come here soon
without delay.

It's me. Has he gone?

Who is that? - Balaraman!

I didn't get him in my hands.

Whenever you see Balaraman
sir... Why do you get scared?

What's there in between you both?

What's that? Hey! I can fight with
a person, who is equal to my status.

Otherwise it is shame for
me only. Right? - Is it so?

Then? Do you have
Rs.50? No need.

How much, lady? - Rs.28.

Thank God. - Hey!
Wait a minute.

Hey! Take away
this suitcase.

Let it be here itself.

Is this there in
your house? - No.

That's why I asked you
to go with this coffin.

If you play with me again, look at me. I swear
on my grandma. You'll get hits definitely.

If you say so, how it will be?

If it is somewhere else, people
will steal this. Right?

I'm Ramani's close relative. Right?
Don't we have same blood?

Same blood...? Don't make
me to tell something badly.

An useless relative.
Hey! Give me.

Rs.28. Hey! Give me my money
without wasting my time.

What do you mean?

Why do you play with me?
Give me my money, man.

Dumb man! Why didn't you tell already
that you don't have money?

Can you tell this after
taking food?

Such people trouble us in the morning itself.
You can pay me & go. Move away.

How much should he
pay you? - Rs.28.

Is that all? Did you make this innocent
person to drop tears for that?

Here. Rs.30.

Come, man. Follow me with
that suitcase.

Tell like that.

All are worst here. But you've understood
some good qualities in me now. Right?

Move away, old lady.

Is this your path, man?

Leave away, man. - How strong this
old lady is! - Leave off, man.

Indiscreet fellow!

2 tea without sugar.

1 tea

No need of sugar.

Brother! How can we go
to Chittazha from here?

Don't wait for any jeep now.
A lorry will come.

Lorry, which will go
to take load.

It's enough if you give some
money to the lorry driver.


From where do you come?
- Rameswaram.

Raman brother! Shall
I order for tea?

If tea is available, I'll get
more stuff here surely.

Someone has come
searching you, sir.

Who is that? - I don't know.
He's gone to river side.



I got an indifferent fear.

I got consoled myself thinking that
I got this fear by my old age.

But after when I heard about
Reddy... Something in me...

They've killed 3 people such as Reddy,
his wife & his son in Farm house.

We don't know the murderer
and his motive, Ram.

First Naik sir. Next Mohan Rao.

Now Reddy.

We both alone are the balance.

Let's assume that Naik has
passed away by an accident.

Everything is over. But Mohan Rao
has passed away after 11 years.

8 months correctly. Now Reddy.

Mohan Rao & Naik sir. Both have passed
away in car accident. Right?

Am I right? - People believe
like that only.

But both are planned
murders only.

Rama! They only are
following us secretly.

I don't know why I don't
have guts like before.

Whatever I see now a days. I am
getting a sort of fear, man.

I went to Rameswaram with my family
last month only & got settled there.

Because my relatives are
there only. Right?

I thought about you only as soon as
hearing Reddy's news.

But I didn't get any news about
your place & occupation, Rama.

By God's grace I met our friend
Ramanujam at that time.

He only told me your details.

You'd be careful, man.

Rauthar sir! So long... It's many days
since we met each other. Right?

Won't you tell a word as
you'd come to our house...?

Maniappa! Don't consider
my this time visit.

I'll come with my family
by next time definitely.

I've seen Ganga in
her childhood.

It's many days. She might have
grown up well. Right?

I'll meet her next time
definitely, Rama

Shall I leave, Maniappa?

He is looking very dull. I don't
know anything about him.

He's come normally. Right?
- Normally only.


Who is that?

What, man? - I would like to make
a call to my daughter.

Until the foothills... - Man! How can there
be a telephone booth in this midnight?

You sleep!

You man!

What, man? What's the problem?

Nothing. - You have some fear
about your daughter.

I have watched
that many times.

What's that, man?
Tell me frankly.

Nothing. Nothing.

She is there for me now. Right?
- You suffered a lot. Right?

Try to stop this hectic movement
atleast henceforth.

Think to get settled anywhere.

Your own house. That's your daughter's
primary dream, isn't it?

Her studies should
get completed first.

She'd become a doctor
as Kaveri wished.

I have to give her
a good life, then.

Who knows the matter
after that?

See, how he is sitting!

Hey! Give me those
drinks, man.

What's the use in telling
to a deaf man?

Did anybody...

Oh Jesus! Today should be
a good day for me.

Mathayi sir! Here...!
- Where? - Here.

Oh! Sage! Come here.

Come here. - I was waiting
to get your blessings, sage.

I don't have that
necessity. - Bless me.

Come up in life. - Bless
my daughter & wife also.

I can't see her here. - She's in
Vizanvol. My wife.

That's okay. Wife. Okay! I've blessed
her too. She'd come up in life.

Okay. - Just wait. - What
a senseless sound?

I'll get strength only if I take a pure liquor.
Can't you give me your liquor?

Sage! Did anybody beat
you? - I'll tell you.

I've written a amulet for child & given
to Karaikudi lady Rajamma.

I brought her to my hermitage saying that
I'd tie that amulet... Give me some more.

Is it that?

I give amulets to everybody. I wrote
an amulet for myself & forgot to tie it.

Oh guru!

What a difference in taste!
This is cashew & this is battery.

That's my technique.

Have you got intoxication? - It's time for
my meditation. Leave away.

I leave, sage!

It's my luck. He's left the place.

Did you hide it from me?

Should I delay further?
My dear liquor.

This forest is okay for Thambi.

This will be a protection for
Thambi at any cost.

Have you come up on
the Mullur hill, man? - No.

Climb it.

If you walk throughout the daytime & reach
the summit, you can see Thambi's kingdom.

Pistol is not the protection for Thambi's
large Indian hemp garden. Forest!

This date-palm contract is a silly
wood matter to Thambi.

Only wood.

Whether I get it or not. My stocks will be
keep on going like the rainfall.

In your date-palm lorry without
your knowledge too.

What? Do you have any
doubt about this?

I've come to tell you this only.
You're not at all a matter for me.

But he's taught me.

Balaraman is the cause
for your death.

Ask this bastard to go back.

Ask him to leave this problem
without spoiling this season.

Or you will see the
forest's destruction.

Some dialogues first
& then hits...!

People will feel bore. That's why
I've changed. I'll hit first.

I'll say dialogues after that.

I'm telling you a matter for the third time
after when I came to Chittazha

You can crop Indian
hemp or anything.

Don't do that cheating us,
who are innocent workers here.

You've seen the forest only. You got these
problems as you didn't see the city.

You man! Find the people first.

If you want to know about me,
ask him. Tell him, man.

Give this powder to her.

If she doesn't get cured in 2 days,
I'll give her English medicine.


Don't threaten me by
your sight, boy.

I'll throw you into the drainage
tying your hands & legs.

Call your dad, man. - He's started
in the morning itself.

Father! Why don't you
advice him also?

He can get changed. He is
a true Christian. Right?

I can advice him. But I will get
changed. That's the fact.

Leave me, please.

What, man? Why do you quarrel with
him as soon as coming here?

Why don't you scold him, man?
- I should not only scold him.

I have to beat & chop this idiot.

He missed my money more.
Do you know that?

I earned those money
with a great difficulty.

I've filled the liquor in bottles, tied it & kept
into the river. But no rope & no bottles.

Not only one or 2 times. He is doing
this only for the third time.

I've tied my liquor bottles
tightly & came out.

I have to keep somebody to protect it.
Or he is looting fully. You know this, old lady?

How do you say confidently as this
boy only did that? - I'm confident.

I've seen him standing in the river side,
where I kept my liquor bottles.

I've gone there for fishing,

You don't talk anything.


Difficult! Rama brother! He will become
a vapor in his place itself while seeing you.

What's your power, man?

It might be by our soulful relationship.
- Is it? - Do you want this plantain?

Do you want this plantain?

Yes. His words are true.

Some thief is stealing
here everything.

Tell like that. - This man's liquor
bottles got missed.

My things have gone. This man's...
- 4 bottles Horlicks & 2 Chandrika soap.

Not only this.
Old lady's money Rs.75.

This man's belongings. Do you mean that
this boy only stole everything?

No...? There is a thief in
this colony, then.

A trained thief.

We have to find that thief first.
What's the use of scolding this boy?

Not that. When the thief is there in us,
it is very easy to find him.

I'm seeing. - What? - I'm seeing his
foot prints in hill rocks & deep forests.

He's a brave man. He's not a silly man.
He's an incarnation of Lord Krishna.

Don't try to trap him. Leave him.

That's good for you all. Or...

Wait, man!

Hey! He's not a sage.
Our barber Kuttappan!

Are you playing with us, man?
- I'm finished. - Catch him.

Enough. Leave me.
I've not got anything.

Hey! This is his gigantic form!

What's your confusion in staying
in your hostel for tonight alone?

I told you that I'd come & pick up
you tomorrow. Right?

That... - Don't talk.

You've acted according to your wish.
- What's this, Rama brother?

What happened now to
scold her this much?

Your daughter was
adamant. Let it be.

She's come here without any
problem, hasn't she?

Then what? - She's come.
That's not her smart behavior.

She's come from a long distance
climbing the hill & forest...!

I don't understand anything,

Don't tell me anything
further, dad.

I didn't want to stay there
after completing my exams.

I wanted to come
here immediately.

That's why, I've come.

Did you see? They are father & daughter,
who are going to get placed in Guinness book.

Are there anybody in
this world like them?

Why are you watching them yet?
Didn't you see her arrival?

Keep that Tiffin ready. Come,
dear. Let's eat it.

I'm not hungry now, uncle.
- I'll make you to get hungry.


If you eat our Tiffin hot, it will
be very tasty. Right?

Dancers have come. Hey!

Hey boy! We can go there
together after sometime.

Dancers performed last year.
Do you know that?

Young beauty! Your pony tail hair
style is shaking, when you walk.

We can see the beautiful fish,
when you wink your eyes.

Can your gold colour get stuck in
my hands if I touch you?

You flower! You fair beauty!
You're a smiling beauty.

You pure Tamil peacock.
You sweet honey!

Your beauty is catching
everybody's eyes.

walk with me to a place
as your ear stud shakes.

Just wait. Let me see
your beauty fully, dear.

Hey! It's getting late, dear.

You stay in my heart
like the fire, uncle.

Hey! I'm a night cock, which comes
singing a romantic song.

You dance like the June month's Muruga's
holy wooden rod with arch.

My dear! You're beautiful
like a jasmine bud.

Come here prattling me
like a forest flower.

Sweet parrot! Jasmine creeper!

Young sprout! Chill breeze!

Fragrance flower! I've got
melted by your beauty.

You flower! You fair beauty!
You're a smiling beauty.

You pure Tamil peacock.
You sweet honey!

Your beauty is catching
everybody's eyes.

My skin is too soft like
the peacock feather.

There is a great flood in
my sea like eyes.

Your skin is too soft like
the peacock feather.

There is a great flood in
your sea like eyes.

Sun & moon are there in
your body together.

Breeze is flowing in the forests,
where summer rain falls.

A small drop! A small cuckoo!

Silver statue! Golden paste!

Fragrance flower! I've got
melted by your beauty.

You flower! You fair beauty!
You're a smiling beauty.

You pure Tamil peacock.
You sweet honey!

Your beauty is catching
everybody's eyes.

walk with me to a place
as your ear stud shakes.

Just wait. Let me see
your beauty fully, dear.

Your beauty is catching
everybody's eyes.

Hey! Can your gold colour get
stuck in my hands if I touch you?

We've sent the letter. Right? Let the
reply come. Let's think after that.

Shall we go there?
- Move. - Okay, father.

She's our doctor girl. Right?
- She's come just now.

You'll be here only without making him
to get tensed hereafter. Right?

You boy! Come here.

This is Manu. He's my
close friend's son.

He's a photographer of Malayalam
Bhoomi news paper.

He is here to take
some photographs.

He will be there with
me for some days.

I told you about Chittazha hero.
Right? He's that hero. Balaraman!

Take his photograph in advance.

Hey! Take my photo also
as his close friend.

Dad! - What, boy?
- Come. Let's go.

He wants to sleep. Shall
we move? Let's move.

Come. - Come.

You man! I've kept my
house key in our shop.

You go with them.

I'll come there. Go carefully.

Come, dear.

I got a great forgetfulness.

What are you doing? If my dad
sees me... Leave me. - I'll leave you.

But I want to your know
who is there in your heart.

I've come here to know that.

God! My dad will see me now.

Leave me. - I'll leave you. But I want
to know whether you like me or not.

Tell me. It's enough if you
tell me this & go.

Leave me.

What happened? What,
dear? - Nothing, dad.

I've got slipped. - I asked you to
walk in front. But you didn't obey me.

You are walking alone.
Have you seen now? Walk.

Can we stay anywhere
permanently atleast hereafter?

If you don't take any decision atleast
now, I won't talk to you. Note it.

Are you hearing my words?

I like this house very much, dad. Shall
we buy this house from Sathyan uncle?

Why don't you answer me?
- Don't talk to me. Let me think about it.

Lord Shiva!
You've told this atleast. Right?

Gayathri sister!
Are you sighting my dad?

That's, I...
- I've told just for fun.

This man only will
do that work. - Go, girl.

What's this? If anybody sees you...
Why don't you leave off?

I'll go. But I want
to know your reply.

If dad sees you... You go. Let me
tell you my decision later on.

When? - I'll tell you definitely.
Please leave the place.

You'd come to the wooden bridge
near the river tonight. Okay...?

Can you come? - Yeah.
- You'd come. - I'll come. You go.


Problem that has come by
wood has got solved by wood...

Are you making that
dumb boy to lift your things?

Why don't you treat him

Shouldn't he agree that? Shouldn't
he tell me that? Am I right, man?

Sack! Sack!


Container! Fish!

Should I take that also?

Problem that has come by wood
has got solved by wood...

A creature like this.

What? What happened?
Why are you mood off?

Nothing, sister. - Dad & Sathya
will come very late today.

You come, dear.
Let's be there.

No need, sister.
Let me stay here itself.

In that case,
let me send Anu here.

Wait there. From how long
I should follow you?

This way or that way...?

You sent your people out. Are you
using my daughter for the supply, ladies?

You can read later on.
Where is your father?

Call him outside. You uncle!

Why are you
shouting here, uncle?

That girl is sitting there.

Why don't you have a common sense
as she will hear you?

Is she a girl? Let her hear well. This
Mathayi Pillai is shouting for everybody only.

My daughter's fiancee Lukochan...

He is the number 1 sales man. I asked you
not to come here. You didn't obey me. Right?

People told that
she has gone by his lorry.

When she was waiting for a jeep, Raman
brother came by his lorry through that way.

She stepped into that.
My children also were there with her.

What's your problem
in that now?

No any problem.

Let me tell you a matter. Don't make my
daughter to roam in this forest with respect.

What a look!
Shit! Shameless people!

I'm disappointed. Or... Can I take
so long to read your mind set?

I've started to leave this place.
But I could not leave.

Let me have a look.


This is that stealthy
sage's photograph. Right?

Oh God! Why did
you click these snaps?

I didn't go to click him.
My camera went there.

I've got you because of
my camera only. Right?

Rama! It's not a great matter
to feel this much.

They are moving for fun.
- It's not a fun, man.

Daughters will live with their father before
marriage & hubby after marriage. That's life.

Can you listen to my words?

Let me go & meet
our church father.

I'll explain everything
to that guy.

You don't create
any confusion before that.

You don't ask or tell anything
to your daughter at present.

Leave this matter to me.
Believe me, friend.

You drink that. Ramani!
Get us some fish gravy.

You are a short tempered person!

You got only son. Can you be
temper or adamant with him?


What's this, old lady?
You're coughing continuously.

If I ask her to go to her son's house,
she is not obeying me.

She is adamant.

I'm going to the foothills.
Let me drop you.

No, man. This forest is peaceful for me.
I'm peaceful here only.

Then stay here.

Move away, lady.
I'll miss my number. Go, man.

Rama brother!

What, man?
- When I went to our shop...

4 people got murdered
in a family.

Mohamed Rauthar, who got retired from
Andhra police department... His wife Jameela.

His sons Roshan & Salim
were dead by gunshot.

First Naik sir! Then Mohan Rao!

Now Reddy. We both only
are the balance now.

What game it is?

Did you see? Look her, sister.

Put it immediately.
- Hey! She is failed.

Ravi sir! I'm Balram here!

It's bad time. I've taken
their work in my hands.

What happened, brother?
- They are Andhra police.

If a problem gets solved,
I get another problem.

Everything is irritating me.

What's the matter?

They need all the details & address of
wood cutters here. These crazy officers...!

Corporation office...?

It's me Bashir.

What can I do, sir?
I'm collecting everybody's address.

What a rank did she take?
Rank girl!

Let me have a look.

Girls only took top three ranks.

See. Her photo has come.

Meena, Ganga Balaraman & Amala

I told already that your daughter
would pass in exam. Right?

I've prayed to our forest Goddess.
Her grace only.

Forest Goddess...?
She will say like this always.

Whatever good incident may happen.
She tells that as forest Goddess grace.

All of you move away.
Doctor girl! You show your hand.

You're the first doctor
of Chittazha people.

It's a mantra sweet as you'd not forget
this place after passing in your exams.

Take it.

As our Ganga's daughter is
going to become a doctor...

This Udhaya studio is
closed temporarily.

All the other details will be written
in the notice board later on.

Say like that. Hold it.

This Baskaran is also going
to announce a great offer.

As I don't have
any notice board...

I ask this old lady
to roam here with make up.

Useless fellow!
Go, man. Leave out.

I'll teach you a lesson today.
Stay there, man. You...


Your mom might have become
very happy now. Right?

Shouldn't you tell this to Manu?

Go & tell him.

Go, dear.


That bird like girl has flown away
somewhere without telling me anything.

She disappeared like the
water bubble into the deep sea.

Like the shadow of evening moon,
a flower alone sleeps together with me.

Don't cry my dear! Your mother's milky
face will feel a lot if she sees your tears.

Like the Veena music,
I'll take care of you like my dear.

I'll feel happy
by treating you royally.

That bird like girl has flown away
somewhere without telling me anything.

In the childhood, when you don't
know to comb your hair too...

...I kissed you
with crores of wishes.

When you suffer in hot,
I'll protect you as a shadow.

people's life is waste.

You, who are the meaning of life...

My love & your naughtiness won't
get reduced even if you grow up.

I'll lullaby you like the dream.

I need to go on December
first week atleast.

I have some correspondence

If I those by tomorrow or day
after tomorrow, I can confirm the date.

If you go from here, can you come
again on Onam or New year?

If I join, I will get my leave
only after 3 years.

Why like that?
Are you going to jail?

This is the foreign people's problem.
They can't do anything as they wish.

I have to send some photos in mail.
Let me go to foothills.

You can leave.

If we think about a matter,
it will be surprised.

This man started staying here, who
has come here to take load in season.

He is talking about his daughter's
marriage here. That's Chittazha's specialty.

If we like it, it will support us.
Take your tea.

Everything is decided, then.

We have to control both
of them at present.

Their marriage after when Ganga's doctor
studies & my boy's scholarship gets over.


Let's make a move.
- Okay. - Yes.

Father! You called Manu's mother today, right?
- I've agreed that responsibility. Right?

She's keep on questioning me about the
bride. Oh God! I became tired in replying her.

Father! Shall we leave, then?

Father! I like him.

Don't you know that?
I'm giving my soul in his hands.

Balarama! He is my boy.

You go peacefully.

Don't switch off the jeep.

Did you see this?

What a get up is this,
Mathayi brother?

Did you join drama troop?

Shut up, idiot!

Mathayi brother! Did they name me
making me to sit on your dad's lap?

Mathayi is an owner in this
Chittazha from today onwards.

This is too much.
- Where's Sathya, lady?

Where did you hide him knowing
my arrival? Call him outside.

Sathya has gone to market.

You'd inform him
about my arrival.

You'd tell him that I am not an
useless & previous Mathayi also.

This Mathayi owner is eligible
to buy this whole Chittazha

That is this Mathayi's
financial state now.

You lady! You've locked
my daughter here. Right?

I've come to take her
with me.

If you obstruct me to take her, you'll see
my original face. Want to see that?

Nobody has locked anybody here.

If she is willing, take her. Why should
we bother about it? - I'll take her.

This Mathayi owner will take her.

This Chittazha... I'll make her Vizanvol's
queen & bring her in front of you all.

This Mathayi owner
has that much of power.

What, lady?

Do you have any doubt in that?

Do you have? Did you see?
Dear Lukocha!

Come out, man.

Come. Everybody will get shocked seeing us.
He's my only daughter's fiancee Lukocha.

He is a king in Vizanvol. Come, buddy.
- He's not a king. Only an old man.

Is there such a king?
Which hereditary king he is!

He may be a king of middle
period kings hereditary.

That's why he is having
middle period look.

I don't want to waste my time.

I've made my daughter &
Lukochan betrothal there.

Your daughter is here. Right?
How did you make her betrothal, then?

Wherever she may be. We will
make her betrothal in Vizanvol.

That's my Molammai's obedience.

Son-in-law! Wait!

Ramani! Call my daughter.

Is she here or outside?

Didn't you hear my question?
- Boss!

What, man?
- Please come here.

What's your present position?
Pillai or Mathayi?

I was Pillai. I've become Mathayi
after Molammai's marriage.

What's the matter, man?

Please come.

Have you stopped your liquor
business? - Temporarily.

What about your assistant, then?
- He may be somewhere here.

Brother! Can you give
me some credit?

Do you want to get alms
from me, man?

I want to chase you & that
cooling glass old man together.

Then, I'll pour something
in your mouth.

You've brought this useless fellow
to marry your golden daughter.

Is he so worst? - You & your
son-in-law should leave the place.

Or... - We will leave the place.

Your daughter. - First we'll escape, then
daughter. Get into the jeep, son-in-law.

Hey! Come. Why do you
run leaving me? Oh god!

You people, who got suffered a lot...!

If you people go out
leaving your motherland...

Searching some other place...!

You people should get justice.
But our suffers have got doubled now.

Our heart has become strong.
Our tears have got frozen.

Even if our deaths are different,
our goal is the same.

You people have taken birth
to blossom our world.

When can we get freedom?
Can you tell this?

You people should get justice.
But our suffers have got doubled now.

Our heart has become strong.
Our tears have got frozen.

Even if our deaths are different,
our goal is the same.

Who is that, father?

They've come from Hyderabad.

Did you take so long
to reach the station?

You have to come here with
a great difficulty. Right?

Hey Venu! Wait there.

You kids! Careful. - Padma!
You leave that girl atleast now.

She is prattling her as soon as
she came here.

Shouldn't she breath freely?

Did you hear?

She didn't allow me to stay there
as soon as she reached Pallimedu by jeep.

In short, teacher likes
our daughter. Am I right?

Why did you come here,
Ram brother?

She has come there.
Please come.

Let him also come here.

He's come. Right?

He's Balaraman. - He mailed me
your photo. You're there in a group.

What happened to you?
You're looking dull.

No. I got a slight headache.

We have to make their marriage to
change everybody's headache now. Right?

Sathya! I'll be back now.

Balaraman! You just come.
- Dear! I'll come now.

I've left an important matter
in our discussion.

Not as I wanted to hide it. It's many years
since I forgot that matter. That's true.

I also thought about that only after
when she came & told me about that.

Padma doesn't want
to hide anything from you.

When I thought about it,
I also felt that as right.

I told you that their marriage is
an inter-cross marriage. Right?

Christopher was railway
station master.

Their family members didn't
support their marriage.

They got register marriage
& went to Hyderabad at last.

They, whom their relatives
& native land refused...

I was their only relationship
with their native land.

When they didn't get any child after
4 or 5 years from their marriage...

That was a great burden
for both of them.

At that time I thought
to adopt a child for them.

I got their letter, when I was doing
my procedures regarding that.

In Secunderabad railway
station platform...

A boy of 7 or 8 years fell
there by stupor as an orphan.

Christi felt a lot seeing
that incident.

He admitted that boy
in a hospital.

He cured that boy's problem
& he brought him to his house.

That boy started to grow up
there from that day.

As Christi & Padma's son.

Our Manu is that boy.

I never had thought that
he is not my son.

He is also like that.
He doesn't know that.

He alone is there for us
as our son & daughter.

Christi wrote our properties
on his name before his death. - Enough!

Stop it.

Father! Go. - Balaraman! I...
- Shut up. Leave out.

Both of you get out.

Ram brother! - What, man?
What happened?

Can you make your daughter
marry an orphan boy?

He gave us confidence
after telling us everything,

Did you hear their talk now?
They found him in a platform it seems.

My daughter doesn't marry
a platform or orphan guy.

Do you understand this?

He's not an orphan.
I know everything,


Manu! Wait!
Listen to my words.

Hey! Wait, man.

You've given your consent.
That's why I called my mom also here.

But now... I want to know whether
Ganga knows your words or not.

Call her.

Leave now. Let's talk afterwards.
- No. I want to know the truth.

I want to know now itself.

Did you refuse me
as I am an orphan?

Answer me. If you tell that you
refuse me, I'll leave immediately.

Or I won't go.

Whoever may tell me.
I won't go.

I've told everything.

You go. Go, man.

Dad! - I said leave away.

Take him away, man.

Come, man. - Note my words.
I'll take her tonight itself.

Listen to me. - I asked you
to go. Right? Go, man.

He'd suffer for telling me
a bastard.

Mind it.

What happened here
to take this decision?

Seeing whom are you fearing?

For that boy's words... I don't understand
anything. - I understand everything,

Nobody can understand.

But he... I won't leave her.

What happened to you?

Come with me immediately.
We have to leave right away.


I'll come. But I want
to know some matters.

Who is Manu, dad?

Do you know Manu already, dad?

Dad won't act like this to Manu for
the only reason as he is an orphan.

There is something
in my dad's heart.

Some secret, what
we people don't know...!

I would like
to know that secret.

I want to know the concrete
reason to come refusing Manu.

Otherwise I won't come.


Hey! I'm coming.

Let me see that.

Belt is missing. Cap is missing,
Why don't you keep things safely?

Our daughter is growing up.
I told you not to call me for everything.

It's here.

How it will be if you shout there
keeping your belt here?

It's there only. Is it enough
if you just search it?

I have hundreds
of work in kitchen.

That was a period, when
Naxalites attacks were in peak.

That meeting was a selection for a special
force officers to face & arrest Naxalites.

Police department started operations
to stop their dangerous attacks.

We people have only aim.

We should destroy
all the Naxalites.

We'd destroy the Naxal camp totally.
We should have that aim only.

Arresting such a dangerous group
into that village is not an easy task.

They got a leader, who melted those
people by singing songs & giving speech.

We can't turn those villagers against
him even if our total force tries.

So we have to arrest
him first at any cost.

He's being called as Abdullah! But his
full name is doctor Syed Abdul Rahman.

He passed in M.B.B. S with rank
in Usmaniya University.

He worked as a government doctor
in Warangal for 2 years, then.

He started a mission
with radical force there.

He threatened police department
in Delhi & Bombay.

Finally... Again here.

He is not a leader for his village
people. He is their God.

Department recruit a special
team to arrest Abdullah!

You people,
who got suffered a lot...!

If you people go out leaving
your motherland...

Struggle for the truth
& our freedom, brother.

Take birth newly to get back our rights
putting intellectual plans, brother.

We have to start our struggle for revolution.
Winning in our aim is our talent.

We have to get our motherland under
our control in this terrific land.

Struggle for the truth
& our freedom, brother.

Take birth newly to get back our rights
putting intellectual plans, brother.

Who is the owner of Sun
& Moon in this world, man?

People are the same
on this earth, man.

In our journey of our lives...

Move with freedom
& rights, brother.

Our rightful struggle only should
be there in everybody's heart.

Struggle for the truth
& our freedom, brother.

Take birth newly to get back our
rights putting intellectual plans, brother.

Our life won't be good if you don't
chase out your fear from you, man.

You open your eyes & get
awareness atleast hereafter.

Struggle to change
your fate, brother!

Know the truth first.
Get succeeded by struggling with us.

This world is common for each
& everybody, brother.

Hail our land!

Doctor sir!

Go & see.

Eat it, boy.

Who are you?

I'm coming from Chandragiri.

My father's health is not good.

Please send doctor sir with me.

Ask him to come in.

Please come.

What's your father's
health problem?

He has got a high fever.

Many people are getting such problems as
they are not provided healthy food items.

But everybody should not get such
problems. That's my request.

Did you have your dinner? - No thanks.
- Rukmani! Provide him tiffin.

You also sit here.

Sit here.

My husband will come now.

You eat little bit atleast.

Eat it. - Enough.

Village people are taking weapons
in hand for their injustice...

...seeing the city development.

People are not struggling for their
happiness & enjoyment as everybody thinks.

They are sharpening
their weapons.

This is not the correct route
for Chandragiri. Right?

Let's go.

Who are you?

Who are you? Tell me.

No, officer!

I don't have any
weapon in my hands.

Why did you take out your gun?

I'm not the person,
who will run off by fear.

I came to know more about
Abdullah in our united journey.

He became our friend as S.P. Adhi Narayanan's
orders didn't disturb us.

That revolutionary leader
was a brave man.

He was a great singer.

Abdullah was like that
in my vision.

We saw him as a calm person in
those 4 hours of our travelling time.

That man sang many
good songs for us.

He gave us small cumin candies.

What happened?
- I don't know. I'm trying him.

Are you a Malayali?
- Yeah. How did you find it?

I know Malayali's
Telugu very well.

My wife is also a Malayali.

She knows Malayalam little bit.
Me also.

Marriage... - I'm married. - Children.
- I have only daughter named Ganga.

It's the name of a holy river.

If I go back with you, let me write
a song for your daughter, Balaraman.

Get down!

Get me some water.

Abdullah is going to die here.
Right, Balaraman?

I don't fear to die. But I have
many more things to do.

My struggle has not got
succeeded yet, Balaraman.

Abdullah! You can be
a God father for Naxalites.

But you didn't expect this. Right?

Many people are taking birth
& dying in this country.

But you people roamed
behind us in the war field.

I didn't allow any people to live in
Telungana like you. You only are the balance.

If an Abdullah dies in Telungana...

Lakhs of Abdullahs will take birth.

Our duties will be going
on there by my songs.

When I stop my song, people will start
their struggle investing those songs.

You don't know.
People are vibrated by their anger.

We don't have
any right to punish him.

Very good. Have you mingled with them
by staying with him for a day?

If you don't shoot him now...

Somebody else will shoot him.

You won't be alive to see that.

You'd do what I said.

Adhi won't talk unnecessarily.

People, who had hurt me more than
Abdullah's death in front of my eyes...

His wife & his son...!

Without knowing about
her hubby's death...

They came to give complaint in
S.P office as her husband is missing,

That will take place by next year.

No. We've booked
our tickets for Friday.

We have some programs
about our daughter.

I'll call you later.

Rukmani's eyes were burning. I saw
the full strike in Telungana after that.

When people found his body
in Godhavari on the fourth day...

Telungana started burning
by his death.

Naxals threatened everybody
performing many terror attacks.

I heard in radio that they killed
S.P. Adhi Narayanan by bomb blast.

Government ordered
a curfew act in that city.

What a dangerous air flow!

What happened?

It's some days passed
since you slept. Right?

No. Let me open & see.

You took my hubby on such a night.
Right? I got him today only in Godhavari.

As balance ash, what bullets
& fishes left over...!

You took him out lying to us
& killed him cunningly. Right?

Shouldn't I thank you with
my soul for your great favour, sir?

Who is she, dear?

What is she saying?

His thousands of followers are
waiting outside with terrific weapons.

If I show you to them, your
total house will get destroyed.

But I won't do that.

Death is a very small
punishment for you.

I won't leave you.

You have to burn & suffer
throughout your lifetime.

Seeing your lovable family members
death in front of your eyes...

Your heart should get
broken & you'd die.

He is the witness for that.
He will be there in front of you.

Leader Abdullah's son.

Remember this face. This man only
separated your father from your permanently.

This man only has destroyed
a specific group's dreams fully.

You'd not forget this
face anymore.

Go, boy.
You have nobody from today.

No father & no mother.
Go & live somewhere else.

Go, boy.


Whether she felt that
I am a murderer...

...or by the shock of seeing Rukmani's
suicide in front of her eyes...

Kaveri took a long time
to become normal.

I knew the fear of the destruction of
my life like the water drops in my palm.

I gave my resignation in
between a great pressure...

I came out from there
with the police consent.

We shifted to Visagapattinam.

Kaveri came back to her
past normal life there.

I thought that God gave me my life
back, whom I lost. But... But...



I got a sort of fear from
that incident.

Rukamni's final oath.
Her son's firing eyes...!

I thought that he would come
searching me & my daughter.

I've run from there as a mad hugging
her tightly with my chest, then.

I've seen the fire in
his eyes here now.

Eyes those are burning
by his hatred on me.

I won't leave my daughter
to anyone.

To anybody...!

Rama! We don't have any evidence
to prove Manu as that boy, do we?

Let's enquire & investigate this
clearly tomorrow. - No.

Nobody needs to
enquire about it.

I know very well as
he is that boy.

My daughter is his target.

I won't leave her to him.

You man! Where...? - Why are you watching
us yet? Bring all the luggage.

What do I have to bring? It's many
years since I joined with you.

I never had asked you about our
destination while driving also.

But let me ask you now.

Where is our journey,
Raman brother?

You man! Sathya! Send my daughter also
with me. I have to take her also.

You man! - Do you know the matter?
Landslide has taken place here.

Thambikottan's jeep has got
struck into that. He said so.

Let's go there & come
seeing that accident.

He's got struck there with his
loaded vehicle. - Come. Let's go.

Who is that?

Who is there?

Who is there?

Catch them, man.


Don't leave them. Catch them.

2 people, who got arrested, are
Andhra's Naxalites it seems.

I was convincing you until now.

But you should get
escaped from here.

If I know that you & your daughter alive in any
corner of this world, that's enough for me.

It's 15 years since this
war has started.

I lost my 50% of life as a return for
my mistake, which I did unknowingly. Right?

Isn't that enough? What
should I do further?

I should be alive. If I can be saved only
by fighting with them now...

This Balaraman is ready
for that too.

Let him win to see
my blood atleast.

Our informers are there in between tribes. Right?
They only gave us these information.

Graham team is there
in enquiry now.

We are trying here, sir.

But we don't have any way to
communicate with them, sir.

They don't know any other
languages except Telugu.

Sir! This man... - Sir!

Please come!

We've collected half of the
information from the beginning.

They are pure Telugu people.

You please talk to them.

Do you know them?

Look this. Do you know
anybody in them?

Why did you both come here?

Tell me.

For what purpose you
both have come here?

Who has sent you here?

Who is your target?

Tell me. Who is your
next target?

You... Balaraman is
our target.

Do you remember
Comrade Abdullah?

Your blood is the compensation
for his blood.

They've arrested us & kept us into the lock up.
But our commander is there outside.

He will finish you.

Your daughter is first &
you are our next target.

He will murder you, man.

You... Balaraman is our target.

But our commander is there outside.

He will finish you.

Your daughter is first &
you are our next target.

You're the commander, who has come to kill
this Balaraman from Telungana Right?

What do you want, men?
Do you want my daughter's life?

Or... Do you people
want my life?

Tell me. Tell me, criminal.

Or... Do you want my life?
Tell me, man.

Have you turned as a mental?
What's my mistake?

I'm not the person, whom you suspect.
It's true. - Don't shout.

I knew you on that day, when I heard
Abdullah's song in this Chittazha forest.

Which Abdullah? Which song?
I don't know anything.

Don't you know anything?

You people, who got
suffered a lot...!

If you people go out
leaving your motherland...

Searching some other place...!

You people should get justice.
But our suffers have got doubled now.

Our heart has become strong.
Our tears have got frozen.

Even if our deaths are different,
our goal is the same.

You people, who got
suffered a lot...!

If you people go out leaving
your motherland...

Searching some other place...!

Do you know me?

I'm great leader Abdullah's son.

Remember this man well. This person only
separate your father from you forever.

You only made me to be alive
for the past 15 years.

Though if I forgot my home, land,
my dreams & everything...

I've not forgotten you.

I'll see your destruction in this
place in front of my eyes finally.

God will be there after giving
the final food to sinners.

Abdullah's song...!
My father's song...!

They came here to
go back again.

People, who came here, have
started dominating you all.

Before killing them...

Your final relationship is going
to get ended here. It's here.

You fear. Right? You get afraid to see
your daughter's death in contact. Right?

Why do you fear? You've killed my father,
Telungana's leader cunningly. Right?

You were just seeing my mother's
suicide by shooting herself.

Why do you fear, then?

Son...! I... - Son...? Look here.

Raman brother!



Raman brother!

Listen to my words. I didn't
murder your father Abdullah.

That took place without my
knowledge. This is the truth.

Don't kill him. Don't kill him.

Don't kill him. We have to
correct our past mistakes.

Murdering the criminals
is not our law.

He'd be there in front of us
to call back his people,

...who are roaming in
forests with weapons.

We have to walk holding his hands
to make Naxalites as our friends.

Don't kill him.

Don't kill him.

His mind will get changed.

We can't be without defeating him
while starting to love them.

Don't kill him.
Let him be alive.

This world is common for
everybody. Right?

Don't kill him listening to
an old policeman's request.



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