Shaolin Wooden Men (1976) - full transcript

Jackie witnesses his father's death by the skilled hands of a martial arts master with an unknown killing technique. Jackie vows to become a Shaolin monk and avenge his death (not very Buddhist of him...), but soon finds that he's the chump of the class. After befriending a variety of shaolin masters, each of whom teach Jackie a particular style of kung fu (drunken, killing, slippery snake, etc.), Jackie suddenly finds himself good enough to go give the beats to the 100 "wooden men" whom all shaolin (in this flick anyways) have to beat to get the funky haircut. Jackie then proceeds to go around laying the beats on everyone, but shows his humility and compassion at the end.
















Production Assistant: LAU HUANG-TSUEN
Stage Coordinator: SHEUN BING

Lighting: HSU MU-WANG
Still Photographer: ZIA GUANG NAN

Art Director: LEE LUI-HUNG
Make-up: MAN GAU

Costume Design: LI YAN-HONG

Set Coordinator: CHEUNG SIU KIT

Dubbing: WANG PING

Sound Recording: CHANG HUA
Effects: ZHOU GIN


Assistant Directors:

Cinematographer: CHAN CHUNG-YUEN

Action Choreographers:


Hey, get up!

Hey, Mute Boy.

What's wrong?

Mute Boy, what's wrong with you?

Look at you!
Do you want to crawl into a dog hole?

Not a dog hole,
he's more like a dog eating poo!

Enough joking.
It's time for morning exercise.


Are you two daft?
The steamed buns are ready.

Take them to the master now.

If you're late,
you'll both get an earful from him.

I know.

Master, good morning.

- Fetch the iron shoes.
- Yes.


Once you walk with these iron shoes,
your feet will feel like 1,000 catties;

it'll be hard to move.

You'll have to focus your strength
on your feet, in order to walk.

This is fundamental
to the Shaolin 'Weightless' technique.

You must persevere.

In time, you will be able
to master this technique.

By then you'll be light as a bird,
able to walk on rooftops and water.

Now go down the mountain
and collect water from the stream.

Mute Boy, you go first.
You'd better not let us catch up with you.

Mute Boy, be quick, and don't let us down.

- It's our turn to go.
- All right.

Hurry up.

Mute boy! At this rate,
you won't even finish when it gets dark.

Look at Chiu; he's thinner,
yet quicker than you!

Mute Boy, by the time you get there,
we'll already be asleep.

Mute Boy, are you all right?

You want to slack off?
It's harder than dying!

Go get the water quickly.


I'm Five Plums,
a friend of Shaolin Temple.

I am grateful that the grandmaster
lets me stay in the Lotus Nunnery.

Young man, you needn't be suspicious.

I guess you must be
a new disciple of Shaolin.

Shaolin kung fu has a long history.
It is also very difficult to master.

It takes great perseverance
and determination to scratch the surface.

Young man, you must remember....


Hey, Lam, how are you doing?

Almost there.

- Well, what about your bucket?
- Almost full.

Hey, Mute Boy, you hear the bell?
Time's up.

You'll never fill it up.

Of course he can't.

Hey, why are you looking at me?
I can't help you.

Little did I know that Mute Boy
was weak as well as mute.

Senior, looks like he's found it
hard to swallow.

He's known for being mute.
He can't even speak up.


Your brothers
have all filled up their buckets.


Your bucket is not even half full.
Definitely laziness.

Listen up!

All disciples under Shaolin
must adhere to the Temple's rules.

Chopping wood and drawing water
in the morning,

meditation and practise in the evening.

If you can't stand this,
then get out of the mountain.

If you don't want to leave,
you'd better complete your task.

Get up!

Get up!

Your morning tasks are not done yet.

You're slacking off again.

- Give him the load with the axe!
- Yes.

Mute Boy, are you chopping the firewood?

How come your eyes look wet?

That's right, that's more like it.

How can you become a Shaolin disciple
if you can't endure this?

Chopping wood and drawing water
are fundamental to Shaolin training.

Carry water to train your legs,
chop wood to strengthen the arms.

Once you connect the energy flow,
you'll master internal martial arts.

Silly boy, you should be pleased.
Why are you crying?

What are you kneeling for?

You want me to teach you kung fu?

All I know is how to drink wine.

Kung fu? How can a crazy man
like me teach you?

Go on chopping your wood,
I've got to go.

Don't help me, I'm not drunk.

Watch me go up the mountain.

Han Zhongli, Yin Yang Fan in hand,
fans it left and fans it right

Imperial Brother-in-law Cao
with his Cloud and Sun Castanets,

bangs them until they bang and bang

Lu Dongbin, sword diagonally sheathed,
challenges the Yueyang Tower

/ron-Crutch Li,
gourd hanging from his belt

Without his crutch, he falls over

Lan Caihe, offers a blue flower
to deliver you from illness

Immortal Maiden He
restlessly sleeps in an ivory bed

She fidgets left and right

The Iron Bridge uses your back

Needs strength in your waist.
You will not collapse

Did you see that? I'm not drunk at all.

I'm going now.

What is that?

There's a snake!

Iron Bridge has a strong back

With his strength, he never falls
when bending backward



Open the gate, quick!

Get out! Get the hell out of here!

Hell, why is it always
you two stupid baldies?

It disgusts me when I look at you!
Get the hell out now!

I want wine! Give me wine!
Do you hear me?!

Get out! Get out now! Get out!

Out! Get the hell out of here!
I hate you all!

Get out, get the hell out of here...!

Do you hear me?
I said get out! Get out!

Do you hear me?

Come on...!

Get the hell out!

I would rather starve than eat these!
These buns are only fit for dogs.

Just get out!


Hurry up, quick!

Hey, kid. How did you get in here?

Did you follow them and sneak in?

I'm speaking to you! Did you hear me?

You just nod and shake your head.
Are you mute?

Hey, Mute Boy, I'm content now
and I want to sleep.

I don't need you here, so you can leave.

Next time, remember to bring
more of those buns.

And bring some good wine.
I haven't drunk good wine for ages.

You hear me?

All right, go away...!

Yeung On is challenging
Wooden Men Lane...!

Hey, Brother Yeung is fighting
in Wooden Men Lane!

- How about we go and take a look!
- Let's go!


Your training hasn't completed,
yet you dare to enter the Wooden Men Lane?

Go and recuperate first.

After your recovery,
there will be punishment.

Brother Yeung is too stubborn.

Charging through the Wooden Men Lane
isn't so easy.


Hey, Mute Boy,

you've been in Shaolin Temple
for almost two years,

yet you still can't get used
to having two daily meals.

Why are you saving that bun
for night-time?

Hey, aren't you hungry now?

Hey, that's none of your business!
It'd be nice to save some for later.

What? You've feasted on wooden fists,
yet you still want steamed buns?

Mute Boy, let's share it.

Nice wine!

You're really clever.

Too little of it, unfortunately.

Bring me more next time.

When I am pleased,
you'll be repaid generously.

Let me ask you,

why did those two monks bring me
my meal so late this morning?

Has something happened?

What's happened?

Someone has been fighting
in the Wooden Men Lane?

Did that guy fight his way through?

Useless prat!

How can a live human being lose
to a bunch of wooden figures?

If it was me, I could have
taken the wooden men apart.

You don't believe me?

You must be wondering
why I'm locked up here.

I've been practising a new technique
called 'Lion's Roar'.

Once I've succeeded,

I'll be able to crumble any metal
just by roaring.

Do you understand?

What are you staring at?

When I am pleased, I'll teach you
how to fight in the Wooden Men Lane.

Then you'll realise

that I am the best fighter
in the world.

You want to flatter me?

Just remember to bring me
more wine next time.

Or I'll kill you! Get out!

So it was you who stole my wine!

Let me teach you a lesson.

Useless thing!

You know how to steal wine,
and not my kung fu technique.

From tonight, you'll be
cleaning the kitchen every night.

What are you grinning at?
You damn monks disgust me!

Get out, quick!

Mute Boy...!

Where the hell are you? Mute Boy!

Why haven't you come yet?

It's been tidied up nicely.

You've been working really hard.

As of tomorrow,
you don't need to come anymore.

You can go and rest now.

Come back!

This is for you.

I'm freezing...!

I'm freezing to death!

It's freezing....


It's hot...!

I'm burning to death...!

It's hot...!

It's hot!

It's burning....

Hey, Mute Boy,
it's fate that we should meet.

How many years have you been here?

What have you learnt?

Damn them!

Disciples can't learn martial arts
in the first five years of Shaolin Temple.

I don't know why the damn monks
made that rule.

If those damn monks won't teach you,
then I will!

I'm not dead yet, don't worship me.

I don't really want an apprentice,
but I'll teach you some martial arts.

You are very fortunate.

Get up!

In the starting position,
clench your fists.

Widen your horse stance!

'Palms together'.


'Fingers shoot forward'.

'Butterfly palms'.

'Twin Dragons Emerge from the sea'.

Chest up. Use force.

'Leopard Surges from the Left'.

'Butterfly Fists'.

- 'Fly with Both Wings'.

'Punches Fly Out from Both Sides'.

'Lifted Leg Ascends Up'.

'Forward Attack, Battle Behind'.


All right, once more!

The Eight Strikes Technique

is focusing attacks on
the opponent's vital points.

The attacks must be ruthless.
Their strength must be powerful.

It must be that when the fist lands,
the opponent lands on the ground also.

Begin with the Greater Yang -
the centre and both sides.

Aim for the eyes, lock the mouth.
The two flanks and the lungs.

Seal both ears.

Surround the Wind Palace from behind.

Launch fists from both hips.

From beneath the sea,
provoke the genitals.

Young man, no need for formalities.


Young man, you are very handsome,
and don't look disabled at all.

The martial arts you performed
a moment ago is indeed from Shaolin,

but it's very vicious.

I wonder who's teaching you that?

Martial arts are a way
to keep fit and healthy

and you must think righteous thoughts.

Your state of mind
will affect your situation.

Rid yourself of evil thoughts.

I know of a technique called
'Eight Snake-Steps'.

It's useful in fleeing from danger.

If used properly,
you can defuse any danger you face

and avoid the sin of killing.

I want to teach you this technique.

Young man, do you wish to learn it?

This pit is filled with tung oil.

It is extremely slippery to walk in.

My 'Eight Snake-Steps'
will be practised here.

You have to focus,
summon your inner energy.

Keep your foothold steady.
Pay attention or you'll fall.

Watch me closely.

Now it's your turn.

Young man,

if you can master the Shaolin
iron shoe water-drawing fundamentals,

you'll certainly find it easy
to walk in here.

'Python shedding its skin'.

'Water snake swimming'.

Get up.

Show me what you've learnt.

Legs no higher than your chest,
hands must not grab the groin.

You have to remember.

Come here!

Get up!

If you want to fight
in the Wooden Men Lane,

you must be agile and swift
with good arm and leg coordination.

You must remember this.

Once more!

Your martial arts skills
have improved a lot.

You'll be able to fight
in the Wooden Men Lane

and leave Shaolin Temple.

You will soon be able to leave this place.

You must remember
not to tell anyone about us.

Also, I want you to do me a favour
after you leave the mountain.

Will you be sworn to secrecy?

Very well. Kneel down first, then.

If you betray the vow,
Heaven and Earth will strike you down.

Very good.

When you get down the mountain,

give this to the lame shopkeeper
at Evergreen in Ching Ho town.

Take it.

You may go now.

You must remember,

when you hit the men,
you'll get hit as well.


When you hit the men,
you'll get hit as well.

He made it!


You have beaten the wooden men
and will be leaving Shaolin Temple.

Who has been teaching you martial arts?

The Crazy Monk?

The Head Monk?

Then you must have been to the area
forbidden to non-Buddhists.

What fate!


Buddha, have mercy.

I knew this would happen.

Has that old monster
given you anything to take out?

That devil must have an ulterior motive
for teaching him martial arts.

Now that he's charged through
the Wooden Men Lane,

I can no longer keep him here
at Shaolin Temple.

Shaolin will be embroiled in trouble now.

You must have reasons
that you can't tell me.

I can't force you.

You have to remember,

learning martial arts is for improving
physical and mental health.

To use it for evil purposes
will cause death and disaster.

To use it for righteous purposes
will restore justice and save lives.

The world is full of evil
and of wicked people.

You must keep righteous thoughts
and must not kill wantonly.

Be mindful of your actions.

Here's a bamboo scroll.

If you hear any news
about the monster in Shaolin,

go to Little Bush at Windy Hill,
Iron Cliff,

and ask for Great Master Sublime.

Buddha willing, Master will have mercy,
and a disaster may be averted.


Kid, are you blind?


My friend, are you buying medicine?

Are you looking for a doctor?

Are you looking for our shopkeeper?

Young man!


Young man, I think you're looking for me.

Young man,
are you here from Shaolin Temple?

Come in....

Young man, I am the person
you are looking for.

Young man, a token of appreciation.

Take it.... Get a drink. Take care.


- See who wins....
- Why are you holding my arm?!

- Come and drink wine with us.
- Come on!

Excuse me! Excuse me, gentlemen!

Let go!

- My friend, what would you like?
- What would I like?

I want your sister to drink wine with us.

None of your business!

- But we--
- Go away!

- Why did you hit me?!
- So what if I hit you?


It's my son's fault. Please forgive us.

- Who are you?
- I'm the boss here.

The boss? Then order your daughter
to drink wine with us.

My daughter is too young
and innocent. She's busy working.

- Please forgive us--
- Busy? We are also very busy!



Dad, are you all right?
What do you want?

Good, good!
Come and drink wine with us now....

Get away!

- Isn't she something?
- Yeah.

How is it? Come on....

Bastard! How dare you intervene!

Don't fight!

Chase him...!


You don't want to fight? I want to!

Hey, let's go! Go!

Thank you so much, young man.

They're from the Green Dragon
and White Tiger gangs,

who cause a lot of trouble here.

I wouldn't have known what to do
if you hadn't been here today.

Brother, your kung fu is amazing!
Can you teach me some?

Yes, yes...!

- Why is Shopkeeper Wong here?
- It must be news from our elder leader.

If you please.

Wong Shing greets you, leaders!

Have you got any news?

Here's a message from our elder leader.

Second Brother, what does this mean?

Don't you see it? There....

A magpie on a gourd
with a crescent above it

means 'Magpie Bridge Meeting'.

So this means to meet up on Gourd Hill
on the seventh day of the seventh month.

That's right! Second Brother,
you're absolutely spot on!

Let's get ready to welcome
our big brother back.

Leaders... if you would excuse me?

Leader, it'll be great
if our elder leader is back.

- We can cause trouble again from now on.
- That's right.

Leader, that girl at the Heaven Teahouse
is really pretty.

Shall we kidnap her as a gift
for our elder leader? What do you think?


That's a great idea!

Somebody come, quick!

- Go check out the back of the mountain.
- All right.

He's gone! The old monster's gone!

That monster has mastered
the devilish martial arts.

Once he's back in town, there will
certainly be havoc in the community.

We must do something to stop him.

Knowledgable, hurry and inform the Elder
of the Dharma Academy

to leave the mountain with me.


Compassion, you go and inform
the Arhat Temple

- and carry out a thorough search!
- Yes!

Stop talking nonsense!

Back then, you helped the monks
to capture our leader

back to Shaolin Temple,

and locked him up in the cave
for ten years.

Our leader is back now to repay you.

Do you mean Foolish Monk?

Correct. Nice of you to remember him.

To our leader!

Chu Shing Jui, it's been ten years
since we last met. How are you?

- You?!
- Chu Shing Jui, I'll take your life!

Hold on!

Let me.

Grandmaster, Foolish brought
the Green Dragon and White Tiger gangs

and murdered Chu's entire family.

It is dreadful.

Foolish has begun a killing spree.

His next target must be
the Fortitude Martial Arts School.

Brother, take the 18 Arhats
to intercept him.

You must capture him.


- What do you want?
- Shut up!

- Get her!
- Yes!

Take her back.

Let's go.

Hurry up...!

'If you want to see your daughter again,

bring 500 taels to
the Cloistered Emperor's grave.'

What now? Tell me what I should do!

Dad, it's no use being nervous.

They just want money,
so I think sister will be safe.

Give me the money and I'll set off now.

I will definitely get there
by tomorrow noon.

Are you capable?
They're thieves who kill without blinking.

If anything happens to you...
what would I do then?

You'll come with me?

Let me send you to hell!

'Arhat Overcomes Devil'.

Mute Brother, do you know him?

You want me to distract the Head Monk
so the bearded man can flee?

I have an idea.

Help! Somebody help!

Master, a young woman has been kidnapped
by a gangster over there!


Help! Master!

Help...! A woman has been kidnapped
over there!

A woman has been kidnapped
by a gangster over there!


I beg you, please help her...!

The bandits have got her over there!
I beg you! Help...!

I beg you, save the woman!

I beg you...!

- I beg you!
- Chase him quickly!

I beg you!

If you won't help me,
I'll think of another way!

Damn. We've lost him again.

Mute Boy, get up.
What are you doing here?

It's ridiculous... Those damn monks!

They've got their head in the clouds,
wanting to take me back to Shaolin Temple.

Their martial arts
is certainly no match for mine.

If I'd had more time,
they'd have been dead.


Those monks are really strong.
I could hardly stop them.

Mute Boy, this fat boy is your friend?

Mute Boy, where are you living now?

He's staying at our inn in Ching Ho town.

He came with me to look for my sister.

My sister's been kidnapped
by the Green Dragon gang.

The Green Dragon gang
kidnapped your sister?

That's the bastards.

- Sooner or later I'll make them suffer.
- Stop it!

You've saved me once.

I'll now go and deal with
the Green Dragon gang.

It's getting dark now.

Why don't we find somewhere
to stay overnight?

We'll reconvene tomorrow.

Everyone, we don't have anything good
to serve you here in the country. Sorry.

Please help yourselves.

Do we need to wait for everyone
to arrive before eating?

No need. We can eat first.

Elder, come over here.


Why don't you eat, gentlemen?

We want to wait for your family.

No need to wait, they're still busy.
We're expecting guests.

Come on, let's eat.

A Shaolin monk?



I showed you hospitality,
yet you repay me by murdering my brother.

Why did you do it? Why?

Who told him to shave his head
and look like a Shaolin monk?

What kind of animal are you?

- Come, we're going to the officials...!
- Get lost!

Come on! I must report you!

- Dad...!
- Elder!

- Dad!
- Elder!

Bastard! I'll kill you!

Are you even human?!

You...! Why do you kill innocent people?

You're a devil!

Damn kid, you want to die?

I'd have killed you
if Mute Boy hadn't been here.

You think I'm scared of you?
Big Brother Mute, why don't you stop him?

Leave me alone, you two!

Get the hell out of here now!

Big Brother Mute, this man's inhuman.

We should deliver the ransom ourselves.

Let's bury these poor people first.


Why aren't they collecting the money?

- Let's go.
- No need to see us out.



Where's Orchid?

We went to the agreed place,
but they never came.

It's a bad sign....

Orchid is now in the hands of
the Green Dragons. What shall I do?

Dad, it's no use being nervous.

How can I not panic?

If anything should happen to Orchid--

Young man, thank you so much.

Please get some rest.


- Sister!
- Dad!

- Orchid! You're back!
- Yes.

I was worried sick.

Thank you, Big Brother.

Dad, they blindfolded me,
took me to the outskirts of town.

I didn't know what was going on.

- Orchid, are you all right?
- I'm fine.

That's wonderful.

You go and get some rest.

Young man, you should get some rest, too.

You look after the customers now.

Sir, do you need anything?

Do you know of a gang here
called the Green Dragon?

I don't.

Who was that young man here earlier?

Why do you ask?

Is asking against the law?

Well, then I'll say I don't know.

Do you really don't know?

And you really don't know either?
You can stop acting now.

For the last few days
you've been snooping

and asking a lot of questions
all the time.

You look very dodgy to me.

- You...! You dare tell me off?
- So what if I'd told you off?

Chubby! Don't do anything rash!

My guest, I'm really sorry.
The boy doesn't know what he's doing.

- Please let bygones be bygones. Forgive--
- Dad!

The Green Dragons released my sister
discretely today.

I don't think it's that simple.

This old coot must be
one of the Green Dragons.

Bastard, you tired of living?

See? I have unravelled the truth.

Dad, ask Big Brother Mute to come here.
We'll see what he's up to!

No fighting!

You got yourself into this.
I won't let you get away with it.

Come on!

Can't believe a fat kid like you
knows kung fu and looks the part too.

But I won't waste my breath on you.

Very well.

I'll perform my best move
for your benefit!

What kind of skill is that?

Young man, you want a lesson too?

Kid, you know kung fu?

So you're a student of Shaolin Temple.

Your kung fu is laughable!

Why don't you go back to Shaolin Temple
and train a few more years?

Young man, are you all right?

Damn it,
the old bastard's really something.

Shut up!

Big Brother...


Big Brother!



Where is Big Brother Mute?

- He's gone.
- Gone?

Where's he gone?



It's you again!

Yeung Wai Mo! You remember me?

Our elder leader who, thanks to Yeung,
was escorted to Shaolin.

He's come to see you off.

See me off?

Off to hell.

Foolish, don't push it.

I'm not going to push,
I'm going to kill you.

You are a Shaolin disciple?

Grandmaster Wisdom has sent me a letter
written on this scroll.

He wants me to reform you.

You are an apprentice of Foolish?

It is fate.

I am Meng Tai Shing.

- I am Chu Shing Jui.
- I am Yeung Wai Mo.

Greetings to Grandmaster!

It started a few months ago.

A man highly skilled in martial arts
suddenly appeared.

He gathered together a group of evil thugs

and organised gangs called
Green Dragon and White Tiger,

committing crimes in the Ching Ho town.

We couldn't tolerate this,
so we captured him,

only to find that he is a disciple
of Shaolin Temple,

so here he is,
awaiting the grandmaster's judgement.

Thank you for your help.

He is indeed our disciple.

He is also my pupil.

His Dharma name is Foolish.

Foolish, are you aware of your sins?

You're still stubborn and have no remorse.

I was really blind as a bat

and regret it deeply
for taking you as a disciple.

I'm a disgrace to my predecessors.

Grandmaster, please don't be upset.

From now on, I will live as a recluse
and meditate.

The position of Grandmaster...

will be passed to Wisdom.

The new grandmaster
will deal with Foolish.


Wisdom, you are certainly capable
of such an important role.

Should Shaolin Temple ever be in danger,

send me a message on bamboo scrolls
and I will do my best to help.



I have taken a vow,

so I cannot take you as my pupil.

Young man, get up.

Your pupil Wisdom
seeks an audience with you.

Master, your pupil Wisdom
has come with an urgent matter.

- What is it?
- Elder.

Foolish has mastered 'Lion's Roar'
and left the cave.

He and his thugs have murdered
over 50 of Chu's and Yeung's men.

They will soon come to Shaolin Temple.

I am worried that we are
not strong enough to fight him.

What fate.

Unfortunately, I will be dead very soon.

I'm already helpless.


Mute Boy is kind-hearted
and very determined.

He is highly intelligent,
destined to be a Buddhist.

If only Elder could teach him
the lost Shaolin arts,

he'd definitely be able to uphold justice
in the martial arts community.


Here is a secret instruction.


With the martial arts skills
you pass on to him,

he will certainly rid of the scourge.



Leader, when will you show us
the 'Lion's Roar'?

Right! Well said!

Very soon.

I will show Meng Tai Shing
and the Shaolin monks

what 'Lion's Roar' is like.

what's so special about 'Lion's Roar'?

I will shake them

until they bleed through
all seven orifices.

All their bones and ligaments will break.

They won't be able to scream.
They won't be able to move.

They'll die a slow, painful death.

This is how I will take my revenge
on them

for a decade's imprisonment in the cave.

- Good!
- Excellent!

Let's drink up.

Get up.

Devil Suppression really is outstanding.

Your martial arts has improved so much.



- It's terrible!
- What is it that's making you so anxious?

Foolish has already killed
our temple's guards,

Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Leopard, and Crane.

What about Shaolin Temple?

Compassion has ordered the whole temple
to be on full alert, ready to defend.


- Where is Foolish now?
- He's... he's roaming,

but he will be back in three days
to wipe out Shaolin Temple.

Grandmaster, what should we do?

Don't panic. All of Shaolin Temple
is now counting on him.

- On Mute Boy?
- That's right.

He has inherited the authentic skills
from the late Great Master Sublime.

'Devil Suppression' just about restrains
the 'Lion's Roar'.

Mute Boy, would you return
to Shaolin Temple with me?

I know that Foolish
once taught you martial arts.

You don't feel that it's right
to fight him.

Don't hesitate.

Foolish is ruthless
and has slaughtered so many people.

How can you tolerate that?

You are a Shaolin disciple.

Our temple is the leader
of the martial arts community,

safeguarding justice and righteousness.

We must not let a traitor
destroy and dishonour us;

to make a laughing stock of us.

Master Wisdom, it has been a long time.

Mr Meng, how are you?

I heard you are going
to fight Foolish here.

I'm here to help you.

- Thank you, Mr Meng.
- Don't mention it.

There's been a misunderstanding
between this young man and I.

Mr Meng, have you learned the whereabouts

of your pupil
'Golden Palm' Chui Leung's perpetrator?

I've been searching high and low
these ten years.

I found out that he died
from a strange striking method.

I've thought about it a long time
and worked out the style of this strike.

So I apply this style every time
I fight a fellow martial artist,

hoping to lure the killer out.

However, nothing has emerged to date.

Monk Wisdom, you are brave enough
to fight this duel.

How do you want it?
One on one, or all together?

Damn Old Meng, how nice to have you here.

It's about time
we settle this 10-year long feud.

I'd be delighted to.

Very well... let me send you to hell!


What style is this?

Did you kill 'Golden Palm' Chui Leung
ten years ago?

'Golden Palm' Chui Leung?

Who told him not to hand over
the treasure?

Right... so you wanted his family heirloom,

- and you killed him!
- What if I did?

Let me tell you.

My style is unique and unheard of:
'Triple Fatal Strike'.

'Fatal Triple Strike'.

Mute Boy, this is not your business!
Get lost!

How could you kill him?

'Golden Palm' Chui Leung is your...?

My late father!

You're Chui Leung's son? You're not mute?

That's right.

I'm not mute.

I only pretended to be.

I swore that I wouldn't speak
until my father's killer was found.

For more than a decade,
I've endured everything.

All for this day.


Kid, you've come a long way.

Must not grab the groin!

Elder leader!

- You have a rest. Let us deal with him.
- Right!

'Eight Snake-Steps'!

A mentor for a day
is a father figure for life.

Mentor, I only beg you for one thing.

Say it.

I beg you to return with Grandmaster.

And stay in Shaolin Temple forever.

I swear not to pursue
my personal revenge anymore.

I brought this upon myself.
I don't deserve to live.

But I am pleased to have created
such a talent as you.

You... You're so good.

I promise you.

You're so good.


What a fate!