Shaolin Plot (1977) - full transcript

This 1977 Hong Kong action film gave Sammo Hung his first starring role. A sinister martial arts master moves violently through Hong Kong. The only person standing in his way is his best student.

Drink up. Don't be shy.

Have a drink!

Have a drink!

Have a drink!

Thank you.

Sheng, why isn't His Highness here yet?

He's a bit busy right now,
but he'll arrive soon enough.

Come on, let's have a drink.

You'll have to excuse me. I don't drink.

What the hell? You looking to die!?

Don't yell at me like that!

What of it!? You're just some damn beggar!

That's what you call a hungry dog eating shit!

Fuck you, you little bitch!

What the hell?

If you want to compare fighting skills,

we'll do so after the assembly!

Mother fucker!

You fucking little beggar!

Never mind that! Come on everyone, let's drink!

Headmaster Fan, where are you going ?

It's already been four hours,
yet His Highness still hasn't arrived.

There's no use waiting around here.

His Highness has said that no one
may leave until the assembly is over!

So please, go back in and have a drink.

What is it?

Your Highness, the Dharmaraja is waiting
to be seen by you.

Very well. Bring him in at once.

Attention everyone.
His Highness is about to enter.

Please excuse me for being late.

Please, make yourselves at home.

Thank you, Your Highness.

Your Highness, my best regards.

Where's your leader?

He's not here.

Why not?

Because nobody here is true or
highly skilled in the martial arts.

My humble presence is good enough.

If Your Highness doubts that, I'm willing to
show you what I've got.

Announcing Dharmaraja Gold Cymbals of Tibet!

We haven't seen each other for three years.

In that time, Your Highness' skill
has improved greatly!

No, no. You're flattering me.


After you, Your Highness.

Your Highness, are we in fact going to
proceed with this assembly today?

If Your Highness does not intend to,

1 will leave now.

How dare you!?

That's how anyone who dares disobey
Prince Dagulun will end up.


What other schools have not yet arrived?

Your Highness, representatives from the Shaolin,
Kunlun and Wudang schools

have not yet arrived.

His Highness honors common men who are worthy
of it.

He has repeatedly invited Headmaster Gu
to the martial arts assembly,

yet Gu never shows up.

You don't respect His Highness,
isn't that right!

I'm old and useless, so there's
no reason for me to attend.

You say you're old and useless?

So how is it that you're the
headmaster of a school of martial arts?

Hand your Tai Chi Yin Yang
Sword Techniques Manual over to me.

His Highness is very fond of
Chinese martial arts.

As long as you hand over the manual,

your school will be exempted from
having to come to the assembly.

Absolutely not!

The Tai Chi Yin Yang Sword
Techniques Manual

has been passed down for generations
within this school.

It can't be handed over to anyone else!

Get off that chair!

Kill them!

Hold it!

Alright, I'll give you the manual.

That's it.

You could've avoided all this if you'd
have just listened earlier.

Little Tiger, go get all the documents
from my study

on our fist and sword techniques.

Dad, no!

Do it!

1 will give you all the writings of our school,

but you may not harm my son.

Don't worry.

As long as you do what His Highness
Dagulun asks,

we'll all be good friends and

no one will get hurt.


Put them there.

Go light a lamp and bring it here.

Relax. There's no way I'd let our school's
secrets be destroyed.

But I want you to keep your word first.

Let my son go.

If you don't let him go,

you can forget about getting these!

Then we'll see how things go
when you return empty handed!

Alright, let him go.

Dad, I won't leave you.

Go to your mother in Sichuan.

I'll be there soon.

No! I want to stay here with you.

No, there's still a lot to be done.
You must leave now.

Remember all that has happened today.

Moreover, you may no longer train
in the martial arts.

Respect your mother.

Yes, Dad.

Go and get your things ready.

Take everything you'll need, understand?

Yes, I understand.

Don't come back into this room.

Leave by the back door.


Alright, let's get these books and go.


I said I'll give them to you,
and I'll keep my word.

Just wait a minute, though.

What are we waiting for?

Enough of this waiting.
Grab them!

Daxue by Confucius.

Sheng, take some men down that way.

Let's go.

So now where are you going to run?

Come on!

Are you looking to die, baldy? Let go!

What rundown temple do you belong to?

You dare to hide a felon wanted
by the royal court?

Buddha be praised.

Buddha has a kind heart.

Must you be so fast to kill him?

Arrest them both!

Hurry and bring the Dharmaraja here!


My boy, where did you get these books from?

They have been passed down
by those before me.

Your father is...?

Gu Zhen-feng.

The head of the Wudang school?

And Master, you are...?

I'm from the Shaolin Temple.

Don't be afraid.
They wouldn't dare hurt you.

Thank you for your mercy, Master.

Hey monk, come out here.

You stay here. Don't go out.

Buddha be praised.

You're amonk,

so what are you interfering with
other people's business for?

You, too, are a seeker of the great emptiness,

so why are you so desirous of wealth and

I was born to be rich.
I've always enjoyed the pleasures of life.

Buddha be praised.

Stop right there!

You adhere to the strict rules of monkhood,
whereas I do not.

But since we're both Buddhists,
if you cease to interfere with this,

I will forget all about what you've already done.

And I hope you will, as 2 Buddhist,
employ the mercy of Buddha

and let him go.

Enough! Hand him over!

Buddha says that saving one person's life

is greater than building a seven-story pagoda.

I can't watch imminent death
and do nothing about it.

You're really a good monk.

You've got the heart of Buddha.

Now, we'll just see if you indeed have
what it takes to save him.

Get away from me!

You all have tricked me!

All of you, get away from me!

- Get out of here!
- Yes.

Have mercy on me. I was foolish.

Buddha be praised.

Realizing your wrongs and
repenting of them is a great thing.


Thank you for your mercy.

Master, please wait.

I'm from Tibet.

This is all Dagulun's idea,
wanting to control the martial arts world.

He tricked me into coming here to the
Central Plains with his enticing speech.

The martial arts world of
the Central Plains is full of trouble.

I advise you to return home soon.


Please, may the mercy of Buddha be upon me.

Buddha be praised.

May the light of Buddha shine all around us
and relieve all of suffering.

Master! You...

They can't kill me.

You better stand behind me.


Well, monk, looks like you've been outsmarted.

Master! Perfect scheme!
Absolutely perfect!

Grab this old baldy and we'll bring him back!


Master, wait here.

I'll go back to the palace and get some help.

Then we'll see if old baldy can hide!


Just tell him to give me the sword technique

and I'll let you go.

No way!

My boy, let them take it.


Life is more important.

But those belong to the Wudang School!

I'll make them give the manuals back
to you someday.

Goodbye, old monk.

Let's go.


Master, are you really from Shaolin Temple?


- Then I will send you back there.
- No.

I am not going back.

It is a long story. I will tell you later.

How about your wound...

No problem. I will just take some medicine.

Your Highness, Headmaster Hu Lin of the
Dafeng Hall requests an audience with you.

Show him in.

Headmaster Hu, please have a seat.

I was planning to come and see you.

No need trying to be polite.

I've brought what you want.

This is the Thunder Fist Techniques Manual of the
Kunlun School.

You are indeed wise.

But where is the Qingfeng Sword?


Great! Great!



You've been with the Shaolin School
for three years,

yet you haven't come up with even one book!

The rules there are too strict.

There are a lot of places
that low-ranking monks like me

aren't even allowed to enter,

especially the library.

Even the abbot isn't allowed to go in there any time
he wants.

As if the rules there are stricter than in my palace!?

Your Highness isn't aware of it,

but they are in fact stricter there.


Shaolin Temple.

Quiet please.

Buddha be praised.

This way, please.

The Great Buddha's Hall

Are you the abbot?

No, my name is Puchen.
I'm in charge of the Luohan Hall.

Inform the abbot that I want to see him.

He is in seclusion at the moment.

He can't see anyone. Please forgive us.

What do you mean 'seclusion'?
Get him now!

Buddha be praised.

Do you realize that I'm here in the name of the

Yes, we were notified of your coming.

That's why I have received you
in the abbot's place.

And what the hell do you count for?

Buddha be praised.

Notify him now,
otherwise I'll charge him with deceiving the emperor.

Acountry has its laws,
and a home has its rules.

Our temple has its rules, too.

Please, Your Highness, don't force us to compromise


You dare to ignore the command of the emperor?

Is this insurrection?

Such gall!

Your Highness, I think they're all worthless.

They're purposely giving trouble to Your Highness.

I say we just burn the whole place down!

Please do not misunderstand me,

but I am really in no position to make decisions.

- Ring the bell.
- Yes.

Please, come to the guest room for some tea.

The abbot asks that His Highness be brought in.

This way, please.

I respectfully ask Your Highness to
have his men honor our rules.


Wait here for me.

Bodhidharma Hall.

The Discipline Hall.

Greed; Kill.

They have broken rules,
so they are facing the wall in penance.

This way, please.

Your Highness. Your Highness!
Your Highness!

Your Highness.

Please come this way.

This area is restricted.

Outsiders are not permitted to enter.

Please, this way.

Stop please.

I've been ordered to bring His Highness, Dagulun, to
see the abbot.

The head of the Luohan Hall
would like to see the abbot.

Your Highness, please wait one moment.

The Shaolin Temple is at odds
with the Manchus.

The Prince must have a plot
with his coming here.

I don't think he'll cause any mischief
while in the temple.

The Manchus are shrewd and cruel.

We must be careful.


Please enter, sir.

Praised be Buddha.

Due to our rules, I was
not able to receive you properly.

Please forgive me.

Have some tea brought in.

No need for that.

I just have a few things to say,
and then I'll leave.

Our temple is quite humble,

but please have a seat.

In the name of the emperor,

I have come to the Shaolin Temple to ask for help

in quelling rebellion.

Praised be Buddha.

Monks do not involve themselves
in the affairs of the world.

We keep ourselves in peace and seclusion.

So, you mean, you're
not willing to assist the emperor?

I'm afraid it is beyond our capacity.

There's a rumor going around that

the monks of Shaolin are planning rebellion

and an overthrow of the emperor.

Did you know that?

That would be a sin!
You must not believe such rumors.

I know there are a lot of rebels who
fought against the previous dynasty

hiding in this temple.

What you say is quite an accusation.

We are just poor monks here.

If you don't believe me,

you are welcome to have a look at our records.

Alright, I want to go to your library
and see for myself.

What. There's nothing wrong with that, right?

Your Highness, the library is a restricted area.

I'm not even allowed to just go in there
anytime I please.

If there's nothing to hide in there,

then what's wrong with me going in
and taking a look?

Please forgive me, but I can't allow it.

And if ll insist?

We would take all action necessary to stop
such a thing!

Escort our guest out!


Please, this way.

Okay. I will inform the emperor.



The purpose of these troublemakers
from the Manchu court is clear.

Starting from tomorrow,

the number of guards at the library
will be increased.

The temple doors are to be closed,
and no visitors are to be admitted.

Puhui has been gone for over a year.

Why have we heard nothing of him?

There are many things that need to
be decided upon by the Discipline Hall.

What should be done?

Puyuan will take over for the time being.


We must all stay here. No one is to leave.


Songshan Shaolin Temple

Shaolin Temple.

All right baldy,
where are you going to run now?

Buddha be praised.

Life may not be taken on our sacred grounds.

What do you mean 'sacred grounds'?

All you monks are worthless!

He was trying to assassinate Prince Dagulun.

He must be arrested and taken back.

It hurts, right?

It hurts, right!?

He's deaf and mute. What can we do?

We'll let him stay here until his wounds heal.

Then he'll have to go.

Liaoyuan, take him to the visitor's quarters.


I'm taking you to the visitor's quarters.

I'm just taking you to the visitor's quarters.

Let's go!

Have you killed someone?

Have you committed a crime against Buddha?

Do you have an unclear conscience?

Do you wish to face the wall in penance?

Although he is disabled,

he still firmly follows Buddha.

Let's let him stay and do his penance in the
Discipline Hall.

Should we report this to the abbot?

I'll tell the abbot.
You take him to the Discipline Hall.

The Shaolin martial arts is both
profound and sophisticated,

and the transformations it can undergo

are especially many in the face of attackers.

However, such changes stem from one source.

Your fists must be fast, accurate and hard.

Now, all I want from you is speed.

What would you like?

A plate of flatbread.

Come on, eat up.

Ah, this is great.

I wonder when this torture will end?

There's plenty more to come.

His Highness is really something.

He's only subject to one other person,
and everyone else is under him.

Yet he goes off to be a monk
at the Shaolin Temple.

People say addiction to wealth
makes you irrational,

but for His Highness,
martial arts is what's done him in.

He's learned from many different schools,
yet he's not satisfied.

He's just got to get that Shaolin knowledge.

Shaolin martial arts is known
throughout the world.

Who wouldn't want to learn it?

Couldn't he just have the military
come and get what he wants?

Why does it have to be such a hassle?

You think going up against the Shaolin monks
is an easy victory?

In any case, we're the unlucky ones
who end up suffering.

So it's you!

My job is to catch rats like you
who are pests to others.

Little Tiger, what are you doing back so late?

Master, I came across something
really strange!

What was that? Tell me about it.

I found Dagulun's men were pretending monks
hiding outside of Shaolin Temple.


I think Dagulun must be hiding
in the Shaolin Temple.

Stealing their martial arts.

From informant outside the temple:

"“Four of our six men were killed by Little Tiger.

We now know where he and Puhui are staying."

Kill them!

Now that we know about this,

we can't just do nothing.


Master, hurry back to Shaolin
and tell the abbot.

Master, why not?

I have my reasons for not wanting
to go back there.

I believe that being a Chinese person,

no matter your trade or identity,

your religion or school,

you should do what you can to restore
Chinese sovereignty

and drive out the Manchu Tartars!

However, the abbot never agreed
with that opinion.

And so, I left the Shaolin Temple

to rally allies for the cause of the country.

Unfortunately, I failed.

So, that's why Dagulun has been able to
get rid of schools one by one.

The abbot is well-versed in Buddhist doctrine.
He does not know the martial arts.

He is absolutely no match for Dagulun.

Little Tiger, take my beads

and go see the abbot at Shaolin tomorrow.

Is everyone here?


You know, even if Dagulun himself were here,
I wouldn't know who he is.

1 would.

- You know him?
- Yeah,

- And he's here?
- No.

May I ask if there have been any new
arrivals recently?

Right! There's that visiting monk!

There's a visiting monk.

Where is he?

This way, please.

Prince Dagulun. Prince Dagulun!

He's deaf and mute.

Prince Dagulun.

Prince Dagulun!

You can really fucking act!

Stop pretending!

You may not be rough here!

I must hear him admit it.

He is for sure Dagulun!

Prince Dagulun
can not suffer the hardship like this.

Does he look like a prince to you?

Sir, you are mistaken.

I heard about all this myself.
I couldn't possibly be wrong.

Master, I want to show you a certain place.

That's weird.

There's no need to keep looking.

If someone were hiding here,
we'd know about it for sure.

Master, I really did kill four people
posing as monks here.

So where are the bodies?

Maybe they were eaten by mountain lions.

Buddha be praised.

Young man, don't speak lies.

Didn't you say they were hiding
in holes in the ground?

So where are the holes?

Yes, they really were here.

Please, may I ask

where you got those prayer beads from?

What? Do you suspect me of something?

Buddha be praised.

Sir, you should have an explanation.

Alright. I'll bring my master.

Hey old monk, so you're still alive?

Come out. I'll send you on your way to Heaven.

What now? Are you too scared to come out?

No matter. I'll still kill you.

Let's go.

Burn the place.

You old monk, let's just see how long you last.

Pile wood around him and burn him.

Buddha be praised.

Buddha be praised.

Buddha be praised.

Buddha be praised.

Buddha be praised.

Buddha be praised.

Let's go.






Get him! Get him!

Get him!

Get him!

Discipline Hall.

Discipline Hall.

The abbot is in seclusion,
so please sir, leave.

Absolutely not!

I must see the abbot!

Sir, you keep hassling us.
Don't you think you've gone too far?

I must get revenge for the deaths of
my father and master.

And what does that have to do with this temple?

The killer is hiding here.

Haven't you already searched for him?

I want to search every corner of this place.

You're out of your mind!


Bodhidharma Hall.

Luohan Formation!

You two must be Xiang Long and Fu Hu.

That's right.

If you can get past us,

you'll be taken to see the abbot.

Where did you get this?

You'd better tell us, or else...

Or else what?

Where is he?

Didn't I already tell you my master is dead?

What can I do if you don't believe me.

Dead? How?

He was burned to death by Dagulun's men.

Okay. I'll take you to see the abbot.

Where's the mute?

- Hurry up and search for him!
- Yes.

Stop right there!

Who are you?

Prince Dagulun!

You bastard!

Wait! Don't get carried away! The abbot...

Never mind me. Kill this Manchu bandit!

Get back, otherwise I'll kill him!

Please! No one is to be killed on Buddha's sacred

1 won't hurt him as long as you do what I say.

Okay, what do you want?

Send three things to the palace,

and I'll let him come back.

What three things?

First, the Shaolin Fist Techniques Manual.

Second, the Luohan Formation Manual.

Third, the Diamond Finger Technique Manual.


Don't give in to his ridiculous requests.

I'll be waiting for you at the palace.

Wait a moment!

I'll give you those three items right now.

Puzhi, you can't do that!


Even if you did, I wouldn't take them anyway.

Why not?

I don't want to die here.
You understand what I mean?

Where are you going?

To the palace.

He's got the abbot,
so don't do anything rash!

I'm not of the Shaolin Temple.

I don't care about your abbot.

I just want to settle my score.

Do not give those three things to him!

Let me go and save Master!

I'm going, too!

Me too!

Me too!

Me too!

It's true that the abbot needs to be saved,

but the temple needs to be guarded, too.

We can't all go.

I'll take eight of you, and that'll be enough.

I'll be one of them!




Not this way, everyone.
Sound the bell and we'll place incense.

We'll draw for it.

Buddha be praised, Buddha be praised...

Shaolin Temple.


Where is our abbot?

Did you bring what I asked you to?

Let him go, first.

Arrest him!

After him!

Get out of here or I'll kill him!

You wouldn't dare!

Nothing's beyond me!