Shakira in Concert: El Dorado World Tour (2019) - full transcript

Shakira is a global superstar who, by the age of 18, had taken Latin America by storm. Now, she celebrates her triumphant return to the stage in 2018 with a thrilling concert film documenting her acclaimed El Dorado World Tour.


I love you, Shakira, I love you.

I respect you, Shakira.





A good observation. Thank you.

It's been a long time!

I'm so happy to see you all again
and so close to me.





Alarming news for all
of Shakira's fans.

If she's not cured,
her career is at risk.


Voice and emotion are connected
in human beings in such a way

that you can only understand
when you cannot make use of that.

It was very difficult for me
to recuprate without surgery,

and surgery was very risky.

It involved having to be
without my kids for a long time,

because I wouldn't be able
even to sneeze after surgery.

In December,
I remember asking Sasha

what he was going to ask
Santa Claus for Christmas,

and he said that he'd ask God
and the Virgin Mary

to give mum back her voice.

Can you imagine having
two kids, 2-1/2 and 4-1/2 years,

and not being able
to speak to them,

but with a board and signs?

You're unable to speak
for several weeks.

And there's therapy
to recover your voice,

and then see the results.

I saw five doctors in three days.

And four of them said
that I wouldn't recover my voice

without surgery.

I had to rest my voice completely
on several occasions.

Day after day, week after week,
I was unable to speak.

Thought I'd lose my voice

The accident was in October.
November, December went by,

and I had vocal problems up to...

before the rehearsals.

I argued with Gerard more
than ever when I couldn't speak.

He kept saying
that he needed me to speak,

because I was mad.

I told him that I would
never be able to sing.

I went to Lourdes
and brought holy water.

I did everything.

I meditated.

I said...

I did many things. Suddenly,
everything started to flow.

I was back.

It was like being born again.
I could sing again, be on stage.

There were times when
I didn't think that would happen.

Doctors couldn't believe it.

I think I'm a better singer now
because I value more my voice.

I appreciate it more,
am grateful for that gift.

Everytime I'm on stage
and watch people sing with me,

with their cellphone lights on...

we're one at that moment.

I look at the horizon
of the stadium,

and thank God for having
recovered my voice.

Thank you.

Let's do it again.


A little kiss, Shakira.

I got you dulce de leche.
Do you like it?

Are you serious?

And alfajores.

-Thank you.
-I welcome you.

The audience is pure adrenaline.

Every night...

what I mostly enjoyed
was watching

the faces of the audience.

I remembered them all.
The day after I'd meet someone

who was at the concert and I'd
say: "You were there, right?"

I love you tons.

I think that on this tour there's
been an awesome connection,

almost a...

metaphysical connection.

Extremely intense.



During the show, what I
and my fans experience,

is more exciting. We go
from a song with rhythm

to a romantic ballad.
I feel that my audience

gets on board without
any problem. They go on that trip

to wherever it takes them.
"Wherever, Shaki. Here we go."


I can't find a middle ground,
I don't have it.

I wasn't given that switch.

The audience is like me,
we are alike.

I love you so much.

I feel that I get them,
and they get me.

I have the best fans
that an artist can have.

And now this song that
was "inevitable" not to sing.

"Shaki, we're in the studio,
and it's yours."

We can do whatever
we feel like doing.

We can go wrong,
we can do horrible things.

This is my space.
No one is going to say

if what I do is good or bad.
I'll explore.

I love that. It's my favorite.

I don't know.

He could also join me
in a phrase.

I love that melody,
start the rap,

but don't know how to sum it up.

The end.

I'll wash your car. After all
the things you said, I'll do it.

It's very dirty.

Another idea.

Nothing too structured.
I set the rules.

I don't fail.

I told Gerard that I didn't
have time.

That it was better if I retired
and took care of the kids.

They need me now. He said:

"Work, I won't have you

because everyone will be
out there creating music

and you'll be in here,
raising kids. No, do your work."

Like this.

Let's do it another way.

Love the masochistic part.

What it says is good.
The lyrics are good.

It needs a music drop, right?

The result will be...

Kids, look what I got.

Look, they're my new little ears,
with monitors.

Sashito and Milan.

My kids thought
I was a tennis pro.

It was the only thing
they saw me do.

Every day. "What did you do
today, mommy?" "Play tennis."

They saw me in the recording
studio, creating music.

For them it was a revelation,
a discovery

to know that their mommy
had been singing

since before they were born.
"But how come?

Mommy, you existed
before we did."

They've been in the front row.

Maternity pulls me in.
It pulls me, pulls me.

At times, I only want to be
with my kids.

They've understood. When
I explain to them what I do,

I tell them that many people

have listened to my music

since they were children.
They've grown with me

and when I go to their city,
they feel very happy

and make a huge effort
to go to my concerts

to listen to songs
they've shared on many occasions.

That I feel a great joy
when I'm on stage

and make them happy, and
whenever they go to my concerts

they say:
"Did you see all those people?

How they sang and danced."
We all have problems,

difficult situations, but at that
moment, we forget everything.

We sing, dance,

smile, and that's the most
beautiful thing in what I do.

I think the show is
at an ideal point.

Six months ago, I thought
it was my best show ever,

but now I think it's better
than what we had,

because we've had time...

to polish it,

to add more things.

What a disappointment.

To begin a stadium tour
is a great challenge,

because many things change. I'm
not good at dealing with changes.

I take time in adjusting to them
and the longer, the worst.

Obviously I have to adjust
to these spaces

which are bigger, vaster.

My little wings which I have
to interact with the audience...

Fifthy thousand people,
the Aztec Stadium.

Only two nights.

One of the greatest pleasures
in this tour

has been my being able
to go through all of my work.

Songs like "Ciega, sordomuda"
were left out,

out of respect for the public so
that they wouldn't kick me out.

I think a two-hour concert
is enough.

It's the longest concert
I've ever done.

I started when I was 18, doing
shows of 1 hour and 15 minutes.

I remember that my brother
had to carry me out,

and now who'd have thought
that I'd have so much stamina

after dancing and singing
for 2 hours.

The audience's energy
is what fires me.

The concert ends,
I still keep on dancing,

and cannot go to sleep
until 4 a.m.

I start with "Estoy aquí"
which I wrote when I was 17.

Also songs like "Antología."

One of the first songs I wrote.
It's called "Antología."

This is like a madhouse.

Bogotá, November 2018,
last show of El Dorado Tour.

I love you, Colombia.
I'll always remember this moment.

¡We love you, we love you,
we love you, we love you!

Us human beings want a meaning
to our existence, our life.

Understand why we're here
and for what reason.

There has to be a reason.

And we're doing the last
concerts, the last one, really,

to raise funds for a foundation
which I created in my country

called Barefoot.

I was born and raised
in this country

where there's so much social
injustice, so many poor children

who are condemned to live
in poverty.

We're arriving
at the Colombian jungle.

And we'll be visiting
the first Barefoot school there.

I'm very excited.

The only way to achieve equity

or pave the way to peace,

is by offering a good education
to all children,

boys and girls.

This is nice.
Your name is José David?

It's a very good drawing.

The government has an obligation
to children,

but the private sector also
has an obligation

to give back a little to society.

As long as there are children
in poor conditions,

who are not being given
the same education as others

who have better
living conditions,

we cannot talk about
a peaceful country,

we cannot talk about equality
in a country.

We're all committed.
Everyone who takes has to give,

and if we're here and do not
help each other

in the survival struggle,
it makes no sense.

Getting there is okay.

The trip. It's been such a full

and inspiring trip

because of all those
wonderful people.

The experiences were difficult.
There were obstacles, challenges,

and they all made me stronger
and also more appreciative.

Human beings
have to lose something

to realise how fortunate
they are.

I never imagined at my age
and after so many years singing,

that I'd be so much in love
with music and my fans.

Now I don't want to stop, and
it's a bitter sweet sensation

to be happy and sad
for something that's ending.

Part of me is sad
and another part is happy

because I'll be with my kids
all the time that they need.

Even Milan said that
the other day.

"Mom is sad because
the El Dorado tour is over,

but is very happy because
she'll be with her family."

How are my people?

Thank you.

My flip-flops are great.

We're going to the spa.

Sexy, sexy, sexy.

I was like this.
Making an effort, turning on,

trying to turn on
before going on stage.

And it's no use. I come out
and the audience goes...

That's like...

Thank you.

Thank you.

Love you tons.

Thank you for having me
closer to the people.

It was a grand finale, my love.

You're the greatest in the world.

I love you.

He's got Cuban rhythm.

Let's switch.

Someone explain, because
I don't understand a thing.

He's married to a caleña,
so that explains everything.

Everyone is taking
their clothes off.

She gave me an extra kiss,
one more than you.

It's over? Now back
to being a housewife.