Shadow Master (2022) - full transcript

After being slain by a group of criminals, a man is reborn with animal-like superpowers and makes it his mission to right the wrongs of his city.

[introductory theme music]

[glass shatters]

[blood drips]

[intense music playing]

[punches thrown]

[indistinct radio chatter]

Go, go, go, go.

[indistinct whispering]

[door slams]

[indistinct radio chatter]

[punches and kicks thrown]

[electricity crackles]

[indistinct radio chatter]

[over comms]
We have a code.

[indistinct radio chatter]

What the fuck.

[tense music playing]

[over comms] Who's that?

DET. RUSSELLS: [indistinct].

Drop him!

[glass shatters]

[helicopter revving]

[siren wailing]

[door opens, closes]

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
Tell him about the end times.

The war will ascend.

How about we start with you
telling me your name.


John what?


You think this is a game?

That's what you can call me.

Look, I'm your friend.
I'm here to help.

We found you in that building
surrounded by 18 dead bodies.

No one else in sight.
So we need some answers.

And hey, maybe you didn't do it.

I'm here to help you.

But you have to
give me the truth...

unless you have
something to confess.

God is always listening.

Can God forgive the devil?

So you did do it?

[ominous whispering]

I've seen it all, John.

Setting up an insanity plea
doesn't quite work that way.

Now, I'm going to need you
to walk me through

every step of this.

My team reports state
that they found your belongings

in the security room,
so you're a security guard?

Night Watchman.

Fine. We'll start there.

When did your employment begin?

[thunder roaring]

JOHN: [voice-over]
I needed a place to stay

and I heard a radio message.

It said in exchange
for food and shelter,

they needed a Night Watchman.

[thunder roaring]

[door hinges squeak]


Who are you?

My name is An Voaen.

What you doing here?

[over radio]
Night Watchman needed.

Food and shelter for work.

[indistinct] hospital.

[continues indistinctly]
- [laughs] That's me.

I didn't think
anyone would come.

Most of the people
that come here,

they've lost hope in life.

Job still available?

Oh, yeah. Sorry.

You'll do just fine.

Come on. Let's go.


[unsettling music playing]

You got a good privacy here.

Everybody else
on the fourth floor.

Come on.

It's okay.

Your own place.
I'll show you.

- [light switch clicks]
- BOON-NAM: Ey-ya!

Dewitt. Huh.
What are you doing there?

Usual. Watching over Mom.

This is Dewitt.

Her mom, many years ago,
went crazy.

Like way crazy. [whistles]

Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Move, move, move.

[speaks in foreign language]

This is An's room now.

So you're the new
Night Watchman?


BOON-NAM: You cannot leave
your stuff here.

I'll meet you at the canteen.
We'll get you some food.


you ever fought before?

I will fight if I have to.

Well, when you have to fight,
are you any good?

[screams in pain]

[breathing heavily] Help!

[loud clattering]

[punches and kicks thrown]


[punches and kicks thrown]

[table clatters]

[punches and kicks thrown]

AN VOAEN: [voice-over] I used to
fight but I lost control.

I had to learn to
keep it all inside.

Fighting only causes pain.

DEWITT: [scoffs] A Night
Watchman too afraid to fight.

Now I've seen everything.


[man sniffling]

JANETT: Are you the new
Night Watchman?


This is the bad time
of the month.

The 15th day,
the seventh month onwards,

the month of
the Fantasma Briento.

I'm sorry?

The hungry ghosts.


Don't tell me
I'm looking for ghosts.

It's not ghosts we're afraid of.

I'm Janett.
This is my son, Ben is on.

Hi, Janett. Ben is on.

Thank you for being here.

We truly are grateful.

Especially at night,
when they come.

[wheelchair squeaking]

[over PA] Food rations are
now available at the canteen.

DEWITT'S MOM: [singing]
♪ New guy new guy ♪

DEWITT: Oye! Zip it!

[over PA]
Only one ticket per person.

Not so fast.

Here. Take this.

This is how we organize
our rations.

You know, food.

COOK: Take a seat.

I'll get you your meal
in a moment.

Hey, new Night Watchman.

[speaks in foreign language]

You know, I... I wish
we had some money for you.

No, I'm just grateful
for the meal.

I can't afford a meal.

You haven't tried
the cooking yet.

[laughs] Just kidding.

Ah, she's a pretty good cook.
At least your job will be easy.

I mean, nobody comes
around here anymore.

Not since what happened
with the, yeah, well, you know.

What happened?

BOON-NAM: Eh, children
went missing in the night.

Then end times prophesizes
when children go missing,

evil grows stronger.

It might happen again,
but that's why you're here...

To protect us.
In case this gets worse.

Child went missing?

You know, ghosts come at night.

Kids are sleeping,
nice and quiet.

Ghosts come in?

Oh. Gho...
Did I say ghosts?

I mean, one second,
a child is there

and the next second, poof, gone.

Where did it come from?

Hm. That's a good question.


Hah. [speaks
in foreign language]

It wards off the evil...
Ghosts, demons, and worse.

There he goes again
with that voodoo shit.

It's not voodoo.
And it's not shit!

That's Hanuman.
He's the Monkey King.

Very strong.

He gives them to everyone
who comes here.

Nobody wears that.

[speaks in foreign language]

Yeah. You hang on to that.
Keep it in your pocket.

That's Janett and Ben is on.

I met them earlier.


She's still freaked out
about that kid missing.

Holds her son's hand so tight,
gonna squeeze it off. Hm.

Hey, she like you.
She looking at you.

But, mm...

You don't wanna get involved
with a single mom, right?

All right, see the little
blonde boy?

That's Dylan.
Best friends with Ben is on.

[sighs] Too bad
those two have to grow up

in this crazy world.

These ghosts...
where do they come from?

I don't know.
I've never seen them before.

It just happened so fast.

AN VOAEN: What are they
doing with the kids?

Who knows?

Forced marriage,
crime, labor, sex.

Did I say sex?
[sighs] Ay-ya, eeh.

Get that out of my head.
I'm sorry.

Here. Eat your food.
Come on. You must be hungry.

Where's the beef?

AN VOAEN: [voice-over] That
night, while doing my rounds,

I realized the people here,
the mother Janett,

the old man Boon-Nam,
they were all keeping secrets.

[over PA]
Curfew is in effect.

All lights [indistinct]
will be shut off

[indistinct] ten minutes.

Please return to your quarters.
- [man laughing]

[whispering] Evil lairs.

Evil inside these walls.

[unsettling music playing]

The end times draw near.

I can see your past.


You were supposed to set up
a peace treaty with me

and the leader
of the Eighth Street Gang.

What the hell happened?

They threw the first punch.

Well... I sent you there
because you could fight,

but it ended up costing me.

Now, if they're to consider
a peace treaty,

they want your head.

Nothing personal.
It's just business.

[suspenseful music playing]

[punches and kicks thrown]

[man grunts]


[punches and kicks thrown]

- Aaahhhhh!
- [bones breaking]

- [punch thrown]
- [growls]

[punches and kicks thrown]

[grunting in pain]

[An Voaen gasps loudly]

[man screaming in pain]

[panting] Ah, sheesh.

You're just getting used
to things.

You're just getting used
to things.

You're just getting used
to things.


[woman crying]

There's a child missing.

No knows if
it's ghosts or demons.

Not like you and me.
Ugh, dumb-ass.

Why are the cops here?

They don't care
what happens here.

Nobody cares.

[woman crying]

This happened last night?

Yeah. Don't worry.
Nobody blames you.

They're just worried
about the kids.

[sniffs] What's that smell?

Oh, sorry.

No, it's not that.

WOMAN: [crying]
Please find my baby.

I don't know what to do.

Was it Dylan?

I don't know.

I have to go find Dylan.

I'm afraid it's him this time.

Ben is on? Ben is on.

I told you to
never leave my side.

I was just looking for Dylan.

That's not Dylan's mom.

I think he's okay.

How did I not see them?

Don't blame yourself.

When you have time,
come by the apartment.

We have something for you.


That smell keeps
giving me a headache.


[door creaks opens]


[plate clanks]


Did you want something?

Yeah. Um...

I noticed when you came in
that you only had one bag.

That's all I have.


What is that?

I told you before.
Fantasma Briento.

Oh, right.
Hungry Ghosts Month?

I saw some other people
put them out.

Boon-Nam says that's your thing.

We leave offerings for the dead,

hoping that the spirits
of those who died here

will take care of our children.

Surprised more people
believe in that stuff.

You're wearing
Boon-Nam's amulet.

He chooses to pray to gods
for protection

and I choose to give hope

I don't believe in this stuff.

Where's his father now?

Met someone younger. Left and
never looked back.

So did they hire you
because you can fight?

[flashback] Aahhh!

That's what they're counting on.

Have you ever been
a Night Watchman?


I guess we'll take
what we can get, huh?

They're frightened
and desperate.

Any idea who's behind all this?

No. But I heard a name.


Say that again.


What else did you hear?

I heard about the Four Horsemen,

how they plan to use
the souls of children

to bring about the end times.

Mephisto kidnaps children.

That's how the evil
grows more powerful.

Once the evil is strong enough,

they will have a ceremony
and it will end everything.

Well, that's not what
my team has determined.

Half your team is dead
because of the evil.

In order to stop the apocalypse,

one has to kill
all of the Four Horsemen.

The thing is, the Four Horsemen
look the same as everyone else.

They look like me.
They look like you.

Let's be clear.

Half my team is dead
because of you.

But let's get back
to your story.

You say you saw
the Four Horsemen.

Some thought they were ghosts.

Some thought they were demons.
I knew the truth.

I start killing them,
one by one.

SANTA MARIA: You're on
the right track, Night Watchman.

The evil grows strong

[soft music playing]

[ominous sound plays]

[device crackles]

[crackling swells]


[ominous music playing]


You can feel the evil inside.

It calls your name.

[evil laughter]

[breathes deeply]

[door opens]

Hey! Drop the kid!

Get him.

[punches and kicks thrown]

[An Voaen groaning]

[fast heartbeats]

[kicks thrown]

[pounding heartbeats]

[distant chanting]

[wheels rolling]

[kids crying]

MEPHISTO: Bring the child.
The Babylon of perfection.

[indistinct] their innocence
is my hunger.

I need more children.
Only need.

Not we need.

Just one more child
for each of us.

[kids crying]

Our communion will be
complete with these children.

As Horsemen,
we will ride a wave of blood

that ushers in the apocalypse.

All we need
is two more children.

It is much too soon, Samael.

It is not your job to tell us
when or how we do things.

It is never too soon
to feed off the young.

Let's get ready.

And soon,
we will be unstoppable.


He's still breathing.

Come on. He's losing
too much blood.

JANETT: What are we gonna do?
He's gonna die.

BOON-NAM: That's okay,
don't worry.

JANETT: He's not gonna make it.

BOON-NAM: I'm trying, okay?
I have no choice.

[indistinct conversation echoes]

JANETT: I need you
to pay attention.

We're gonna lose him.
Do anything.

BOON-NAM: Drink something.

[sighs] Nothing. Nothing.

Is there anything else
we can do?

Yeah. Keep praying.

An-an, you can do this.
I believe in you.

BOON-NAM: [voice-over]
Death is not the end.

There is still another way.

Make sure he is cleaned properly

with water from
the blessed sacrament.

There is a chance we can
bring him back from the dead

if we are lucky.

[water dripping]

[rhythmic drumbeats]

[praying in foreign language]

[screaming in pain]

[foreboding music playing]

[screaming in pain]

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
Death is calling.

But yet you summoned me.

Don't you know there are things
worse than death?

[screaming in pain]

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
You [indistinct] of pain.

You come to my world
seeking life.

One foot in hell
and another on Earth.

But you are still here

where death is
but inches from you.


Will they know who I am?

I'm Hanuman.

In the end times,
I will give you

a second chance on earth.

Do as I say.

Return to the land
of the living.

I will summon you
when the time comes.

[high-pitched ringing]

BOON-NAM: I got you.
I got you.

[high-pitched ringing continues]

Where is Janett?

She's upstairs with Ben is on,
giving him a bath.

I need to thank her.

Hey. You'll be okay.
I got you. I got you.

When did you get up?
Do you need something to eat?

My head hurts really bad.

You have a fever.
Your body is healing.

It's okay.

I've been seeing some things.

I... I... shh.

Not... not here.
Not in public.

Did you do something to me?

Shh. Not here.
Okay. I got you. Come on.

Let's take you somewhere else.

[door opens]

Quite a collection.

This is my family's legacy.

You know, when I was in the
hospital with the theta variant,

my mom, she would
tell me stories.

The hospital closed,

and I spent three years
trying to find them.

Trying to figure out why
they never came back for me.

I found out they were dead.

You never lived
in a regular house?

No, I was just 16.

Deeds were turned back
to the government.

I salvaged what I could,
brought it back here,

and made this my home.

You believe in all this?

I mean, it's about
protection and all,

but sometimes I wonder,
what is it protecting us from?

Maybe even ourselves.

[gate opening]

[lively chattering]

I want out.

And where are you gonna go?

Rival gang's looking for you.

Police. Hm?

In fact, I think
I'll be doing you a favor.

Bringing them your head now.

This ends tonight.

Get rid of him.


[kicks and punches thrown]


[machete clanking]

[chains clanking]

[machete man choking]

[swords clanking]

[choking, agonal gasp]

You okay?

You got a ritual
to make me stop hallucinating?

That's what I need.

Remember, Hanuman needs a host.

He may try to control you,
but he cannot kill you.

I need to do my rounds.

He's right.

I've seen people
possessed before.

There's always an explanation.

The mind is a powerful thing.

Let's get back to Mephisto
and these Horsemen.

You think that they kidnapped
the children, hm?

Don't you?

You want to know what I think?

I think this is all bullshit
you made up

because you failed
to do your job.

AN VOAEN: I came here
because I intend to save

the stolen children.

DET. RUSSELLS: You came here
because you were arrested.

You see, those children...

I'm going to prove
that you took them.

What if the truth
is more than that?

[lock locking]

BENISON: Mister An?
What are you doing?

I locked the door,

making sure
no one gets in or out.

What are you doing here?
Where's your mom?

She's waiting for some supper
from Auntie Charlotte.

I told her
I'm gonna talk to you.

What you got on your mind?

Where is Dylan?
Are you going to find him?

I miss him.

I'm gonna find him.

I think you can protect us all.

I can barely protect myself.

But you look strong.

This body can take
a beating. I admit that.

Mister An, are you okay?

Yeah. Adults,
you know, we think too much.

You're a good man.

That's a first.

You know, my mom always says

when you see someone,
always close your eyes.

Because you can only know
someone when you feel them.

Try it.

I know.

Try it.


Follow me.

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
Before the boy,

I know what you are.
A killer.

Kill the Four Horsemen
of the Apocalypse

and anyone
that stands in our way.

See. I can feel
what a good man you are,

and you're going to
protect us all.

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
The boy is wrong.

SANTA MARIA: [voice-over]
Go with them.

BENISON: Pinky promise?

- I promise.
- [door opens]

JANETT: Ben is on.

You're looking better.
Have you been resting?

I never got a chance
to thank you.

- I didn't do anything.
- Yes, you did.

You took care of me
when I needed it most.

You saved me.

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
We'll kill her too,

if she tries to stop us.

Stay in your rooms tonight.

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
I can see what you are.

[ominous whispering]

Tonight will still proceed.

[ominous whispering continues]

You can smell it, can't you?

The hunger.
Go and hide yourself. Go.


[smoke hissing]

[door creaks open]

[suspenseful music playing]


Ben is on! Drop the kid.


[kicks and punches thrown]

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
[indistinct] Get up.

AN VOAEN: [grunting]

HANUMAN: I will not deny
the power of the body.

Rise and destroy them.

You ain't getting up
from that one.

It's finished.

[chains clanking]


HANUMAN: We had a deal.

You give me blood,
I give you life.

[screams in pain]

[breathing heavily]

What the hell?

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
Tear their flesh.

Rip their souls.


[screams in pain]

[body thuds]

Give me the boy.

Give me the boy!




HANUMAN: [voice-over]

[grunting in pain]

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
[indistinct] until I know.

[ashtray thuds]

[lighter clicks]

Let me get this straight.

You made a deal with the devil,

and it's consuming your soul
every time you fight.

Death God.

Right. Death God.

So it just came right out
and made a deal with you.

Like that?

Must have been
something Boon-Nam did

when I was
on the brink of death.

A curse?

Depends on what you think of
as a curse.

Some may want this curse.

Well, it's kept you alive
this far.


Can't say much
for the rest of them.

What happened next?

JANETT: [cries loudly]
Ben is on!

BOON-NAM: What the hell?

JANETT: They took Ben is on.
My baby. Ben is on!

Ben is on. They took him.
They took him.

COOK: Keep still.

BOON-NAM: Where's An?

They took him.
They took Ben is on.

[ominous whispering]

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
For each soul you take,

each time you spill blood,

a little more of your soul
belongs to me.

[sobs quietly]

[wheels rolling]

MASKED WOMAN: The child we
brought back is awake, Mephisto.

Immunity builds quick.

We should have enough
to get the last one.

You join him with the rest.

[gate opens, closes]

Be comfortable, my children.

Patience, 'cause
there's only one more.

We should begin
the ritual, Mephisto.

Not until we have
the last child.

[kids crying]

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
Here they come [indistinct].

Now is your chance.

Which one should we get
this time?

Doesn't matter.
Whatever we find next.

Tell me where the kids are!

[stab thrown]

[kick thrown]

[samurai sword clanks]

[kicks and punches thrown]

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
Another dead body.

AN VOAEN: [screaming in pain]

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
Can you feel our powers

growing stronger?

AN VOAEN: [screaming in pain]

[indistinct] more blood.


More vengeance for your soul.

MEPHISTO: A metamorphosis,
you say?

Shapeshifting perhaps.

He was turning into something.

SAMAEL: Turning?

MASKED WOMAN: How has the Night
Watchman grown so strong?

This man is the work
of the devil himself.

SAMAEL: How about is it done?

A demon inside his body.

SAMAEL: [indistinct],
especially the old man.

I think he answers
to some kind of Death God.

MEPHISTO: If it's human,
we can still kill it.

There is no other god.

MEPHISTO: Kill the body
and the demon dies with it.

MASKED WOMAN: [voice-over]
There is no time.

The demon's fusing itself
to the man's body.

If too much time passes,

Hanuman manifests
its physical form

through his flesh.

MEPHISTO: If he is trying
to kill the Four Horsemen

to stop the Apocalypse,

then our aim is to kill
the Night Watchman.

MASKED WOMAN: We have enough
children to start the ritual

for our essentials.
Let us begin.

DET. RUSSELLS: So, they came
for you this time, huh?

Why do you want to call it now?

I'm not looking for forgiveness.

Then give me a confession.

This is the confession.

The story. The journey...


[ominous whispering]


Is that where the children are?

The evil is behind the door.

The children won't be alive
much longer.

And the only way to end this

is to give up what's left
of my soul to Hanuman.

I might have to lure them out.
It's gonna be very dangerous.

The kids are living
on borrowed time.

What can we do to help?

I could save the children.

But you're gonna have to do
exactly as I say.

Gather the others,
wall yourselves in.

Don't answer to anyone
including me.

No matter what happens,
stay inside.

You could pray to whatever god
you believe in,

but tonight only one
will answer: Death.

[electricity crackling]

[all groan]

Let this be God.

[electricity crackles]

MASKED MAN: He turned it off.

MASKED WOMAN: He's luring us.

MEPHISTO: Take him out!

SAMAEL: No. I got him this time.

[suspenseful music playing]

Control the exit.

[door opens]

[suspenseful music playing]

Let me see.

The glory of Rama.

God of fighting.

King of fighting, huh?

Well, let's see what it can do.

[punches and kicks thrown]

MASKED MAN: [grunting]

MASKED MAN: [grunting]


AN VOAEN: [grunts]

Something's wrong.


[An Voaen screaming in pain]

We have to help him.

You said
he wants us to stay here,

no matter what happens.

Something is wrong.

AN VOAEN: [screaming in pain]

So? Are you gonna help or what?


You fight with no conviction.


This is how you die.


Let him go.

SAMAEL: Look at this bitch.

Always have someone
helping you, huh?

[whip snaps]

[coughs blood]

Sure you know how to use that?

We fight in numbers.

I'll be back with more.

It's over.
Where's Ben is on?

I ain't tellin' you shit.

Get him!

[door closes]

No! No!

No, no, no. Stop! Stop!
Don't go there.

I'm gonna kill you.

You can't hide forever,

Let me go.
No. I wanna get my son.

Okay, okay.
We'll come another time.



HANUMAN: [voice-over]
You are not done

with the slaughter yet.

[knife clanks]

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
[indistinct] isn't gonna

escape from our deal.

[stabs knife]

[breathing heavily]

That's how it works

despite your first guide.

That's not why I killed myself.

HANUMAN: [indistinct] thoughts
went through your head.

I needed to find a way...

to my darkness.

Palace of the Death God.

HANUMAN: [indistinct] soul.

A deal was done
without my assent.

What if I give it to you
fully... right now?

HANUMAN: There is no going back
once you take out my full power.


HANUMAN: Your body and soul
will be mine for eternity.

And I will be rewarding
the [indistinct].

AN VOAEN: Do it! Do it.


HANUMAN: So be it.
You got the staff of Hanuman.

Become the darkness.

- [metal pipe clanks]
- [grunts]

HANUMAN: Return to your world
one last time.

Show them [indistinct].

[indistinct] your body and soul.

Unlimited powers...

[loud scream]

HANUMAN: [indistinct]
and your body will become mine.

[indistinct] my power
[indistinct] every soul.

[loud clank]

- SAMAEL: Fuck.
- [loud thud]

He had some help.

MEPHISTO: The squatters
are beginning to revolt.

They find strength and resolve
in his presence.

I'm gonna fucking
kill them next time.

MASKED WOMAN: But you could
do with a little help.

MEPHISTO: Your goal
is to find a weakness

to sever the ties
between this Night Watchman

and his Death God.


MASKED WOMAN: Fight Eastern gods
with Eastern magic.

Nam man prai, corpse oil.

That is the weakness of the
spirits who have crossed over.

We need the body
of a pregnant woman

who died a tragic death,

[indistinct] we extract it
by burning the chin

the cursed candle
until the oil forms.

Use this to stop him.

But be warned, it only works
for a short time.


I've been looking
all over for you.

I thought you were dead.

You look different.

I'm gonna get the children back.

I will not fail this time.

We tried chasing him.

They disappeared
behind the door again.

That door.

[Janett praying in Spanish]

What did you say?

The legend goes

that if you pray to
the statue of Santa Maria,

she will point you
the right way.


Give you guidance, you know?

WOMAN: [voice-over]
All is not lost.

You can still save them
by redeeming yourself.

An? An?
An, where are you going?

Just stay here.


Okay, Santa Maria, I'm here.

What are you trying to tell me?

[door unlocking]

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
There is no turning back now.

[door opening]

[device crackling]

[distant water dripping]

[foreboding music playing]

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
Find the last Horseman

of the Apocalypse.


[distant screaming]

[flashlight clicks]

[door opens]

[chains clanking]

[door closes]


[pole clanks]

SAMAEL: You're like
a fucking rat.

Give me the kids. Go.

I can't do that.
It's time.

MEPHISTO: Take him out, Samael,
and be quick about it.


[pipe whipping through the air]

[beads thudding]

[smashing pipe]

MASKED WOMAN: [grunts]

[kids groan]


[glass clanks]

How's it feel?



Fucking weak?

You got nothing now.
Where's your God now?

HANUMAN: [voice-over]

AN VOAEN: [grunting]

[bones cracking]

[kicks and punches throwing]

[gate clanks]

[kicks and punches thrown]

Hanuman [indistinct].


[blood splatters]


How does it feel, Death God?

Like the pain?

Fucking powerless?

[blood splattering]

[grunting, choking]

AN VOAEN: Yaaahhh!


[bones breaking,
blood splattering]

[ominous whispering]

BENISON: Mister An.

Stay away from me.

Don't worry.
We're here for you.

[uplifting music playing]

AN VOAEN: [groans]

[dramatic music playing]

A demon, huh?

Great story.
Tragic ending.

So you didn't get Mephisto,
I see.

Not yet anyway,

but he's sitting
right in front of me.

What the hell
are you talking about?

I know it was you.

I remember that smell like
the first time I smelled it.

The smell of evil and death.

The first time I saw you guys,
I didn't think much at first...

until you came.

Your stench, Mephisto,
never lies.

Aaaahh! What the hell
are you talking about?

I let myself get caught.

I had to make sure.


[scoffs] We meet
without the mask, Mephisto.

You're gonna accuse me
based on smell?

See, the thing about being
the Death God is...

you can see the dead.

WOMAN: Don't kill him.

You can feel little

An, you have a choice.

Don't kill him.
- You kill me,

everyone in the hospital
will be prosecuted or worse.

Your fault.

[indistinct]'s the bad guy.

Bad, good...
it's a human construct.

I'm just Hanuman
and you're just a man.

[handcuff clanks]

[door slams shut]

I will still ascend.

I'm a Death God.

I will take you there

[blood splattering]

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
You please the Death God.

Now [indistinct] is
finally complete.

[indistinct] has folded.

The Four Horsemen
of the Apocalypse are killed.

Our deal is done.

Thank you.

Thank you.
Thank you so much.

HANUMAN: [voice-over]
[indistinct] power,

you wielded the staff.

You spilled the blood.

And now, your body
belongs to me.

KID: I want you to stay.

MAN: You can stay with us.

- WOMAN: Yeah. Thank you.
- WOMAN: Thank you very much.

KID: Please stay.

You gave us hope.

[ominous music playing]

HANUMAN: [voice-over] And
the doom world is so divided.

I am Hanuman.

The harbinger
of pain and suffering.

Nothing will stand in my way.

Let the piles of the dead stack
all the way to heaven's gate.

Now begins the end time.
Death is calling.

[ending music theme playing]

[music fades out]