Sexy Erotic Love (1980) - full transcript

Porno Esotic Love



There ...


Hello !

? Where are you, Iris?
Why you did not answer?

Cine and phones?

Iris, What have you done?

Grand Chief has sent you up here for that
Hong Kong opera ?iunea?

Who knows? Perhaps I shall
inspire a certain confidence.

By the way ... You should not have too
trust in you.

- Do you?
- I am more than convinced. Otherwise ...

- You know that Iris would have to come here ?
- to give but it's dead,

Listen! You know what I thought
about my wife?

- I do not care to know.
- It's better to and a

Taxi. Go?

- You have not changed at all.
- Why do they have?

Vino !

I fixed a meeting there
for tomorrow's breakfast.

- You gotta go.
- Single?


Here are all the instructions
you will need.

Important person's wife,
and No you hot?r?.

It's a beautiful woman, is more malleable when
deals with persons of the same sex.

- That's why I have to go?
- Not only that.

I do not think you'll get bored.
Let me know if you need anything.

They are joined in apartment.

Cat crowded la Hong Kong,
machine that is yours.

A ? a a ? wonderful

V? rog !

It's beautiful, convenient.
What's does this button do?

From here you turn the lights
signaling and others.

- ? te-te Record, Frank.
- Just a moment,, Elizabeth.

You remember the Ellen Powell,
journalist Americans?

- Da. Blonda ?
- Yes, the one with the long tongue.

Cumulative stand CA and the Hong Kong
to search for local color, she said.

First here, then to Hong Kong, Consul
will be angry when he finds out.

Does not like others and stick to-
nose into his affairs.

Are large-see?

It's as mine.
Frank, You may not have understood.

One of their own gave me that.
E of Consul.

Ellen Powell says he's out there and
put a lot of questions.

Just can not stop it and there were a range:
"I inquire heroin trafficking?

What should I do?

Consul says to keep an eye on it until
check if it's really a journalist.

Ei ?i ?

I thought you would you get a present ...

a woman is easier
confiden?e to reach.

The water is wonderful. Why you don't
take a bath?

- Thanks, I feel.
- Too bad, you never feel like anything.

Relax a little.
You seem like a violin string.

You might even enjoy
these two days of vacation.

Do not even know what it means for
me two days of vacation.

When she gives me the keys to the villa says:
"Go micu?o, and you rest up a few days."

and because he needs me.

- What, to send the goods?
- gift

I have always wondered
How did you get in there.

I mean,
Why did you start?

After you had your service, right?

You wake in your
without you realize.

I loved him, and he
I asked her crying.

"If you love me and you should do it"
I said.

Have you seen what's in front of the consul?
Spune c?-i datoreaz? respect...

because it has taken on the street
While still a child.

Says he was like a father to him.

How to disallow it
your husband if he loves you?

The site and ...

To be completely available,
I drove me to drugs.

It started as a game. I said that
I see worlds unknown,

I'll have that senza?ii
and it has not otherwise be achieved.

When you're in,
can not escape.

Eva ...

Thi-introduce Ellen Powell.
Famed correspondent N.Y. Times.

It seems that dies of impatience
to see your number.

- Steve says it's great.
- Steve talks a lot.

You should not believe what he says.
I want to make a proposal.

Why do not the and and
live with me in the pool?

With pleasure, but I
brought suit.

??i loan you one.


It's nice to let me
alone in a foreign country.


That I'm gonna come right.
Leave me.

It's here.

It's very strange is happening to me.

We do not have to and the exciting.
It's beautiful love between two women.

I had a very rigid education.

When I was little, my father found me with
a friend while consoling us.

I closed the house for a month.

Now you're your own master
Now you're high, you're deciding.

I decided not go.

No, I fulfilled an important mission,
I have to go personally.

Do not tell me that it's collapse and you
world if it does not go tonight.

Why do you discard it?
Now that is just beginning.

Listen, Ellen, if you want
you go, you're free to do it.

But the game is and I.

I assure you that I'm ordinary fight
before you accept a defeat.

I bet you've already
ticket purchased.

Are you crazy?

May speaks to me of Iris.

Iris was a small defenseless animal.
All, together with his husband ...

a little thought
more than one object,

that's why she
continue to take drugs.

You walk into a minefield,

hot heroin,
they might get cold and you.

On the contrary ... I want to be
published all I'll say.

It's the only way to get even
those who do evil Iris.

Consul wants to see you.

I was invited to his party.
Not good at it and to wait.

Who makes him my number? Him?

Do not be a moron, Iris. It may
doing an evening without you.

Try to tell you your brain uses, Iris.
You know ??i always spins out a dose.

I'm sick of this number.
Hi, Steve! You need something?

Nothing, Iris does not want to come to the Consul.

What are you tonight?
You know I had to go to Hong Kong.

Eve could try and convince you.

I'm your husband. If I tell you,
it's for your own good.


Much time you stopped being
and her husband to take care of it.

Now you do not start and morals.

This time we have a good placement can
I manage to arrange for all.

The so-see, Iris! We'll
everything starts from the beginning.

Stay quiet ... I do not want
I've got to consciousness.

It's best not to upset him
on your employer.

You know what?
We take it with us and Eve.

The consul told me many times
that she would like to know.

- What about Eva?
- It's an idea. Why not Steve?

Talk to me about
the consul, how is it?

He conducts all traffic.
It's a rich man.

- What does it Elisa?
- Earl's wife. His favorite.

Hold the link between him
and diversity and couriers.

Excuse my curiosity!
Thiele you like Elizabeth?

I must admit that
is a beautiful woman.

- It was something between you?
- Yes. Just for entertainment.

I loved her Iris.

For example, in the night
consul invited us to his villa ...

Yeah, right.

I'm on the road.

You're famous Eve?

- Do not even say famous.
- I heard the number.

One day, I come to see you.

You're more beautiful than
Steve told me no.

Hello, micu?o!

What are you doing here? And you hurry up!
Do not miss the plane.

Elizabeth! Take care of Eve.

- Yes.
- Need to speak a moment with Iris.

Come with me.

Come here!

Come on!

What has and tep?i?
Looks like the first time!

You see, the consul will be
t?rfuli?a's generous.

And that's not dangerous snake.

No, it's less than
anumi?i men.

You're right, all men are
're egoi and ?ng?mfa?i.

Sometimes their hands
long when you're near them.

How you got rid of it tonight?

For me, the man does not exist.

If it were, the only way in which it and
use would be to get him to eat at and erpi.

You're lucky you can have
by yourself.

In this respect one can
is much less than you.

Thank God for this, who can
I have, others prefer.

What soft leather!

It is strange that Bring the drugs in Hong Kong
believe that is the place of departure, not arrival.

And you are not alone in believing.

In reality, the circuit is so confused
that no consul not to know.

A really weak organization,
I do not see what was using one as Iris.

- A junkie does not give too much confidence.
- The so is.

Much time was keep away,
could not trust her.

I think the last plicule?e instead
drugs, someone else had.

Continue talking to me
you and Elizabeth.

Look up! My Vacation is over.
Maybe it's not only the idea of the consul.

Good morning.

I put down these roads,
I need a good coffee.

Iris way, the consul wants to see you.
Steve phoned last night.

Not only wants to send me to
Hong Kong right now?

He promised not to send me there
knows that I do not want to work with Steve.

Do not get mad at me, I did
no interference, I assure you.

I do not know what you want.

He told you to go faster.
I advise you not make him wait.

I have to subject
unfortunately Vacation is over.

- Sorry Eva, I must go.
- We felt good here.

- I come with you.
- No, stay. I'll ferent company.

I really need one day to sit quietly and very nice, calm
Together with you, here on the beach.

Frank will take care of Iris.

Honestly ...

On she does not mind if
stay here with me. It's a standby, Iris?

Not at all. Me wants
Consul to see me.

The end of the first party.

Part Two.

Do not understand why the comment, is a journey
you've done it dozens of times!

I understood, between you and Steve has everything
complete, but Hong Kong is a fascinating city,

after handing the goods, you can to
enjoy a short vacation there.

Thi-I booked a flight to
Tomorrow night, departing at 20:30.

Once Steve got
Thi order to not miss anything.

Way. This is for you.

Now, if you want to be nice ...


What? Thi-I did something?

No, I need to sit a little alone.

That's all?

Have you forgotten that
yesterday on the beach?

It is precisely for this
I need to be alone.

I felt guilty front of Iris.

Hold You know about it.

Iris, Iris! How You find the
t?rfuli?a that the two lions?

Understanding When was yours, but you know
what is happening at home consul.

Maybe t?rfuli?ei likes
I appreciate you much more.

There's no point, Elizabeth!

When you finish you're thinking about you ...

you can take my telephone calls,
You know my phone number.

- Okay.
- Ciao, Eva!


How is this dancer
the snake?

It's a charming mistress.

We need to attract to us
a girl like her we can be of great help.

- Do you?
- No, thanks.

I do not think will be the standby ??i to the easy.

It's a woman and decide for yourself
what to do.

Even when it may seem otherwise.

It's a difficult and conditioning.
Eva is a difficult woman.

Do not put limits providence.
Beau difficult for women.

- An incredible story and banal.
- Why?

Because it's like so many others.

Yes, you're right. Who knows how many
Iris are in this world ...

and have the same fate ... unfortunately.

All operated
men without scruple.

When would you get to say everything and hide
behind the traffic ...

I hope than when this
survey will appear in N.Y. Times ...

damn that which
BC and consul says ...

will be finally unmasked
and will go to prison ...

for the rest of his life.

Can you count on that!

What are you, Iris?

I have to go to Hong Kong
and I have no mood.

And do you mind?
You should be glad.

For a while, you will be
away from the consul.

You can sit quietly to Tita.

Do you enjoy a nice vacation.

There I met you're Steve.
He did not say that ...

you can start all over again?

I do not want to take it
again with Steve.

I think it's a good boy ...

and here in Haiti is conditioned
consul too much.

Who knows? Maybe you'll arrange your
once and for all. Do not you think?

We really need a good shower.

You have to see Iris finds you have to do to tell you
a local number in Hong Kong!

- Slowly, you have to forget everything.
- You do not understand.

Unable to get along without
consul, he keeps me alive.

And that's Steve's fault.

I do not want to see him, now this
is my life, I can have an exchange.

You have to accept the way it
is, do not want to change it.

Now we need to go.
See you tonight at the club.


These three models are exclusive
just arrived.

You must sit well with a figure that
you are never the problem.

This is the third.
What do you think?

- Can I try it?
- Sure. Come with me.

It seems made for you.
Me and you feel the material?

It is suitable for hot nights
in Haiti.

On this I suggest you take it.
Probe them and others.

And this is very beautiful.

Yes, a very sober line. Probe it and the
third. It must be as in magazine.

It's a very simple rochi??,
but it is ideal for sunbathing.

Come on, prove it. Go!

- What you say? Perfect!
- You like?

A lot. I'm at and to touch the material?

- Can I ask you something?
- Sure. Everything you want.

I want to do thi gift.
Show to tell you my friendship and affection.

Mrs. ... We take all three!

I'm afraid I can not write this report
without mentioning your name.

Do not worry.
Write it.

Tell me when you decided
to come to Hong Kong and why.

One day, I decided to do something ...

- You're mad at me?
- No, why be mad at you?

The so it seemed!
He and tep?i to finish my number?

No. I'm going home immediately.
I need rest, I'm tired.

Well. Whatever!

It's not worth doing ??i number
in a pub like it.

It's too refined.

I was thinking, dear Eva ...

I could do that to you to
good contracts around the world.

I can open roads
for others inaccessible

to say that I have friends
importance everywhere.

I did one, I worked
scur?i pants when I was.

I won my share
power. Honest.

Hold a lot to know that.

Of course, not indulgent ...

There are indulgent, but only with those
and who do not do their duty to the end.

The needles must be ruthless knew ...

He and a must. Each of the two
has a duty to fulfill.

Must meet
any cost to the end.

I'm flattered ...

You accept my proposal.

Always accept flag
in November fell by the hands of a friend

then continued our journey.

Cheers. For friend
our common and unfortunate.

In fact, Iris was a good girl,
but not too clever.

If he had wanted
could make a fortune.

But it led to waste time
Steve with a fool.

What can I do?

And I have a weakness for him.
Even if it does not seem ...

is the only person
that really keeps.

Let's say that
for me it's like a son.

The reality is that she had
need a woman ...

a woman to help him
to become someone.

It's ready.

Put in some
chilo?ei pairs ...

are treated with respect to customs
intimate things a lady.

Pune and a few drops of perfume.
Good luck!

- Do not come to sleep with me?
- You have to climb a little.

Do not leave here until you get back.

I can not let the standby after a day of
spent together. I like!

- Wait for me in the parking lot at the corner.
- Okay.

Come back soon.


For two days trying to talk
with Steve beast.

Where is?

Hello. Yes, I am.

Yes. Of course that I
sought, asshole!

Thi-I left messages to call me immediately.

What would you get past the mind,
to put pressure on Eva?

Do not talk nonsense, Steve!
That's not a journalist.

Nobody knows the N.Y. Times.
I'll tell you who he is.

It is a narcotics agent for this
are all revolved around us.

Must be found to trace
you follow up in Hong Kong.

Thanks to Eve, you're everything

your problem, solve it
before that bitch

to ruin everything. Clear?

You must be mad to listen to you.
I worked for major newspapers.

I made disturbing discoveries,
publication will be like a bomb.

People can wait a little ...

... to blow up the bomb. First
think of ourselves, then we see.


What are you doing?

I do not know. I have the sensation that is
something strange in this room.

??i light.

Do not move.


Do not move.

Calm down, Eliz ...

Calm down, baby!

My love ...

There's no doubt, died
because c?turii bite.

He had a relative in Hong Kong?

- You do not think, maybe in America.
- Was an American?

- Come here to work?
- Journalist.

You must announce the consulate,
and of course the police.

It's very strange.

Green Mamba is very poisonous but
it is very hard to finds it here.

I think someone brought him.

Why? One may
wanted to kill her?

I think not. I am convinced.

I do not know where this comes
conviction, this is police work.

I confine myself to do
medical report.

I'm sorry for what
happened to your friend

Why not leave a few days here?

I need a little quiet.

- You must meet with the Japanese.
- They are coming next week.

Only a few days, Steve
then go back.

Liao has a mailbox on the neighboring island.

- There are many tourists?
- No, it's a quiet island ality.

It's a very small insuli??,
is on a rock.

It has a small hut for fishermen.

Let's go Steve, please!
We need to exchange air.

Well, if the ferent and much,
to go to change the air!

- Prepares the boat, Liao!
- For when?

For tomorrow morning. Just wait
to leave. Do not you enjoy?


How can you not?

- For your health.
- Order yours!

Thanks, Liao. Enough.

This place makes me reborn.
A I could stay here a lifetime.

- What do you think?
- Hardly expecting to go.

- Not that I hate Chinese.
- It's a Chinese thing.

He knows very well to do massage.
Come on, Steve ... !

Only you are not jealous of him. Mum's the word
that you love with me?

And if it were you?
If even and be in love with you?

What are you doing, you crazy?

Let me go?
I told me to go.

Eva! What do you do with that snake?

You crazy?
Give my way.

Tell them to stop, Eva!

??i wasting your time, Steve.
This one's end.

No. You're crazy.
Are you completely insane.

You have many people consciousness.
Iris, first of all.

All you have to say
was: "Poor Iris."

- Stop with this joke.
- Then, Ellen ...

And snake was not there accidentally.
You killed her.

Please, Eva.

It's too late to cry, Steve.

- Now it's too late.
- I admit, I was.

That's my fault.

Why do you worry, Steve?
And snake is not poisonous, just hungry.

There ... tell them to let me go.

When will you have in your body

I'm gonna devour the intestine,
liver ...

heart, which finds ...

Please, Eva. There ...

Do not do that!

Tell Them to let me go, please.

- Sorry, Eva.
- All in the tower.

Slowly ...

Now, Liao ...

There ....


Hello? Police? I am at the Hilton
I have more than one kilogram of heroin.