Seventh Heaven (1958) - full transcript


it's for a good cause.

All right?
- Yes.

Very good.

We're going to run out of beer.

Here, in Houblonnes?

I'll have you replenished at once.

Thank you, Mr. Lestrange.

Where is Mme de Ledouville?

We haven't seen her yet.

Don't you worry,
you'll see her soon enough.

Oh, my dear,
this selling is so much fun.

Much more so than buying.

Good evening.
- Good evening.

What do you think of this compliment
to our benefactor?

Go ahead, children.

# You who are always giving #

# in all our homes #

# We ask you this day #

# to accept our flowers #

# because it is our way #

# of giving our little hearts. #

It's delightful.
It will please her very much.

She loves children.

She herself has the soul of a child.

But where has she got to?

You'll see her shortly.

Aren't you going to the council meeting?
- There's a council meeting this evening?

Yes, at the town hall.
Hadn't you been informed?


Mme de Ledouville is taking advantage
of the fair to bring us together.

Good idea, I'll be there.

Come along, children.



And 12. 12 million.

It's all here.

Here you are.
Everyone is most impatient.

I did it quickly.

The council is waiting for you.

Are you going to do the hydrangeas?
- Yes.

But do them this evening...

Because of the fair,
the gates are closed.

I'll get the meeting over with quickly
and I'll come find you.

We must have been waiting
nearly an hour.

53 minutes to be precise.

What is she doing?

Are you certain that
we were convened?

Mr. Lestrange reminded me.

She's an admirable woman,
but she's highly forgetful.

She could have forgotten us.

Perhaps she's at the fair having fun.

Oh, you're all here.
Forgive me.

I was sleeping like a baby.
It was the music woke me up.

You are doing too much.
Think of yourself.

What a pretty hat!
- A very simple hat.

I find it lovely.

It doesn't seem the opinion of the General,
but don't worry about that.

Think of the ridiculous kepis
that he wears.

I've hired firefighters
for the fireworks.

You did the right thing.
- I hope we won't have any fires.

Have you seen the shooting stall?

You're a fine shot.

You must match yourself
against the General.

It will be great fun.

Haven't you called us in
for a council meeting?

Oh yes.

A council meeting?

Oh! Oh, of course,
I see, the council.

It's most important.
Okay, let's sit ourselves down.

What a gathering!
It's like the Trone Fair!

At least so I imagine. I've never been.
And you?

Have I been to the Trone Fair?

Yes. Not anymore?

Here we are.

Mayor, over to you.

First of all,
since Mlle Lindex is here,

the project for the nursery
should be put back on the table.

It's the money
that needs putting on the table.

The motion of our subsidy
has been raised.

From the motion to execution...
- 12 million!

Oh! In fact...
Excuse me, mayor.

The 12 million...
I'm such a clot!


Take it, Mlle Lindex.

What's this?
- Well, it's your 12 million.

- But what?

The council didn't have more
than just one million.

I added 11.

A small addition,
the most simple of operations.

Okay, the affair is settled!

I can't find the words.

It's no big deal. I have the money.
It's the principal, no?

The thought of all those happy babies...

There's nothing else
on today's agenda.

With the music playing,
I can't talk business anymore.

Nobody has anything else to say?

Dr Kruger

is waiting.
- Dr Kruger?

I'd forgotten about him.
Have him come in.

I'm such a feather-brain this evening!

I must keep you a little longer.

He is the founder of the Institute of
South African Medicine and Social Services

who has come to tell you about a work.
- What work?

Something new.

It's a most splendid project.

3000 little blacks
will be saved every year.

That's 30,000 in 10 years.
- 3000? Very good.

Come in, doctor.

These are my council members.

Show them your project.
They are sure to approve.

The fair is waiting for us.

Which do you prefer,

the rifle or the pistol?
- I'm clumsy with both.

We shall be finding this out.

The floor is yours.

You will have heard talk
of trypanosoma.

It is the microbe
that causes sleeping sickness.

So, there are
3000 little black children

that we could gather together
and save from this illness.

A fine work.
I told you so.

Can the architect

perhaps render an initial estimate?
- Twenty million.

It's not so much.

If I may make an observation,

our money-box is empty.

Boxes are made to be emptied
and filled up again.

Yes, but 20 million!

You're going to see,
I'll write down your donations.

Madame General?

Oh, sorry...
- Answer the appeal.

Me, I... I could...
I could perhaps...

We've reached a total of...

1.5 million.

Out of 20...

Okay. Well,
the balance is up to me.


Excuse me, dear madame.
I didn't hear so well,

but when you said ''the balance'',

it's the 18.5 million
you're referring to?

Yes indeed, doctor.

Have I miscounted?
- Oh no! No.

But doesn't 18 million alarm you?

3000 little blacks

don't alarm you?

We can't sit on our hands.
I simply couldn't.

I ask the council to vote,

20 million, of which 18.5
is charged to me.

What a woman!
- What means she has, more like!

The Three Stars...

Your people have never earned us
so much.

Agreed unanimously.
You will have your 20 million.

I must express my deepest thanks,

Enough talk about numbers,
let's go have some fun.

For equestrian fans,
I have some pretty wooden horses.

Start a contest with pistols
against the General.

I will see you all at the fair.

The film starts at midnight.

I still have half an hour, splendid.
I'll be there.

That woman is a force of nature.

She sends millions up in the air.
12 today, 18 tomorrow.

The beer is good business.
- The beer...

if she didn't have a great heart...

Come in.

You can't be as tired as all that.

I've been through the wringer.
I've had enough of it,

I'm telling you.
- You weren't interrupted?

But that didn't make it any easier.

The hardest bit remains to be done.

Oh no, don't exaggerate.

The General, the mayor and the priest
are pistol-shooting.

We'll be able to finish our task
with no bother.

Lestrange, I'm happy.

I donated the 12 million.

The nursery will become reality.

Stir yourself and help me.

It's wonderful to spread happiness.

God knows if it's what you do.
- I do what I can.

Mind the carpet.

Even in America,
they don't pull jobs of this sort.

I doubt that.
- I promise you they don't.

Ah, you meant the nursery.

Take that end.
The head is the heaviest.

I can't.
My feet are too painful.

My head is starting to spin.

Every time,
it's the same thing.

You're too squeamish.

It's not like this is our first time.
This is our tenth


Yes, I know.

Take it, it's a small glass for you.


I made it for you.

It's funny how for you
it's only appearances that count.

In my mind,
this is not a corpse.

What is it, then?

It's the source of the nursery.

There will be hundreds of newly-borns
who enjoy life.

I'll never understand your morality.

When you eliminate a villain,
you become an even greater one.

Anyway, I admire you.

I could never act
if I had your guilt complex.

I would be too disgusted.

We have the complexes that we have.

Not everyone can take themselves.
as God.

Maxime, soul of kindness,
I'm sure that you understand me.

No, you don't rest in the midst
of a bed of villains.

Careful, Lestrange,
you're splattering my husband.

I would not allow him
to be interred

with company unworthy of him.

Thanks to me,
they all died as benefactors.

You didn't ask them about it.

Not this one, not this one,
nor this one. None of them.

They might have preferred
to become old villains.

You have a small mind, Lestrange.

What about the redemption
of their souls?

They were on the road to hell.

I opened for them
the gates of paradise.

They can have no complaints.
They had every chance.

Here they lie.

I'd like to see
a bit more enthusiasm...

a little idealism, even!

Believe me, without enthusiasm,
nothing good can be accomplished.

Let me brush you off.

Yes, my dear friend,
love can make us do anything.

When I think
what I've done for you...

Anyway, it's over.

That was the tenth,
but it was also the last.

Why the last?
- You promised me.

Well, I don't remember this.

And what about the little blacks?

What little blacks?

The little blacks of Dr Kruger.
his admirable project.

You know, the sleeping sickness?

Ah! if you could perhaps catch
a mild version of that disease...


Don't think anymore
about the little blacks.

They sleep,
let them sleep.

Yes, but the council has voted.

Voted what?
- 20 million.

Yes, for them.

Oh, don't get angry.

Where are you going to find that?

All your benefactors
are resting under the hydrangeas.

They are exhausted.
As am I, by the way.

We'll look hard, Lestrange.

Oh no, it's over, I told you.

The bookmaker,
you didn't want him.

100 million scam didn't seem to you
a big enough crime.

I was fair,
he didn't deserve it.

And that Mr. Portal?

''Portal''? What Portal?

That charming marriage scam artist
who rolled three unfortunates?

He wouldn't interest you.

I didn't tell him
who you are.

God knows what he's up to.

We are going to find out.
You invited him to the fair.


You even wrote him this:

''I'd like to introduce you
to a very beautiful party''

I wrote that, me?
I wrote that?

Who exactly is this bloke
that invited you?

Mr. Guillaume Lestrange.
- What does he do here?

He is director of the chateau.

The one where there's the fair.

So, for starters, there's a chateau.

There are also chateaux
in Spain, my dear Portal.

Your Portal was starting to attract
the wrong sort of attention in Paris.

We have to return to the provinces
to make money.

And in removing it from
those who own land and cattle

we'll end up with nothing more
than a cow and a pig!

So you say,

but my 3 marriages
have earned you more than that.

And you say that you love me?
- Oh yes, I love you.

Then share my ideals,
instead of opposing them.

No doubt you'd prefer that I re-marry
with the first guy that shows up?

Oh no!

Then you see.

Come on.
Welcome Mr. Portal

with the thoughtfulness
of a benefactor.

I am a weakling, a weakling.

You can be strong when you want.
I love you for that.

You can introduce me to Portal
at the end of the film.


Let's see if we've thought of everything.

Give me some cash.
I will have to appear generous.

Here we go.
- Sorry.

- You're welcome.

Of course, this car is mine.

How's that?

I'll buy it off you.

With what money?

With yours. I don't have anything else
for the moment.

How are you going to show it's yours?


Because it will have
my chauffeur driving.

Are you kidding me?

With your money,
I couldn't allow myself otherwise.

I look like a chauffeur?
- A very distinguished chauffeur.

Come on, get going, old pal.
We aren't here for the fun of it.

You're to wait for me.
I'll be 2 hours.

I'd like to come as well.
- Get your act together.

I'll take off my cap.
- Why? It suits you.

Dear friend. Dear friend.
I was looking for you.

I was hoping you wouldn't come.

No, it's good you've come, of course.

It was kind of you to invite me.
- Kind? Don't exaggerate.

Still keen to get hitched?

Yes, more than ever.
- Okay.

It's fascinating to me, this nighttime
fair, in the provinces,

this young girl that awaits me.

She's not a young girl,
she's a widow.

This doesn't put you off?

Why would it?
- No reason.

My 3 marriages don't put her off?

No. They are what seduced her.

There are some things I'd like to know
from you.

Listen. We're missing the film.
Come and see it.

What film?

You can find out your information
any time you want.

Yes, it's good in a state prison

that we are going into now

with this collaborator in our work.

What characterises the work
of Mme de Ledouville,

is the boldness in conception

which has astonished America itself.

The 9th

of these works
is the boldest and most original,

that of CMP.

Contact Men Prison.

A work of assistance
to common law detainees

in state prisons.

Whose are these works?
- Our own.

Because she is involved
in good works?

Yes, indeed.

It is different from already
existing works in this way...

The CMP keeps prisoners informed

in a lively way so that they can follow

all that is happening outside.

In this way, the prisoner
no longer feels isolated

from the life of society

and enjoying this exceptional contemplation

leaves captivity enriched
and not diminished.

This is all her idea?

The idea and the finance.

Let us conclude with some views
of Houblonnes.

You will recognise the chateau
that she has generously offered

as a summer camp.

The pavilion, where she lives alone

in the greatest simplicity.

Finally, the famous breweries
of Three Stars

that employ 3000 workers.

What does Three Stars' beer
have to do with anything?

She is the owner.
- No!

450,000 crates a day.

That makes me thirsty.

Mme de Ledouville
possesses a special passion.

These here.

Yes, flowers.

But not every type,
only one, the hydrangea.

The hydrangeas she has brought together
are of the rarest specimens

in these famous beds,
they number 9.

Nine like her good works.

For each new work,
she plants herself

a new bank of hydrangeas.

Nobody else may tend
to these beds.

Not even to water them.

Oh yes,
in this charming garden,

you see our beloved president.

You aren't disappointed?
- Disappointed? I'm delighted.

Then you've made your mind up?
I can introduce you?

Of course. Why?
- No reason. Come on.

Excuse me, my dear.

Madame, may I introduce
Mr. Maurice Portal?

Pleased to meet you.
- So am I, full of admiration.

All these poor people you help...

I need you for the raffle draw.

If I can be of assistance...

Are you used to such tasks?
- I can get used to anything quickly.

Good, good, let's go.
I'm hiring you.



153 wins this charming grenadier.
- Donated by the Queen of England.

Who's won the grenadier?

Here's 153.

Here, sir.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

We're going to sell the nurse next.

In the blue series,
2 digits only.

Who will win the Red Cross girl?

How do you find him?
- Disagreeable.

He's perfect.
I congratulate you.

I'd have absolutely nothing
to do with him.

In my opinion,
he doesn't have a penny.

No matter, he'll go and see
his friends, his sponsors.

20 million is a lot of money.

Not for the fiance
of Brigitte de Ledouville, you'll see.

How did you imagine me?

I didn't imagine you.

Lestrange remained highly enigmatic.

And how did you imagine me?
- Exactly as you are.

And how am I?
- All that I'd hoped.

What shall we do with these?

They look like lovers.

Bring them along.

I don't like having things left over.
We'll gave them away.

Do you like giving?
- Giving what?

Giving everything.
I like blunt questions.

I would give everything I have.
- Yes, even what I don't have.

It is what we find most easy to give.

Why do you want to remarry?

Undoubtedly for the same reasons
as you.

That makes you laugh?
- It's funny.

The pursuit of an ideal.
Is this not what you're doing?

Oh yes, indeed.

It's very rare,
people who have an ideal.

And when one has an ideal, it's
necessary to sacrifice everything to it.


Did you know
we have some things in common?

Edouard, I will drive.

This is your car?
- Yes.

The hat. (The cap.)

It's a lovely car.
- I am at your disposal.

- Tomorrow, and every other day.

Good night.
- Good night.

It's been a very successful evening.

Many thanks once again.

The money is not ready yet,
but I already have an idea.


What an exceptional woman!

She is that.

We would love to send her
some flowers.

She loves hydrangeas.

Give her a different sort of flower,

because when it comes to hydrangeas,
she picks them herself.


Hello? Can you hear me? He's here.

Hello, Mme de Ledouville?

This isn't working. Hello?

Can you hear me?

I'm here.
What is it?

We haven't checked the equipment.

let's check it without panicking.


Can you hear me?

Yes, yes, loud and clear.

Try the telephone, now.


This is Houblonnes.

Speak again, will you?

It's going as you want?
- Yes. The equipment's fine.

This works well.

Better than me.

Try to be brilliant.

A word from you,
and I'll be dazzling.

Hurry up and open it.

Did I make you jump?
- A little.

I rang.

They're heavy, these flowers.

You can take them to Houblonnes.

I hope she likes them.

I asked you to come at this time
so we'll be undisturbed.

Have a seat.
- Thank you.

First of all, let me
congratulate you.

You have conquered Mme de Ledouville.
- It's completely reciprocal.

I am in charge of sorting out with you
questions of a material nature.

A first overview...

May I?
- Please.

- I was concerned I'd miss you.

You're in Houblonnes?

Is it her?

Yes. Tell me, Lestrange,
have you made the sale?

Ah no, madame, no.

Why not?
What's come over you?

Dr Kruger is coming Monday.

I have to be able to pay him 20 million
in hard cash.

I thought it was madness,
some sort of dementia,

to sell for 20 million
shares that are worth 40.

Sell the 40.
- But I can't in 2 days.

I've never betrayed my word.

The Orleac Group
is ready with 20 million.

They are able to pay me this sum
in cash.

The banks are closed until Monday.

But madame...
- I must have that 20 million.

You've nothing else to tell me?
- No, I...

Oh yes. I have Mr. Portal
in my office.

He's there?
- Yes.

Hand him over.

Hello? How are you?
- A little nervous.

Are we still having dinner tomorrow?
- More than ever.

I want to see Houblonnes.

And I want to receive you.

Mr. Lestrange will bring you
something on my behalf.

What's that?
- It's a surprise.


So, until tomorrow.
- Until tomorrow.

Oh, the black children!
- What's going on?

Ah, what is going on!

You need to know,
since you're going to be her husband.

Okay, here it is...

This must remain between us. Promise?
- Promise, naturally.

For a new charitable work,

Mme de Ledouville is courting ruin.

Up until now, she hasn't
touched her breweries.

A bundle of shares worth 40 million
is about to be sold for 20.

20 million down the drain.
- It mustn't happen.

I need 20 million on a Saturday.
Where do you expect me to get them?

I hope that when you're married,

you'll put a stop to this.

But why wait to be married?

I will attempt to dissuade her.

Of what?
- Paying this money.

She's more likely, if I may say,

to give up on you
than the black children.

What black children?

The ones in the project.

So, Three Stars is in jeopardy!
It was bound to happen.

Come on, don't get carried away.
All this demands some thought.

What if I bought these shares?

- Yes.

They would remain here.

She'll never agree.
You don't know her.

We could include it in the contract.

It's Saturday, the banks are closed.
It's hard cash she needs.

Hard cash?

Hard cash?

Are you certain?
- Well, obviously.

I'll get in touch with Orleac.

They'll agree.

Why would they turn down
an immediate profit of 20 million?

The breweries matter to me.
I won't let them fall.

What are you going to do?
- Find 20 million.

You will save all of us,

her, you, me, the breweries.

Bravo, Lestrange.

You could have had a
career in the theatre.

I hate playing theatre.
- One would never guess.

I have learned to do
all that I hate.

For you.

If it wasn't for me, you'd still be
a poor little accountant,

instead of the saviour
of 3000 black children.

Oh! Oh, those are pretty.

It's from him?
- Yes.

It remains to be seen
if he can find the 20 million.

Give her 20 million
for little black kids?

Have you been struck on the head?
- Fool.

Gifts I only give to you.

I am going to buy for 20 million
shares that are worth 40.

Profit: 20 million.

And for me?
- Get away with you. Don't you see?

I see that the first thing
is to have 20 million.

We're not going to win that
on the horses.


Flying saucer comes back strongly.

What strides forward!
This filly must be an ace.


The going's a little heavy. Here.



For a 6 year old horse,
he fights back well.

I thought that beer...
- It's my turn, hang on.


He doesn't move forward.

Dandy must be short of breath.

With Villa,
it's a waiting game.

You were saying? Beer?

I thought that beer interested you,

If one's thirsty,
it's the stuff that does the business.

Five. Ah! Bip-bop is on a roll.

A portfolio from Three Stars
at half price, it's a good deal.

But there'd be three of us
in on it.

One per star?

The biggest star would be you.

Dandy remains in 6th place.

My star, currently...

- Dandy will catch them in the sprint.

You have to get up early
to overtake Flying Saucer.

- Ah!

Watch Arthur with your binoculars,
you'll see something.

We must be certain she's a widow.

It's done.
I've checked her form.

Otherwise, I wouldn't be betting
on him, you know me.


Arthur passes the post!

And I'm among the also-rans.

Come here, please.

Dandy is useless.
Make Corporal my runner.

I have to talk business with sir.
- Okay, Villa.

So, where's he hiding,
your winner?

That's him?
- Yes.

He's dish of the day.

Like hats,
they wear them no matter what.

Present yourself in the paddock,

Corporal of Mr. Villa.

Typhoon of Mr. Langlois.

Female, Mr. Lenoir.
- Bidaire, Mr. Durant.

So just like that,
you want 20 million?

That'll be worth 20 more,

Nothing is automatic
when it comes to women.

And for the gentlemen?

What'll you have, Villa?
- A beer.

Three beers.
And make them Three Stars.

Very good, sir.

3 Three Stars!

Before going into the details,
one question: the guarantee.

Between men like us...
I thought...

If all doesn't pass of as we hope, it's
all very well being a man of principles,

but what will we find in his pockets?

A small 20 million
that a friend has entrusted to you.

That should give you a rash.

Tell him that's not my style.

Maurice has his faults,
but he is straight-up.

So you're supplying the guarantee?
- Okay.

I don't have your gloss,
but I'm good for 20 big ones.

Offer what you want.
- I'm offering.

Tell me what, all the same?
- Yourself.

What do you mean, me?
- Your neck.

My neck?

Insurance companies wouldn't give
200,00F for you.

Your friend wouldn't have
these villainous ideas.

You like this, yes?
- Yes.

Right, we can talk.

Here, for the gentlemen.


Is it deep enough?
- I'm not sure. Try it and see.

I should get back in?
- It won't kill you.

I'll get grubby.
- You'll get brushed clean.

It's fine as I supposed.

Good. And lengthways?
He's the same height as you.

You don't want me to lie down?
- People aren't buried standing up.

I'd like to see you here.

Normally, you don't get out
by yourself.

In what sense?
- There's no sense in this.

Bad feeling.

Control yourself.
They'll hear us.

Oh, crap!
I'm going to die, me as well.

It's what I thought,

it's missing a good head.
Okay, you can get up.

I can't.

No, I can't.

You are agile, you lucky thing.

You lack enthusiasm for your work.

Shake yourself,
Portal could arrive.

What if he hasn't got them?
- What?

The millions.
- You always look on the dark side.

You know, I'd have dug these holes
for nothing

while sir is in his bed, or yours.

Jealousy is making you stupid.
Aren't I working seriously?

And don't I always bring you
charming benefactors,

carefully selected,

from among the flower of the underworld?

Perfect specimens,
total scumbags.

We don't even know their true identity.

# With my cutie pie
and her small millions #

# With my cutie pie
how good it is to sleep #

To wake up 3000 black children,

we must send to sleep for an eternity
an innocent.

Enough of the reasoning,
it's stopping you dig.

Just take the money.

And sell the shares for real?

Ah, that would be the dream, naturally.

I don't care about the...
at least...


I can't touch the breweries,
they are a business

that absorbs all my income
and beyond.

Take their money
and let them go afterwards.

Well, if I did that,
I'd be in prison,

and so would you.

In prison,
one cannot conduct good works.

I am forced to detain in Houblonnes
all these benefactors.

Nice hospitality.

Where would you like me to put them?
Isn't it pleasant here?

The truth, Lestrange,
is that you lack greatness.

You want me to make the pit bigger?
I am already

very tired.

Go and have a lie down,
this will do nicely.

Bless you.
- Bless me?

That will be the day the Good Lord
calls you back to him.

It is perhaps
a lot to ask him.


I didn't hear you arrive.

Here I am.
- I wasn't expecting you yet.

I am an open grave.

I wouldn't like them to see you
here at this hour.

Maybe I could help you.
- No, come.

I was gardening because of you,
because of your hydrangeas.

Couldn't it wait?
- It must be done tomorrow.

This is romantic.
- Isn't it?

Have you sorted your business?
- Yes.

Is it all there?
- All.

Oh, my kidneys!

All this could be for nothing.

I've readied your room,

but since I thought
you'd be dying of hunger,

a small dinette awaits you here.
- You think of everything.

You won't put down your case?
- No.

So this is where you live.
- Yes. You like it?

Very much.

It's extremely moving for me.
- For me too.

Tell me,
what brings you here

at this hour?
- You cancelled our meal.

I would have received you tomorrow.
But you insisted.

You're sorry I'm here?

To be frank,
I'm not yet sure.

Let's put your suitcase away.

Wait, wait, Brigitte.

If I may so call you?

We've known each other long enough.
- Yes, you're right.

The other day,
I spoke to Mr. Lestrange.

About what? Sit down.
- Thank you.

Material questions.
- Those questions bore me.

If you spoke to Lestrange,
no need to speak to me.

Are you going to spend the whole evening
like that, with your suitcase?

I must first talk to you
about one of these material questions.

You will break the spell.
- No.

It's about what matters most of all
to you...

your works.
- My works?

Does he have the millions?

Heads, he has them,
tails, he doesn't.

Oh, shit!

I cannot leave you
to commit this madness.

That's my look-out.

I will be your husband.
Your breweries are my concern.

As are your works.

So... here.

But what's this?
- 20 million, for the black children.

Oh no! Oh!

You put it so delicately? Oh!

This is why you...
you wanted to come this evening?

Oh, Maurice!


It's not possible.
There's 20 million here?

Count it if you like.

That's not how I meant it.
It's wonderful.

It takes so little space?
- Such a large one in your works.

Let me kiss you.

No. No, Maurice.
Not with this 20 million between us.

Let me put it away
and we can talk of other things.

Yes, but even so we must talk a little
about these shares.

Which shares?

In the breweries.

Oh yes! Yes, that's right.
I'd forgotten about them.

I've lost my head somewhat.

But they are yours,

Furthermore, here they are.

Here's the transfer of shares.

Then, so we both understand,
they remain strictly between us.

Of course, they stay with me.

What's yours is mine.

I'm pleased, Maurice,

you are as generous as me.

Thank you.

It is I who should thank you
for this nice gesture.

100 francs of shit.

No more talk of formalities.

You can help me with the dinette.
Did you do this with your wives?

Let's not talk about them.
- Yes. I am perhaps the 4th.

Something tells me
you'll be the last.

I should hope so.

You made them suffer,
did you not?

This doesn't put you off?
- No. No, on the contrary.

I need to know.

You are a good woman.

You I will not make suffer.

I don't believe it.
- It's you who will make me suffer.

Not at all.
I promise you I won't.

My 2nd wife wanted to kill me.

She had no reason to, her.

No more than the others.
She was ferociously jealous.

She said to me:
''Crime of passion,

''they'll acquit me.''

It wouldn't have cost anyone anything
so they'd acquit her. That's how it goes.

Well, you know, justice...

She didn't stand a chance. According
to my horoscope, I will live to be old.

Oh really?

85 years old.
You'll have to get used to the idea.

85 years old...

But tell me, did she try it?

To kill me? No.
But I thought she would.

No, I'm fine.
- Did that frighten you?

With Olga, yes.

I was afraid
she might poison my whiskey.

This evening, it could be.

One minute.

Don't go away, please.

Drink, I'll be back shortly.

It's taking a long time.
- It won't be much longer.

I can't get enough of you.

Of what it is to be around you.

You like it, really?
- Of course, you're like your chateau.

You haven't seen it yet.
- I imagine it noble and proud.

In your image.

All is excellent with you.
- Too many compliments...

I don't deserve you.

One more good work
on your ledger.

If you say so.

Here I am.

Oh! Oh, my God!
You're so beautiful.

We go from surprise to surprise.

And this is not the last.

Have you drunk your whiskey?

Yes. But you haven't.

Take it.

Thank you.

It's not whiskey
that I want.

You know what's going to happen?

Is it not?
- Yes.

You're afraid, aren't you?
- Yes.

It's good, this fear.
- At least...

Yes, yes, yes. Say yes.

I'm only a woman, after all.
- A wonderful woman.

Like I have never had.

Listen to me, Brigitte.

With all those others,
it was a... a formality.

But you, I want you.

A terrible wanting.

You always yield to your desires?

Think of me as you will.

We must relieve our desires.

I've experienced them all.

You are very fortunate.

Never so much as this evening.

You desire a rich wife.
- But I have her.

You want her love, right now...

And I'll have her,
because her desire is as great as mine.

Isn't it true?

Tell me if it's not true.
- Yes, it's true

The light.


What's the matter?
- I've lost something.

What's that?
- Nothing.

Oh, my kidneys!

He needs taking out of the sack.

- We haven't taken the keys.

Which keys?

The keys to his car.
It needs returning to Paris.

You think I'm a novice?
- Ah, you've got them.

I didn't want to have to
bust my ass with his motor.

Portal was detained in Houblonnes.
That's all.

His concierge says she knows nothing.
- And afterwards?

He should have telephoned.

Well, he hasn't. We shouldn't read
too much into it, with lovers.

Ah, there's the darling.

I told you Maurice was straight-up
It's outside his door.

And the keys are in it.

He must be buying some cigarettes.



You ["vous"] can read.

Why are you using ''vous''?

We must be polite
to someone who's going to die.

He's picked up a parking fine.
So what?

But when?

- What does this prove, this?

That your protege is nowhere
to be found,

that my 20 million
is in his pocket

and that I wouldn't want
to be in your skin.

I'm sure he left
to buy some cigarettes.

With 20 million, I'm sure he can!
Let's go.

Where are we going?

Put a hat on.
My chauffeur wears a cap.

I already have one.
Portal gave it to me.

Let's go.

The soul isn't there.

How do you want me
to achieve that?

The soul isn't there.

Yes, master, it is.

I assure you that it is.

The canning service says that
Brussels has not yet delivered.

The beer again...
- I'll take care of it. Thank you.

Very well, madame.

By your grace, madame,
collect yourself.

Think of your works, hold it.

These are the plans
for my next project.

The mental rehabilitation centre.

You are terrible.
- For wanting to aid their recovery?

It's the visit
Madame was waiting for.

Tell Mr. Lestrange
to greet him.

Very well, madame.

We'll continue our session later.

I had the chin.

Well, leave it.
You'll find it again.

If Michelangelo had had to work
in these conditions...

Is that you, Lestrange?
- Yes.

Come in.

Put that away. It's not the doctor.
- Who is it?

A certain Mr. Villa.
- That means nothing to me.

On behalf of a certain Mr. Portal.

He's rolled up in his car
and with the same chauffeur.

Okay. Don't panic.
I was expecting this visit as well.

I didn't expect it so soon.

Oh well, this way,
we'll get rid of them.

What type of man is he?

Unsettling, very.
Be wary of him.

Show the gentleman in.
And watch out for Dr Kruger.

Sir, please.
- Thank you.

- Sir,

if you have come to intercede
on behalf of Mr. Portal,

there's no point in receiving you.

Mr. Portal is not a friend.
I had only just met him.

Nevertheless, he has disappeared.

That suits me. I never want
to see him again in my life.

Yes, but me,
I'd like to see him again.

Pardon my indiscretion,
but were you not fiances?

Indeed, I was at the point
of making that mistake.

Have a seat, sir.

Did you know that Mr. Portal
is a professional seducer?

- Me neither.

I discovered it a little late,
but thank God, just in time,

the day when he intended
to pull off on me

a rather fruitful financial operation.


Yes, it was indeed Saturday
that I asked him to leave.

That operation, did it require
a payment of 20 million?

Oh yes.
But how did you know?

Because those 20 million
belonged to me.

Ah, perfect.
I understand it all now.

So do I.

When he saw the collapse of his hopes
on my part,

he ran off with your millions.
- That's it.

But tell me, those 20 million
were yours, yours alone?


Ah, that's fantastic.

That is, I mean to say, I'm sorry.

Would you like a glass of whiskey?

Nice to see you, doctor.
- Good day.

Mme de Ledouville
is waiting for you impatiently.

Dear sir, I am spoiled.
Things are working out so well.

Ah, that, yes, heck...
you could say that.

I am surprised all the same.
- What about?

How you could entrust a sum like that
to such an individual?

I play the stock market,
I receive all sorts of business proposals.

I could have been suspicious of him,
not of you.

You're too kind.

Well, there's nothing for it
but for you to file a complaint.

I will not deposit one.

What? A man disappears
with your 20 million

and the police will know nothing?

Have you heard speak
of the perfect crime?

I don't read crime novels.
- You are charming.

These are crimes that the police
never uncover.

There also exist perfect scams.

This here is one.
I doff my cap. It's perfection.

You're paying very dearly for it, I'd say.
- Perfection doesn't have a price.

What do I have to complain about,
having found the perfect woman?

Decidedly, you can be
no friend of Portal.

Excuse me.
- Please.

This time it is Dr Kruger.
- One moment.

I'm sorry.
A visitor I must see.

Wait for me in the garden.
I'd like that we talk some more.

Me too.

If you would be so kind...

# He runs, he runs, the ferret #

My dear madame, there was no need
to dismiss your visitor on my behalf.

I haven't dismissed him.
He's waiting for me.

It's about a new work.
- Another one?

How admirable.

You don't allow yourself any respite.
- None.

Misery grants none either.

Sit down.

Doctor, the balance for your project

amounted to 18.5 million.
Here's 20.

Oh, but...
- I like round numbers.

in exchange for your generosity,

I hope to save thousands of lives.

The more you save, doctor,
the lighter my task will have been.

That didn't take too long.

It's delightful among these flowerbeds
and their layout is so original.

It undoubtedly has some meaning.
- No, not at all.

Are they not the 12 hours
of the clock?

Yes, of course.

11 only.
The 12th is missing.

Ah, yes.
Yes, but I'm working on it.

I'm thinking more and more
about my 12th flowerbed.

Portal told you the truth.

I'm selling shares in my breweries

for my next work.

You will be able to recover
the loss you've had.

I will give you first refusal.
It's a silly idea, no?

Not at all. You see
good works everywhere.

It's the last.
- When can we talk about it?

Well, on my return.
- You're going away?

Yes. To Cannes,
to look at a new project.

I'd been hesitating
but I've just decided.

It must be for you a great joy

to live by the side of such a woman.

A great joy, yes.

She must find in you
a great support.

There, I do what I can, really. Ah.

Are you leaving, doctor?

I'm happy
I can once again say thank you.

You're welcome.
Mr. Villa, Dr Kruger.

Pleased to meet you, doctor.
- Me too, sir.

Forgive me if for a moment
I borrow our friend.

Safe journey to you 2.
- How would it not be safe?

Mine will be even better.

Oh, thank you, dear sir.
- You're welcome, doctor.

I'll drive.
You will need your hands.

- To say your prayers.

Prepare our trip to the coast.
We leave tomorrow evening.

Villa, talk to me,
say something.

I'm thinking.
- What about?

About Mme de Ledouville.
She has as many works as that?

9, I saw about them in the cinema.
And the same number of hydrangea beds.

Why those?

She plants a new flowerbed
with each new work.

So that makes 11.
- No, 9.

- 9, I counted.

So did I, five minutes ago.
- So did I, at the fair, 9.

There's no harm done.
- You think so?

Listen, I'm offering you
a small trip to the Cote d'Azur.

- I'm going first.

You will join me tomorrow evening
for dinner at the Calanque.

- At the Calanque.

Before leaving,
to occupy your leisure,

you'll come back here tonight,

To do what?
- Some gardening.

''Some gardening''?

It's me!
- Come in!

So, you've made yourself at home?
Are you happy with your room?

Yes, very much. And you?

No, I'm not.
It's too far from yours.

I hoped that you would ask
for something closer together,

in your communications.

We're not married yet.


This is the 12th work.
10 years I've been waiting.

We could perhaps start to...

Start what?
- To get better acquainted.

Come in!

For Mme de Ledouville.

Who are these from?

There's no card, madame.

Put them there.

Here. There you go.

Thank you, Lestrange.

You don't lack humour.

Come on, come on.
Let's see, who sent these?

Oh, it wasn't you?

I wouldn't have the bad taste.

Who was it, then?
- You don't see? Really?

You're thinking of Mr. Villa?
- So are you, I see.

That would be amusing.

''Amusing''? Alarming, more like.

Don't start looking on the dark side.

When I see hydrangeas,
I start looking on the dark side.

Come, the mayor and the architect
are waiting for us.

Very elegant of you.
- Yes, oh!

Where am I going to put my pool,

I haven't a clue.
- It is indispensable.

My technique of mental rehabilitation

relies on hydrotherapy.
- It's a question of credit.

Right, here's Mme de Ledouville.

Good day, gentlemen.
- Madame.

I see you're working hard.
- Yes, and we need you.

What is it?
- It's the swimming pool.

The land is too small.

The land cannot be extended.

The patients need water,
it's vital.

A swimming pool
need not take up so much space.

And here?

You are on the neighbouring land,
madame dear.

Well, buy it.
- Obviously, that would be a solution.

Here, if you put the swimming pool
in this corner, and...

Pass me a pencil, Lestrange.

In this corner, right here.

May I intervene?
- Thank you, sir.


Here, fancy seeing you here...

I was hoping somewhat
that we might bump into each other.

May I?
- Please, madame.

Business or pleasure?
- I don't know yet.

One leaves for pleasure
and business presents itself.

Or vice versa.

these gentlemen are waiting for me.

Could we dine together this evening?

It's only Mr. Lestrange
who has asked me already.

Excuse me.

Shame. This evening,

I might have some news of Portal.

That gentleman is of no concern to me
anymore. - So I understood from you.

But it could be amusing to know
what became of him,

especially if the police are involved.

What we could do,
the 3 of us could dine together.

Mr. Lestrange would be happy
to invite you too.

Of course.
- So, at the Calanque?

Yes, that's a great idea.
- Indeed.

Until tonight.
- Until tonight.

Come on, Lestrange, to work.

Excuse me, gentlemen.
So we need water...

The hydrangeas were you,
weren't they?

Of course.

And the news about Portal,
it was a joke?

I'll tell you that soon.

You didn't come only to see me.

Yes, only to see you.

I suddenly felt
a lively interest in your works,

above all for the last one.

And how did this come to you?

It struck me that I was going
to become a benefactor too.


What's surprising you?
- Nothing.

And why would you be a benefactor?

If I buy your shares,

it would be my money, in total,
that will make your latest work.

Yes, but you still
haven't bought them.

The coastal climate and the air
don't seem to be reviving you, Lestrange.

If it revives you,
that's the main thing.

Aren't you going to ask me to dance?

Oh no, excuse me. I need another
2 or 3 lessons at least.

Is your watch not working?
- Yes. You want the time?

No. But I keep seeing you
look at it.

I'm finding the time passes
too quickly this evening.

- You have a table?

Indeed, sir.

And prior to Portal,
you had other fiances?

This interests you?
- It's my passion.

How many? A dozen?

To be frank, I never loved anyone
but my husband. What about you?

The woman I love doesn't exist.

Describe her to me.

she could be like you.

And morally?

she could be like me.

She would play every card in her game,

beauty, wealth, reputation,

and she would use any means necessary.

The Jack of Clubs could be lost,

the Queen of Hearts killed,
providing she could achieve her goal.

What goal?

That of every player: to win.

I'm going to confess something to you,
but don't sing victory.

Tell me.

I very much like dancing with you.

Hey, a friend.
I must quickly say hello.

Do you mind?
- Go ahead.

Fresh caviar.

The most fresh, sir.
And to drink?


What a pleasant meeting, dear friend.

What? You're here?
It's an incredible coincidence.

A strange encounter,
don't you think?

It feels like it was arranged.
- Clearly.


He dances divinely,
plus he is most witty.

And he seems highly knowledgeable.
- About what?

About hydrangeas.
- What are you trying to say?

You were right,
he's a very dangerous man.

I'm having great fun.
- I'm not.

You were correct, Villa.
There are indeed 11 flowerbeds.

You dug up the 11th?
- Yes.

And what did you find?


Then some very nice earthworms,
but I didn't find what we wanted.

That's all?

I'm telling you, I couldn't
have missed a corpse,

especially one of a good friend.

A sleepless night for nothing.

I've booked a nice room
at the Riva Palace for you.

Aren't you going to dine with me?
- Forgive me, I have an invitation.

What a gorgeous night.
- Yes.

Shall we return via the beach?

if that doesn't inconvenience you.

Not at all.
- I'm in charge, and we'll go there.

You've time.
Lestrange, go back by taxi.


You couldn't stand walking through sand
with your fragile kidneys.

Thank you for that delicious dinner,
dear sir.


That Villa,
what a force of nature, eh?

You are his chauffeur?
- His chauffeur, as you say.

And I know something about him.
It breaks your heart, doesn't it?

What's that?

Having that shark
circling around Mme de Ledouville.

Ah, that.
- A true saint, that woman.

So if I told everything I know
about him to the little saint,

I might perhaps be doing you
a favour, mightn't I?

What is it you know?


I have ruined myself in your eyes.
- How?

In painting you a picture
of the woman of my dreams.

That woman who doesn't exist...
- Yes?

That uses any means necessary.
- Yes?

You thought it might be me.

When we were dancing, yes.
Excuse me.

It's come to me to be her.
- Really?

Yes. The time we were dancing too.

They seem in no hurry.
- The sales' pitch, dear sir.

It's better
that they don't see us together.

I'll go to my room,
come and look for me.

I get you.

Ah, here we go.

Some evenings should never end.

Watch out, you're becoming romantic.

Your chaperone is waiting for you.
- He helps me a lot, you know.

Nice stroll?
- Excellent.

Take the elevator, Lestrange.
- Of course.

Until tomorrow.
- I hope so.

Mr. Lestrange, good night.
- Good night.

What did he want,
his chauffeur?

His friend.

His friend, his chauffeur,
that of Portal, it's all the same.

What does he want to tell me?
- Things.

- So go find him.

335. Mr. Xavier-Laurent is back?
- Yes, sir.

His room?
- 229.

Thank you.

You can come.

I've known him a long time.
He doesn't impress me anymore, Villa.

He has a certain seduction.
- He has a physique.

Everyone has a physique.

Women like him.

Some prefer another type.

They attach more importance
to intelligence.

You recall, madame,
at the end of the fair,

you saw me.
I was with Portal.

Poor Portal.

It's Mr. Villa or Mr. Portal
that you want to talk to me about?

We'll understand each other in a Mo.

But yes, it's about Portal.

You've found him?


You're better than everyone else.

Yes. Because to go find him
where he is,

mamma Mia!

Poor Portal.

And where is he?
- If I tell you,

you're going to get angry.
- Why?

Because you love hydrangeas

and I had to damage them a little
to find him.

Poor Portal.

For someone who was in full bloom,

he is certainly blooming.

Hey, Lestrange, what's up?
- Nothing. The heat.

The coastal air.

Sir, take one of these pills.
They're fantastic for the nerves.

Mr. Villa lets his chauffeur
handle his affairs?

No, madame.
I'm not Villa's chauffeur.

I am in business, like him.
In this affair,

Mr. Villa is completely unaware.

I'm not crazy.

I'm going to return to Naples,

but I wanted to speak to you first.

You've done the right thing, sir.
Mr... what?

Xavier-Laurentis, with a hyphen.

It must be included,
on the cheque.

Mr. Xavier-Laurentis,

note that, Lestrange.
- Yes.

I hate numbers,
they make me fall asleep.

Go back to your room. My lawyer
will find you there.

When will that be?
I am under a lot of pressure, madame.

Immediately. I am sure
that we will find ourselves in agreement.

I am sure as well.

Assuming 20 million per flowerbed,

11 flowerbeds, one after the other,

it's what they brought you, no?

You see,
I am reasonable.

While waiting,
I'm going to write to my lawyer

a short note on the culture
of hydrangeas in Houblonnes.

Two copies,
in case I have an accident.

When someone loves hydrangeas so much,

one must take precautions.
- This is understandable.

Here, madame.
This is his signet ring.

Take it.
- Attractive, isn't it?

He was never without it.

Poor Portal.

I said it, on the 12th,
it'll all fall apart, I said it.

What's falling apart?
You, maybe. Not me.

he wants 200 million,

tomorrow, he'll want more.
All the breweries will become his.

I know what I'm talking about.

The money for works
will not go to swindlers.

What are you going to do?

What I always do,
at least 11 times.

You're crazy.
We're not in Houblonnes here.

We can't always
have every convenience.

And this is where you'll show
your worth, Lestrange.

My worth?
Why my worth?

Because tonight,
it'll be you that operates.


To be opened

in the event of my death...

Come in! an


I work for you.
- For me?

Don't let me stop you, big guy.
And what have you done for me?

Well, you're writing to your solicitor?

And what is it we're telling
our solicitor?

It's confidential.

''Go to the chateau at Houblonnes,

''dig under the hydrangeas,
you will find...''

Your solicitor will make a catch, eh?

I couldn't possibly.
Another sack, the pit...

that, no, all that again, no.
- You're no man!

Where are you going?
- To find a man.



I'm a man, yes, me!

I am a man with big troubles.
What about the police?

Nobody's going to suspect
Mme de Ledouville's accountant.

On the other hand, everything will
point to a certain suspect, an adventurer.

- I didn't think this would displease you.

Oh, women.

Go, good luck, Lestrange.
- But not so fast.

I wasn't hiding it from you.

I was going to tell you, Villa,
I swear to you.

Of course.

I wanted to bring you the plan
all sorted out.

That was nice of you.
- Yes, I'm nice.

It was me that brought you
this business.

And it was me that told you
about the 9 flowerbeds.

That's enough!
Finish writing to your solicitor.

It's more prudent, no?
- It's more prudent.

My pills.
- Write.

Give me...
- The letter? I'll hang on to this.

I'll start another.

In a more cheerful style.
I'll dictate it to you.

But it must be done quickly, Villa.
The other is on his way.

I had a quiet life,
I was an accountant,

I should never have quit.

Okay, go back to your accounts.
- Wait.

Where is the man I've been saving
myself for for 10 years,

to whom I was going to give myself.

Ah. When's that?

After the 12th work.

This is a new one.

It's foolish. It's foolish.
- Ah yes.

Yes, it's foolish,
because the 12th work...

Listen carefully, Lestrange,
there won't be one.

The 12th work is this one.


The one you're about to do,

the best of all,
the one that will redeem all the others,

the one which will guarantee
our future happiness.

When you with your hands raised
lifts the shadow that menaces me,

I shall be yours at last.



How do you mean, when?

Immediately afterwards.

After, after I...

Yes, Guillaume,
immediately afterwards.

I'm going.

You'll see,
you won't have to wait.

But with what?
I need a solid instrument.

It wouldn't do to lack one.

Okay. I'll find something.
- Hey!

Be careful though..

It won't be the first.
I'm used to it.

And then?
- Not that again. Restart.

You don't know what you want.
- What? I'll find the words.

''I the undersigned Xavier-Laurentis,

''witnessed by him present..''

How am I witnessed?

Don't worry.
I'll take care of the style.


''in front of him present

''my friend, Manuel Villa...''

Your hand's shaking.
Take another pill, go on.

You're right.
- Don't move.

Look, one's still here.
- Thank you.

''My friend, Manuel Villa...

''as the one and sole heir.''
Well, write it.

But Villa...
- You don't agree?

- You owe me 20 million, no?

Yes, but now...
- Or I'll kill you, as agreed!

'' and only heir
of all my possessions.''

Get on with it!
Now, sign.

A brand new tuxedo...


You must know where to find 22.
- 22, it's at the end, on the right.

Thank you.

Mr Xavier-Laurentis,
are you here?

Are you in bed?


I thought you said good night.

I've come, as agreed.

You write in the dark?

You asleep?


- Yes, it's me.

Come in.

Here, you've been served by me.

How's that?

And it didn't take long.
- You've killed him?

Your wishes are my commands.

Then, he's dead?
- He's as dead as a dodo.

How could you do it?

I don't do things by halves.
- And with a knife?

We use what we can find.

A knife, yuck!

What do you mean ''a knife, yuck''?
- Put that away. It's horrible.

But you're the one who told me...

I never said anything
about using a butcher's instrument.

But what, in the end,
had that man done to you?

A knife, you, an accountant?

You disgust me.
- Well, this takes the biscuit, this.

It's the police.

Hand me the knife.
- Touch that? Never.

Come in.

Thank you. ls there a response?
- No, madame.

Lestrange, you can come in.

Who was that?

The bellboy.
But he'd made a mistake about the room.

Sorry about just now.
I was upset.

I do admire you, you know.

You will grant me...

All my attention.

Tell me all that happened.

Yes, yes, yes, I want to hear.

Well, it was like this.

I went in, necessarily...

Knife in hand.

Knife in hand, yes.
Knife in hand.

But when the wretch saw
the implacability in my look,

when he saw above all
what I had in my hand...

The knife.

The knife, yes.

He sprang at me.

But I already had him by the throat.

You'd dropped the knife?

No. I had it between my teeth.

With my hands, I squeezed, squeezed.

I thought of you,
and my strength doubled.

At the end, I think
maybe more than that.

I let go, he fell to the floor.
He was dead, that was it.

You see,
I didn't even need the knife.

So, am I a man?

Yes, you are a man,
a careless man

And the letter?
- Which letter?

Well, the letter to the solicitor.

He was going to write it.
He didn't have the time.

You think so?

Mr. Villa is a man, him.

Return the knife to its place

and you to yours.

Get the bill.
- I will.

A little more patience.

We will not be slow to inform you.

Give me the bills
for 223 and 350.

You cannot leave right now.

What's happened?
- There is a small investigation underway.

Nobody may leave the hotel.
- This is most disagreeable.

I have a train to catch.
- It won't take long.

Here are the gentlemen.

It's a typical drug suicide.

Another one, my dear doctor,
another one.


An addict who chose your hotel
as his place to depart.

Ah, I prefer that.

So do I.
Because of my train.

Then the embargo is lifted?
- Yes, you can...

Ladies and gentlemen,
you are free.

And please forgive us once again.

Thanks to you, I'll make my train.

When they commit suicide
and make a will...

That's his will?
- He left everything to a friend.

This never happens to me.
- Not to me either.

There, job done.

I've searched the entire train.
He's not here.

If he's hiding,
you wouldn't find him.

Of course, I know.
He's a man of genius, but...

you'll find him less genial
when he makes you sing.

You forget that he knows everything.

He may be perhaps
more greedy than that other one.

But you're forgetting something.
- What?

It's Mr. Villa that will be
our 12th benefactor.

- Good evening.

I've never been so happy
to return to Houblonnes.

What a trip. That Xavier-Laurentis,
what an awful man.

Yes, indeed.
- Actually, have

a look at the flowerbeds.
- Why?

Because that gentleman has rearranged them.
Put them back in order.

Tonight, I don't want to do any gardening,
especially in that place.

Did you hear that?
- What?

A voice.

No, I heard nothing.

It must have been
the voice of your conscience.

- It's the owl.

The owl?
It was human, I'm not crazy.

And what did it say?

It's time.

It's time for what?
- You're so funny.

It's time for you to sleep.

I don't want to.
I swore that it would be tonight.

What would?
- You.

- You and me.

Before swearing,
you should consult me.

I don't want to be alone.
- You aren't. There are the voices.



It's time!
- I wasn't imagining things.

An ashtray, perhaps?

Excuse me.

I was expecting your visit,
but not so soon.

You always appear sooner
than one thinks.

That's fair.
I preceded you.

That can be useful sometimes, no?

After last night, I preferred
to take an early flight.

What news from Riva Palace?
- Excellent for you.

229 committed suicide
and you are his sole heir.

You are pretty darn powerful.

I have some small talents.

Like breaking through walls?
- Only the shutters.

The shutters? Well, well.


You'll have to excuse me. You see.

Just a minor thing.

I'll fix it for you tomorrow,
when there's daylight.

Nobody saw you?


Oh really?
It's infinitely preferable.

I'm a poor sort.

Women should be taken by force.
Villa wouldn't ask what she thinks.

In making him a benefactor...

it's more likely he's going
to make her his benefactress.

The hydrangeas...

I can't do this.

They have the scent of ghosts.
It's making me ill.

That woman has made me a murderer
11 times. 11 times!

Me, an accountant.

A certified accountant, even.

I'm a monster, a monster.

But it doesn't matter,
I love you. I love you!

And if I don't have you tonight,
I'll snap.

It's time!

It's time!

This is where it happened, isn't it?

You're very curious.

Yes. It would amuse me to know
where I'm going to die

because you are counting
on sending me to the 12th grave.

Isn't it so?

Honestly, yes.

I wouldn't have said,
but you raised it.

It doesn't make me very happy,
but I agree

that you've set yourself up for this.
- Oof...

You really are a remarkable woman.

Oh, remarkable, no.
I have my ideas, that's all.

And very good they are too.

Thanks to you, I've lived
a rare minute, exceptional,

face to face
with the woman who's going to kill me

and who is also the one
I've most desired in my entire life.

Is that true, what you just said?
- Yes, it's true.

We don't have the opportunity.

It's Mr. Lestrange.


Who's there?
- It's me.

They have dug my grave.

Come and see the hole.

With my name and dates,

All it lacks is me.

You find it funny?
- It's a joke by M. Laurentis.

You should go to your place.
- No. Only Villa is capable of this.

Villa? But it's nothing...
- Villa.

Perhaps in your bedroom.

Stop raving.

Why are you still dressed?
- Go to sleep.

In your grave if you like,
but go.

If there's no one here,
let me in.

This is the way you try
to earn forgiveness?

Why don't you want me to come in?

Because it's me that's going
to come to your place.

- All you keep saying is when.

Right now.
- Really?

You have ruined my surprise.
- Fool that I am.

Yes, fool. Talking to me of Villa
on a night such as this.

Forgive me. Forgive me.

Come. Come right now.
- Not here, don't you see?

We have some painful memories.

What a fuss you make. At yours.
- Yes, at mine.

I'll rejoin you.
- Hurry.

I'll be there, I'll be there.

Ah, Brigitte, Brigitte.

I've already put 11 in the sack,
but it was well worth it.

It was very funny, your idea.
- What idea?

Lestrange's grave.
Especially since...

No, nothing.
- Speak, please.

Well, to sum up,
you dug for yourself.



how did you go about it
with the others?

Wait. You'll soon see.

Are you in such a hurry?


I'm extremely curious.

We'll have a small drink, eh?


You've found it?


You are too clever
to use something like that.

The revolver.

It was my husband's.

Me, I always hated firearms.

There are much cleaner ways.

Poison, for example.

Not these days.

It needs to be
something more ingenious than that.

Come on, come on.


Everything, to start off with,

had to pass of as it has done
with me just now.


The charm,

the whiskey

and then the kiss.

What kiss?

The first.

Wait, wait. Wait.

It's time!

The time for love, idiot!

It costs nothing to wait.


I knew it.
- What?

That you were a very dangerous man.

Not as dangerous as you.

I'm not more dangerous.
I don't know where I am anymore.

It doesn't matter, carry on.

What happens
after the first kiss?

This, you might say,
is very much the first.

Oh, the bastards! The bastards!

She's going to pay as well.
Like all the others.

Everyone in turn! She'll pay!

You really want to know?
- Yes.


You see this lamp?

At the moment, it's harmless.

But it can be connected
to the high voltage.

Ah, nice.

Come on, tell me all about it.

Ah, love will strike.

So, let's put you
on the way to seventh heaven.

It's me
that will hold you up.

Oh no!

It's time!

It's time!
- Yes, time to pay.

No. It's Lestrange who connected it?
- Yes.

Now, kiss me again.

I'm mad,
but it's so good.

I've never done more
than give kisses for charity.

It's her that will depart.

It's her, I'm sure.

The other one will go to her
and blam, love strikes.

In each other's arms for eternity.


What have I done?
Am I mad? I've killed her.


Ah, there is justice. Brigitte...

Aren't you angry?


it's better like this.

So, what should I do?

The usual.

In... In my grave?


Let's bag you up, my fine fellow.

Oh! What a scatterbrain.

In closing this eulogy
to our saint Brigitte,

may I be permitted
to associate the memory

of her faithful
and irreplaceable collaborator,

Guillaume Lestrange,
struck down by a heart attack

on the eve of a celebration

that he would so much
have enjoyed.

It's not there.
I knew it wasn't there.

What's not there?

The soul!

What was that? Manoeuvres?
- No, thunder.

It's going to be a downpour.
- Yes, it's not bad.

A brand new statue.

I thank the mayor
and all of you.

I accepted this statue

as I didn't want to go against
the council,

but it feels strange to me.
We don't raise statues to the living.

I am not a saint,
as the mayor called me.

I only serve as intermediary
between the rich and the poor.

The most difficult thing
is not tog Ive,

but to give often.

It didn't take long.

As the Gospel says,
it is easier for a camel

to pass through the eye
of a needle

than for the rich
to enter the kingdom of heaven.

One needs to give them a little help.

You will have to buy me a new hat.
- Yes, yes okay.

Yes, help them.

And that can lead to painful things,
very painful.

My only merit is perhaps
to have done them sometimes.

Was it humility?

Was it pride?

God alone can answer.

She wouldn't have hurt a fly.

God is unjust.
Those who are the best are taken.

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