Seduction of Eros (1972) - full transcript

Tane, a female clerk of a rubber company in a corner of an industrial area facing Tokyo Bay is a quirky woman, also living on the second floor of the company warehouse.


Screenplay: Shozo Matsuda
Planning: Kei Ijichi

Lighting: Masahiro Takashima, Recording: Saburo Takahashi
Art Direction: Natsuo Kawafune, Cinematography: Yoshihiro Yamazaki

Assistant Director: Kazuhiko Hasegawa
Music: J. S. Bach, Editing: I. Okayasu


Maki Kawamura
Rie Nakagawa

Kentaro Fukuchi
Jun Tenbo

Seiji Himuro
Hiroshi Cho

Takeo Chii
Hosei Komatsu

Directed by:
Toshiya Fujita


What happened?
Are you okay?

I got dazzled.

Huh, by what?



- What's wrong?
- Nothing.


- Here, please take it.
- Yes.

Good job.


That one.


Ah, this is from the President.

Excuse me.





Hey, Ken, you are big, but
you are still a kid.

Why is that?

You have no hair here at all.
You have thin hair down there too?

No way, it’s thick down there.
That’s why it’s thin over here.

- Do you want to see it?
- No need, thanks!

Thank you!

Miyoshi Rubber Inc.

- Good job!
- Thanks!

Kentaro, don’t be lazy!

I am not!

Damn it!

Stop with that!


How are you, Ken?

- How annoying.
- Ah, take care of this.

- Ah, take care of this also.
- Not my business!

I need to go to school now!

I want to be a kid again!

Mr. Kikuchi, I don’t think two
workers can handle the work.

You are right, the President said he will
bring one more worker, but...

I wish we had two good workers, but one
worker’s productivity is only half!

Hey, are you talking about me?
Shut up!

- He seems upset.
- Kids are difficult to deal with.

Okay, I am leaving!

What are you looking at?


- What are you doing?
- Sorry.

- What are you trying to do?
- I am serious.

- So, what are you trying to do?
- I want to marry you.

I already told my mother about it.

Do you know what kind
of woman I am?

I do...

Okay, if so, I will think about it.

But, please, leave now.
You have to visit the headquarters, don’t you?

The President?

Miyoshi Rubber Inc.
Warehouse 1

Hey, it's me!

Hey, I got splashed by a car
on the way.

I am wet.

Do you want to take a bath?

Do you think I can take a
bath in that small tub?

- Just give me the towel.
- Yes.

By the way, does Kentaro attend
night school every day?


Yes, he left on time today.

Maybe it wasn’t him?

What’s up with Kentaro?

No, it doesn’t matter.

- By the way, it’s well done.
- Huh?

I am thinking about quitting my job
and getting married.

- Do you have a man to marry?
- Not really.

- How about Kikuchi, then?
- Huh?

The warehouse manager.

Is it fine if I marry Kikuchi?

Yes, he is one of my loyal underlings.

Do you usually give to your underling women
who you are no longer interested in?

It’s not that, I'd do it for him.

He is not an attractive guy.

He might even be a virgin.

Don't do that!

That's right.

- Here.
- Thank you.

- You’re not skipping school, are you?
- Why?

You got busted.

Huh, by the President?

The President?

Did he say anything?

I know nothing about that.

But you are not supposed
to skip school.


- Hi.
- Okay.

Hey, Tane-chan, have you been
thinking about it?

- About what?
- The marriage.

It's fine.

I mean, okay.


I am happy!

You know, Tane-chan,
this here...

was given by my mother, telling
me to give it to my future wife.

I think it is my grandmother’s

In other words, it is a valuable treasure
of the Kikuchi Family.

Will you accept it?

A diamond, right?

It must be fake though.

But it looks real.

It is perfect!

I am Shoji.

I will start working here now.

Ah, the President sent you from
the headquarters, didn’t he?

- Yes, nice to meet you.
- I see.

Finally, you have arrived.

We have been understaffed for a while.
Welcome, welcome.

This is the order slip.
The product name is written here.

We can process it by the numbers. This is the length.
This is the unit price and the total price.

Money matters are not
our business though.

And, then...

Ah, here it is!

This one.
Bring all of these down.

They are heavy.

Bring them down using all of your strength.
Just throw it.

That's right!

They don’t break anyway.

Keep it up!


What is it?

I think the sooner, the better

My mother told me to hurry, and I have
to think about my age too.

She just keeps pressing me.


- What is it now?
- It’s about the marriage, are you listening?

Stop pressing me.
I have things to settle first.

Do you know the meaning of the
numbers? J, I, S.

Nippon Kogyo Kikaku.
It stands for "Japanese Industrial Standards".

Wait, your pronunciation is good.
Say it one more time.

That's enough.

Hey, Shoji, you are smart.

Hey, Tane, he is incredible.
He speaks English fluently.

Ah, I am hungry.
Manager, let’s eat!

Wait, you should finish the job first.

Is it getting easier?


There are only warehouses here.
There is no house or shop.

Tane even uses her bicycle to
visit the public bath.

I am amazed by the fact that she
lives in this neighborhood alone.

Hey, what do you think?


- That guy...
- That guy who?

I mean Shoji.



Thank you!

"It seems good to had to..."

Shoji, teach me this part.

Your English is good, isn’t it?
This part.

I don't know.

It can't be, at least take a look!

My English is not good.

What did you do before this?

- Your job.
- Hey!


It's time!

Ken, this is for Warehouse 2.

Huh? It’s been a while.


Ken, the key!
Don’t forget to bring the key.

You can see another warehouse
at the end of this road.

It has those stocks that we
rarely receive orders for.

Every time we receive an order,
nobody happens to be there.

That’s why they have to
go there with the key.

- Really?
- Yes.

Ah, it's the President.


- Take this.
- Yes!

Hey, we need to talk.


It’s okay, I just dropped by
for some business nearby.

- Have a sit.
- Yes.

How is it?
I guess you are doing okay.

Not really.

Actually, Shoji...

I want you to learn about product types,
and transfer to the sales team.

- You mean me?
- Yes.

I will bring a new worker here.

The sales team offers better income
and career for your future.

It’s not that complicated.

It's just receiving orders and bringing the inventory.
It’s very easy, anyone can do it.

Of course, when you join the sales team,
you become an official employee.

You need to bring me a copy of
your family register.

If you get lucky, you can
even receive commissions.


Huh, what is it?

Ah, President.

- Hey!
- Huh?

Don't look!

I prefer working here.


I like the warehouse job.

But you have no future in
the warehouse job.

This place is not for salesmen.

But I might not be a
salesman type either.

- This job fits me.
- That’s ridiculous!

I can tell a good worker when I see one.
You are too humble.

Anyway, please let me stay.

I don’t understand.
What’s going on?

I am not interested in transferring
to the sales team.

If this is not possible,
you can fire me.

This is not as easy as I thought.

Okay, I got it.

Hey, you are such a weirdo.

I feel like only weirdos gather
at this warehouse.

Here we go.

- Ah, it was close, show me the stock.
- No, I can’t.

- It’s closed already, we’ll do it tomorrow.
- Hey, please.

- I know you have a lot of them.
- I can’t.

I can’t give you. This product is not in
this warehouse, it’s in Warehouse 2.

Let Ken bring it here, then.

Ken, hey!
Where is Ken?

He already left early for school.

Hey, hey.

Are you serious?

Nobody will punish you for working
20-30 minutes longer!

I am trying to give you more money.

I know it.

I can go.


But I don’t know the place.

I know the place, I know it very well.
Don’t worry.

Sorry, please take care of it, then.

I have to deliver the slips
to the headquarters.

I am going to bring the key.

Hey, hop in.

You can bring the key home
and return it tomorrow.

You can take the train at the nearby
station after delivering the stock.

Understood, I can give you a ride.


- How is it?
- Thanks.

Kikuchi is always too stubborn.

A woman named Tane lives
there, right?

- Yes.
- What a strange woman.

- She lives in it, doesn’t she?
- I guess.

Isn’t she scared to live there alone?

In the nighttime, there is no
human being in this area.

Same thing on Sundays.
It is like a ghost town.

What if she got robbed?

There are no valuables in
that warehouse though.

If the robber found out
she was alone,

he might change his target.

Right? Hey!

Miyoshi Rubber Inc.
Warehouse 2

- Thank you for your work!
- Yes.

I can hop on the back.

I see!

Oh my.

Can I come in?

Yes, please do.

You are drunk, aren’t you?
Did something happen?

- What happened?
- Nothing.

Would you like some tea?
I will bring it.


I will bring it shortly.
Go to the room upstairs.

- A room?
- Second floor, please go ahead.

Please, go ahead.

It’s very steep, isn’t it?
Be caref...


- Because it's dirty.
- Huh?

Let’s do it when it’s clean.

Will you marry me?

No, I was kidding!

I just pretended to threaten
you, that’s all.

What are you?

Hm... I don’t care what you are!

You pretended that you were not
interested in me, didn’t you?

Aren't you already married?

Ah, this?

Isn't it a diamond?

It's an imitation.


Don't stop!

- Hey!
- I said don’t stop!


Why do you have to stop now?

Hey, you have a man other than me.

Huh? How?

You think I wouldn’t find out?

Has my body changed somehow?

Say it! Who is it?

It's Kikuchi...

- Kikuchi?
- I am not supposed to?

Is it really Kikuchi?

You told me to marry Kikuchi.

I let him do it because I am
going to marry him.

I don’t think he is a virgin.
I cannot trust men.

How was it?
Is he manlier than me?

Nah! Look at his body.
He can’t be.

But he is over 10 years
younger than me.

He is not very strong for his age.

You are much younger than him!

You are complimenting me
too much today.

I am serious.

Okay, marry Kikuchi.

I will support you.

Do you want to take care
of me until the end?

That's right, until the very end.

We don’t have that person here.

He might have a different name.

I think he must be using
a different name.

This person here...

- It’s Shoji.
- Do you call him Shoji?

Yes, we have a Shoji here.

He is out right now.

He will be back shortly,
he went out for bread.

- Bread?
- Yes, for lunch.


- He is taking time.
- He should have arrived by now.

It’s weird, what is he doing?

- I am hungry.
- Is Shoji your acquaintance?

Yes, he is my husband.

Ah, I'm sorry!

I'm sorry.

Are you his wife?

I didn’t know he was married.
He has behaved like a single man.

I think that’s intentional.

It’s been already one year since he
left home without saying anything.

Sudden disappearance, right?

He came to spoil our lunchtime again.
What an annoying bastard.

Why are you angry?
I’ve brought these.

Ken, you were waiting
for these, right?


Ah, I have a bicycle on the
back, unload it.

- A bicycle?
- Yes.

Shoji, right?
I met him on the way.

He asked me to deliver this and
the bicycle to the warehouse.

Maybe he had to leave for something
suddenly. He ran in a hurry.

To where?

To where?
I don’t know.

Excuse me.

Did you leave something behind?

No, I just want to talk while
nobody is here.

- Talk about what?
- How cold.

I am your fiancé.

- What do you want?
- I guess you are not in a good mood.

I am fine, just say it.

I want you to come to my house
and meet my mother.

- That's fine.
- Really?

If so, how about this Sunday?

I want to introduce you to my
mother as soon as possible.

I said it's fine.

Where is the ring?

Wear it when you visit, my
mother wants to see it.

That ring has a real diamond!

I didn’t know my mother had
such a valuable ring.

Apparently, the market price
is over 1 million yen.

But... but you gave it to me, right?

Of course.
You will become my wife.

Just don’t forget to wear it when
you meet my mother.

O... okay.

You are alone and look lonely.

Because I haven’t seen
Shoji since then.

Did you quit boxing?

- How about school?
- I still attend.

- It’s lame though.
- I didn’t know you were such a good boy.

Not really.

I'm sorry.

Come here tonight after school.


The water is dirty.
So, you have to get very close to see it.

When you find it, I will do
anything for you.

I will give you anything you want.

So, can you see it?

Hm, somehow...

A hot bath will be ready
when you come back.

- I will join the bath too!
- I will definitely find it.

What about that blood?

I got scratched by the debris.
That’s all.

I see.

- This is the one, right?
- Yes, that’s...

Tell me the reason first.

The reason?
Someone just gave that ring to me.

You’re lying.
This is an engagement ring, right?

Who is it?
Why was it under the water?

I threw it away.

It’s a real diamond, isn’t it?

It is, but I threw it away.

I don’t understand. Why did you pick
it up again after throwing it away?

Who is it?
Who gave it to you?

It was Shoji.


Are you serious?

It's the truth.

Ah, I am surprised.
With Shoji...

You threw it away when he left
you without saying anything.

And you pick it up again.
That shows your feminine heart...

What is this?
Why are you taking it out on me?

You got dumped by Shoji.

You guys are the same kind of people.
It’s not a big deal.

Wait... wait!

Damn it!

What's wrong?

One more time!

No way!

Come on!

I won’t make that kind of promise!

I am going crazy!

Not my business!

If you don’t listen to me,
I will tell everyone!

Tane is mine!

I am serious!
Let me tell Kikuchi first!


What happened?

You told me to come tonight.

Yes, I did.

- Then?
- I didn’t tell you I would sleep with you.

You are enjoying this, aren’t you?

I failed the other day,
but I will do it right today.

Sleep with me!

How dare you?
You are still a kid.


Ah, no, Ken!
Someone is coming!

You liar!

I am not, it’s the President!

What President?!

Just hide yourself, okay?

Hurry up!

- What happened?
- Huh?

I just wanted to see you
all of a sudden.

Like this!

Kikuchi is very happy.

- Is that so?
- Let’s settle this as soon as possible.

Ah, I am tired.
Prepare the futon for me.


Has anything happened?

Why do you ask?

Are you feeling okay?

What's wrong?

You should not betray good
people like Kikuchi.

Once you get married,
you should not cheat.

Meet me only.

In return, he can work for me
until his retirement.

- Now, come.
- No.

- I can't.
- Come on, Tane.



By the way, that guy…
What was his name again?

Right, Shoji.
Has he contacted you since then?


I thought he was a weirdo
from the beginning.

I have to be careful when
I hire workers.

Come here.

- No... I can’t.
- Come here, Tane!

What is this?!

It's as you can see.


What is going on?

Why are you here this late
at night, President?

You idiot!

I am the President! I can be anywhere anytime!
I don’t need your approval!

You are fired!
I don’t need a kid like you!

- Why am I a kid?
- Because you are!

No need, I'm quitting.

Do you think I would ever take
that shitty warehouse seriously?

Are you done talking?

A sugar daddy?
That’s disgusting!

Shut up and get out!


Wha... what?!

It hurts!

Listen, I am going to say bye
to the others and get out.

Watch closely!

Don't do it!
Stop this!


Tane, are you alright?

Did you get hurt?


Actually, Tane-chan...

you know...

it's a fake, after all.

What's with you?
Get this car moving.


For you, Tane-chan!

Seduction of Eros