Secrets in the Woods (2020) - full transcript

A woman discovers a horrifying secret about her boyfriend's father during a romantic getaway in the woods.


Please, please, don't kill me!

Ah! Touch that,
and I'll kill you.

Oh, please! I was up all night
watching murder shows.

Well, it's not my fault
that they start loading

the next episode
before the last one finishes.

- I have yours right here.
- Ooh, thank you.

- You're the best. Oh, cheers.
- Cheers.

Seriously, who's gonna make me
this delicious pour-over coffee

when you're gone?

Well, I guess you'll just have
to resort to the Keurig.

- Too much work.
- Oh, poor thing.

Oh, yikes,
that's what you're bringing

on your hot getaway with Brant?

What? It's all the essentials.

I got my first-aid kit,
flashlight, matches.

Birth control, lingerie...

I am not bringing lingerie

to a cabin
in the middle of nowhere.

I'm not even sure
if there's plumbing.

No plumbing? Well, I mean...

I guess that could be romantic.

No, it could not be romantic.

But I mean,
I guess you know what he likes.

Yeah, I suppose.

W-What? I-I-I'm sorry.

Y-you two have, you know...

- No, not yet.
- What? That's not normal!

- It's only been three months.
- Three months?

Yes! You know how busy I was
with the case.

And then he's been visiting
his dad a bunch of weekends.

Our schedules
just haven't lined up, okay?

And now they are aligned, so...

Okay, well, I-I'm packing you
the hottest, reddest,

laciest thing that I have.

I mean, trust me,
for a guy like Brant,

you're gonna need it.

I mean, especially
since you're so gaga over him.

He's just a great guy, okay?

I mean, he's got good manners,
he's close to his dad...

I'm just looking forward
to seeing where he grew up

this weekend, okay?

Yeah, well, let's hope it's
better than where we grew up.

Well, anywhere is better
than where we grew up.

Just please,
w-will you promise me

you will call
when you get there?

I don't even know
if I'm gonna have cell service.

Everywhere has cell service.

I mean, other than my bathtub,

but everywhere else
has cell service...

Becky, completely off the grid
this weekend.

What if you get eaten by, like,
a wild animal or something?

Well, you know what they say.

The most dangerous animal of all
is man.

- Hi.
- How are you?

- I'm good. How are you?
- Good.

Oh, that smells so good.

Well, in that case,
I made it for you.

I know you didn't,
but I'll take it anyway.

Well, okay.

- Hi, Brant.
- Becky.

You promise to bring my sister
back in one piece?

You know what, I think
your sister's in good hands.

Okay, well, in that case,
you two have fun.

We will do that.
Thank you, Becky.

- Okay. Let me get this to Becky.
- Oh, okay.

- You can take that. And, okay.
- Alrighty.

- All right. Bye!
- Bye!

You be good.
Okay, all right, thank you.


So what was it like
growing up so remote?

Oh, man, as a kid
I would wake up in the dark

and watch the sunrise.

So peaceful, so, so quiet,

it just felt like I had
the whole planet to myself.

I think the closest
I've ever come to that

is from an app I downloaded,

it was trying to help me

But every time I would start
achieving inner peace,

an ad would cut in
trying to sell me

a meal delivery service.

Is that kind of what
you were describing?

- Exactly.
- Right.

Well, listen,
I think this trip to the woods

may be exactly what you need.

You sure you wanna try this?

I know how to handle
a gas-station bathroom.

All right,
'cause the other option's

out in the woods.

Maybe next time.


Anybody here?


What are you doing up there?

Oh, sorry, um...

- I was just...
- Trying to steal from me?

No. No, I-I just need to use
the bathroom.

Restroom's for customers only.

Okay, uh, well...

here's five bucks,
you can keep that

and I can use the toilet,
if it works.

Of course it works.

- It's a toilet.
- Okay, thank you.

- Your sandals.
- Excuse me?

What you bought
with your five dollars.

Oh. No, the, the five dollars
was to use the toilet.

But, um, you can keep that.

How long you're here?

Uh, just the long weekend.

Where are you headed?

I-I don't know, a-a cabin.

- With my boyfriend.
- Hm.

He's a hunter.

Are you okay?

Well, you were right,
the bathroom was not great.

And there was this guy...

Sandals for the lady.

Thank you,
but, uh, you can keep them.

You paid for 'em.

No, I know, um,
maybe you can just give them

to someone who needs them.

Hey, man, she's... It's okay,
she's not from here.

I hear you're a hunter.

- So am I.
- Yes, that's correct.

And isn't hunting fantastic
up here this time of year?

Depends on what
you want to kill, I figure.

Well, thank you for the sandals,
very considerate of you,

and we will absolutely consider
picking them up on the way back.

All right, here we go.


It is really tucked up in here.

Yeah, it's a bit confusing
at first.

These are really old roads.

No one decided
to map it out properly.

But you get the hang of it.

Yeah, no, I'm, I'm sure.
It's just really different

than from where I grew up.

All right,
this is the end of the road.

We walk from here.


Hey, we, uh, we better hurry up.
It's gonna get dark soon.

Okay, uh, yeah, just one second.


Hey, you sure you don't need
any help with your bag?

Oh, yeah, no, it's okay.

Um, I just like to be prepared.

Ready. Okay.

Where's the trail?

No trail.

Oh, okay. Cool.

Are you comin'?

Uh, yeah.

Yeah. Right behind you.

- Hangin' in there?
- Yeah.

No, I'm good,
I j-just didn't realize

it was this far off the road.

- Ah, but it's worth it.
- Yeah.

What was that?

Ah, it's probably just a marmot.

- A what?
- It's like a squirrel.

- But it's bigger.
- Oh, okay.

I guess
I'm just not used

to this whole wilderness thing.

Yeah, those guys,
you gotta watch out for, though.

If they smell
one tiny crumb in your bag,

they'll come get it.

Good to know.

- We're almost there.
- Oh, yeah?

How can you tell?

There it is.


Oh, huh.

Home sweet home.

I can't believe
you grew up here.

Yeah, outhouse
is in the back right there.

- Outhouse?
- My dad doesn't...

He doesn't really believe
in toilets.

Oh. Okay.

- No, I'm kidding.
- Oh. This is mean!

Oh, there really is
an outhouse, though.

Did you really not think
we had a toilet?

Well, I'm sorry.
How was I supposed to know?

- Uh, let me call Becky and...
- Ooh, yeah, about that...

- No service?
- That we don't have.

No phone, no TV, no Internet.

Well, I guess
Becky's on her own this weekend.

Let's go.

Hey, it's me,
so I'm really sorry

to be bothering you so quickly
on your hot weekend,

but it's kind of an emergency.

Okay, I dropped my tablet
in the bathtub

and so I had to get a new one,
and now I have to re-login

to everything, and I don't know
our Wi-Fi password.

Which letter is capitalized,

So, c-could you just text me
or-or call me or, I don't know,

like, maybe come home
because I mean...

How much fun can you really
be having out there?

I mean, seriously, come on.

Okay, I'm just kidding,
but really, can you, can you

just text me or call me?
All right, love you.

Have fun. Bye!


- I will turn on the heat.
- Okay.

- This is nice.
- Thanks.

My mom wanted all the amenities,

so she was always asking my dad
to do renovations.

Oh, is this your mom?

She's beautiful.

Yeah. Yeah, she was.

- Where's your dad?
- He's workin'.

Building a house
couple of hours north.

Oh, it's a shame
I won't get to meet him.

- You want to meet my dad?
- Yeah, of course.

What is that?

That is a marmalope.

It's like a jackalope,
but a marmot.

It's kind of a joke
between me and my dad.

It's actually the first animal
I ever killed.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

I'm sure you're very tired,
so I will make dinner

and start a fire for you.


So do you think you could ever
retire in a place like this?

Like, in the middle of nowhere?



I mean,
it is really peaceful out here

and the stars are incredible.

Yeah, they are.

I might want a road
leading up to my house, though.

Why don't I get us
another bottle of wine?


- Okay.
- You mind holding this for me?





there's someone in the woods.

- I-I don't see anybody.
- No, no, no, I swear.

Someone was in the woods
right there.

Okay, okay. All right.


Nobody's there.

- Calm yourself.
- I know I swear I saw someone.

It's okay. You look beautiful
when you're terrified.

Hey, come on,
why don't we go inside?


Are you okay?

Yeah. Yeah.

I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to wake you.

No. Ahem. Come here.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I can't right now.

- I'm sorry.
- No, don't worry about it.

Your eyes and your ears
can play tricks on you up here.



Good morning.

I made coffee.

Oh. Wow.

Thank you. I could've,
I could've done that.

Oh. It's okay. I'm really
particular about my coffee.

I, I can't believe
you're up before me.

Yeah, I couldn't really sleep
much last night, so...

It takes
a little getting used to, huh?


I'm really sorry
about last night.

I mean, we finally have
a moment, and I can't

because I'm too spooked and I...

Oh, no, no, no, no,
don't do that.

There's no, no need
to apologize.

Well, we are here
to have a good time

and to let things
evolve naturally.

Works for me.

Besides, we gotta go get dinner.

It's 6:00 in the morning.

You know, you don't gotta
bring that stuff with you

everywhere we go.

I know, I just always wanna
prepare for worst-case scenario.

I mean, growing up,
if something bad could happen,

it usual would.

Ah, yeah, my dad and I
used to go on overnight

with just a canteen
and a book of matches, so...

- Really?
- Yeah.

Well, what would you eat?

Oh, man, there's food
everywhere out here

if you know where to look.

- Look. Blackberries.
- Really?


Mm. Delicious.

And if you get anything
stuck in your teeth,

you can just simply use
a juniper twig.

Wait, for what?

Oh, just a little brush, brush,
just stick in.

- Brush, brush, brush.
- Are you serious?

Mm-hmm. Try it.

You're messing with me.
You're messing with me!

Okay. Hope you get a splinter
in your mouth.

Hey, check this out.

That is the oak tree
that my dad and I cut down

to build the front porch
on the cabin.

- Really?
- Yeah.

You know, I still can't believe

you guys built that yourselves.

Yeah. You know,
i-it's a great feeling.

It becomes so much more than
just a roof over your head,

it becomes a real home

when you've put a little work
into it.


You know you're really
very lucky

to be so close to your dad.

Yeah. Oh, yeah, I, I am.

Come this way,
I wanna show you something.

- Did you get it?
- Yup. It's a big one.

Let me guess, you've been
putting worms on hooks

since you were a toddler?

Absolutely not,
you only catch with the fly

and only flies that you've tied.

Really? Why is that?

Here's why.

Wait, did you do those yourself?

Yeah, just a little bit of hook,

some string, feathers.

- Some hair.
- Wow.

Anybody can catch fish
on a bait,

catching a fish on a fly, that
is a real art and a science.

These are imitations of insects.

Based on what the trout
are eating, you can catch them

any given place, any given time.

You are pretty crafty.

Well, you got to be
to live up here, right?

What else are you good at?

Wouldn't you like to know?


Oh, wait, wait, wait. Not here.

Let's go to the cabin.

- All right.
- Yeah?


Hold on.

- That's weird.
- What?

Well, my backpack's gone.

I'm sure, sure
it's around here somewhere.

No, no, I left it right here.

I had everything in that bag,
my-my phone, clothes, food.

- Food?
- Well, yeah.

I mean, you're always supposed
to bring food.

Aren't you?

You really think
marmots took it?

If there's food in it,
they found it.

They'll take the whole bag away.

No, this can't be happening.

Hey, we got food
back at the cabin.

Well, all of my clothes
were in that bag.

Hey, you got the clothes
you got on.

- Hey.
- What?

I don't, I don't think
you're gonna find it.

Brant, we have to find my bag.

I once left a candy bar in
a sleeping bag a few years ago,

found it much later on top of
a mountain five miles from here.

Okay, so we just have to go
to the top of every mountain

until we find it, Brant.
I can't just let... Ow! Ooh!

- Hey, are you okay?
- Yeah.

- Ow!
- Where are your shoes?

Well, I took them off
when we were...

I can't find those either. Ow!

I didn't tell you?
Marmots love shoes.

Gosh, that looks like
it hurt pretty bad, huh?

Hey, why don't we get you back
to the cabin, get ya patched up?

No, I'm not going anywhere
without my backpack.

You're cold, you're dirty
and now you're hurt.

Let's go to the cabin
and get you warmed up

and take care of that, okay?


Now I'm wishing I had taken
those stupid sandals.

How does it look?

You know, the cut is not as deep
as it appears.


Now I just really, really need
to find my bag.

Can you let the bag go?

I don't, I don't think
you're gonna find it.

- Ah!
- Sorry.

Mm, it's okay.

- Can you walk on it?
- Oh, it's, a little tender.

I can't believe this.
I am always so prepared.

And now I'm stuck
in the middle of nowhere

with absolutely nothing.

You got me.

Yeah, that is true,
I do have you.

You're gonna be back
on your feet in no time.

- No, I know, it's just...
- What?

Okay, would you hate me
if I wanted to get out of here

a little earlier?

But we're leaving
the day after tomorrow.

Besides, you and I,

we have a little
unfinished business, don't we?


But maybe we could just go down
to the gas station

and get those sandals?

You wanna go see the weirdo?

Well, no, not ideally,

but I would love sandals.

I mean, we could just go
in the afternoon

and then come back
before nightfall?

- Oh, no.
- What?

I was gonna stop by the truck
after I was done fishing.


So I put the keys
in your backpack.

Hey, hey, wait a minute,
come on now.

- Slow down.
- No, we have to get those keys.

And you just have to breathe.

Breathing is not gonna
get those keys back!

Neither is making
your foot injury any worse.

Give me your phone.

I told you
there's no service up here.

Are we stuck here now?

No, we're not stuck anywhere.

If it makes you feel any better,
we can go back tomorrow,

look for your keys,
and if we can't find them,

we will figure out another way
to get down the mountain.

- And in the meantime?
- In the meantime, we're golden.

Come on, we got everything
we need up here.

I was raised here, it's fine.

All right,
there are three things we need

to survive in the wilderness.

Food, water, shelter.

Okay. Well, we have shelter.

Yup, and we've got enough food
to last us a week,

plus, all the trout we can eat.

What about water?

Water, food, shelter.
We're good.

Okay, well, I'm still gonna need
a new set of clothes.

All right,
I'll find you something.

And then after that
we start walking?

Walking should be
our last resort.

- Last resort?
- Once you start walking...

Then we're cut off from food,

from shelter,
from access to water.

I mean, at that point,
everything we need to survive,

we don't have anymore.

I don't understand,
we can't just wait here.

That brings me to the final rule
of search and rescue.

If you want help,
you gotta stay put.

They can't help you
if they can't find you.

How are they gonna know
to come find us?

Well, there's Becky,
uh, there's your work.

I mean, they're bound
to start searching for you.

Becky has no idea where we are.

And my work is gonna expect me
to take a vacation

after the last case.

Right, uh, my dad.

My dad
is eventually gonna return.

This is so frustrating!

How are you so calm right now?

Oh, I can be calm because
if the worst-case scenario

is that I get stuck in a cabin
with you for a few weeks,

I'm doing pretty well.

Okay, but actually,
there is a worse scenario.

What is that?

What if
marmots didn't take my bag?

What are you,
what are you talking about?

Well, my shoes are gone, too,
and I could've sworn

I saw something in the woods
last night.

I mean,
what if someone is out there?

What if they took my backpack
and they're messing with us?

Oh, man, this, this is
my backyard since I was a boy.

If-if there was somebody
out there, I would know.

I would.

Okay, fine.

But can you just promise me
one thing?

If things get weird,
we don't stick around?

Fair enough, fair enough.

Uh, but we, we do
better remember the one thing

my dad taught me about camping.

"It's not an adventure
unless something goes wrong."

I've got some good news.

- And I've got some bad news.
- Okay.

I went back to the lake
and there is no sign of the keys

or the backpack.

Is the good news
that you called an Uber?

The next best thing.

My dad hung on
to some of my mom's things.

Oh. Isn't that a little weird
if I wear your mom's clothes?

Nah. Not really.

I've also got these.

Not exactly hiking boots, but
I think they'll do the trick.

No, that's amazing, thank you.


Oh. Perfect fit.

- I feel like Cinderella.
- Yeah?

Well, Cinderella,
if you were up for a hike today,

there's something
I'd really like to show you.

It's my favorite spot
from when I was a kid.

I'd be honored.

- You all right?
- Yeah, no.

I'm doin' okay. Thank you.

- Easy, easy.
- Wow, what is this place?

I've been coming here for years.


And this is quite a play area.

Oh, man,
I always loved it up here.

Yeah, and, um,

what kind of things did you do
as a kid here?


Oh! Wow!

W-Where'd you learn
how to do that?

- Wait, let me guess. Your dad?
- Yes.

And misspent days of my youth
hunting marmots and the like.


You look really great
in that dress, by the way.

Thank you. It's really,
it's a pretty dress.

- You want to try it?
- Oh, yeah. Yeah.

I figure if we're gonna hunt
anything bigger than trout,

we better get
some practicin', huh?


All right, so, um...

- Just like, uh...
- Yup, just chuck it.




Wow, you're,
you're very good at that.


Why didn't you tell me that you,

you've done this before?

No, I've-I've never
done that before,

I-I promise, I just, um...

I used to play softball, yeah.

I started doing it just because
I was looking for an excuse

not to go home after school.

But then I ended up
getting kinda good at it.

Yeah, I'd say.
That's quite an arm.

Thank you. Yeah, I miss it.

I don't really have much time
for the extracurriculars

these days.

- Oh, we'll play.
- I'd like that.

You know,
you're a natural fit out here.

It's growin' on me.

- I got one last test for you.
- What?

Can you cook trout?

is that actually a challenge

or you're just trying to get me
to cook you dinner?

- Both.
- All right, fair.

But I should warn you,
Becky is now a pescatarian,

so I've been cooking
a lot of fish these days.

- Perfect.
- All right.


Honestly, some of the best fish
I've ever had.

But not the best?

My mother, she was a master
at cooking fish.

Okay, then,
I guess I'll just have

to kick it up a notch next time.

Ooh. Maybe a mushroom sauce?

That would be a terrible idea
because those are poisonous.

Okay, noted.

- Don't wanna do that.
- Yup.

So, um, what did your mom do
to make the fish so special?

she would grill them whole,

she stuffed them with herbs

and the flesh
was always perfectly moist,

with this crispy skin,
it was delicious.

Each fish was like
a piece of art to her.

- Wow. That sounds really good.
- Mm.

Oh, and it was.

She was more than
just a great cook.

She was tough as nails.

Oh, but she,
she belonged out here.

You know, I once saw her
scare off a mountain lion.

- What?
- Oh, yeah.

Ran into one on a hiking trail.

I-I froze, she stepped
right in front of me,

and she, she put her arms up big
and she just did this,

this roar,
this, this wild animal roar...

Then the mountain lion
roared back

and then she roared back
even louder, and off he went.

I am so jealous of your family.

No, I mean,
I always had Becky, yeah,

but I've never had like
a family unit like you did.

Then you need to create
your own.


You know,
I like this side of you.

What side is that?

Well, the Brant I met online

was so, like, tough
and mysterious.

But this is like
a softer side of you.

So that's,
that's a good thing, huh?

I think
it's a really good thing.

I'm gonna go inside
and get ready for bed.

- Here, I'll take your plate.
- Thank you.

I'm just gonna put this fire out
and I'll be right behind you.


- Don't take too long.
- I won't.

Oh. Oh.

Come on.


Here we go.





Where'd you go?




Hey. Hey, hey, hey, lie down.

Lie down.
You took a nasty fall.

- Brant...
- It's okay, you just need rest.

Wait, what happened?

You took off running into
the woods, and we found you.

- No. No.
- Just rest.

What's important now
is getting you healthy.

No, no, no. I saw the person
in the woods again.

- I saw them.
- Listen...

It's a nasty bump.

Hey, but you're a tough girl,

No, no, no.
We need to get out of here.

I don't care
how far we have to walk.

- We have to go now.
- Look, I'm sorry, we can't go.

You'll be well taken care of

Sandra, I want you to meet
my father, Langley.

You're right.

She is beautiful, son.

Reminds me of your mother.

You looked gorgeous
in her dress.

That thing ain't bad, either.

Wait, the person in the woods
was your dad?

I'm glad you like her.

Yeah, she's definitely better
than the last one.

- Last one?
- You think she can handle it?

- Definitely.
- Handle what?

Let's get her started.

Started? What, what is he
talking about? Brant?

It takes a special kind of woman
to survive out here.

My son has been searching
far and wide

to find me just the right one.

What is he talking about, Brant?

You speak directly to me.

I'm the man of this house.

I don't want you running away
again, you understand?

One of them did,
and she tried climbing a tree,

ended up falling out,
snapped her neck.

The last one now,
she just wouldn't stop running.

so I had to kill her myself.

And then there was a lady who
just wouldn't stop screaming.

So I put her out of her misery
after about two hours.

Brant's mom treated me
real good...

and I treated her even better.

May God rest her soul.

She's gone now...

and this house needs a woman.

But it is up to you
if you're willing to learn.

Now let me tell you
how this is gonna work.

Every morning
we wake up at dawn.

We don't have clocks,
we don't need clocks.

Our lives rotate around the sun.

We get the food,
you prepare the meals.

We take all meals together,
at the table,

like civilized people.

Our responsibility is
to maintain and fix the cabin,

you're responsible
to keep it clean

and make it feel like home.

And you remember,
this is your home, too.

So take pride in it.

And most important,

you keep the latrines cleaned.

We will not live like animals.

And if you run,
I will hunt you down.


Can I have a knife?

Don't get any ideas.

If something happens to us,
you're stuck out here...

all alone.

Hey, come on, you need to eat.

You'll need the energy.

I lost my appetite.

Then off to bed you go.

And once you're more rested,
you can join me in my bed.

Join you?


Goodnight, sweetheart.

Yeah, well,
who am I supposed to talk to?

No, my sister is gone!

I don't know!

A cabin.

No, I don't know
what city she's in.

County? Really?

Who tells someone what county

they're going to?

Look, I don't know!

Look, you're not helping!


What do you think, son?
Is she doing a good job?

Oh, yeah,
I-I think she's doing great.

Thank, thank you.


You keep this up,
you'll be out of those shackles

in a couple of weeks.

She makes great coffee, too.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

Maybe we'll have to try some

- Where'd you find this one?
- The Internet.

You believe I've never been
on the Internet?

Yeah, I never really
saw the point.

Yeah, until now.

So h-h-how does it work?
Uh, uh...

Ladies just write on the
computer that they're lonely?

Hm, kind of,
there's a lots of dating sites,

they've got a lot of profiles,
helps me sort through

the candidates real easily.

- Mm-hmm.
- Sandra had a great profile.

Young enough to make it
in the outdoors,

old enough to appreciate it,

uh, not much family, no kids.

- Fewer people looking for her.
- Exactly.

Attractive, of course.

- But not afraid of hard work.
- Mm.

Most importantly,
unfulfilled and lonely.

Tired of the rat race,
ready to settle down.

Good God Almighty. You can get
all that on the computer?

Kind of, yeah, I mean, you got
to meet up a couple of times,

and do a few coffee dates,
but, essentially, yes.

You did good, son.

You did real good.

We gotta go get us some dinner

for my new sweetheart
to prepare.

You clean up, and after
you're done, just for today...

why don't you lay down
for a bit?

Let that, uh,
head heal up some more.

Did you forget something?


Thank you.


Come on, son.

You're right, son,
you hadn't run like that

since you were probably 17.

We'll have
another fine dinner tonight.

Ah, dude, you brought me
some good luck, son.

I ain't caught anything
like that in years.

Oh, God, I used to love going
down there with your mama.

They ain't ran like that since.

Hey, guess what we got
for dinner?

Fish. You'll cook this up nice
for us.

All right, son.

It's time for the men
to go start a fire,

and let this little lady
prepare our supper.

Ew. Gross.



Someone in there?

Wanted to get some directions,

Maybe use the bathroom.


What is that?

Ah! Oh...

Oh, God.


You are Becky.
You are young and vibrant.

You reached your goal weight
sophomore year of high school,

and you maintained it since.

And now you need to do anything
to find your sister.

Dad, we can't just
keep doing this forever.

She's not gonna wanna stay.

It's not the same as it was.

You remember what it was like
out here when you were young?

Just the three of us
against the world.

Yeah. That was special.

Yeah, it was.

We're gonna have that
again, son.

I think this one's it.

I don't know, dad.
She seems pretty miserable.

Yeah. She's gonna come around.

- How?
- Mm...

It's like I told you.

You gotta break her...

like a wild mare.

That's why I took her things.
You strip her bare.

You make her fully dependent
on us to survive.

You watch.

One morning
she's gonna come out here,

and all that fight,
it'll just be gone.

Then she'll start to love it
out here.

That doesn't seems
to be working, dad.

She's number four.

Hm. It takes time.

Trust me.

It worked on your mother.

Man, you know
how much she loved me.

Then why'd you kill her?

Watch it.

She started talking all that
nonsense about wanting to leave,

and she wouldn't stop.

What other choice did I have?

And who put that idea
in her head?


Hey. And now you owe me.

Well, I hope it works out
for you, dad,

'cause I don't ever wanna
do this again.

We got a deal, boy.

You replace what you took
from me, and you get to live.

You just remember.

You can never get
another father.

But I can always make
another son.

In fact...

I think I'm gonna start working
on that tomorrow.


Get some rest, sweetheart.

You got a big day tomorrow.

Hey, dad's gone for a bit.
Let's get you some fresh air.

- Really?
- Really.

Or don't, stay inside.
It's your choice.

Come on now.

Uh-uh, don't get any ideas.

If you run, I will catch you.

Come on.

Come take a seat.

I hope you know I had no choice.

You kidnapped me.

You were desperate
to escape your life.

I gave you an opportunity.

You found me for your father.

Family comes first.

From what I recall, you were
looking for a tight-knit family.

I didn't want this.

Oh, please,
you're killing yourself at a job

you don't even like just so you
don't have to do it anymore.

You're sick.

Your sister?
She walks all over you.

She doesn't treat you well.
By the way, where is she?

If I were missing, my father
would move heaven and earth

to find me.

I have a suspicion
that she made a few phone calls,

and then moved into
the better, bigger bedroom.

You don't know anything
about us at all.

I practically raised her.

I know that you've been
struggling your entire life,

and my dad is offering
to take care of you.

He's saving you.

Up until he decides to kill me.

Don't give him a reason to.

There you are.

You know,

most girls at least offered sex

in exchange for me
letting them go, but not you,

so I gotta hand it to you.

I'm not gonna sleep with you.

Not that long ago, you were
all dolled up in lingerie

ready to go.

I thought I was meant
for your dad.

We share most things.

Speaking of, uh,
he's gonna be really upset

about the number you did
on the floor back there.

You're not gonna tell him,
are you, Brant?

- You want me to lie, for you?
- Please.

And what's in it for me?

Oh, come on.

Same old Brant.
That hasn't changed.

Still me.


Dad's back.


Look who I found
trying to escape.

It was the truth, he...
Let me go.

He wanted to sleep with me. Ah!

- Is that true, boy?
- No, go look at the floor.

She was trying to dig up
her chain.

I promise.

Oh. Well, that's too bad, huh?

I guess I need to reconsider

before I leave you two alone,

Oh, oh, no. No. Ah.

This is what
you prefer, darlin', so be it.

No, no. No!

No! No!

No! No, no, no,
no, no, no, no!

Wait! Wait, wait, wait! Wait.

You know, I don't
wanna do this, sweetheart,

but it's the only way
you're gonna learn.

So you need to calm down
and think about your actions.

What are you doing?

No. No!

No! No, please! Please!

Please don't do this.
Please don't do this.

Hello? Wait.
Wait, no, no, no!

No, don't leave me here!
Don't leave me here!

No, no. Wait.

Wait! No.

Okay, okay. I'm sorry.

Okay, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I'll be good!


Oh. Please. Please, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'll do anything!

Oh, don't give up
already, sweetheart.

I thought
you were stronger than that.

No. No, no, no. Please.

Please, I'll, I'll do,
I'll do anything you want.

Anything you want.


Mm, yeah, anything you want.
Whatever you want.

What if I want you?

Okay. Okay.

My lady.

Be careful stepping down.

- Yeah.
- There you go.

How about I send Brant away?

Give us some alone time.


Um, but the sun is gonna be
setting soon.

Shouldn't I start
preparing supper?


- You are learning.
- Hm.

You know, Brant told me
that you like the fish

grilled whole
with herbs stuffed inside.

Shall I go gather some
and prepare it that way?

Ain't that be good...

if I trusted you?

Which I don't.

That's, that's fine.

I can just prepare it
the old way.

I just, um...

I wanted to do something special
for you.

All right.

Just don't take too long.

My dad is not to be messed with.

I know.

I hope you do, because he's
sending me away for a few days,

you're gonna be here
alone with him for a while.

I'm looking forward to it.

You are?



Well, looks like it's gonna be
a very clear night.

It's important
that you understand

that I am a victim here
just like you are.

Then why don't you leave?

Don't talk about leaving.

My dad, he's-he's just been
out of sorts since my mom died.

Once things are back to normal,
he-he's gonna get better,

it's gonna be better.

I'm so glad
you're coming around.

Doing great.

Hm. Dad's gonna love it.

- I'm starving.
- Yeah, me, too.


Thank you.


You're not havin' any?

My head is hurting a little bit,
so I'm, I'm okay.

Well, I sure hope

it tastes as good as it looks.

Looks just like mom made it.


Smells delicious.

Are you expectin' a visitor?


- Should we get...
- Shh!

Don't make a sound.

I was hoping
you folks could help me.

I was out here hunting
and I'm a little lost.

I'm gonna get rid of him.

Come on, son.

The man needs our help.

I saw your fire
from up in the hills.

Yeah, we're civilized people.

We help weary travelers
who are in trouble, don't we?

Don't we?

The lady of the house agrees.

Dad, she's got a chain on her.

Is anyone there?

You don't make a move.

Don't you say anything.
Not even hello.

If you do, I'm gonna kill you
and that man.

Do you understand me?


Let's just try to keep
tonight light.

All right, go ahead, son.
Welcome our new visitor.

I'm just
a little turned around, so...

Well, come on in!

Thank you. Yeah, it's gettin'
a little cold out.

Yes, sir, it is. I'm Langley,
that's my son, Brant.

And this is
my beautiful wife, Sandra.

- Uh, I'm Carl.
- Yeah.

We know each other
from the gas station.

Is that right?

I still have your sandals.

Hm, looks like
you're making do without.

Well, come on in, Carl.
You must be starving.

- That fish smells awful good.
- Your gun.

Here you go.

Thank you.

Sweetheart, why don't you
do us the honors?

Say grace.

I don't know how.

Oh, you don't know
how to say grace?

Gosh, what are they teaching
kids in school these days, boy?

I-I never was much for school,

Well, why don't we
thank the Lord tomorrow?

Mm. Oh.

Mm. Mm, mm.

Speaking of kids,
I recently met a young woman.

Mm. Cute little thing
from the city.


Not every day one of those
falls into your lap, right?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

She was out here looking
for her, uh, her sister.

Mm. Mm.

Mm. Oh, she would have
loved this.

Mm. Mm, oh, she said
she was a fish-eater.


Oh, wait, she had
a word for it, uh...


Mm. That's it.

Everything okay, Carl?

Got something in my throat.


It's constricting, isn't it?

Yeah, I don't know
the scientific term

for those mushrooms.

Yeah, we just call them
death caps.

And they usually take, you know,
a couple of hours to set in,

but based on your reaction,
I suppose you're just weak.


Dad, dad, I,
dad, I ate some, too.

- Water.
- Mm-hmm.

I saw, and I thought
I taught you better than that.

Where's Becky?

- Who the hell's Becky?
- She's her sister.

Dad, what am I supposed to do?

You take it like a man!
That's what you do.

It's what you get
for lettin' her out.

Oh, God, you on the other hand,

I think you might only have
a couple of hours left.

Yeah. You don't look too good.

You wanna spend your last
couple of hours in here with us

or outside

and the coyotes can eat you?

You have to tell me
where my sister is.

Well, sweetheart,
she's probably dead.

Look at him,
I mean, he seems a bit off.

Where is she?

What are you two
whisperin' about?

- Go!
- Oh!

Ow! Go! Go!

Ah, you!

You come
into my house!

I ain't
done with you yet.

Get back here!

Becky, where are you?

- Sandra!
- Oh! Oh, my God! Becky!

Oh, my gosh.
Wait, you're in chains!

Oh, my God.

Becky, you have to go.
You have to get out of here.

- You have to run!
- What? No.

- I'm not leaving without you.
- Becky!

You have no idea
what he'll do to you.

Don't you take another step!

You move and I'll kill you
right there.


No. No!

- Sit down. Sit down!
- Here?

Get off her! Get off her!

Shut up.

No. No.

I know that this night
didn't end up

being like we had planned,

That's too bad.

Oh, jeez...

Give me a rope, boy.

Shut her up!

Come on, son.
It's getting cold out here.

Coyotes will be out soon.

- Night, night, ladies.
- No, Brant, Brant.


Don't, Brant!

Come on, boy!

Well, thank goodness
my boy is too tough

for your little mushroom trick.

Now, last night I had to make
some tough decisions

while your little hero boy Carl
bled out next to me.

And I didn't want to be brash,
so I slept on it.

And I believe
I came to a fair conclusion.

You understand
I got to kill you, right?


But, uh, when God closes a door,

he opens a window.


Hey, dad, why can't we just
train 'em both?

No, son.

No, we'll never be able
to trust them. Uh-uh.

Yeah, then they'll fill each
other's heads full of nonsense.

Uh, I don't think so, son.

Hey, I'll take care of her,
son, you wait here.

No, no, no.
You had to take care of mom.

It's-it's my turn.
I owe it to you.

Okay. You can do it.

That's-that's not necessary.

If I'm gonna do it,
I'm gonna do it right.


Goodbye, sweetheart.

No! No!


You tried to poison me, huh?

You know, marmots could have
never taken your backpack.

Hey, I'm talking to you!

I really wish this
could've worked differently.

You're my favorite.

You can't blame me.
You know why? Hm?

You remind me of my mother.


We wake up
every morning at dawn.

We don't have clocks,
we don't need clocks.

Our lives
revolve around the sun.

I get the food,
you prepare all meals

and we take all meals together
at the table,

like civilized people.

Give me that!


No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no. No.


Where's my boy?

Ah. I reckon you killed him.

Hey, come on, sweetheart.

- It's done.
- Wait. Wait, wait, wait.

Trust me.

- You want this to be quick.
- No, no, no, no.

I-I'll do whatever you want.
I-I mean that this time, I will.

- I will. I will.
- Oh.

You can take me.

- I moved on.
- No, no, no, no, wait!

- What was her name?
- Whose name?

Your wife.
Your wife, what was her name?

That's what you wanna know, huh?

- The name of a dead woman?
- Yes.

I just wanna know her name.

- Elizabeth.
- Elizabeth?

- Yeah.
- Oh. Elizabeth...

- Elizabeth is gone.
- No. Ah!

Goodbye, sweetheart.

How'd you slip out
of those knots?

Well, remember when
we lived at the Jones'

and he would tie us up when
they would go to the movies?

- Oh, God.
- Yeah, that and yoga.

- Becky, wait.
- What? What's wrong?

That's exactly
where I left Brant.


Where are you guys going, huh?

Oh, man, dad's gonna be mad.

No, he won't.
I killed your dad.

Becky, come on! Come on, run!

- No! No!
- Becky, come on!

No! No! Ah!

- Becky!
- Ow! Oh!

What? Ah!

How do we get out of here?

Just right through there.

Are you sure?


I think we're lost.

We can't be lost.

We managed to get out
of that hell

and now we're going
to die out here.

We're not gonna die out here.

Becky, we have no food,

no water and no shelter

and no one's gonna come find us
because no one knows

we're out here.

I managed to find you.

It's true. Thank you.

I can't imagine being stuck out
here with a better sister.

You're the best
big sister ever.

- Family comes first, right?
- Yeah.

Just don't ever say it
like that again.

Yeah, I know
that was kind of corny.

Little bit.

Okay, one more try.

Oh, well, good luck.

They found us!

- What? You have service?
- Yeah.

Oh, well, no, I mean,
no data, but look,

th-th-the GPS, i-it's on.

Becky, you're a genius!

And you were right, if we just
keep going down this way

it will lead us into a road.

Are you sure?

Hell, yeah, I'm sure!

Come on, don't you trust me?

Yeah, I do. Come on.

Can I get
an extra large cup of coffee?

- We just have the one size.
- That's fine.

Me, too.

I can't believe
you're gonna have diner coffee.

Oh, thank you.

Oh, and can we use your phone?
We need to call the police.

There are some crazies
in the woods.


Oh, never mind, phone's working.

Oh. Thank God.

- Hey, do you have pancakes?
- We do.

Can I get the fattest stack
you got?

Thank you.


Ah. I need a shower.

- Hmm.
- Real bad.

I've always told you
you have terrible taste in men.

♪ Well they're torn apart ♪

♪ Staring on the fault lines ♪

♪ Yeah they're torn apart ♪

♪ Staring on the phone line ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Got this feeling now ♪

♪ Empty house crumbled away ♪

♪ Can I be yours
you might be mine ♪♪

♪ Well they're torn apart ♪

♪ Staring on the fault lines ♪

♪ Well they're torn apart ♪

♪ Staring on the fault lines ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪

♪ Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ♪♪