Secretly, Greatly (2013) - full transcript

A group of spies, the 5446 Corps were trained by North Korean special forces since their youth, with a goal of unifying Korea. They are ambitiously dispatched to South Korea, where each disguises himself as a fool, an aspiring singer, and a high school student. Passing boring time without receiving any orders from the North, they gradually get used to life as ordinary neighbors in a small town. Due to the events of the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong, South Korea demands the names, location, and rank of 30 North Korean spies active in South Korea, promising financial aid to the North on the condition that Pyongyang turns in their spies. To prevent the elites from falling into enemy hands, the North Korean government orders dozens of active duty spies to take their own lives. Meanwhile, their North Korean army instructor Kim Tae-won crosses the border to eliminate those who refuse to comply.

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I was born as a wild dog
and raised as a monster.


No military band to cheer my battle.

Guess it's true nobody knows
about our troop's existence.

Five minutes more. And I am going out.

Lieutenant Won.

Yes, 98-0075. Lieutenant Won Ryu-hwan!

Hold! We'll meet again
only in two conditions.

Either as brothers
when we achieve re-unification,

or as enemies

to kill each other.

I'll tell you only one thing.

Stay alive.

Now he tells me to stay alive?

After he tried to kill me
900 times during 9 years.

Stay alive to witness
the glory of the nation.

But if you have to die,

die as a legend.




For the glory of the great fatherland!

Long Live Democratic
People's Republic of Korea!


10 meters in direction

of 7 o'clock, no 8.

I never avoid

as I never learned to kneel down.

Terrain features understanding completed.

It's thrown. Judging from the sound...

It's 150 mm in diameter and 400 grams.

And it's a pebble.


Eat that, you stupid idiot.

Sons of bitch! I'll eat you alive sometime.

Don't mess with us, idiot!

Let me buy you an ice cream!

- Yay! You are the best!
- Let's go!

A revolutionary warrior of the Republic,
sent here as a spy.




lam a top-class agent.

Thought we're gone?

I knew you were still there, you shavelings.

I am a top-class spy...

carrying out the mission of
playing an idiot at shantytown.

You, idiot!

Why the idiot runs so fast?

How the hell can I become the legend?


Dong-gu! You still sleeping?

You need to work harder
as you are less smart.

Jeon Soon-im, 58, my employer.
People call her Market Grannie.

I'm using her for my disguise.

She gave me a room for doing
tedious chores for her store.

Of course,
I get paid for my labour separately.

As much as... 200 dollars a month!

I saved 4,573 dollars so far.

I'll be rich when I return home!

I don't care the size of the mission.

All I care is to complete
it without failure!

Snot mark completed!

How come you fall everyday?
That can't kill you. Fall harder!



This is a key point to apprehend
flow of human traffic in the morning.

Dong-gu, you are so diligent.

Yoon Yoo-ran, 22.
Accounting clerk at a small company.

You're getting prettier everyday.

Idiot! Told you not to peek at my sister!

Will kill you if you come on to her.

Yoon Yoo-joon, 18. High school student.

Younger brother of Yoo-ran.

- Wait for me, sis!
- I'm late.

I'll cut your wrist when the time comes.

Young ones throw this away
only when garbage bag is half full.

Many a mickle makes a muckle. Step on it!

How can you survive being that clumsy?

She keeps 7 installments savings
by saving trash collection fee.

What a dreadful penny pincher.

But she won't notice
I put more beef in my soup!

- Damn stupid granny!
- Hurry!

Why don't you wake up your brother?

2PM. The most idle hour of the day.

I'm not sleeping. Just acting.

Two sausages for Chi-woong


A carton of cigarette, please.

Ran. A girl sneaked in 98 days ago.

Shows reprehensible life style.

Did you hear me?

Calm down! Don't look at it!

Avert your eyes.

That's a mere feeding means to the babies!

I asked for the cigarette.

You can get killed wearing
like that in the Republic, bitch!

Granny isn't here, is she?
Thanks Dong-gu. See you.

Dong-gu, is granny in?

No, she went to bank.

I see.

Any change?

Nothing special.

No change in population and their routines.

I hope the Party didn't forget about me.

How long have you been here?

736 days.

Still counting by days?

It's been 16 years for me.
My memory gets bleak.

In a way, I feel kinda relaxed.

You seem upbeat. Any good news?

Do m

Actually, I got promoted as a keyman.

- Commissioned officer for the Party?
- Hush!

No, as a manager of Sista fan club.

You should try to find
an interest in the South.


Well, what can you do
as an idiot living in a slum?

I don't understand the Party!

You're a top officer!

Comrade! That's a rebellious idea!

You can't measure the missions
for our great nation.

You look nervous today,
Comrade Lieutenant.

I am wondering today's the day?

Incredible. I cannot even imagine myself...

Please take care.

It looks like raining.

You brought us pork?

I told you so.

Can't wait!

- Hurry home!
- Yes!

Things are going smooth.

I'm getting the signal.

I'm sorry for the kids, however,
as they are with a mature woman

who went through bitter side of life,

their shock shall be minimised.

- Oh, it's Dong-gu the idiot!
- What're you doing, Dong-gu?

I...dunno...what to do.

God. Hi. It was urgent.

Good-bye, my love.




It's really weird you caught a cold.

Don't worry 'bout the store
and take some rest.

I can deduct from your wage.


You dirty pervert shitting on the road.

Warned you not to peek at my sister!

From today, don't even look at her shadow!

Got it? You idiot?

Just go when you're done.

Hey, get up now!

I need some time alone.

Did I hit too hard?

Wait for me!

You damn fool.

Cho Doo-seok, 33.

You should hit back!

Market Grannie's son.
Bad tempered like his mom.

Too fast? I bet it is.
You should hit like this.

Look. If you paw the air,
hey, like saying look at me!

Then, you get in and
land an uppercut to him!

Try it!

Right, like that! Good. Continue!

What are you thinking?

Throw the punch!

Stop that. Bother him no more.

He has to clean and do the delivery.

Mom, someone needs to teach him to fight.

He laughs even though he gets hit everyday.


- Mr. Postman!
- You crazy bugger!

Where are you going? We have to deliver!

Report for this month.

Surely top agent gets a special treatment.

A mission is assigned?

Complete the grand mission
and return to the North.

I'm sure you can make it.
You're nothing like me.

Thanks to you

I got news from home, too.

My mother passed away last winter.

Mother, It's been 11 years
since I paid my respect to you.

What did you eat today? Give me that.

I told you to change! My words are law.

I'm a cane of whom?


A cane of populace.
Especially of Ms. Ran!


Rumour said a scrub flew in
and guess it's true.

Oh, Dong-gu is here!

- Hi.
- I'm here too!

At your disposal! It's light like a feather!

Then keep holding it.

Go Hwi-soon, 65.
People call him Old man Go.

Richest man in the neighbourhood
living with a bachelor son.

He has four rooms for rent.
$150 per month for each!

You turned off the boiler again?
I only got the cold water!

Cold water is good for health.
It's steaming hot even in October.

You old miser drive me nuts.

Bad to waste the food.

How can I tune this thing?

Hey blondie! Come out and say hello.

We have a new tenant called Kim.

He's a singer wanna-be. It's like
all my tenants are singer wanna-bes.

You mean me? I'm a jazz musician!

Even if you fall a victim

to a dagger while sleeping or if someone
aims the gun at your temple on the street.

Anything can happen to a spy.

But, why? Did I make any mistake?

Or am I deserted by the country?

Lee Hae-rang.
Leader of Black Dragon Troop.

Your instinct didn't wane at all!

It's been a while, Comrade Won.
Open the door.

We didn't afford the luxury
of feeling anything.

That was the only way for us to live.


Don't need to risk your life
for the inner competition.

Your skills didn't get rusty at all.

Better loosen up a bit though.

Why are you here?

Son of General Lee can
do whatever in Pyong-yang.

It's embarrassing!

You knew my father put me in?

I asked for the mission
because I was bored there.

Mission? What mission?

We're not supposed to
ask each other's mission.

But why sent you? I'm here already.

You don't get it? They don't trust you.

You could've turned coat
after 2 years in the South.

Watch your tongue!
it felt like 20 years to me!

You can't imagine how much I got excited

since I first heard from my father
that he formed 5446 Unit.

Everyone lives only once.

Then you should fight hard
to become a legend.

I'll build the history
and return as a legend.

You stay here carrying out
the mission of playing a fool.

- Hello.
- You are here.

I'll leave it here.

Yes. Thank you.

He's moving.

I've done nothing but waiting!
And he got the mission right away!

How are you?

I'll witness myself what history he builds.

What are you doing here?
This is my district.

I see...way to go!

Way to go!

Hey, Dong-gu.

You got chubby overnight?


Shit, those little ones!

The Party orders me
to be disguised as a rocker.

But I need to pass the audition.

Your mission is much better than mine.

Mine is playing a fool!

Thought passing an audition
is a piece of cake.

But fuckers in the South
surely can sing and play!

You can do it! Forgot who we are?

The Republic's warriors
who can do anything!

Right! I will practice
until my fingers bleed.

Will show real people's rock
to buggers in the South!

Comrade Suh Sang-go...

Dear loving mother...

Dong-gu! It's me, wake up.

I'll kill you if you don't come now.

Dong-gu, wake up!

- What?
- You fool!

Move quick when I call you.

- Go look for my brother.
- Brother?

He went out to pee and didn't come back.


Why is it good? Such a fool!

Good that he can't throw me
a rock any more.

He never left me alone since our dad died.

What should I do
if he leaves me like dad.

Find him for me, Dong-gu!

I'll give you half.
No, you can take it all.

Why coming to my house?
I told you he's not here, idiot!

Toilet is scary.

Less than 30 minutes passed.

Juvenile diabetes.
Should reduce the sweets.

No trace of struggle.
Work of a professional.

Woong! Where are you?

When did you get up there?

I can see better here.

Look inside once again.

Told you he's not here!

Stand up quick!

You don't have time to fall down and weep.

Where did the kiddo go?
It's the time for my beauty sleep.

Let's scatter and search.

It's your turn, kiddo.

Shout out loud with your bloody voice.

I'll be with Ran as it's dangerous...

Cut the crap and follow me.

- Oh my!
- What are you wearing?

- Why hit me?
- Wear proper clothes.

There might be perverts.

Just give cigarettes on thick.

I said no.


One more time!

No, I won't go!

I won't let anyone interrupt
my sabotage area.

I should be the one to give
damn kiddo a lesson!

Shit, I can't show my face.
Let me borrow your clothes.

I won't go with an empty hand!

You're so stubborn!

What are you doing, Mr. PARK?

But you can't come here.
It's far from your house.

Your mom should be worried.
Just hurry home.

Then give me that cookie
you brought last time.

You just went back with it.

What's going on here?

Cookie? I see. Take this and go home.

But don't tell anyone that you met me.

You shouldn't tell your mom about it.

Why not?

It's a bit complicated. My situation is...

I'll tell your mother myself
when the time comes.

Promise me. It's between the real men.

I see, he has feelings for the kid's mom.

- Pervert!
- Damn pervert!

Gotta ya! Look what he's wearing!

That's my lingerie!

Damn. What did I pick?

What? You damn bastard!

Damn. What the hell.

You have a right to remain silent.

You damn pervert!

You damn pervert!

Oh, it's Chi-woong!

Are you okay?

Did you save
the Chi-woong from the pervert?

- Baby!
- Mom.

Mr. PARK saved him.

- You scared us!
- Thank you, sir.

Where have you been?
Se-woong was so worried about you.

Don't ever leave me alone again!
I think there a pervert in this town...



North Korean defectors
are being eliminated.

Do you have any idea who are doing this?

5446 Unit.

Kim Jeong-il and Lee Moo-hyuk
created a secret troop 16 years ago.

Nobody knew
about the troop except these two.

Now Kim Jeong-il has gone,

it's practically Lee's private troops.

Tell us everything you know about them.

They're not human.

They were trained to be wild animals...

once they were selected
through a tough competition.

You can never be their match!

Isn't our regular rendezvous tomorrow?

The party sent me an order
to return to the North.

Good. You'll meet the family.

- I wanna ask you a favour.
- Sure.

Give me one of the pistols you got.

You need to tell me why first.

My family got caught
while escaping to China.

You mean they betrayed the Republic?

Didn't even think I'd be here this long!

I only heard of mother's death
after one year.

You know what troubles me most?

Now, I can't picture my family's faces.

I should have treasured

at least this picture more.

Please help me!

I should kill some bastards
in the South including myself...

to grab a bleak chance of saving my family.

Thanks, Comrade Won.

Second Lieutenant Suh!
Commit suicide now.


It's an order from the lieutenant.

This would be the better
way to save your family.

Do not tinker with the situation.

Magazine is not loaded
unless we're in mission!

You became an ordinary mister in the South.

You can't understand me as
you don't have wife and kids.

Listen to me carefully.

Stay loyal to the Republic
till the minute you die.

Try hardest to survive
and return home.

That's the only way to meet
your family again if they're still alive.

Even if you end up
having the reunion in prison.

Comrade Lieutenant...

I have seen enough of your shits already.

Return to who you are,
brave soldier of the Republic.

It's a Barret, anti-material rifle.

We'll create a unit against
5446 under your command.

- Another audition?
- Sure.

I"m late for work! Told you
I'm on the night shift.

Take a sip. I made your favourite soup.

I'm late. Dong-gu!
Why didn't you wake me up?

Don't re-use that wet tissue.
It's embarrassing!

Have to reduce the garbage
for saving the earth!

Yeah, whatever.

Eating is more important
than serving the country.

- Dong-gu, come and eat.
- Yes.

The rice is cooked just perfect.
Shame he couldn't eat this.

- Yes?

You like the soup that much?

How are you, mother?

Would we be just like granny and Doo-seok

if we lived together?

I just envy them talking and quarrelling

When I go back,

I'll play a child to you.

Hope you understand.

You know who you are aiming at?

Came from the North? Name your troop!

Believe you're executing
your mission flawlessly?

One more chance. State your rank!

If you pull the trigger, you will die too.

Dong-gu. Are you sleeping?

Tomorrow's delivery
will be earlier than usual.

You should get up earlier!
Guess he's sleeping, bugger.

Won Ryu-hwan.
Leader of Five Star Troop.

Are you worried
about South Korean granny?

Why should I?

Don't forget who you are.

You carry the honour of
the country, Captain Won.

He's damn fast.

Hey, Dong-gu.

- What are you doing?
- What am I doing?

Glad to see you. Come with me.

- Can't come down.
- Come down, right now!

Faster, faster!

That's it? I want more.

Why does this drunkard bitch harass me?

You get sick if you drink.

Shut up.

What does an idiot know?


I envy you.

You must not have any worries.

No need to pretend to be cool.

I need to sleep.

Right. I feel good! Let's go!

Time to confess our secrets.

My real name is Huh Jeom-ran.

Let's get this over quick!

I, Jeom-ran...

gave a birth...

when I was 18 years old.

But I haven't seen him for 7 years.

My parents sent him to States
for the adoption.

I really miss him.

It's your turn now!

I didn't know. All I knew was
the basic things about her.

My name is Dong-gu.

But real name is Ryu-hwan.

I am...

...a North Korean spy.

Wow, she's deadly faint.

You're not just playing a fool.

But fooling around too?

Fooling around with whom?

Don't practice at night
when people are sleeping.

I'm not in the position to be considerate.

Damn bitch.

But it's way better than
shitting on the street.

Why are you still here?
Got something to talk to?

- Didn't someone come to you?
- I see.

The Party sent you someone.
Did you kill him?

No, he just warned me and left.

It's not unusual.

The honchos don't trust us in the beginning.

They get anxious
once the salmon leaves home.

- Salmon?
- You didn't know?

They call us salmons as
they return to spawn.

They want us to return after
we achieve a big mission.

- Interesting.
- You think so?

Well, we and salmon risk our lives
and go against the stream.

Cut the crap. Time to sleep.

Comrade Lieutenant Won!

You know what?

Even if a salmon returns home alive,

it dies after it spawned.

Comrade, that's what we
all are prepared for.

I can gladly die as long as the Party

takes care of my mother.

That's your problem.

Stop hiding and come out.

Wrong intuition.

That's my problem.

Don't forget who you are, Captain Won.

He called me captain.

Name of the troop and your age.

Lee Hae-jin, trainee in 5446.

Becoming 13 this year.

I respect you, Comrade Captain!

You are a big boy, now.

Comrade Lee.
Reserved member for Five Star.

What's happening in the Party?
You're assigned to here?

Bastard, can't you say hello at least?

Captain remembers me.

Strange they sent two new men so suddenly.

More weird as there was no move
for the past two years, though.

show some respect to your big brother!

Say hello my new punky at school.

This is Dong-gu the idiot.
My minion the village.

Minion and punky, greet each other!

- How... are you?
- Hi.

Good! Eat whatever you want.

Put that on my sister's bill!

- Mister...
- What?

What happened to Mr. Sang-go?

Can't reach him since yesterday.
He's never like this before.

Lee Moo-hyuk loses ground
after the new regime.

And 5446 Troop's exposed
when his henchmen exiled.

It seems like Lee ordered soldiers
of 5446 to kill the deported.

We formed the special force
for 5446 Troop.

We heard that Kim Jeong-un
wants to ease the tension.

Let's wait first
as we're in the peaceful mood.

Make sure to minimise our risk.

I will try to use it as
an advantageous card for us.

We need to identify
soldiers of 5446 in Korea.

You can be dismissed if you're done.

Yes, sir.

Anything you want to talk?

Did you kill Suh Sang-go?

What is he to you?

Answer the question.

He tried to kill himself.

But I stopped him as
the Party wants him back alive.

Now he's on the way to North.
He can die there if he still wants to.

What's your mission anyway?

I'll replace Comrade Suh.

You're mere a member!
You're not qualified for it!

I'm not that little kid anymore.

- I'm okay, sir.
- Life is quite tough on you, right?

Why are you doing this?

Wanna know? Since I like you!

You know my feelings, I love you.

I'll scream if you keep doing it.

You wanna get fired?

You think you can go somewhere else?

Son of a bitch.

- Please don't.
- Listen to me!

Go and help her. She must not see me.

Why should I help that bitch?
I don't even know her.

Are you by any chance worried about her?

No, it's not for her!
She's Yoo-joon's sister!

You need to win family's heart
to get his trust!

Then shall I bring him
the head of that bastard?

No! Just scare him first.

Too much kindness would be
overwhelming in the beginning.

What are you doing here?

Yoo-joon, I'm OK!

I thought you never got this
as you are flat-chested.

Stop or your sis will get fired!

Please don't!

Fire her! I can feed her, you bastard!

Don't hit him.

I will definitely make
you losers pay for this!

Isn't our mission in trouble

if she loses her job?

Let men bury him quietly.

You got a cell, right?

Look at the camera!

Will kill you if you don't look at it.

Once you fire her, this picture
will be all over the internet.

Now, time to shoot the movie.

The movie?

Shake it! Harder! Good!

Captain, you're way more
terrifying than I thought you're.

Shake harder!

I don't think I can allow you
to do it even if it's a mission.

- It's okay. I can do it.
- No!

I cannot let our captain
do this kind of thing.

I'll take care of damn granny
sometime soon.

Focus on your mission!
She's just an old woman.

That's why young ones shouldn't
be assigned with mission.

Guess you insisted on coming.

I didn't earn it for free.

I risked my life to be a captain.

Stop planning to fool around.
Grab this, Comrade.

You let me work to make
your captain take some rest?

Fuck! The Party
should've sent my henchman!

Pull it.

Is this old hag deaf?

We'll supply all the alcohol
for you which is good.

It's you who can't hear!

I already have my supplier

who opened the account with me
when I had nothing 30 years ago!

Don't be so hard on client, bro.

I will take it from here, you may go.

Yes, brother.

You too bugger off!
It's the last thing I can do.

That bastard! It took me
hours to pile up those boxes!

Let me take care of him.
Just take our stuff in!

- Dong-gu, don't!
- What the hell?

I'll bring my brother. He... policeman!

Whatever, asshole! Then I'm a prosecutor!

Dong-gu, are you OK?

He's been here for 2 years,
better to let him handle that.

You don't have to beat him!

Beating works best for the fools.

Even a fool is messing up with me!

I will teach you some lessons!

Don't! Stay out of trouble.

Do you realise now who I am?

What's up with her? What does she know?

Just stay out of trouble, will you?

What? Why didn't you call me?
Then they will bring the stuffs.

Don't bother. I can handle that.

Go see the doctor when you're ill.

I'm perfectly fine. It's Dong-gu
who got beaten so hard.

It's the 'job' you talked about?

At least it looks like a gun.

- Your clothes...
- I borrowed them from Hae-rang.G:G

- By the way...
- I knew you'd come.

I got the bully's whereabouts.

There's someone else.

Damn liar! Impersonating a cop
when you only prepare to be one?

I know all the pigs around here.

I guarantee I'll pass the exam this time!

So don't mess with my mom
before it's too late!

Blabla...I'll be a prosecutor by then!

Eat me, moron!

Doo-seok doesn't know you, right?

Scare them off a bit and
demolish the warehouse.

Why demolish the warehouse?

Do that for me, will you?

Yes, sure.

- Don't kill anyone though.
- Understood!

Why is this little rat so cocky?

I told you, I will be a cop!

Who the hell are you?

I even borrowed this outfit
in case of the blood fight.

Frog, chick!

Hello frog, morning chick!

Chick! Frog!

It's my bro...hi, there.

Chick! Frog!

It hurts a lot?

It's nothing compared to what I did to them.

Seen my martial arts skills?

They're all in the hospital now.

You best, my brother rock!

You think I'm cool?

Doc-seek me bes?.!

Call me big bro!

Remember, men must be
either very strong or smart

to look after the loving ones.

Or at least diligent...

Forget it, you fool.
I doubt you understand this.

It'll be only mom and you
when I get married one day.

Then you will be left alone
at the end when mom...

But don't worry, I will take care of
my family till the end!

You can count on me, got it?

Stop playing Godfather, fella.

Let's ask mom to make
chicken soup tomorrow.

- Okeydoke!

Okeydoke, chicken soup!

Did you find anything?

I'm no longer a detective.
Why do you rush anyway?

- The boy seems to have a story.
- Who doesn't have one?

Take care of your health first.

It's well done!

Drink this magkoli, too.

Have some kimchi.

Hand me that plate...

Come on in, Dong-gu!

Come join us quick!

Dong-gu, come sit here.

Have a drink, blondie.

Good job washing the sheets.

Try this, open your mouth!

Don't eat up the legs!

I need them!

Ran, look at this!

Cocky bitch!

You singer wanna-bes!

There should be some music
when the food is served!

I'm a real musician!

Ding dong!

I was always afraid...

Afraid of being cut on rations
when I was little.

Afraid of not being the best,
and abandoned by the Party

when I was training at the camp.

And now...

Afraid...if I might change.


GBP is gossiping that
5446 Unit is my private army.

Security Department, MPAF

This puts me in a nettlesome situation.

It was not a smart move
to purge Kim Hee-kwan.

The operation was done flawlessly.

Look! World has changed a lot.

The President wants to salvage
the relationship with the South.

I'm ready for your command, sir.

Let the salmons return home.

Shit! I can't do it!

I didn't come to the South
to trim the anchovies.

Don't pass your share to us.
Go talk up to the granny.

Heavy work for a bowl of chicken soup?

She's unbelievable!
I guess there's a hidden scheme.

Number of these anchovies is 2,119.

She might test us by having us
trim the small fish like these

to see if we are stealing anything from her.

What is he talking about?

Then analyze the situation and tell me.

Until when do we have to be on call?

They will be executed as
traitors of the revolution.

5446 Unit will be dismantled

and no one should know it existed ever.

Mission completed!

Why are you eating it?

Who cares if a few are missing
when there are thousands already?

But you need to ask for the approval first!

Are these yours?
Don't fucking tell me what to do!

I told you not to eat!

Fuck You!

I will eat anyway...

Dong-gu! Are you there?

You have a customer.

Hi...Wow, it's suit!

Do you sell the cake here?

Kids...crazy for this.

Is it so?



Way to go!

Thank you.

General, let them die with honour as
the nation's revolutionary soldiers.

With honour?

They would dedicate their lives
for the glory of the great Republic.

Let them rather kill themselves
than to be executed as traitors.

Are you sure about that?

I will kill them all myself
in case of any contumacy!

I'm sorry, Dong-gu.

But I did some
background check on you.

Things about your past...
The birthplace and other stuff.

But it wasn't easy.

Nothing is left on database.
They couldn't track down anything.

I really wanted to find
the past for you.

I'm not good enough any more.
But don't be disappointed.

It doesn't matter who you were
or what you have done before.

What matters is who you're now.


It's okay. Just remember
I said something cool to you.

Mother, how are you?

I am doing just great.

I miss your smile so much.

Last mission for soldiers of 5446,

In case of contumacy, surveillant
should kill others and commit suicide.

I didn't run away 'cause I was scared.

I know. We are the last ones in our team.

I only have one bullet left,

let's depart together.

Hail to the reunification!

Hail to the reunification!

Hail to the reunification!

But why did the Party order us...

No questions permitted!
Do you fear the death?

As long as my family is well,

I'll gladly devote my life for the country.

First, I need to talk to Chief Trainer.

This can be regarded as the contumacy!

Why did you let me live then?

I will survive all the obstacles!
Please take me into Five Star Troop.

With an inch deeper,
it will make you limp forever.

Don't forget how painful it is
when you get wounded.

If you survive all this pain,
I will take you in.

If you hadn't stabbed me,

I wouldn't be alive until now.

Then...this wouldn't be happening.

Let me hear your last words
as the surveillant of this area.

Don't be stupid, take the gun away.

What did I tell you, Ryu-hwan?

We're just like those anchovies.
No one will care if we disappear.

You rebellious bastards!

You became the dogs of the South!
I will kill you all, traitors!

Watch your mouth!

I will kill you traitors!

He's my team member, let me handle him.

You can survive only by
killing me. Come get me!


When the Party commands, do not hesitate.

You think I can't shoot?

The bravest warrior shouldn't be
swayed by the personal feelings.

Then you want me to kill you?

Shut up and shoot me!

What can I do?


Don't be afraid.

It's not your fault. There must be a way.

Little childish ones...

Chief, I found it in the body.

This was your so called advantageous card?

We have to stop them!

It's none of our business.

There are only three left.

They are still young.

Just follow the order!

- Their life is more important!
- Chief Seo! Listen to me!

Comrade, do me a favour.
Sing me a song, will you?

It's so sudden. Which song?

It's someone's favourite number.

It's called "Limjin River".

Hey, it's a forbidden song.

Dear mother, I don't know
if I could write again.

I am assigned with a big mission.

When I accomplish it successfully,
I might be hero...

But I can't go back home myself...

Please take my heart home for me...
or at least I could come back to you.

Please take care until then.

Come out!

State your rank!

We only have to follow,
not fight against them.

Why are you afraid? He's just a kid.

I won't ask twice.

Other two captains are being followed, too?

Just kill me, you dirty turncoat!

You came to kill me?

No, to save you.

I'm Chief Seo at NIS,
policy towards North Korea team.

You're our enemies, but
I don't want you to be dead.

Your country deserted you,
then why can't you desert it?

You can desert your mother
if you don't like her?

I'm from 5446, too.

You remind me of my brother.
I lost him when escaping from North.

Just bugger off.

Do I have to arrest you?

I'm here to help you, idiots!

Don't follow him!

Have to get rid of him now.



Hide me, I ran away while
I was being sent to the North.


Arrest him.

Damn bastard!

It's a positioning device.

It tells your location and
if you're dead or alive.

Checked the temperature?
it loses signal under 20 Celsius.


Bury it in the mountain.

Yes, sir.


Son of a bitch! Return now.
I said no independent action!

Answer me, Chief Seo!

Stay here.

Won will be moving soon.

I see what happened. So what will you do?

Don't we have to
take the guns in the closet?

Remember Prof. Suh opposed the
founding of 5446 Unit 16 years ago?

He said that soldiers trained
with priority in combat capability

have higher possibility of defection
when exposed to a new environment.

The bastard was damn sure about his theory.

So I sent him to the South
to make him prove himself.

He might have been right.

Got a report this morning?

Done deal with the South.

Contact Suh when you get there.

Accomplish the mission as you promised.

What's up, Dong-gu.

I'm going to see my mom,
I want to look neat.

Good morning!


Discuss everything with Yoo-joon.


He's more mature than you think.


Yoon Yum-mun.

Stop meaningless fistfights
and study hard at school

if you really want to
look after your sister well.

Sis, did you see him?

She looks even prettier
thinking it's last time.

I really wanted to play on
a seesaw with her one time.

What? Want more rice?

I...have to go back where I belong.

I'm leaving today.

The soup gets cold.
Finish your meal first.

Don't skip your meals. Go ahead.


You were wearing this
when you first got here.

An account note is in your pocket.
Use it when you go home.

I guess you blamed me
not paying you enough.

I haven't done much work... I can't take it,

Save it for Doo-seok.

Take it as your severance pay, fool.

I'm well off without it.

Now get off. Need to watch TV.

I managed to get in Seoul

Mister, are you okay?

Wake up!

I have to find Comrade Suh Sang-go.

Are you alright?

I need to stay awake.
I'm in enemy's territory.


Please get an operation
if you really want to be well off.

Before it's too late.

It's not working again.

Quit smoking, bitch!

I will pay you later, don't need to cuss.

Holly shit...what's up with her?
It's just a petty tab.

Can't even find a cigarette butt.

Quit smoking. It kills you.

Dong-gu, is it you?

You had your haircut?

I want cigarettes, not popsicles.

You know that thing with smoke...

It will be enough to buy a ticket.

Your adopted kid.

Here's the address.

- How did you...
- Go see him.

Be brave for this once.

And pay your tab when you get back.

Cover yourself a bit.

Though it was my mission to apprehend

I came to know too much

of people in this neighbourhood.

You made up your mind.

- Hae-jin's caught by NIS.
- Good for him.

- What?
- At least they won't kill him.

Can he survive here?

He will live but never fit in.
Even in dozens of years...

Why is that?

Only one thing matters to him.

It's Won Ryu-hwan.

Stop nonsense. Follow me.

Where are you going?

Still keep an eye on Won?

Yes, no irregular moves so far.

How's Lee Hae-jin?

Won Ryu-hwan?

He's still a kid. Take him

as your younger brother.

You can't afford the luxury of
worrying about other people now.

Chief! Kim Tae-won of 5446 Unit
has come to Seoul!

Listen to me, Kim Tae-won's here.

This is your last chance to live.
Turn yourself in!

You cannot run away with
GPS devices in your bodies.

What's going on?

They put GPS devices in our bodies.

Those will lead Comrade Chief to us.

Great. We needed to meet him anyway.

Not here! We can't put people
here in danger 'cause of us.

Let's move to somewhere else.

I told you not to fucking
tell me what to do!

Send the Special Unit #1.

But the director said...

I will take the responsibility.

Kim Tae-won is here.

I will catch him as well as Won Ryu-hwan.

You cannot catch captain.

So...finally up to talk?

Get some treatment and finish
the statement until I am back.

Take me.

To where captain is.

I can desert my country if you'd tell me to.

I can catch these bastards
from the North for you.

You can use me as hostage.

Please take me with you.

Dirty bastard!

How have you been,
Comrade Senior Colonel?

I won't blame you.

This is your last chance

to serve our great nation.

Tell me one thing.

If I serve that command,

will the Republic look after
my mother like until now?

Cut your bullshit! You damn traitor!

Please answer me, Comrade!

The command from the nation
is unconditional.

One more word from you, then
I'll proceed a summary execution!

Let me rephrase my question.

Is my mother alive at least?


Answer me!

Pull the trigger!

Answer me!

I taught you never to hesitate!

No! Don't come!

It's Dong-saw!

No, it's not.

Yes, I'm Dong-gu

- See? It's him
- Go away quickly!

- Why? You're gonna poop again?
- Yes, so just go.

You shouldn't shit
where people can see you.

It's mom's umbrella.

Get in the car!


What the hell
are the boys doing here?

Smash it!

Block it!

You'd better open up.

Get off quick!

Run to the barber shop!

- What about you?
- Come on quick, fool!

I'm not a scary person, Chi-woong.

Listen to me, Chi-woong.

Look after your mom and brother.

It's the big boy's job.


NOW, go!

- When is he coming back?
- Dunno, soon I guess.

Is your back alright?

Just a brush burn.

Guess we're starting the war now?

Fantastic location choice
to pick up the weapons!



Now let's kill them all!

Are you sure it's the right bag?

Is this a fucking joke?
What can we do with this?

You know...I was sure.

Now it's proved right
as you betray the nation.

What are you talking about?

Let me introduce myself.

I'm Suh Young-guk. Prof. of Political
Philosophy at University Kim ll-sung.

How do you feel,

you traitors?

I heard a professor opposed to
the foundation of 5446 Unit.

Was that you?

You never deserved the title
of 'Revolutionary Soldiers'!

Comrade Suh Sang-go...

You will be buried here,
there's no run away.

You gave these as weapons.
Better to use them that way.

Long time no see, Choi.

I follow the order from the Party.

I know. Just do your job.

Then I'll do mine.

Shoot them.

What the fuck are you doing?

Choi Wan-woo!
Kill them!


What are you doing?

You wanna die?

Shall we stop here?

Do we need to survive
over our brothers' blood?

Maybe I should follow the Party
that looks after my mother.

You stupid asshole!

All the family of 5446 Unit soldiers

were imprisoned in the camp
when you joined the Unit.


And now when you're all
ordered to kill yourselves,

you expect your family to be alive?

Shut up, Comrade Suh!

You scumbags who'd betray
the nation for mere bread.

5446 Unit is a total failure!

That can't be true...

Ryu-hwan, wake up!

You still don't get it?
Your mother's already executed!

I have no mom to look after.

No regrets if I live and die cool.

So here I come!

Stop him!

What's up with you,
great revolutionary soldier?

I have a question.

I prefer talking, too.

My sister got out of the camp
the day you came here.

Did you get her out?

I just wanted to see her.

I might've wanted to ask her out

if she was as pretty as you bragged.

Damn liar! She looks exactly like you!

So I came down heart-free!

- My mother...
- Miss your mom that much?

Why don't you follow her?
Go where she is now!

Captain Choi! Captain Choi!

That can't be true! It must not be true!

Sniper, sniper!

Shoot dirty traitors, all of them!

Ryu-hwan, come to your senses!

I did everything for the Republic...

I even became a monster.

We have to get out of here.

Ryu-hwan, let's go!

Comrade Captain!

Vehicle #2! Go-astern!

What are you doing?

Comrade Colonel, what took you so long?

You should've protected me.

I will report this to the Party.

Better be prepared!

Revolutionary soldiers?

These traitors?

Got it. So shut the fuck up.

All the snipers are eliminated.

Who is it?

Go save the captain quickly!

The great soldiers of the Republic!

Listen up. We will all die here together.

Give the peace to your comrades
who cannot move.

Please, don't kill me!

You'd better stay out of this.

One more step further, I will take it
as declaration of war and destroy you all.

Kim Tae-won! Don't try a foolish act!



Choi Won-woo, you stupid fella.

Why did you follow me?

Comrade Captain...

You got all the families of
our team out of the camp.

I knew it. Thank you so much.

Please survive...

Comrade Won, do me a favour.

Let's compete here again who's
the best soldier of 5446 Unit.

If we were lucky enough that
one of us is allowed to survive,

let that be you.

I don't have the smallest
regret in this life.

Congratulations for passing
Vocalist Audition, Mr. Hae-rang.

Further details to be sent via e-mail.

Damn...I passed the audition.

Apparently my voice works
better than my guitar.

Shall we...

die here?

Or try to live a new life?

Well, I guess it's time for the grand final.

Put him on!

He will listen to your last words.

It's General Lee Moo-hyuk.

Who knows? Try to beg for life.

Wish you a long life, Comrade General!

Stop being cocky,

you're a mere bastard son
from his concubine!

Everyone in the troop knows

that your mom lived like a beggar

after she got deserted by Lee,
and gave birth to you in pigsty.

You damn bastard!
What a talkative asshole.

Comrade Won,
I can't run as my leg was shot.

Just get me that bastard


Remember what I said?

There are only two conditions

that we would meet again.

Sure. Either as brothers
when we achieve re-unification,

or as enemies to kill each other.

I had a faith in you.

But you end up being a traitor?

I only entrusted you my mom.

Was that too much of asking?

What matters more to you?
Your mother or your country?

What matters to the country, then?

Just execute him.

You told me to stay alive.

I will serve the command.

Didn't I teach you to keep
your movements simple?

Never fire before my order!

Guards up!

Do you fear the death?

Have you ever taught us fear?

Cease the fire! Who's that son of a bitch?

What ruined all of you like this?

I just wanted to stay close to

people of my dream, my saviours...

Forgive me, Comrade Chief.

You are not proud soldiers
of the Republic any more

if you're swayed by personal feelings.

You are still my pride
and our people's pride!

Let's die together here
for the honour of the country!

Shut up! Life is not a big deal.

No regret if you lived cool.

Let me play the hero!

It was damn fun!

Captain Hae-rang.

What the fuck is going on?

Order changed! Arrest all!


Put your guns down!

- Let me handle it.
- Sir!

Won Ryu-hwan, Lee Hae-jin.
You two surrender now!

Shut up, you scumbag!

Go ahead, captain! The building has lots
of structures on outside wall.

You can use them and escape.

I will earn some time for you.

Get to yourself, Won Ryu-hwan!

Don't you see that?
Hae-rang died just for us!

Move yourself! Wake up!

Wake up! Get to your senses!

I want to go back...

An account note is in your pocket.
Use it when you go home.





I want to go back...

Want to live like before!

Stupid idiot. I doubt he took the umbrella.


Crazy bugger.


- Where's Dong-gu?
- Dunno.

Listen to me, Lee Hae-jin. Drop the gun.

What are you doing? Arrest them!

Avert your gun, sons of bitch!

Kill them all if they resist!


Stop it, I said stop!

You can still live,

Lee Hae-jin, drop the gun!

Betraying my country doesn't mean that
I'll be your dog!

Captain, what kind of man
would you be if born again?

Me? Ordinary man living
in a peaceful country.

You really dream high!

What's yours then?

I wish I could live next door
to your ordinary family.

You childish ones!

Then I will be the voluptuous girl
next door to both of yours.

Keep you dangling and dump you in the end.

Comrade Hae-rang.

Don't pass the anchovies over
while you're talking.

Such a sharp fella...

You don't miss a thing, do you?

Stupid fellas...

Since then people kept
telling me the idiot Dong-gu was

in fact a scary spy Won Ryu-hwan.

But I can't really imagine.

In rain or in snow,

In summer or in winter,

Dong-gu was running around
our small neighbourhood.


drop me a line if you're alive.

Don't be ill, mom.

Themed by Aang Chem-sum

Based on the webtoon
by HUN

Translation: PIC
Edit & Time: MJ @iAsia

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