Seberg (2019) - full transcript

Inspired by real events in the life of French New Wave icon Jean Seberg. In the late 1960s, Hoover's FBI targeted her because of her political and romantic involvement with civil rights activist Hakim Jamal.

Darling, I'll miss the plane.

You could come too.

They've barricaded the Sorbonne.
There are students in the streets.

Why would I go to Los Angeles?

I'll be in Los Angeles.

All right, stay.

If I need to find out how you are,

I'll just ask the prettiest students
at the Sorbonne.

Don't you trust me?

Should I?

Maman. I have something for you.

Let me see.

Oh, it looks just like him.

You put gray in his beard
and everything.

We'll visit maman
on location this summer?


Au revoir.

I love you.

I love you, maman.

- Bon voyage.
- Bye, baby.

The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense

calls upon the American people
in general

and the black people in particular
to take careful note.

Racist police agencies
throughout the country

are intensifying the terror, brutality,

murder and repression of black people.

- ♪ Black is beautiful ♪
- Free Huey!

- ♪ Set our warrior free ♪
- Free Huey!

- Power!
- Free Huey!

- Power!
- Free Huey!


Racial tensions flared over
the weekend in Oakland and Los Angeles

with more clashes
between Negroes and police.

In downtown Los Angeles yesterday,

students and black power advocates
joined forces

to protest against police brutality.

The protests were largely non-violent,

but black power leader,
Eldridge Cleaver, had this to say.

The police must be brought under control
by any means necessary,

including through force of arms.

These racist Gestapo pigs
have to stop brutalizing our community

or we're gonna take up guns.
We're gonna drive them out.

Mr. Cleaver
went on to demand an immediate...

- Oh, come on.
- What?

Jesus, Linette.

I thought the move would be
a good excuse to get rid of some junk.

You want to junk something,
start with that rug in the living room.

My mother gave us that rug.

I thought you liked that rug.

It's just a comic, Jack.

It's a 1941 Jack Kirby origin issue,

where Steve Rogers first experiments
with the Super Soldier Serum

and becomes Captain America.

It's not just a comic.

- Super Soldier Serum, huh?
- Yeah.

It was intended for the entire US Army,
but the experiment was sabotaged.

- Sabotaged?
- Nazis.

Those bastards.

Your ASAC back home
led me to believe

you were some kind of sound wizard.

Yes, sir, they had me
in technical there,

but I was hoping to be out
on the street. Investigation.

- Working on your suntan, huh?
- Yes, sir.

Well, you're in luck, soldier.

There are elements in our society

who don't like the way we do things
here in America.

We know this
because we are everywhere they are.

In this city, at the present time,
that's this cocksucker right here.

Hakim Abdullah Jamal.

Formerly Allen Donaldson.

Doper, pornographer,
and for a short spell,

resident of the nut house
over in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

He got clean, found Allah.

It is now Mr. Jamal's fervent wish
to unite radical Negro groups

in their effort to overthrow
our government. We aim to dissuade him.

Who put this wire in? You?

Where did you put it,
in the fucking bathtub?

- Mind if I give it a shot?
- Yeah, knock yourself out.

Well, you got a road nearby. Traffic.

Can you bring the middle up any?

Picking her up,
Bert, from the hotel and...

Now isolate the middle
to top-range frequencies.

And turn down the bass. Here.

So the meeting went well.
We had a great turn-out in New York.

Okay. Patch it through.

Pan Am 23
out of New York. Around five on Friday.

- Be good to have a...
- Jack's our new sound man.

- Right on. There ain't no game plan.
- You get assigned yet?

- Can I get a coffee, please?
- Yes, sir.

Thank you.

- Did you read it?
- Mm-hmm. I did.

It's Paddy Chayefsky.

She's got one number, Walt.

She's this housewife
living with these two lunks.

I don't... Shirley MacLaine will
probably get it anyway, so who cares?

It's a good part. It's a lot of money.

It's a musical.

It's a Western musical. It's irrelevant.

I want to make a difference.

What is it? The screen test?

Logan's a... He's a good guy.
He's a nice guy, Jean.

He's not Preminger.

- You're keeping me out.
- Sir, you can't go in there.

Let's see where
the invisible white people are at.

- There's seats here.
- People are sleeping.

How about here?
What about these two?

- All these seats are empty.
- Sir, if you'd let me explain,

you must remain in your seats
you were allocated.

I have the widow
of the late Brother Malcolm X

shoved in an itty-bitty seat back there

- like a barnyard animal.
- Sir...

She should be treated like royalty.

Now, I told you, I got the money to pay
for some first-class white treatment.

You gonna stand there and tell me
my money's too black for you?

- I'm not interested in politics...
- Let me tell you something, sister.

- Politics is interested in you!
- It is a question of airline policy.

This is a question of that lady
getting a seat that she deserves.

- You must take your seat...
- I'll pay for it.

And until she does,
I'm gonna sit right here.

- Sir, would you please take your seat?
- It's took.

Excuse me.

We would be more than happy
to give up our seats.

- Wouldn't we, Walt?
- No, that's not necessary.

- My name's Jean.
- I know who you are, Jean.

Watch out, honky.

Ladies and gentlemen,

arriving passengers from
Pan Am Flight 23 from New York

may now be met at Gate 10.

That's him. That's Jamal.
The broad is Betty Shabazz.

Brother Malcolm's old lady.

Jamal's in step with the Panthers,
but he's an independent player.

He's a big money raiser.
He introduced them to Brando.

Thank you for flying Pan Am. Hi.

Power to the people!

Power to the people!

- Power to the people!
- Power to the people!

- We'll get back to you.
- How about a picture?

- Miss Seberg!
- Big smile, please. Thank you.

- I think we're gonna head...
- Hey, look over here.

- Hey, Miss Seberg.
- Jean. Jean.

Not a good idea. Jean, come... Jean!

Do you have a statement
regarding the recent protests?

Do you contribute
to the Black Panther Party?

Do you support the cause, Miss Seberg?

- Who's that?
- Jean Seberg.

Some actress.
Won a talent drive a few years back.

She's a big deal in France.

What's with the salute?

Just grabbing some
free publicity. And who knows?

Maybe she's got a taste for dark meat
on the bone, huh?

Black Panthers?

That was dumb, Jean. Press
isn't your pet, something to play with.

You rub their noses in it,
they're gonna turn around and bite you.

Allahu Akbar.

Allahu Akbar.

"Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar."

What the hell's the matter with this guy?
He can't afford a TV?

Take 40. I'll give you a heads-up.

If Malcolm X rises out of his grave,
comes over to shoot hoops,

I'll let you know.

- One hour, understand?
- All right.

Mary ever want to know where you are?
Working all night?

Bureau wife doesn't ask.



You must be some kind of crazy
to come to this house

in the middle of the night,
in this neighborhood, in that car.

With that face.

Your friends
didn't seem so happy to see me.

When they see white people,
it's usually on TV.

Or behind a billy club.

I was thinking about
what you were saying earlier.

On the plane.

About the problem with this country.

And if I knew
I was going to be drinking alone,

I would have brought a smaller bottle.

So, what would your husband think
about you cruising through Compton

in the wee hours of the night?

My husband is French. I'm sure
it would amuse him a great deal.

What if you were hanging out
with a black revolutionary?

I want to be a part of that
revolution. That's why I'm here. Look.

It's all connected, isn't it?

Vietnam? The oppression
of black people in America?

It's the same disease, the same illness,
the same disgusting racism.

How can I help?
How does anyone change that?

One mind at a time.

If you can change one mind,
you can change the world.

Education creates understanding.

Understanding creates love,
love creates patience,

and patience creates unity.

But education costs money.

Come down to the center.

I'd love to show you
how we're changing minds.

You saw me get on that plane.

Come on, all that bullshit
about white seats for white money.

You were trying to get to me.

Well, was it my money
you were chasing or...

Or was it me?

- What happened?
- A man lit a fire and put me on it.

- You sure it's her?
- I had DMV run the plates.

They're registered to her address
in Coldwater Canyon.

Well, it's not illegal to sleep around.
Even the way this girl does it.

She offered him money, sir.
It's right there on the tape.

She has a history of donations
to civil rights groups.

Joined the NAACP, age 14.

She's a sympathizer, sir.

They're involved together.
I think she could be useful to us.

She's a prominent actress.
There'd be a few in the Bureau

that might be interested
in her relations with Jamal.

If she's giving them money
and a platform, that makes her dangerous.

All right. What do you need?

Full authorization for bug
and wire on Jean Seberg.

I want everything on her.

Good morning.

- What's your name?
- My name is Jean Seberg.

- Where were you born?
- In Marshalltown, Iowa.

- When?
- November 13th, 1938.

- That makes you what age?
- Seventeen and 11 months.

- And 11 months. Almost 18?
- Mm-hmm.

- You want to be an actress?
- Very badly.

Very badly.

Yeah, this one here.
Right here, right here.

Can you get that for me?

When Jean was 17,

director Otto Preminger
cast her to play Joan of Arc.

The dream role
quickly became a nightmare

when flames got out of control
during the climactic burning scene.

For an awful moment, it seemed
that she might really burn to death.

Firemen soon got the flames
under control,

but not before Jean
had suffered some bad burns.

She later said the emotional toll
of working with Preminger

had left her with scars
on more than her body.

- Gonna go for a swim?
- No.


Why even buy a nice piece of meat
if you're gonna cook it that long?

- It's like it's dead.
- You wanted well done.

That's not well done, that's just burnt.

Set priorities, that's what I told her.

Of course Linette here won't have time
to be a nurse after her first.

- No.
- A doctor.

Trust me, honey, you won't have time
to paint your toenails.

- You're really gonna be a doctor?
- Yeah. That's the plan.

- That's so cool. Mom, isn't that cool?
- Yes, dear, it's great.

Excuse me.

- You want to get out of here?
- Definitely.

Jack. Got to go.

No. Nuh-uh.

You're not leaving me.
What's the big emergency?

So, you're gonna learn all these words?

Only if they want me.

That's not the question.
The question is, do you want them?

that's not how auditions work.

You think I just show up in a pretty dress
and they hand me the part?

Well, show me how it works.


"You don't know me, Mr. Rumson."

Who's that?

"You don't know me, Mr. Rumson.

But there's not a woman on this earth
who'll make you a better wife."

"You ought to."

"I paid enough for you."

"I may be paid for,
but I'm not your property.

You grab me unwanted like that again
and I'll shoot you down like a dog."

- "Where'd you get that?"
- "A woman has her secrets."

"Now, put that down or neither of us
will have much of a wedding night."

"It takes two to make a marriage,
Mr. Rumson.

We made a vow to one another.

You'll get everything you desire
as long as you promise me the same."

"All I ask for is four strong walls,

a stove to keep out the cold,

and a door that locks
so I can sleep sound at night.

If you can provide it,
I'll make you the happiest man alive."

"There's grit and steel in you,
little lady,

and I appreciate honesty in a woman."

"I'll wager
that's not all you appreciate."

Be much better with a real gun.


You're gonna threaten to blow 'em away
if they don't give you the part?

Why not? Could work.

- Is Lee here yet?
- Waiting. They're all waiting.


Gentlemen. Let's get this started.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.


Señora? Señora Seberg?

How's the puzzle coming along?

Well, which one do you think it is?

Beginning of the century?

Do you think it could maybe be...

- You put the blue one on top.
- Okay. May I?

Good job, you got it.

You need a little help this time?

You got them so quickly.

Well, how about you just try to stick
to the board this time for me?

Hey, beautiful. How you doing?

Hey, baby. Could you help him out?

- He's having a hard time.
- No problem.

- You got it?
- Yeah.

What we doing today? So, let's do this.

- Show me what you've done.
- What you working on?

Call a child a nigger
enough times, he'll start to believe it.

We're teaching this generation
to grow up with a sense of self-worth.

This is something
we've had to do for ourselves.

We have no grants,
no government funding at all.

- But you have a son, though, don't you?
- I do.

You should invite him,
introduce him to the other kids.

I would, but he's in Paris
with his father.

Who's wonderful with him, thankfully.

You know, I work a lot
so it makes it easier. Yeah.

I guess the movie business
pays pretty well.

Yes. It does.

But compared to what you're doing,
it feels so frivolous.

You're wrong.
The revolution needs movie stars.

That's a responsibility right there.

We have to wave a shotgun
to get people's attention.

You get your hair cut and you're on
the cover of Life magazine.

Well, I would love to help.

Really, any way that I can.
You just have to let me know.

I mean, would 5,000 be enough?
I have my checkbook.

Five thousand dollars?

Do you have time
to stop by the foundation?


What did he say?

He said, "You are really a bitch."

What's a bitch?

Did I miss dinner?

I would have made you something,
but I didn't know when you'd be home.


They kept us late at the office. Again.

Want a beer?

I have a hematology paper due tomorrow.

Breathless made you a star
of the New Wave.

Why do you think the French
fell in love with you?

Did they?

I think they fell in love
with the character, Patricia.

They want the girl
in the Herald Tribune shirt.

- They get me instead.
- And who is that?

- Excuse me?
- Who is Jean Seberg?

Let's keep it about the movie, yeah?

So, what's next
with this new phase of your career?

Well, I am looking at a new script.
It's a real firecracker.

It's a love story
between a black man and a white woman.

You think people
are ready to see an interracial romance?

I think they have to be.
This country's at war with itself.

The point is, when people are in love,
they're color-blind.

All right, get everything you need?

Well, Miss Seberg,
I'm sure our readers will join me

in hoping that this latest chapter
of your Cinderella story

- has a happy ending.
- Yeah.

- Thank you.
- Thanks a lot.

Now, you make sure I see that
before it goes out, all right? Thanks.

We have already discussed
your next project.

- Which one, Airport?
- Mm-hmm.

- You haven't told me what it's about.
- An airport.

Burt Lancaster just signed.

You have a responsibility, Jean.

A million Americans look at you
and they see an escape.

They want the girl from the Midwest,

rescued from the Marshalltown drugstore,
given fame, money, glamor.

What they don't want is this.
This makes them feel bad.

It threatens them. It's an insult.

The real insult is the lie we sell that
everyone has a fair shake in America.

That's the real threat.

Hello? Hello?

Listen, I won't be a part of it.

I've been trying to get away
from that girl my whole life,

running away from her.

- I don't even know who she is.
- She is America's sweetheart.

Look, I think it's great
that you brought Romain out here.

Really, that's all.

Hey. Quod me nutrit, me destruit.

That which nourishes me destroys me.

Don't you think it's a little early?

No, it's medicinal.
It's for your nerves.

I meant the Latin.

The Malcolm X Foundation
stands for black education,

black empowerment.

We have breakfast programs
for black children,

study programs to feed their minds.

We are giving them a chance.

That's hard work. And I get tired.

Tired of watching brothers and sisters
destroy themselves on heroin.


Tired of hearing about black churches
being bombed

and little black girls killed.

Tired of watching brother
turn in hatred against brother

under the pressure of a greater hatred.

The hatred of white America
for black America!

Talk about it, brother.

I am tired of waiting for the day
I'll see a black man

with enough opportunity
to rise up and lead this nation

and make that hatred
a thing of the past!

All of you know what needs to be done.

Dig deep.

Put your money where your mouth been at.

- Hey, baby. Thank you.
- Proud of you.

- Brother Hakim.
- Yeah.

Oh-oh. What is this?

Bobby Seale just showed.

Your girl just transferred
from the minors, amigo.

These guys are Panther royalty.


I enjoyed your speech.

Very much.

I knew from Jean she'd met you,
but I had no idea how involved she was.

She tells me you're something of a
unique figure in the activist movement.

You believe in unity, not in separatism.

I encourage cooperation between
those seeking to change the system,

not destroy it.

But surely some things
must be defended, fought for.

Even violently.

Possessions, property.
The things we love.

Well, violence is never the answer,
though. Right, boys?

Isn't that a lot more friendly?

No, no, no.
Don't say it to me, don't say it to me.

- Ah, we lost the feed.
- Well, get it back.

Buying milk for nigger kids in Compton
is one thing.

- If she's funding Panthers...
- Here we go.

- Jesus Christ. Let's go. Move, move!
- All right.

It's gorgeous.

Speaking of that, I literally...

- Thanks for the money.
- Come on.

You okay?

You go running to the Panthers
with your arms open

and your purse in your hands,

the only thing they're gonna see
is your purse.

I thought you and Bobby
were all about solidarity.

The Panthers
can take care of themselves.

They're serving their community,
the same as you.

There's enough money to go around.
There's enough good weed to go around.

- Calm down and take a toke.
- What is it with you?

You don't care what happens to you,
do you?

You run around here with a handful
of nails, looking for a cross to die on.

You don't get to tell me
who I invite to my house.

Nobody does.

If bringing them here
raises their profile

and it draws attention to the cause,
then I've done my job.

- But what if it draws attention to you?
- In what way?

You're playing with fire.

You know, a little reefer
would take the edge off him.

Go on. Have some.

Took Brando for ten grand.

We can take this chick for 20.

That's Bobby Seale.

Down from Oakland
to chew hors d'oeuvres with Hakim Jamal

while they figure out
how to spend her money.

It's time, sir. We leak the affair now,
the Panthers will ditch Jamal. Finished.

The white girlfriend doesn't jive
with the whole black power thing.

They won't fucking touch Jamal
after this.

- What about her?
- Sir?

I spoke to Hoover.

He's persuaded
that Seberg represents a threat

to the protective organs
of the body politic.

What does that mean?

What it means, soldier,
is that she may have been collateral,

but now, she's in the crosshairs.

She's not the target here.

She's got Bobby Seale smoking pot
on her goddamn couch.

You bet she is.

Her next picture's gonna be big.

I don't want my girls
reading in their magazines

that it's hip to hang out
with shine revolutionaries.

Float the affair down the river.
See what it hits.

- Mom, I don't want to wear this.
- You need to stop.

Mom! Mom!


You must be kind of crazy
to come to this house

in the middle of the night.

Well, was it my money
you were chasing or was it me?


Oh, my God.

- Who's next?
- Do you want a crack at it?

Okay, Kia, you can go.


Ooh, one more. One more.

You want one of these?

Let's find out whose favorite color
is orange. What about you?

- What color do you want? Which one?
- Blue.

Here you go, sweetheart.

I think being a mother is probably
the hardest thing I've ever done.

I keep waiting for it to get easier.

Wait till they get older
and get to ask more difficult questions,

like why does a movie star
want to buy their mamma jewelry

and write their daddy blank checks?

There you go.

Dorothy, I'm sorry.

- I never meant to hurt anybody.
- Well, you are hurting them.

That's the last thing I wanted.

- You know how much I care...
- And I'm supposed to be grateful?

No, that's not what I meant. I...

I was just saying I only want
to support the work that you're doing

and I understand how important that is.

You think you understand.

You think you can?

You swing by in your limousine,
open your legs and your checkbook,

and you think that gives you the right
to anything you want.

No. Absolutely not.

I only ever wanted to help.

Well, that doesn't make you
a better person. That makes you a tourist.

This is my life.

This is the last time we see each other.

Your kind of help I don't need.

- Hello.
- Hey.

- How are you?
- Looking sharp.

- How are you?
- Very well. You?

Nice to see you. Good to see you.
Come on in.

All right.

- Cheers to you.
- Cheers.


I want to show you something.

What do you think?

- Are you fucking kidding me?
- I know. Genius, right?

Found some acid freak
on Hollywood Boulevard,

draws those celebrity cartoons
for the tourists.

He really captured her.

- Hey, guys. Dinner's ready.
- Great.

- Come on, we're burning daylight.
- All right.

See you right in there.

I went home, kicked open
the door, turned on the lights and yelled,

"Who wants to bawl tonight?"

Jack tells me you have a son.

No, it's okay.

It's okay.

Teddy lives up in Frisco,

let his fucking hair grow out
in a commune with some friends up there.

- You don't talk?
- Oh, believe me, we talked.

I thought I was gonna bust a knuckle,
we talked so damn much.

Some people just don't listen.

- Where we going?
- My room.

- We're not done.
- Yeah, we are.

You sit right down and I'll pretend
like I didn't hear that.

- Carl.
- Be quiet.

You got a big mouth, you know it?

Why don't you use it to talk
some manners into our daughter?

Are you gonna let him
speak to you like that?

Sit down.

I said, sit down.

You're right on the edge.
Sit your ass down now, we're eating.

I like your hair.

- Thank you.
- Yeah, that's swell.

Reminds me of someone.
Who does she look like to you, Jack?

Does she remind you of anyone?


Ellie. Ellie, give me that.

Why would the Panthers do this?

You're giving them money, right?

You know I am.

- You tell them about us?
- No, no. No one.

- Well, they found out.
- Who found out?

How could anyone just find out?
And why would they...

I don't understand
why Bobby Seale cares what you do.

Because I betrayed him.

At least that's the way he'll see it.
Me sleeping with a white woman.

Hakim. I'm so sorry.

Whoever believes in Allah
and the Last Day and does what's right

should have nothing to fear or regret.

Jean, it's over.

- I can't see you anymore.
- What?

Check your phones.
And don't go hiring any new help.

Motherfucker called my house.
My kids were in that house.

- They have a tape of us.
- A tape?

- What... What tape?
- Of us, together, in the sack.

Go home to Paris, Jean.

- You're not safe in America.
- What?

- They'll destroy you.
- Who?

Hakim? Hakim?

Hakim, who is it?

Jean, come out here.
I want you to tell everybody.

Why don't you come out here
and wake them up, huh?

Tell everybody.

Let's tell your neighbors
you fucking a black man. They know that?

Because everybody
in my neighborhood knows.

You're not about to
fuck up this surveillance.

My students, their parents.

- She's gonna kill her.
- My own kids.

She's just making some noise.

Cat got your tongue?

Yeah, I thought so.

You stay away from my family.

She was never gonna do it.

Diego and I will be returning
to Paris tomorrow.

Thank God we were not home last night.

This is getting out of control, Jean.

You should... You should go.

In New York, when they ask me
where my husband is,

I'll make sure I let them know
that you felt safer in Paris.

You can't stand it, can you?

You can't stand that
I might be a part of something

more important than books
or articles or movies.

For God's sake, Jean.

What are you a part of,
except the end of two marriages?

They did this.

You don't get it.
Somebody told her about us.


I'm saying things
that they don't want to hear.

Do you understand?

Do you understand?

I won't stop. I won't.

Can you just stay with me
until after the premiere?


I can't do that alone.

Come to New York. Please.

Shh. Diego, shh.

Hello? Hello?

She's cute.

- You saw her?
- Oh, yeah.

Now I get why Hoover wants mics
in the bedroom.

There are no mics in the bedroom.

My ASAC was pretty specific.

Hoover likes to hear
the bedsprings creak.

She's got her kid with her.

You think
she'll be entertaining radicals

while she's got her kid with her?

Fine. It's your show.

But if I was you, I would lure them out
and put in a fuck wire,

like you're supposed to.

I appreciate you coming.

I'll stay with you
until after your premiere.

Promise me
you'll never take my son from me.

Never. You have my word.

They've tapped our phones
in Los Angeles.

I'm serious.

They're listening. I can hear
these little clicks on the line.

And they follow me.

I've seen the same repair van
out front of the house

maybe three, four times.

It's because I'm funding the Panthers.

I think it's the government.

You don't believe me.

I haven't said a word.

Try to get some rest.


I'm ready.

- Let's go.
- OK.

Get, get, get!

Get. Shh!


- Romain, please.
- What's going on?


Don't make a big deal.
I just need a few minutes.

You're going to make us late.
You have the Post in 20 minutes.

I'm sweating in this.
I'm taking a shower.

You're keeping everybody waiting.

Would you find my gold necklace?

I want you to please stay in the room.

- Why?
- I don't know what happened.

- Oh, my God!
- Jean, please.

They came in here.

I taped it. They came in here.
I taped it right before we left.

- What are you talking about?
- I taped it.

That's what I've been saying.
They came in here and killed him.

- I told you.
- Who came? Who? Who killed him?

- They killed him. I told you!
- Jean, I...

Oh, my... I can't even...

- What did you do?
- Pretty close call.

- What did you do? You killed her dog?
- Fuck you!

This isn't even my fucking case!

You killed her dog? Why, huh?
Why did you do that?


Why? Why?

- She'll know we went in.
- She won't know shit!

She'll know we fucking went in,
you stupid amateur fuck!

Fuck you, Solomon!
Fuck you, Solomon!

Thank you.


The film is a piece of shit.

- Not the right time for a musical.
- I liked it.

- Was I terrible?
- You were glorious, a huge star.

Oh, listen, Jean.
I've been meaning to ask.

Walt told me about what you were doing

for those poor colored children
at the school,

and I insist we make a contribution.

- So, what are you doing next?
- Um...

Um... I'm...

- Another Western.
- Yeah.

They're filming in Mexico.

I'm just gonna use the ladies' room.
Excuse me.

- I'll come with you.
- No. That's okay, thank you.

- Excuse me.
- Mm-hmm.

I don't know.

Her purse... Move her purse.

Her purse? You want me
to move her purse?

You want to cause a scandal?

Miss Seberg, telephone.

Please, just do it.



Miss Seberg.

I want you to stay calm.

Listen very carefully
to what I'm gonna tell you.

Who is this?


Who are you? Hmm?

- I want... I want you to...
- Who is this?

I want you to stop donations,

your association with the Panthers.

All of it. They will come after you.

They? Who's they? Who is they?

Listen to me. Listen to me.
They will destroy you.

Your reputation,

your career, your family.


Listen to me.

Fuck you.

Do you hear me?

I said fuck you.

And fuck them too.


- This is work.
- Work?

- It's none of your business.
- That's so completely messed up, Jack.

Where have you been?

I don't know where you are.

- I don't know where you go.
- I work for the federal government.

- Are you having an affair?
- No.

Those are pictures from her house, Jack.
Those are pictures from her bedroom.

Don't I have a right
to know about that?

No. You do not have a right to know.

Because I don't have a right
to tell you.

So please, Linette, do not fucking ask!

No! Stop! No, stop!

- Wait, wait, wait, wait.
- Cut!

- Who is that?
- Who?

Him. He's been staring at me.

Well, I want him gone.
He wasn't here yesterday.

Was he? I didn't see him yesterday.

All right. Let's take a break.
We'll pick it up after lunch.

I'm sorry.

Okay, but you got to have
more than that, Jack.

- What's going on with you?
- Shh.

What? You think they're listening?

Well, it's what we do.

There's things
that I've been ordered to do.

There's things that I've done that...

What kinds of things, Jack?
Because I hear all kinds of stories.

These two kids, these students,
were shot at Campbell Hall

and people on campus are saying
the FBI provoked the whole thing.

- I had nothing to do with that.
- I moved out here for your career.

I didn't move so that you could
help manipulate black kids

- into shooting each other.
- That's not what I'm assigned to do.

Then what is it?

Is it that woman?


And they're pushing her too hard

and she's coming apart

and I feel like I'm just watching.

What do they care?
She's just some actress.

It's not what she does,
it's who she does it with.

Then go to the papers.
Do it anonymously.

This is the FBI. Nobody's anonymous.

Then quit. We'll go back home.

This isn't what you signed up for.

I can't just run.

Okay, fine, but you got to ask
to be reassigned, Jack.

You can't be a part of this.

I mean, I'm losing it.

Wherever I go,
it feels like they're listening.

I told you they wouldn't let up.
You need to watch your back.

- Look, I really need to talk.
- Well, you're safe here.

I had the phones taken out months ago

right before the water
and the electricity.

I'm so sorry. I mean, this is awful.

I can't even look at it.

You never should've got involved
with me.

You're not the enemy.

There's a war against black people
in America.

You just got caught in the crossfire.

Well, now we're just gonna let them win?

Come on, this isn't your fight, Jean.
Look around.

This little lady's about to blow up
like a balloon.

- You know whose it is?
- A really sweet boy in Mexico.

I'm... I'm in my second month.

Well, there are places there
that can handle that.

I lost my husband. I've lost you.

I want this baby.

Imagine if it really was ours.

Wouldn't that be something beautiful?

But it's not, is it?

"Love, Sol?"

Private joke.

- You can't go in there. Please stop.
- Thank you. Okay, thank you.

- Are you kidding me?
- I'm so sorry.

- What the hell?
- You're out of line, soldier.

You heard the tape, the kid's not Jamal's.
This will backfire on us.

Six, seven months from now,
the evidence is right there.

The kid's not black, it's half Mexican.

Six, seven months from now,
nobody gives a shit.

It's not her husband's,
we're not in France.

We don't go for that kind of thing.

This is ridiculous.

- She's not even worth it.
- This comes from above.

Our job is to cause her embarrassment

and to cheapen her image
in the eyes of the public.

Your job
is to get the fuck off my carpet

before I bust you down a pay grade!

Now, if we put this out there,

they'll go straight to Seberg
to confirm it.

No, they won't. It's the gossip columns.

Something like this
is too good to check.

How has Monsieur Gary
taken the news?

Will he accept the child?

Is it true
the father is a black radical?


- Is it true?
- No. Those are lies.

It's not Hakim's baby.

I'm so sorry.

I came here to tell you.

And the father is who?

It's not who they say it is.

Then we'll sue them.

Diego, come on. Come on.


Stop it.

- No, no, I'm just... I...
- Please.

- S'il te plaît. Please. Please, stop.
- I've looked everywhere!

- Enough!
- I need to find it.

- There's a bug in here.
- Stop it. Enough!

- No, no, no! Careful!
- Stop it! Stop it! Listen to me!

Listen to me, baby. Listen to me.
Please, please. Please.

Jean. Jean.

Think of the baby, please.
Please stop it.

Please. Please, please!


What did you say, huh?

Am I scratching your face?

Scratch, scratch, scratch...

What is it? What's wrong?

Good morning.

My daughter, Nina Hart Gary...

is dead.

She was two days old.

I blame no one but myself for her death.

She deserved better than me.

But she did not deserve the lies
spread about her.

In Nina's memory,

I intend to sue Newsweek

for the vicious, speculative,

and libelous piece
they have recently published.

To defame somebody who speaks out

against the perceived flaws
of their government

is a type of persecution.

But it was not the press
who made me a target.

I believe one powerful institution

has been manipulated
by another far greater power.

Make no mistake,
I am not the victim in this fight.

I see that now.

We are all responsible.

We are all culpable.

I don't pretend to have the answers,
but if we refuse to accept the lies,

I believe one day,

the truth will be revealed.

Thank you.

Your friends
didn't seem so happy to see me.

It's usually on TV or behind a...

I was thinking about
what you were saying earlier.

How can I help?
How does anyone change that?

One mind at a time.

If you can change one mind,
you can change the world.

Antoine, another one.

Thank you.

Do I know you?

I'm sorry, I thought we had met.

Well, we spoke.

- In New York?
- When?

On the phone at the restaurant.

I tried to give you some advice.

You need to leave.

- I was there in your hotel room.
- No, you need to leave now.

I know what happened to your dog.

I know that you came back early
to get that necklace.

Who are you?

It doesn't matter.

We logged thousands of hours
of surveillance.

Photographs, transcripts.

Movements, conversations.

This is sick. It's making me sick.

Oh, my gosh.

"Jean Seberg has been...

a financial supporter of the BPP
and should be neutralized."


"Usual precautions will be taken
by the Los Angeles Division

to preclude identification of the Bureau

as the source of the letter
if approval is granted."


Yes, you were very cautious.

My daughter...

My daughter, she died.

- I'm sorry.
- You're sorry?

If I could take things back
or do things over,

I hope I'd do it very differently.

You deserve to know the truth.

That's not the truth. Those are lies.

- You know that.
- Yeah.

- Because you were there.
- Yes, I was.

- Every minute of it.
- Yep.

That's why I'm here now.

Do you have a family?

My wife's expecting our first.


Go home.


Take that with you.


- What's your name?
- It's Jack.