Seasons (2023) - full transcript

After a string of failed relationships, two best friends make a deal to take risks and look for love again but they might just find it in each other. - stop by if you're interested in the nutritional composition of food
Okay! Good evening, Araneta!

Good evening, everyone.

Welcome to Donnalyn's Bar and Grill
here at Roxas Boulevard.

And to those who are hungry,
dig in and order whatever you want.

And those of you who are drinking,
keep drinking till you can't anymore.

One day, the one you love will return.

They'll be right back in your arms.

Yeah, am I right?

Your one true love, they're gonna return.

Enough of that, girl! Come on!

Yeah, let's go! Let's go, come on!

Okay. Okay.

I'm going to start with an original song.

Cover is not original, please.

Yeah, play something we know. God!

Uh, you're right.
Got it. Let's do that, then.


- What about requests?
- Yeah!

Yeah, I got a request!

People always say that,

when you love someone,
you have to set them free.

But nobody talks about what happens after.


The pain...

and the huge void that is left.


They've been in your life so long.

You make the mistake of thinking
they'll be there forever...

your whole life.

But shit happens.

And that someone,
who we were always so close to...


...suddenly becomes a stranger to us.




Three years ago,
I made the worst decision of my life.

A decision so bad
that things irrevocably changed.

And went to shit.

And I mean...


See? I told you.

Platonic, my ass.

Oh, God. I'm sorry I told you.

Damn girl,
look at the mess you created.

Are you out of your mind?


I know I'm an idiot.

What were you thinking?
Are you totally crazy?

So he found out,

what are you gonna tell him?
You have to confess now, you know.

And this is what comes
from all your platonic rubbish, yeah?

Think about it, okay? Because
you're putting your friendship at risk.

Maybe you're just jealous.

Do you think Jane
stole your best friend from you?

Charlie? You still there?

Charlie? Did you hang up?
Did you even hear me?

- I've been talking this whole time.
- Okay, hear me out.

I'm not perfect.

Things happened that led me to this.

So let me tell you the story

of how I lost the only person I loved

because of my own stupidity.

Morning, Ugly.

Rise and shine.


- Come on, Ugly.
- Char, come on.

It's early.

I still need to buy a gift
for my godson. Come on.


- Out of bed.
- Ow! Stop.


You are coming
to my godson's birthday, right?

Every time you want to go home to Laguna,

automatically you want me to drive you.

Oh my God, are you complaining about this?

Well, I always pay for the tolls
and the gas by the way.

And you know there's going to be food,
so you're gonna love it.


I don't know.


I don't wanna go without you.

I can't go all by myself.

You know what'll happen.

Everyone will be seated

and then everyone
will go their separate ways.

And I'll be stuck there sitting all alone.

So? What's wrong with being by yourself?

I'm about to turn 32.32!

The clock's ticking, Ugly!

Oh, my God. Did you know

all I can think about is that by now

my husband and I
should be buying our new home

and expecting our third baby?

All my friends are leaving me behind.

Don't worry about your friend.

Don't pressure yourself
with that self-imposed timeline.

Or better yet, exit that road.

And what about you, Ugly?
Don't you want a girlfriend?

Aren't you tired of being... single?

No one to cuddle.

No one to text you, "Good morning",
"Good night", "I love you", "Did you eat?"

"Are you hungry?"

"Can I pick you up?"

Well, that's you really. And one's enough.

Ugly, the point I'm making is...

- if you want a long-term relationship...
- Oh.

...put yourself out there and not on apps.

What have you got against apps?

You're so old-fashioned.

Are you frightened that an app
is gonna take away your control?

I'm just making a point, Ugly. Right?

And maybe give Hans a chance.


Well, you said he's been asking you out
for two years, yeah?

He obviously likes you.

And I think you should go out.

Why do you keep on pushing
this Hans thing?

It must be like the seventh time
that you've said this.

Oh, please. What are you saying?
You push me into online dating, don't you?

You're just the same, Ugly.

My point is, just try real life.


I'll try. Yup.

On one condition.

Okay, I'll do what you want. I'll try it.

Yes, I'll go out with Hans.

And so, you will try a dating app,

then we can prove our points
to each other.

And if I click with Hans

out there in the great big real world...

Okay, then you will have made your point.

But if... you swipe right
and you get a spark with a perfect girl...

Then my point will be made, hm?

- Char?
- Hm?

We're, um... we're thinking of ordering out.

Do you want something to eat?

- Uh, no, thanks.
- Sure?

- Mm-hm, I'm okay.
- Uh, okay.


Um, I don't wanna order in.

But, uh, how about we eat out?

- Okay.
- Mm-hm, okay.

Hang on.

Why'd he do that?

He said,
"Your audio doesn't sound right.

It sounds like it's been dubbed over.

Next time you call for a meeting,

make sure everything's polished".

What the hell? It wasn't dubbed at all!

Oh, I know that feeling.

I had a producer,
he wanted a score, a wall-to-wall score,

but the director... The director
cut like half of everything I did.

What an asshole!

Damn, how frustrating.

But it was okay because I just used it
for a different project.


It's already been an hour.

- Should we go?
- Let's go.

- Oh, hang on.
- Ah?



- Good to go.
- Thanks very much.

- Hi! What's up?
- Oh, how are you?

So good to see you.

Here, I got you a piece

even if no one else is eating.

I've been looking at this
since we arrived.

Yeah, I got you some because I know
carrot cake is your favorite.

Uh, jeez, this is eye-opening.
It looks like raising a family

is expensive.

What happened?
You've already changed your mind?

Last week you were, "I wanna settle down."

Now you've changed your mind.

Oh, my God. It's so hard to know.

What do I want?

Lord, please help me.


So good.

So good!


So I ended up going out with Hans.

- Really?
- Mm.

- You finally went out?
- Mm.

Congrats, Ugly.

So, come on, I was right.

It was good. Your turn.


You know our deal, I did mine,
so now it's your turn.

Time for you and online dating.


That's a PDA!

Come on, stop!

You've gotta open your mouth
a little bit more.

What's with that?

- Look at them.
- What?

You two are so close.

- Come on.
- Ah, before we continue...

I have to ask something.

Have you ever, ah,
sexy time with each other?

Just between us.

Uh, ha! No!

That was just one time.

But we realized after that,
that it just wasn't for us.

It was too gross,
we're just platonic, yeah.

We realized that then.

Shels, you knew?


What on earth was that?

Oh, shut up! It was one drunken night
and we were just wasted.

And it was super hot.

Kurt just broke up with,
hm, Joana.

And I just broke up with...

Uh, who was that again?

Anyway, we were both sad, AKA horny.

So there you have it! We did it!

So you were drunk?

Oh, but I swear! Only one time!
One time, right?


Oh, my God! We had sex!

We had sex. Oh, my God!

Oi! Say something.

When we woke up the next day,
besides the hangover,

it was so weird.

Oh, Ugly, why did we do it?

Oh my God, when we got up...

That must've been crazy.

Like, whoa.

- Oh, that. Okay.
- Come on, keep playing.

Like that...

Whatever. Stop it!

- Look! Check it out.
- This is great.

Minimalist, yeah?

Over here, we could have
like a full band setup.

- Or even just a stool.
- This is nice.

Solo acoustic grand opening.

Idiot, you know you don't even have
to ask. Of course I will.

And at the opening,
I need an extra mouth to feed.


- Well, I won't eat breakfast.
- Okay.

'Cause I need to finalize the menu.

And I want you to taste the food first.

Who's that?

Oh, Hans. I think he wants to go out.

- So...
- Oh. Then, answer him.

Oh, right. Sorry. You were saying?

I'll try your dating app.

For real? You're serious?

Oh my God, I'm so excited!

- Give me your phone and I'll help you...
- Hang on, hang on.

- On one condition.
- Ugh, what's the problem?

Ugly, this is hard for me.

You know I've swallowed my pride.

I'm so happy.


- Okay, make me an account.
- I'm trying.

And find me the perfect lady.

I promise I'll go on a date.
And if there isn't any kind of spark,

well, then I'll know
my ideal woman isn't on your app.

Anything else?

Well, it's your thing, isn't it?

So do your magic and prove me wrong.

We have to upload a photograph.
And it has to be bad,

so that they can love you for who you are.

Okay, so stick out your tongue.


Yes, I'm the one who's handling this.

Kurt? Well, it's a poser account.

I'm Kurt's best friend
and he wants me to handle it.

Oh, I... Hello?

Yes? Huh?



Oh, okay. On my way.

Oh, my God!

My name is Jona.

I'm Alice.

I'm Drea.


Why did you agree to meet me
even though it's a poser account?

- I'm curious.
- Well, I really appreciated

when you came like clean.
I mean, for me, that's a plus, yeah.

'Cause it's exciting.

Kurt looks like he's responsible.

I feel like he's made it, yeah?

Something I look for in a husband.


I'm a very simple girl.

We can hang out and chill.
And then, you know...

we'll watch K-dramas and stuff.

Oh, my God.

I feel like the stars are all aligned.

I don't like guys who are 5'5" or smaller.

He's 5'7", isn't he?

So, you know...

my mom wants to make sure he's taller.

And you understand,
the whole family needs to be happy.

I can cook rabbits,

rats, and snakes.

Your hand says
you're gonna have three children.


Well, Chloe doesn't even know her dad.

Look after your lifeline, alright?

And you know, you can drink your pee
if there's nothing else.

Are you okay?


I can't even...
I can't. I can't even...

And here is your carrot cake, ma'am.

Good morning, sir.

What can I get for you today?

Hello! Waiter!

Yes, ma'am?

Who made this?

Ah, yes! That's our bestseller.

And it's our boss who's our head baker.

Please tell me your boss is a woman.

- Please!
- Uh, there she is at the counter.

Madam Jane.

There she is.

The perfect girl for Kurt.

His "lifetime" partner.

I didn't find her on a dating app,
but it's fine.

I'll find a way.

What's her full name?

Oh, it's Jane Montemayor.

She's been running
her café restaurant for five years,

and she already has
another branch in the south.

Imagine, Kurt, 28 years old,
she's just 28 years old!

It's impressive, no?

Mm-hm. And does she know
I'm five years older than she is?

What? What's the problem
with you being five years older?

Why would she agree to meet you
if it was a problem for her?

It's okay, truly.


Um, Ugly, it will be fine.
But here's the best news.

Her carrot cake... so amazing.

Ugly, you know my carrot cake
standards are high.

I know.
I know all about your standards.

I'm so proud, it's like way, way, way
above your standards for carrot cake.

You really like her, huh?

I'm just proud of myself
'cause I found you the perfect girl.

The perfect girl, the best carrot cake,

- you're so lucky.
- Is she free this weekend?

- This weekend?
- Mm-hm.

I'm excited to meet this perfect woman.

Uh, of course she is!

She's free this weekend.


She'll be there.

- What are you talking about?
- Are you excited?

Of course, I'm excited.

Come on, we'll sit.

You sit there.

- Ugly. Ugly!
- Hm?

- She won't stand me up, will she?
- What? Why would she?

Chill. Besides, she said 7:00 to 7:15.

She might be busy in the kitchen.

Okay. Okay, fine.

Uh, should I order?

- Like drinks or something?
- Mm... Mm-hm.

Okay then.

Thank you.

Hello, good evening.

I'll have, uh...


Uh, hold on. Thanks.

Uh... uh... Hi!


The best.

As in, the best carrot cake in the world.

Oh, I'm glad you like it.

How many carrot cakes do you have left?


I think we still have eight.


Yes, it's our most popular,

so we bake a lot of them.

- Give me all eight.
- All eight?

- On one condition.
- Huh?

That you have a cup of coffee
with my best friend, Kurt.

- What?
- Ten minutes!

I promise, ten minutes only.

- Jane, just ten minutes.
- Wait, uh, how do you know my name?

Uh... uh, funny story.


So I was here, um, um,
about last week or so.

And I told him
your carrot cake was the best.

The best carrot cake in the world,

so I asked for your name.

And then I found you on social media.

So please...

he's a good guy, I promise.

The best guy in the world.
I... I promise you

as in like the best guy.

Ten minutes,

a coffee, that's it really.

Trust me.




- Sorry.
- No, it's fine. I understand.

Hm, too busy, huh?

I'm so great.

I'm the greatest.


You're the most!

I know.

Your friend is quite something,
I'm like what?


Oh, Ugly...

At last, you met the one.

Who knew that from here,

it was all downhill for me...

and Kurt.

- Hi, Ugly!
- Oh, you're here, huh?

Well, I texted you,
although it looked like

you were just far too busy with Jane.

Hm, I wonder why?

How was the date?

What's that smell?

I cooked, but I haven't eaten.

Hm, what's up?

You forgot to mention an important detail.

So, what'd you buy?

Don't change the subject, you liar.

Oh, but it was good, right?

So good you bought eight of them.


But I was right.

Tell me I was.

Yes, you were right.
The carrot cake was delicious.

Not about that! Come on!

I'm talking about you and Jane.

Come on, spill the beans.

There were sparks,
and fireworks everywhere, right?

You're soul mates, like B1 and B2.

So did Jane pass? Did I win? I won, right?

Hey, Jane wasn't on your list
of perfect girl applicants.

Besides, you just found her.
She wasn't even on your dating app.

Wait! But she was on the dating app!

It's just that you two
didn't find each other,

until I helped you. You're welcome.

So, second date?

Tell me!

I'm taking a shower.

You're such a jerk!

- I'm taking a shower.
- Come on, tell me.

- Come on!
- Go eat first.

Please! Come on, Ugly!

What happened? I want all the details!







Oh! Yeah, okay.


Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! What?

Hey, wow! You weren't looking at all.


Ah! Yes! Ah!

I got it! Oh, wow!

First time.

Ten tickets!

Oh, yeah!

- Oh!
- Yeah, baby!

Come on! Come on!

- One last time.
- Last.

Whoa! Yeah!

- Come on! Come on!
- Here, take that!

- You got lucky!
- Yes!

One, two...








The subscriber cannot
be reached, please try again later.


And my little cousins were there,

and like, they're like, "da, da, da, da,"
jeez, they can run around.

Oh, they are full on.

And my grandfather was like...



Oh, sorry, we're just getting coffee.

Mm-hm, we're on our way back. Yes, boss.

The director needs us.

So I have a question. Where is Baby Kurt?

Yeah, it's weird he didn't drive you.

I don't know.

Um, um... He's at the bar a lot.
That might be the reason.

- Mm.
- Busy at the bar.

- Mm.
- He must be busy, right?

Ah... Hm...

I thought it would be because he's out
with Jane all the time these days.

- Um, have you seen Kurt?
- Yes, ma'am. He's over here.

Oh. Oh, thanks.

- So could you follow it up, please?
- Yeah, yeah.

- 'Cause it might not get here on time.
- Sure.

- Ugly.
- Okay. Thank you, thank you.

Thank you.

- Char.
- Hi, Ugly.

Have you eaten yet?

Uh, yeah. But bring it on.

- Ugly...
- Careful.

The premiere of our film
is on this weekend.

You're still coming along, right?

If you want, you can bring Jane.

- This weekend?
- Yes. On Saturday.


Is that a yes?

I'll need to check.


It's becoming hard to invite you out.

Well, it's crunch time, you know.


Oh, did you hear?
V was rushed to the hospital

for an emergency C-section today.

Huh? How is she?

No, she's fine. I think it went well.

I don't really wanna go straight away,
she should relax.

Um, I heard it's a three or four-day
recovery period for a C-section.

We'll visit in a day or two.


Oh, I almost forgot that you can't go
anywhere these days

because you're just so damn busy.

Who is it?

It's work.

It's work, my ass.

Is it Jane?


Yeah, Char, the opening...

Don't forget, you are playing.

Of course I am,
I already said I would, didn't I?

- How many songs?
- Up to you.

A whole concert if you like.

Go, Char!

Okay! Okay! Whoa!


Okay, okay. Come on, you guys.

There's more to come.

But calm down, everyone,
because I can't, um...

I can't keep up with your energy levels
tonight, everybody.

Okay, so... any requests?

- I can play anything you want!
- Something sad.

- A sad song?
- Sing a sad song for the broken heart!

We got a broken heart in this corner.

This song is for you. Okay.

All right. Here we go.

- Oh, finally, we're meeting Jane.
- Hey.

And how about you, Shelby?

Can you tell the difference
between mechado and afritada?

FYI. There are peas in afritada.

- Babe, shut up.
- That's caldereta.

Oh, my God.

Why are we talking
about mechado versus afritada?

Well, I agree, it causes confusion.

That's one of the reasons
I prefer to bake.

Because it's easy to tell the difference
between chocolate cake and vanilla cake.


- White is different to brown.
- Okay. Wait, wait, wait.


We've been hearing, from a little birdie,
that your carrot cake is so good

that Char set you up
with our Baby Kurt here.

So do tell us, spill the beans.

Yes! My eternal gratitude, Ugly.

Well, it's a good thing she said yes.

She wasn't even on the list
of Charlie's poser account of love.

She was so persistent.

Well, how can you say no when she
bought eight boxes of that carrot cake?

Oh, big spender, Cha.
Just to get Jane to say yes.

So what's the deal?

Is it a yes or a yes?

Come on, spill the beans.

We're all friends here.


Yes. Friends.

We're just, you know,
enjoying each other's company.

He's enjoying it so much
that he forgets to reply to my texts.

Ooh! Uh, how about we ask
Hans and Charlie, right?

Uh, so... Hm?

Spill the beans, you two.

Uh, actually I was about to, uh...

Uh, Charlie?

- Oh, my.
- Oh, my God.

- Charlie, are you okay?
- Hans, Hans, I got it.


Hey, do something.

Oh, damn.
Charlie's at it again.

Shelby, did she puke a lot?

- Ahh...
- Shels...

Yeah! There's an awful lot of it
down there.

Hey, don't worry. They'll clean up.

Have you forgotten already?

You made a promise.

You promised my father.

You, sir, made a promise
and this is a big deal.

You made a promise, Ugly!

You promised! You promised!

You made a promise.

That promise wasn't a random thing.

It's something from Kurt

that I held on to my whole life.

It's something he gave to me
the night we first met...

more than 15 years ago.

Come here.
I'll introduce you to my dad.

Hi, Daddy.

How are you?

I brought my friend.

This is...

What's your name again?

- Kurt.
- Right, this is Kurt, Daddy.

Daddy, this is Kurt. Kurt, this is my dad.

He's my newfound friend. He's Kurt.

He's like my new best friend.

And he's never gonna leave me.


Am I right? Come on, tell my dad.

Go on.
Don't embarrass me in front of my dad.

I promise I will not leave Charlie.


He's not like you and Mommy. He won't go.

- Right?
- That's right.

He wants assurance.


Okay, listen.

Uh, raise your right hand.

Let's go.

Here we go. "I..."

Kurt. Kurt Marcial Santos...

- " solemnly swear..."
- solemnly swear...

"...upon the ashes of the father

of Charlie Sofia Manansala."

...upon the ashes of the father of Charlie...


...Sofia Manansala.

- "That I will never ever leave her..."
- I will never ever leave her...

" matter... no matter the trials
and challenges that life presents us,

I won't work overseas, I won't die.

And I will never be like Jen.

I'll be here forever,
no matter the circumstances.

I promise never ever to leave her."

It's your turn, repeat it, jerk.

Sorry. It was too long to remember.

Daddy Bert, I promise
I will never leave Charlie.

- Say all of it!
- Oh, my God!

Why does it have to be such a big,
long promise?

And now,

it looks like I'm on the verge
of suffering from a broken promise,

and I'm all to blame.

I know.

Oh, boy.




We're friends now? How nice.

- Hi!
- Hi.

I brought something for you.

May I come in?

Sorry, I'm still hungover. Come in.

- You just sit down.
- Thank you.

- I'll make it for you, okay?
- Okay.

Mm, go on.

They're mostly near the sink. Thanks.

What did you bring?

Homemade sinigang with watermelon.

Oh, yum. Thank you.


- Eat it while it's hot.
- Oh, my God.

I also brought some drip coffee.


Oh, it's good.

I also brought you some drinks
to rehydrate.

Thank you.

- I'll put them in here.
- Go ahead.

Wow. You're so organized.

What I'm not able to do with my own life,
I do in my house.

Ooh, cynical.


Do you and I still have a chance?

When it seemed like
you'd finally noticed me

after years of being invisible to you.

You know, that felt good.

I was so happy. I thought...

maybe this is it.

But, uh, last night...

Uh, well, it...

it was like, once again,

you didn't see me.

It was like I didn't exist.

I know.

I should have seen this coming.

My mother told me
that all men are one of three types.

There's the fling guy. He'll come
when it's cold outside or raining.

The type of guy who shows up in summer.

Yeah, and uh, quarterly, annually,
Christmas, and Valentine's Day.

And you call that guy a season.

Okay, everybody,
please take your seats.

Make sure you have your pencil,
paper, and art materials with you.

Our models have agreed
to pose for 30 minutes each

so you guys can have
more time to polish your work.

Which part of "you don't have to come"
don't you understand?

It's a surprise, dumbass!

And I'm wondering what you don't
understand about this.

Because it's our monthiversary
and I'm here to celebrate with you.

Fuck monthiversary! Are you a child?

Say that once more.

- Never mind. You just don't get it.
- Artists, let's continue.

Okay, fine, but months down the track,

I don't want to hear you saying

that you never saw me
make much of an effort, right?

You're grumbling about my support now,
but I bet you'll be like,

"She never makes an effort, does she?"

I'm sorry if you're looking
that far ahead.

But this was never gonna be serious.

You're fun, Charlie,
but I think we're done.

Three months, no?
January, February, March, April...

I beat you!

Pay up! Three months, I won!

You want payment now?

You know I'm brokenhearted.

I even made a big ridiculous scene.

I'm so embarrassed.

Oh, I'm so stupid.

Sorry's all you can say?

When you know I gave you
three months of my life.

Give me that.

I mean, wasted three months!

This is for our second monthiversary!

Third monthiversary!

And I'm not gonna say sorry

that I wasted three months of your life!

Ooh, and you better fix that!
It's not even that big.

And the cold champagne shower

appears to have made it look even smaller.

Keep it real, asshole.
Peace out.

Do you know what I realized?

That he never cared for me at all!

I was going all out with giving
and giving. But I got nothing in return.

God damn it, I'm so tired.

So tired.

Perhaps, you should take a break.

You're acting like there's no more fish
in the sea.

Be kind.

I was excited.

Excited to meet my lifetime partner.

The thing is, he doesn't seem
to be looking for me.

How do I find him
if he's not looking for me?

I need rice.


Okay, okay.
Let's buy something with rice.

- Okay, but your treat.
- Yeah, let's go eat.

So, Ed,

what category did he fall under?

"A season."

I dated him because it was... it was nice
to have someone on Valentine's Day.

People come into your life

and you love them intensely.

Oh my God, you love them so so much

but then,

when it's over,
you look back and you see how

and why it didn't work out.

You know who my favorite was?


The first guy.

- Jonas.
- Jonas.

He was one of my favorites too.

He was my first in a lot of things.

The first time I ever held hands.

And our second summer together,

my first kiss.

But I should've known.

The third summer, I waited for him.

I didn't like any other boys
the whole year.

I thought perhaps the following summer
we might finally do it.

But I never saw him again.
He got someone pregnant.

And there I was,
excited to go to second base,

and all he wanted was a home run.

I was so heartbroken. But at least...

Skip the details, please.

You've told me that a million times,

how you and him did it at the beach.
Enough already.

Do you know what I think is funny?

- That you were so invested in Tuneng.
- Uh-oh.

And you went around trying to find him
the whole following summer.

And you came along with me.

Hey, Ugly, I'm your best friend.

You just say where and when,
and I'll be there.

Aw, I'm so touched. I'm so touched, Ugly.

Uh, you know the one I disliked the most...


That boss of yours.

Wait a minute.

- Get out of the way!
- Ha, careful!

Yes, it was a mistake
falling for my boss.

Who was married.

Lesson learned. Don't go dancing
with anyone but your darling.

So what category was Nicko?

"A reason."

I learned a lot from that experience.

The third one is the most special.

And the most elusive.

The lifetime partner.

The one who's forever.

I thought Alab was going to be
my lifetime partner.

Honestly, I could never keep up
with his lifestyle and image.

Hey. I was a vegan
for a year and a half, you know.

Cheating aside?

Although, near the end of it,
I did realize something was up.

He wouldn't go down on me.

Because of his religion, he said.

Oh, I get it,
vegans don't eat living things.

Sounds like an excuse to me.

Eh! So when he decided to go up
the mountains for the Nights of Babaylan,

I said, "Go. Yeah, whatever you like.
I really don't care."

I was fine with being a vegan.

Except you can't not give me the orgasms

that I love more than anything.

It was a cult! He was crazy.

You're right, Ugly. It was a cult.

A lifetime.

I was blind.

I didn't realize...

that I was looking for my lifetime partner

in all the wrong places.

But I should've been looking... the person right in front of me.


- What's that?
- Nothing, nothing.




Let me explain.

I can drive you home.


- I'll leave.
- No, you stay!

Damn it, Char!

- Why are you in my house?
- I was trying to surprise you.

How was I meant to know
you were having sex tonight?

Meant to know?

Do you understand
that this is not your place?

What the hell, Charlie?

You didn't even text or call to see
if it was okay to come over.

But why?

It was never an issue before.

Yeah, before, Char.

Why's it all changed?


How come it's all different?

Why are you here?

I'm here...

because I miss you.


You used to be my best friend.

You used to update me every day.

I used to know what was going on with you.

But now...

what's happened to us lately?

What are you and Jane?


What do you think?

Am I crazy?

I know we've only known each other
five months, but...

Char, I'm certain.

I'm so certain
of what I feel for Jane.

I wanna be with her always.

I'm pregnant!


Wait, what?

- I'm pregnant.
- Uh, you're pregnant?

Pregnant? How did this happen, Char?

When? Who? Who was it?

Uh, JK his name is.

Who's JK?

I wanted to introduce you,

I couldn't, because, um...

lately, I can't get a hold of you.

- Oh, fuck.
- It was...

- like a one-night stand, so I...
- One night?

Well, no, not a one-night stand. It was...

um, four-night stands, but...
but with feelings.

And there was one time, I didn't...
well, we didn't use a, you know...

and well, I kind of got pregnant.

I don't know what to do.

God, Char. My God.

- How could you be so irresponsible?
- I know! I know!

- But it's happened now and I'm scared.
- Yes, yes. Okay, wait.

- Uh, how far along are you?
- I... I don't know.

And have you told JK yet?

- No, no, no.
- Why didn't you tell him?

- Wait. Just wait, wait.
- Or is it that he doesn't want to take

- responsibility?
- I'm so confused!

- Damn this asshole!
- Please, I'm so confused.

I don't know anymore.
Can we just take it easy?



I'm sorry. I didn't know.

- Okay, relax.
- Okay.

What... what do you want to do?

- Uh...
- Hm?

I don't know. Maybe, tell him?

- Ugly?
- Okay. Okay.

We'll go and talk.

- Okay.
- So where is he?

Um... Ilocos.

Yeah, that's it.

- Of course, Ilocos. Ilocos.
- Mm-hm.

He's in Ilocos.

Uh, North or South?

I think...

it was the North.
He went home to the North.


Ugly, you come with me, okay?

- Please.
- Of course. Of course.

Right now,

- you might be thinking...
- I don't want to go alone.

Well, it's your own fault, Charlie.

I know.

And I paid the price for it.

I told you I'm not perfect,

but who is?

I wanted him to realize that...

I'm his lifetime partner.

- I hoped he would see that I'm the one...
- Let's stay here.

...he should spend the rest
of his life with.

Sir and Madam,

we have an available room,
but it only has one bed.

I loved him.

I always did.

Is it okay if I sleep here?

Of course.

Is it okay with Jane?


How long did you tell her?

A week.

I guess that's fine with her.

Maybe, that'll be long enough
for us to track down JK.

Is it okay with you?

Don't worry about that.

It's probably not great, uh,
for you and the baby.

Besides, I'm your Ugly, right?




Please will you tell me...

what... what happened?

With Jane, you mean?


I want to hear everything,
because I feel like I missed it. You know?

All of a sudden, you and her.

I'm so sorry,
I was distracted and I didn't tell you.

So here it is.

Video calls. Then we had a second date.

A Third.



That's how it happened.


I fell in love with Jane.

In love?

How did you know it was love?

How can you be sure?

I just am.

But how?

Well, she's...

my unexpected journey and...

thanks to you I'm in love.

You're welcome.

I feel like...

I'm a...

brand new person when I'm with her.

The person I wanted to be.

I feel...

a lot better with her.

Jane has a magic that...

makes me want to be more.

Do more, not just for myself,
but for her as well.

For our future.

That's what I love about her.

She makes me feel...


Good night, Char.

Good night.

Yeah, ask her.
I think it'd be a really good idea.

- Hey!
- Don't you think?

- Good morning, Char. You ready?
- I am.

Oh, hey. Newfound friends, Elton and Olga.

- Hey, nice to meet you.
- Hello.

My best friend, Charlie.

Nice to meet you.

Uh, sorry, we got to go.


Hope to see you in the morning.

What's going on?

They've, uh, invited us glamping

- for one night.
- Yeah.

Thanks, but we've got stuff
we gotta do, yeah?

We could go glamping
and take a different route.

And we can ask some locals
and we might be able to find him.

- Hm, that'd be great.
- Great.

So see you 7:00 a.m., breakfast,

cappuccino, and then we'll leave.

Great, great.

- All right, see you.
- See you.

- Have a good day.
- Bye.

- How did we end up glamping?
- I don't know.

So you don't have his phone number?
Or contacts or social media?


No pictures?

Mm, they're on my old phone.

Okay, you had sex four times
with slight feelings.

And so what else do you know about him?

Uh, I'm trying to remember.

He's a photographer.


he said he wanted to go back home

since Manila had become so toxic.

Okay, can you describe him?

How would I describe him...

Uh, about 5'9 ", 5'10".

- Tanned.
- His nose?

- He has big eyes.
- Nose?

Um, uh, a little sharp.

- Okay, what else?
- Tattoos. Uh, Koi fish.

Uh, writing, a dragon.

Uh, yeah.


Are you headed back soon?

- Yeah, just a few more days.
- All right, I miss you.

I miss you too.

Take care driving, okay?
You don't know those roads.

All right. Take care.

I will. You too.

Bye, bye.

Bye. I love you.

I love you too.

How's Jane?

She just wants to know our progress.

She wants you to come home?

No, she's okay.

Kurt, you know, uh...

I'm sorry.


What for?


I can't believe that I dragged you
into this.

I am really sorry.

I'm such an idiot.



I wanted to come here and help you, okay?


You're just trying to make up
'cause you've been a... absent best friend

for such a long time.

Okay. You're right.

But also...

I wanna be here for you.

I missed you, Ugly.

Oh, hey, look at that.

Oh, cool, they're here.

- Good morning!
- Okay, guys, let's go!

These windmills
look really powerful up close.

You know, miss,
these windmills have powers too.

If you want to say something to someone,
but can't say it directly,

because maybe that person is away
or you're too embarrassed to say it,

just whisper it to the windmills, miss.

And I'm sure,
your message will reach that person.

Wow, that's so cool.

So you're saying,
I can send a message from here?

Yes, that's right, sir.


And it is said that sometimes,

the windmills will pass up
secret thoughts and feelings.

I guess now is the best time to confess.

Oh, hey!

I love you, Rose! I'm going
to propose the next time I see you!

You're supposed to just whisper it!

Oh, jeez.

I want him to realize that it's me.

I am his lifetime partner.

I hope that he sees it should be me.

That I'm the one he should spend
the rest of his life with.

I loved him.

I always have.

- Do you love him?
- Hm?

Uh... um... K-Kurt?


Kurt's my best friend.

But do you love him?

Let's put it this way.

After this whole trip,
we might not see each other again.

So you can tell me anything.

And I'm getting
this different kind of vibe from you.

Like you're full of apprehension.

And I think it's best
if you just let it all out.

And I promise,

your secret will be safe with me.


It's a shame they're missing this.

How'd you know?

The windmill whispered to me.

May I?


Oh, dear.


This lie that you've been
keeping from Kurt...

Get in.


Put your head back inside.

You might get hit by something.

I don't want to go back without you.

Aren't you frightened?

That's a really steep fall.

- One wrong step...
- And you'll die.

It feels like I've already got
one foot in the grave.

I've heard in a life and death situation,
that, um...

your mind flashes through all
the important events of your life.

What'll I see, I wonder.

I'll see... the day we met.

- Don't react, just pretend you like me.
- What? Why?

That's my favorite memory.

I'm sure it's what I'll see
in my last moments.

One of my most important memories.

The day we met.

And you?


I suspect that you'll be
in whatever flashback I have.

I expect nothing less.

I can't imagine my life without you in it.

You are my constant.

Sorry, you can't get a signal.

And that you can't contact Jane.

I'm sorry too, Ugly.

We couldn't locate JK.

I like it here.

Right here, right now.

It's a bit like being stuck in time.

Like the world has stopped turning.

You won't be alone anymore.

You're having a child.


Are you still scared?

Of what?

Of a brand new chapter in your life.

I'm scared of everything.

Scared as hell.

You know, in case, uh...

we can't find JK...

Or if we do find him
and he won't take responsibility,

I promise you,

I won't let you be alone, Ugly.

I'll never ever leave you,
like I promised your dad.

I'll always be here.

- Hi, Ugly.
- Hi, Ugly.

- You look less stressed.
- Hm.

What are you looking at up there?

You see that?

The three stars in a line...

I call them, The Three Marias.


Uh, I don't see them.

Look, one, two...


There's something you need to know.

Kurt... I, uh...





Are you okay?

Is the baby okay?

I saw the blood.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry.

I'm not pregnant.

I know it was a terrible thing
to do to you.

Please understand that I was...

I was desperate, Kurt.

Ugly, I couldn't stand seeing you
with somebody else.

And I realized that...

I want to be the only one
who makes you smile.

I wanna be the one you joke with.

The only one that you truly, truly need.

All these years
I was looking for my lifetime partner...

I wish I realized sooner, that I...

That you're it.

I realize that now.


That's why I... I don't want you to be with...

Uh, look, I'm sorry.

I... I know it was selfish. I know it was.

I don't even know why I...
I was crazy with worry

that I'd lose you forever.
And then you said,

you were getting married to Jane and I...

I just wanted us to spend
some time together.

Ugly, please. Please, listen to me.

I love you.

I always did.

The subscriber cannot
be reached, please try again later.

Uh, shit.


Ugly, could you open the... Hi!


Uh, is... is Kurt here?

No, there's no Kurt living here.

Just me.


Oh, sorry to bother you.

Thanks, anyway.

- See you.
- Sure.

He probably thought that...
I mean, it was like you said.

You just got really confused...

He's gonna be okay.



I know you're there.

I was hoping we could talk.

I know I'm the one who caused this mess.

But I'll do anything. Anything.

Whatever you want.

Just... just please forgive me.

I'll understand if you don't want
to talk to me anymore.

I really will...

I just need you to tell me is all.

I just need to know.

I'm sorry.

I'm so sorry for what I did to you.

Goodbye, Charlie.

You need a new hobby.

How about trying pottery
or watching K-dramas?

You know you can't be like that forever.


And now, here I am.

Looking back at regret.

My own nightmare is catching up with me.

I thought I'd moved on already.

But when I saw him tonight, I knew...

this is so far
from being a closed chapter.



I'm getting married, Char.

Um, oh, getting married?

I, uh, thought you had already.

But, uh... congrats.

Congrats to you and Jane.

Not Jane.



Who then?

It's Bianca.

Do you remember Ambo?

He was...

uh, manager of the bar.

She's his best friend, an architect.

She found me when I was a mess.

How come you're here?

Because Kurt...

I'm okay now.

I'm in a... good place.

Your visit is unfair.

I worked hard to be in a good place.

And, um...

it wasn't easy.

And I'm back in that shitty place now.

My life, again in turmoil.

I mean, what's it been? Three years?

Three years of trying to move on from...

Look, Char. I'm sorry.

I just felt like I needed to see you.

I'm about to get married and...

I felt like I wanted
to tell my best friend.

This is awkward.

I'm not crying because of you.

I'm crying because I'm starving.

Are you still working in post-production?

Mm-hm. Mm.

I am. Uh, but in another office.

It's still in that area,
just a different place.

And you, um... You at the bar?

I shut it down.

After a year, I wasn't getting a return,
so I let it go.

We're in franchising now.

- Mm. Ha! Isn't that good as well?
- Yeah, so far.

- It's me and Bianc's. Hm.
- Mm.

- Shit, I really said that?
- Mm-hm.

And you even said to the teacher,

"Hey, Jenny, don't they come in threes?"

Oh my God, I'm an embarrassing drunk!

Ah well, you invent a lot of stories.

Invent stories?

Um, what story did I invent?


The one where we had sex.

I didn't invent that.

Sorry, but it wasn't true.


Oh, shit. What are you doing, dumbass?

I'll get you some clothes.

No way?




Thanks to that, I now need a beer.

All right.

But, uh, no sex, okay?

Fuck you.

So, um...


Yes. Bianca.

What is she like?

Oh, you're interested?

Of course, I'm interested, Kurt.

You're getting married.

That doesn't happen every day.

Well, um...

she's two years older than us.



She has a very dry, dark sense of humor.

Sometimes it seems offensive,
but uh, she doesn't mean it.

Like, how?

Okay, so we went
to her grandmother's funeral.

And you know that visitors' book?

And in it, people write, uh, messages?

Mm, yeah, with the name and details
of the deceased.

Yeah, yeah.

So we were in line with her aunt,

and her aunt
was just about to sign her name.

And Bianca says, "You know it's a raffle

and if you win, you'll be the next to go."

- That's great.
- Yeah. You two will get along really well.

You told her about me?



What did she say?

You really wanna know?

That you're really stupid
for letting me go.

So stupid.

Thank you.

I love you.

Mistakes and regret are painful,

but it's never too late
to begin a new chapter.