Season of Treason (1966) - full transcript



Production and Planning:
Koji Wakamatsu

Atsushi Yamatoya, Yozo Tanaka

Cinematography: Hideo Ito
Lighting: Hajime Isogai

Music: Masahiko Sato
Editing: Kansuke Guryu

Recording: Toyoko Fujita
Assistant Director: Yozo Tanaka


Yuzo Tatekawa
Juri Taniguchi

Mikio Terashima
Shigeo Sone, Yumiko Ichinose

Hachiro Tobita, Koji Mori
Saburo Nakatani

Fumiko Tanaka, Mitsue Fujita
Kyoko Hagi, Tamami Wakahara

Haruhiko Kai
Patrick Henry, Ban Chu Nguyen

Hatsuo Yamatani
Miharu Shima

Production Cooperation:
Koji Wakamatsu

Directed by:
Atsushi Yamatoya

He just fell asleep.

Understandable, considering he
just came back from the war.

Where are we?

Did you wake up?
We're at Shinbashi.

- I'm getting off.
- Hey, hey!

Sorry about that.

- Are you seeing a woman?
- That's right.

Were you going out?

You sure got older, huh?

I just returned home.

What is wrong with me?
I never thought I'd react like this.

I'm going to get tea for you.

I just came back.

I came back straight from
the battlefield.

I have an appointment, but I
need to get you tea, at least.


Why aren't you asking?

Why don't you ask about him?

Just try and ask.
I will answer.

I will answer anything you ask.

You fool!

You fool, you fool!
You damn fool!

You're horrible!
Horrible, horrible!

You're horrible!


This is just like that time.

Neither of you should
have come back.

- You should have died.
- Shush!

I saw you being shot and dying.

But it was only a dream...

I cried a whole lot...

Damn it!

When the time came to put
on the military uniform,

I bet you dressed up so loosely.

Was it hot?


I see...

It was hot.

The uniform was damp and heavy,

and it smelled bad.

It was impregnated with the stench
of the dead and gun powder.

Death bringers like gangrene,
dysentery and tetanus,

they aren't picky.

Listen carefully,
Hasegawa died.

With a shot.
With a single shot, he died.

He didn't even let out a scream.

Three steps ahead of me,
he slowly got down.

And that was it.

He was shot from 20 meters away.

By a 15 year-old Vietcong boy.

The negro sergeant said to me,

"Tani, I avenged him."

Give me a break, will you?

I came here to talk about everything.

But, as soon as I saw you,
I didn't know how to express myself,

I got frustrated.

I got really angry.

I felt I had to do it until the end.

I really thought that.

Don't tell anyone that Hasegawa died.
Because it's dangerous.

He had taken a job from a
certain intelligence agency.

Conveniently, he doesn't have
any parents or relatives.

He was killed like a dog.

Without anyone throughout
Japan knowing.

Are you telling me to not
say anything about it?

However, I had to tell you.

I could never sleep with you
without telling you about him.

But I ended up sleeping with
you before doing that.

Please, kill me before the
sun rises tomorrow.

I'm asking you.

Homemade food is the most delicious.
Please, make me more.

Are you still teaching at
the dressmaking school?

- That's correct.
- Aren't you late?

I took a day off today.

Is that so?


Oh my, both the wife and
husband are at home.

Here is my business card. Do you have
a moment to talk about insurance?

There's a saying that goes,

"The fairest flowers soonest fade..."

- Car accidents don't happen only to men.
- Shut up, will you?

So, please, take a look at this.
Have a good day.

He called you my wife.

- I'm tired.
- But stay with me for a bit longer.

You want to keep me in your
woman-smelling room?

Yes, I haven't dated
anyone in a year.

I have no intention on
listening to you, though.

- I'm serious.
- Hasegawa loved you.

- That's right!
- Hey!

I showed him.

A photo from when we slept together.
The one on my bulletproof charm.

If I remember correctly, I took it
right before leaving to Vietnam.

It was my first time taking nudes,
so they weren't my best work.

Stop it!

Everyone has a bulletproof charm.
The G.I. are straightforward, you know.

Why did you show him?

He was downhearted.

He didn't have anything
like that.

I told him to look at it
and think of you.

- Oh, I hate it.
- How is that possible?

Didn't he know how your
body looked like?

He didn't even noticed it was you.
My goodness!

I couldn't believe he was so
clueless about his own woman.

Your face wasn't that visible, though.

Stop already!

He immediately pictured your
smiling face on that amulet.

Listen to me!
I'm talking about serious things here.

Pitfalls on the ground, skilled
Vietcong snipers on trees,

poisonous bugs everywhere
in the jungle.

On the fields, we were masturbating
together looking at your nude photo.

Let's break up.

Please, come in.

Let's get right into it.
Did you bring it?


This is indeed what I
gave to Mr. Hasegawa.

- Did he have anything to tell us?
- No.

How did you get this?

- He gave it to me before he died.
- I see.

- How many are there?
- Give me the money.

Do you remember?

- Remember what?
- The smell of mold.

Rope and hook-like nails.

I trained together with the
Ninja Unit, you know.

Don't be ridiculous.

Hey, you!

You bastard!
I'll kill you!

She will wake up soon.

No, don't! Stop it!

Say it.
Where is the other one?

Idiot! There isn't another one.

The other one.
It's just one.

Do you think you'll be able to
withstand this?

- Dear...
- Shush!


- I see.
- Hasegawa...


She seems to have regained
her consciousness.

Right now, she isn't...

able to see or hear us.

Seeing or hearing us would
be a great misfortune for her.

If I heard correctly, she called
Hasegawa right now, right?

I can take Hasegawa's place.

Who is this?

The escalation is going to start.

You know it, right?
Where she will end up.


What did you say?

I said to move.


I can withstand for a little.

If it is ready, start it.

You damn moron!

Do it!

Aren't you embarrassed?

After she wakes up,
she will know everything.

What is at the end of the escalation?

Let's watch it together.

I'm not withstanding,
I'm having fun watching.

Seeing this bitch getting cramped,
getting embarrassed,

and, finally, spitting blood out.

Very well, do it!
Keep going!

Stop it! It's not worth it.
He is really having fun.

I have an offer.

Would you take it?
It's double.

You are the right man
for the next job.

I won't take it.

Why is that?

Because of Hasegawa's ghost.

His persistence makes me shudder.

Hey, just so you know, the last shots
on the film were photos of an arm.

As his own arm was rolling
down in front of him,

he kept shooting as he was taking his
last breaths. Out of focus and blurry.

Out of focus and blurry!

Only the last image
was dead on focused.

Where is that last image?

You damn fool.
I buried the whole thing,

offered an incense stick,
and, then, returned back home.

You're lying!

Don't forget that you escaped from
death with that one photo.

So, getting rid of loose ends after the
job was your plan from the start?

Anyway, you pulled a good one on us.

We will leave you for a while.

Your lunch.

Thank you.

You will return back to
normal in a few days.

Can you talk to me about
what happened?

This wasn't a dream.

I'm scared!

Who did this to you?

I have no idea.

You heard their voice,
at least, right?

I couldn't hear anything.


It was completely dark.
I couldn't hear a thing.

It was really quiet, too.

I screamed about a lot of things.

I screamed out your name
again and again.

I thought you were going to
come and help me.

But... no one came to help.

And, then, a snake came
twisting onto my body.

A snake?

I felt the cold, wet scale of it.

When it bit me, I thought
I was going to die.

I thought it probably
was poisonous.

My whole body went numb, and
I felt the poison going through it.

I realized where the snake
was biting from.

I will kill them.

At the end, everyone left me.

It really felt like I was
flying to the sky.

I could feel the fresh air.

And, then, you were able
to see again, right?

The sunlight was shining, and I...

I suddenly knew you were there.

You stood up and looked up at me.

Then, you opened your arms.

And said,
"Come, come down."

I went rushing into your arms.

- Please, don't go anywhere!
- Okay.

I waited for so long.

Don't say anything.

I learned a lot of things
after you returned home.

My bad.

There was a world I
never even thought of.

Vietnam, war...

And, then, you...
Your passion.

Your power and manliness.

You gave a reason
for me to live.

I don't want to let you go now.

I don't want to play
wife and husband.

- Let's break up.
- No way.

♪ I wake up

♪ In the morning,

♪ With my weak,

♪ Sad voice, I say,

♪ The rib bone

♪ That you ate,

♪ Please, give it back,
that is mine

♪ My rib cage

What is wrong?

♪ Is missing a part

♪ When you pass through the fields,

♪ Please, slowly hang
your head down

♪ Listen to the fallen dead's cries

♪ Once you reach Mount Atago,

♪ You'll hear horses neigh
and the wind blow

It was a song about war,
wasn't it?

- You were reminiscing it.
- That black shit!

About that time.

I couldn't resist watching
that black shit.

He was making fun of me,
"Hey, Tani! Jap Tani!"

- He's finally here.
- We were waiting.

Ah, thanks.

The other day, you moved to the
place you wanted to. How was it?

It was okay, I guess.

That's why you look
so refreshed.

Tokyo is dangerous.

- Did something happen?
- Huh?

No, it's just a lot of things
are happening.

We can lend you a hand.

It's my woman...

You can leave that to us.

The mass media are
really powerful.

- Night is double.
- That's okay by me.

You can get in the
liberation district, right?

That's where your next job is.
Did you secure your escape route?

What did you say?

Double the fee?

If the next job is in that district,
then you're on the same level as them!

But you've been to Vietnam.

No, thank you.
If it was America, I would've done it.

There isn't a big difference between
Japan and America, you know?

You will get busy soon,
so be ready.

Don't forget that all of Hasegawa's
work was published under your name.

Then, my hand that was
holding the camera

was shaking with anger.
I madly clicked the shutter.

I may not have been
looking at anything.

However, the lens that could not
show my anger nor my sadness

went beyond my will,

and kept taking pictures
of that hellish scene.

Someone was screaming
to stop me from taking photos.

I presume it was one of the
US Army advisers.

That whole time, it was my
consciousness as a Japanese,

and my sense of duty as a news cameraman,
I believe that is what kept me going.

But, more than anything,

it was the beautiful figures
of the Vietnamese people,

who were hoping for peace
while enduring that cruel reality.

That's what drove me!

That's why I could not
let go of my camera.

I've clearly witnessed it.

The true suffering of Vietnam,
people falling down,

getting burned in flames and
spraying blood. Their true scream.

The scream for peace!

It's Hasegawa!

Oh my, you're not looking good.

What's that?

You ordered this, right?

It's Hasegawa.
Did he come back alive?

It can't be...

What's wrong, darling?

I saw him.
I really did!

After I left the lecture.

Please, stop acting weird.

He died in front of you, right?

That's right! He sure did!

Damn... damn it!

He is calling me...

To come to Vietnam.
Right now!

Your speeches are getting better.

Should we wrap up our mass media plan?
What do you say?

If it's just chattering, I can do it
for as long as you want.

Since there will be no
bullets flying by.

- It's almost the rainy season.
- That doesn't concern me.

I'm not going.

Huh, really now?

His blood is clinging to this.

Damn it!

That's a good one.
Well taken.

He's here!

I can't see!
I want to see it!

- I'm going to tickle you!
- You little...!

Ah, please stop!

No, don't...

- Tickle! Tickle!
- Ah, stop...

Hey, answer me!

Can't you hear me?

Shut your trap!
Get out!

Do what she says.

How long will you keep
on acting?

Hey! You black shit.

I can't stand being called like that.

I'm gonna shoot you!

Just shoot me, then!

I'll shoot you, all right.

You damn brats!

♪ Please, slowly hang
your head down

♪ Listen to the fallen dead's cries

♪ Once you reach Mount Atago,

♪ You'll hear horses neigh
and the wind blow

Keep going, you black shit!

I won't forget what you've said.
You've repeated it so many times.

I'm not fooling around here.
Give me the girl.

What are you doing? Stop it!

That's dirty, mister!

Play the guitar!

Play the guitar and
answer my question.

Did a guy with one arm came here?

No, he didn't.

You negro bastard!

I'm not gonna let you sleep
with a girl like this.

What if she gets pregnant
with your kid, huh?

I will pay for her.

Let me go!

Play a song... will you?

- My name's Ken.
- Ken?

I will sing for you.

- Where is the one arm guy?
- You mean Mr. Hasegawa?

I know.
You are called Mr. Nakatani.

You will soon lose your nationality,
just like Mr. Hasegawa did.

How ironic.

I will become a Japanese
and you'll stop being one.

You bastard!

I told you I'd sing for you...

What is your mission?

Have you already become a spy?

My kin keeps singing
and multiplying.

We keep multiplying while singing.
More and more.

Don't be violent, please.
My dad died in Korea.

But we still multiply.
Slow and steady.



Just kill him.

Let's quit being spies and
make our own republic.

What do you want?

Just treat us equally,

and I will sing for you!

But I don't want to sing
together with you.

You'll just be a listener.

We will sing for ourselves.

♪ Shine, shine, my sword,
Whether you can cut or not,

♪ It depends on the
blacksmith's work

♪ Shine, shine!
Shine, shine!

Watanabe no Tsuna reached
to his waist.

- Grabbed his sword...
- It depends on the blacksmith...

And, as he said, "Shine, shine!"

He swung hard his sword,

and cut down the demon's arm!

That was one hell of a song.

- Let's go see Mr. Hasegawa.
- Did he ask you to sing?

He cried after listening to it.

He didn't ask for it.

It's just that I sing that
song everyday.

Over there.
He's here.

What are you going to do now?

I think you should meet him alone.

You can look if you want.

No, I'm out.

- What a kinky old man.
- Be quiet.

Did you get the money?


He had snake-like eyes.

Aren't you going to follow him?

Ken, say something.

It's me.
Are you relieved now?

Looks like we received
a magnificent present.

- It seems like Hasegawa was here.
- Yes...

I'm really sorry for you,
but I will run away.

Please, send him my greetings.


That's you!

Isn't that quite an intimate scene?

There's no escaping this.

If anyone tries to come in,

it's over the moment they step in.

Until one of us drops dead.

Is that still fine with you?

It's okay!

You bitch!

All right, I will do it!

Say if you are listening!

You dastard!

I won't forgive you!

- You're a warmonger!
- That's why!

A killer!


You shit.

At first, they strongly clench
their mouths.

Then, they start praying
hard to Buddha.

But it's all a waste.

How rotten have you become?

Into my bones, my marrow.

It's your defeat.
Look closely.

You will be the one crying to me.

I can clearly see right
through your plot.

Such a childish play.
It's so pathetic!

And, yet, you're still afraid
as you're saying that.

I was going to disappear
without saying anything.

But, after seeing this,

I re-thought it might be better
to fulfill your wish.

We have a lot of time ahead of us.

You don't know...

You don't know anything.

How much love power I have.

What loving means.

Love? I'm fine without it.

They quickly learn that
praying has no effect.

They say,
"Please, give me water. I beg you."

I saw a prostituting Saigon female
student become a mollusk.

Sealed in concrete.

The guy that bought her
kept doing that.

I had hit the jackpot.

- You demon!
- Demon?

Massacre accomplice,
war collaborator...

An agent of slaughter, that's me!

It drives me mad that the mass media
don't say anything about it.

So, I'm mocking them.


Please stop.
Stop already!

If you were in the shoes of these people
gushing with hatred and revenge,

do you think you could
overcome that?

Please, help me.

This must have been easy to make.

Preparing this steadily while looking
at the photos in weekly magazines

must have been fun for you.

Since you're a clothing
designer, after all.

But, despite all that,

you couldn't replicate the nuance
of thickened human blood.

Am I right?
Did I guess everything right?

I'm in pain...

Am I not right?
Answer me!

Yes. You're correct.

Next, regarding this picture.

It's certainly well made.

Even being a photographer,
I was almost tricked by it.

But it had the smell of soy sauce.


I'm amazed you managed to take a picture
in the exact same pose from back then.

Ken was the one who
took it for you.


That's right.
Take it from there.

Hold it tight.

It's done.

- You slept with him, right?
- I tempted him nicely.

Ken... come here.

I will give you a reward.

I don't want to sleep with you.

What's wrong with me?

It must have been so fun to be
the heroine in a revenge tragedy.

But you still needed one more man...

for yet another role.

You tried hard finding him.

A guy who looked like Hasegawa.

He didn't need to be
a doppelganger.

If seen from far away, they should,
at least, look like siblings.

His height, the shape of his face.

His chin, and hairstyle.

A man who looked like Hasegawa.

A man who looked like Hasegawa.

Before your wounds from
that time began to heal,

you started to make your move.

It completely turned into the
backstage for your revenge drama.

You can hold me.

Is this really fine?

If you'll allow me, then...

Wow, this is surprising.

I never thought a beautiful woman like
you would pick up a man on the street.

I will call you Hasegawa
from now on.

Is that okay?

Hasegawa, huh?

Come here, then.


- Hasegawa!
- Huh?

But my name's Takahashi.

Does it matter who it is?

Please, bully me more!

The truth is,

when that guy appeared,

I was really surprised.
I thought it was a ghost.

And this picture that
Hasegawa took.

How much did it cost?

Enlarging it so much like this...

There's something I want to know.
How did you learn about the arm?

His arm.

That one was a certainty.

But I don't remember talking
to you about his arm even once.

That time, God...

spilled poison...

into my ears.

Then, I heard something.

I'm not withstanding,
I'm having fun watching.

Seeing this bitch getting cramped,
getting embarrassed,

and, finally, spitting blood out.

I couldn't forget that...
your betrayal.

When you tried to sell me to them.

I screamed out loud.

God, please, give me power.

Give me a weapon and power
to chain that man.

Then, straight from hell,

I could hear your voice.

You were talking in
a loud voice...

As his own arm was rolling
down in front of him,

he kept shooting as he was
taking his last breaths.

Out of focus and blurry.
Out of focus and blurry.

Frankly, I could see his arm
in the darkness.

And you being scared of that arm.

The weapon and power to chain me...

Where are those?

Kill me!

This is a well made...


However, this had to be the arm
that clicked the shutter.

But this is a left arm.

You couldn't deduce that far?

So, he didn't use his right hand
to photograph his left arm?

It's disappointing how you're
still thinking it was him.

Why did it not cross your mind
that I took those photos?

Don't sleep.
Don't pretend to sleep!

It's hell. This is really
what hell feels like.

I praise you for bringing Ken
into your play, though.

That's right.

A black solider witnessed that.

And what was "that"?

Please, let me have water.

What was "that"?

My throat is burning.
Please, let me have water.

Say it.

The black soldier saw it.
What I did.

What did I do, huh?

You say it yourself.
Confess it.

Say it! Please, say it!

Let me have water!

All right, I will let you have some.

Now, say what I did.
Come on!

Let me hear you say it!


What did I do?

You demon...

Understand me, please.

I am also distressed, just like you.

Did you say you love me,
just now?

That's right, I love you.

Now, I'm certain that I love you.

Help me!

Damn it...

Damn it!

I will kill you!
I'll do it!

Yes, just like that!

Dammit! Kill her now!


Do it!

Is this okay for you?
For it to end like this?

Damn it!

Hasegawa... Hasegawa...


I was waiting for you.

For a long time.

Only for you.
Only for you alone.

Shut up, you whore!

Oh my, what a vulgar
thing for you to say...

But there was nothing
I could do about it...

I just waited for you while
teaching prostitutes.

You will forgive me, right?
Please, come closer.

Please, show me your
face, Haseg...

Hold me.

Help me!

Oh, it fell off.

I don't mind it.
It is delicious.

Make me that, too.

I eat them sunny-side-up
everyday, anyway.

Cut it into round slices.

Stop it! Enough already!

Make it into a sandwich
and let's go to bed.

You're as warm as always.

I was the one who did it, Mayuko.

The Moi tribes' blades sure can cut.

If he were to die...
I started thinking.

What would I get if he were to die?

The info he got,
it would be worth a lot.

Not just for military strategies.

Defense contractors want evidence
photos from the battlefield.

And the best photos are the ones with
guns being fired and lots of bodies.

So, if he died,

Mayuko, you...

I thought you'd be mine, too.

So be it! Cameramen get
killed in action, too.

Suddenly, bullets started flying.

I wanted his last film,
but he wasn't letting it go.

Damn it!



Hey, Jap Tani,
what are you doing here?

The play is over now.


You big idiot.
So, you finally confessed?

There is a hidden mic in that room.
Now, come down.

Was the woman aware of that?

Of course not!

Your literary recital...

It was cleverly done.
Am I right, Mr. President?

- Are you going somewhere?
- Yeah.

He's here.

What an idiot!

Did he cut his own arm?

- On his own?
- What a guy!

There was still use for him.

And we brought him here
at great pains!

From Vietnam.

I'll get you!

You had this coming!

♪ I want to see you,

♪ In the morning

♪ I whistle a song with
a mandarin leaf

♪ To summon you in the mirror

♪ Here's the arm of the demon
who did this to you

♪ Once you reach Mount Atago...

"I cut the demon! I did it!"

"I did it", he shouted.

And, as he kept screaming,

he disappeared somewhere
in the distance...