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Scorned (1993) - full transcript

A man so desperate for a promotion prostitutes his unwilling wife to his boss. Then despite this sacrifice, another man is brought in to take the position and the first man is faced with a demotion and potentially being completely ousted from the company. Humiliated, he chooses to commit suicide. His wife then vows revenge on everyone involved and manipulates her way into Stevens' home as a tutor to his teen son. Of course, what she teaches is not on a school curriculum. She further starts poisoning his wife, while seducing her and her husband. Everyone, of course, is set against each other. But none of the group think of blaming Tweed.

woman Scorned


Truman wake

house Truman wake someone

house someone


Party ended right ?


Thank you for really great party


where we are

hello Mr. Weston

Thank you Beier

Weston family wait

find your Mr. Weston



What happened to me seven minutes


you want him to stop doing

Yes, sir Weston

less noise to

I I have to go home late tonight into the city

you can open it right

- Mrs. Weston
row - thank you

you ready


=?! good =

Mike came to me I hit the road


You go to the dry cleaners to take my gray suit

I need it, it's my lucky suit

You better hit lucky tie

Maybe she was right I want to change blue tie

etc. etc.

you forget today is Robbie's birthday it

Oh no

I have to go I delayed too long

tell him I wish him a happy birthday

me tonight to see him

You might give him a cake or something

traffic may be terrible

Goodbye Beier

! Goodbye Mrs. Weston

Hey are you going

Eat breakfast!

I'm not hungry right

go less wordy

blow out the candles vow

now open gift

Thank you Beier

you'll find the girlfriend, okay?


Hurry now you'll be late for school

I left

! Goodbye

I invited Mason to dinner with us tonight Wainwright

every night so I can not Truman

does not

Please only just this Wainwright it

just tonight precedent

last time you say


related to my work

some people waiting for me to fall behind

then I could be out

I had to go

Commercial Street fundraiser

would not happen


step away

step away

Wainwright is my major clients

Los Angeles has 60 land

= to develop =

do this to me

Daimler leave this is a godsend

What are you


Do not look

- you!!?!! in doing
Do not look Do not look

- what are you doing
- Do not look!!!



What is it

? Finally

We want the splendor

Truman we could not afford a new car

Especially this one!

you do not need to go to work to open an expensive car

this is not just my work

this is my career this is my life

as they say

If you want to be able to wait for you can never afford to pay when you can afford to buy


I can go back to work at least part-time

crazy Patty

Do I poured cold water

You just do not believe I can give you everything you

? I want

is and a house and family Truman

rather than a luxury car or mortgage bills

let me worry

I want you to live a good life

us only a step away from the baby

step away!

Dinner at eight o'clock dress up alright

? Good morning

I'm glad you came

At the moment they are weird

Even my computers are on strike!

look at this

since yesterday, he called three times

- just...
- Wainwright hit it

no morning no

give him one hour last night, he did not sleep much sleep

Then you confirm dinner tonight Remember

This is how it

? I do not know

Green and Kramer had two hours in which health

you can see see it

I see what I can do

Hey Cheryl

Hey Robbie

How are you


I find you something

I think ask you about


today is my birthday


I thought maybe

you willing to go

I'm sorry but I can not

I have to meet someone

- Well
- I'm sorry

Happy Birthday

= Yes ah =

super happy


I only know so much

opinion Alex Weston wanted to come here to do

some this week will set


I do not know what they did not say

this is a major event

Continue asking, okay


cup of tea, Mr. Weston

It is time Beier

I took your lucky suit of clothes with you to put together

but I prefer blue

you want the good news or the bad news

give me a surprise

nicely with

gardener broken bedroom window

I told him that if he was not before rain for good

He will find a scorpion in his bed

So what good is good news

This is the bad news is good news

school phoned Robbie today absenteeism

- Robbie
- excuse me, Mr. Weston

Robbie down


really good weather today

!!! - we can talk about it
- lines


over a few weeks Closing the

Private schools agreed to let your summer makeup

to improve your grades

So you think when you are dissolute

I do not understand why I can not complete their studies here

Robbie private schools is the best local high school

you have to understand that this is your chance

few young people your prerogative

good college to live a good life

when Master Master!

If I want to go a different route it

I hope you can do your own life decisions

or we will do it for you

gave me the keys

What key

To my car key

- father had...
- key Robbie

on when this is business

you fulfill your contract I'll return

such is life


you! say what

I said, "yes sir."

I'm sorry to be late

we stop drinking

you forget it

How I'll forget

true beauty

Dinner an hour ago on the well

I can not guarantee delicious

as long as you absolutely delicious

my dear I'm sure this is a real feast

us to relax

nothing is lacking here

you too kind


You can do it later

Mason think you do not like him

Truman let me pack up the table

to hostessing

I'm tired

I know

nice to him entertaining look


aid digestion


Patty will join us



your husband is a very lucky man

he made me big money


- On big business
- Good

You're a very beautiful woman

What does this mean

affectionate one o'clock I just want to apologize



you go! which

end entertain you want him to go out

how do you

him on my hands and feet that is how the

wait what the big deal

this is not enough ? his hand into my skirts!

!! I want you to calm

greeted him

What did you say

For our grievances about

- Mason
- hey


say? from one thing

you make a good impression on me deeply

you say is our contract


I'm talking about a piece of more...

I would say

more delicious

Mason this when you put your own home

you just play!

That's what I want to hear Truman

Because I've been waiting all night

You forget your wine


Is waiting for you

! = = I told Wainwright negotiated a business

I began to prepare files

Truman introduced me to Alex Weston


this is Alex Truman Langley

Alex will be working with us

I went to a cup of coffee

Nice to meet

how is it Mike

Weston nice people very appropriate

He worked in two international companies

there is a chain of luxury hotels

I do not need to tell you how much I regret...

Fantastic well

I want you not to be discouraged...

Maikebaituo me 打开天窗说亮话

! = = contract to do Weston

Mike This is my God that I live...

This is the only way to attract investors

We need Warlords Director

we will ask you to Yin

- pack your office ?
- What do you mean

What are you doing

want me to pack up and get out

I'm sorry Truman

Yes, I'm sorry

Marina can you remove this you??! ?

What time is it


- half past eleven
- morning or evening


Oh dear


If you do not know me you'll do it with me

but I know you

I want to tell you crazy sex now

not dear

I mean, if I'm just a stranger people

you met in the street you will want me?

Marina you want me to say what

Alex damn you answer my question

I want to make love to you

I want to do it now, but I need you to come over!

I thought we had agreed contraception

I might ovulation

it bursting


I think we should

all day in the ocean drifting

like me to get coffee and newspapers?

Black coffee with sugar

obeyed leadership

Oh Alex...

You can look at Robbie

night I did not hear him come back


Truman .. .

what are you doing

I went to the office

you do not work on a Sunday dear

posts snatched up

do you work on Sundays, Mr. Langley

so I guess you carrying a large suitcase

Mr. Langley...



Mr. Weston, you scared me

I just want to say sorry Beier

This afternoon I want to work from home

But since I this work from

I do not remember seeing you work from home

is there a problem Mr. Weston

Yes, I could not get into my new office

because they want to wait until tomorrow repainted

Also the first blocked a bullet hole

I'll be in my bedroom if someone calls

Oh, and Beier

You can find my lucky suit


! = = Robbie


I want to work

Robbie you smoke

see a good future

Nice to meet you Mr. Weston

good morning and Kramer Weston and Green office

Who are you looking

Please wait

Good morning and Weston Kramer and Green Office

Who are you looking

Good morning, Mr Green is yes, I'll turn

Hey I'll receive you

Good morning Cray Farmer and Weston and Green office

Who are you looking

I will give him messengers thank

Mr. Kramer was waiting for straight

good morning, and Kramer and Weston Green office

Who are you looking

Mr. Kramer

Patricia Langley looking for your

brought over

Patty Sit

What do you want coffee tea?

no, thank you

we are very sad...


life insurance company to do

there is no way to do

I do not master Patty

because Truman is suicide

not compensable

I'm sure Truman have private insurance, right?

His excuse me money

he has other assets it accumulated stock

He had nothing Mike

give you a little time

When you're ready I'll help you

I you a glass of water

goodbye Mr. Weston


I do not know what you want

box but Truman

still Alex Weston office

= you can go and see =

I leave you alone for a moment


Dry your Alex Weston

! I need this contract


Greeted him

you're a very beautiful woman


I really overjoyed to see you again

good morning, can I help you to do

I hope so

my husband and I just moved from the east coast

We want our daughter Stephan Ni

next semester in school enrollment

The school is well

I'm afraid to have difficulty Stefano ni new school

Can you tell her

summer makeup it

we have a few good teachers

a summer remedial

I have a registration form

I wanted her


this is a list of remedial teacher

this is the registration form

We hope to adapt as soon as Stefano ni

Thank you bye

I will destroy you Alex Weston

you and your family one by one...


how Mr. Weston

nothing Robbie where

him out

Mrs. Weston do

I think upstairs


? = = I'm in the middle of the Caribbean island

Unless you bring pineapple or jewelry

who are not allowed into the hut

not even allowed to rub your back

? Hard to refuse...

We received a Robbie school letter

= = how to engage

I do not know

they afraid I can not recommend him on private schools

If the end of a bad performance one o'clock

Alex but he does not help us every day on the wall around
his turn!

What can we do

I do not know

Maybe he can not concentrate

Say they introduced three remedial teacher name

You make it sound like I have time to this matter like

I go to work busy

I had communication all new customers...

enough I'll beat them phone

but you tell him

his summer The remaining time to book learning


anyway, he had a confrontation with me


You can find my other shoe it

or I'll be late

- Of course Mrs. Weston!
- Thank

I'm looking for Miss Amanda Crowe Field

for my

I can to make up classes

I'd be happy

when you want to start

you today? afternoon, please? I'm sorry to rush you


my pen

What you say is 530...

Ms. Ma Shang Weston

Robbie you come right

I want you to meet somebody

sweetheart Do not play ball in the house

Robbie this is Miss Amanda Crowe Field

your new teacher

Nice to meet you not miserable

I promise

sit down !

his recent inattention

He has good potential but useless

I want to see


Sweetheart over a'll be alright I want you to meet someone

Amanda Alex my husband

Nice to meet

Alex Miss Amanda Crowe Rumsfeld will teach Robbie


true sweetheart you'll find someone


us really appreciate your help

so what time to start?

There is a small problem

my residence homeowners

already signed Tuesday decoration

I think I am ready to start

but I need a week

find a new apartment

Robbie exam in front

I know

I understand that if you are looking for someone

I am willing to help

we have rooms


wanted to do a lot to live...

What do you think Alex

? I do not know...

If it is empty, then you can live

I think if you can help my son on college

I am willing!

- Xiexiebeier
- Beier

you think you can magically

packed rooms do

If you wish, Mrs. Weston

I do not know how to thank you?!


What do you mean you have to go where

I have to talk to my tutor remedial

man got

You alright with us

You do not have to tell adults what to listen What

! you know Weston

finished up after class

will make you stay

! Hey Robbie

wanted it

I want to start as soon as possible

= = do you want to drive it

who is that?

I do not know but plum stunning

! You're doing great Robbie

believe me

You will soon be leaps and bounds

something to eat

Empty stomach reading unhealthy

! = = - Xiexiebeier
- Xiexiebeier

but if you do not mind if we did not empty


I just wanted to make sure he does not Yongnaoguodu

or overuse

Shopping happy now?

I am glad that finally home

I visited one hundred different stores

My back pain is dead...

30-minute massage will make you better

But I 7 o'clock it will be too late


do massage on drink

therapeutic least the same effect

anyway, and no one to

Alex 6:15 to come

he would shave a bath and change clothes for a dawdle

Would drag 6:45

Where did I put

Upstairs Belle will help me


She must have something I can help you

No, I can not dictating to you

please I want to die to see what you bought


beautiful clothes and very sexy green robe

I can not thank you

I want to thank you

you guidance of Robbie

him very hard these days

Him with you very comfortable

I do not have much time to accompany him

This is a very formal wear

prepare for the party

In Country Club fundraiser

entirely by Azerbaijan Alex planned

do you think that for me it

you think I will not wear it too

you're kidding you Yanyaqunfang

sometimes I forget I Age!

I think they are better than my actual age old

so many years to stay at home

so many things to worry about

since Robbie birth

time flies does not it

Sometimes I think I did Noting

you know

I do not know

I did not notice the time flies


Yes, I often feel that I saw in the mirror is a stranger

When I grow up

In when you walk into the Country Club

I think they only accept adults is not it

Oh my God you're right

I'm going to Country club

believe I do not wear evening dress

Oh your bathwater

I received

Hey Weston home

Alex in it

sorry I can not believe it passed a

not no

Can I tell him who's calling you

I'm Mike Kramer, I'll call back later

Who is

? Oh, a woman

She wants to talk about Alex

she did not want to leave a message

not want to say names

you know how they say it

If a woman answered the phone


side bath side a drink

Thanks you're so sweet

Would you like some?

Well I drifted into the Islands far

alone on board

Otherwise, you have to come out wrinkled skin will blister

You do not want to wrinkle it

In particular you want to go out to party day !

you know, I had a model

I worked in the fashion design company

I know

what clothes to wear good-looking woman

or comfortable to wear

Intimacy all things

must feel good...

because you feel good about life go

Now important parts of perfume

You do not know how it works

look how beautiful you

I feel good uS

Marina I come


Marina we go we'll be late

I finished work of Mr. Weston

Monday, I came back

Fantastic Belle Are you sure everything is shut up

and wish you a happy weekend

Thank you

!... Alex

I'm ready well


I like

Oh, Mrs. Weston you're beautiful

worth the wait dear

- over
- got Beier

?!!! I just looking for my ball

for ah shot was really accurate!!

So our young Weston is voyeur

But I did not do anything

Is not big enough you can not escape spanking

If I catch you I'll tell your father!

now go back to your room

And if you are looking for dirty magazines under your mattress

it's gone

feeling cool it

what it feels cool it

you doing here?

I want to see your room

bit of a mess here

I was not peeping you out the window

Allowed to lie

May be peeping others feel bad

do bad things must punished

- have you ever been fined yet
- Yes...

Friday night

Why do not you talk to your friends to play

I do not know

you are? virgin it

If you want to see next

I knocked on the door seeking



I will purse

seriously study...

I Examination after you

First you have to mobilize interest

you do not stop

off your clothes



you gotta go

I want to stay

can not catch you if your dad at this time in this

ended between us you got it




Robbie four o'clock Where did you go

- outside
- Outside

??? Tell you next week

straight home after school reading

is! Mr.



What you drink last night

I do not know how much I did not want to drink

I am very sleepy

you're drunk

a calendar Kesibaituo if I made a fool

I do not want to talk


You mind if I sit here

Certainly do not sit down

! I was going to talk to you

rooms okay

Very good

I do not know how to thank you

If you tell us that my son progress

we appreciate you

- he is very progressive
- really

he seemed very keen to learn

I'm relieved

he finals will be less than a week

Will be no problem

I saw the house has a pool table

you play it

How about you

? I'm willing

This is the challenge

But I warn you I it will play

I also

what are you doing

I'll give you a little privacy

I'll be home for dinner


I want you to go to my bedroom

take care of my bird!

I also want you to wash all linens upstairs

Mrs. Weston, but I...

Beier just do

Do not waste my time

I just want my tell you what

What are you doing

I just want peace of mind to sleep on a clean bed sheets

I do not think this is too much for

Thank you

Belle No. 3


I'm home!

I'll do my homework

- Amanda
- here

?!!?! Etc.

how to mathematics

Let me see

you do not believe me

? Seeing is believing does not give awards let me see

good boy

how this happened

how this happened

? I hate the French...

I do

yesterday I asked you, you said you have no problem

48 points that does not work!

48 points this unacceptable

48 points and it failed the

This is my worst a course

! You lied to me

You know I hate the lie it

I'm sorry...

turned and turned his palms on the table

do you want to spank me it

you want to learn French

how do you call yourself


how do you call yourself


French fast!

My name is Robbie

I'm hungry.

I'm hungry

you hungry

What do you want

I want boiled eggs

you want to point the hard it

gave me a lot to

lifted her arm

do you know what it is

I do not know

you'll understand

allowed to move

after an hour I guarantee you'll

various languages and begged me


all my fault.

I wet the bed I want her to change the sheets

not your fault was an accident

What an unexpected

No, I do not believe

Just an accident Mom

I went to tea



- Alex...
- I'm sorry...


Robbie send your mother her room


- hell...
- sorry

I do not want

you do not sleep


me sleep

I'm sorry things Beier

Marina how kind

Her upstairs

a mess

she beat yourself

it's ridiculous

Marina ideology is not very clear

not confuse absurd absurd

drinking too much affect the brain

so obvious

her to endure a lot of pressure

depressed depression depressed denial

Loss of appetite

sexual indifference

into a corner

how the

You afraid of me

Really bad day today

Belle in this job for 12 years is part of the family

= = my wife hysterical eat tranquilizers

my son hates me

I feel so sad

I'm afraid for you

I'm afraid to see you look too long

rely too afraid to tell you near

afraid I could not restrain

I can help you Alex

I know what day you had

I Alex...




Well Alex

play it cool

you know, I think...

I went to school was a bad idea

call it...

business now!

good morning

I made coffee

Amanda, you do not have to do this

I know, but I want to do

Marina this morning not feeling well

I would accompany her,

you need me

pharmacies Good morning

Hello I'm Marina Weston


? = = I want to prescription drugs

no problem

Then you take prescription drugs before you

on No. 1276977



you awake

I did something


I do not know you're here

I'll stay with you for a while

My God...

cry everything will be fine

This is a soup

energy antidepressant

! I promise

to sit up

Amanda I feel bad

I feel bad thing about Belle's...

I ignored my home

my husband

my son


so out of this

you had a bad thing

You will pain some time

I've wasted too much time

I want to mend


I'm really happy to have you here

I have no one else can talk

quick lie down

everything will be fine

Robbie did not go to school



Why did not you go to school

I do not want to talk


do not pay any attention to me!

I went


I know you're upset things for the Beier

but please do not be angry with me

You do not know what I'm tired

You never know!

you know why I do not go to school

Why do not you ask me last night, I go up

Why do I now come home

you do not know that I was not at home

go eat your damn capsule it mom!


Robbie I'm sorry.

My God

Now with your mother an apology


! I do not want

I know you're angry, but do not be angry at her

billiard table is because you see something angry

last night...

Robbie I'd rather you were not there

I'd rather you did not see your father for me doing things

however. ..

he forced you?

He was wounded... well done

He did not know what he was doing

I knew he would never do this to me...

him hurt you yet

My dad hurt you yet

him hurt you yet

okay I'm just scared

What a bastard


Robbie not etc.

Do not make things worse hurt your mother

I just want out of here!

I know and so will...

we are getting...

we are getting...

on the fast

Just a few days

Okay then you can pack leave


I sent you tea

I will do something to eat

I'm not hungry enough to drink tea

you should eat

I Laundry picked this

earrings pretty


Marina sick if you go to see a doctor

Alex let me go I want to sleep

Do not listen to me

- Alex let me go
- them!! where

where are they

bloody drug medicine

I did not take medicine I'm wide awake


stop Alex

See you! What do you like

not Alex

Alex you're hurting me!


Deny useless I do not believe you

! Listen to me, Robbie

This is my home

As long as you live in that you have to respect your mother and I

= = do you understand

I do not know what disease you have

you mad at me

for the birds you want to challenge me you overconfident

to ah

I want to apologize take my clothes


It looks like you need this

I think I feel a little dizzy

Perhaps the sun

I just wanted to do something


I want to help Robbie pack his luggage

but I grief to

I think he is not my little baby


I know you'll miss him

I have begun to think

my apartment will be ready within a few days

so you have to leave?


You're a very good friend

not change

everything ready

I suppose

When you go

tomorrow afternoon

my parents understand and agree

I guess this is our last chance to say goodbye to the

I would come home late tonight


you do not say goodbye with Robbie

we said goodbye

I think this is the best


I love you - I love you

- Good
- But listen to take care of...

! = ! No. 2...

Hello goodbye Mrs. Weston


you're who I want to call the police

God how you going

you had a nightmare

Marina you have a problem is this

you stay here with your medicine...

please do not go!

You almost killed me this is what you wanted to do

? Alex...

house someone

phone rang but no one spoke

then I heard someone go

you have to believe me

listened to the telephone is good Marina

everything Taiping nobody in this

! listen to me Alex Alex

I think she wanted to kill me

- who
- Amanda?

I really think she wants to kill me

Amanda nonsense you not here

Do you hear me all right you she was not here

You do not understand!

you have to believe me

I'm tired we went upstairs...

Alex do not treat me like I was crazy

listen to me.

see your sleeping pills let you into what

Alex Fuck you!

I did not take medicine again

!... Alex



I can talk about two minutes do you look upset

I Sorry I'm a bit tired today

our partner R & D projects...



how do you

how your hand going

no small accident

then form where?

I could over there

Thank you Carrie

how can I do without you

Your conscience is too small too late

too small too late

I you know in my house

my kids...



good morning

hello Marina

what are you doing

? = = I sent you tea

I do not want tea

I know it was against me


! I do not want

Up up

! Do not make things complicated

You want me to do

Alex overwhelmed when he came back alone hanging!

beg you not...

home when he'll find

you're determined to commit suicide

not he know I would never do that

you take medicine for two weeks

you every day in trouble at home

then you attempted suicide

eat this!

You eat will not hurt

Medicine Marina


Alex I'm sorry this did not clear away the box Langley

nothing Mike

I want you to look at this file

excuse me I have to call Mike

Alex there is something wrong

photo Lilan Li next woman

who is

widow Patricia Langley Truman

So that


! Sorry

I want you to make an emergency call

I say make an emergency call

Alarm give them my address

tell they have my wife dangerous


you know you're struggling worse

I do not have to wait any longer you know

are you okay Marina

you should have been more careful !

have you had everything!

Have you had everything you they lost

Alex will do so

He put his wife is more important than our work


My day

I know who you are

everybody knows

I do not care that they know

you deserve you bastard

I love my wife


Please put down the knife !

On me then you said you loved your wife

You contemptible

Your son is a better lover than you and your wife


I'm sorry. we searched everywhere, Mr. Weston

her without a trace

clearly you do not want to hurt the re

room and nothing else

except some personal belongings

If she comes back how to do?

I think she will not come back

She knows we're looking for her

hello when you come to the point when I want police

recorded testimony

your son

I think it should be at school

I do not want him to know this

we need as quickly as possible to get your testimony

to you as soon as possible

does not

fine dear

I just bubble tea

sorry I'm not trying to scare you!

Alex Come up

I need time


- Mother
- Robbie

Dear I'm so glad you called

- you're all right!! ?!?
it - yes

is everything OK

is the mother all the best

I miss you dear

I also want you

your father in that he wants to talk about!! I


I do not want to talk to him

do not want

We keep in touch, okay good

I love you - I love you

- Bye
- bye

bless Mom and Dad!