Scheme Birds (2019) - full transcript

As her childhood turns into motherhood, teenage troublemaker Gemma comes of age in her fading Scottish steel town. But in a place where "you either get knocked up or locked up," innocent games can easily turn into serious crime.




GEMMA: Everybody's
gettin' into something.

I don't run away from nothing.

I run to it.


I'm Gemma.

I'm from Jerviston,
in Motherwell,

and over years since I was born,

there's been so much fighting.



But what everyone
gives us credit

for is because we never
ran, we always stood.

GIRL: You're so good.

GEMMA: We get
called Scheme Birds.


This is the scheme where I live.

A scheme is like a
non-snobby place to stay.


You could pick
anything in the world.

You could move to Ibiza,

you could move here,
you could move there.

No, I live here.

BOY: Gemma!

Take it over the Craig!

GEMMA: That's what
we're doing, stupid!

BOY: Who the fuck are you
calling stupid, you cunt!


If you stay here, you either
get locked up or knocked up.

But I don't think
I'll ever move out.

I think I'll stay here
the rest of my whole life.

I hope so.

I hope I do.

I don't want to fly
the nest anytime soon.


That little guy
got heavy smashed.


That got captured in
slow-motion and everything.



Lift her head up with
her hair and start banging

it off the ground.

See most lasses, man, they
fight with grabbing hair.

You fight with
your fists, Gemma.

I don't even give them a
chance to grab my hair, man.

Imagine someone did
that in Jervi, man?

They'd get fucking
stabbed the fuck out of.

Fuck the Queen, fuck the Pope.

GEMMA: Don't fuck
the Pope, you cunt.

Fuck the Queen!

Yeah, the Queen's a bean.

GEMMA: All cops



BOY: They are, aren't they?

Come on, keep going.


Right, Gemma, up here.


GEMMA: That's my Grandpa.

My Papa's brought me
up since I was a baby.

Bang, bang, bang.

You got the ring.

See, if you move,
and I'm boxing you,

If I'm boxing you,
I'm going there,

and you're doing the running.

I'll no tire.

You'll tire.

GEMMA: Okay.

So you take them
up by the ring.

GEMMA: My mum and dad were
really young when they had me.

But I've never met my mum
since I was a small baby.

MAN: Stop and
you're in a bind.


Anywhere you go...

GEMMA: I know it sounds bad,

but I don't want to
meet her anymore.

I didn't need her for 18 years,
and she didn't need me, so...

Right, watch it.

Duck your head and
go the opposite way.

Right, go.

Watch your slip.

If you leave like that,

somebody'll just swoop in
there, bump in the ribs.

It'll put you down
on your knees.



That's better.

GEMMA: People around
here get into trouble.

Papa doesn't like it at all.

Because it's quite
a kick in the teeth

when he's bringing
everybody to the boxing gym,

and teaching them that, and
then they go and get in trouble

with the police and,

God knows who else.

Go on!

Go on!



Another one, and I'll
have you up here, Gemma.

GEMMA: But he
likes his pigeons.


I think he likes the pigeons

better than he
likes most people.

Rather than sitting in the
house worrying about a thing,

you could water
them or feed them,

and it takes your mind
off it for half an hour.

Which is a blessing, isn't it?

If other people haven't got a
hobby or aren't into anything,

it could eat away at you.

All right

Come on!

Come on!

Come on!

WOMAN: Honey, I'm home!

Come on!


Come on.

Come on, all right,
I won't touch you.

Come on.

Come on.

Babies are babies.

They're growing all the time.

So you've got to make
a bond with them.

Fuck off.


Fuck off!

Samuel, you're doing
my fucking head in!

I'm not even doing
fuck all, am I?


Samuel, fuck off!

Fucking go home!

No, don't fucking even try it.

Just don't even speak to me.

Samuel, fuck off!

You fucking asshole!

Fucking shut your mouth!

Get your ass in,
you fucking minger!

Right, troops, I'm out.


Away you go, you
smelly bastards!


Wanna slide that for me?

Aye, aye.


Aye, Papa.

All right, I'll come
up soon then, right?

Okay, that's fine.

Okay, bye, bye.

Am I the judge?

No, through the wire
first with them,

and then, after that, handling.

Roll it, yeah.

Right, the next one.


GEMMA: Every Friday
in the boxing gym,

they have a pigeon show.

And they decide which bird
is the most beautiful.

A lot of them are
just random men.

They think that the pigeons
keep people out of jail

and out of trouble and stuff.


That's it.

Right, Gemma, come
over and have a look.

He's taken them out, Kelly.

I wouldn't put them on that.

Let's see what you think.

That's the nicest one
there out of them all.

I think that 39's the
nicest one of them all.

But handling is different
from through the wire.

If you handle that pigeon,
and you handle those pigeons,

you'll see the difference.

MAN: Which pigeon is it?

GEMMA: Snowball!

MAN: The winner.

That stands nicer
than everything.

What, that stands nicer?

Oh yeah, definitely.

WOMAN: 'Cause that one's
not had time out the basket,

that's what the thing is.

MAN: That's a cracker.

WOMAN: If that got
into the environment,

it would have stood better.

Three times down to France.

MAN: Over the top
of its head, that's it.

GEMMA: Our pigeons have
been all over the world.

You let them out and they
find their way back home.

Most of them, at least.

Fly, babies!


Now I'm going to
tell you something.


So this is how it all started.

Once, we were
called Steelopolis.

We supplied the whole
world with steel.

Everybody worked there.

And my gran worked there.

A lot of my family.

When the steelworks was there,
Motherwell was thriving.

Maggie Thatcher, she
took all the steelworks

in Scotland and
Ireland for England.

We're the party of the
whole United Kingdom.


GEMMA: The English
hated the Scottish,

and suddenly, it was shut down.

She put a lot of
people out of work.

I don't know why.


The same year I was born, 1997,

the steelworks was blown up.

The sky turned gray.

Motherwell didn't really
have much left after that.

We still have nothing to do.


MAN: Wanna play stab for a
stab, like we used to, Scott?


GEMMA: This is Pat.

Right, I'm fucking top
boy, you all know it!

This young guy,
he's under my wing.

BOY: And who's top bird?

♪ Top bird's Gemma Gillon,
Gemma G from the JYT ♪

♪ Don't fuck with her
or she'll get a hommie ♪

Yeah, man!

PAT: Drunkies, guilty!

Mate, what's that
all about, man?



PAT: Fucking shite gear, man.

I don't give a fuck, mate!

It's still gear!

It's still gear, mate!

It's still gear!

Fuck's sake, man.

PAT: Who are you pushing?

I'm fucking pushing you!

I don't care, I don't care.

GEMMA: See you two?

You'd better fucking stop it.

Don't you start!

GEMMA: Who're
you starting on?

Don't speak to my
fucking bird like that!

Two on one!

Is that the way it is, yeah?

Where's your bird then?

Where's your fucking...

Go get your fucking bird!

I'll do you!


Go for it!

Go for it!

You know where we're
at, you fucking chicken!


Fuck you!

You're a fucking idiot, man!

BOY: Come on.

You're lucky
she's come near me.

You're lucky she's
pulling me over here, man.

Fucking lucky.

GEMMA: I don't know why,

I just liked him the
second I met him.

Yeah, he's brilliant.

Come on, where have you been?

GEMMA: Up the road.

I told you what time here.

Now this is for your
own benefit in here.

I'm at the boxing.

Hurry up.

Get a pair of thingies.

Start skipping now.

Warm up.

Right, come on.

Hurry up.

Yeah, right.


No bother, Pat.

Right, come on.

Let's go.


That's it.

Last 10, stop there.

Stand there, fast, as
fast as you can go.

Go, fast.



You should really
hear that spinning.

Right, catch your breath.

Walk around a bit.

Fill your lungs up again.

In through your nose.

In through your nose with it.

Keep walking.

You listening?

It's better to box in
here, train in here,

take your frustration
out in here,

rather than out there,
and hurting somebody.

In here's the best place.

Stay away from all
the idiots out there.

Come to the gym more often.

Do your thing in
here, but stay away

from all the people
with drink and drugs.

Keep away from them.

answer my phone, Papa?

Do your thing.

Hurry up.

Let me see that.

GEMMA: Hello?

Hey, Pat.


MAN: We don't want more time.

I want this finished...

Yeah, I'm at boxing.

MAN: Come on.


Look at this.


Just look at that!

It's a bad boy, isn't it?


BOY: Fucking hell, man.

This just isn't my day.

PAT: I know.

Just make sure your
Papa doesn't see.


Gemma, you.

Come on then!

♪ They all say there has to be ♪

♪ Low if pull it once ♪

♪ Try and fashion a branch
from an olive branch ♪

♪ A girl that is clever ♪

♪ Leaves webs in
my brain, stop ♪

♪ For my life any coward
is one part the way sharp ♪

♪ Personal hygiene as
bad as my attitude ♪

♪ The feel that you feel when
you're lacking and glad too ♪

♪ When you risk to find it ♪

♪ The wine and the goodies ♪

♪ An African other,
where are you, I wonder ♪


Gemma's been with us
from maybe 18 months old.

18 months.

We got Gemma, custody of her,

because her mother
was getting in trouble

with drugs and that.

She had broken away from
her man, who was my son.

The police brought
her to the door.

Well, they came to the door.

And said she had been arrested
for shoplifting or something.

She had a drug problem.

Social workers got involved
and they contacted us.

They said, "Would
you take the baby?"

I said, no bother,
we'll take the baby.

And we've had her
from then till now.


♪ It was late at night ♪

♪ You held on tight ♪

♪ From an empty sea ♪

♪ A flash of light ♪

♪ It will take a while ♪

♪ To make you smile ♪

♪ Somewhere in these aisles ♪

♪ I'm on your side ♪

♪ You wide-eyed girls ♪

♪ You get it right ♪

It's hot.

Mind your fingers.

I don't know what this one is.

That must be his head.

PAT: Yeah.


GEMMA: He doesn't look
like he's got arms in that.

PAT: Look, there's
his hands there.

GEMMA: Where?

PAT: There's his
fingers, is it not?


It looks like it.

That's about 10 fingers.

How can that be his fingers?

One, two, three, four.

One, two, three, four.

They're not his fingers.

He probably wouldn't have
had fingers at that age.

What, 30 weeks?

They all have.

In that scan, but

that was only 17 weeks.

Oh, right.

We're gonna get this
house any minute.

What color are we
painting our bedroom?

What color do you
want to paint it?

You want it pink, yeah?

Not pink, not for the bedroom.

That's what you said before.

No, I didn't, I said
the bathroom can be pink.

The bathroom isn't
gonna be pink either.

The bathroom will be pink.


Bathroom's just white.


GEMMA: Our room
can be purple.

PAT: No.

GEMMA: The baby's
room baby blue.

No, the room can't be purple.


I don't like purple.

It's just a horrible
color on the wall.

No, it's not.

It is, trust me.

Have you ever seen it?


It's a stinking
color on the wall.

You're just saying that.

It is but!

It is.

How about orange?

In fact, purple's not that bad...

Yes, purple!

It depends what
shade of purple.

Like, dark purple?

No, that's gonna
look stinkin'.

It's going to be a change,
you know what I mean?

Of my lifestyle.

But I'm buzzing for it, man.

I'm happy that I'm gonna
be a dad, know what I mean?

So I've got something to be
here for and do things for.

Because I've been to
jail a couple of times.

It's something I'd
like to stay out for,

and I wouldn't get in
trouble, obviously.

For the baby, not me.

I can't, man.

I think as soon as
me and Gemma move in

and we get our own house,

it will be different as well.


I don't know.

They're just shouting.


Fuck it.

♪ I'll step away and
I'll get the message ♪

♪ And then I feel like
it's time for me ♪


♪ Yeah, I was running ♪

♪ And then you look ♪

♪ All you see is
niggas running ♪

PAT: Turn it off.

SCOTT: You just turned
the Xbox off, you dick.

Shit, fuck, I didn't mean that.

GEMMA: You did mean that.

This is Scott.

He's like a cousin to me.

And he's done a
lot of crazy stuff.

Stabbing people,

smashing every window
in Jervi one night,

stealing, robbing drug dealers,

a lot of stuff, isn't there?

There's not much he's not done.

MAN: Quite right.

MAN: Perfect.


MAN: Can I get on board?

SCOTT: Fuck, Gemma.

How long now, Gemma?

Two months.

SCOTT: That's crazy.

We might need to
bring the baby to jail

to visit his Uncle Scott.

SCOTT: Fuck's sake.

PAT: You looking
forward to the jail?


Yeah, definitely.

Yeah, I'm just out.

I've been accused of a stabbing.

Chopping some cunt up.

PAT: Just a bit
of fun, isn't it?

Just our luck, man.

It was fun, man.

And now we're fuckin',

I don't do that anymore.

I'm a reformed criminal.

I'm still jumping about...

PAT: But you're only 16.

You're allowed to do that.

SCOTT: I know you're old,

and you've got a
baby on the way.

You got shit to look up
to in your life, pal.

You know what I mean?


Definitely, old times.

Fuck's sake, man.

MAN: There were the
guys at two o'clock.

They were giving Forrest
a hard time, all right.

How long's this mission take?

PAT: Ages, man.




Joseph is not in the
picture any more.

He doesn't like Pat.

He doesn't want to
be part of our life.

He doesn't want to be
part of this story.

It's just the way it is.

When he's made up his mind,
nothing can change it.



All right, all right.

It's coming, it's coming.



This is Liam.

He's my son.

He's three weeks old.


He's just a baby.

He relies on me.

He needs me to feed him,
change him, bath him,


It makes me think, like,

how my mum could have left me,

because I could
never leave Liam.






Obviously, when I was
younger, I just didn't care.

I was always jumping about
fighting with people,

gang fighting and
that, and obviously,

I got the jail, and I did a
sentence for battering somebody,

and then I got out.

Then I had a girlfriend
who killed herself,

and then I met Gemma.

And I was obviously depressed
out of my mind and all that,

and then I met Gemma, and
obviously, hey it is, man,

what changed us and that man.

Then I ended up
getting to jail again.

I got out and found
out she was pregnant.

It's like, I'm happy now.

I'm fuckin',

I don't do anything
criminal any more.

I used to be a thug,
but I've got a baby now.

It's changed me.

And that's that.

Watch yourself, watch yourself.

There, good boy.


GEMMA: The first
day I came in,

I was a little bit afraid,

'cause the wind goes by so fast,

it's like, I dunno, screaming,

and it makes you feel as
if the tower's shaking.

It's just different,
staying in a tower.

But I like it.

MAN: Have you
been a good mother?

WOMAN: I have
fought for my kids!

MAN: Have you
been a good mother?


I used to fight
with a lot of people,

'cause they used to
always ask about my mum.

"Why did she leave you?"

Stuff like that.

So instead of answering
them, I hit them.

I couldn't bring
myself to say why

my mum left me.

I didn't want to believe it.

Look at how big his hands are.

He's got big enough hands
to be a boxer, doesn't he?

Yeah, but he's going
to be a football player.

Or a kickboxer.


GEMMA: He's a
wee dick, isn't he?

I was going to punch him.

You would've
hidden from yourself

if you had seen you last night.

I was pure steaming.

You wanna come
in, I don't know,

you were walking out here,

knocking on this
door, "Is JP there?"

"No, Amy, I've told you
three times, he's not here."

Walked out there...

GEMMA: This is Amy.

And she seems to have no luck.

Once she got caught on camera.


Wait till you see the
difference in this eye

when I put this on.


I don't normally wear them.

My God, my God.


I fucked it up.

GEMMA: She goes out with
JP, who lives next door.


JP: All right?

Hurry up, the door's open.

Must be a murder.


That's what I see.

See the back motor?

JP: A van just went away too.

GEMMA: Yeah, it's a murder.

There were two motors
and two vans there.

They went in with forensic bags.

The last time it was a murder,

it was only an ambulance
and one motor...

GEMMA: Something more then.

Double homicide.

There's always something
going on 'round here.

You know what it's like.

What time's the party starting?

What, tomorrow?


JP: Seven?


Not bad.

GEMMA: This is JP.

He's one of my good friends.

The first time we met,

he gave me a full
liter of vodka,

and then left me over the Craig

and forgot about
me and the vodka.

And I was pure lost
in my own scheme.

Oh well.

JP: Pat's pure
lazy, ain't he?

A bit tired cause
he's got a baby.

Doing the night
feeds and everything.

GEMMA: And he also loves Amy.

It's all the way around.



You're dead funny
in the morning.

PAT: Shut up.

Oh, where's my other
coffee by the way, Pat, eh?

Fucking, you've
drunk it, ain't you?

PAT: No.

Well, where is it then?


No, not that coffee.

PAT: I put it over there,
obviously, to get washed.

All right!

It's all right, I'll come down.

I'll bring him down
now, all right?

I've got everything, all right?


Right, bye.

Pat, don't!

Stop spitting on...

PAT: What did you do?

What were you in the cells for?

GEMMA: She was in the cells

for stealing a bottle of wine!

AMY: No, I wasn't!

You were!

PAT: "I wasn't, I wasn't!"

I actually wasn't!

I got in for four things.

I got charged for it.

PAT: So, you got
police assault, breaching.

And what was the rest?

GEMMA: Are you
going to court for it?

AMY: I've not
even done it anyway.

PAT: "Anywee".



Pat, get the fuck off, man.


♪ Genie ♪

♪ It's MC Tiny ♪

♪ It's MC Tiny ♪

♪ Up we go ♪

♪ Going it make it two ♪

♪ Now get it get it
go, gonna go for sure ♪

♪ Now dosey-do ♪

♪ Now through the bump ♪

♪ Keep thinking my chance
is gonna get tough ♪

♪ Gonna get tough,
gonna get scary ♪

♪ Fuck the comfy and the dairy ♪

♪ Fuck the dairy, fuck the law ♪

♪ Better watch out, 'cause
we're runnin' amok ♪

♪ Think this is a weak excuse ♪

♪ To cool it, is what it is ♪

♪ What it is is all you know ♪

♪ Mental time for
pickin' my veins ♪

♪ Go, rockin', I'll
stop you once again ♪

♪ It's Tiny Tim with your LMN ♪

♪ Like a carer, like a trainer ♪

♪ I can you rock
you like a penis ♪

♪ Nothing faster that you find ♪

♪ Nothing faster comes to mind ♪

♪ Any way at crazy speed ♪

♪ Then a rush is all I need ♪

♪ All I need is all I know ♪

I gave you it.

I gave you a score.

Gemma, you gave me
about 60 pounds, right?

You gave me a score...


Right, you gave me a score.

That's 40, right,

that's 30, right?

GEMMA: How is that 30?

PAT: What?

GEMMA: How is that 30?

That's 30 of
what you had left.

You had 60, you gave me a score,

you got thingies, right,

you got fiver for munchies,

then you got another thingy...

And I came in with 60 pounds...

You have to, you should've,

you've only got a tenner.

Yeah, so where's
your other tenner?

I don't know.

That's what I'm trying to find.

If I can't find it,
I'll go to the dole.

And then I paid a
fiver for munchies.

PAT: Fucking hell.

So you've got that...


PAT: I haven't got anything.

You only gave me a score.

I never.

PAT: Yes, you did, Gemma!

GEMMA: Where's my money then?

I don't know,
check your pocket.

Where's your jean shorts?

My money's up there.

PAT: Where's
your jean shorts?

I don't know.

Over there somewhere.


Where's his bottle?

PAT: I just fed him it.

There you go.

GEMMA: Shhh.




PAUL: Bastard.


About here.

I need something,
I need something.


I had a baby.

WOMAN: That's
really exciting.

I just got a new
house as well, Paul.

PAUL: Yeah?

WOMAN: Where?

Allan Tower.

Is that down...

They're all right
in there, them.

So you had quite an easy
labor the first time?

Yeah, the first time around.

Hoping and praying to God
it's the same this time.

GEMMA: I got the
forceps and everything.

That's the word
we were looking for.


GEMMA: Blood
transfusion, the lot.

Did you?

My sister had a stillborn.

She had to get
transfusions as well.

Let's look at that.

Where you want it here?



Not too close to here.

Down a little bit.

PAUL: Right.

Like here, diagonal?


Like, diagonal.

Diagonal, and then...

PAUL: Right.

See the way...

PAUL: What?

See the way that
one was set up?

The key and then
Liam's name above it?

Do you know what I mean?

PAUL: That's
what I'm gonna do.

Is it what you're gonna do?

We'll stick one on at a time.



GEMMA: Honestly, stop it.

Stop what?

Fucking that!

Here's a dollar.

Can I get that, man?

Anybody for a vodka and milk?



I know.

I'm used to it now,
for fuck's sake.

I know.



A boy of 16 is in a
serious condition at hospital

after an alleged attack in
Coronation Park, Motherwell,

in the early hours
of Monday morning.

A police spokesman said
that the 16-year-old boy

had been seriously injured

following a disturbance
in the play park.

He was taken by ambulance
to the local hospital,

but has been transferred
to the Queen Elizabeth

University Hospital in Glasgow.

Park entrances in
Jerviston Street

and Park Street have
been cordoned off,

and police are still present

at the crime scene this morning.

John Paul Morrison, know
as JP, of Allan Tower,

suffered a serious head
injury during the incident.

He is currently in a coma,

and medical staff described
his condition as serious.

Inquiries into the
incident are continuing.

Just blood.

And then blood
came out his mouth.

His face was fucked.

If you'd have seen him, Gemma,

it was terrible.

GEMMA: Were there
bruises and that?

His two eyes were purple.

His ear was black.

They booted the
ear right off him.

Burst lips, his lips
were away out to here.

And then his head.

Yeah, he had a big scar.

The two sides of his
head were out like that.

They had to obviously
remove half his skull

to remove that pressure.

I touched his right side
and said, can you feel that?

He said, "Yeah, I can
feel that no problem".

Then I touched his left side
and said, can you feel that?

And he was like, "No".

I was like, can you
feel that at all?

He said, "No, I can't
even feel anything."

It's shocking what
they done to the boy.

That's the big boys that can
do that to a fucking young boy.

You know what I mean?

They're fucking, come
on, all the beefs.

That's what they want, isn't it?

That's what the
two of them want.

They want the jail, ain't it?

I've said to everybody,

if Scott doesn't go to
jail for doing a murder,

he'll be murdered, am I right?

AMY: Yeah, definitely.

For what he's doing to
people and things like that.


GEMMA: Do you remember Scott?

The one we were
playing TV games with?

He was the one who attacked JP.

I don't know why they did it.

And I don't think
they know either.

It was just a stupid fight.

Double chin.

Tiny double chin!

This could happen to anybody.

But it should not
have happened to JP.


AMY: That shitty
toilet that they have.

GEMMA: This is Maria.

This is JP's mum.

MARIA: It was a Sunday night.

John Paul went in
next door to Gemma's.

He came back through again.

Just popped his head in and
said to Amy, "Right, let's go".

And that was the last I saw him.

Then at three in the morning,

the door went, with the
inspector, the police.

They said that John Paul had
been horrifically attacked.

But I didn't think
it was that serious.

I made a coffee and had a fag.

I phoned the hospital.

They said, "You need
to come right away".

I went in and I just looked at
him, and I started screaming.

And a nurse, Kelly,
I'll never forget her.

She took me to the side and
said, "Give yourself 10 minutes,

"and I'll bet you you're
back in at his side

"and you won't leave him."

And she was right.

I held his hand and kept
whispering into his ear.

"Fight, just fight for me, JP.

"Come on, son.

"Don't leave me.

"You're 16.

"You can't leave me".

I'll take care of him.

Till the day I die.

He'll never be out of my sight.

Nobody will ever harm him again.



JP: Take that one off.

MARIA: The gammy one?

You need to help me, right?

JP: All right, I'll try.

MARIA: Right, in
with this one first.

Right, my darling,
there you are.

Here's this one.

JP: My laces
are all stuck out.

MARIA: That's all right.

Is it too much?

JP: I'll just try and do it

when my foot is on the ground?

MARIA: Right, try
it this way then.

Right, there you go.

Is that it in?

MARIA: That's it in.

Do you like them?

Yeah, they're belters.

MARIA: Smashing, aren't they?


MARIA: Do you
want to stand up?

No, not right now.

MARIA: Push your foot in.

No, it's in.

MARIA: You sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.


MARIA: Hiya.


JP: Watch that fag
ash on the floor, yeah?

MARIA: He's been desperate
for you to come down.

I know.

MARIA: Desperate.

WOMAN: Here, this is what
I was telling you about.

About the, in the newspaper.


JP: I don't
think I've seen it.

you not seen that?

JP: No.

MARIA: Show John Paul.

That's what was in the
Motherwell Times, son.

"John Paul, who
is known as JP,

"underwent surgery
at Queen Elizabeth

"University Hospital in Glasgow.

"His grandmother,
Sadie Morrison, broke

"news of the alleged attack
on her Facebook page.

"She asked friends to
pray for John Paul,

'saying he was in a coma
after getting a bad kicking."

12 full weeks
you were in there.

It was terrible.

I thought my life was
over, watching you.

JP: I thought mine was over.

Lying a bag of bones in a bed.

They kept saying to me,
"I can't answer that".

But at one point,

did they tell you I
wasn't going to die?

MARIA: Yeah, at the
end, but they told me you

still weren't out the woods yet.

And then, if you
did pull through,

you would be more
or less a vegetable.


And look at you today.

You've still got a life.

Not really.

MARIA: You can't
walk, you're paralyzed

on the lefthand side, but...

WOMAN: You're here, John.

MARIA: You're here.

I know.

MARIA: And the brain damage,

I'd like to know where it is,

because you're as
sharp as anything.

You're amazing.

And I'll keep telling
you that, you're amazing.

Stop telling me
then, all right?


MARIA: Yeah, but,

you're my miracle, so you are.

What a lovely night, isn't it?

JP: Yeah, it looks nice.

MARIA: It does, it
looks as if it could snow.

WOMAN: Yeah, it is.

MARIA: Yeah, it's beautiful.


So it is.

Do you need a hand, dear?

AMY: No, it's all right,
I'm just having a wee look.

WOMAN: Is it you
that's pregnant?


WOMAN: Oh, congratulations.

Thank you!

WOMAN: Is that your first?


WOMAN: Do you know
what you're having?

Not yet.

It's my next scan I find out.

WOMAN: Oh, right.

How far on are you?

Three-and-a-half months.

WOMAN: That's lovely.

Are you looking forward to it?

Aye, dead excited.

I can't wait to find out
if it's a boy or a girl.

WOMAN: It's hard to buy
for if you don't know the sex.

Do you sell anything white?

WOMAN: We've got little
white outfits up there.

What would you prefer?

A wee girl or a wee boy?

A wee girl, but I
think I'll get a boy.

Just my luck.

Everything happens for a reason.

When JP was in the hospital,

he was in for a good four,
four-and-a-half months.

I was getting told
that it was finished

and I had to move on.

So I automatically
thought, like,

that was that, we had broke up.

So I'm moving on,
then I met somebody,

and then I found out I was
pregnant to this person.

But he's not in
my life any more.

And he won't be in
the baby's either.


We loved each other,
know what I mean?

When that happened to him.

It would be better if
it was the three of us.

Me, JP, and the baby.

But obviously, it's
not going to be that.

So now, I'm on my own.

It's been five months
since that happened to JP,

and I heard that he's just
got home from the hospital.

I've never seen JP since.

I don't think,

it's not out of badness,
but I don't want to see him,

'cause I want to remember
him the way he was.

It plays on my mind a lot.



Oh, you answer?

Where are you?

I was meant to meet you and
you're out with everybody else.

I can't be bothered
with you any more.

Yeah, I hope your pals will

be good enough for
you, all right?

I just kind of woke up
and thought to myself,

I don't want to be
with you any more.

Know what I mean?

And then it was like I told him.

I'm just saying, he's not ideal.

He's not somebody that you...

AMY: He's not dad material.

Aye, exactly.

AMY: He's got too much of a...

Drain brain?

BOTH: Aye.

AMY: Just because
he thought that

he could still go out and
party and everything else.

Stay out until all
hours of the morning.

Aye, and bring a
team to the house.

No, I doubt it.

AMY: Just no respect.

No respect at all.

So, leave it where you find it.


Everything's fucked up
these days, ain't it?


But it's all getting
better, know what I mean?

You're getting on with your
life, just you and the baby...


And you can't lead them on
when you don't love them...

You might as well
just get it out there,

you know what I mean?

But he knew for a while anyway.

He knew it was
coming, definitely.

Pat can see Liam when
he's off the drink,

off the drugs, and
all the rest of it.

Until then, he's seeing nobody.

AMY: He's got
too may problems.

But, there's no
going back to that.

You know what I mean?

I'm done with that situation.

I'll never go back there, man.

I promise myself that.


Is that your girlfriend?

Is that your girlfriend?




I fell out with my
family over my boyfriend.

And then I fell out
with my boyfriend.

So you know what?

I've nothing to lose.

Not any more.



Hiya, Maria.

MARIA: Hiya, darling.

Is JP in?

Yeah, he is.

Good to see you.

Really, really good to see you.

I knew you'd be found.

Come on, my darling.

Right come on, in you come.


What's happening?

I've missed you.

How have you been?

Not bad.

No, I got it.

Have you got a little dog now?

Yeah, it's up at my Gran's.

He's a belter.

What's his name?




How have you been?

All right?

Yeah, all good.

I'll need to come
down more and see you.

Do you like staying
in this house?

JP: No, it's freezing, man.

- Is it?
- Aye.

Got a fire behind
that couch, but...

Was it warmer higher up?

Aye, 'cause the
heat rises in towers.

That's when I just
come out of a coma.

Is that a neck
brace you've got on?

Is that you just out of it?

I had just woke up.

When did you actually
start coming round and stuff?

When I went into
Wishaw General.

GEMMA: Where was the
hospital you got moved to,

the intensive care one?


Aye, it was in Glasgow.

All I want to know is
what they hurt us with.

I can't even remember.

I was sleeping for a full week,

and then I got woken
up to all this.

What happened
when you woke up?

What made you wake up?

Was it the voices
of your family?

Or did you just come around?

I was on mad sedation.

They just started
taking me off it,

and then I just woke up slowly.

I was fucked for ages, man.

I've just come round there.



I couldn't even
spell at one point.

Fucked altogether.

Remember down by the river
when we were mad with it, JP?


JP: That was too funny, man.

I went on with a
bottle down my jacket

on one of the rollercoasters

and forgot to put the lid on.

I was soaking, man.

And I was like,
see if that falls out

and hits me on the
back of the head.

JP: It was right
good down there, man.


JP: Mad with it...

We've got some
memories though, JP.

Remember I did your
makeup in that tent?

Can you remember?

JP: Yeah, in that
staircase, oooft.

memories, so we did.

So we do.

MARIA: I think it's great.

A bad experience, coming out
of it, it's gonna be good.

GEMMA: Sad, everything
that's happened.

It's all come...

It's all come to a
nice ending, I think.

So it has.

You haven't half
turned your life round.

Listen to him!

He is some boy, but
you're more than welcome

to come down and have
a chat with John Paul.

GEMMA: Good.

I've enjoyed today.

MARIA: Definitely.

It's life now.

You just need to get on with it.

He's got a good family.

MARIA: Aye, definitely.

And so have you.

I know.

You went through a lot
as well, so you have.

GEMMA: Yeah.

MARIA: I know, 24
hours a day I've got him,

but I wouldn't have
it any other way.

I love him to bits.

He's a different boy.

JP: I'm here!

MARIA: Completely different.

As you know, he was
a little shit before.

GEMMA: He had his moments.

He did!

That's what I was going to say.

'Cause I saw him that night

before he left,
and he was perfect.

And less than six hours
later, he was nearly dead.

So you protect your son.

Because within a split
second, it can all change in.

You're all right, though.

And you're a great mommy.

Thank you.

So are you.


As good as they come.


Aye, he's a good boy.

I just wish that
hadn't happened.

GEMMA: So do we all.

Aye, aye.


onwards and upwards, darling.

I try my best.

GEMMA: JP's never
gonna be the same.

There's no coming
back from that now.

That's him for the
rest of his life.

I didn't want to see
that happening to him.

He's a fucking baby
at the end of the day.

He's only 16.

MAN: What is a baby?

It can be tame or it can
be wild to you as a baby,

but as it gets older,

you can tame them,
know what I mean?

Babies are babies.

Some are wild, as in
they won't come near you.

They'd be wary of you.

Other ones will come up to
you and grab you by the hand.

You don't know.

They can be here today
and gone tomorrow.


GEMMA: The pigeons
fly all over the world.

Some of them come to England.

And then, most of them
always make it home.

But some of them just fly
off and do their own thing.

Some of the birds fly
off, never to come back.


I'm leaving now.

I had to leave.

Amy had a baby and just grew
up, the same as the rest of us.

MARIA: Not even cold, is it?

No, it's roasting.

Hopefully, this is
the start of the summer.


We should do this every day.

GEMMA: Scott got eight years.

Me and Pat don't see
each other any more.

When it was good, it was good,

but then it just
went down the drain.

Pat hasn't seen
Liam for one year.


Come on.

GEMMA: My Papa's
just missing me.

MAN: Come on.

GEMMA: Too close
a family to move away

and not talk and
everything, it's stupid.

You don't do that,
not to your family.

You're meant to all be together.

I'll see Joseph soon.

I want him to know my son.

All the towers in Motherwell

are going to be
getting taken down.

Demolished, so that they
can build more houses.

They're gonna blow them up.

It's gonna take 20 years,

and then there should
be no towers left

in the North Lanarkshire area.

In 20 years, it's
all gonna be gone.


Like, what do I feel?

Standing on stones?

I don't know, I've been through

a hell of a lot to
be the way I am now.

Keep going!

Keep going!

I think I'm doing good.



Hello, is this Monty's Café?

Yeah, could I speak to the
boss or the manager, please?

Hello, I actually
applied for a job online

and it's just to see
if any word's back?

Gemma Gillon.



Yeah, that's fine.

Yeah, I've just moved
from Scotland to England.


I'm smart, hard working,

I'm loyal, reliable, I
have good timekeeping.

Yeah, I'm trustworthy.


Okay, thank you.


Yay, Mum's going to get a job.


Is that all you've got?

Punch it!


Oh, come on!

Get a wee combo, go.


GEMMA: Wow, high five.

♪ Pull up a chair, we'll
give you a crazy deal ♪

♪ Crazy deal, crazy deal,
crazy deal, crazy deal ♪

♪ Minus a jacket, the
hands of the shaking new ♪

♪ Shaking new, shaking
new, shaking new ♪

♪ I don't need people
with eyes uneasy ♪

♪ Eyes uneasy ♪

♪ When the edges are smooth
and the colors are refit ♪

♪ Colors are refit, colors
are refit, colors are refit ♪

♪ Hysterical, keeping
yourself on an even keel ♪

♪ When everyone can see
how you really feel ♪

♪ Hey, I'm Scottish that
make the nice cringe ♪

♪ I'll take a mile if
you give me a half inch ♪

♪ If you have the talent
and you have the know-how ♪

♪ You know you made it when
they say you sold out ♪

♪ Follow my place in
the corporate time ♪

♪ Fallin' in line,
borrowing time ♪

♪ Tomorrow I swallow my pride ♪

♪ Today I fill and say ♪

♪ For a little on the
side but you see ♪

♪ Throwin' a lane,
Scotland is mine ♪

♪ Now wake up ♪

♪ Where I know I'm gonna be ♪

♪ I'm gonna be a name ♪

♪ They better well oughta ♪

♪ When I show them where
them to shove the culture ♪

♪ I fell for this iffy, man ♪

♪ For the spool of these
all these fucking vultures ♪

♪ And I deal my deal and
the winner makes it ♪

♪ Then me, they call me vulgar ♪

♪ They call me vulgar ♪

♪ Somebody stop me ♪

♪ I'm feelin' violent, oh gee ♪

♪ Fellow on my
side went posies ♪

♪ Put him in the fryer ♪

♪ 'Cause he's
counting my losses ♪

♪ Anything better than
a silent Scottish ♪

♪ Head full of pipes, voices ♪

♪ Past full of dire choices ♪

♪ Born in the faster '80s ♪

♪ Dragged up in the '90s ♪

♪ Now I'm sayin'
hi to the '90s ♪

♪ Better drop that anvil ♪

♪ Whenever Daffy Duck
grown in the landfill ♪

♪ Please don't throw
your hand out ♪

♪ When he hears
that you can fall ♪

♪ Screaming don't hunt
what you can't kill ♪

♪ Walkin' to fame is falling ♪

♪ Fuck off, though, it's
gonna be a long time ♪

♪ Fell in my place in
the corporate time ♪

♪ Fallin' in line,
borrowing time ♪

♪ Meanwhile it's makin' steam ♪

♪ And you can all
get your team ♪

♪ With the stay stasis ♪

♪ Painted at home
and really frame it ♪

♪ Feel good with your
feign engagement ♪

♪ In for the debate ♪

♪ You're in for my team ♪

♪ And if I skip again,
it's our arrangement ♪

♪ Cut up in the West End,
your better back legs ♪

♪ Thinking about
passin' your picnics ♪

♪ Let me stand on fast
and we'll tilt them ♪

♪ One class out for me ♪

♪ And I find for seal ♪

♪ Be on the rational peel ♪

♪ Collectings are cloned
on the national skill ♪

♪ Fell in my place on
the corporate time ♪

♪ Fall in line, borrowing time ♪

♪ Do you heed that it's time ♪

♪ And you see where
I'm drawing the line ♪

♪ Scotland is mine ♪