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Scandal in Sorrento (1955) - full transcript

Marshall Antonio Carotenuto comes back to native Sorrento to take care of the local fire brigade. But since Sofia, a very nice fishmonger, occupies his native house Antonio share another home with Donna Violante, secretly fall in love with him. Sofia accepts to marry Antonio almost as a joke to make Nicolino, a traffic policeman, getting jealous. The chances for the two deloused sweethearts aren't over as it could appear.


Carame'! The Marshal?
- He went to say goodbye to the midwife.

The first one was bad enough with a son.
Luckily she got married.

Then it had to be that one
who puts on airs, that...!

Forget about it. Gimme the bags.
- Thank you.

Dear Jesus! If anybody told me
that at my age I'd have to move!

Carame', now you can find a husband.

If I wanted to, I could've
found 100 husbands!

You're really leaving?
- Obviously. - When'll you come back?

When God wishes.
Pray to the Madonna for me.

Saint Rocco, travel with us!

Defend us, watch over us, protect us,
liberate us from every danger,

from every calamity, from every scourge.

Good day.
- Good day!

I kiss your hands, Father.
- Where's the Marshal?

He went to say goodbye to that
no good midwife. Her!

She was his ruin!

You still arguing?
Haven't you done enough?

Haven't you done enough?

I could kill that hussy.
She ruined my marshal!

Yeah, she ruined him!
- Quiet! Enough!

Oh, no, Father! It's way too much.

It's because of that coquette that
my marshal is retiring. - There he is.

Stop! I'm not a politician.

Not himself dressed like that.
- Looks like any schmoe.

Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you all! Thank you!

Marshall, you're retiring? - No. Just
a furlough. The Carabiniere never retire.

After 30 years of service,
I've the right to rest a little.

Oh, my dear Don Ermidio!
- May I? - Please do, Caramella.

You were always a great friend to me.
Your memory will always be unforgettable.

Very kind.

Just one thing.
- What?

In Sorrento, don't start up again:
Be done with romantic adventures.

As for me... nowadays...

You're always saying "nowadays"
but you mean "right now".

Have a good trip.
- Thank you. Thank you all! Thank you!

I leave you with this goodbye
that came just to my mind right now.

Some poor verses.
- Silence!

Farewell, beautiful world of Sagliena.

How many cherished memories in my heart.

Dear mountains, I turn to the sea

and I could never forget you.
- Bravo!

Bravo! Always the poet.

What would our life be without poetry?

Well. May Our Lady go with you forever.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Goodbye.
Goodbye to you all! - Goodbye.

How much?
- 100 lire.

Marshall, if you become sad everytime
you see the carabiniere, you'll get ill.

To me they were my family, my life, all.
- You'll get another family, life.

At my age?
- You're still young. Courage.

"Courage and a sheep's heart,"
as they say in your hometown.

Let's sit down, Caram.

Caram, I'm really quite selfish.
I've done wrong in bringing you along.

Hush! Hush! You mustn't even think
such things. - Your tickets, please.

I was.
- Courage, Marshall.

Caram, do me a favor:
Don't call me that anymore.

Fine, I won't.
But you must be brave all the same.

Think about returning home
where the city has pleased you a ton.

It appointed you commander
of the municipal police.

Please, Caram, don't say... don't say
"municipal police" but "metropolitan".

Metrupolitan. - Metropolitan.
- Isn't municipal the same thing?

No, I won't ever lead the municipal police.
But the metropolitan, yes. - Metrupolitan!

Metro-Po! - Metro-Po!
-Li! -Li! - Tan! - Tan! Oh!

Ah, you're so annoying!

Caram, distract yourself.
Look how pretty the sea is. - Yeah, pretty.

Vesuvius once had a flame,
like the Carabiniere, which is now spent!

It too retired!
- Raise your head. Raise it! Raise it!

Look at what the paradise I was born in:
On one side lemon trees, the other oranges!

Gimme a lemon! - Later, later, later.
Distract yourself, do it, do it! Look, look!

This is Capri.
- Who's that?

The island of dreams, the land of love.
- Oh, mamma mia!

Is that Ischia?
- No! It's Procida.

After Procida is Ischia.
- Thank you. - You're welcome.

Vous venez a Sorrento?
- Oh, ja! Sorrento!

German? Deutsch?
- No, Swedish.

Oh, Swedish! We're kin.
- No understand.

Mon papa was called... a t called,
Don Gennarino the Swede.

Your papa Swedish?
- No, it was a nickname.

Mon papa nice and aimait... beacoup aimait
les jolies Swedish tourists. Compris?

No, not very well.
- Good.

Nous arrivons!

- Cavaliere Antonio Carotenuto. Au revoir!

Au revoir! Au revoir, Madame.
- Oui, oui, carousel!

Au revoir! Goodbye!
- Bye! - Get up, Caram, get up!

I brought you to paradise! - Who knows
what you'll get up to in this paradise!

Let's go. Caram!
- Hold your horses!

Sir, welcome! - Thank you and welcome!
You recognized me? - Of course.

Goodbye, Madame. - Bye!
- You recognized me?

Sir, we're neighbors. Give me the bags
and let us take care of it. - Good!


- Tonino! - Matteo!

My brother! - But you're looking great!
- You too. - Oh, no, I've got old.

We Carotenuto remain forever young.
- You look like a kid!

Cicill! The commander's suitcases!
- Right away, Don Matteo. - Cic!

Caram, this is Don Matteo, my brother.
He was almost like my father. - Really?

Matt, this is Caramella. - A pleasure!
- She was almost like my mother.

We know. I don't have the words. - Please!
How handsome he is! Like Don Bosco!

Cicill, the commander's suitcases!

She's a bit shrewish and grumpy. - Grumpy?
- But I've never had the nerve to leave her.

Cut it out or I'll go home.
- Eh, but could you?

Sir, we're done. - Thanks a lot.
- Shall we go then? - Let's go.

How beautiful Sorrento is. - Excuse me,
are you really Don Antonio Carotenuto?

Yes, in the flesh. At your service.
- Thank you. My respects. - How sweet!

Why did that urchin want to
know if it was really me?

Somebody sent him to watch for you.
- Who? - Donna Sofia the Show Off.

Who's that? What does she want?
- She's the one who wants to stay put.

The tenant? - Right.
- The one you wrote me about? - Yes.

Ah, my stubborn tenant. No,
I need the house. She must deal with it.

At your orders, Sir!
- Cicill, let's go! - Let's go, Cicill!

Red snapper! Red snapper! Fresh fish here!
You won't find any better! Hey!

Red mullet! Live mullet!

We have red mullet! Hey!

Eat fresh fish!
Don't eat the ones that stink! Hey!

We have only fresh fish!
Nothing but fresh fish here! Hey!

You can smell the stench,
but yet no fish to be seen!

Here the scale is generous to a fault!
Fresh fish! Live fish!

Live fish and embalmed!
Fresh fish and resuscitated!

Hey, Donna Caram! First I'll resuscitate
you and then send you to heaven, eh!

What's with you? - Sof, don't
get mixed with her! - Lemme be!

Ah, right! Ah, yes!
The Merry Widow mustn't compromise herself!

Hey, Donna Caram! I'm a widow with a dead
husband, you're a widow with one alive!

Call me a hussy!
- Calm down!

Come, come! Here are fresh fish!
Here you'll only find fresh fish!

Are you hurt? - No, it's nothing.
- You shouldn't do such things.

Woe to he who touches you!
- Sof! - Hey!


What is it?
- The big shot is here!


Tit! You take over.
- Have no worries.

Live fish! Fresh fish!
Red mullet! Live mullet!

There she is. - Who?
- Donna Sofia the Show Off, your tenant.

Be careful, she's capable
of sweet-talking the Lord Himself.

Stop, Cicill!
Don Matteo, I kiss your hands.

Don Ant, forgive me for coming.
- We'll talk it over tomorrow.

Always at your command.

For now, enjoy this bribe: fruit of the sea
made by my hands to welcome your arrival.

Thank you, how can I accept?
- And you're capable of affronting me so?

We'll talk tomorrow, my good woman.
- You call me that?

I didn't think I could offend
calling you a "good woman".

What? I come with my heart in my hands
and you send me on my way?

Donna Sofia, that's enough.
Our ties can't be settled with chat.

What chat? I came to salute our Don Ant.
Oh, mamma mia, how nice he looks!

Donna Sof, if my brother is nice...
- Ooh, he's very nice!

Despite the cold reception he gave me.

Then leave the place you took
insolently during the war.

I'm without...My brother is forced
to find me temporary lodging. - Be calm.

You're right, but I am a poor widow!
- Ah, widow? - Yes.

No, don't start with the widow stuff now.
Widow, yes, but poor, I don't believe it.

In Sorrento, you can find as many houses
as you like. I've even offered you some.

I need a house by the sea, Don Ant!
- Me too. - Hear him?

Donna Sofia, we've won, you've lost.
Leave with good will. Or we'll evict.

I know.
I know that you have a heart of stone!

But your brother doesn't have
the heart to send me away.

Don Ant, I'm alone.
Abandoned without any protection.

I work from morning to night.

Don Ant, I look at you
and in my pain I feel

that you are incapable, impotent...,

of doing harm to somebody like me.

You ain't a gentleman.
You're a saint!

Sofia, who are you trying to sweet talk?
My brother is tired, let us go.

We'll talk of it again. - Of course.
Always at your commands. - Another time.

Let's go, Cicill!

Don Ant! In a moment of desperation,
I might kill myself!

Fresh fish! Live fish!
And the bones! Full of vitamins!

Fruit of the sea! Fruit of love!

Fruit of the heart, fruit of love.
- Fruit of the heart, fruit of deceit.

Sof, what are you doing tonight?
- Whatever I like.

Whatever you like, I like to.
A perfect match!

Fresh fish! Live fish!
- Sof. - Red mullet! - Sof.

Live mullet!
- Sof! - Eh?

Would you like to take a walk
to Regina Giovanna's baths?

Remember that's where
I first declared myself.

Boy, let me work.
- Work then.

I love you but you don't think of me
- I don't think about it nor do I want to.

Don't you have any work today?
- Sof, tell me you love me.

Not today, you have no credit.
Maybe tomorrow.

I ask for so little.
I'd be happy with a kiss, a smile.

Why you never had kisses or smiles before?
- Yes. You're miserly and bossy, ya know.

I'm the boss not the bossed.
Commands never, prayers always.

Fine, I'll go light a candle to
the Madonna. Behave, Sof.

Red mullet! Live mullet!

Here we are.

I feel like I'm dreaming. Native air!
I feel like I'm getting younger, Matt!

Don't get too young or
you'll get in trouble. - Tonino!

Come here.
Ton, lend me your ear and listen.

You've been permitted to stay at the house
of a person who's very, very respectable.

So you wrote.
- And repetita juvant.

Cicill, do me a favor. Tell the lady
that we'll be right up. - OK.

This very distinguished person lives alone.

Of the highest morals, an exemplary lady.

She accepted to host you on my behalf.
- Naturally.

And because you're accompanied
by Caramella. - Thank you.

She doesn't do it for gain.

She wanted to help me because
I helped her, to the best of my ability,

overcome a grave sentimental crisis.

Sentimental crisis? - Forget about it.
Behave yourself like a perfect gentleman.

I am! - He is.
- Ton, I want no false promises.

What do you need? - The guitar.
Please, Cicill, don't let it fall, OK?

Promise me that while in Sorrento you'll
behave like a person of a certain... age.

Listen. - One who has a delicate public
charge and a priest for a brother.

He's right. - Matt, you treat me like
a schoolboy! - Because I know you!

Matt! Matt! I'm another person.
Life has no more attractions for me.

I just live.
I'm disillusioned, indifferent.

Not true!
- Maybe someday I'll make a great decision.

I think of retiring to a hermitage.
- Yeah, yeah.

You a hermit?
When I'm an abbess!

Ah, Caram! I'm pained that you joke
on certain subjects! - Don Matt!

The lady awaits you. - Thank you.
Let's go, Ton. Caram. - How much?

Let's say 500.

Don't take your eyes off him, especially
in the house. - Don't worry, it's my duty.

Keep me informed, eh?
- I'll come to mass every morning.

Good. - My one and only...
I'm quiet.


Not on my life. First you.

Good day, Miss.
- This is Caramella. - A pleasure.

My brother. - Cavaliere Antonio Carotenuto.
- Donna Violante Ruotolo.

Ruotolo? You're Neapolitan, too?
- No, no, no, please! My mother is Swiss.

Unfortunately, my father was a Neapolitan.

Please, the pads.
- The pads, Caram. - Please.

Jesus, Joseph, Holy Mary.

This way.

This way.
- Oh, God!

Excuse me. Sorry. Pardon. Pardon.
- Make yourselves comfortable.

The living room.
- Living room! Lovely! A mirror!

One can see, Mrs...
- Please, Miss. - Sorry. Pardon.

One can see she is a real lady. - And
a perfect Christian. - I clearly see that.

That's the room for Mrs...
- Please, Miss! Eh! - So sorry.

This is the gentleman's room.
- Come.


Ah! Un bijou! A true bijou!

Our Violante has even thought of a
kneeling stool. I prayed and hoped that...

I know my Christian duties.

Thanks. Thank you, Donna Violante.

Not only have you thought with exquisite
intuition for the comfort of the body,

but for the soul's as well.
- Damn these mats!

Thank you. My devoted thanks.
- You're welcome. My duty.

Is that the closet?
- No, no. It's locked. It's to my room.

Ah, pardon. Pardon. - Nino! Ton! Come.
- Excuse me. - Please do.

What air, eh? What a view!
- And the sea!

I came to Sorrento to be close to the sea.

Have you seen them? Orange trees.

They are, but I haven't seen
the sea for many years, Miss.

It's been many years since I've seen it.
- Well, Tonino...

A little patience. Once you have
your house back. - Eh, my house!

My house!
- We'll have to clean it.

Who knows what state it is in
from that Circe! - Excuse me.

Oh, Sorrento! Sorrento! Sorrento!

Tell me, is she really a Circe?
- The Circiest.

Ton, you'd do well to keep
away from her! - As if!

Let me take care of that business.
- You are my agent with full powers.

What a metamorphosis!

You look like the maid of a royal house.
- Yes, but the last time I wear this!

To go out like this? Never!

Be nice, you look good. Let me see.
- Eh, Donna Violante!

What a lady! So amiable! What a saint!
At home or church. Church or home.

I see you like that fanatic.
- Don't insult her!

She's a lovely woman,
rich and a true lady!

Maybe, but I won't be here after 24 hours.
- What do you know of women? - A bit.

Look at her well.
- Look at her? A sensual mystic.

Go, she's waiting for you.
- Me? - Go.

She poured you a vermouth.
Go, I'll take care of the linen. Go.

May I come in?
- Please.

An aperitif?
- In a certain sense, "one for the road".

Truly "one for the road" is for departures.
- Right, this is very welcome. Thank you.

A bitter? - Yes, a bitter.
I love the sweet in other things.

Miss Francesca, would you like one?
- Francesca? Miss...

for 40 years they've called me Caramella.

Fine, I'll call you that as well.
- Did you see? - What?

Miss Violante is a saint from Providence!
She gave me this cabinet for your uniform.

Exquisitely kind.

Why? Why, Caramella?
Why put it on display? - Let me do it.

Do it! But I want to forget the past
to think of the future like I was 20.

As the poet says,
"Love, you weary people!'

"Holy is the future,
beautiful life, sweet love".

We'll dine in 15 minutes as soon
as Don Matteo arrives. Excuse me!

What's with her?
- That won't work with her.

Waste time with that fanatic?

That her? - Yes. In her room,
there's a piano with a long tail.

She plays well. - Commander,
this ain't no midwife nonsense!

Even if she were a duchess,
I wouldn't give her the time of day.

So said the wolf. - Ah, Caram!
Sometimes, you're really annoying!

Titino. Titino!

- You called me? - No, not you.

My apologies, Your Royal Highness.
- Titino! - Coming!

You painting today? - Yeah, yesterday
I delivered the wood. Today, I'm painting.

At Donna Lucia's house, you know.
And tomorrow...

tomorrow God will provide.
That's life for a poor guy like me.

Did your bring your ID for the exam?

Of course! But there are 2 municipal
posts and 200 starving candidates.

And 50 of those have recommendations.
- Ah. Leave it to God. - He does all.

Where are you going?
- In town.

Visiting? - What are you?
The examining magistrate? Go work.

Excuse and forgive me, Your Royal Highness.

Titino! I'm going.
- Go on.

You know the price of fish? Eh?

You know how to weigh them? - Of course.
For every kilo of fish, add 200 grams.

Well done. Try to get to 300.

Don Salvatore, my regards!
- At your command.

Bewitching eyes! - Hey!
- You steal hearts! - That's right!

Rose of May, how beautiful you are.
- Rose mouth! - Be good!

Mouth of silk! - Good day!
- Donna Sof, you shalt not pass!

There's a toll! - Donna Sof, you are
a ton of sweetness! - You are!

Here comes the queen!
- How cute you are!

I'll sing you a song!
- Beautiful skin! Natural color!

Lucky him! - Who? - Nicolino Frugilio.
- She allows him to sigh and that's it.

Come in!

Pardon! Pardon! I thought it was
Caramella. Please forgive me.

Inside, there's a woman.
- She wants me? - Yes, she asked for you!

But if you want to remain my guest,
please don't make assignations in my house

to such women. - I didn't!
I have no women. - She asked for you!

But I didn't ask for her! Who is she?
- The one they call, "Show-Off".

Who's the "Show-Off"?
- The fishmonger.

Ah! Tell her I won't come out, to go see
my brother, my lawyer. - I already did!

She said she won't go.
- Excuse me, I'll get rid of her.

What do you want?
- Don Ant! Excuse my boldness.

Yesterday you refused but
today you won't affront me.

Thanks, but I can't...
- This one you can grill.

This one with mayonnaise. And these
can be fried. What are these things?

Thanks, my good woman, but I can't accept.
- Don Ant, why do you slap me down?

I wouldn't slap a flower!
- Don Ant...,

I came out of true liking not obligation.

If you order it,
I'll put my furniture in the street.

Your brother makes me mad but I'll do
what you say even if you're wrong.

You are a true gentleman,
you are the nicest in Sorrento.

You flatter me.
- No, I tell the truth.

Yesterday, when I met you...
I don't know, I felt... a fondness...

An attraction.

Sit down.

Don Ant, I don't want disturb you.
- Oh, please!

So, you're a widow?
- Eh! Don't you notice?

A recent widow?
- Very. And no children.

You live alone?
- Very much alone.

Don Ant, you must do me the honor of
coming to my home which is after all yours.

Willingly. When?
- You'll see how well kept up it is!

At Easter, I had it whitewashed.
It looks like a jewel!

Do me the favor to come.
- But of course!

Excuse me.

The doorbell rang.
- Go see.

Is the lady your wife?
- No!

My housekeeper. I'm a bachelor.
- You've got to be kidding.

You wonder? - Of course!
A man like you: attractive, nice, classy.

Yes, I'm a bachelor, alone.

Maybe because I sought true love,
I never found it. - Is it possible?

That's why I still seek it.
Love fills up our life.

Love makes heroes, poets, saints, sailors.

Hey, sailor! The uniform's here.

Don Ant, you're a charmer!
- You're too good.

Commander, it's time to go to town hall.
- I'm coming, coming!

Well, I won't bother you.
- What? It was a pleasure.

Then you'll come and see me?
- Why not? Is within an hour, OK?

Always at your disposal. Goodbye.

Throw it out! - Why? The fish is so fresh
it's talking. - It stinks!

Air! Air!

Oh, Miss, I apologize. - She! She!
- What's the matter?

You spoke of heroes, poets,
love, saints with that one?

I didn't think I was being spied on.
- Please!

I'm not accustomed to spying. I heard
you because you were talking loudly!

Perhaps. - You speak too much.
I say it because I love... - I doubt it!

Please, not you! But Don Matteo, poor man,
who is worried since you've returned.

That's why I allowed myself.
- Do it then.

Guys, please. Please you too.

Be patient, boys, this bore comes from
the Carabinieri. He's coming, in line!

Mayor, the Commander.

For the love of God, hygiene is
the most important! Remember that!


Cavaliere Antonio Carotenuto.
- A pleasure. Welcome.

Good. Any news?
- What news?

The news of the day.
- Honestly, I haven't read the papers.

I'm referring to punishments,
sickness, reports. - Ah, I see.

Well, break rank!

Much to be reformed, Mayor.
- We trust you. I'll present the council.

- Traffic.

- Maternity and abandoned children.

- Entertainment. - Funerals.

Street cleaning.
- Tourism. - Flower beds and gardens.


Cavaliere, I extend the greetings
from the City Council.

who in appointing you
head of the city guards

has cherished faith in your
competency and your sense of duty.

With this wish, I renew my most
confident and cordial welcome.

Bravo! - Thank you!
- Congratulations!

Mayor and... council, thank you. My deep
thanks for your confident welcome.

And thank you for having
endorsed the proposition

contained in the message which
I sent from my last mountain residence

of announcing the openings for two
supplementary posts in the city corps

of which today, I've honor,
to assume the command.

And to have given our corps a great
uniform for the exceptional event.

Very good.

I will give to my Sorrento
what I gave to the army for 30 years,

in which I served loyally the King,
il Duce and the president of the Republic!

I'll try... - What?
- I'll try to instill in my city guards

a sense of high responsibility, a united
dynamic, never broken, military discipline!


With these sentiments,

I raise my voice and shout,
"Long live the mayor and Sorrento!"

Truly well done!



Hey, Donna Sof!

Whaddya want? - You're not
coming to the shop? You sick?

I feel like I want.
- You going to a party?

I do what I want! Don't bother me!

Ooh, Antonio Carotenuto, remember me?
I'm Filomena. I knew your late mother.

Ah, right, right, I remember. - Sir,
how handsome you are! - You're too good.

Excuse me, I'm going to cast
an eye over my house.

Go on, Donna Sofia is waiting.

Is he going to Sof? - Yes, lovely Sofia.
- Why? - Oh, for this and that.

Lovely Sofia goes with authority.
- You saw? - The widow begins to receive.

"Well begun..." as the proverb says.

Donna Sofia is above all suspicion!
- Hey! Who cares?

If you're contented, my boy,
so is the whole world!

May I?
- Who's there? - Friends!


Damn it!

Commander! Such an honor!

You look like the King of Naples like that!
- A simple uniform.

Come in.
- Finally, chez moi!

- Sorry, a French phrase slipped out.

It means "my home", "in my old home".
How many memories.

I see again my dear mama on the balcony,
waiting for papa.

There...! I was born. May I?
- Help yourself. You're the owner.

That was dear Uncle Nicola's.
- After you. - After you. You first.

Ooh! Excuse the mess, I don't have
a femme de chambre. - Ah, French? - Yes.

Je parle couramment francais pourquoi
jtais 3 ans femme de chambre al Excelsior.

I said that I speak French fluently because
I was a maid for 3 years at the Excelsior.

I understood very well but sorry,
I prefer Neapolitan. - You're right.

What a fragrance! "Nights of the Orient"?
- No, no. Lavender water.

I came into the world where you sleep now.
- Ooh! How thrilling!

Is that your late spouse?
- Yes.

My poor Pasquale.
- Life! Death! The Eternal Wheel!

Here you can see him better. Look.

Ah, yes. More natural.
More, more lively. Lively.

How did one so young and strong die?

It was fate.

Would you like a glass of rosolio?
- At this hour? But I can't tell you "no"!

I knew you wouldn't argue with me!
- With you I lose my head! - Oh, please!

Be kind enough to tell me one thing:
Why aren't you married? - Eh, because...

In a few days my mourning ends.
- Ah! And... And then?

And then? We'll see.

Cheers! - Cheers.
- Best wishes! - Thanks.

I wish that you become
general of the whole municipality.

And to build a nice big house like the
Reggia Di Caserta. - Thanks. - Welcome.

But sit down, please. It's your house.
- No, I prefer to move around.

Some antipathy...!
It makes me I don't know what...

Eh, my home! My home!

Eh, Don Ant, I understand.

But put yourself in my shoes.

Of course. I was just thinking of
finding an arrangement to... cohabitate.

Rome, Naples, Milan. Many owners and
renters are understood to... cohabitate.

Don Ant, I'd be thrilled to cohabitate
with you. Because I like you a lot.

But this ain't the city. I'm a widow,
you're single. Imagine the gossip.

In less than 24 hours, I'd be your kept
woman and then... all the sad rest.

I appreciate your sensibility. - Very kind.
- But think a bit about my situation.

Don Ant, do what you
want but don't kick me out!

Kick you out? Not in my dreams.
Come, a nice smile. You smile like a dream.

Then you'll grant me an extension?
- Why not?

It depends on many things. Let me look
at it from all sides. And then we'll see.

Always at your commands.
- No, prayers. Always prayers.

Don Ant, excuse me if I take advantage?
- Take advantage away!

There's a young man... - Ah, a suitor?
- No, no. Don't think the worst.

A poor guy out of work, a distant relative.

Son of my late father's
sister's cousin's brother-in-law.

He asked about the municipal guards test.
- An aspirant for the metropolitan?

No, no, the municipal. - Today, they're
called metropolitan. - Fine, metropolitan.

But 200 applying for 2 posts!
- Ah, the curse of the unemployed!

All of them have recommendations but
he doesn't even have a saint, you get me?

I understand perfectly. What's his name?
- Nicolino! Nicola Pascazzio.

Pascazzio? Nicola? - Yes.
- We'll do all we can to please you.

Don Ant, you are a saint!

Donna Sof! - Eh?
- You're irresistible! Donna Sof!

Don Ant, the window is open!
- You're right.

We'll talk about it later, right?
- Yes. Another glass? - Yes.

You want these mussels? - Ah! Commander,
this is the youth I spoke to you about.

Then you would be... - Yeah, it's him.
- What would I be?

I told Don Ant, that you applied
for the post of the guards.

"Metrotulipan". - Metropolitan.
- Ah, right. I sent my documents but...

"Pro formia".
I got no recommendations...

Don't think about recommendations.
Instead think about the exams.

I'll be his examiner. - Ah, thank goodness!
- I'll take my leave, Donna Sofia.

As for the extension, don't worry.
I'll talk to my brother who's the co-owner.

Ooh, mamma m!
- Don't take on so. Leave it to me.

Thanks again for the exquisite
courtesy and hospitality.

Goodbye, young man.

You want these mussels or not?
- Yeah, I do but now go home.

You must study.
The day after tomorrow you have exams.

Don Antonio has promised me
to help you. But if you're an ass...

That... Don Antonio. I don't like him.

What did he do to you? - I just
don't like him. - I do, so that's that!

Ah, you like him?
- I like his house!

I will allow you that.
- Hey! Allow? Allow!

I gave nobody permission to give me rules,
got it? We understand each other, boy?

Titino! Take these mussels!

And I don't need permission either!
- Fine. We're even then.

Now go away.
- Sof...

Forget about it.
- Forget what?

The kiss.
- Why did you give me it then?

Because I wanted to.
- I wanted to too. Another encore!

I've seen the concert. Goodbye and thanks.
- Then a trio!

A trio! A quartette! Then five in a row!
This ain't no bingo! - Sof, let me win!

Another time! - When? When?
- Christmas. We'll play bingo then. Go! Go!

Oh, Mademoiselle!
Bonjour! Non me reconnaissez pas?

J'avais l'honneur de vous rencontrer
sur le "vapor". Sur le paquebot.

Oh, ja! How do you do?
- Moi? Trs bien, et vous?

Fine, thank you!
But... you... colonel?

Comme ci, comme a.
- Colonel... cavalry?

Comme ci, comme a.
Et vous, trs bien, Sorrento? - Oh, ya!

My villa there. Villa Bice. Alone...
- Alone?

Me, Kitty, alone.

Drink? Would you like a drink?

Ring-ring? - No! You, I drink.
Martini. In my villa. Alone.

You mean drink-drink! You and me alone?
Allons. Allons, enfants.


Dsol. Drink-drink, demain.
Le prtre me dsire.

- No, Possessor.

Au revoir. See you tomorrow.
- A demain.

It's only been 24 hours and
you're throwing yourself in flings!

When will you ever learn?
- What was so wrong?

Nothing. You never do anything wrong
but you always get in trouble.

Now you're starting with a foreigner.
- Oh, un casual rencontre!

Rencontre? - Un rencontre casuale.
A simple pourparler. Comme ci, comme a.

Listen, don't start speaking French,
because I'm at the end of my rope! Move!

Go on, move it!
- Such a fuss for a little French!

No, people are waiting
and later I must show you a paper.

Come in.

Oh, Donna Violante! My respects.
Hi, Caram!

Hey, Commander. You're cutting
quite the figure, eh? Don't you think?

Yes. He is.
- You're too kind.

Would you like to accompany me?
I'm fasting because I said Mass recently.

Donna Violante, would you like a coffee?
- Thanks, I don't drink coffee as you know.

I'd love a cookie.
- Ton! You have all the virtues.

Ah, truly, all the virtues.

Want a brioche?
- No brioche. - Here we go.

Oh, this is the paper I wanted to show you.
An eviction degree. We can do it today.

Wait. - What wait?
I've already notified the bailiff.

Let's not be hasty.
- What does that mean?

Eviction is an odious action. - Odious?
And that longing to live by the sea?

Ah, you're right but we must speak calmly.
If Donna Violante can endure me for a while

in her beautiful and serene home.
- You can stay as long as you like.

Fine, we'll postpone it. - Thank you, Donna
Violante. Thank you. Exquisitely kind.

This young lady is a saint.
- I never doubted it!

Excuse me for cutting this short. Caram.
- Must we go?

You stay. You must go to confession.
- And you leave all alone?

Commander, go with her!
- If she would grant me the honor.

Oh, if it's up to me...!
- Bye, Matt. Bye, Caram. Goodbye.

What a lovely couple!

Tonino, in one way or another,
must work it out.

Father, I've been praying
a long time to the Madonna!

I know, I know. - No, he must
come to his senses. He's a philanderer.

I know. The vice of the family!
His father.

And his grandfather.
The "Bull of Sorrento."

What peace! What quiet!

When I find myself in this paradise
I feel I'm living in another world.

A world different from ours,
so vertiginous and sinful.

A world where our souls
can be exalted in poetry.

And in prayer.
- Yes, prayer. And love.

True love that asks
nothing and expects nothing.

The love of two twin souls which meet
and say, "As long as I live and forever!"

This is love, Donna Sof
- What? Donna Sof!

My name is Violante.
- Oh, excuse me, I don't know how...

I know how.
There's your Donna Sofia.

Punctual for your date!
- I don't have any dates.

Excuse me!
- Why do you fly off?

Because you're a tempting devil.

Don Ant, I was just looking for you!
- What is it? - I heard of the eviction.

Oh, no eviction. I told my brother to delay
until I make an agreement with you.

Ah, thank you, Don Ant!
Then, when can we? - I can't hear you here.

I'm at your disposal. - I'd like to speak
of our business in sweet tranquility.

Yes, you're right. - Today for example,
at dusk. Couldn't you come to our villa?

We can have coffee in your
pleasant company. - What an honor!

But everybody already has been
gossiping after your morning visit!

How sad! Then let's do this:
Meet at 5:00 at the Queen Giovanna's baths.

It's a romantic place, far from
prying eyes. Would you like that?

You'd like that: that's enough!

Donna Sof, you make me dizzy.
- Oh, Don Ant!

- Goodbye. - My respects.

Commander! Commander!

Commander, the mayor wants you. - What
can I do? I've a visit I can't get out of.

Tell him you did not find me because I went
to Vico Equense for service. Be tactful.

Leave it to me.
You've already put on the white uniform?

So? Why should you care?
- Goodbye!

Colonel! - Bonjour!
- I am... I'm looking for Kitty.

Fled! My little amorous dog!

Excusez, je suis de service, command.

The little dog looks for a little mate!
L'amour! L'amour, Madame! Love! Eh, love!

Love, love, where can you be?
Love, love, where can you be?

Hey, can I borrow your binoculars?
- Looking for Sofia? - Yeah.

There she is.
- She went out alone? - Very alone.

Where is she going? - "The woman
who goes alone, flies toward love."

Donna Sof!


Hey, can I help you, Don Ant?
- No, I'll jump off! All by myself!

Easy to say!

One moment! One mome... wait a bit!

Sof! Sof!
- Hey!

And don't go jumping about, eh?
- Too little for a woman like you.

Don Ant, calm down, eh?
- Donna Sof, you've vulcanized me.

Let's stay here, it's so romantic.

You're almost forced to be a poet.
The sea, the sunset and you, you.

"Oh, sweet siren. Sweet siren who comes
from the sea, let me love you, let me."

"Sweet siren on a rock,
I love you alone, I want you alone."

Don Ant, I'm waiting for
the postponement of the rent!

Sure, all the you want but don't ruin the
poetry! - Don Ant, you're kicking me out!

My word, handshake should suffice.
- Word? As the proverb says, "paper sings"!

Now my heart sings, excuse me.
Tomorrow the paper will sing.

Tomorrow we'll put it in black and white.

Now, let's consign it to oblivion.
- Eh? - Oblivion. Sit.

Let's consign it to oblivion, Sof.
- We'll what?

Forget everything.
We'll live like in a dream.

"Sweet siren who come from the sea,
let me love you, let me love you."

Why didn't you become a poet?
- Eh! Destiny.

Maybe because I never met an inspiring
woman. But now... I can read my fate clearly.

That's squeezing, not reading!

Even priest are tourists now. What times!
Come, let's escape below.

Don Ant, let's say goodbye.
- Wait, those pests will go away.

Ah, there, this is excellent.

Don Ant, the mayor! - The mayor?
Mamma mia, he was looking me. What a mess!

It'd be prudent if you... - Yes, prudent.
I'll go but you? - If I leave with you...

he'll see me. You see in my position...
Probably an urgent matter. Go now.

We'll meet tomorrow. My house would
be better. - That's what I said!

Until tomorrow. What a dommage!
- Ooh, thank you!

Did your excellency see that beauty?

Let's go down. We can see up close
this extraordinary natural amphitheater.

Careful, it's slippery.

Be careful or we'll wind up in the sea.

The land is a bit dangerous.
- I saw. - Easy. Here we are.

As you see, Excellency, in this admirable
basin, a Roman patrician built a villa

in which survives the main
walls reticulated in clay.

Legend attributes to the Queen
Giovanna... But please, sit down.

...a marked preference for this place which
has become a delicious refuge for lovers.

Do you have a light?
- Here.

Thank you.
- My blessed Lady! - Unfortunately,

these marvelous waters were polluted
by the refuse of the passing ships

and by the dumping of the city sewage.

Easy, easy, I'm here! Easy.

Everything OK?
- Great! Playing the policeman?

Where have you been?

Hey! Really? Really? Really?

Be still! Where have you been?
- Wherever I like. Got it?

I make no accounts to no one,
especially you!

Go try that on another! With me you made
a mistake! Hit the road, boy! - I know.

I was wrong to love you.
- If so, find another.

Careful, Excellency,
the climbing is difficult here.

Yes, goodbye. - Auf wiedersehen!
- Auf wiedersehen. Auf wiedersehen!


Poor thing!
Now I'll let you in. Poor thing!

Kitty! Kitty! Kitty!

Miss! Mademoiselle!
Saved! Sauve!

Thank you! Found in sea?
- Yes. De la mer. Presque drown.

Yes, the poor thing went glu, glu, glu!
- Ah, thank you, my friend!

How soon soaked! A drink?

Drink-drink? With pleasure.
- Tonino!

The Possessor!
Go! Go quickly!

A demain. A demain.

Thanks for Kitty.

What have you been up to?

A rescue.
- No! I'm the one doing the rescuing!

I can't keep doing this! - Me either.
You're my shadow. You know all!

How do you do it?
- The Lord enlightens me!

You weren't home. Why? Because you're
running about! Look at the state you're in!

Tonino, when will you lead a normal life?
- I spent the last 30 years in the military!

Calm down: Now you're at a certain age!
- Please! I feel strong, young, healthy!

Go to bed, go on! - If I go
to bed or not, that's my business.

Quos Deus perdere vult, dementat!

You know that means? - I don't.
And I don't want to! - Oh, no, you must!

It means the Lord makes mad all
those going to perdition! Ton, like you!

Eh, God's will be done! - So be it!
- Good night, Matt! - Good night, Ton!

Oh, finally! - How are you?
Come in, Doctor. - The mats!

How are you, Miss? - Don Matteo!
- The mats, Doctor, the mats.

He's in there, Doctor. - What has that boy
got up to? - I don't know, he's very sick.

I knew it! - He's very sick,
Don Matt. Easy, easy. Quiet.

Come in.
- What a voice!

Good day. - Good day. - It's the doctor.
Ton, what is it? How do you feel?

Good day! - Good day, Doctor.
- We met at the town hall. I'm the assessor.

The assessor of hygiene, I remember it well.
- Well, let's see how you are.

Nothing, the ladies exaggerate.
Yesterday, I felt a pain in my kidneys.

Leave it. This morning I had the bad idea
to tell the ladies that my kidneys hurt.

No fever. - Thank God!
- I have a little pain here.

Now let's see what it is.
- Ton! - You see him?

Miss, what can it be?
- Yesterday he returned home soaking wet.

In a bathing suit?
- No, a sea adventure.

Nothing serious.
An ordinary lumbago at Frigole.

Bye, dear! - Go to the pharmacy
and he mustn't get up, eh?

He has a hard head. - Right, he's stubborn!
- He'll be fine, his health is like steel.

Don't tell him or he won't stop. Doctor,
thank you very much. - Oh, please.

My friends, all, all of us must
collaborate in order to save him.

We'll do all we can! - You're a saint!
- I'm going to pharmacy. - Hurry, Caram!

Keep him in bed, OK?

Damn these mats!
- Goodbye, Miss.

Come in.

Where is he? Where? - I'm here! Here!
Don't turn around yet. There I'm done.

Are you insane? Get into bed immediately!
- Impossible, I have business.

What can be so urgent?
- The exams of the metropolitan guards.

There other examiners.
- At 10, I have an important appointment.

Put it off. - It's a crucial meeting.
However thank you for care, Miss.

Visiting the sick is an act of mercy.
- Very kind.

I'm here like a Sister of Charity. - Yes,
the good heroines of the white wings.

A little pain. - Never mind the white wings
and let me do something for you. - What?

A massage.
- A massage? With your little hands?

Don't speak nonsense. Get on the bed.
- Right away.

Am I hurting you?

What is it?
- It tickles. But continue.

Does it hurt? - It does, it does!
- Let's use the blessed oil. - Bless it.

Am I hurting you? - No, you have
the magic hand. - What magic?

Tell me instead if you ever suffered from
lumbago? - Unfortunately, got in service.

The Madonna knows how much
I suffered to become Marshall:

discipline, lonely service, bitter cold,
rainy nights, ambushes, gunshots.

Yesterday was ambushes, gunshots under sea?

Yes, underwater. I fell into
the water checking on the beach.

Were you looking for the fishmonger?
- Ah! I'm under surveillance!

What surveillance? All of Sorrento
saw you yesterday with the fishmonger.

I don't judge one on her social condition.
I'm a sincere democrat, I see the heart.

Yes, see the heart! - You judge me wrongly.
One day, Donna Violante, you'll believe me.

"A wolf may lose his fur..."
- "A furry man is a virtuous man!"

Francesco, go!
- How did it go? - I dunno.

And Nicolino?
- With the commander. - Right.

Nicolino can rest easy. - Why?
- He's a friend of Donna Sofia. - So?

What? Don't you know?
He's crazy about the "Show Off".

Yesterday, they had an idyll
at the Queen Giovanna's baths.

And what does Nicolino say?
- He's a cuckold! - Di Gennaro!

Now let's move on to street signs.
What's this?

No walking. - For whom?
- How should I know?

And this?

A trumpet.

Let's pass on to the measure
of the moral character.

If you see while patrolling the beach
a lady in a bikini... - What's a bikini?

The two piece. What would you do?

Nice! I'd look at her.
- Look?

You impose...
- What?

You impose the legal fine.
- To whom? - The lady in the bikini.

Why? - Because the bikini is allowed
only under certain measurements.

Then I go around with a ruler?
- You're going around with nonsense.

I'll go then. - Don't start with
insubordination! Repeat after me.

I impose... - I impose! - ...the legal...
- The legal! - ...fine... - Fine! the lady... - To the lady!
- the bikini. - In the bikini. - Good!

Well done!
- Well done.

Coming, Commander.
- The commander's me!

Stamped paper! - Good.
- Pen and ink! - Go to the shop, eh?

Sof! - Eh? - If today, you see Don Ant
and he doesn't sign the postponement

I'm outta here!
- No, no, he'll sign. Don't worry.

He's here.

Sof! I've passed!
- Well done, I'm pleased!

But we'll see each other tonight.
- Nicolino, let's go! Nicolino!

Sof, I'm no longer a starving man.
- Good.

The commander told me I've a career,
a stipend and a place in society!

I know but we'll talk about it later, eh?
- May I? - Commander!

Commander, come in.

Nicolino, thank you for
the great news. I'll see you later.

This way. - I passed him on your account,
he'll make a perfect guard. I play no games!

I know. - Iron discipline and exercises
everyday! - Eh, you're a born commander!

Here's the paper for the postponement
and here's the pen. Here. - Certainly.

Have a seat. Would you like a coffee?
- Yes, thank you.

Oh, Sofia, if you could read my heart!
- One or two? - Two.

If you could read in my heart
what I feel. - I do read it.

The whole night, I asked myself,
"Don Ant, what do you want? Seek"?

Maybe you seek the pen? Here.
- Sof, Sof, I seek love!

Not only that, I seek a hearth,
a Madonna like you, eh?

For 30 years, I traveled the world alone.
Always alone, longing for a wife and family.

Sofia! - Eh?
- Tell me I'm not dreaming. - No.

You're not dreaming.
- You speak truth? - Yes. love with one who has intimate friends
and has fun at Queen Giovanna's baths!

Enough with this dirty show,
I passed because I studied!

And Sofia has taught you a lesson!

Spitting your poison?
- No, Sofia!

Donna Caram! - I'm all ears!
- I'll give you a lesson!

Come down, Donna Sofia!
Come down if you dare!

I'll come down when I'm ready!
- Oh, right!

You don't want break up your chat
with Don Antonio! So sorry!

Come in.

That one needs a lesson!
- You mustn't lower yourself! - No, I won't.

But she's offending you and me!
- Ah, pay no mind! - Yeah, I won't.

Now Don Ant, are you signing this
blessed postponement or not?

I'll sign a 1000 postponements! - Yes?
- Even my will! What's mine is yours.

I thank you but sign!
- I adore you. I do, Donna Sof. I do.

Who's there?
- Don Pepp. - Which Don Peppino?

Don Peppino, the bailiff.
- OK, come back. - I can't.

OK, but you can't, I need to tidy up.
- Open or I'll call the guards! - Open up.

Excuse me, Donna Sofia, I must
evict you. - What are you saying?

Evict me? - Yes, you.
This is the notice.

Either peaceably or I call the police.

Don Ant, you've betrayed me!
- Me? Betray you?

Don Ant, what is your heart made of?
- You could throw the poor thing out?

Joseph, Jesus and Maria!
- I never would've expected it! - Evicted!

A heart of stone! - A bully!
- Disgusting! - Truly disgusting! - Hey!

Don Peppino, can't you come back?
- I can't.

But Donna Sofia has 'til sunset to move.
- Fine, do your duty. - Very well.

You'll see that Don Antonio Carotenuto,
for what it's worth, keeps his word!

Make way! Make way!
- Donna Sofia, this is the notice.

And you evicted too! Out! Out!
The show is over! Out. Out.

Why do you cry?
The commander is a man of his word, no?

He passed me
and he'll give you a postponement.

Why cry?
- You beat it! Go away.

Dry your beautiful eyes.
Don Antonio is at your command.

Yesterday you were at the baths with him.
And today? Today where were you meeting?

This is your gratitude?
- Should I build you a statue for that?

You know what you are?
A liar and a traitor!

Get out!

The happy widow!
- Get out!

Yeah, you know what you are?
An evil woman!

Get out!

Tonino, reflect on what you're doing
for the first time in your life!

I always reflect.
Do you think I'm a madman?

Think about your position.
What would people say?

I don't care. I like Sofia. She likes me.
She'll be mine. - Good night!

I'll marry here. - But you're an imbecile!
- Perhaps. But I will marry her.

Come here. Sit yourself down.
And listen to me.

Tonino, reason. Fly Donna Sofia.
Fly and don't throw yourself in the abyss!

Matt, I like Sofia.
She admires and loves me and I love her.

But she's 30 years younger than you.
- My heart isn't old!

Your heart won't satisfy Donna Sofia.
- I know what I'm doing and what I can do!

Tonino, she's a witch. A siren, Ton!
- I've faced a 1000 sirens!

You're just a braggart!
- I am what I am!

Unfortunately, I know. But duty...
- What duty? I'm not a minor, Matt!

You've a minor brain!
- Fine, I'm slow but I'm not going back.

"Quos Deus perdere vult..."
- I want to be destroyed, Matt. So be it.

Hey, lovely Donna Sofia!
Have a seat. - No, thanks.

How beautiful you are!

Good day, Commander!
- Hey, Cap!

Good day. - All fixed.
- Thank you. - This way.

Don Ant, I need to speak to you.
- After the lady, wait a moment. This way.

In here. - Don Ant, excuse me for
coming here... - No, no, not one word more.

My brother is no longer power of attorney
and I ripped up the notice. Please sit.

Are you happy? - Thank you, Don Ant.
I knew when I met you, you were a saint.

Unfortunately, my problems aren't over.
- What is it? - Don Ant, I'm a poor widow.

I work all day. After I'm done, I'm dead
tired. - Yes, I know, you're a great lady.

Ooh! How handsome you look!

- But how it suits you!

I'm sorry I didn't know you then.
- Don't say it. - Why? Is it a sore spot?

Yes, it makes me suffer more than anything
else: the army was everything to me.

Oh, sorry. I didn't know. - Your sweet
regret means you love me a bit.

Don Ant, I'm an unlucky woman.

Evil tongues are busy. - Evil tongues
will report my and I hope, your happiness.

A minute ago, I told my brother
I intend to engage myself to you.

And what did Don Matt say?
- The usual: "think it over", "reflect" but...

...the heart cannot be commanded.
- Don Ant, you're a man of the world.

An affianced widow, you either want
to keep or marry. - I want to. I'm ready.

Sof, will you marry me?

Sofia, I await. I await for your lips to
bloom forth the sweet monosyllable "yes".

Donna Sofia Cocozza,

will you take for your lawful husband,
Cavaliere Antonio Carotenuto?

I'll tell you tomorrow.
- Why not today?

My mourning ends tomorrow. - Then
you must consider me already affianced.

If it makes you happy.
- Donna Sof, will you come to the party?

Don Ant, I sure will come tonight!
- Oh, I'll fly!

We should have so much fun!
- Allow me. - Thank you.

Donna Sof!
- Nicola Pascazzio.

- This way.

A minute's patience,
I'll have your measurements taken

for your uniform.
- No! Don't! I don't need it.

I'm renouncing the guard post.
- And your reason?

You know better than me.
- Hey.

One moment, young man,
I don't permit such behavior.

I'll behave as I like.
- No! You have no right!

You owe me an explanation! - You know why,
don't pretend. - I know nothing! Speak!

I won't! - I'll have you arrested for
insulting a public official! - Who?

Who are you going to arrest? I'm the
insulted one! You're courting my lover!

Chasing after one who could be
your daughter! - Out! Get out!

Hey! Let's go.
- Don't touch me.

Don Ant, I'm a poor man, without a job.

But I'm not ashamed
because I'm a man of honor!

No, no, Ma'am! Who cries,
a shower brings, changes not a thing.

Tell me what I should do.
- Ah, Ma'am, excuse me but you're an idiot.

Say what you want but I don't care!
- Come here.

Come here.
Dry your tears and look into the mirror.

Eh, uncover yourself!

You looked like a bag!

Look at these shoulders! What arms!
What nice breasts!

You're Rafael's Venus!

Saint Andrea Della Valle! If the Commander
saw you he'd drop down! - Enough, enough!

I swear it.

Would you prefer to walk in the country
or shall we dance? - As you wish. - Please.

Lovely Donna Sofia, sit down.
- Good evening. Evening. - Evening.

Please, sing.
- Eh, I don't know the song.

You fisherman? - No.
- No? What to do? - Nothing.

To leave. - Leave? Far?
- Yes. Far enough.

Commander, shall we dance the mambo?
- What's that? - A Brazilian dance.

Mayor, look. Look.



Well done, Donna Sofia.
- Thank you.

She's a good dancer.
- He dances well too.

Colonel! Dear colonel!

I'm not a colonel.

Come to my table.
- We've reserved this one, sorry.

Your daughter? Beautiful!
She looks just like you. Right?

No, not my daughter. - Je suis fianc
avec le commandant. We're engaged.

De rien.

Want to dance with me if... your
fiance doesn't mind? - Oh, naturellement!

Allez, mon cher, allez. - Tres gentile.
- Thank you. - Allons.

Yes? - A chocolate ice cream. Ask the
gentleman if he'd like one. - I had it.

If I'm troubling you, I'll go away.
- You're not.

Thanks. - Don't mention it.
- So kind. - A pleasure.

Thank goodness.
Now we've said goodbye, eh?

Don't start.
- Start? It's over. All of it.

I wanted to say goodbye
because I'm leaving.

- We're off to Venezuela.

When do you leave?
- Tomorrow. I'll take a boat to Naples.

What a fine mess!
- Ah, you're expert at messes! Here.

Goodbye and good luck.
- Send me some confetti.



Sof, what happened? - Don't you see
that I dirtied my dress with ice cream?

No big deal, a little water. Or would you
like to change? - No, home. I'm tired.

So suddenly? What's the matter? - I'm tired.
The music annoys me, makes me sad.

Maybe 'cause tomorrow will be a year since
my Pasquale died. - Peace to his soul.

Good night.
- I'll go with you.

No, stay.
- I'll bring you to your doorstep, no more.

No, stay here, have fun. Enjoy yourself.
- How can I enjoy myself without you?

Don Ant, when I'm like this it's better
to leave me alone. - Like what? - Like...

I'm moody. Bye.

General! - Je ne suis pas general. Pas mme
le colonel. Laissons perdre. Glissons.

You sad? - Comme a comme a.
J'ai besoin de reflchir.

Understood. Me now pest.
- Mademoiselle?

Please do.

Good night.
- Good night.

Nicola Pascassio is here.

Shall I send him away?
- Yes, I'm not receiving. - Yes, Sir.

You must leave as the commander isn't
receiving today. - He's not receiving?

Nicola Pascazzio! Come in.

Commander, I must get back my ID I brought
for the test. I'll need them as a passport.

- Yes, Sir. For Venezuela.


- Thanks a lot, Commander.

Wait, you really want to leave?
- Yes, Sir.

See, Pascazzio, I committed
the same folly that you're doing.

Out of stupid jealousy, I went into the
Carabinieri. You want to leave like that?

Don Ant, I must leave.
I love Sofia. - And her?

She loved you before I...
- Don Ant, I'll confess like a dying man.

Don't talk about death! - Don Ant,
Sofia and I loved each other a while.

For the house and to hire me,
she played a part with you.

But I... I knew that very well.
I never was fooled.

I was jealous and I insulted her.
She was offended... - Patatras.

Make amends. Donna Sofia will forgive you.

Don Ant, I know her.
Donna Sofia does not forgive.

Yesterday, Titino tried.
This morning my aunt went to talk to her.

No use. And she's right.
I insulted her too much.

Don Ant, sorry but the only
thing left for me is suicide.

Desperate ills call for desperate measures.

Here, sit in my seat. Today's a feast
and it'll be a feast for you too.

Take the paper and write.
- Don Ant, I've never wrote. I can't...

Let me dictate. Write.
- Eh, go on.

"Adored". No, no.
"Delight of mine". It's too literary.

"My Sofia".

Remove "my". "Sofia", comma,
from the start. More tragic.

"Unjustly did I..."

Not "dud" and it's a verb!

Let's sit here.

Don Ant, why did you bring me here?
- To get your mind off things.

Would you like a slushie or an ice cream?
- An ice cream.

Waiter! - Yes?
- 2 ice creams at the caf. - OK.

Donna Sof, I salute you!
- Commander, a happy stay.

Oui! Bye, Nicol, a good trip.

Watch out for yourself, eh? And write.

Did you say goodbye?
- Last night.

Poor boy!


"... with a regret for the most
beautiful love I ever dreamed of..."

"...and which I lost forever
and I call back in vain."

"Your tender and unforgettable Nicolino."

Ah, good.

Stubborn, eh? Stubborn that kid!

It pains me to think of him
going so far away to Venezuela.

A tropical zone:
poisonous snakes, wild beasts!

The spiders as big as this.
A tropical zone: a humid heat, malaria.

Too bad for him.
- What did he do to you?

To me? Nothing.
- The tropical climate will kill him, eh!

You should have convinced him to stay?
- Why me? - Wasn't he your relative?

You recommended him with much warmth.

And his jealousy made
me suspect he loved you.

Now he's off to a tropical zone
with deadly malaria. The amoeba!

The amoeba! The amoeba never forgives.

Even if he survives, poor boy,
he'll be reduced to a human larvae.

But it's he who wants to leave!

Nicol! Get down!
Get down, Nicolino!

Don't go, Nicolino!

Get down, Nicolino!
Get down, Nicolino!

Nicolino, get down!


Nicol! Nicol! Where are you?

Nicol, where are you?
Let's make peace! Get off!

Nicol, get off!

Here's Nicolino.

What are you looking at?
What do you want?

Sof! - No, don't touch me.
Don't speak. I don't want to see you.

Go, get away! - Sof...
- Get away!

What are you doing?
- What should I do? - Go on, run.

It's useless. - Listen to me.
Go with no worries. Hurry. Go.

Don Ant, I must apologize.

Why? - 'Cause I thought you
doodly squat but I was wrong.

Instead, we know what we're doing, eh?
- Yeah.

Be good.
- Goodbye.

Today for the first time you did
a good deed. Bravo. I'm pleased with you.

Matt? - Yes, my dear? - Which is
the most rigorous monastic order?

Why do you ask?
- Out of curiosity.

Well there are... the Carthusians.

And even more are the Trappist monks.

They never speak and salute each other
saying, "Brother, remember you must die."

- Trappists.

They dig graves every day...

Good night.

Good night, Matt.
- Good night, Ton.

Good night.

"Brother, remember that you must die."

Brother, go to bed!

"To be or not to be,
that is the question."

"And when you sleep
forgotten beneath the loam..."


What a fragrance! Lavender water?

"Nights of the Orient".

Do you know... "The Prayer of a Virgin"?
- Of course. Ever since I was a child.

Shall we play it together?

Viol! Violante!

Violante... - Oh, Don Ant...
Antonio! - Violante!


Matt, leave me alone!

English subtitles by sineintegral@KG