Saw V (2008) - full transcript

Detective Hoffman is deemed hero after he saves a young girl and "escapes" one of Jigsaws game, or do it seems. Special Agent Strahm is suspicious of him after his assistant, Agent Perez dies. While Strahm dives into Hoffman's past, a group of 5 people who all helped burn a building which was supposedly abandoned are put to a series of tests, set up by the Jigsaw Killer.

Fuck. What the fuck?

What the...? What the fuck?

What the...?

What the fuck!




Hello, Seth.

I wanna play a game.

Right now, you're feeling helpless.

This is the same helplessness...'ve bestowed onto others.

But now it's onto you.

Some call this karma. I call it justice.

Now, you served five years...

...of what should have been
a life sentence for murder.

A technicality gave you freedom...

...but it inhibited you
from understanding...

...the impact of taking a life.

Today, I offer you true freedom.

In 30 seconds, the pendulum will drop
far enough to touch your body.

Within sixty seconds
it will cut you in half.

To avoid the pendulum...

...all you have to do
is destroy the things that have killed.

Your hands.

You must insert your hands
and push the buttons... start the devices before you.

Your bones will be crushed to dust.

Will you destroy the things that have
taken life in order to save one, Seth?

Make your choice.


It was an accident!


Okay. Fuck you.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

I did what I was supposed to do.

Let me see your hands.
Let me see your fucking hands.

Where is my daughter? You...


Hello, Agent Strahm.

If you're hearing this...

...then you've finally found
what you've been looking for.

But is the discovery
of my body enough?

Or will your insatiable hunger
to uncover the truth...

...push you deeper into the abyss?

Heed my warning: Do not proceed.

For this room can either be
your sanctuary or it can be your grave.

The choice is yours.

Fuck you.






Go! Go!

You're okay.

- Where's my dad?
- He's gonna be okay.

Where's my mom?
Where's my mom?

- Hoffman.
- I got it. I got it.

You okay to walk?

What the hell, man?
What happened? Where's Rigg?

Tried to help. He didn't make it.

Nobody made it.

We got a live one.


Right away.

Ms. Tuck.

Have a seat.

It's nice to meet you, Mr. Feldman.

Why am I here?

I represent your ex-husband, John.

In the event of his death,
I was instructed to contact you.

You can understand my surprise
when I found out who he really was.

John left something for you.

If you're watching this, Jill,
I'm long gone from this world.

You are my heart, you always
have been. You always will be.

I'm not going to try to explain
my actions of late.

Suffice it to say that I find it difficult
to forgive myself...

...for what happened at the clinic.

I permitted, indeed, encouraged your
decisions regarding the people there.

I saw danger and I...
I should have acted sooner.

I'm leaving you a box today, and
its contents are of grave importance.

Even though you and I don't always see
eye to eye on everything...

...I deeply believe in you
and I believe that you will know...

...what to do with these materials.

I wanna thank you all
for coming here today.

And I'd like to be the first to say...

...that the Jigsaw murders are over.

The officers who gave their lives
are being honored here today.

But today I'd like to offer
a special honor... the detective who's been
on this case right from the beginning...

...who proved through hard work
and dedication...

...that the people who died
did not die in vain.

Today we honor the newly promoted
Detective Lieutenant...

...Mark Hoffman.


Thank you so much.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Throughout this ordeal,
if we've learned anything it's that...

...human life is sacred.

And we've learned that every day... should be cherished.

Justice... the backbone
to every peaceful society.

And I believe that true justice
has been served.

Detective Hoffman,
you're wanted at the hospital.

It's about Agent Perez.

Thank you.

Hello, Agent Perez, and welcome
to the world that you have long studied.

Heed my warning, Agent Perez.

Your next move is critical.

- Open the door.
- What is that?

I got you.

I'm truly sorry about Agent Perez.

She said your name, you know.

The last thing she said
was "Detective Hoffman."

Why'd she say that?
Why'd she say your name?

- I don't know.
- No?

How'd you walk out of that building?

How did you?

On a gurney with a fucking hole
in my throat.

Look at you.

Couple of scratches and a story
about how your arm straps broke.

Jigsaw doesn't make mistakes.

Is this you theorizing again?
Because Jigsaw's dead.

I'm not talking about him...

...I'm talking about you
and your whole crooked department.

My department's gone. They're all dead.
There's no one left.

Besides you.

Been chasing Jigsaw
from the beginning...

...and I got him.

So unless you've got
something else to say...

...back the fuck off.

Read the papers.
I saved that little girl.

Sorry about Agent Perez.

Shouldn't you be resting?

I'm fine, Erickson.

No, you're not, Peter.
That's why I put you on medical leave.

I was supposed to die in that trap.

You never should have been there
without backup.

I wanna talk to Jill Tuck one last time.

You're no longer handling
the case, Peter.


Read it.

Over a dozen dead bodies
were recovered at the scene...

...two of which were cops.

Jigsaw's dead, how many lives
did I inevitably save?

By endangering yourself and others.

You're off the case.

On whose orders?


I'm sorry, Peter. It's over.

Oh, my God.

- What is this?
- Hey, don't move.

What did you do to me?

I didn't do anything.

- It's Jigsaw.
- What?

I knew this was gonna happen to me.
This is what he does.

No, it's not Jigsaw.

He's dead.

Haven't you watched TV lately?

Yeah, well, whoever it is...

...they're watching us.

To make sure we follow the rules.

- Which are what?
- I wouldn't do that if I were you.

Unless you want your head
to pop off like a dandelion.

- How do you know that?
- Because I have eyes.

One pull-pin starts the timer
for all of us.

You won't wanna do that unless
you know how it works, now, would you?

You're starting to freak me out, dude.

Hello, and welcome.

From birth, you've all been given
the advantages of few others.

Yet through poor moral decisions...'ve used these advantages
to selfishly further...

...only yourselves
at the expense of others.

Well, today this singular way of thinking
will be put to the test.

Today, five will become one,
with a common goal of survival.

You are all connected.

A cable runs through
your collar devices.

It can be pulled so tight...

...that you will be decapitated
on the mounted razors.

The only way to remove the collar
is with the keys from the glass boxes...

...on the pedestals before you.

However, if one of you moves
to retrieve a key...

...the 60-second timer
will begin for you all.

In choosing how to react
to this situation...

...your lifelong instincts
will tell you to do one thing...

...but I implore you to do the opposite.

Let the games begin.

Somebody has to die.

No, no, no, it says,
"Don't listen to your instincts."

- That means don't go for the keys.
- You fucking nuts?

How are we supposed to live
if we don't?

- It's testing our endurance.
- We gotta move, babe.

That timer's connected to those jars.

It didn't say anything
about those jars.

- They could be nothing.
- They're nail bombs.

Homemade, probably C-4.

How the fuck do you know that?

She's a fire inspector.
She's seen all kinds of demented shit.

How do you know me?

Hey, man, she's asking you a question.
How do you know her?

How do you know her? Answer me!

Look, let's just keep our cool.

- Okay, we can figure this out.
- We're all here for a reason.

Okay, and we're all connected,
as the message said.

We just need to...

- What did you do?
- You go first.

It said that we were all born
with advantages.

Right? That means
we're all from money.

- I'm not.
- And neither am I.

Hey, nice fucking try, Nancy Drew.

Well, then, what does it mean?

We did something wrong
with an advantage from birth.

- That doesn't have to mean money.
- What are you not telling us?

You know about her, what do you know
about the rest of us?

Would you fucking talk to me?

- Relax.
- I am fucking relaxed.

It's a game, tweaker.

Get it? The less you know about me,
the better.

The reason why you fucked up
your charmed existence... pretty obvious to everyone, isn't it?

Fuck you. Fuck you.

Been playing with matches again,
have we?

Fuck all of you and your fucking plan.

Unless you wanna be shredded
when those bombs go off...

...l suggest we move on.

What are you doing?

Being smart.

Special Agent Strahm's office.

This is Detective Hoffman.
Is Agent Strahm available?

He's not, but I can connect you
to Special Agent Erickson.

He's handling all inquiries.


You've reached the voice mail box
of Agent Erickson.

Please leave a message.

Yeah, this is Detective Hoffman.

I needed to discuss something
with Agent Strahm...

...but I can't seem to track him down.

Could you give me a call?
It would be greatly appreciated.

There you are.



- Cowan, take this to analysis.
- Right away, sir.

What are you doing here?

Just grabbing some stuff from the office.
I'm taking your advice.

- Taking some time off, huh?
- Yeah, well, I have to heal up, you know.

You know, I'll keep in touch.
I'll see you around.


We got another body.
Looks like another Jigsaw victim.

- You up for this?
- Yeah.

Typical bio. Murder convict.

Served five years,
just released last month.

I know him.

His name's Seth Baxter.

My sister's ex-boyfriend.

This is the guy
that murdered your sister?

He was sentenced to 25 years.
Got it reduced to five on a technicality.

Well, then I'd say justice was served.

You killed him.
Made it look like a Jigsaw trap.

I got you.

Not yet.

Don't close the door.
It'll set off the timer.

- Do you know that for sure?
- Educated guess.

What we need to do
is figure out who everyone is.

Okay, well, we know that the dead
woman worked for the fire department.

Not anymore.
She got canned a month ago.

How the fuck do you...?
How the fuck do you know that?

You're responsible for this?
She had her fucking head cut off!

I'm closing the door.

- I'm gonna close the fucking door!
- Just be quiet.


What's your story?

I work for
the Department of City Planning.

- Married? Kids?
- No, and no. Your turn.

You're not gonna tell them
about Daddy?

- My dad is Richard Gibbs.
- The owner of the Cougars?

He's been trying to build a new stadium
for years. Little did he know...

...all he had to do is wait for his daughter
to get a job in City Planning.

And you. What about you?

What sort of shady shit
have you been up to?

I'm a senior V.P.
for a real estate development company.

So you're boring too.

The Marshvard Group. Yeah,
you can't get a permit in this town...

...without going through
the Department of City Planning.

- Right?
- No, you can't.

What about you?

No wife.

- No kids that I know of. No job.
- Trust-fund baby. Anyone surprised?

I'm so fucking sick of
your self-righteousness.

It's your turn.

I'm an investigative journalist
for The Herald.

Herald? That's your accomplishment?
You work for a gossip rag?

Bite your fucking tongue.

What the hell are in those jars?

Let's do this fucking thing
before the bombs go off.


Hello, and welcome to the next lesson.

These walls hold four chambers.

These chambers are for safety.

However, to access them,
a key is needed.

But only three of the keys
will fit the locks.

These keys are in the glass jars
hanging from the ceiling.

Move quickly, though,
because when the clock ticks down...

...the explosives in the corners
of the room will detonate.

With only three points of safety,
which of you will be the odd man out?

Make your choice.


Fuck, it's blank. I need a shape.

Get your hands off that,
you're not going anywhere.

- Stop it!
- Get a clue, you fucking bitch.

It's survival of the fittest.




I got it. Got it.


Better luck next time, rich boy.

Survival of the fittest, my ass!


Everything all right with
Detective Kerr in the Seth Baxter case?

- Yeah.
- Good.

Fisk. You keep me posted.

- Will do.
- Good.

After Seth,
you were involved in every investigation.

When did you first meet Jigsaw?

Stop it, stop it!


Heel! Heel, I said!

Don't provoke him. Asshole!

Jesus Christ.
Come on, Peewee. Come on.

- Come on, Peewee.
- Peewee.


Do you mind?

- Going up?
- Yes, thank you.

What floor are you going to?

I think we're both going
to the same place.

You know why you're here, don't you?

They say imitation
is the sincerest form of flattery.

But I find it somewhat distasteful... be given credit for work
that's not mine.

Especially inferior work.

Like you,
I know what it's like to lose family.

I know what it's like
not to be able to protect loved ones.

It's a powerless feeling.

I wouldn't do that.

Hair trigger.

What do you see?

Vengeance can change a person.
Make you into something... never thought
you were capable of being.

But unlike you, I've never killed anyone.

- I give people a chance.
- You call this a chance?

We'll see.

- Our game's just begun.
- Our game? You don't even know me.

I know you.
I've followed you as you've pursued me.

I know you. I know about your sister.

I know how you cared for her.

I know she was your only family.

Leave me alone.


You sit in bars until closing.
You drink so you can sleep.

You stagger to your car...

...and then you start it all over again
the next day.

Then I discovered
what you do for recreation.

You can dispense justice...

...and give people a chance
to value their lives in the same moment.

And by the way...

...the blade on your pendulum
was inferior.

If you want a true edge... have to used tempered steel.

Tempering's better for the long haul.

You in this for the long haul, detective?

I've been a cop for 20 years.
Is that long enough for you?

Then you and I both know the statistics
for repeat offenders in this city.

67.5 percent of criminals
are back in prison within three years.

What do you want from me?

So you might look at what you did
to Seth as a kind of public service.

She was my only family.
He didn't deserve a chance.

- He was an animal.
- Everybody deserves a chance!

You didn't see the blood!

You didn't see
what he fucking did to her!

Killing is distasteful... me.

There is a better, more efficient way.

What do you see...? Look!

- What do you see?
- Tell me what you want.

I wanna know if you have
what it takes to survive.

Fuck you.

Fuck you.

You see, it's a different method
that I'm talking about.

If a subject survives my method...

...he or she is instantly rehabilitated.

Now, you want a chance?

You want a chance?

I'll give you a chance.

I'm the man you call Jigsaw.

It's your duty to bring me in...

...but I know who you are...

...and I know what you've done.

So this is blackmail.

No, no, no.

This is redemption.

Just giving you an option, that's all.

Now, you can arrest me...

...but doing so,
your life ends as you know it.

Or... could explore...

...a method of rehabilitation...

...that'll permit you to sleep at night.

Or I could kill you right now.

But you're not a true killer.

That's your dilemma...

...and the information that I have on you
is exactly where it needs to be...

...and it will be released
in the event of my disappearance.

They'll never believe your word
over mine.

You willing to take that risk?

Risk of ruining your own life... order to protect
a corrupt legal system...

...that puts murderers
back on the streets?

How would your sister feel?

You're at a crossroads, detective.

Make your choice.

Did you help Jigsaw get all of them?

Detective Hoffman,
this is Special Agent Erickson.

You had something you needed
to discuss about the Jigsaw case?

Yes. I stopped by Agent Strahm's room
tonight at the hospital...

...but he wasn't there.

- I hope he's all right.
- Oh, yeah, he's fine.

Agent Strahm was theorizing
about the possibility...

...of an additional accomplice
to Jigsaw, other than Amanda Young.

Someone who might be
currently unknown.

Did he ever mention
anything like that to you?

- No, but then again, I'm new to the case.
- Yeah, well...

...maybe you could get him to
contact me at his earliest convenience.

Will do. And... your theorizing...

...who exactly did you suspect
would be an accomplice?

Well, he suspected
someone on the inside.

Someone with access.

It's an interesting theory.

Detective, what do you say we reconnect
in the morning?

You got it.


That guy was an asshole,
but he was smart.

We could've used him.

Yeah, well, someone had to die.

Would you rather it'd been you?

How'd they get you?

Screw you!

I'm gonna kill you! I'm gonna kill you!

I'm gonna kill...

Hello, Paul.

Did you cut yourself
because you truly wanted to die...

...or did you just want some attention?

Tonight, you'll show me.

If you want to live,
you'll have to cut yourself again.

How much blood will you shed
to stay alive, Paul?

I didn't expect to feel any remorse.

The heart cannot be involved.

Emotionally, there can be nothing there.

It can never be personal.

- Let's go.
- No.

You're not done yet.

Tonight you will see the difference
between killing and rehabilitation.

There is another detective
that you should be aware of.

His name's Tapp.

He's smart, and he's getting closer.

I know who he is.

I need you to lead him
to someone for me.

A doctor.

A healer who needs some healing.

Is this yours, doctor?

You supplied these police files,
didn't you?

You're assuming this is gonna play out
the way you want it.

I assume nothing.

I anticipate the possibilities,
and I let the game play out.

Then why do you need Amanda
in the game?

To ensure that the rules are followed.

She won't make decisions for anyone.
She'll just...

...offer choices.

Little to your left.

That leaves a lot to chance.

If you're good
at anticipating the human mind... leaves nothing to chance.

It's time.

Jesus Christ.

Great. More bombs.

All right. What'd you do to get here?

I... I did something,
and a bunch of people were killed.

I didn't mean to.

They're still dead.

- That's why you're here?
- Yeah.

Shouldn't you have
gone to jail for something like that?

Nobody else knows.

Somebody does.

I didn't kill anybody,
if that's what you're asking.

I wasn't.

I grant building permits.

And yeah, some people might have been
more deserving than others...

...but you know what?
That's the business.

So if someone tells you different,
well, then they're just stupid.

Or naive. Or both.


You take bribes. You're a fucking liar.
You cheat people. That's not nice.

Yeah, well.

I'm sure she's not exactly
Mother Teresa either.

No, I'm not.

I build condos in one of the most
densely populated cities in the country.

You don't put up a new building
without tearing down a few old ones.

So we're all bags of shit that deserve
to be here. That's good. That's great.

Fucking great.

So is that what you think this is?

You don't think there's
any other connection?

No, I do.

I do. And I don't give a shit.

Close the fucking door.
We have to hear the rules.

Hello, and welcome.

You must all be eager to learn the next
important lesson in your transformation.

The game before you is designed
to bridge the gap between you all.

In order to open the five locks
on the door out of this room...

...the five electrical circuits
powering them must be closed.

The only way to do this... to find a way to connect
all five cords to the bath water.

Close the circuits
and the door will open.

But you must work quickly...

...for in three minutes, an electrical
current will surge through this room...

...locking the door forever.

Who will bridge the gap?
The choice is yours.

Jesus Christ.

It's not gonna reach.
How the fuck are we gonna do this?

Come on!

You're gonna get in the tub...

...and we're gonna connect
the five cords to you.

But you're gonna kill me too.

Get in.

Yeah, I'm more of a shower guy.
I don't think I'm gonna do that right now.

Get in the fucking tub!

Fuck you, you bitch.
You get in the fucking tub.

No, don't do it.

Please, no.

You killed her.
You fucking killed her.

I didn't trust her.

Jesus Christ. What is it with you two?

Just shut up and help me with the body.

Hey, hey. No.
Don't let your body touch hers.

Oh, my God, it's a hook.

Stick it in her head or we don't get out.

Just do it.

Come in.

Sir. It's Jill Tuck.

Good evening.

Special Agent Erickson.

Thank you for seeing me
so late in the day.

Not a problem.

That'll be all.

Please, have a seat.

So, what do you need from us?

I think I'm being followed.

Well, that sounds more like
police work, Miss Tuck.

I don't think they can help me.

- Because?
- Because it's you. The FBI.

I don't understand.

It started when John was first identified
as the Jigsaw killer.

It didn't surprise me then,
but I'm still being followed.

By who, Miss Tuck?
Who would be following you?

I think it's the agent
who interrogated me.

Agent Strahm.

- And why would he be following you?
- I don't know.

- Who else have you told about this?
- Only you.

What's going on with Amanda?

Didn't you tell me the only way
to truly offer enlightenment... by detaching emotionally?

But you can have something
Amanda doesn't.


That's the greatest protection.
That's what I've given you.

I need you to set up a game...

...that may not be entirely clear to you
right now.

But I assure you that
the people being tested...

...are part of something much larger.

They're connected.

So in the end,
all the pieces will fit together...

...and it'll be clear.

- Amanda will fail you.
- We'll see.

What are you doing?

- What's this?
- It's time to play a game.


Help me. What is this?

What is this? Please.

Why are you keeping me here?
What is this place? What is this place?

We were all supposed to die.

He's just fucking testing you.

Where is my daughter?


He didn't make it.

Nobody made it.

You were supposed to be the hero.

Peter, where the hell are you?


You've reached the voice mail
for Special Agent Peter Strahm.

Leave a message.

Cowan. I wanna put a locator
on Strahm's mobile phone.

Right away, sir.

Call me right back.


- What the hell is that?
- It's our next nightmare.

There are blades in here.

It's connected to the door.

When the beaker fills up,
the door opens.

Fills with what?

Blood. Our blood.

I think an arm is supposed to go in there
to fill the beaker.

Wait. Why can't we just use
the water from the other room?

No, the slots are closed.

We have to stick our arm in to
keep them open, but they'd get stuck.

We need to close that door.

So, what?

We fight to the death, and one gets to
freedom with the other person's blood?

Hey, wait, wait, wait.

Do you still have the keys
from that first room?

- Yeah.
- Try one of them on that door.

- It won't work.
- No, it might. This one has a keyhole.

It... It's not even the same lock.

Wait, why are there five slots
in this machine?

Shouldn't there only be one?

They all would have worked.

There you are, Strahm.

All right. I got him.

I don't think this is a good idea.

The tub wasn't meant for one person.

We were supposed to hold
one cable each...

...and suffer a small shock.

It was meant for five people.

They all were. Every game.

We only needed one key
in the first room.

They all worked, and any one of them
would have opened every collar.

In the second room, the three tubes were
large enough for more than one person.

We were supposed to work together
so we all survived.

That's the game.

Your instincts will tell you to do
one thing...

...but I implore you to do the opposite.

Oh, God.

Yeah. Big fucking whoops.

Hello, and welcome.

This journey
has been one of discovery...

...and hopefully you've discovered
that the whole... greater than the sum of its parts.

The human body, for instance,
is an astoundingly durable creation.

It contains approximately 10 pints
of blood...

...yet it is still able to operate
with just half of that.

The device before you is
one of sacrifice.

A sacrifice of blood.

In order to open the door, the beaker
must be filled to the marked level...

...a level that is of no coincidence.

This amount can come
from any one of you.

That does not matter.
What does matter is time.

For in 15 minutes,
if the beaker is not filled...

...the bombs will explode
and the doors will be sealed forever.

So now I ask you, how much blood
will you give in order to survive?

Fuck! Fuck.

All right, so one person can fill the
beaker with ten pints of blood and die.

Or two people can fill it...

...with five pints...

...and maybe live.

What are we gonna do?

I lied.

I know the investigative journalist
in there. His name is Charles.

He was writing a story about what I did.

What'd you do?

A dealer gave me... ounce of heroin to burn down
an abandoned building.

But it wa...

Oh, God. It wasn't abandoned.
There was eight people in there.

Eight people died.

And the feds got involved.

And I got caught but I made a deal
and my dad got me off.

The guy who hired me disappeared and
nothing happened. Nothing happened.

That's how she knew me.

The woman in the tub.

The fire. It's what connects us.

The fire inspector who wrote
the bogus accident report...

...the city planner who pushed through
the residential permits...

...the journalist that buried
the investigative story...

...the rich-kid junkie
who was the patsy...

...and the real estate developer
who set it all in motion.

We killed eight people and stole
the property, and nobody cared.

Nobody cared?

Eight people and their families cared.

The feds cared. Look at my fucking arm.
I cared! I cared!

But you didn't face justice.

None of us did.

Why did they all do it?

Why? Was it for money?

This was your plan?
You were the one behind it?

There was eight people
in that building.

You had to know that.
Did you know that?

You're a monster.

So are you.

We both deserve to be here.

I can't do this alone. Look at me.
I can't do this alone.

Okay. It's okay.

We have to go on three.



Put your hand in the hole!


Hello, Agent Strahm.

If you are hearing this...

...then you have once again
found what you're looking for.

Or so you think.

Your dedication is to be commended.

But I ask you if you have learned
anything on your journey of discovery.

As the old adage goes:

"Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me. "

The situation you find yourself in
is one of trust.

So I ask you, Special Agent Strahm,
have you learned to trust me?

The only way to survive this room
is by entering the glass box before you.

Pain will be incurred,
but you have a chance of survival.

We did it.

We won.

We won.

I got you, you motherfucker.

Drop it!

I said drop it!

Who did this to you?

Who did this to you?

We won.

We won.

We worked together.

I need immediate medical assistance.
1293 Sandburst Drive.

Jesus, Peter.

Tell me how to open it.

How do I open it?

However, if you choose not to,
you will never be heard from again.

Your body will never be found.

You will simply vanish.

I ask you, Special Agent Strahm,
have you learned enough to trust me?

Will you heed my warning?

- For if you do not...
- Fuck you.

...this room will forever be your tomb.

And my legacy will become yours.

If you're good at anticipating
the human mind...

- I think I'm being followed.
- Who would be following you?

I wanna talk to Jill Tuck one last time.

He suspected someone on the inside. leaves nothing to chance.

We were all supposed to die.

You were supposed to be the hero.

Make your choice.


Yeah, this is Erickson.

I want you to put out an APB.

Suspect's name is Peter Strahm.

Yeah, that's right.

Special Agent Peter Strahm.

I'm gonna stop you, you son of a bitch.

I know who you are. I know.