Saw IV (2007) - full transcript

Jigsaw and his apprentice Amanda are dead. Now, upon the news of Detective Kerry's murder, two seasoned FBI profilers, Agent Strahm and Agent Perez, arrive in the terrified community to assist the veteran Detective Hoffman in sifting through Jigsaw's latest grisly remains and piecing together the puzzle. However, when SWAT Commander Rigg is abducted and thrust into a game, the last officer untouched by Jigsaw has but ninety minutes to overcome a series of demented traps and save an old friend or face the deadly consequences.

The subject's name is John Kramer,

a 52-year-old male Caucasian.

He's seen better days.

We have a recent
rectangular transection

to the left occipital lobe.

Some kind of backdoor
brain surgery.

Let's check the stomach.

What the hell?

Get homicide here, now.

Where is it?

It was in his stomach.

Cut it out.

Are you there, Detective?

If so, you are probably

the last man standing.

Now perhaps you will succeed

where the others have failed.

You think you will
walk away untested?

I promise

that my work will continue.

You think it's over
just because I'm dead?

It's not over.

The games have just begun.

What the fuck? What the fuck?

What the fuck?

My eyes!

What the fuck?
What the fuck?

What the fuck is this?

Who's that?

Talk to me.
What are you doing?

Talk to me.

Talk to me.

Stop it!


Stop it.

What are you doing to me?

What did I do?


Who's doing this to me?

Just get away from me!

What did I do?

Right side clear.
Left side clear.


In position.
Standing by.

Hold right there.

I see movement.

We have a device.

You get eyes in there
before you go in.

Get some eyes in here.

Moving now.

The doorway is clear.

It's Kerry!

Don't do it! We're not secure!

Rigg, I said no!

Stop him!
Do not go through that door.



Get me the coroner's office.

Somebody get those rats off her.

Let's get the light on this.

Cut her down.

You know I can't do that.

I said cut her down.


Are you trying
to get yourself killed?

You know never to go
through an unsecured door, ever.

I thought she was still alive,

thought I could save her.

Did you ever think
that we would end up here

when we first started?


I didn't see it
happening like this.

Why the hell do we still do it?

It's in our nature to save them.

It's what we do.

"Cherish Your Life."

The fucking motto.

We're supposed to cherish
our lives.

How the hell are we
supposed to do that

when this is our life?

We chose this.

You go home.
Hoffman, there are two agents

here to see you.

Detective Hoffman?

I'm special agent Lindsey Perez.

This is special agent Peter Strahm.

How can I help the FBI?

We're here about Detective Kerry.
She was our liaison.

"Open the door
and you will find me."


What's this?
The key that came

with out last message
from Detective Kerry.

"Open the door and you will find me"
mean anything to you?


Where's the body?

The crime scene photographer's flash
picked up this bullet casing.

It was lodged between the body
and the device.

Run it for prints.

Give us the room for a minute,
would you? Thanks.

The lock was open.

She couldn't get out.

It was constructed for her execution.
Betrayed the rules.

Not a Jigsaw trap then?

No, Amanda Young,
the accomplice...

This wasn't done by Amanda Young.
Excuse me?

Detective Kerry weighed
approximately 130 lbs.

Amanda Young's arrest report
has her at 107.

She couldn't get her up there alone.
John Kramer was...

The bedridden cancer patient?
He's brains, not brawn.

He was also an engineer.
He could have rigged pulleys...

Or someone else
could have helped him.

Special agent, if you're here for any
other reason than just to assist...

We're here to find the person
your department couldn't, Detective,

the one helping Jigsaw
and Amanda Young.

Excuse me.

We found a harlequin doll in your
possession. What's that about?

It's a toy.
The kids play with toys.

That's all it is.

How about the tricycle?

The tricycle is from John's youth.

A grown man has
a tricycle his whole life?

I'm sure you've kept things
that were important to you.

Look, Ms. Tuck,

is there any reason
we should be concerned

for your safety?

Perhaps you should be
more concerned for yourself.

Why don't you tell me
everything you know about John?

And let's start at the beginning.

John's life defies chronology
and linear description.

So why don't we start at the end
and work our way backwards?

I represent Ms. Tuck.

She knows something.

I thought you were going home.

You have vacation time, right?
Take it.

Finish the remodeling,
spend some time with Tracy.

She understands.
Then don't take her for granted.

Eric is still out there, man.
Eric's been missing for six months.

Kerry was gone for four days.
I can only be as optimistic

as the facts allow.
Yeah, well, I'm in it till I find him.

Finding his body is not gonna
vindicate us.

Finding him alive will.

It's time to let go.

I want you to go home.

I'll call you later to make sure
everything is okay.

Who's he?

Lieutenant Rigg,
our SWAT commander.

What's his problem?
Everyone around him keeps dying.

What's it say?

It says, "I tried calling you
four times."

It says, "Dinner is in the fridge."

And at the bottom it says,
"I love you."

I need to help my mom

for a few days.


come with me, okay? Now.

I can't.

You can,

but you won't.

What you can't do

is save everyone.


Tracy, please listen to me.

John Kramer owned a company called
The Urban Renewal Group.

No irony in that, huh?

What was Rigg watching?

Jill Tuck's interrogation.
She was Jigsaw's ex. It's old.

Why is a SWAT guy watching that?

Strahm, I really think
we should tell Hoffman

what Detective Kerry said
in her last message.

She said two officers
might be in danger,

but until we know who,
we're not causing a panic.

If Detective Hoffman or anyone else
in this precinct is in danger,

I think they should know it.
Not your call.

Making any progress?

We're fine, thanks.

Hey, boss, looks like another doctor
went missing from the hospital.

Maybe it's...

I'll check it out.

If you need me, call my cell.
Coffee machine is around the corner.

A boy or a girl?
A girl.

I didn't know you were married.
I'm not.

It's a short story, believe me.



Hello, Officer Rigg.

Welcome to your rebirth.


For years you've stood by
and witnessed

as your colleagues have fallen.

You have remained untouched

while Eric Matthews
has disappeared.

But with your survival
came your obsession...

obsession to stop
those around you

from making the wrong choices,

thus preventing you
from making the right ones.

You wanted to save everyone.

Tonight I give you
the opportunity

to face your obsession.
Look closely.

Eric Matthews is still alive.

The block of ice he stands upon

is melting.

He has but 90 minutes
to save himself.

Detective Hoffman's fate is linked
to Eric's survival.

Heed my warning, Officer Rigg.

Their lives hang in the balance

of your obsession.

Will you learn how to let go
and truly save them?

The choice is yours.

Don't fucking move.


Take off the mask.
Put your hands in the air.

I can't!

Officer Rigg, your first test.

The person in front of you
is in desperate need of help.

But it is not your job
to save them.

You view this person as a victim.

But if you want to see what I see,

beneath the mask lies a criminal

undeserving of the life she leads.

Your obsession tells you
to save the victim.

I tell you to walk away.
The choice is yours.

Are you a cop?

Are you a cop?
Yeah, I'm a cop.

What is that?
What did you do?

They're in the gears.
What's in the gears?

The combination.
Get me out.

Cut my hair. Just get me out.
Cut my hair.

Relax, relax.

Fucking cut my hair, please.

Get me out!

Where are you going?

Wait wait wait wait.

Wait wait.



Fucking let me out!

Get back here, you fucking...!

Okay, I'm sorry.
Please come back.

Where the hell is the combination?

Shit. Shit.

Hold on! Hold on!

I got one.

I got one. Hold on!

Hold on.

Oh, God.

We pulled a print off that casing.

We've got a match.

Jesus. Did you check this?


Come on, come on, come on.

I got another one. Hold on!

Hold on. Hold on.

I got it. 617. 617.

Hold on, hold on, hold on.



Okay okay okay, listen,

stay here. Don't touch anything.

What the fuck?

What the fuck are you doing?
What are you doing?

Drop the fucking knife!

Put the knife down.

Put the knife down.

I just saved your fucking life.

I'm gonna kill you!
Drop the knife.

Hey, these prints just came in.
They're from Officer Rigg.

Not now.

We just got a call of "shots fired"
from 23 Park Place.

That's Rigg's apartment.

Hello, Brenda.

I want to play a game.

An officer will try to save you.

If he is successful,
then your game begins.

This man will use these photos

to sentence you for your crimes.

And the only way to stop him

is taped underneath the TV.

Let him save your life

and accept your fate
to rot in prison,

or kill him

and guarantee your freedom.

Make your choice.

I'll fucking kill you,

you fucking bitch!


Rigg, you in here? Rigg!
Go! Move move move!


I got one.

I got one.

It's started.

An APB has been issued for Rigg.
Everybody's looking.

He has a wife. Where is she?
We haven't located her yet.


two detectives. You see this?

Hoffman... you got a 20 on him?

Not yet.


How do you explain
Detective Matthews?

He's alive.
Six months.

Jigsaw never kept anyone that long.
No one but Amanda Young.

You think he's been fixed?

Why these six?

Hoffman's a decorated lieutenant.
He doesn't fit the profile.

That's what you see.
But what does he see?

Rigg trying to save his two friends.

You got names and locations
on any of these people?

Working it.
This is overkill.

It's a setup to announce
Rigg is the accomplice.

Or a setup for his alibi.
Everyone around him keeps dying.

Where is he to tell us he's innocent
or what the hell these photos

are doing in his apartment?
Look there.

Move, please.

"Four Walls Build a Home."

What does he want us to see
on these walls?

The victims?

One of these pictures
doesn't belong.

This is who we're looking for.

Let's talk to her, now.

Jill Tuck... where is she?

Have them turn off the air in there.

Ms. Tuck,

I'm special agent Perez.
This is special agent Strahm.

I'd like to apologize for pulling
you out of your place of work.

What more do you think
I can offer you?

My 100 hours of interrogation tapes

and the volumes of evidence
taken from my house

weren't enough for you
to understand John?

Actually, it's not John we want
to talk about, Ms. Tuck. It's you.


Why do you want to talk about me?
This isn't about me.

So stop wasting both of our time
and get to the real reason

why you've brought me here.

Hey, you.

Let me go!


You hear me?

You fucking hear me,

you fucking motherfucker?

Who's my girl?

What the fuck are you looking at?

Huh? What the fuck...?

Hey, you!

Sir, sir,

sir, can I help you?

Hello, Officer Rigg.
In order for you

to fully understand my way,

you must...
feel what I feel.

The photo before you is of a man

in desperate need of help.

In the next room are the tools
to his salvation.

His life is in your hands.

But in the end
only he can save himself.

Be careful.
There are cameras watching...

and you must hide your identity.

Make your choice.

What the fuck's he doing?

I don't know. You're gonna have to...
Look, look,

you're gonna have to go.
People are trying to sleep.

Yeah, I know people are
trying to sleep. You're the one...

Yeah, you can't sleep here.
You have to go.

Yeah, well, you can't sleep
in here, okay?

That's not a bed.
No, you've got to go.

No, you can't use the bathroom.
Look, look, no.

You're gonna have to go.
All right...

Chance, here, girl.

Chance. Chance.


What are you doing?
Come on.


Chance, come here.
Come here.

What you got there, huh?
What you got?

Come here. Come here.
What do you got there?

Okay, "Four walls build a home."

Care to shed any light on that?
Light on what?

On what your photos are doing
at the crime scene.

"Four walls build a home"
ring any bells?

"Cherish your life"?

"Cherish your life"
is the concept

that this whole clinic
was built on...

cherish your life... your life.

That's his motto.
No, it's your motto...

of the clinic you run.

Fuck, man.
I've been here for three fucking hours!

Shut the fuck up.
You shut up.

Are you out of your fucking mind?

Hey hey.

Hey, guys, come on.
Calm down.


Stop it, Gus.

Knock it off now, please!

You don't want to do that.

What the fuck is your problem?
You're my problem.

You're becoming
everybody else's too.

How do you feel about a husband

who takes a motto
from your drug clinic,

designed to help people,
and twists it

into some manic torture mantra?

That part of John
has nothing to do with me.

Look, Ms. Tuck,
I just left a room

with more blood on the walls
than paint.

Two officers are missing and
there's a growing pile of bodies

in their wake.
And every detail we unearth

about your Hall of Fame
psychopath husband...

points to you

as a possible accomplice.

I am just curious as to why.

You know, there's a lot of people
out there

looking for answers,

wanting to place blame
on someone.

That person is you.

But you know
what the best part is?

I don't have to
convince everybody.

Just 12 people.

Okay, tell me
about his workshop.

Stay there.
Let me get the lights.

Wow, it's big.

This is exactly
what you've been looking for.

Nice, huh?


This is the clock?
What's so special about it?

Except for the fact
the whole deal hung on it?

The mechanism inside it.

It's 300 years old.

Still ticking.

Withstood the test of time.

Wait till you see this space.

I've got a surprise for you.

Why are you doing this?


This was... this was a mistake.

It happened a long time ago.
And I paid for this.

Just let me...
just let me go, okay?

What's behind that door?

"One saves a life.
One takes it away."

Try that on the door.
Try that.

Oh, no no.
Get back. Get back. Get back.

Let's go. Go.

Eric. Jesus.

Help! Help me!
Get away from there.

What do you know about the guy on TV?
What do you know about Eric Matthews?

I don't know who that is.

What the fuck is this?
I don't know.

What are you gonna do to me?

If you are playing this tape,
then you are one step closer

to truly understanding
how to save a life.

As an officer of the law,
you find yourself torn...

Who is that?
Shut up.

Is the man before you a victim
or a perpetrator of violence?

You sick fuck.

His salvation is out of your hands.

It is your choice, if you wish,

to put it into his own.

Once this lesson is learned,

you will find yourself
one step closer

to truly saving Eric Matthews.

Without you this man's game
cannot begin.

Force him into position
to face his demons

and let him make the decision.

Shh. Don't wake up our neighbors.

Fuck. Is this what you do
with your spare time, huh?


Take it all, little girl.
Be a good little whore.

Get on the fucking bed.
Get on the bed!


Strap yourself in.
Strap yourself in.

Please don't make me do this.
I know...

I know I was wrong.
I know.

Hurry up. Hurry up.

Put your fucking hands up.

I don't know. I don't know.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Listen, I'm really sorry.

What does that say?
What does that say?

What is that?

Take them.

Hello, lvan. As a voyeur,

you've kept photos of those
you have victimized.

Let me go!
Can you see the pain

you have brought them?

You have torn apart their lives.

You have used your body
as an instrument of abuse.

Now I give you the chance
to decide

what is more important...

your eyes which have led you
blindly astray

or your body

which has caused those around you

endless suffering.

You have been handed the tools
which can save your life.

Decide quickly, though.
In 60 seconds

the choice will be made for you.

I can do it. One more.
I can do it.

You're gonna have to tell me
how you got

those bruises on your hand
and your neck.

Was this an accident or did someone
do this to you on purpose?

You can stop it from happening
if you tell me the truth.

Take a seat, please.

I want to go home now.

The son of a bitch is lying.

He's done this before.
She's allowing it.

The child's story doesn't corroborate.
What can I do?

Jane, I can't let you go home
right now, okay?

Go back to class, honey.

I told you, Officers,
sometimes these kids...

they just get out of control.

Get your hands off me!
Hey, take it easy.

Rigg! Rigg!

No. Get out. Get out now.

You just made the biggest
mistake of your life.

You hear me?
I will take him

for everything he's got,
that fucking cocksucker.

That's sweet, Ms. Tuck,

but if you love the guy so much,
why leave him?

He left me long before I left him.
Okay, people break up.

Relationships end.
It's called life.

I mean, he started
massacring people.

Gideon meant everything to him.
Gideon? I'm sorry, who?

Do you know anything
about the Chinese zodiac?

Aw, Jill, no no.

I didn't just get pregnant.

It was carefully planned.

Everything with John was.

See you.

Bye. Let me get that for you.

Thank you.

Thanks. Have a good night.
You too.

Good night.
Good night.

Hey, honey,
you want some company?

What are you doing?

You know what this building is?

It's a health clinic.

You're a beautiful girl.
Go home.

My jacket.
I forgot my jacket.

I forgot my jacket.
Cecil, no.

Oh, please please, Jill.
It's right there.

Look, it's right there.
Please please. Come on.

Thank you.


Listen to me.
I don't want to hurt you, all right?

You're gonna open up
that fucking door.

Open that fucking door.
Open it.

Open it.

What fucking key?

What key?
That one.


Fucking stay there.


Don't cry.
No no, hey, you're gonna be okay.


I need some help here.


This is my wife.
She's pregnant.

How far along is she, sir?
Seven months.

All I wanted to do was help them.

You can't help them.

They have to help themselves.

Okay, let's review:

Girl loves boy.
Boy loves girl.

Boy gets girl pregnant.
Girl loses baby.

Boy turns into a serial killer.

Jill, I'm not buying it.

You're gonna want
to take a look at this.

All right, she doesn't leave.

He's been identified
as lvan Landsness.

Acquitted of rape three times.

Had to gouge out his own eyes
in order to release himself.

How does something like this
get into a motel room undetected?

Piece by piece.

The room's been rented
for the past six days

to a lawyer named Art Blank.
Get this: He went missing two weeks ago.

Run his name.
Get his addresses.

Two out of five people on Officer Rigg's
apartment walls are dead.

Every partner
he's ever worked with... dead.

Rigg didn't kill lvan.
Ivan made his own choice.

Isn't that the whole Jigsaw mantra?

This wasn't about lvan.
It wasn't his test.

It was about Rigg.

Look at these photos.
Tell me how you feel.

Look at these women and tell me
how you feel.

Angry. Enraged.

The pimp, the rapist...
Jigsaw wanted Rigg to see what he sees.

He wants him to feel what he feels.

This wasn't about Rigg
saving his friends.

He's being recruited.

Thanks. Art Blank's got
a bunch of properties.

Last known address
is a couple of blocks from here.

Right side clear.
Left side clear.



What does this mean?

We're the two Jigsaw targets.

Fuck you.


Hey. Hey.

Hey, asshole,
you jump off that block,

you electrocute him.

If that ice had melted more,
he'd be fried. You understand?

Listen to him.

You just made the biggest
mistake of your life,

Calm down.

We'll get somebody to take
a look at it, all right?

My client has a broken nose
and a fractured cheekbone.

Administrative leave with pay
is not acceptable.

The IA investigation is underway.

Into this precinct? Wow.
What's that gonna get me, huh?

The truth.
I'll tell you what the truth is.

The truth is,
I have an eyewitness.

The man's wife? She stands to gain
as much as he does

if there were to be
a financial settlement,

which is not gonna happen
because he's lying.

He attacked Officer Rigg first.

That's according to whom?

Me. I saw the whole thing.

You want to testify
before the grand jury?

I've already signed IA's affidavit.
The charges are being dismissed.

Oh, you guys are... you're good.

You know, you're obviously as thick
as thieves in this precinct.

But it'll come back to you.
You know that, right?

I mean, one day someday it will.
It will come back to you.

You understand?


Hey, do you understand?



You're gonna have to tell me
how you got

those bruises on your hand
and your neck.

Rigg! Rigg!

I did it! I won!

What the hell did you do?


What's happening?

The human body is
a fascinating organism.

It can withstand
the most brutal injury...

and yet repair itself miraculously.

But you know this all too well.

How many broken bones
have you suffered

at the hands of your husband?

How many flesh wounds
have you endured?


With time, the bruises have healed,
but your pain has not.

Today I empower you
to take control of your life.

Can you disconnect
from the one thing

that has brought you and others
so much pain?

With time your wounds will heal.

His, however, will not.

Remove the ties that bind...

Get me out of here!

Or bleed to death
from you inactivity.

The choice is yours.

Okay okay!

Here we go.

I'm sorry.

Morgan, Morgan,
what the fuck are you doing?

Help me.
Please help me. I can't do this.

Please help me!
Calm down.

No, don't go. Don't go.
Don't go. Wait for me.

Please get me out.
Please get me out.

Don't. Don't go. Don't leave me here.

Help me down.

Hello, Officer Rigg.
What have you learned thus far?

Experience is a harsh teacher.

First comes the test.

Second comes the lesson.

If you are to save as I save

then you will see
that the person before you

is but a student.

So I ask you, Officer Rigg,

has the pupil learned her lesson?

Has she been taught
the error of her ways?

Does she now

view the world differently?
Please help.

Officer Rigg,
the key to this person's freedom

lies in the palm of your hand.

But only after she has done
her own part

can you play your role
in her salvation.

Once judgment has been made,

the key to finding
your next destination

is just off the map.

Who did this to you?
I don't know.

Help, please.
Help, please.

Stay still.
I'm gonna try to take this out.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Oh, fuck.

That's it.
"Just off the map."

Just off the map.


"Go home."

Where is she?

I'm so cold. Please.

I want to live.

You have to save yourself.

Don't leave me.
Please don't leave.

Help me, please.
Don't leave.

I want to stop playing.

Why don't you fucking kill me?


Shut up!
I don't want to play anymore.

"Save as I save."

So what did he do,
free her and let him die?

This guy didn't have a chance.
He's got rods going through

every major artery in his body.
"Your life is in her hands."

Rigg didn't kill this guy.
His wife did.

She identified Officer Rigg,
said he saved her.


She passed Rigg's judgment,
got fixed and got her freedom back.

Second address?

Really? Okay, yeah.
That's good. Good.

But I still need that address.
Text me.

I just found out something interesting
about the three people in the traps.

They were all represented by a lawyer
named Art Blank.

He got them all off?
Yeah. But wait, it gets better.

He's also Jill Tuck's lawyer.

Look out!

The lair... where's the lair?
Raided. It doesn't exist.

Jigsaw wanted us to find that place.
Where's the new game being played?

We find that place... we find Rigg.

We got a second address.
There's a co-owner.

Jill Tuck.

Jill Tuck? Where's the building?
Here. This building.

Hello, Agent Perez.

And welcome to the world
that you have long studied.

Your partner Agent Strahm

will soon take the life
of an innocent man.

Heed my warning, Agent Perez.

Your next move is critical.

Open the door...

What is that?

I got you.



Stay with me.
Okay, come on.

Shallow breaths. Come on.

Stay with me. All right.

All right. You're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be fine.


Hey, you. Come here.


Hey. Hey.

Come on.

Hey. Hey.


Stop. Stop.
Son of a bitch!


Stop. Fuck.


Listen to me. I'm not the one
you've got to worry about.

You understand me? I'm not
the one you've got to worry about,


As a matter of fact,
I recommend you stay alive

until the fucking clock
counts down.

Here's the good news:
If this other guy passes his test,

the three of us can go free.

Hey, look at me.

Look at me.

If you don't stay on the block,
your partner gets electrocuted.

Now for my final task.

There you go.

Live or die.

You make the choice.

Mrs. Perez?

Hi. This is Peter Strahm.
I work with your daughter Lindsay.

I have some bad news.

See that, Jill? That's a federal fucking
indictment. It's got your name on it.

Wanna put somebody else's name on it?
You start talking to me, okay?

What's with the doll?
What's with the tricycle?

Who were John's business associates
before he went insane?

He wasn't the associate type.

Where the hell is Art Blank?

Obstruction of justice.
Aiding and abetting.

Conspirator to murder.

Talk to me!

In 15 minutes, more people
are gonna die, Jill... police officers.

He's a business partner.
He's a friend.

He's the accomplice
we have been looking for

and he is your fucking lawyer.

You see this?
This is my partner's blood.

She's fighting for her life right now

because of your lunatic husband.

What happened between Jigsaw
and Art Blank?



I guess he's not here either.

What the fuck is this place, Jill?

Don't be mad.

Hey, are you all right?

You weren't returning
my calls, buddy.

Listen, John, I...

I'm sorry.
I understand.

What happened was a tragedy.

But I gotta tell you...

listen, John, I gotta tell you,
those buildings we're working on...

You take 'em.
You give my share to Jill.

That's not the way it works, John.
You see, we're partners.

Your designs will make
those buildings special.

We've got 40 families ready to move in...
40 families, John,

low-income families.

You can't just walk away.

You're their savior, John.

Get the fuck out of here.

Who are you talking to like that?
It's me, John.

Did you hear what I said?
Oh, I heard you, John.

Get the fuck...

You heard me.

Okay, John.
You take good care of yourself.

Gimme a call
when you're feeling better.

He blamed me.

I don't think he could
ever forgive me.

In his mind our time was over.

He was diagnosed with cancer
soon after that.

Did you try to contact him again?

I tried.

But a different person
crawled out of the wreckage.

Someone else survived.

I asked you not to come here.
I need to talk to you.

John, John,

look at this.
What is this, hmm?

Why do you have Cecil's picture?

What have you done to him?

I told him not to take life
for granted.

I want to play a game.

Your life is a lie.

Now comes your moment of truth.

As a drug user and a hustler,

you've played roulette
with other people's lives.

Today you play with your own.



Hey, it's you.

You did this to me.

No, you did this to yourself.

Your greed took the life
of an innocent child.

Could you give me time
to explain, please?

I can't give you time.
No one can.

Time's an illusion.

Look, look, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.

I forgive you, Cecil. I do.

Addiction has ruined your life.

I'm bleeding, man.

Please just let me go.

I could let you go.

That wouldn't serve you.

I'll tell you what I will do, though.
I'll give you a tool

to reclaim your life,

to discard the vices that have
so corrupted your soul.

I don't have a fucking soul.

Maybe you will in the next life, Cecil.

You see, things aren't sequential.

Good doesn't lead to good,
nor bad to bad.

People steal, don't get caught,

live the good life.

Others lie, cheat

and get elected.

Some people stop
to help a stranded motorist

and get taken out
by a speeding semi.

There's no accounting for it.

How you play the cards you're dealt...
that's all that matters.

Look at me.

Do you understand
what I'm saying to you?

Oh, yeah.

I understand.

You're fucking nuts!

Whoa! What the fuck is that?

It's the tool...

the tool that's going to
save your life.

I want to play a game.

Your life is a lie, Cecil.

Now comes your moment of truth.

As a drug addict and a thief,

you've preyed on the kindness
of others

to fuel your addiction.

Today we're bringing

the ugliness inside you
out into the open.

Now in order for you
to stay alive

we have to match your face

with the ugliness of your soul.

Just lean forward into the knives
with your face.

Press hard enough

and you'll release
the arm and the leg restraints

that bind you.

Press hard, though.

And you'll be free.

You sick fuck! Fuck you!

Or you can sit idly
and bleed out on the floor.

Live or die, Cecil.

Make your choice.

Fuck you, you sick fuck!


You're dead.

You're fucking dead.

Fucking dead.

What's happened to you?

What's happened to me?

What's happened to me?

Now you don't come back.

You do it for yourself
if you can't do it for me.

I lost him too.

"Four Walls Build a Home."

Your son was named
after John's first building, right?

Where is it?

Where is it?
Where is it?

Where is it?

What the fuck does that mean?

Fuck. Oh, fuck.

You'd better hope he doesn't
come through that door.

Who? Who's coming
through the door?

Who is it?

Where the fuck are you?

Gideon Meat Packing,
11235 Blake Drive.

I don't have two minutes.

Who's coming through the door?


Congratulations, Art.

Who is it?

Who's coming through the door?

Here he comes.

Who the fuck is it?



Fix me, motherfucker!

I'm standing right here.

Your time's running out.

Please think about
what you're doing.

Think about
what you promised me.

Think about tomorrow.


Lynn! Lynn!

Who is it?

What is that?

This will release us
when the timer's up.

Release me!

Which is it gonna be, Jeff?

Live or die, Jeff.

You've got a choice.

I forgive you.



Don't open the door!

What the fuck?


"Open the door and you will find me."

Let me see your fucking hands.
Where is my daughter, you mother...?



Aw, you stupid motherfucker.

What did you do?
I had more time.

I still had fucking time.
Why did you open that door?

You fucking did this!
No, you idiot.

No, Jigsaw's testing you,
you fucking piece of shit.

Put your fucking hands
where I can see them!

Jigsaw's fucking testing you.
Don't fucking move!

Hello, Officer Rigg.

If you are hearing this,
then you have reached

Detective Matthews
and Detective Hoffman

in under 90 minutes,

resulting in their deaths.

The rules were clear.

You were warned.

It's Kerry!
Do not go through that door.

You know never to go
through an unsecured door, ever.

Tonight you face your obsession.

What you can't do
is save everyone.

Will you learn how to let go?

Eric is still out there, man.
It's time to let go.

Detective Matthews has
but 90 minutes.

I recommend you stay alive

until the fucking clock
counts down.

They had to save themselves.

Take 'em.

Their salvation was
out of your hands.

Time was on your side,

but your obsession
wouldn't let you wait.

Instead of saving
Detective Matthews,

you cost him his life.

You failed your final test.

What I don't understand is
how the hell could Jigsaw do all this?

He was damn near on his deathbed
the last time we saw him.

I'm not so sure he did.

This wasn't done by Amanda Young.
Excuse me?

She couldn't get her up there alone.
John Kramer was...

He's brains, not brawn.

We're here to find the person
helping Jigsaw and Amanda Young.

Looks like another doctor
went missing from the hospital.

You go home.

We chose this.

Game over.

You feel you now have control,
don't you?

You think you will
walk away untested?

I promise that my work
will continue.

That I have ensured.

By hearing this tape
some will assume

that this is over.

But I am still among you.

You think it's over
just because I am dead?

It's not over.
The games have just begun.