Savita Damodar Paranjpe (2018) - full transcript

The life of a married couple turns upside down after 8 years of marriage as some hard truths between them come to light. The answers to all these questions will be revealed in this psychological thriller based on true events.

Subtitles arranged by:-
Samaksh ~Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain

Such a chaos!
Sit down, boy.

Hang on.

Friends, today's a very special occasion.

Because a very famous novelist,
Mr. Sharad Abhyankar

is here with his wife.

Applause! Louder!


So friends, let me tell you something
interesting about Mr. Sharad.

Mr. Sharad, I am telling them, okay?

Mr. Sharad is the former resident
of our Ashta Vinayak tenement.

His literary stint started here.

And look how much he has achieved so far.

In short, this is where his
journey to success began.

That is why in each of his novels,

the tenement is mentioned
at some place or the other.

So I request our secretary
to felicitate Mr. Sharad

and his wife by
offering him a coconut.

Give them a round of applause!

Children, applaud louder!

Now I request Mr. Sharad
and his wife to take their seats.

Come on, Pinky.

How are you?

I am absolutely fine.

-Come back later.
-How are you doing?


This time the literary
convention is at Thane, right?

-And who is the president?

Vasant Kanetkar.

It's your turn, Mangla.

She is exactly the way she was.

She hasn't changed at all.
Right, mother-in-law?


Well, Kusum,
you recently moved to a new house.

Has it been lucky for you?

Come on, tell us.

Is there a good news?

Now there are no restrictions.

Hey, what is going on?

Sit back. Sit.

-Didn't you say so?
-Yes, she did.

Shall we?

-What about him...
-We'll take your leave.

-Let's go.

See you soon.

Come again.

Mr. Sharad, hang on.

If you had stayed for a little while...

No, we will have to go.

Just a for a little while.

I have really important work to do.

Greetings, Uncle.

Hey, let it be.

Sharad, you have become very famous.

Not at all.

I am still smaller than
you in age and in status.

How are you?


With the grace of Lord Ganesha
I get two square meals.

That's good.

Plain rice with lentil curry for lunch

and fried rice with
plain lentil curry for dinner.

What else does a retired man need?

This is the rent for three months.

Let go of the room now.

It has been unoccupied all this while.

Why are you paying the rent for it?

Uncle, all investment
is not meant for a secure future.

Some part of it is also
for preserving the past.


See you. Let's go.

I would have made the coffee.

You make it everyday.

What is wrong if I do it once?

You're being very generous.

What are your intentions?

My intentions are very noble.

I will go and freshen up.


-I am here.

What happened? Tell me.

Kusum, look...
I am right here.

It's alright, I've got you.

Come here.


Careful. Lay down.

-What's wrong?
-My stomach's aching!

Wait, let me call the doctor.


Doctor, Kusum has a severe stomachache.

Will you come, please?

The doctor should be here any moment.

What happened? Tell me.

-Please take a look.

No, Sharad...

Kusum, the doctor's here.

I don't understand, Doctor.

She regularly takes the pills
that you prescribed.

A complete check up has been done.

You give her an injection
everyday, yet it happens.

-Let's get her ultrasonography done again.

Not again, Doctor. Please. *

I can't bear to see her in pain.

We have consulted so many doctors and
specialists in the last eight years.

Ayurvedic medicines,
homeopathic medicines...

we haven't left anything unexplored.

But nothing is giving her relief.

Sharad, Kusum's physical conditions
are absolutely normal.

But her stomachache...

Can I suggest you something? *

Yes, please. *

Shall we consult a good psychiatrist--

Doctor, she is not mentally ill.

Please, do not overreact.

Just like the human body becomes ill
so does the mind.

Doctor, no such incident has happened that
could disrupt her mental stability.

Ours is a love marriage.

We were friends.

We share everything.

When nothing is accumulated in our minds

there is no possibility
of something like this happening.

Sharad, the human mind is unpredictable.

It does accumulate what we want,
but it also accumulates much more...

of what we don't want.

Anyway, think over it.

Don't worry.
Everything will be all right. *

Do give me a call
if you need anything.

And always keep one thing in mind.

A man has got only two
options till he succeeds.

First is accepting defeat...

and the second
is continuing his efforts.

Let us choose the second option.

Yes, Doctor. *

And, tomorrow is
our wedding anniversary.

We have organized a small gathering.

You must come.

Of course. *

I hope that tomorrow Kusum isn't in pain.

Nothing will happen.
And I will be there tomorrow.

By the way, I didn't see Neetu.

She must be preparing for tomorrow.

Brother's wedding anniversary
is a festival for her.

Okay, I'll take your leave?

Yes. *

Thank you. *

Take care.

-Good morning, brother.
-Good morning! *

Happy anniversary.

I have made all the arrangements.

Look what I've got.

This is to be put here.

On both sides.
Isn't it nice?

You know, it wasn’t available anywhere.
I went to so many shops.

But finally, I found it.

And I want to decorate this wall as well.

I am going to decorate
the entire house.

It will be so much fun.

I have brought lots more.

I have invited my friends,

given the order for flowers
and flower strings to the florist.

Guess what? *

I had gone to the Merwans bakery
at Grant Road

to buy sister-in-law's
favourite cake.

By the way, where is she?

Comfort me again and again

I want your loving touch

Even after tormenting myself,
Even after avoiding my desire for you

I lose control no matter how much
I keep away from you

Why do I get bewitched

By you again?

You are my poison
My intoxication

There is this new burning in my veins

I want your loving touch

Sorry. *

-Here are the flowers.
-Thank you.

Are you the florist?

No, I am Ashok.

The florist had
come here with the flowers.

He asked me the address,
so I told him this is the house.

So he handed me the basket.

-Sorry, how could he...
-Oh, no, it's okay.

I had come as a guest.

He made me a member of the family.

Come in, please.

Can love be expressed
By putting on masks?

Can love be expressed
By putting on masks?

Whom you call out to
But whom you meet?

What do I tell the world
And what do I tell myself?

What do your fingers convey silently?

Where do you slip away
Even when you come closer?

Why do I get bewitched

By you again?

I am your mirror

I don't want to live without you

I want your loving touch

-Congrats, young man.
-Thank you. *

How are you?


Happy anniversary. *

Thank you so much. *

Hasn't your uncle come along?

He got busy with
work so I came earlier.

Come, I will introduce you.


Ashok. Pradhan's nephew.

You mean sister Mrunal's nephew?

Do you know when I had last seen him?

When he was in college.

-Oh, welcome. Hello.

-Thank you. *

But he looks so different now.

He has become handsome.
He takes after his uncle.

I know she is beautiful,
but she is mine. *


Sir. *

Sir, my uncle told me that
you needed some help from me.


Come, let's sit over there.

-Is everything fine?

Please make yourself comfortable.

Doctor, Ashok.

He is a TIFR scholar.
He lives at Madras.

Oh, great. *

-Glad to hear that.
-Thanks, sir. *

And he is Dr. Agnihotri.

Our family doctor, family friend...

Actually, everything for us.

Please sit. Sit.

Where's your drink?

-Right here.
-For you, Ashok?

No, sir. Thanks. *

Did you come to Mumbai
just like that, or...

I called him here.

I wanted his advice on Kusum's case.

I don't understand.

How can he help in Kusum's case?

Ashok reads palms.

-You mean, palmistry? *
-Yes, sir. *

Sharad said you are a TIFR scholar. *

It means you are a scholar at
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,

-That's right, sir. *

And yet you believe in such things?

What do you mean by "such things"?

Things like planets, stars, astrology.

All crap. *

I'm sorry, sir, but it is a science.

It is a waste of time.

Sharad, if you have
time and money to spare...

then please, go for it.

Doctor, I think we have tried everything.

What's the problem in trying this as well?

I have no problem in exploring options.

But in my opinion,
this is not an option at all.

Ashok, when are you
coming to read Kusum's palm?

The day after tomorrow,
on the full moon day.

Okay. *

Another instance of craziness.

Ashok, if we decide to treat the
patients on full moon and no moon days,

the death rate in India
will shoot up drastically.

If the moon,
which is millions of miles away

can cause tides and ebbs in the oceans...

won't an insignificant
living being be affected by it?

And after all, even the human body
is 60% water.

Right? *

Sir, we will meet on the full moon day.

Good night. *

Put away the book.
Today, you will read me.

Today, you're sounding like an author,
not an architect.

Well, it's your effect on me.

The party was fantastic.

Everyone we had invited was present.

Ashok looks so different now,
doesn't he?

But why did you call him?

I mean, did you invite him for Neetu?

How can we marry off Neetu so soon?

She is studying, so let her study.

So why did you call Ashok?

He reads palms.

Do you intend to
make him read my palms?

We have tried so many things.

Let's try this as well.

I do not believe in these things at all.

And still you...

You have to do so much for me, isn't it?

Am I doing it for your sake?

I am doing it for myself.

In fact, I am doing it for the both of us.

We forgot about one thing.

Anniversary celebration.

Sharad, what do I do with this clock?

It chimes at any hour, any time.

The clock runs on a time of its own.

It's so confusing.

We have emotional attachments, so...

We have to endure it.

-Good night.
-Good night. *

you can leave at your convenience!

I am getting late so I am leaving!

-It's okay. *

I think all of our meetings
are going to be like this.

-Brother is inside.

He is waiting for you.

-Are you going to college?



-What is this?

I got this idea yesterday.

I mean, wherever we go, we should
take fragrance and happiness along.

It really works. *

I'll take your leave.

See you. *

Sharad, the tea is getting cold.

I am coming.

I will come after separating
the hero and heroine from their hug.

The hero of your novel is just like you.


Don't waste time. Come here.

What did you say?

Have tea.

The hero of my novel is like me?

What did you say?

-Tell me.
-Stop it.

Sorry, I came at the wrong time.

Of course you came at the wrong time.

I will come back later.
No problem.

Ashok, don't be crazy.

Why do you listen to him?

-Just ignore him.
-No, no.

-Come in.
-Come in. Sit.

Come on.

Sit here.

-Here. Have tea.

Thank you, sir. *


-What is this?
-My palms.

Read them and tell me what it is.

Hey, let him have tea.

Let him tell me.

Wow, sister-in-law.
You have really soft hands.

Look at this triangle.

Kusum, you never told me
there is a triangle in your life.

Keep quiet.

Tell me. Isn't this triangle
supposed to be very lucky...

when it is on this mount?

So, you too know astrology?

No. I like it but I don't
have that much knowledge.

You tell me something new.

-Should I tell you?
-Tell me.



She is married.

Wow, that was new!

He really is a brilliant astrologer.

Tell me some more new things.

My husband is an author.
I am an architect.

Something of that type.

Since when has this
black mark been here?

It was not there before.

But it has become prominent
in the last few years.

But, isn't it good?

Sharad says it is to
protect me from evil eye.


-Who are you?

-Who are you?
-Enough, now.

Who are you?

Look at me.

-Look at me.
-Ashok? *

I am your sister-in-law.

Sister-in-law, I am not talking to you.

I am talking to her.

-Who are you?
-Ashok, please.

-Sharad, what is he doing?
-Who are you?

-What is going on?
-Ashok, let go of me.

-Tell me, who are you?
-Sharad, stop him.

Ashok, let go of my hand.

-Ashok, listen to me.
-Who are you?

-Ashok, you're hurting me!
-Who are you?

-Sharad, stop him!
-Sir, wait.

-Who are you? Tell me!

Who are you? Tell me!

Look at me. *

-Ashok, listen to me.
-Who are you?

-Sharad, stop him!
-Who are you? Tell me!

Ashok, let go of me.

-Let go of her!


-Kusum, what happened?
-Sharad, my stomach is aching!

-Calm down. Calm down.
-Call the doctor, Sharad!

Kusum, listen to me.
Calm down.

Just relax, okay?

Everything will be fine.
Trust me.


Tell me.

Speak up!

No. No...

Tell me, who you are?

Who are you?

Ashok, let go of her--

Let me handle this, please. *

Who are you?

-Tell me!

-Tell me.

What is going on?

Who are you? Tell me.

Why are you tormenting me?

You are tormenting my sister-in-law.

She ruined my life.

We will see about that.

What is your name? Tell me!

You will have to tell me.

Tell me. Tell me!


Savita Damodar Paranjape.

My fear has proved to be real.

What fear?

Sir, this is not a medical problem.

When sister-in-law gets a stomachache

she takes off her nuptial chain

and after that, she
doesn't remain herself.

-You mean, she is possessed?

She is possessed. *

Are you crazy? *

You're saying this
to suit your convenience.

It is not like that.

Give me some theory. *

Sir, I don't have a theory.

-But my study tells me that--
-What does your study say?

Mister, it is the question
of a person's life.

How can you apply conclusions
like "possessions"?

Sharad, for God's sake, say something. *

Because if this is where we
are going to get stuck--

Doctor, I also do not
believe in these things.

But in that terrible condition
she uttered Savita's name.

What does that mean?

It's a psychological trauma. *

That's it.

Ashok held her hand.

He shouted at her.

He kept on bombarding her with questions.

She got hypnotized by that.

And her unsatisfied subconscious mind
manifested as Savita.

Unsatisfied mind?

Yes. *

Unsatisfied mind.

And the solution for this illness

is contained within these two words.

There is no such thing
like being possessed.

It's a case of multiple
personality disorder. *

And I can prove it, okay?



Sharad, answer all my questions.

And be honest.

I am recording this for you, not me.

Whatever you say today, I am sure
you will find your answers.

Tell me everything in detail.

Right from day one.

Who is Savita Damodar Paranjape?

Sir, if you are feeling awkward,
then I...

No, it's okay. I'm fine. *

-You can sit.
-Ashok, please.

Savita... was my friend.

For how many lifetimes will it go on?

This charade of hide and seek

For how many lifetimes will it go on?

This charade of hide and seek

On the banks of Kalindi

On the banks of Kalindi

Will you come to meet me?

For how many lifetimes will it go on?

This charade of hide and seek

On the banks of Kalindi

On the banks of Kalindi

Will you come to meet me?

For how many lifetimes will it go on?

This charade of hide and seek

This charade of hide and seek

This charade of hide and seek

I turned myself into Gokul

Only for you

I gave all of my own

Only for you

Now in this silence

Plays a flute of melancholy

No message is coming

From far away land

The carefree, raw spirit of love

The carefree, raw spirit of love

Requires no adorning

So why continue with

This charade of hide and seek?

On the banks of Kalindi

On the banks of Kalindi

Will you come to meet me?

For how many lifetimes will it go on?

This charade of hide and seek

This charade of hide and seek

This charade of hide and seek

Did you love Savita?

I don't know.

I never thought about it.

I was yet to settle down.

I had responsibilities.

That's why...

So if everything would've been alright
and Kusum hadn't come in your life

you would have married Savita, right?



But it was not going to happen.

Because when everything
was fine, that day...


What is this, Sharad?

Don't you always ask me
whether I have anyone else

in this world apart from you?

Well, I do.

What did you think?

That no one else would tolerate me?

-My chattering--
-Savita, what is the point?

Apart from you,
I do have someone else in this world.

-Got it?

Come, I will show you.

Come on. Get up.

Savita, listen...


What I felt on seeing Kusum,
I had never felt so...

in all these years with Savita.

I was attracted to Kusum.

In those days, a couple of
my books had become quite famous.

And that's why I proposed her.

And against my expectations.
she accepted it.


And as usual, with great
joy I shared this with Savita.

Savita used to be happy
with my every success...

and I thought that she
would be happy with this as well.

But I was wrong.

On the day of our wedding,
she committed suicide.

Do you still miss Savita?

Not at all.

She is out of my life
and my mind forever.

I don't think so.

What do you mean?

If she is out of your life
and your mind...

why are you still
paying the rent of her room?

Here's tea, brother.

She set herself on fire,
the day you got married. Right?

So on the first night of your marriage...

you both couldn't have got closer.

No. In fact, not for next few days.

After moving to the new house, we
consummated our marriage after one month.

And after that?

Were you both satisfied?

Answer my question. *

Well, satisfaction...

I can't say if it was
completely satisfying.

And the other night she got stomachache
so that moment...

Could not be enjoyed
as it should have been.

This is the problem. That's it.

Ashok, do you still think
there's an external factor?

The guilt in Sharad's mind
is not allowing him to go near Kusum

And because of that maybe
he is not able to fulfill

Kusum expectations
from him as his wife.

What nonsense! *

-That's not the case.
-It is!

Both of you are unable
to satisfy each other.

Your married life is a failure.

No way! *

Kusum is the first and
the last woman in my life.

Till date I have given her as all the
happiness that I could.

You have.

But the question is,
if it was enough for her.

At this point in your life...

Kusum needs you the most
and you are unable to fulfill it

because Savita's
presence in your mind

doesn't allow you to do so.

She is physically starved. *

In addition, you don't have children.

The consequence of it is
somehow visible in Kusum's behaviour

which you have labeled
as the so-called "ghost."

-I need a break.
-Please. *

Are you feeling alright?

You look after the home and your work.

You should also look after yourself.

You are there to look after me, right?

I am always busy in my own world...

oblivious to everything else.


there's something you want to say...

but you couldn't...

If there's something you want...
and didn't know how to ask...

You have given me
everything without asking.

And why did this thought
come into your mind?

It's nothing.

I will get back
to doctor and Ashok. Okay?

Doctor, your theory is wrong.

Kusum has no complaints against me.

She has no complaints or
is she not expressing it in words?

Sharad, believe me, there's
no such thing as ghosts and spirits.

When people cannot analyze
someone's reactions

they call it a ghost
and leave it at that.

It's a dual personality case. *

And with proper treatment we will...


Don't you agree with me?

Sir, I've always agreed with your theory.

But the issue is about
what comes before you practically.

I cannot put forth my point properly.

and the reason behind it is the question,
who exactly is Savita?

What is the intention
of her presence here?

I can't figure that out.

I will have to talk to her once.

Doctor, I'm sure that she
has no complaints against me.

It can't be that every time...

He is very impatient to talk to me,
isn't he?

Well, I am here.

Standing before you.

-Hey, don't interfere.

I am not wife material, right?

What do you want?

-What do you want?

You cannot give me... what I want.

-I will. Tell me.
-Where is the baby?

Where is Kusum's baby?

I want to cut her
baby's umbilical cord.

I want the baby.

Give me it.



You stay away from me!

Kusum's stomach is aching!

Kusum is delivering a baby.

I want to cut Kusum's
baby's umbilical cord.


Calm down.

Is it so easy to cut an umbilical cord?

It is a doctor's job. Let him do it.

Do one thing. Give me the knife.

Kusum, give me the knife.

Give me the knife.

-Are you telling me the truth?
-Yes, trust me.

Okay. *

Take it away, Neetu!

Take it away! Go!

You tricked me!

You rascal! Cheat!

Men are not at all trustworthy!

Why are you troubling my sister-in-law?

Why are you troubling her?

Why are you here?

Tell me!

Tell me!


Sharad Abhyankar here.
Tell me.

She is asleep.

Good. *

No, I would love to but I won't
be able to make it there.

I will talk to sir.



There's a little swelling,
but it will be alright.



It was an invitation from the literary
convention for authors' meet.

Such a big occasion and you refused?

Why, sir?

These days I can't focus on anything.

But we can find a
solution to this problem

by acting as normal as possible.

Do you know what the problem
with authors is?

We like only those problems
which have solutions.

The problems with no solutions
make us feel uneasy.

We feel inadequate.

No, sir.

This problem does have a solution.

Ashok, I have found a solution.

Whatever's happening
is as per my theory.

Kusum wants a child but
she cannot say it openly.

So she acts like Savita
and puts her demands before you.

Whether you believe it or not,
this is the truth.


Neetu, please get my nuptial chain.

-I forgot it upstairs.

Hey, what happened to you?

Nothing. It's just a sprain.

How come?

It happened while playing tennis.
But now I am fine.

Take care.

I will go and get the lunch ready.

Neetu, please find my nuptial chain.

Every moment, whose million masks

Cover your face?

Every moment whose mind

Puts such a burden on your smile?

Tell me whose approach

Indicates whose presence?

When will this game

Of illusion of life will stop?

Bright light is all around

Bright light is all around

At the time of night

At the time of night

At the time of night

Sir, that's enough.

That's what I've been telling my life,
"That's enough."

I can't understand who exactly she is.

Life was never so unpredictable.

I can't understand
whose demand it is.

Is it hers or is it
of Savita in her body?

Sir, may I ask something?

When sister-in-law had the attack,
she said

"I am not wife material for him."

What exactly did she mean by that?

There's something I didn't tell you...

about what had happened that night.

The night before our wedding,
Savita had come to meet me.


Neetu and mother went to your house.
Didn't you see them?

What is this?

I have applied the nuptial turmeric
in your name.

You didn't give me that happiness...

so I applied it myself.

Savita, I am getting married tomorrow.

-Me and Kusum--
-Not you and Kusum, okay?

You and me.

Sharad, we are made for each other.

Savita, let go...


put it on me.


Sharad, you are still
not married to Kusum.

We haven't lost time.

Put this around my neck.

I will love you more than Kusum.
I swear.

Savita, don't you get it?

Listen, I have never
thought of you as my wife.

-Savita, you are my very good friend.
-Why are you lying?

Please put this nuptial chain
around my neck.

-Savita, please!

You're just a good friend.
Not a wife material!

That was the last effort
Savita made to win my love.

But for me it was just an accident.

I never saw a wife in her.

Maybe that is why she is
entered my wife's body and...

Maybe that's why she takes off her
nuptial chain and throws it away.

Sir, didn't you have
a programme to attend?

I am leaving.

You're drinking before the programme?

These days, I don't step
out of the house...

without this.

Have a seat.

-You came early.
-Yeah, I finished my work.

When I got home aunt said that

sister-in-law didn't
step out of her room today.

In fact, she's still in her room.

I am just worried about her.

Since you are here,
sit in the study for a while.

I will go and meet the authors
of the literary convention.

There is a reading of novels.

I will feel relieved
if you are here.

Sir, may I go back and freshen up?

No formalities, Ashok. *

This is your house.

You can freshen up here as well.


Get him a towel.

I will be back.

Okay, sir.

This is the story of a girl who,
even after death...

kept loving and demanding love.



Ashok, will you tell me the truth?

What is wrong with me?


You're just a bit unwell.
Nothing else.


I know something is wrong with me.

And it is not something ordinary.

It is unique.

No one tells me anything.

Will you tell me please?

I will.

But first, get well.

I am not getting better, Ashok.


I feel very scared.

I get startled very often.

I feel as if someone is constantly
watching over me...

from the window.

What are you doing, sister-in-law?

Take your hand off the nuptial chain.

I am not doing it on purpose.

It happens on its own.

Try to control yourself.

Don't let your hand go there.

Anyway, tell me how's work?

Any new projects?

I am building homes.

Not homes...

I am building rooms.

We only build rooms.

They become homes later.

When people start staying in them.

Hey! Please let me take it off.

I cannot control it.

Sister-in-law, you feel
unwell if you take if off, right?

Then, control your hand.

Two loving souls living
in two different worlds.

But she is not ready to accept it.

She keeps coming into his
world by defying nature's rules.

After crossing countless
obstacles in her way.

Give me your hands.

Your hands are so beautiful.

Lucky! Look at this line.

You'll have unlimited amount of money.

What will I do with the money?

I also need a life to enjoy it.

You have that as well.

Life line. *

You're gonna live for a hundred years.

A hundred years!

Look, someone is standing at the door!

Ashok, please!

-You tried to trick me?
-Let me take it off.

-Why are you doing this?
-How do I explain?

I need to take the nuptial chain off.

Ashok, I beg of you!

Please let me take it off! Please!

Ashok! Ashok, please!

Take it off.

People try to reason with her a lot.

There are innumerable ways
to make her realize the fact.

But she is in her own world.

She is trapped in her
unfulfilled wishes and desires.

She demands a huge price to go.

So at last you did what you wanted.

So what! Shouldn't I do it?

This is my house!

If it is your house,
why are you jinxing it?

-I have not jinxed it.
-Then what else is this?

By living in sister-in-law's
body for so many years

you're enjoying a married life.

And I will still stay.

Till I am not satisfied.

What if I don't want you to?

Are you threatening me?

Name your price.

You won't be able to pay the price.

I will.

Tell me what you want.

You cannot.

I can do anything for this family.

Tell me what you want.

Tell me!

Tell me what you want!

Tell me!

I want you.

I want your body.

You love this family, don't you?

Then fulfill my desire
for its betterment.

Why are you doing this?

He didn't think I was
wife material, right?

So the body of the woman he married...

I want to corrupt it.

Take me closer.

Mother, she has been
out for almost an hour.

She never leaves without
informing anybody.

Okay, fine.
Let me know if she comes there.

Where were you?

I was just around the corner.

But you should have told before going.

We were so worried.

Now brother is out to look for you.

Am I a kid to get lost?

Or is this city new to me?

Your brother is too much!

Look, I got something for you.

That shop around the corner
has got a nice new collection.

It's just pants and tunic suits,
but the patterns are absolutely new.


Hey! What's wrong? Didn't you like it?

Why will you like it?

Because all your likes and dislikes
now depend on Ashok.

Hey! Where is he?
I haven't seen him for a couple of days.

Here are your medicines, take them.

-I will but Ashok is not to be seen.
-Then ask yourself!

Perhaps you'll find an answer.


Of course not.

He's close to you, so--

Sister-in-law, please!
Are you even aware of what you're saying!

Please get rid off that clock!

It's our wedding gift.

Our friends gifted it--

These gifts are proving to be
an obstacles in this house.


Don't keep a broken clock in the house.

As if whatever's
happening is not enough.

What's wrong with Neetu?

Why is she behaving this way?

What happened, Neetu?
What is your problem?

Look, she is sick.

She needs us. *

-And if you behave this way--
-I am not doing it on purpose.

That means you agree that
you're behaving badly.

Neetu, this is nothing new.

For last eight years, we both have
tolerated her sickness equally.

You've never lost control before.
What happened?

Sorry, brother. It won't happen again.

It is not the question of apologizing.

Tell me what happened.

Forget it.

So much is happening already.

Why bother with my problems?

We must concentrate on
sister-in-law's well being.

Do one thing.

Go and stay with mother and
father for a few days.

After you calm down, come back.

You are misunderstanding me.

I am not misunderstanding you, child.

I can understand.

The situation here is such that...

And you think I'll leave you
both alone is such a situation?

Can you handle this alone?

I won't go anywhere.
I will stay right here.

At least till sister-in-law feels better.

On one condition.

Don't keep fretting
over it in your mind.

Whatever it is, speak frankly.


Tell me, why you are restless?

Ashok had called.

He said he will return
to Madras in a couple of days.

Ashok, your purpose of coming here
has not yet been realized.

-How can you just leave--
-I tried a lot, sir.

But I don't think...
I can solve this matter.

But what happened that
you're leaving all of a sudden?

Listen to me.
Sister-in-law needs top quality treatment.

I am neither a doctor nor an exorcist.

Ashok, tell me something
that sounds reasonable.

I have nothing to say.
I have made my decision.

And I am sorry. *

You're hiding something from me.



there is a difference between
an ordinary man and a writer.

Ordinary men read books...
and a writer reads people.

And from what I can read

I can definitely guess
that something is wrong.

Tell me, what happened?

Don't dig too deep,
it will hurt you.

It hurts me when people lie.

Ashok, please tell me the truth! *

Ashok, I said please! *

I talked to Savita.

And she is ready to go away.

But the thing that
she is asking in return...

-We will give whatever she wants!
-It is not that simple, sir!

Doesn't matter even
if it is difficult.

She is ready to go,
that is more than enough for me.

Tell me.

She wants physical relations...

with me.


How dare you! *

You and my wife...

You're misunderstanding me, sir.

The one asking for it is Savita, sir.

No. That's a lie!

Using Savita as an excuse,
you want to...

It's a psychological trauma.

Ashok placed a hand before her

and he shouted at her.

He kept on asking her
questions one after another.

And because of that
she got hypnotized.

And her unsatisfied identity
came forth as Savita.

I see.

Now I understand everything.

Whatever the doctor said was right.

There is no Savita.

It is just a psychological trauma. *

Actually, you liked her the
first time you saw her.

You knew that she
was mentally disturbed.

That is why you screamed at her...

-and awakened her dual personality!
-No, sir.

And now you're asking for you want.

-Sir, that's not true.
-Shut up! Just shut up!

And you're right. *

You are not capable
of handling this case.

Sharad, is everything okay? *

Yeah. *

Did Kusum have another episode?

-Do Ashok and I need to come over?

Doctor, Ashok won't be returning now.

What do you mean?

He is returning to Madras.

Leaving the case incomplete?

He is not capable
of handling this case.

I went to the wrong person.

Sharad, I don't know about the case.
But that man is genuine.

I may not agree with his theories.

But his confidence
and the way he is handling Kusum...

I think, he understands
Kusum's illness more than us.

He knows the illness.

But his prescription is wrong.

Let it be. *

Henceforth he won't be with us.

Shall I suggest something?

Shall we take Kusum in confidence
and tell her everything?


Sharad, a lot of times,
the moment the illness is identified,

it starts healing.

Maybe. *

But I don't think that time has yet come.

Hello, Dr. Agnihotri speaking.


Sister-in-law has locked
herself in the bedroom.

-Did you knock?
-I did.

How long has it been?

-Why didn't you call earlier?
-I didn't know what to do.




You're here?

-I want to give you something.
-Let's keep that for later.

First tell me what were you
doing inside the room for so long?

And why didn't you open the door?

Was busy pulling these out.

You broke the clock, Kusum?

Not Kusum!



And I didn't break the clock.

I opened it very gently.

And then I purposely dismantled
the hands of the clock.

That clock doesn't work anyway.

I had given it.

You hung it on the wall.


The clock was useless.

But the hands are useful.

-Look this is the hour hand.

It moves around slowly, like you do.


This is the second hand.

Doctor, you are the second hand.

You keep running around unnecessarily.

But no one pays attention to you.

You keep these two hands.

For operation.


-I'll keep the biggest hand for myself.


Look at the blood.

It's Kusum's baby's blood.

I pierced Kusum's
baby inside with this hand.

Only this hand is useful.

This is my Ashok.

I feel very good...
when I get myself pierced by it.

Shut up!

Do you know what you're saying!

Remember that your
wife is under my control!

I am never gonna leave her alone!


My Ashok.


Where are you, Ashok?

I feel like killing her!

I am waiting for you, Ashok.

What do I do?

I love her a lot.

What do I do, Doctor?

Why do you always think
about getting close?

Can't you think of anything else?

Sharad Abhyankar.

A writer who completely
understands a woman's feelings.

Sharad Abhyankar.

A writer who can get
to the bottom of a human mind.

Sharad Abhyankar.

A writer who has understood humanity.

Mother, Sharad gets mad
at me all the time.

I don't understand why.

He is fed up of my illness.

No, Mother.

When my stomach aches...

I feel very different and
weird, at that time.

I guess, this is the result of it.

No, I am not complaining.

Will you do me a favor?

Please call him up and ask him.

Is he fed up of me?

I am sorry. *

Sorry, but I had no other option.

I don't agree with this at all.

It's not the right way to cure her.

Maybe you are right.

But I don't want to
leave any stone unturned.

Such ghastly measures
will be painful for her.

I will be there with her all the time.

The moment I see pain in her eyes,
I'll get her back right then.

If educated people like
you start behaving this way...

A person's hope is not educated.

It is just innocent.

I'll take your leave.

Where are we going?

Kusum, why do you need to ask this
when I am with you?

Sorry. Maybe no one else does,
but I know.

It was sister-in-law's mistake.


We can't blame her.

She is sick.

You were supposed to go to Madras, right?


Got postponed by ten days.

Actually I was in a hurry, but...

couldn't arrange for it.

Not everything happens
according to our wish.

I'll take your leave.

Just a minute.

You knew I was going to come?


Perhaps these flowers knew.

Today, aunt got these Jasmine
flowers out of the blue.

And without flowers,
even God doesn't accept our prayers.

If things don't happen as per our wish...

it's better to let go of them.


Vimal, please take her.

Please come.

Mr. Sharad have you ever eaten a guava?

We finish eating it whole, but
just one seed gets stuck in our tooth.

That little seed has no significance.

But that irritated
feeling makes you restless.

Similarly, a soul with unfulfilled wishes

is just like the seed of a guava.
It makes a person restless.

Mr. Sharad, when a person dies,
his journey comes to an end.

That's what science says.

But from a spiritual point of view,
that is not the case.

A soul starts a different
journey after that.

According to spirituality,
death is just a short break.

And the journey that starts
after that may be a fulfilled one...

or that of revenge.

Mr. Sharad, the seven days
complete today.

Kusum is completely healed now.

No need to worry anymore.

If you need anything,
do to tell me.

Okay. Thank you Guru.

-See you soon.

Take care.

We'll take your leave.

Let's go.

Going home now, aren't we?

Of course. *

Sharad, I am thinking of
resuming work from tomorrow.

That's good.

As soon as you get back to your routine
I will be...

My illness is tiring you, isn't it?

I am not tired.
In fact, it has made me realize something.


Without Kusum,
Sharad's existence is incomplete.

-So cheesy.

Your mother's here.

She couldn't visit us
on our wedding anniversary

so we must she's here
to give us her blessings.


How are you?

Come on.

Are you okay?

Look, there's mother!


How are you?

How do I look?

The way you used to look eight years ago.

Everything was possible
because of your son-in-law.

He doesn't give me a chance to change.

I'll get water for you.

Mother, I forgot to touch your feet.

You sit. I'll come there.

Bless you.

-You hag!

Just so you could ward off
the evil off your daughter,

-you did the ritual, didn't you?
-Let go of her!

You removed me from your daughter's body!

-Kusum, let her go!
-But I am back!

-I am back in her body!
-Let her go!

Enough of this!
Enough of your nonsense!

I am going to kill you today!

I have tolerated a lot till now!


What are you doing! Let go!

Let go of me.


I won't spare you today!

You're pretending!

-Have I ever lied to you, Sharad?
-You're not Kusum.


Why? Why are you killing me?

I am not lying.

You're Kusum?

Are you telling the truth?

You really are Kusum?


I can't take this anymore.

Why is this happening?

Sharad here.

Should I say sorry?

No, sir.

If I were in your shoes,
I would have done the same thing.

I want to meet you.

I am home alone.

Are you returning to Madras?


What will I do staying here?


What will you do staying here?

How is sister-in-law now?

The same.

At times Savita, at times Kusum.

And now, even you are
not here to control her.

I'll try speaking to her once.

These temporary solutions
won't help, Ashok.

We need a permanent solution.

The cigarettes got over.
I'll get some.

Sir, where is Neetu?

Neetu has gone to college.

She has got her exams.
So she will be late.

I'll get the cigarettes.

And... you sit.

I will switch off the doorbell.

It's broken.
Just keeps ringing on its own.

You might get electrocuted.

I will shut the door.

Kusum is upstairs.

I can understand your situation, sir.


Give me my wife back.

Give her whatever she wants.

What are you saying, sir!

I can't bear the pain
Kusum is going through.

And if this solution is going
to cure her permanently

we must do it.

Sir, she is my sister-in-law.

Just concentrate on the
treatment and not the relation.

-I can't do it, sir.
-You will have to.

I know my wife is very pretty, but...

That is the problem, sir.

If she wasn't beautiful...

this would not have
been difficult for me.

I am sorry, sir.
But I can't do this.

Ashok, tell me,
do you want Kusum to be cured or not?

I do, sir. Definitely.

Sir, not this way.
It's a sin.

I am asking you to do it, Ashok.
So how can it be a sin?

Look, there is a truth
beyond sins and good deeds.

It is called living.

What is the use of these concepts
if it takes someone's life away?

I... want my Kusum to be alright, Ashok.

I can't do it, sir.

I am not forcing you.

And I never will.

But if you agree to do this,

you can make three lives better.

But what about morality?


Ashok, to relieve a person
from his troubles is morality.

The method we use for it
is not important.

All this sounds good as a theory, sir.

But practically, it's not possible.

I am sorry. *

I have tried all possible treatments.

We should seek God's help.

I don't know how much you
believe in all of this.

But can we organize a prayer service
in the name of Swami Samarth?

Will it achieve anything?

Because I have faith.


But before that...

let's see how much my
efforts give results.

How long can one stay balanced?

The pit in the heart is deep!

No respite to be found

For the illness of heart

Respecting the moon

And yet in darkness

How long can one stay balanced?

I can't understand
How all of this is happening

The mind gets lost,
And runs with wind in the ears

I can't understand
How all of this is happening

The mind gets lost,
And runs with wind in the ears

Should it be called love or fire

The wounds heal, but the scars remain

How long can one stay balanced?

The pit in the heart is deep!

When I remember you,

The secret paths are lost

How did this life get lost in the jungle?

A dream in the eyes

Is like an incomplete song

The tight knots of relationships
Have loosened

Feel like burning this entire life
In your shadow

The flute keeps waiting
For the day it will touch the lips

Should it be called love or fire

The wounds heal, but the scars remain

Should it be called love or fire

The wounds heal, but the scars remain

How long can one stay balanced?

The pit in the heart is deep!

My nuptial chain?

Where is it?


Don't know where
he keeps things while cleaning up.


I am recording this for you, not me.

Whatever you say today, I am sure
you will find your answers.

Tell me everything in detail.
Right from day one.

Who is Savita Damodar Paranjape?

Savita was my friend.

-Did you love Savita?
-I don't know.

So if everything would've been alright
and Kusum hadn't come in your life

you would have married Savita, right?



On the day of our wedding,
she committed suicide.

After moving to the new house

we consummated our marriage after a month.

And after that?

Were you both satisfied?

I can't say if it was
completely satisfying.

That's it. *

The guilt in Sharad's mind
is not allowing him to go near Kusum.

And because of that maybe
he is not able to fulfill

Kusum expectations
from him as his wife.

Both of you are unable
to satisfy each other.

She is physically starved. *

In addition, you don't have children.

The consequence of it is
somehow visible in Kusum's behaviour

which you have labeled
as the so-called "ghost."

You took me so seriously.

You immediately organized
a prayer service in the neighborhood?

Today, I desperately
need some peace, Mother.


To cure my wife...

I have paid a huge price.

You mean, Ashok...


I am talking to you.

I lost to you,
to your will power.

I tried my best. But I lost.

I surrender. *

Savita Damodar Paranjape.

I came here to give you what you want.

-Ashok, what are you doing?
-You want my body, right?

Take it.
Take it in whichever way you like.

Don't you feel ashamed?

-I am your sister-in-law!

From the hamlet of pain,
I came to you

You're my father as well as mother

From the hamlet of pain,
I came to you

You're my father as well as mother

My life which was ordinary
Has become blessed

My life has a meaning now
That I chant your name

My life has a meaning now
That I chant your name

My life has a meaning now
That I chant your name

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Swami Samarth!


Savita, where are you?

Look, I am here.

And if you're inside of me,
then show yourself.

Let's talk face to face!

Your tantrums have made
all our lives miserable!

From then till now.

Savita we were friends, right?

Best friends. *

If you had told me even once
that you wanted Sharad...

I would have given him to
you without asking any questions!

I didn't want your charity.

Your game is played
In the kingdom of universe

You bring realizations
And commitments together

Your game is played
In the kingdom of universe

You bring realizations
And commitments together

You gently wipe the lines
Between winning and losing

You are adorned
By the smile of knowledge

You are mother compassionate
And father too, Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

What are you saying, Savita?

There is no charity in friendship.
Only sacrifice.

Then you would have become great,
by making the sacrifice.

I didn't want that either.

Whatever I wanted, I already have it...

by being inside you.

Swami Samarth!

Savita, that's where you're wrong.

You stayed in me, but not with me.

Savita, see how unscrupulous
I proved to be!

My best friend was inside
me and I never even realized it.

My parched mouth chants your name

Hands folded and eyes before your feet

My parched mouth chants your name

Hands folded and eyes before your feet

I am at your doorstep

Only you can understand what's in my heart

Only you can understand my silence

Kusum, open the door!

But enough is enough.

I was unfair to you
and you were unfair to me.

So today I am going to end this
once and for all.

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

Glory to Swami Samarth!

-Glory to Swami Samarth!
-Glory to him!

What are you doing, Kusum?


Savita, I am here to confess!

I accept your love, Savita.

I respect it.

But I love Kusum, Savita.

And you must respect it.

And if that's not possible for you...

then finish me off.

Because I am your culprit.

Take my life and seek your revenge.

But remember one thing.

You can never separate me and Kusum!

Are you listening?



What happened?

How do you feel now?

Kusum, what is this insanity?

-Why? I mean...
-Sharad, not now. Let her rest.

Sister-in-law, are you feeling okay?

Will you have some coffee?
You will feel better.



She is gone, sir.
Savita is gone.

Sir, when I saw sister-in-law's
eyes for the first time,

I could feel Savita's presence in there.

Today, after looking into
those same eyes, I can definitely say...

that Savita is gone.

What spirituality or science
couldn't manage to do...

was achieved by sister-in-law's efforts.

Sister-in-law's righteousness,
her feelings

have ended Savita's adamancy.

What happened, sir?

Why are you not saying something?

No, Ashok.

No one knows Savita as closely as I do.

She cannot go away so easily.

For how many lifetimes will it go on?

This charade of hide and seek

For how many lifetimes will it go on?

This charade of hide and seek

On the banks of Kalindi

On the banks of Kalindi

Will you come to meet me?

For how many lifetimes will it go on?

This charade of hide and seek

This charade of hide and seek

This charade of hide and seek

Subtitles arranged by:-
Samaksh ~Varsha ~ Pankaj Jain