Saving Shiloh (2006) - full transcript

Marty Preston and Judd Travers must join together to clear the latter's name after he is accused of killing a man he once fought in a bar.

It's been a year since Shiloh
came to live with me and my family.

He used to belong to Judd Travers.

Judd treated him so bad...

...that Shiloh had marks all over
his body when I found him.

I used to think that Judd was gonna come
in the middle of the night and take Shiloh.

But things changed
after Judd's truck accident.

He even pet Shiloh for the first time.

Okay, darlings. Dinner's waiting.

Come on, Becky.

Strange thing about this world, though.

Just when you start to feel safe...

...something that you never imagined
can take you by surprise.

- Mommy, I want a bicycle.
- We can't afford one right now, Becky.

Maybe Santa will bring
you one for Christmas.

- Really?
- Sure.

- But that's still six months away.
- I can wait.

- There's no such thing as Santa Claus.
- There is too.

No, there ain't.
Ma, is Santa Claus real?

Well, must be someone
bringing all those toys.

I'll get it.

Hi, Judd.

Marty. Brought something
for your ma to cook up.

Sort of a thank you
for helping a neighbor out.

Mom. Mom, Judd's here.

And he brought you a present.

- A present? What is it?
- It's something good to eat.

Well, that's so nice of you, Judd.

Would you like to come in,
have a cup of coffee?

I reckon it ain't the right thing to do
without Ray being here.

- I think it'd be all right.
- Well, I'm fine right here.

All right, then.

- How you feeling?
- My leg's healing up right nicely.

Still have to shoot from my porch.

What is it?

It's a couple of squirrels.
They already bled.

Maybe Marty and Ray
can skin them later on.

- I touched a dead squirrel? Oh, my God.
- Dara Lynn.

I been eating them my whole life.

They bake a right tasty stew.

- I think I'm gonna throw up.
- Dara Lynn.

- You're the meanest man!
- Now, Becky.

- He is. He shot some pretty little squirrels.
- That's enough. Upstairs, both of you.

- But, Mom...
- Right now.

I'm sorry, Judd.

I don't know what's wrong
with squirrels.

- I been eating them my whole life.
- There's nothing wrong with them.

And I appreciate your thinking of us.

- The girls are just not used to it, that's all.
- Maybe you should teach them.

You're right, maybe I should.


...I better be moving along.

See you around.

- Bye, now, Judd.
- Bye.

I've never been so embarrassed
in all my life.

Well, at least you never brought
anybody a couple of dead squirrels.

Daddy, Judd is so disgusting.
He's all bruised up and he's so mean.

- Dara Lynn, that's no way to talk.
- You said so yourself, Daddy.

Well, then, I was wrong.

He's a neighbor, and a darn side better one
than he was just a sort time ago.

There's just too much bad talk
around town about Judd.

- Like what?
- Like he got off too easy for drunk driving.

Some people figure if they give him
a hard time, he'll move away.

And then what if he doesn't?

The meaner folks are to him,
the meaner he's liable to be.

Soon as he gets his leg all healed,
he'll be back to his old rotten self.

- Dara Lynn, what did I say?
- Can't we just leave him be?

I think he's changed.


When Doc Wallace passed away
last winter, it was real sad for everybody.

He was a friend and teacher
to our whole town.

I know how my friend Sam must feel,
because Doc felt like my grandfather too.

There we go.

- How's your Grandma doing, Sam?
- Well, she's having a hard time.

I mean, they were married for 47 years.

But she's got the store,
so that keeps her busy.

- What about you?
- I miss him.

- Yeah, so do I.
- I know you do.

He loved you a lot, Marty.

He saved Shiloh's life.

I'll never forget that.

Where'd you get that, Shiloh?

He was over in that part of the woods.

That's weird.

Some car just left here,
middle of nowhere.

We should tell the sheriff.

The sheriff's inspecting the car,
inside and out.

My dad said it belongs
to a guy from Bens Run.

- Well, why'd he leave it there?
- Who knows.

But the guy got into a fight
with Judd Travers in a bar just before...

...and now it turns out he's missing.
- What?

How come no one said anything before?

- They thought he took a trip or something.
- Yeah, he took a trip all right.

Look, we don't know
anything about this.

You can't go convicting a man
of a crime without evidence.

We don't even know where the guy is.
He might just be out of town.

Jeez, Marty. What will it take to
convince you that Judd's a bad guy?

I ain't saying he's good. Just doesn't seem
like the kind of guy who could kill someone.

That's what they always say about a killer.
"He was such a quiet guy, seemed nice."

Well, Judd sure isn't quiet,
and he definitely doesn't seem nice.

Judd couldn't have done nothing
to him, had a broken leg.

That's just it. The man's been missing
since before Judd's accident.

Today we're studying
the Sixth Amendment.

Now, in our country, you cannot be
convicted of a crime without a fair trial.

Marty, what do you think it means
to have a fair trial?

Well, I guess it means that someone gets
to defend themself the best they can...

...and then the jury decides the verdict
on the evidence they're given.

That's exactly right, Marty.
You'd make a good lawyer someday.

Well, I wanna be a vet when I grow up.

David's the one who wants to be a lawyer
because he likes to hear himself talk.

You guys.

- Are you sure you wanna do this?
- Yeah. You're not nervous, are you?

The police just questioned him
about the man from Bens Run.

Mom, you don't think that Judd
had anything to do with that.

If I did, you wouldn't be going.

He's probably not very happy
about all that gossip.

I just want you to thank him for bringing
the squirrels and come on back.

Should I tell him that I almost threw up
helping Dad skin the squirrels?

- And that now I'm vegetarian?
- You're very funny.

I'm serious, Mom.

You can cross the bridge.

Judd's never gonna hurt you again.

All right, boy, you stay.

Shiloh won't cross the bridge...

...because he remembers
how Judd was so mean to him.

He caged him and hit him so hard,
Shiloh ran away.

Hush up! What you barking at, huh?

- What you want?
- Ma wanted me to bring over the stew.

- Thought you ought to have some of it.
- It's real tasty, right?

Well, we don't actually eat much meat,
but Ma didn't want this to go to waste.

So y'all don't like it,
so you send it over here to me?

No, we like it fine.
We just wanted you to have some.

I had two helpings.

You did?

You tell your ma she can have
some more anytime she wants some.

Squirrel is always in season. I just
pick them right out of them trees there.

- I'll tell her.
- All right.

I got a new theory
about Judd's accident.

Man gets into a fight with Judd,
he goes missing.

- Judd killed him, then crashed on purpose.
- What?

Judd was trying to wreck
the evidence along with his truck.

- So he planned his truck accident?
- Yes.

Here's how I figure.

Judd and the man continue their fight
someplace else, and Judd kills him.

Maybe he didn't mean to, but he did.

Throws the body in the back
of his pickup, buries it...

...then makes it look like an accident,
so they'll think the blood is his.

It just doesn't make any sense.
It's a bad plan.

Who said Judd would come up
with a good plan?

Bad guys always come up with stupid
schemes. That's why they get caught.

Now, we gotta check out Judd's truck.
I bet we find blood on the seats.

If there was blood, it was Judd's.

Whelan's Garage fixed up
the truck after the accident.

Cleaned it inside and out.
Any evidence would be long gone.

What kind of detective are you, Marty?

You gotta be suspicious
if you're gonna do detective work.

What's wrong with looking by the bank
where Judd's truck went down...

...just to see what we can find?
- I suppose we can do that.

But that don't mean I believe
one word of what you say.

Okay, okay, sniff.

- What are you doing?
- I'm telling him to sniff.

If there was a dead body around here,
I bet this dog could smell it.

After all, this is where Judd
had his quote "accident."

So this is where he would've
buried the body.

Shiloh don't even know the word "sniff."

Sniff. Do it like this:

- You're such a bozo.
- I'll get you for that.

Come on.

- Marty.
- What?

What do you got, Shiloh?

Hey, look at this, Marty.

This boot had the foot
of a dead man in it.

And I suspect a body is nearby.

- Murder funny to you, Marty?
- You don't know whose boot that is.

Could be anybody's. Even if it does
belong to the man from Bens Run...

...even if Judd did murder him...

...just because he wrecked his truck
don't mean it's where he's buried.

- One has nothing to do with the other.
- Criminals always return to the crime scene.

- Judd's conscience drove him here.
- Lf Judd drove here to cover the crime...

...why would he purposely
wreck his truck?

That would draw suspicion,
it's ridiculous.

I will give you one thing. He might have
buried the body someplace else.

The accident doesn't have to be connected
to the crime for Judd to be guilty.

- We ought to go.
- But keep the boot.

Come on, boy.

Good work, Marty. I wouldn't wanna be
a vet's assistant. Harder than being a vet.

Doc Collins, you know now
that Judd's got his dogs back.

How can he keep them
from getting mean again?

Well, just like folks,
you can't tell what they'll do.

Some folks grow up treated badly,
and they turn out real nice.

Others, they lash out, wanna treat
everybody the way they were treated.

- Same with a dog.
- So, what should Judd do?

Fence the yard, so he doesn't
have to chain them.

When you chain a dog,
he knows he can't fight... he acts as ferocious as he can.

He should stop kicking them
or beating them with a stick...

...but that takes common sense.

Shake, Shiloh. Shake. Shake.

Good boy. Good boy.

Marty, help set the table.

Mrs. Wallace said she invited Judd
for dinner for Saturday night...

...and he said he was going away.
She doesn't believe him, though.

- Why not?
- What friends does he have?

I think he made the whole thing up
so nobody would feel sorry for him.

Why don't we have Judd here
for Sunday dinner?

- Yuck, are you crazy?
- No, it's just the right thing to do, that's all.

That's a good idea, Marty...

...but this Sunday we're going to
Clarksburg to visit Aunt Hettie...

...and then we're gonna go see
Grandma Preston at the nursing home.

Not the whole day. Please?

I don't wanna sit in a nursing house
with a old woman who steals false teeth.

Dara Lynn, you know better than
to talk about your grandma like that.

If she had her mind back,
she wouldn't do half the things she does.

But it's not fair that Aunt Hettie has to
spend every weekend alone with Grandma.

Goodbye, weekend.

Your turn, Shiloh.


- Marty, was that gunshots?
- I think so.

- Sounded close. Where'd it come from?
- I'm not sure.

But it sounded like it was on
our property. What should we do?

Nothing for now. Probably just
somebody out shooting at rabbits.

- You kids come on inside and play.
- Come on, Becky.

I'm gonna go visit Judd,
see how he's doing.

- Why not just call him on the phone?
- Maybe I can help him out or something.

- All right, but don't be gone too long.
- All right, bye.

Come on, Shiloh. Come on.

Come with me. Come on, boy.

I wish there was some way
you wouldn't be so scared of Judd.

Judd. You in there, Judd?

Hey, you're driving now.

When I gotta get somewhere is about it.

What are you doing around here?

Just dropped by to see
how you were doing.

Well, I'm doing fine.

- You coming in?
- Lf that's okay.

Oh, it's milk.

What did you expect? Whiskey?

All right, what you hiding
behind your back?

It's a little something
I was wondering if you recognize.

- Where'd you get that?
- Over by the creek.

- Know who it belongs to?
- Well, of course. It's mine.

Lost it the night of the accident.

Those rescue folks took it off
and just chucked it away.

Didn't you miss it when you dressed
to come home from the hospital?

I missed it before that.

A boy over at Whelan's Garage gave me
an old pair of sneakers to get home in.

- You want a soda pop?
- Okay.


- How are things?
- Good.

Working for that vet over
in Sisterville, Doc Collins.

Learning a lot about dogs.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

We see a lot of dogs
that have been chained.

Most of them are awful mean.

It seems that they
feel trapped and lonely.

Like if something came along
to attack them, they couldn't fight back.

- So they act all ferocious all the time.
- That a fact?


Well, I know lonely.

I know trapped.

Looking at the buckle end
of my daddy's belt.

Sometimes he beat me when he was sad.
Sometimes he beat me when he was happy.

Sometimes he was
just happy to beat me.


Memories, huh, kid? Just memories.

Why don't you get on out of here.
I'm gonna take a nap.

Okay. See you around.

It's only for the day, boy.
We'll be back late tonight.

All right, love you. Stay here.

Dad, you sure we can leave him out,
with the gunshots and all?

He'll be fine.


- Aunt Hettie!
- Aunt Hettie!

Now, these are for you!

- Thanks, Aunt Hettie!
- Here you go.

- You shouldn't have, sis.
- You know I love to.

How are you, darling?
How good to see you.

Come on in, Mom's waiting.

Hey, kiddy, how are you?

- There's Grandma.
- Go on.

Come on, guys.

Hi, Mother.

- I brought the family to see you.
- It was right outside my door.

- What, Mother?
- My brand-new oven.

- You take it?
- No, ma'am.

Got a present for you, honey.

There's Santa,
and it ain't even Christmas.

- Thanks for all my Christmas presents!
- You be a good girl...

...and you'll get what you ask for
this year too.

- I told you he was real.
- Well...

Come on.

- Who is that?
- That's Hettie.

- It's me, Mom.
- Oh, you. Why don't you go on home?

If you loved me,
you'd take me out of here.

I'm sorry, Ma, but it's the best
we can do right now.

Grandma, I brought you this picture.

It's from when you took me
to the zoo in Wheeling.

I remember.


Here we go.

Where's Shiloh?


Come here, boy.



Dad, I'm a little scared.

He'll find his way back, son.
Let's go on in now. Come on.

Come on.

- Did Shiloh come home?
- No, not yet.

Don't worry, we'll find him. Come on.

We'll start looking down by the bridge.


Now what have you got?

- Why do you pick up this weird stuff?
- Shiloh's back.

- Good. Marty?
- Yeah?

Come on in, have your breakfast.

Come on, boy.

Come on.

- Hey, Marty, guess what?
- I don't know. What?

No, no, no, just guess.

They found the man from Bens Run
with a bullet in his head.

There wasn't any bullet,
but they found him.

- And he's dead.
- No way.

- What did I tell you?
- What happened?

The guy's name was Nate Fowler.

They said he died from
a blow to the head.

They found the body along the Ohio River.
It was a cleaning crew that found him.

And get this: The man's
shoes were missing.

Are there any suspects?


Judd Travers.

- They think Judd did it.
- Who thinks?

- Everybody.
- The sheriff's questioning lots of people...

...and one of them is Judd.

It don't mean he did it.

How come you keep sticking up for him?

I mean, you used to hate him
worse than poison.

Well, maybe he's changed.

Oh, have you heard anything
from your dad at the newspaper?

Yeah, yeah, they brought Judd in, but...
But they released him.

It doesn't mean he's innocent,
just they haven't charged him...


Okay, everybody,
let's come to order, please.

The guy was murdered around
the time of Judd's accident.

It could've been a week before
or a week after.

We ought to turn
that boot over to the sheriff.

- I don't have it.
- What? Where is it?

Judd said it was his.
So I gave it to him.

You believe him?
It was probably Nate Fowler's.

We could've been on the
witness stand, solved the case.

Just be quiet about it.

Come on, people.
This class is not a courtroom.

Let's stop talking
about rumors and gossip.

That Ed Holt came up
with 20 different versions...

...of how that guy got killed,
and one of them had Judd as the killer.

And I told him, a man is
innocent till he's proven guilty.

- You talk to the sheriff yet?
- Yeah.

He's guessing this happened
after Judd's accident.

Well, can they tell that for sure?

Gotta do a few more tests on the body.

Till then, people are gonna
think Judd did it.

Well, that in itself can make
a man crazy, being hated so.

- I think he did it.
- So do I.

Well, you two keep
your opinions within this family.

We are not a family that goes around
saying bad things about people.

You know anybody with old chicken wire
that we can use to fence in Judd's dogs?

- What?
- Well...

...I thought I'd help Judd's dogs out.

Show him we don't all think he's guilty.

You don't think there's any way
he could've done that?

- No.
- Lf you have even the slightest doubt...

...I don't want Marty near that man.
- I've known Judd to be a lot of things.

- But he's not a killer.
- So I can help him with a fence for his dogs?

You'll need something
stronger than chicken wire.

Oh, there you are.

- How are you two?
- Good, thanks, Mrs. Wallace.

I'll just never forget how you helped
Sam and me after Doc passed.

You were like a grandson to him, honey.

He really loved you.

- Thanks.
- I'm embarrassing you, aren't I?

- I'm sorry.
- Yeah.

What can I do for you, sweetheart?

I was wondering if I could
take down the old fence... you can plant new flowers
right over the postholes.

That's not a bad idea.
Why'd you wanna do it?

It's for Judd's dogs,
to keep them happy.

I'll tell you what.

I'll have Joe and Earl,
my handymen, take it out.

You and your dad are gonna have
to come and haul it tomorrow.

- Is that a deal?
- We'll pick it up in the morning. Come on.

Does Judd like the idea of a fence?

Oh, he don't know about it yet.
Neither does my dad.

You dogs hush up now, you hear.

I said, hush.

What you want?

Everybody seems to think I killed a man.

- Is that what you come here to say?
- No. Of course not.

Then why was you messing around in the
back of my truck last time you were here?

Trying to find the other boot of yours.

Why should you care?

Just wondering, that's all.

Well, I threw it out.

Long time ago.

One ain't much good without the other.

Your dogs are all chained up.



The way I hear it,
happy dogs make the best hunters.

And who says they ain't happy?

Would you be happy all chained up?

Well, I wouldn't know about that.

I ain't no dog.

My pa always said,
"Keep them lean and keep them mean."

Maybe your pa wasn't always right.

All I know is that Doc Collins says
chaining dogs is no good for them.

Well, ain't that a pity.

I ain't got no fence.

Well, I heard Mrs. Wallace
is giving away her fencing... I said I'd ask you
to see if you want it.

Oh, yeah?

Well, I can't be doing much with
no fence with a bum leg like this.

Well, me and my dad can bring it.

We'll set it up for you ourselves.

There ain't nothing for nothing.

We're not asking for anything.

- We wanna do something for those dogs.
- What about those dogs?

You already got one of them, Shiloh.

- You got your eye on the rest of them?
- What? No. We're just being neighborly.


My dogs can get along fine without you.

If you don't want it,
I know folks who do.

What's the name of the man with those
fine hunting dogs over in Little?

He'll like that fence for them, I bet.

All right, then.

See you around.

He don't care about those dogs any more
than I care about this grass here.

He's weird, Marty.

Don't beat up on yourself.

Right now your grandma is
having that fence taken down.

Tomorrow me and my dad
are gonna go pick it up.

Although my dad don't
even know about it yet.

And Judd doesn't want it.


It's all because of you.

You know, Marty,
every minute of every day...

...there are folks just like Judd...

...trying to think of ways to be worse
than they were the day before.


Why should I care about him...

...or his dogs either?

You care because
you got a good heart, Marty.



- Hey there.
- Hi, honey.

- Hi, Dad.
- Hey, guys.

I am just so tired.

I think I'm gonna sleep
until tomorrow afternoon.

- How's it going, Marty?
- I went to see Judd today.

I can't stand him.

Then you shouldn't be
going over there, then.

Did you two have a fight?

No, I didn't have no fight.

- Hello.
- What kind of fence you say it is?

Wire with wood posts.

Well, I don't want no gate.

Don't want somebody sneaking in
letting my dogs out again.

All right.

Come after 10 a.m.

See you tomorrow, then.

Ground's pretty soft.
Good time to work in the yard.

Well, then, son, you got
my permission to work in the yard.

What if you was to find out
that tomorrow was your day... do a really good, fine deed
for someone?

- And what if I said I'd help?
- What in the world have you done now?

Well, I told Judd I'd build him a fence.

- Mrs. Wallace has the fencing.
- Two seconds ago you hated Judd.

Well, a person has the right to change.

Didn't you say you believe
in second chances?

A good, fine deed, huh?

We'll see how I feel tomorrow.

- Thought you might need a little water.
- Oh, thanks.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

It surely is appreciated.

- There you go.
- Come on over here, son.

- All right, well, we'll see you later.
- Thank you, sir.

- All right.
- Thank you.

Well, this was a fine good deed.

- How you feel about it?
- Very good.

Me too.

"My yellow dog followed me everywhere.

And when us kids were
playing outside, kicking the ball...

...he'd chase after it
and push it with his nose.

Push, push, push,
and getting slobber all over the ball...

...but no one cared.

Because he was such
a funny dog, that dog, Sky.

That straggly, furry, smiling dog, Sky."

Go see your master, crazy slobber dog.

- Come here, Shiloh.
- Thanks.

What happens to Sky, Marty?

I bet he gets killed or something. Right?

The book's about how the boy
finds a way to write a poem.

So I'll just say that it's because
of Sky that he finds a way.

Good night, Marty.
Good night, Dara Lynn.

- Good night, Becky. Good night, Dara Lynn.
- Good night.

And don't even think
of coming over here... give me a good-night kiss.

You don't ever have
to worry about that.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Thanks for reading
to your sisters tonight.

What you doing out here?

I was just...

...thinking about Grandma Preston.

Does it make you sad?

Mostly because now I can't tell her
how much she means to me.

I think she knows.

Marty, the one thing
I've learned out of all this is that... doesn't do anybody any good
to hold your feelings inside.

You gotta...

You gotta let people know
how much they mean to you.

- Want me to sit out here with you?
- No, that's all right. Go on.

Go to bed, son.

I love you.

I love you too, son.

Isn't that a light coming from the creek
where Judd had his accident?

I didn't see anything.

It's gone now.

- Good night, son.
- Good night.

David's mom invited you
to spend the night.

- I want to.
- Okay.

- But next time, David needs to come here.
- Right.

Why don't anybody
invite me to sleep over?

Because you're a sourpuss, that's why.

Hope you get run over and your eyes
get pecked out by crows.

- Maybe you'll fall in a hole.
- Stop fighting or I'll scream.


Becky, I'm talking to you too.

Marty, this one.

- Yeah.
- George Niles called the paper today...

...and reported that a couple
of shirts, a fishing vest...

...and a gun had been
stolen from his house.

It's Judd, for sure.

How come everything that happens
has to be Judd's fault?

Because most things that have happened
have always been Judd's fault... cheating the Wallaces
at their store or kicking his dogs.

I mean, some people do those things
once in their lives.

- Judd can do those things in a month.
- Yeah, but what if he's changed?

I hope he has.

But once you get a reputation...

...they'll follow you around
like a shadow.

That's probably true.


...he might be guilty.

I was only gone two minutes.

- Was someone home?
- No, I walked down the road... check the mailbox,
didn't lock the doors.

Judd's making up for lost time
now that his leg's a little better.

Oh, Sue, it could have
been anyone at all.

Honestly, Louise, I don't know how
you can let your family near that man.

Well, there was a time when
I would have agreed with you...

...but even at his worst, he never
stole from people's houses.

Yeah. He'd just crash into their
mailboxes when he got drunk.

Then he might kill somebody.

Heard about those robberies
up your way?

I heard about the Niles house.

Well, I heard about a couple of more,
and there's talk of Judd Travers doing it.

I told Mrs. Bates it could
be a ring of housebreakers.

I especially don't like to hear
about someone stealing a shotgun.

Why are we stopping here?

This is where Judd and
Nate Fowler had their fight.

Yeah. Doesn't mean
we can't have lunch here.

Great specials today.

- Hey, Ray.
- Hey.

- Come in for the john or some food?
- Both. That's my boy, Marty.

- Hi, Marty. I'm Carl.
- Hi.

- You want a Coke?
- Sure.


Were you here the night that Judd
and that guy got in a fight?

I sure was. I thought them two
was gonna kill each other.

And as it turns out, one of them
ended up dead anyway.

You think Judd
could have done it?

What I've learned in life is that
anybody is capable of anything...

...if they're pushed hard enough.

Some folks require
more pushing than others.

And in my experience,
Judd doesn't need that much pushing.

- What are you two talking about?
- The murder of Nate Fowler.

Well, Judd didn't do it,
I can guarantee you.

Ray, you weren't here that night.

Judd was in a way
I had never seen him before.

I'm not one to judge
before all the facts are in...

...but, man, the stuff Nate
was saying to Judd... would've made a lot
of folks talk about killing.

The next day, all I could think about
was how mean Judd used to be.

Can someone like that really change?

Hey, Marty.

- Hi, Judd.
- I want you to come by my place later.

- Why?
- Why, I got something I wanna show you.

I'm a little busy.

Well, when you free up,
you come on by, all right?

All right.

You really going over there?

I reckon I don't have much choice.

Marty, he is still the only suspect
for that man's murder.

I know, I know.

Well, call me when you get home.

And be careful, okay?

David told me about the boot. I mean...

...what if Judd thinks
you know too much?

Hey, Marty.

That was a good idea of yours.


Look at them, don't they
look like they're having fun?

They've been running around so much...

...they're getting those legs strong.
Yes, they are.

They'll be running up those hills
like nobody's business.

He is still the only suspect
for that man's murder.

What if Judd thinks you know too much?

Maybe I should get in there with them.

They said he died from
a blow to the head.

Be on my leg.

Get this, the man's shoes were missing.

The stuff Nate was saying to Judd... would've made a lot
of folks talk about killing.

You all right, Marty?

Oh, yeah.

Yeah, I should go, though.

What's your hurry?

Want a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich?

Oh, no, thanks.
I got some homework to do... see you around.

- Dad, someone's on our property.
- Where is he?

Heading down the side of the hill.


Who's out there?

Hey, come back here.

Settle down, Marty.

- Don't go following whoever that is.
- Yeah, you're right.

Let's go check the shed.

Well, someone took the lantern,
the shears and the knife.

Our emergency supplies are missing too.

- What should we do now?
- Go call the sheriff.

What is it, boy?

I gotta get Dad.

Who's out there?


Sorry I bothered you.

There was a prowler
messing around my property.

Figured he might've been headed here.

Well, there was a robber
here tonight, Judd.

- Is that right?
- He took stuff out of the shed...

...and ran off down the hill.

I heard him back in my place.

I yelled at him to scare him off.

He had a knife in his hand.

I figured I didn't want to go out
and tangle with that.

I like your vest, Judd.

Is it new?

Yeah. Miss Wallace give it to me.

It's Doc's.

Well, whoever did this
is probably long gone by now.

I figure you're right.

Well, y'all have a good evening.

- Good night, Judd.
- Good night.

Dad, did you notice
that he had a new vest...

...and a lantern just like the one stolen?

Yeah, I did notice that.

But that is the only lantern
that the Wallaces sell at their store.

I'd have been surprised
if he had any other.

You think we could've
been wrong about Judd?

That maybe he has changed
for the worse?

I don't know.

What I do know is it is still a mystery
to me what's going on around here.

- Have fun. Bye, sweetheart.
- Love you.

- Bye.
- Love you too.

Bye-bye, Laura.

Okay. We gotta find out where the guy
with that light went and if it's Judd.

- Let's work. Let's solve this.
- He was headed down by the creek.

- I wanna go with you.
- No way.

- Why not?
- Because we're doing our stuff.

- Go do yours.
- I'll just watch.

- Will not.
- You're so mean.

- Mom.
- Dara Lynn... about I get some
magazines, you cut pictures...

...make a scrapbook?
- Let's go.

I don't wanna make no scrapbook.
I can play in my own yard if I want.

All right, now, come on.

- I think we gave her the slip.
- That's good.

She is such a pain.

Hey, let's see if we can find
something else in the water down here.

You know, I bet if we dig here
we'll find another body.

I doubt it. We don't even know
what we're looking for really.

Here you go.

Did you hear that?

Yeah, let's go check it out.

Come on, Shiloh.

Whoa, Marty. It's like the
whole place has just fallen apart.

This is too weird.

This is our lantern.

Did you hear that?

It sounded like footsteps.

It's just Shiloh.

Go back over there. Go. Go. Go.

It's okay, Shiloh. It's only us.

What's that?

- Is that a dead body?
- Let's get out of here.


Hey, you kids. Come back here.

- Shiloh, come on, boy.
- Shiloh, come on. Come on.

Come on, we gotta get out of here.

Mom, down at the old shack.
There's a dead body.

Two guys chased us.
One was wearing Mr. Niles' shirt.

- Oh, are you sure about this, honey?
- Sure as can be.

Not sure if it was a body,
but it looked like it. Definitely.

Well, I've got to call the sheriff.

I'll have them right back, Mrs. Preston.
Whoever it was is long gone now.

It's right over there.
There's the old farmhouse.

If Shiloh hadn't attacked them,
we probably wouldn't be here now.

There's no one down here.

There's the boot.

There's a glove here too.

- What about the body, though?
- That's not a body.

Just a pile of clothes.


These are part of a county-jail uniform.

This must be where those escapees
from Tyler have been hiding.

- That jail is over 100 miles from here.
- Exactly. What better place to hide...

...than far away from where
the cops are gonna be searching?

That's pretty good. You ever thought
of being a detective or policeman someday?

As a matter of fact, yes.

Hey, my dog brought
this home last week.

They must've dropped their clothes as soon
as they could steal something to put on.

Where are they now, you think?

We're gonna bring the canine unit in
to smell these clothes...

...see if they can pick up a scent.
- Any way my dog can help?

I'd say he's been a lot of help already.

Good boy, Shiloh.

Good. Thank you, thank you.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate
you all helping me out tonight like this.

It's our pleasure.

Marty, everybody in town
is talking about how you and David...

...are heroes for finding those convicts.

To be honest, Mrs. Wallace,
we were just kind of lucky.

- We probably shouldn't have been snooping.
- That's right.

Well, I'm gonna call you a hero anyway.

What is it, Shiloh?

He hears something.

- I think there's someone out there.
- Well, can you see anyone?

- Let me open the door.
- No, they're trying to break in.

Let's go out the back.

Come on.

Come on.

Get him!

I've got you now.

Sheriff's here.

The bad guys are in here,
so let's join him.

All right. Good work, Shiloh.

Then they pulled a gun. I jumped up and I
kicked it all karate-like out of their hands.

And then Shiloh jumped up
and bit him and he wouldn't let go.

Well, that's not how Marty
told the story.

Well, the truth is my Dad and Shiloh
tricked them into going into the stockroom.

Then we locked them up
till the sheriff got there.

But I think David's version is better
for when they make a movie of it.

Okay, then.

This is how gossip gets around.

No matter how it happened, David
and Marty helped solve some crimes.

For that we are all thankful.

It's just how we figured it
from the very beginning.

Turns out, the next day...

...them two convicts were charged
with murdering Nate Fowler.

Seems that when they were arrested,
one of them was wearing Nate's old boots.

But little did I realize
that our problems weren't over.

You know, I'm right glad
you boys found those escapees.

Yeah, it proved you didn't
do those robberies.

Well, we didn't need no proof,
now, did we?

I think your dogs are happier.


They don't bark as much.

Fence holding up okay?

It's holding up fine.

Wish I had a gate on it now, though.

Getting tired of hitching it
and unhitching it all the time.

We got your gate behind the shed.

- I can help put it on, if you want.
- You got time to do it now?

- Sure.
- You sure?

- Yeah.
- All right.

All right.

Get back.

Go on, get back.

See if that thing will fit in there.

Well, let's see what we got here.

- Come on! Come on!
- Judd!

- Just bite me again. Come on, do it!
- Judd!

- Judd, don't!
- Get away. Get out of here!

- Judd, don't do it!
- Come on! Why don't you get out of here!

- But, Judd..!
- Get out!

This is all your fault!

- But, Judd..!
- Get out.

Go on!

This never would've happened
if it hadn't been for you.

He was just so scary
when he threw the dog.

I just keep thinking about him
hitting Shiloh.

You did say the dog bit him.

But he reacted so strong.

I wasn't there, honey.

I can't be the judge.

I would never hurt a dog
no matter what.

Judd isn't you, darling.

Hi. What's new?

Now, I don't want you telling nobody
about Judd and his dogs.

You can't make me not tell.

If you tell one person...

...I'll tell the whole bus how you
threw up on your shoes.

- Okay, I won't say he threw his dog.
- All right.

Marty saw Judd hurt
one of his dogs yesterday.

- Hey!
- I didn't say how.

Well, what happened?

He threw him across the yard
just because it bit him.

- Dara Lynn, what did I just say?
- But she asked.

- It ain't polite not to answer.
- You better get to class.

- Don't believe a word he says about me.
- Go on.

Just because Judd probably
didn't kill Nate Fowler...

...doesn't mean he's ever gonna be nice.
- Or normal even.

Marty, you got a minute?

Well, I guess so.

Well, I just wanted you to know that...

That Beau's all right.

Yeah, I thought so.

He pretty near chewed my leg off.


...I just wanted you to know...

...that it didn't mean anything.

Me hollering at you.

I mean, it was just...

Just part of the moment.

It's all right, Judd.


...we'll see you around.

I just kind of feel like all the work
I've been doing is for nothing.

I mean, I tried to help Judd
and his dogs...

...but I just don't think they've changed.

I've known Judd almost my entire life.

Most of that time I hated him.

But you changed that.

What you did to Judd made me see
a different side of him, a good side.

Nobody's gonna
change completely overnight.

And Judd is never gonna be perfect.

I just don't think
I can ever trust him again.

Not around Shiloh or anyone else.


...that's a decision for you to make.

I know you'll do the right thing.

Tinkerbell just had her kittens.

- Looks like there's six of them.
- Oh, my.

What am I gonna do
with all those kittens?

I'll put up a sign at school.
There's somebody that'll want them.

- That's sweet of you.
- You have to wait until they're 8 weeks old.

- They won't be old enough till then.
- Of course.

If you don't mind, I might take
that black-and-white one.

- Of course, whichever one you want.
- Marty, you already have Shiloh.

Oh, it ain't for me. It's a surprise
for someone who'll never expect it.


This part got poison on it?

No, just decided I like you better
than I thought I did.

Come on.

You all right?

You know, Marty...

...what you're doing with Shiloh,
and now with Judd...

I'm real glad you're my son.

I don't think I did anything
I shouldn't have.

That's exactly it, honey.
You followed your heart...

...knowing it's the right thing to do.

- Ain't that what we're supposed to do?
- It is what we're supposed to do, honey.

But sometimes we just ignore
what our hearts are telling us.

- I just hope something good comes of it.
- It will.

I'll bet on it.

What is it, boy?

"From Judd."

What should we do, Shiloh?

Looks like you owe me...

...a hundred and seventy-five dollars.

Hey, stop!

Dara Lynn, stop that.
Dara Lynn, stop that.

Dara Lynn, I got no patience
with you today.

David, I'm sorry. I've got a toothache,
and I'm gonna go to the dentist.

- Stupid old dog!
- Hey!

- Oh, Dara Lynn!
- Don't you ever hit my dog.

- Dara Lynn!
- It's over! This game's over.

Go on outside and play, both of you.

I don't even care.

I'm gonna have to go off
to the dentist, it's 2:00.

Mrs. Ellison was supposed
to come watch you kids...

...but she must've got held up.
- We don't need a sitter.

Well, maybe not, but the girls do.
I want you two to behave for her too.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.


No, that's fine.

No, everything's all right here.
All right. Okay, bye.

That was Mrs. Ellison. Said her battery
is dead and can't make it over here.



You're kidding!

Michael said he saw Judd
throw one of his dogs in the river.

- Should be by here in five minutes.
- What are we waiting for?

We'll be back in 15 minutes.
Stay inside and don't go anywhere.

Come on!

- What do you suppose it is?
- I don't know.

Bet he killed one of his dogs.

I sure hope not.

Hey, there's something.

Holy moly!

What are you staring at, Marty?

Go on back home, now!

- It's just a dummy.
- Oh, shoot.

- What is it?
- Nothing, just a dummy.

- Go on back to the house.
- Mom didn't say I couldn't come down here.

- I could walk on the bridge, same as you.
- We're all going back.

Gotta think of something
to get even with Michael.

He's probably laughing at us
right now for believing him.

If he tells anyone at school
about this, I'll give it to him good.

Where's Dara Lynn?

- Dara Lynn!
- Look at me, I'm flying.

Get down from there!

Dara Lynn!

Come on!

I'm coming, Dara Lynn!

Careful, Marty!

- What happened?
- Dara Lynn fell in the water.

- Marty's trying to save her!
- Oh, Lord, no! I'll go call the police.

Please don't let her die.

I'm here, Dara Lynn.

I got her, Shiloh. Go on back to shore.

You can do it, Marty!

We're almost there. You can make it.

Come on, grab the dock.

You could've got killed.

- We don't have to tell mom, do we?
- Of course we do.

Marty, look at Shiloh!


- He must've got caught in the current.
- He's headed toward Miller Falls. Hurry!

Wait! Stop! Stop!

- What's wrong?
- There's been an accident.

It's Marty and Shiloh.
If you hurry, maybe you can help.

Wait, Judd, you're going
the wrong way! Wait!

Why won't you do something?

Shiloh! Here, boy! Come here!

Here, boy!

- Is that your dog?
- Yeah.

He's in trouble.
He's headed for the falls.

- I gotta save him.
- I can't let you. It's too dangerous.

- Well, I've got to!
- No, no, no! Hey, come back here!

Be careful, Marty!

- Judd.
- You all right?

- Yeah.
- Can you make it to the riverbank?

- But Shiloh.
- I'll get Shiloh, you get to the bank.

- Is that Judd?
- Yeah, he's gonna get himself killed.

- You all right?
- Yeah, yeah.

He's got him!

Yes! Yes!

Yes! Yes!

Congratulations, Judd.

- Shiloh.
- Shiloh's something special.

I'll tell you something...

Thanks for saving Shiloh, Judd.

Yeah, thanks, Judd.

I... Well, I...

I just did what I had to do.

Especially after everything
you've done for me.

You know... and your family...

...the only people who ever
give a lick about me.

Don't say that, Judd.

Well, it's the truth, ain't it?

Ain't nobody around here
I can call a friend.

- Yes, there is.
- Who?


You mean that?

And Shiloh would too.

Well, then.

Mom, Dad!


- Sorry.
- Yeah, I know you are.

I won't repeat what my folks
said to us later. They were pretty mad.

If it happens again, I'm gonna skin you.

But it was weird how much they hugged
and kissed us at the same time.

Like they were just happy
that we were all alive.

You're gonna be having to share
that milk with someone else.

- Why?
- We're getting a new member of the family.

Mom's having another baby?


It's a birthday present
from me to you, Dara Lynn.

Stay right here.

- What is it, Mom?
- I can't say.

- Dad?
- I never know anything.

Marty, a kitten!

I love you!

Oh, my gosh.

Thank you.

Well, I never thought I'd see the day.

I wouldn't worry about it.
I don't think it'll last.

Now, this will make it easier... get in and out.
- Yep.

Let's try. Looks good.

Looks good. All right.

After the creek incident...

...Judd was like a hero in town.

They even asked Judd to work
with the rescue squad in Sisterville.

- Judd even got interviewed on TV.
- Yes, sir...

...I was scared...

...but I was more scared
of not saving them.

You know...

...them two saved me one time.

- Be careful.
- I don't know if a dog or a man...

...gets to the place where he
can forget as well as forgive.

But somehow...

...Shiloh finally crossed that bridge
to Judd's shack.

Shiloh must know he's mine...

- ... for as long as he lives.
- You crossed the bridge.

- And nothing's gonna change that.
- You wanna go see Judd? Come on.


Know what else I'm thinking?

If you open your heart...

...anything is possible.