Saving Neta (2016) - full transcript

Benny Avni

Rotem Abuhav

Emma Alfi Aharon
Bat-Elle Mashian

Naama Ariaky
Kim Gordon

Irit Kaplan
Kobi Maor

Yuval Vine
Noam Frank

Neta Riskin
Nuria Dina Lozinsky

Eli Gornstein


My three main points for an interview are...


Attentiveness, mastery of theory...

Mom, my stomach hurts.

And inaccessibility...

Want some tea, honey?

- No thanks, I'll be late.

Did you eat anything unusual?

Can't remember.

I'll make mint tea with sugar,
it'll soothe your tummy.

Go get dressed
while it cools down.

Two sugars?

Aren't you getting dressed?

I said my stomach hurts.
- Then go to the bathroom.

I won't do windows today, Dalia,

I want to do the closets.
- Whatever you say, Miri.


- I forgot my umbrella.

I'm walking home.

Hurry up, I'll wait in the car.

Are you getting out?

I see other kids coming.

I'm always first,
can't you see that?

You aren't first,
I see others coming.

Nobody from my grade is here.

It's just ten minutes, Inbar.

It's ten minutes for you, too.
You always give yourself extra time.

What if there's traffic?
You know I can't be late.

Certainly on a day like this.
- Yes, you can!

There's no bell there,
who cares if you get there at 8:10?

I've told you a thousand times.

And I've told you two thousand times
but you don't care.

Why today?!

Because you aren't listening to me!

Inbar! Your umbrella!


What's with the "hello," Nati?

Sony, Dalia, if just slipped out.

Did you reschedule my interview
with the Head of Training?

No, your car has
to be serviced today.


Why didn't you remind me?

Sony, I forgot.

Should I cancel?
- The car will be ready by 12:00.

No way, Dalia.

Are you arguing with me, Nati?
- Are you on the way?

Head of Psychology & Screening"

Good morning, Dalia.


Get back to work, you bums.

Good morning, Dalia.
- Morning. How are you?

Good. Remember your car's
being serviced today?

Can we do it tomorrow?

I have to be at Headquarters
at 2:00.

Nah, we'll do it first thing.

Tomorrow's Fire Prevention Day,
so there's no way.

Okay. Will the car be back
by 12:00?

By 11:00.

Have a nice day.

Good morning. Shh...

What are you doing out here?
Where's Nofar?

Nofar, get them into class.

I was waiting for you.

I'll be light back.
- Girls, into class!

Reservists, we'll start interviewing
in 15 minutes.

Worse comes to worst,
his family will come earlier.

Hey, Dalia.
Everyone's waiting for you.

Nati, shoes on, now.

I'll be there on time.

Of course.

Don't you trust me, Mom?

I have to do my makeup, too.

Why the blue one?
I left you the red flowered one.

What's wrong?
- Got kicked out of class.

But it's only 8:15.

They said I was disrupting.

Who said?

Of course,
I told her I'm leaving early.

I just said that my stomach hurt.

That's why you got kicked out?

The teacher's calling me.

I have to go, Mom. Bye.

Mom, I'll call you back.

It's 8:20. The gins have been
waiting since 7:45.

If you don't have extra socks,
you get detention.

If you give me detention
I can't change my socks.

Einat, I'm having
a rough morning as it is...


What did you say?
- Mom, I'll call you back.

Okay, I'll change them.
- Don't wait for me to tell you.

It drives me nuts.
-I’m sorry,

I stayed over at Noni's
and I almost came in late,

I forgot my makeup case
at his house.

Just change your socks.
- Dalia?

Remember I have to leave early
for my sister's engagement?

We'll discuss it later.
But you can't leave before 5:00.

But it starts at 2:00
and you're going to Headquarters.

I said, not now.

Stand at attention.

At ease.

Good morning, girls.
- Good morning.

We've reached
the most fascinating stage of the course,

on-the-job experience.

You won't all do
an evaluation today

because I want the commander
to be with us.

I don't want to hear
any complaints!

It's best you go through
the inquest and summary stage

with the commander.

Don't I have a name?

Sorry. Dalia.

Thank you, Nofar.
Good morning, girls.

Good morning.

Thank you, Nofar,
for doing such a wonderful job.

The course isn't over yet.

I'll repeat my three points
for a successful interview:


mastery of theory

and inaccessibility.

Attentiveness not only to words
but to what's behind them.

Mastery of theory,

knowing at any given moment

which strategy I'm using
to run the interview.

And inaccessibility.

Not in the sense of...

I’m sorry.

Inaccessibility, ma'am.

Thank you.

Not in the sense of unavailability

but in the sense of objectivity.

Those men out there
get smarter every year,

they're figuring us out.

They'll look so pathetic,
so in need of an exemption,

but don't identify with them.

Test them.

Test them with the tools
you've acquired here.

This tension is healthy.

But don't overdo it.

Who'll be the first
to do the evaluation?

Me, ma'am.

What's your name?
- Amalia, ma'am.

Pretty name.

Go ahead, I'll be right there.

"Missed Calls: Inbar"

So you aren't in class?

No, I 'm outside.
My stomach hurts again.

I wanted...
- Just a second.

Why don't you go to the bathroom?

I did.

Didn't help?
- No, it comes and goes.

Where exactly does it hurt?
- It's okay now.

What's wrong?

Go back to class and if it goes on,
you can go home, okay?

Is Miri at home?



Ask her to make you some tea.
- Okay.


- What?

The commander-in-chief
sent an email

asking if you could come
at short notice

to a dept. commanders' meeting
about Fear Prevention Day.

Fire Prevention,
not Fear Prevention.

But you have your hearing
at Headquarters

so I told the secretary
you can't make it.

Should I send someone else
or say it's too short of notice?

Of course not. Send Ina.

Why is my computer off?

Did you touch my computer?

How many times must I tell you?

It was just for a second.
- It's a military computer!

I've told you a thousand times!
- But mine is blocked.

You've got detention.

But I have a family event today.

Didn't I ask you
to change your socks, Einat?

In a second, Dalia.


I forgot them at Noni's.

You've got detention.
- Dalia, it's my sister's engagement!

Socks, civilian websites...

You're lucky
I'm not giving you kitchen duty.

- Answer the phone.

Psychology and Screening,
Lt. Col. Kaufman's office, how can I help you?


Neva Har-Lev?

Neta, this is Lt. Col. Kaufman,
head of Psychology and Screening.

Lt. Col. Kaufman is joining us
for this interview

for internal purposes.
Don't worry about it.



Neta, what brings you here?


I can't do it this time.

Neta, if we release
everyone who "can't do it this time,"

where will that leave the army?

I understand it's hard, really.

Leaving your home, your family.

We hear it every day.

But that's no reason, okay?

I can't do it this time.

I don't want to carry a rifle.

I'm afraid of it just now.

Isn't that reason enough?

No, it's not.

We need a reason
not to report for duty.

Is it one of the following: Incapacity
due to injury, illness or disability,

mental incompetence,
political conflict,


I can't handle it.
- Why? You'll see your old pals,

get away from it all.
- You aren't listening to me.

I'm trying to.

I'm after a breakup.

It was about two years ago,

after that, I left my village

and moved into a friend's place
in the city.

I'm sorry to hear that, Neta,
but I can't release you from duty for that.

Says here you're an engineer
with Brischar Engineering.

Briskar, yes.

Were you fired?
- No.

It wasn't like that.

Neta, even if you were fired
Social Security pays you for reserve duty.

No, no. I wasn't fired.

I see.

In any case
I can't release you from duty.

Suddenly every day
has become a challenge.

Is that why you were fired?

You aren't listening to me.

Do you see a psychiatrist,
take any medication?

You aren't listening to me.

Write: "Lost his way."


Sorry, I have to go.

Should I carry on or...?
- Release him.

It's a clear case for release.

Mom, my stomach really hurts,
I'm on my way home, call me.

Hello, you've reached Inbar,
I can't take your cell now...

I already told her.

What's wrong?

Why aren't you answering?
What's wrong?

It's my sister's engagement
and I can't go, that's what.

Are you an idiot?

Can't you see you're in the army?

Cut the personal calls
and answer the phone

before I give you
two months' detention!


I can't talk now, Mom. Bye.

Lt. Col. Kaufman's office,
how can I help you?

No, this isn't Dalia.
Just a second.


Make way, make way.

It'll be okay, Dalia.
I had appendicitis, too.

It's no biggie.



What's with this traffic?

It'll let up in a minute.

We'll be there in no time.

No one's moving.

How old is she now?


How funny, I had appendicitis
when I was her age.

Does it hurt?
- No, the operation's no big deal.

It only hurts before.

But then they take it out
and it's no biggie.

Is anyone with her?

Yes, Miri.

She's our housekeeper.

She's like a mother to her.

What time is your event?

Don't be silly, Dalia,
I'm staying with you today.

Go, it's clear now. Go.

- Okay, hold on.

Behold, with this syringe
I consecrate your pregnancy,

our pregnancy. Ready?
- Yes, be careful.


That's it.


Consecrated, consecrated, consecrated!


How much?

- What did I tell you?

I'm calling the clinic.
Pick me up at 1:30?

I thought I'd go alone today.

I want to go to the clinic early
so I'll have time to prepare for the concert

and you're at the site all day anyway,
so I thought...

- You sure?

Let some air in,
you know I hate that.

That won't work.

You can't put a nail
in the same hole twice.

I can put it in,
but it doesn't stick.

May I?

Isn't that the wrong way?

It won't last forever,
just for a few hours.


That's great.
Can't feel a thing.

You saved me.


I can't hear your entrails.

I want to hear your entrails.

Mr. Bertier wants to hear your bowel.

He hears no bowel.

If we don't go on break soon, he'll really
hear my bowel. -Two bars before 36.

Two bars before 36.

Stop, stop!

We need another rehearsal at 2:00.

Mr. Bertier wants
another rehearsal at 2:00.


What is this mess?

Oh, finally.

Ten minutes break.

Yes, yes... I need a coffee...

Leave me alone... Yes, that's it.

Excuse me, Mr. Bertier.

She has a problem
coming to this afternoon's rehearsal.

Which section you are?
- Cello.

No, out of the question.

Mr. Bertier, I'm sorry,
I have a doctor appointment.

Who makes a doctor's appointment
on rehearsal day?

What did he say?

You shouldn't make
a doctor's appointment on rehearsal day.

I know, but I can't help it,

it's not exactly a medical matter.

Mr. Bertier...


Tell him that I have
a sperm injection.

- Tell him, please.

What does she want?

I don't know how to say it.
- What is she doing with those papers?


All right.

He y. You've probably left already.
Are you driving?

Well, I have my fingers crossed.
Call me. Bye.

Sorry, you were sleeping.

It's me, the neighbor with the shoe.
I just...

I hope I'm not... Am I disturbing you?
- It's okay.

It's just...

I have a concert tonight and I'm afraid
it'll fall off when I go on stage,

so I thought maybe...

But it's okay,
I'll come some other time.

It's okay.

Are you moving out?

Kind of.
I haven't really unpacked yet.

But didn't you
move in a while ago?

A few months.

I'm in between things right now.

Are you a gardener?


brought all this stuff from home
when I got here,

I decided I'd be a gardener,
but it didn't...

This isn't your home?
- No.

It's my friend's place.

I got stuck
and he's helping me out.

You take care of his cat?

I actually found him.


What's his name?


His name is Cat.

Can I use the bathroom?

Yeah, it's...
- Yeah, I know.

I could tell.

That's it. You have to wait till
the glue's dry before sticking them together,

it's contact glue.

You can see my window from here.

Come take a look.


Up there, second floor.


Am I disturbing you?

By doing what?
- I don't know.

Can I confess something?


Never mind.
- Okay.

You're a good man, aren't you?

You have good hands.

What are you doing?

What are you doing?


It's not...

I can't do it, okay?

It's not...

I don't know, I can't, I don't...

I don't have the urge...

for this, either.

It's nothing to do with you.
- No need to explain.

No, really,

it's something that's going on...
- It's okay.

I just can't do it right now.

I'm sorry, I made a mistake.


You have to wait a few minutes,
for the glue to dry.

It's contact glue.


Hello, can I speak to Malka?



Is it really you?

It's Avigail.

Avi, I really need to talk to Mom.

"Heat the oil in a large pot,
add the sugar

"and stir until it turns into caramel.

"Pour the noodles into the pot
with the caramel, stir again,

"then add the eggs..."

My God, you scared me.

You have no idea.

Are you new with the agency?

Because you're two hours early.

I wasn't expecting you,
but that's great.

This is Malka,
her family is wacky-orthodox

so wear a skirt next time.

And cover your head.
Respect and all.

The Psalms are here, you can read her
a chapter or two, that's cool.

Okay, I'm outta here.



Hello, Mom.

Avigail told me that...

Mom, I'm living with a woman.

Her name is Noga.

She loves me and I love her

and we're going to have
a baby together.

There are all sorts of ways...


I need you to forgive me now, Mom.

- Yes.

You okay?
- Yes, I'll take a shower and come to bed.

In the dark?
- No, it's just...

my head started up.

Did I wake you?


How did it go?

It was great.
The audience wouldn't let us leave.

Sorry I couldn't come.
- It's okay, there'll be others.

So everything's okay?
- Yeah.



What, you were there?

What do you think?

But I asked you not to come today.

So you could lie
and tell me you were there?

That's why you wanted to go alone?
- Yes, that's exactly why.

- What?

I had a confusing day,
I was feeling unsure, I'm sorry.

I can still do it tomorrow,
I'll still be ovulating.

Let's go to sleep.

What felt wrong?

I want us to try
doing it with someone.

Oh, and then it'll stick?
- Maybe.

Why bring someone in between us?

Why are you taking it there?
- Because that's what it is,

someone between us and the baby.

It's giving a father to the baby,
with a face and a name.

It'll all be the same.

Nothing'll be the same,
don't you get it?

He'll grow up with a secret,
thinking the school guard is his father,

people at the store,
he'll look for him in everyone.

You're the one who said
it would complicate things. -Right.

That this would be best
for our baby. -Right.

Then what's going on?

It doesn't stick,
that's what's going on.

It'll stick.

It's been six times
and it doesn't stick.

It'll stick.

All the tests are okay, so why?

I don't know.

I don't know,
but it'll stick in the end.

It has to.


it's my fault that it doesn't stick.

My stomach is full of secrets
and there's no room left.

I want us to choose him.

I'll be the one looking for him in every man
at the store, in every school guard.

It's not for the baby,
I need it for myself.

I'll have a secret the size of an elephant
in my belly and I can't take it.

I can't.

How about Idan Bar-Giora?

Are you nuts?
He's such a fag.

Do you agree?

I agree to think about it.
- That's a good start.

Hey, Cat.
What are you doing here?

Who is that, honey?

It's a cat.

Someone left us a cat.

He's not tied to anything?

He'll lie himself with a rope
to that ledge.

He can't get down
that negative slope.

I think he's coming
to get one of us.

Probably you.
- Definitely not you, you fat cow.

Enough, you haven't stopped fighting
since we got here.

Is he really going down
that "thlope"?


Enough, Maya.
-Isn't that dangerous, Dad?

He must know what he's doing.

He's carrying his entire life
on his back.

Why do you think he's alone?
Maybe there are two of them.

Maybe it's a family.
- Yeah, maybe they have a dog, too.

He's looking for us.

- He's over there, idiot. Gulliver!

Why don't we pack up, Micha?
- Come on, Miri.

It's going to rain.
- What rain? It's summer.

They said it would rain.
-"They said." They always say.

But if we feel it's not the right time,
we can wait.

I don't want to wait.
We've waited enough.

You've waited.
-I've waited.

Listen, Micha...

I've thought a lot about it.

We can go on like this.

The kids don't have to know,
and I can go on living with it.

I can't go on living with it, Miri.

I can't.


It's the 93rd minute

at Stade de France,
Rosenthal has the ball,

he passes it to Armeli.

Armeli hesitates.

He tries to pass him,

he gets by,
takes a step back,

tries to kick the ball...

And Dad loses the ball.
Reuven Atar, the star of the game,

loses the ball
here at Stade de France.

And Gulliver...

What are you doing, Mom?

You've been eating nonstop.
- It's nothing.

When it's cold, I get hungry.

Don't drink from the bottle.

It's a shame. We lost all that weight.
Are you off our diet?

Coming to play, Maya?

Let's take a break, kids.
- No, let's keep playing.

We have all day, Tomer, relax.

We need to talk.

Have some cocoa.


Want some, too?

Let's go to the "obthervation" point.

Where is it, Dad?
- Observation.

Stick your tongue up
and say '3'.

How about I stick this ball
to your head?

Maya, enough.

It's about to rain, Micha.

Enough, Miri, enough!

There won't be any rain.

Let's go to the observation point.
We'll talk there.

You coming?
- No.

I'll stay here to pack up.

You aren't coming?
- No.

I'll stay here with Gulliver,
so he doesn't gel lost.


Come here, Gulli.

Come here, sweetie.







Why didn't you put everything in the car?
- No keys, that's why!

Why did you lock it?

Get in, we'll pack up.


- Did you tell them?

Did you tell them?
- Gulliver! -Micha!

Did you tell them?
- Gulli!

Where are the bags?

Forget that and answer me,
did you tell them or not?

Dad! The car's locked!

Stop, Micha.
Did you tell them?

I tried.
- And?

I couldn't.
- I told you a picnic was a dumb idea.

Then how do I tell them?
- Dad, the car's locked!


It's dangerous!

What you're doing is dangerous!
Give up, go around!

Give up!

Dad, wait for him,
honk the hom!

He'll hear the car and come.

He won't hear us!
- We'll get stuck in the mud.

Dad, he won't hear us!
- We need to go!

Micha, stop the car.

Wait for him!

Micha, stop the car.

Not now.
- Stop. I want us to talk.

I want to talk.

Come, Gulli, come.

All who lost the roof over their head

All who ran away from home

All who needs to be committed

All who's been starving herself
for two days

All who dropped his guard
after ten hours straight

All who's rotting away in a cell

All who has only two months left

Help is on the way

Help is on your way

Help is on the way
Help is on the way

To you

All who sees no end to it all

All who lives like a slave

All who grew up in the street

All who had her child taken away

All who gave up a kidney
to save the rest

All who's in the army now

All who's in school

We're sorry for your loss.
- Thank you for coming.


I'm sorry for your loss.
- Thank you for coming.

Moti came to deliver
the groceries and then...

And then he...

He walked in and called out to Mom
but she didn't answer.

At first he...

he called out to her again.

Thank you for coming.

Don't worry, we'll organize all the food
for the week of mourning.

Thank you, Pesach, I...
- Pinhas.

Pinhas, sorry.

We'll limit ourselves to tonight,
I have to fly back tomorrow.

What about Dan-Dan?
- She'll go into the institution.

Tomorrow morning?
- What about the week of mourning?

Mom wasn't particularly religious

and I have a family event
I must get back to.

You're invited tonight, of course.
See you.

A family event?
And what's the week of mourning?

Come, Dan-Dan.

Say goodbye.

Help me prepare for the guests.


Thank you, bye.
- Bye.


We're family.

That's Sharona and that's Dan-Dan.
Sharona and Dan-Dan.


Dan-Dan, is that you?

You and Sharona?

How old were you?
- I don't remember.

You don't?
- No.

I don't remember.

Want to go rest?
- Yes.

I need to rest.

Look outside,
how pretty Sharona is.

By this time tomorrow I'll be on the plane
and I'll be back the day after that, okay?

Okay. -And we'll do
all the final decorating together, fine?

Yeah, sure.
I can wait.

Okay, sweetie. So let's hang up now
so you won't be late for school.

Don't be sad.
- Love you.

- Bye, Mom.

Your daughter?
- Yes.

Your mother spoke of her often,
she wanted to get to know her better.

Yes, it's hard being far away.
- Yes.

And you always think
there's plenty of time.

She could've come to visit.


She didn't leave Dan-Dan for a minute
since your father died.

Yes. That's right.

She was a woman of great stature.

Where's Dan-Dan?

Resting, it was a bit much for her.

It's her bed time.

Look, Sharona, Dan-Dan is...

Her problems have gotten worse

since her last surgery.
When was it?

Rash Hashanah?
No, Pesach.

It was during Pesach.
- Yes.

In any case, placing her
in an institution so fast is...

Don't worry, Pesach...
Pinhas, sorry.

I spoke with them,
they're waiting for her. It's fine.

- Thanks for coming.

- Thank you.

I don't know, Helen.

I have no idea why everyone
in this nothing of a hole

thinks like they need to tell me
what they think.

I mean, really. If there's just one thing
I didn't miss about this place.

Well, what dd you miss?

I miss being home.

Nobody misses you here.

Amy and I are doing great.
So don't worry about a thing, okay?

We're making pasta now,
I'm taking her to basketball.

Could you please-please-please check
with the party planner

and see that everything is okay?
- It's all under control.

Everything's gonna be perfect
Don't worry about anything, okay?

I don't know what I'd do without you.

It's not for you, it's for her.
You know I love her.

So, how was it? Did you cry a lot?
- Mom!

I'll call you later,
my sister just woke up, okay?


I'll talk to you later.
- Okay, bye.

Mom, what time is it?
- Dan-Dan?

Hi, Dan-Dan.




Sharona, when did you get here?


- Sharona's here.

- Where's Mom?

Let's talk.

Do you remember
what happened to Mom? -No.

What happened to Mom?

Moti from the store...

What? -Remember when
he delivered the groceries?




- Dan-Dan, listen to me.

- Listen to me!

- Go away!


Can't you see
there's no one there?


- Dan-Dan, what's wrong?

I don't know where Mom is.
Where are you?

I grew a beard,
you don't recognize me?


No, no, no.


Go away!
- Listen to me.

Get away from me!
- Listen.

Get away.

Where's Batya?
What happened?

She's dead,
we buried her today.

I didn't know. -Dan-Dan fell asleep
and doesn't remember.

Sorry, I didn't know.

Are you Sharona?

Sharon, yes.



She's not only your mom,
she's mine, too

and she's dead, understand?

I can't get Mom
because Mom is dead.

I want her here now.

We buried her today...
- I want her here now.

Where is my mom?

Where is she?

- This is ridiculous.

You're a liar!

I shaved.

I want Mom now!
- Be my guest.

You're a liar!

You always said you'd come
but you never did!


It's me, Neta.

I shaved,
you'll recognize me now.

Hey, Dan-Dan.

Neta, where's my mom?


Tell me again how it happened.

Moti from the store
came to deliver the groceries.

- Yeah.

He called out to Mom
but she didn't answer.

See this?
- Yes.

When you wake up...
- Yes.

If you don't remember,
I'll show you again.

- Okay.

You like being there.
They told me.

What did they tell you?

That you like being there,

you're happy,
you're looked after.

You go to art classes.

You made all the macrame downstairs,
all the owls,

you go twice a month
and you know everyone.

I don't remember, Sharona.
- Okay, that's normal.

You'll remember once you're there.

What? -You forget things
when you go to sleep.


Stay a few days,
you'll see I'm okay on my own.

In the morning,
I work at the factory

and in the evening
Neta and Neta will help me.

Neta and Neta?


Neta's wife's name is also Neta.

They also have a boy, Uriya,
but Neta's not his dad.

She's having a baby soon
and that one will be Neta's.

That's nice.
- Yes.

They'll call him Neta, too.

He'll be a Neta, too.

Good night, Dan-Dan.
- Good night,

but I'm not going
to the institution.

- I don't know anyone there.

We'll discuss it tomorrow.
- Why should I go there?


Did she fall asleep?

Yes, I hope so.

I wanted to thank you, I...

I didn't know
how much worse she got.


Sorry about your mom.

If she wakes up in the morning and...
-I’d be glad to go with you.

It's really early,
are you sure you can?


You live here?

Kind of.

You got kicked out?

Something like that.

Good night.

May I suggest something
about Dan-Dan?

I don't have to.
It's really none of my business.

I've also been away...

I just remembered,

I'll go from the institution
straight to the airport,

I'll barely just make it.

So I'll manage.

Thanks anyway.






Good morning, Sharona.
- Good morning, Pinhas.

I came to lay flowers for your mother
before work.

I noticed
no one brought any limoniums.

Mom loved limoniums.

Oh, I didn't remember.

So you came to say goodbye
to your mother before leaving?

Not exactly, I...

Dan-Dan kind of disappeared.

I don't want to say "Told you so,"
but I have no choice.

But there, you said it.

You thought she'd be here?

Yes, but she's not here
or at home.

Nira? Pinhas.
Sorry to be calling so early.

I'm at the cemetery with Sharona,
she came looking for Dan-Dan.

Yes, she disappeared again.

- Dan-Dan!

It says that it's a holiday over there,
there ale no flights tight now.

I can't find anything.
- Check the waiting list.

There's no way there are no seats.
- Okay, I'm trying.

I'm waiting. Talk to you.
- Okay, bye.


Are you okay?
- It's nothing.

When's your flight?

At six.
I won't make it.

I'm looking for another one,
but this damn holiday...

The courts in New York
don't celebrate Sukkot? -What?

You're a lawyer, aren't you?

That explains everything, huh?


Did you find one?

Hey, Mommy, it's me.

What are you doing up so late?

Mommy, don't worry about the flights.
Just find your sister.

Oh, sweetie, it's very late,
go back to sleep.

We'll find her and Helen's gonna
find me another flight, too.

Don't worry, okay?
- Okay, Mom. Bye. Love you.

But I'm telling you
I can't on Sunday.

There's no way
I can admit her on the holiday.

Just this once,
what's the big deal?

You have employees there.
- Of course we do,

but they're not prepared
to admit patients.

I can check,
bu! I can't promise anything.

Thank you, thank you for checking.
- No problem.

Why don't you just go back?

We'll find her
and I can take her to the institution.

You can't, it's against the law,
otherwise I wouldn't be here.

Give me power of attorney,
you're a lawyer, aren't you?

What lawyer?
I'm an interior designer.

I was at law school for one year
a million years ago and my mom never let it go.

As if it's such a big deal.

Got a Band-Aid in that bag?


Got some tampons?

Why, got your period?


You're the Richters' adopted boy.

Haven't been called that in years.

You'd sneak peeks when I came home
from boarding school, you were about 16.

How do you know?

Because you'd sneak peeks, too.

I wanted to see
who the Richters adopted.

In any case,
I did look when you came home.

Which didn't happen much.
- The less the better.

Wow, that really helps.



Pinhas? -Sharon, don't stress out,
but the search is being scaled down.

We'll position ourselves
at strategic locations.

Nira and the poultry workers
in the west,

you in the cotton fields
and me on the roads. -I understand.

Don't worry, we'll find her,
she always comes back.

Thank you, Pinhas.

They scaled down the search
till morning.

Only Nira and the poultry workers
are continuing.

And Pinhas in his cart.

Hope he doesn't get run over, too.

Hi! Great timing. I found something,
but it's not confirmed yet.

Thanks, Helen,
but that won't work.

Oh, shit, you're not gonna make it.

Where's Amy?
Can you please go get her?

I want to tell her myself, okay?

Yeah, okay. I'll go get her.
One second.

Even if I get a flight tomorrow night
I can't admit her on the holiday.

It's hopeless.

That idiot.

Retarded bitch.

She ruined all of my birthdays.

And now she's ruining
my daughter's birthday, too.


Retarded bitch.




Where are you, retard?

Mommy? Mom?


Hi, sweetie.

I thought about it,
we'll just do it next week.

That's right.

Gonna be even better
than what we planned, right?


It was nice of you
to shave for her.

For an engineer,
you seem experienced in searches.

Yes, I searched
for quite a long time.

For who?

Not much on small talk, are you?

It isn't small talk for me.


Dan-Dan thinks you have a wife
who's also named Neta,

that she's pregnant and your baby
will also be named Neta.

Her memory is stuck on an image
from three years ago.

Your house looked deserted
when I walked by.


We split up three years ago.

I spared myself from that, but I know
that relationships after the firstborn...

No, no, she left while she was pregnant.
- What?

During her sixth month she said...

we'd all be better off
if we stopped seeing each other.

So it wouldn't be confusing
when she meets someone new.

I was so blown away
that I totally backed off.

That's it.

I gave up.

Your mom always said

I shouldn't let a kid walk around
without knowing his father.

Funny coming from her.

She always said
I wouldn't forgive myself.

My mom, of all people.
- It's not funny.

She knew you gave up on her.

It hurt her very much.

You think she didn't know?

How old is your daughter?

She's ten.

I always knew I'd do it on my own,
so I did.

"On my own," you know.

She's so sweet,
she's so worried about Dan-Dan.

She thinks she's hiding
under my mom's bed.

Then he walked in,

Mom didn't answer,

he walked in, he saw her in bed...

Moti came over...

He walked in,

Mom didn't answer,

he walked in,
he saw her in bed.

He thought she was sleeping
and then saw she wasn't breathing,

that she died in her sleep.

And she didn't suffer.

She didn't suffer.
I'll remember that.

I'll remember
that she didn't suffer.

I'll remember that.

He walked in and saw her
and thought she wasn't breathing, but...

He thought she was sleeping
but then he saw she wasn't breathing

and that she died in her sleep
and didn't suffer.

I'll remember that.
She died in her sleep

so she didn't suffer.

I'll remember that.

Our mom is dead, Sharona.

And I want to tell her that...

I'm really scared now.

That I feel all alone without her.

And I didn't get
to say goodbye to her.

All who lost the roof over their head

All who ran away from home

All who needs to be committed

All who's been starving herself
for two days

All who dropped his guard
after ten hours straight

All who's rotting away in a cell

All who has only two months left

Help is on the way

Help is on your way

Help is on the way
Help is on the way

To you

All who sees no end to it all

All who lives like a slave

All who grew up in the street

All who had her child taken away

All who gave up a kidney to save the rest

All who's in the army now

All who's in school

Help is on the way

Help is on your way

Help is on the way
Help is on the way

Help is on your way

All who smoked a pack a day

All who I know

All who still used to try

All who paid the price for it

All who shed blood
in a it's-him-or-me situation

All who is radical left

All who is extreme right

Help is on the way

Help is on your way

Help is on the way,
help is on the way

Help is on your way

Subtitles by: capNsub
English Translation: Suzy De Lowe