Saving Mbango (2020) - full transcript

Saving Mbango is a drama based on the life of a young man (John) who wound up as the breadwinner of a very dysfunctional family. His chaotic and tumultuous family background gets in the way...


Get out!

lazy Children.

Look at them

Lazy Children.

Every child worth the name in the
village is working on the farm

and you are still lazying at home.

Move your heavy bodies! Keep going


Take your heavy bossoms out of


I ask God for male children
and he gives these nonsense children.

Out of here!

Father, Bea is still inside the house


why are you sitting down?

Aren’t we going to the farm?

I can’t go to the farm this angry.

I am so really angry.

Mother Ignore him.

leave him alone and Let's get going.

Let him be.

Let us be on our way.

What are you doing here?

leave this place!



oh... Why did you do that?

What did we do?

You scared her!

She is just trying to get something to eat.

Did she keep any food here?

If I ever see her here
I will break her head.

I will break her head.

Let us be on our way!

Hurry up.

Oggen, you carry this bunch of palmnuts.

Lazy children.

Who is?

I am not carrying any nuts.

Go away, go away!

I will use a whip!

Really! what is it?

Please go away. Go!

Keep going!

Let her try…

leave them!

Keep quiet!

I will singlehandedly handle you all

You must go away. Go back to your parents' home!

I am staying right here. You can't chase me away! Nonsense!

Hmm this is good cola

Really good cola

Good evening father!

Oh John,


you are back.

Yes Father!

How was business today?

It was great father!

- Please come. Sit down.

let's have a small chat with your brother.

Father I am exhausted.

Let me rest a little.

What is wrong with you?

I said sit down let us have
a chat with your brother.

So hmmm

the in-laws of your brother
Oggen just left here.

If you had just been a little earlier,

you would have seen them.

They are very upset with us.

They are not happy this is the third pregnancy

three times he impregnated her but has not paid her dowry.


So Oggen and I decided we could talk to you

so you could give us some
money to go see them.

That is it.


what is this father is talking about.


What is the meaning of this?

It is just a little…

father and I we… just give us some money

just small money, so I can just go dowry my wife.

Isn’t it father?

That's it!

I should give you money
to go dowry your wife?

That means I will have to give you money

to build a house too right?

What is wrong with that?

Father what do you mean what is bad?

It’s just a little money.

I don’t have money!

John, just a few coins?


Father, I don’t have money!

Yesterday I let you go to bed

because I noticed you were tired.

Where is the money you made this week?

I gave mother all of the money.

Iya told you gave her ten thousand francs.

You thought I will not find out huh!

Why don’t you want to help you brother, when you have money?

You don’t want him to start a family?

Start his own family Papa?

What about me?

Father, you think I don’t want
to start a family of my own?

Your time is not ripe.

This is about your elder brother.

So I should drop all of
my plans because of Oggen?

That is what I mean.

This family is more important
than all of your plans.


Father, I don’t have money.









Spell kitchen.




These are things you were taught in class.

Why are you finding it difficult?

Amm Amm.

Amm Amm!


Amm Amm


leave that place.

seems i just fell!

Let no one open that door
when your father returns.

He will sleep outside today so he learns.

What nonsense!

Feels like I have fallen.

Yeah, feels like riding a car.

I had predicted, It seems I would fall today.

But It seems i have fallen.






Iya open this door.


You people lock my door

Useless children.

You locked me out of my house?

You left me to sleep outside?

And you stupid woman,

you laid on my bed snoring.

I will teach you guys a lesson.

Stop looking at me.

Look like a ripe pawpaw.

Your mates go to Equatorial Guinea
and bring back better goodies,

you go and come back with
skin lightening cream

to spoil the environment with.

Bunch of bushmeat!

Bunch of whores.

Get out of my face!


that is my wife you are berating.

Shut your filthy mouth!

You drunk!

Can you dowry a woman?

You dare measure words with me

You are incapable of getting
money to marry your woman,

and you want to measure up to me.



this is all because of you that father insults me.

Are you happy with that?

I ask you for a small sum of
money to go marry my woman,

you are refusing to help me.

Why are you so wicked?

No think about it. Is it fair?

Good morning to you to you too senior brother

How did you sleep?

Look at you

I will teach you all a lesson.


Yes grandma

I am starving.

Mbango, am asking for food instead you give me palmnuts?

ah ah! Aam Aam?

The swelling has increased.

This is serious.

Take heart.

Thank You

Dam Dam

don’t worry we will do
the dowry rites here.

In my father’s house.

Where has it been seen
that a dowry for a girl

is paid at the man’s parents?

It is at my parents’ house
that it should take place.

I already informed them you will be coming

Oh no. Why did you do that?

Now they will be expecting me.

Did you not say we
are getting married soon?


I don’t even have the money.

Been begging my brother to give me money…

I told John to give me
money and he refused.

I have no choice than to
wait for my father to come

and talk to him more.

He might give me the
money to go see your folk.

Then why did you give the
impression we are getting married soon?

Amm Amm

Damn, why startle me?

Do you ever speak?

Mbango, who is talking?

What is this you are reading?

What have I told you about
speaking pidgin English?

What are you reading?

I am just revisiting
my old geography notes.

Are you sure you will make it
to the university this time.

Yes. I am ready.

Ok. Don’t worry Oggen will take care of us.

Don’t worry,

I will visit you home from time to time.. ok?

This one is above your knowledge. Its bigger than your level.

Why did you bring me the food?

What is this attitude?

What attitude?

To startle people always.

Wait a minute... So, you can speak?

Just want to know why you gave the food.

I didn’t as you for anything.

Because I know what hunger does to people.

Everyone has their own problem.


Give me your bag.




come here!

Take this.

Amm Amm



Come and get your own money.

Don’t come complaining afterwards.

Father, no.

That is not fair.

Give our own money.

This is to inform you all that

finally I will be going to the university.

I have been able to gather the money.

So I wish that you guys

dedicate to work the palm plantation,

produce palm oil

so that the household can be provided for.

I can’t work on the palm plantation.

Look at me,

I will give birth soon.

You are going to the university

Who is going to take care of me and my kid?

Who is going to take care of your kid?

Njanjo, who made you pregnant.

Who got you pregnant?



What is it?

Listen to what your brother is saying.

He says he will go to the university

and leave the palm plantation to you

and Sarah.

What do you mean go to the university?


Amm Amm.


What is this talk about university?

I can’t work on the farm.

I am due soon.

Whether you accept it or not,

I am going to the university.



Who took money from my room?

I don’t know!

Where is everybody

They are at Amdam’s parents.

What are they doing there?

Oggen is paying Amdam’s dowry.

You start with the husband.

Thank you

Thank you

I haven’t picked mine.

Hello my in-laws

This cola is like the one we
had the other day at home.

We thank you

for the welcome you reserved us.

We are sorry we are coming late.

Only after my son has birthed
3 issues with your daughter.

But we have vowed that today,

we are taking her back in the proper way.
We come prepared.

Everyone who accompanied me here is ready.

So that we go back and start
birthing children in the proper….



Give me back that money.

Give it back

Seize it.

I say seize it.

Stand there.

Are you insane?

Look at your tiny eyes.

Who do you want to disgrace?

I am a respected man in this village






Please don’t go

I have to go.
I am tired of living like this.

Where are you going to go to?

I don’t know!

What I do now?

I will come see you.

Get out of my chair.


bring me water to drink.

Hold on. I am coming back.

Why should we wait for you?

Eat gradually no fighting

You dont eat garri?

hell no!

don't collide with my spoon again... ok?

What is it?

So you are swallowing food with your fat mouths

without worrying about my
only son’s whereabouts.

Aha father,

your only son?

I am your son too.

What type of son?

What type of a son are you?

Father, you called this
meeting to insult us.

I don’t want to see anyone
of you in this compound

if you don’t return with my only son.

But father,

we did not cause him to leave the house.

Oggen, this is all your fault.

What did I do?

Tell me what I did.

You took his money.

Hei hei hush shush.

Let it go.

Is it his money?

Take it easy.

It is the family’s money.

Sit down.

Is he not a child of this family?

I took his money!

Is that not so father?

Sango of all Sangos

You steal,
yet you have a sympathetic heart.

You know nothing about me.

Where did you steal this one?

I am not a thief.

That was a joke.

I know you are not a thief.

No farm or market today?

Let me help you with your load,

then I will tell you.

Come on. Give me.

How are you?

I am ok.

Where did you get these?

I picked them from somewhere down there.

From whose farm?

Not from your plantation.

Did I say it was from our farm?

Can eat one?

Yes. You can.

Here, taste it.

Your Are

You go first!

Your house looks good.

Thank you.

Who gave it to you?

I am renting.

Who has it?

The brother of the person
who used to be here

Have you heard that the lady
who used to live here at first,

was a witch?

She used to eat children.

She sat exactly at that spot
where you are sitting at the

moment of her dead.

Have you heard people say you are a witch?

That you killed your parents.

But I don’t believe them.

What do they know?


My name is John!



What type of father are you?

I wish I could just get a peek at John.

Father do you know you
have to take care of us?

You have to provide for us!

I don’t want my kids to starve to death.

Maybe you should just go back home


Just go back home.

It is clear you miss them.

You cannot understand.

I will understand. Tell me.

My father and my brother are lazy.

They only drink, get drunk.

They refuse to do anything.

It is I who takes care of the family.

I produced palm oil

and sold to raise money for my schooling,

and they stole it to go
marry my brother a wife.

I can’t live a life like this.

I want to go back to school.

I can’t

Spit it out.

Easy now.

Take heart


Take heart

Have you told him?

Mbango, why haven’t you told him?

Don’t you think he should now?


lay your head here.

You will be find.

You will be find.

You are so beautiful!

Is that blood?

It is blood.

You shouldn’t have taken his money.

Mother, wait…

Mother loo… I don’t…

No. It was family.

Mother, don’t say that.

That money was family money.

It was his money.

It was family.

It was John’s money.

Hei shut your mouth.

It was not family money

I say it was family

Lazy man!

Only making children
you cannot take care of.

Any day, anytime,

I will take the money.

its the family's money

Stop the noise!

I will hit somebody.

Shut your mouth.


I said shut your mouths


what are you doing here.

Did your grandma not say you should rest?

Or you are feeling better now


I have something to tell you.

Intruding knock)

She is that...

why are you here?

I don't like that kind of play

What did you want to tell me?


At my home. There is something you wanted to tell me. wasn't anything.

Are you sure?

Yes. I am sure.

They are wasting their time.

The Penda’s did this,

they did that!

They did this!

Wretch of a man!


You want me to die with
your child in my womb?

If you don’t give me food money now,

then your death happens today.

Oggen, this is a baby I have in here.

It is a baby!


Don’t touch me!

Let us go inside.








So you say this has been happening?

Yes it has.

and she has been bleeding too?





I will run more test.

and I will also send specimen to Limbe

for thorough check.

As soon as I get the results

I will let you know.

But for now she needs to rest.


Good afternoon



From your results, I am sorry it reveals

you have a brain tumor.

It is the growth of
abnormal cells in the body.

I am so sorry about this.... but



John, open the door, please.

Let me in, please.

Please open the door.



What are you doing here?

You should go back to your father’s house.

A man doesn’t take his wife
into his father’s house.

I am warning you. Don’t mess with me.

Get out of my father’s house.

Let’s see what you will do.

You must leave this house.

That’s enough.

Useless girl!

You whore!

oggen must inherit all the properties here

You talk too much!

do you know who made you pregnant?

Do you even know who made you pregnant?

You must leave this compound!

Useless girl!


mum its because of you i am tolerating...

You should instead leave the house.

Do you people want to kill me in this house?


Useless Girl...

nonsense girl

It is your fault.

What is it!

I will harass you again

Try daring me next time.

Is it because I decided to
get marry to your brother.

I will teach you a lesson.

You want to inherit your mother’s place.


thank you

Don’t worry.

He will come back.

He won’t.

What was I even thinking?

Nobody likes me.

I am a fool.

I am stupid.

Don’t talk like that.

You a good child.

Are you saying you don’t know that?

Yes, you are a great child.

Let us go inside less
mosquitoes eat you up.

I want to stay a little more.


Come in. I am not leaving you here. let's go inside the house.



Are you sure you are ok?


Go sit by your mother!

Father can I as you a question.


You haven’t even heard the question.

I know it is about school.

I know!

How did you know you love our mother?


I came to see you

What happened?

I can’t be without you.


Because I love you.

I love you very much.


John Penda!

Wait wait wait.






Johnny Boy!

Go and park! We will meet you.

You look like shit boy.

And you sound like shit.

Oh my God!

Hey guys

look at it

its like he was born for this

do you think he can one
day fall from a taller tree?


how can you say such a thing?

Have you taken a good look at this
guy, he is a professional

He does look like he was born for this.


Am right here and literally can hear you

Alright! How many of these do you
have to cut before we leave this place?

University boy,

were your parents not marshing palm fruit for palm oil produce

to send you to school?

Now you have the audacity to question how many cones i have to make...

Watch your words!

Talking about university

I remember you told us
you are going to enroll in the university, the same as us

brother, its five years today,

and you are still here producing palm oil

and selling for how long?

You need to reiterated to him

He is very comfortable around here,

Take a look at him

huh..Thats harsh!

Its a long story

I really dont have a choice


When you choose to use
your family as an excuse

You are talking about choice?

are you sure

You know, I really envy you guys

Envy what?

What for?

They have been together
since they were kids

come on! That is boring

I can never stay with a girl that long

You mean nobody can stand you!

True.Because you are always get dumped

You should get some
lesson from me sometimes

You should get lessons from me Epie

John are you ok?

I met someone



Thats great

Shut up

I know she is ugly

Always ugly

Look! listen John dont listen to Epie,

He is just a big mouth


When are we going to see her+


You should Bring Her over for the big game

I will. I will bring her.

Grandma take heart!

Thank you!

Take heart!

Grandma take heart!

How is she?

Still the same.

Did you administer the drugs I bought?


Don’t worry she will get better.

I bought you something.

do you like it?

Thank you

Do you like it?

Thank you

Yes, I like it.

My buddies say they want to meet you.

You have friends?


They are in the university in Buea.

Are they going to like me?

Why not?

They are my buddies.


Looks good right?

its nice

How does it look?

It looks good.

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Ah John.

How are you?

I am good.

I brought some body.

Wait! This is her?


Call me O, but my name is Onyama.

I am Jo. Joseph. Welcome.

She has a name?

I am Mbango.

Which Mbango?

The Mbango I know?

No problem. Let’s go inside.

Not six three!


Hei guy.

Epie how are you.

I am good!

You have been missing.

I am good!

John it’s your turn.

Who has this thing?

That is John’s girl. So watch your tongue!


Where are you coming from?

I was with… wait wait…

This your thing… doesn’t she have a name?

My name is Mbango.



I said it

This is a real witch!

Badluck has been on my heels all day.

Here I am face to face with it here.

This is a true witch right here.

So you don't know a real witch?

No doubt.

This is a real witch.

Oh no! Shut your mouth!


Epie what is wrong with you?


Epie look,

I have advised you about
this loud mouth of yours.

What is it with you?

You could have at least
shown some courtesy.

And only speak out when she is gone.

You can’t always be running like mouth.

If you were not my buddy you will leave

my house right now.

You don't really have to mind Epie

Just a guy with the the big mouth

You know him

Its alright, its been like that for long

You know,

About Mbango are you going
to bring her to burn fire?

You know how she is with people

I will really love her to came

Simple go ahead and invite her.

That's it!

Hope you remember our tradition

No date no burn fire

I am part of the canton

i will kick you out.
If you dont bring your date


I will talk to her

About Epie forget about him

But that makeup man.... hahahahahahaha

That is just how it started.


That is nice.

Just a moment.

What is that

Just read it.


I didn’t know you cannot read.

Every time I went to school,

other kids ran away from me.

They said I looked like a witch.

That I am witch.

And my grandma didn’t have money to

send me to school in a different town.

What is written on it?

It is ‘John loves Mbango'…

” No ‘John like Mbango plenty’

Don’t you like it?

I love it.


you make my heart bubble!

I love it.

I love it.

Knock knock

Hei Mbango, it is you!


Come here.

Just wait here

Let me bring my make-up
set let us get started!

Oh wait, I bought you something.

Let me bring it.

It's beautiful

You like it?

Yes I like it

lets begin the makeup....



You look gooood!

You look really madeup looking goooood.


The witch?

What did you say...... This witch?


Is this the only girl you
have seen in this village?

This thing will not enter my house.

And if you dont come to your senses, you too!

Epie, Look at what you did.

What did I do?

You just go around running your mouth

like an idiot.

What is wrong with you?

Get out of my way!











What is it?


She is dead!

wakeup please... wake up.... I beg you mum..

Please don’t leave me

Wake up... Please... wake up



Take heart!


I have something important to tell you

why am i the only one seeing all of this?

Seeing what?

First her Mother died giving birth to her

Her father got the news

He felt and hit his head on a stone

and died that day

Now her Grandmother

There is one thing for sure

Either she is one of the most unlucky

girl in the world

0r she is in the curse

Stop it

There is absolutely nothing wrong

with an an old sick woman

dieing at old age Epie
nothing wrong with it

People have accident and people die

Am just the coincidence are one to many

Epie Stop it! Enough!

How is she now?

She is good

She is sleeping

Thank God

Thank you for letting
us sleep here to night

Am really gratefull

You dont have to say thank you

Anything for you

Holidays are over

You know what that means


We are leaving tomorrow



Come on John, you know how goes

Holydays are one of the best

opportunity in a life time

and you cant miss it for anything

unfortunately all this hard to happen

You losing you girlfriends Grandmother

And all this trouble

Am really going to miss you guys

Will miss you too

I wish we had

Spend more time together

Donts worry, we will be back soon

Before you know it

You take care of that girl ok

I do that everyday!

Its ok. Maybe you must be tired

Goodnight john


I have something important

to tell you all.

I think...

I have not been a good father to you all.


you are thinking? hmmm

That didn’t come close.

you didnt do well... Not even a bit!

Its because you won’t prancing around.

Leave me alone.






What is this?

She doesn’t have a place to live.

So what should we do now?

Why did you bring her here?

mum, please!

Begging for what John?

Just take that ill-fated
girl out of my compound

before I do the unspeakable.

Stay if you have balls!

Why run again?

Namundo, leave let me lay down.

Disturbing my dream about a beautiful girl.

Please don’t be mad.

I told you they won’t let me.

But we needed to be sure.


Go back home.

I am a grown up. I can take care of myself.

I am used to

I cannot leave your by yourself.


Father please she just
lost her grandmother.

She does not have someone
to take care of her.

Please father.

Of all the girls in this village,

Is that the only one you can choose?

Why Mbango?

Why do you want to bring
a curse on this family?

Let my lady come leave her.

Get out of this house.

Don’t utter that nonsense again.

Father she is not well.

I said get of this house.

Father she is not well.

I said get of here my friend!


Let no one come looking for me.



It is you I was coming to meet.

I hope all is well

Yes, all is well.

I hear your family inherited
the palm plantation

from your grandfather.

Yes, it was he who left handed it to us.

I hope there is no problem.


Do you now my brother?

Hmmm. Andrew?




We were in high school together


He wants to buy a piece of land.


That is why I wanted to meet you

and find out if you are
willing to sell that land.


Am not selling piece of land

That piece of land is not for sale.

You won’t even stay let us talk about it.



How come you can afford
money for your drinks,

but you cannot afford food money?

Can you tell me who made you pregnant?


Njanjo is right.

Let us leave that topic.


this thing with John and that girl,

what are we doing about it?

Starting tomorrow that nonsense stops.

That is right!

It is important we sort it out now.

Because it might take

a turn for the worse.

Thank you

You remember I taught you

there are 26 letters of the alphabet?


Can you remember?

You have forgotten?

The first one is, A

I remember that!

A, B, C, D

Let us start and recite it till the end.

I forgot the others.

I thought you were smarter than everyone.

So you too forgot?

I am smart. You think I am not smart.

Then remember the others.

Wow, there are many.

They are just 26.

listen up..Can you all tell me when John

started seeing this girl?

Father I can’t really tell.

we dont know!

You don’t now?

Nobody knows

Do you realise that now she is got him

wrapped around her finger,

all the money John makes

is going to go to her?

All the money that was supposed

to help in taking care of this family

will go to that witch.


I will do something.

I think John is a grown up.

Let him do as he pleases.

Let him do as he pleases huh?

She can say that because

she has young guys who provide for her.

John is a grown up.

He knows what is good for him.

Nonsense. Shut that trap.

Nonsense. Shut that trap.


I think I have an idea.


Say what?

I have an idea.

What is the idea?


Apple the fruit.


The first letter in front is A.





This first sound in front of the image Egg

Say E ‘egg’.




That is it.

It is even in your name ‘M Mbango’



There is the A sound.

It must not be in the
beginning of the word.

They could be in the middle of it,

at the end too.



The "a" sound is in the middle

This is it. the first "a"


Is it found in your name too?

Yes it is



But it is this other one.

It is the O sound.

The: O letter is found in mine



Come on look at the book not at my face!


There is an O sound in your name too.

There it is.

It is in my name too.

Yeah, here it is.

It is in my name and in yours.

Hello sir.

my son... How are you?

I am alright sir.

My daughter says you have good news for me.

Yes sir, I

wish that we talk about
something good for you.

AaaH! wonderful!



Yes father.

Bring me two bottles of beer to share with my friend

Hush up.

Before the beer comes,

let me tell you the good news.

You now my brother Andrew?

The one who is in Europe.

Yes. The very one.

Of course everybody knows him.

He is the one I am talking about.


is coming to the village next week.

He is coming to this village!

Yes he is coming to this village.

Is he coming to take a wife?

I have Sarah and Beatrice who…

No. Not that!

He wants to buy a piece of land

So I wish to find out

if you can sell the palm plantation.

How much does he has?

Aha. That is what I want to hear.

That is good.


Thank you


loves John very much.




Mbango l…




John where are you?


Let me go get a car

and take you to the hospital. ok!

Wait for me!

Take heart.

There they are



Let me go

Oggen, Let me go.

Hit him.

Carry him off to the house.

Let me go!

You guys leave me alone

Leave him alone.

Carry him to the house.

Lift him.

You must go back home.


Open the door.

untie me


Open the door.

Go tell them to come untie me.

Please open the door.

Please open the door.


I think that is too much.

What do you want me to do?

I think we should free him.

If you say that nonsense again.

I will give you a dumpfounding slap. then tell father

You are very wicked

Go and free him let me see!

I think that is too much’


Do you want to be freed?

Huh John

Do you want to be freed?

I am your senior brother

I am here to help you.

do you want to know if she is still alive?


Just tell me where the
title deed of the land is

and I will help…

Get out of here.

John I came to help.

I came to help.

Just mention where the title deed is…

I said get out of here.


You will remain there.

Take heart.

I will come back at 2 o clock to put another

Please take this one off. It hurts

Take heart.


Are you here for Mbango


Came with me,

Her chances are very narrow

But she can survive right

Doctor please

Dont let her die

Is they anything you can do

If its money

i can get it,

Dont let her die

John Listen

I have a doctor Friend

From India

He is neurosurgeon

he works at mile one hospital Limbe

What does that mean?

He specializes in

Brain surgery

Can he help?



I will give him a call

And book an emergency surgery

But it will cost you a lot of money...

How Much?

About four to five million france cfa

You are joking right?

where is she, where is Mbango

Did you bring her here?

Oh thank you.

I am so grateful.

You can go now,

I will take care of her.


take this and buy yourself some food…

Please Take it!

Thank God! You gave me a big scare!

You think I would go without

bidding you farewell.

I am sorry about the attitude of my sisters.

Its not your fault

Let me get something for you to eat

Please I want to go outside.

The doctor says you need to eat something.

I am not hungry.

I want to feel the sun rays on my face while sitting outside

Can we go back inside?

Let us stay a little more.

The doctor says you should go back inside.

I saw my mother.

What did you say?

She was so beautiful..

She wanted me to stay with her but…

But what?

I wanted to come bid farewell.

I am calling the doctor.


I dont have an ounce of strength to fight anymore.

Stop the silly talk!

Please let me go!

Go to where?

I am exhausted.



Come inside.

When is he paying the....

Make the call


My mother is calling.

Don’t respond to the call.

Don’t heed the call.

Don’t. answer!

Don't answer..

Mbango don’t answer her.







Wake up.

wake up!

Come back.


Please help me.

please turn the canoe around immediately..



I said don’t heed the call,

you will not listen to me.

Why do you want to leave me now?

wake up... i beg ...I beg you..... wake up!


Please wake up...

Why do you have to leave now?

why leave me to stay here alone?


You are gone to the land of no suffering.

The land of no strive.

Farewell my dear.

Rest with angels.

Farewell sweetheart.

bye........ bye...