Saving Grace B. Jones (2009) - full transcript

In a 1950s-era Missouri town the life of a couple is thrown into chaos when the husband's sister is released from the local asylum and comes to live with the family.

I was ten years old
when I learned about life.

My mother had passed away
about seven months earlier.

And I was struggling so hard

to try to understand
this very deep loss.

I often lost myself
in the movies,

trying to imagine what my life
was going to be like.

One night I stayed very late.

She's lost a pig, boy.

No chance. He's gone.

All right, let's go, folks.
The show's over.

Come on, get this dump out
of here. Let's go. Now!

I became unresponsive.

Words no longer fell
joyfully from my mouth.

My sleep was guarded
and mostly fearful.

Daddy was concerned.

He decided as summer

that I needed a change of

To help me through this period
of my young life.

He had an old army buddy,

landy bretthorst,
and his wife.

I was to spend
the summer with them.

And hopefully forget the brutal
violence that I had witnessed.

They lived in the small Hamlet
of boonville, Missouri.

Smack dab in the middle
of an america

I had only seen in the movies.

Arriving in Missouri

was like a movie
coming to life,

only it had much more color.

And the smell
of the countryside

with its mixture
of wheat fields,

corn fields and flowers was
welcoming and comforting.

My mom says Lucy has
the best singing voice

in Franklin county.

But she ain't even
in the choir.

I like
singing in the movies.

You go to the movies
someplace around here?

We got a show house
back in town.

Five silver milk
bottle tops

will get
you in for ten cents.

Come on, let's go.

Come on!

Landy and his wife, bea,
had a daughter my age, Lucy.

And across the street
were the Carter girls,

Molly Jane and little opal.

Wait up!

I suffered a trauma.

A trauma? No kidding?

They all lived
on the top of the banks

of the majestic
Missouri river.

happened in New York.

Landy also had two acres of
farmland to grow their food.

His newly acquired business
was the local bakery.

Boonville, home of frank and
Jesse James, population 317,

was as far removed
from the violent streets

of Brooklyn as you could get.

If this is a cornfield,
where's the corn part?

Under these plants?

Come on, Carrie.

Come on.

Where you want this?

Over there.

You got you a serious
problem, landy.

Morning, Phil.

You want a BlackBerry
sweet roll?

Just out of the oven.

Did you hear what
I just said?


Why thank you, landy.
Don't mind if I do.

Why you giving away
free rolls today?

Some folks
make problems out

more serious than
they really are.

I got perspective.

You know, I met her today.

You want to fetch
Gracie home.

Everybody knows that.

You need some company?

Dan going with you?

He was her husband.

Yeah, he was.
Long time ago.

You know how long it's taken me
to convince those yahoos

in Jefferson and Oklahoma city
she'd be okay at home?

This time,
I'll Grant you, but...

Let's get on
with that problem.

Right in there.

Growled at me.

Hear that?

They carry fever, landy.

I wish you'd get
your rifle out here.

I told you!

Did I tell you?
I do believe I did.

He just bit you!

You soft in the
head, landy?

There's some that say.

It's a fox.

Pretty little thing.

Took a pretty little
chunk out of your hand.

He was just
protecting himself.

Fine. Let's shoot him.

That fox has got the rabies
and bites somebody?

You'll be to blame.

If that fox has
got the rabies,

I reckon I'll be
the first to know.

I'll help you load
what garbage we can.

Just leave this
pile for now.

If he's safe and dry,
he won't hurt nobody.

Well, it's your
problem, I guess.

But if you've
got problems after,

you just go ahead
and shoot it.

If I just shot
all my problems,

I'd have the widow of every fool
in this town piqued at me.

They'd start buying
their bread up in Franklin

and then where
would I be?

You're a real card, landy.
A regular Jack Benny.

Of course I don't imagine
your opal'd make a fuss.

Ho, ho.

Probably bake me a pie.


Her pies aren't up
to much though.

Come on,
let's get that garbage.

It's really starting
to come down.

There you go!


You can go with landy
if you like.

If you need to.


Bye, Lucy.
Bye, Carrie.


I believe this is
a double feature

I've been waiting for
my whole life.


Hey, mister!

You headed our way?

If I am, it's an accident.

And I'm set to turn around.

Come on!

Come on, Carrie.

Been arrested yet?

Arrested? No.

How was the movies?

My god.

Hey, y'all!


Brought you all some tomatoes
and a salt shaker for your trip!

Wipe those feet!

Here you go.
Hey, girls.

That's real nice, opal.
Thank you.

Lands, you didn't tell me
you were planning

on feeding Arkansas
on the way through.

The less he has to stop,
the sooner I get him back.

Don't you fret woman.
Just be my girl.

Lem bet Phil two dollars

we'll lose the south bridge
before this rain stops.

Landy, you sure
this can't wait?

I think Phil is going to win
himself a couple of dollars.

This can't go on much longer.
There just ain't that much rain.

All right, be safe!
I love you!

I left the dough to rise.

Just put it in the oven
in the morning!

Bye, bea!

See ya when you get back!

Let's go inside.
I'll make you a cup of coffee.

How far to Oklahoma city?

You ready to see some
country, darling?

Stop the car, daddy!

Come on!

Lucy! Lucy, what is it?

My gosh.

Been raining on and off for
three straight weeks now.

It's the narrowest spot
in the river,

so it sort of piles up here.

But a month ago,
you could drop a rock from here

and walk home before
it hit the water.

Gee whiz, it's higher.

Even since I got here.

Don't worry. Town's built
on top of a hill.

We got two Bridges.

People worry about the south
bridge though,

because it's lower down.

It's been unusual weather for
this time of year.

But we need to get to
Oklahoma city, so let's go!

So, what's the name
of the hospital

where they're
keeping your sister?

Well, it's a different
kind of hospital, Carrie.

it's called an asylum.

Must have been
a real bad accident

for her to be gone so long.

She got hit by
a real big truck.

Sort of like that, daddy?

Yeah, that was
the start of it.

It was on her wedding day
she got hit by that truck.

Broke her back.

Smashed her skull,
smashed her up awful.

She was just 17.

Doctor said she was mending.

There was so much to heal.

Last thing to mend
was her mind.

We lost her.

She was there...

Then she wasn't there.

She would talk to spirits,

couldn't do much for herself.

And we couldn't help
much neither.

There was no place
for her to go.

There was no hospital that would
keep her more than two years.

She couldn't
even feed herself.

I said I'd watch her,

but the family needed
me to work the farm.

They came and took her
on a Tuesday morning.

July 6th, 1935.


Gee whiz!

Well I sure could use
a hug right about now.

I believe I'm short on hugs
to the tune of about one.

I love you.

I love you guys.

Hey, Carrie.

How you like
being a country girl?

Hey, Lucy, Carrie.
Sit down over here.

Please sit.

No, thank you.
I'm fine.

This is a holding place
for the hopelessly insane.

Do you know what that means,
Mr. Bretthorst?

I think you'll find everybody

short of president Truman's
signature on these papers.

They're real clear.
She comes out now.

The very best doctors
and judges we have have said

the people who come here
will never be right again.

Maybe the doctors are
smarter than you and me.

You all have had me chasing
her down for years.

I have letters from my sister.

I have spoken to her
on the telephone.

She sounded just fine.

Please, please, brother dear,

come get me, take me out
of this horrible place.

She's clever.

Just because they're crazy
doesn't mean they're not clever.

If she had a chance to heal,

they never would've
sent her here.

That was a mistake.

You could save yourself
and your family a lot of pain

if you just turn around
and head on back home.

Whatever your sister was
died a long time ago.

She's not fit to live
in the outside anymore.

Mental illness is elusive.


You're just gonna be
dragging her back here

in a couple of weeks.

Damage will be done.

Far greater than
you could imagine.

I'm a little pressed for time.

You finished, ma'am?

The children
will wait here.

We're fine, daddy.

Maybe we'll go see if we can
find some flowers somewheres.

Flowers belong
to this institution

and are not for
little girls to pick.

Okay, okay.

Excuse me, excuse me.

Crazy people are
difficult to get used to.

Sweet Jesus, miss shrank.

Why'd you bring
a civilian on the floor?

I wanted this man
to see something.

The view is better from here.

Right now. Settle down.
Settle down.

By the way, I don't think
the children should be

in the same part
of the house with grace.

They seem a little high
strung for this business.

Medications ready
for ward four.

Hello, grace.
It's me.

Hello, landy.

Well, darling.
Time to go now.

There you go.

Come on.
Atta girl.

You look beautiful,
you know that?

Aunt grace!

Hi, aunt grace!
I'm Lucy.

I love you aunt grace. Here.

These are for you.

And this is Carrie.

She's a good friend
of the family

and she's gonna be
with US for the summer.

Nice to meet you, ma'am.

It's grace.
Just grace.

Let's go.

Come on.

It's just great to have
you out, aunt grace!

Like... like Christmas!

We've been waiting for
this part near forever.

Have we got a party
planned for you.

Everybody in town's
bringing food.

Mama says we can be at the movie
if we don't crash into folk.

And the summer fair
is coming next week!

Summer's gonna be
so much fun.

Charming. It's been so many
years since I've seen children.

They're almost like little
people, aren't they?

Hi, there.

I figured I'd find you here.

You all right?

I hope I can do this for you.
I hope it's gonna be all right.

It's right.

It'll be strange, but
we'll take it nice and slow.

If you have any problems,
you come to me.

I got all the time
in the world for you.

I'm not very different
from everybody else.

You feel different because
the world is different.

You're like rip Van winkle.

Stuff most people take for
granted, you slept through.

We had another world war.

About everybody in the
country's got a car.

And we got picture shows now
that you wouldn't believe.

I remember how you especially
used to like those.

And I'm thinking about
buying a television.

Have you seen one of those?


Your life is going to be
so full of catching up.

I don't understand everything,
but I like to hear you talk.

Well, you'll see it
for yourself now, too.

It's your life now.

It belongs to you.

You can do with
it what you please.

That's what scares me.

Well, don't let it.

I'll handle any and all
scares now and forever.

I'm here for you.

I miss this river of ours.

Me too.

Dan was a long time ago.

How you doing?

What'd you bring me, Phil?

I made you a bundt cake.

Thank you.

Opal must've made that.

I fed your fox.

I told landy that
if grace was home

and the good lord wanted
her to be with US

than he would pave the way.

And she's here.

Where is she?

Well, she'll be down
in a minute.

The good lord and landy.

Seems like landy's been working
at getting grace home

every spare minute for
the last umpteen years!

Well, I am grateful that
they made it home alive

in spite of that storm.

That is a miracle.

You hear the south
bridge washed out today?


I don't know what time
landy made it in at,

but Davey lund told me
he watched that bridge

float right past his grain mill
just after 4:00 this afternoon.

Davey, Davey.
South bridge gone?

Born and raised here

and I don't think I've
ever seen it like this.



Lovely party,
Mrs. Bretthorst.

Lovely party.

Well, thank you, ladies,
for coming.

And I saw some mighty
fine dancing in there.

Now who wants one of my
very famous cherry tarts?

Yes, ma'am!
No, ma'am.

We was just
looking for Lucy.

She loves your sweets
as much as her mother.

Hey, reverend Potter.

Lucy, I did not hear
your golden voice

in the last chorus sunday.

Yes, sir.
Excuse me, sir?

Run along. But I will see
and hear you sunday.

What was he talking about?

I never remember.

Whoa. Whoa.

I only count three head here.
Where's Carrie?

Me and Molly Jane's
going looking for her.

And me!


Little Carrie,
she's just doing fine.

Carrie! Carrie!

She's gotta be someplace.

Why don't she come
when we holler?

Could be the trauma.

Yeah, yeah.
She's crazy too.

You saying my
friend's crazy?

No, just your aunt.
She was in a nut house.

You was in a farm last week.
That make you a cow?

Punch her, Lucy!

Everybody's a little crazy.

Judging by
someone else's rules.

You gonna punch her?

You know how you've
been saving the fluff

out of your belly button
in that old band-aid box?

There's some that would
say that makes you crazy.

It don't mean that. I know.

But you remember that before you
go calling someone else crazy.

I'm gonna make a sweater.

Grace? Well, are you
ready to come down?

People are anxious to see you.


Come here.

I told landy this
would be hard.

No, no, no. I'm good.

Almost everybody
we growed up with

is here for you, grace.

Landy just thought that if...

if we showed everybody
that you are all right,

it would smooth your way.

I'm fine. I'm gonna come.
I'll come now.

You're so good, bea.

I know how to do things.

I can... I can be helpful.

Grace, don't. Don't.
It's not necessary.


You're home now.

I got something for you.

Remember this?

It was your momma's.

Here, let me pin
it for you.

All right.

There now.

Look at that.

Isn't it lovely?


Now let's go down.

If rainwater was beer,

Clint Dexter
wouldn't have minded

filling up his
parlor today.

If rain was beer, Dexter's
parlor would've never got wet.

That's she herself.

Hi, Gracie.

Hi, miss grace.

You look great, Gracie.

Grace bretthorst.

How are you, child?

I'm better.
Lots... lots better.

Fish fries, some cornbread,
and apple butter,

and you'll know
you're home, darling.

Come on.

You look just beautiful.

Her hair!
It's gotten so long.

You remember, I'm Lem.

You remember Lem,
don't ya?

It has been so many years.

And the last time you
and I were together,

miles Braden and David lund

were having a fist fight over
you down at dairy queen.

Do you remember that?

Ella Jean?

Dan. You're late.


Dan wasn't sure
he'd be welcome.

That's crazy.

You'll be living right
across the street.

You'll wanna get
to know her.

I'm looking forward to it.

Come on in.

I'll go on and
find bea, then.


I'm sorry I couldn't stand
on this with you, landy.

I've loved the both
of you since we was kids.

I always saw our whole
lives together.

And I pray we can
still do that.

I pray to god I was
wrong about grace, but i...

we were all wrong
for a while.

But if we let her spend another
day in hell for no good reason,

be tough to live with that.

Tell me, Dan,

when you love someone,
where does your obligation end?

You don't think
I thought about that?

What could I have done
that you didn't?

Just would've been
two of US doing it.

Maybe it's best we just say
our hellos and leave

with everybody here and all.

It's important
that you stay.

She'll wanna see you
and she needs to know

where we all stand.


Breyertons? Carters?

They're all here.

Reverend Potter?

Yeah, he's here.

People'll be taking sides

and they wanna know
which one you're on.

Landy, you sure you told her
about me and Ella?

I told her, Dan.

But when it comes to you,

I just... I don't
think she hears me.

I never meant her no harm.

You know she owns
a small piece of me still.

I know. Come on.
Let's go in.

You'll be all right.

I'm tired. Just tired.

Hey, Dan! We been
waiting on you.

Miles says now they got
cars that run on potatoes.

Of course all the boys were
fighting over you back then.

I got one of your leftovers.

Remember Nathan?

Of course all you could
see back then...

Tell miles he's an idiot
so we can lay this to rest.

A lot of girls were
happy to see you go...

that didn't come
out quite right.

Well, there she is.

Hi, Gracie.

Welcome home.

This is my... my wife,
Ella Jean from down cooter way.

Hello. Welcome home.

You look just fine, grace.

I'm glad for you.

We're glad for you.

We were just saying that
we needed to find you

so we could have a word with
you before we have to leave.

Ella needs to get home.
She's having a baby.

She's tired. You know?

We could talk.

We'll see you real
soon, Gracie. Okay?


I'm so glad we
could say hello.

'Night, Lem.

'Night, Phil.

G'night, janey.

You tell Nathan,
if he needs help

hauling furniture
tomorrow, i...

I could help him
if we can find a truck.

G'night, Dan!

Glad landy got
you home, grace.

We'll... we'll see
you tomorrow then.

We'll... we'll see
you everyday.



I know you've gotta go back.
It's okay.

I thought you knew, grace.

I'm sorry.

They told me I should
get on with my life.

They... they said it'll
never be the same.

They said you were
never for me.

You're a good woman, grace.

You're a good woman.

I'm sorry for what
you went through.

I wasn't there.

But I am not sorry for the time
I loved you, you hear me?

If I had known, i...
I would've kept trying.

And I swear I would've.

And that...

Thank you for that.

Thank you.

We could talk sometime.

Every day if you'd like.
Every day.

Every day, grace.

Every day if you'd like.

You can let go now. Okay?

It's good that you're back.

Ella Jean, she's
pregnant, you know.

I was just thinking,

if it turns out a girl,
would... would you mind?

I'll talk to Ella.

I'll talk to Ella.

Good night.

Welcome home, grace.
Welcome home.

Hi, grace.

You like the party?

There was so many people
and so crowded.

I did this.

At my brother's party.
He was 12.

Nobody could find me.

I guess that means
we're alike.

I wasn't always crazy.

Boys fought over me,
men fought over me.

I had a boy fight
over me, once.

This boy, Tommy,

knocked this boy,
Johnny, his tooth out

to be my boyfriend.

I liked it.

How old are you?

Almost eleven.
In a couple of weeks.

I was first proposed
to by the time I was 13.


Four times before
my 17th birthday.

I married...
I married the fourth one.

Who were you married to?

Dan Jones.

From across the street?

Dan Jones?

I loved him for as long
as I could remember.

It was on that
wedding day that...

I had no bouquet.

I threw the
wedding bouquet,

you know,
like I was supposed to.

There was always
flowers in jenkin's field

across the highway.

I was pretty once.

Y'all settled in
for the evening?

Yes, ma'am.
Yes, ma'am.

You had fun tonight,
didn't you?

Were the people
nice to grace?

Was she happy
to see them?

I believe things will work
out just fine for grace.

People thought
she was crazy

just because she
liked to be alone.

That doesn't make
you crazy?

No, it doesn't.

Have you ladies
said your prayers?

See that you do.

Good night, Carrie.

Sleep tight.
Don't let the bedbugs bite.


Let's go!

So where are they headed?

To that colored gospel meeting?

Of course they are.

If they asked you,
you've said no.

Are you sure it's all right?

Carrie's not
as sturdy as your daughter

and it's still
drizzling out.

Lucy's been going
there for months.

And Carrie's stronger
than you think she is.


I guess it wouldn't
matter if the...

Bedsprings started creaking
some while they were out.

Minx. I thought
you had religion.

I'm married.

And I'm going to bed.

I know where you live.

Yes. Thank you!


You're late.

But I brought an
extra soul to save!

Pa-raise Jesus!

Well, I have to concede your
appreciation for services.

But in the future,
would you please conduct

your milk bottle top
changing outside my temple.

Wow. That music tonight.

Thank you,
brother hendryks .

You're welcome, sister.

Bye, thank you.
Good night, now.

That was so swell.

Goodnight. We should go.

I can't wait
for next week.
Where were you?

Shhh. Come on.

Goodbye, Molly.


Let's go.

Good morning, folks.

This is Floyd hufstedler
with your morning update.

Good morning, daddy.

Wow. Nobody's expected
to rise so early,

they have to feed the baker.

Heck, I don't even make your
momma get up at this hour.

It's the baker who
wakes up the rooster.

I know, daddy.

Daddy, I found Jesus.
I want to convert.

How'd Carrie take
to the services?

Just like a duck
to water is all.

You would too
if you'd come.

Well, I might just
have to do that

one of these first
Friday evenings.

You do know that you're
already a baptist, don't you?

Reverend dupree is just a
baptist of a different color.

You wouldn't say that
if you'd been. Believe me.

There's just flat ain't
no comparing them two.

Carrie said it's the most
elegant church she's ever had.

Who's ever at the kitchen door
may as well come in

and have their breakfast.

Aunt grace!

Morning, grace.
Go ahead. Sit down.

You're welcome to
get up just as early

as you can stand to, grace.

You can even join me at
the bakery if you'd like.

You might find
it real interesting.

Your aunt's a very
fine seamstress.

And your sewing machine
over there up last week.

Bea knows where it's at.

It smells good in here.

Nobody in this house have
the sense to stay in bed

until the sun shines?

I expected better
of you, Carrie.

We'll get our chores done now

so we can goof off
the rest of the day.

Your ambitions and mine
walk the same road, short bread.

Well, well.
What do we have here?

Good morning.

Hello, grace.

Did you do all this,
sweet pea?

Ain't it a wonderful
thing for a man.

To have all his family
around in the morning.

I'm hungry. Me too.

He feet were
covered with mud.

And the bottom of
her nightdress too.


Those are so pretty.

Hey, girls!
Keep them slickers on!

She's really not
so strange, you know.

Daddy says she's
a fine seamstress.

Let's go find some
nice stuff to sew.

I don't want you to ever
go back to New York.

Landy, do you know
you got you a red fox

move itself a blanket and set up
house next to your trash piles?

Indeed I do.

You want me to shoot him?

Everybody who sees that
fox wants to shoot him.

I drop down on my
knees twice a day

and pray I never get
as popular as that fox.

Think it'll
ever stop raining?

Afternoon, reverend.

Excuse me, reverend.

Reverend dupree says you might
have some of that day-old stuff

for them that have
been flooded out.

There's seven of them living
in the church basement.

Yeah, I was, um...

I was just taking it out.

Take everything
on that far rack.

So, any more folks
washed out in the bottoms?

Old Walt everess.

Landy? You know most of this
day-old stuff is still warm?

God bless you, landy.

For the kids.

Just take it.

I thank you, landy.

And you tell those
folks at the church,

I'll be baking every day.

I will. Reverend. Deacon.

It'll stop soon.

In five months I have
never had any free

baked goods here.

Have a cookie, reverend.

I believe I will.

You know, I wouldn't
mind having a loaf

of that fine wheat
bread you bake.

Well, help yourself.

I believe I will.


Have you ever took
a good, hard look

at grace and the prospects
of this new life

you want her to have?

I see a scared girl whose
body grew up without her.

A system. The 40s.
All of US.

We failed and she
got caged instead.

Well, she's gonna
get that help now.

I'm very sorry about
her years of hardship.

But can you see what
it's done to her?

For having spent nearly
20 years in an asylum,

I think she's pretty
damn good company.

What about the cost
to your family?

Cost to the community?

Everybody's afraid they're
gonna have to get involved

in this situation.

What situation?

Hell, she ain't
never hurt no one.

Landy, I know that asylum.

After 17 years of
that kind of horror,

who among US could
ever be the same?

We have no law here.

The sheriff's clear
over in Columbia.

And if she ever
gets out of hand,

we don't have a cell.

A cell?

All she ever did wrong
was get hit by a truck.

She spent her whole
life in a goddamn cell,

and she ain't going
back to any cell!

Landy, landy bretthorst.

A pillar of love and compassion
who's brought his sister home,

has triumphed over
the devil himself.

How much more of a hero
do you need to be?

You claim you
know about life

without ever having
to live a real one.

So unless you wanna take off
that pretty, starched shirt

and put on an apron,
I got work to do.

This is for the bread
and for the cookie.

We want seats
toward the front

'cause that's where
the boys like to sit.

Here they come!

Molly Jane's on her own.

Ms. Woodstow, here's
Lucy's and here's mine.

And save these milk bottle tops
for the Carter girls. Thank you.

Do we have to sit
by the boys?


Your little plan
is super, you know.

Good movie.
Bye, Lucy!

Bye, Carrie!
That was scary.

Excuse me.

Next Saturday, we're having
a dance up at the school

if you'd like to go.

You'd need a formal.

Sure, maybe.

Yes, she'll go.

We're just on the corner
of 4th street.

22 4th street.

I'll call on you then.

See ya.

Boy, she's real pretty.

So what do you think?
I don't have a dress.

And I've never been out on
a dingle date before.

I'm 10 and a half.

I wonder what my
daddy would say.

He's from military school.

If he tries anything funny,
his teacher will shoot him.

This water of itself
is not evil.

It is, after all, life.

The psalmist says good counsel
is like deep water.

And a man of understanding
will draw it out.

Let US not fear the rains.

But let every man turn to his

That god might see good baptists
united in service

and be satisfied.

One further thought
before we conclude.

The pressures of life
are not simple.

And virtue is not
always the answer.

May love overcome the void.


Our faith is in him.


Blankets and food stuff will be
collected outside for the needy.

Bless you all.

She's getting so big.

Who wants pancakes?

Great sermon, reverend.

I'm afraid it was
a little too long

in closed quarters for you,
wasn't it, grace?

Hell, I was feeling a
little anxious myself.

Little opal!
Come back!

Good seeing you,
grace, hon!

Fried chicken tonight?

Fried chicken!

Carrie, you flour the chicken.

I'll fetch the apple butter
for the biscuits.

Listen, sweetheart.

This... this is
how you do it.

You take the flour,

put it in the bag, right?

And once it's in the bag,

you put the chicken
in there, see?

You put all this lovely
chicken in there,

and guess what else
you can do?

You can shake it!
You see?

See? And then we have beautiful,
beautiful floured chicken.

You see that?

She was gonna glue flour
on every piece of that chicken.

Just trying to make it
stick just like that.

It got in my ear!


Come on, grace.
We were just being silly.

Come here. Come back.

Look how beautiful.


Anybody who could do
a job like this

wouldn't bat an eye
at stitching up a formal.

Well, hello, Dan.
Well, come on in.

Evening, bea.

Good evening.

Landy should be
home directly.

He was sandbagging
the widstow place.

Where was he
and the kids?

We found everybody.
They'll be fine.


You've got a visitor!

It's Dan!

You... you have...

It's flour.

The girls and...
we were playing.

Here, take it.

There she is.

Hello, grace.

You look sprightly tonight.

I... I caught
these catfish

at one of the sinks been
popping up from the rain.

You can't find the bottom
to it no how.

I figure it's been a while
since you had a fresh fish.

Excuse me.
The girls are making dinner.

Certainly more entertaining.

No, it's all right.
Thank you.

Bye, bea.


I got supper waiting and i'm
dripping all over bea's floor.

Thank you.


I just wanted
to tell you how...

how pleased
I am about the way

you've been taking
all this, grace.

Real pleased.

You have a nice night now.

I'm here.


Dan, I'm here.

That you are, grace.

That you are.

Good night.

Because nobody cares
because you aren't.

You aren't but
you're still her.

You aren't but you still feel
so lonesome and homesick.

You're surrounded
by people who aren't

and they don't care 'cause they
just don't want you to be.

If you can't really be,

what's the point of living?

There is no happy.

Nothing is pretty.

Nothing smells good.

Nothing sounds nice.

There's nothing.

You got nothing!

All you got is nothing.

All you're ever gonna
be is nothing.

Morning, aunt grace.


Morning, grace. We have coffee
and toast in the kitchen.

But wait, have you eaten?

Landy? Landy?
Phil's outside.

I gotta get another
pair of socks.

Phil says that if we don't
show up at the riverbank,

main street will
float away.

Landy, landy, landy.
I do need to talk to you.

Are you okay?
Did you sleep okay?
No, I'm not.

No, no, I didn't.
We're needed at the river.

We need flour sacks,

anything that'll hold sand!

Lucy. Are you...
do you know where you're going?

Yes, ma'am. We're going to
all the old people's houses,

make sure they're
all right,

and ask for any
extra cloth bags.

Go, go, go.

We'll be at
the riverbank, grace.

You come when you're ready.
We could use an extra hand.

But wait... landy?

I need to talk to you.

First thing tonight, grace.

We got water coming up
over the banks.

The bakery could flood.

no, listen. I swear, okay?

I got some things I have to do.
Just sit tight, okay?

It'll only be a few hours.

But I do need to talk to you.
I really do.

Go, Phil.



I'm trouble.

I'm doing things that
I don't want to.

There ain't nothing for it.

It's like...

it's like I'm watching
somebody else

I ain't got no relationship to.

I don't remember free
being this big.

I can't handle it.
I can't control it.

I don't know how.

I'm not really.


Did you get
enough to eat?

The girls wanted
to wait up for you, but.

I miss kidding them pretty,
little faces though.

Hard day.

I'd still be at
the widstows

if ned hadn't decided
to just move his stuff.

What the hell.
It's flooded.

Something to see.

Someone lost a cow and it
just kept floating by.


And Davey's?

His 11 acres
are still okay.

Just mudded out.

Now the braydens.

Lord, landy.

The time it's gonna take
to dry all this out.

Take US till next summer.

We've been in the
news across the land.

They say it's gonna keep on.

The president's even
talking about US.

I know.

We best take
a hard look at this.

Maybe get Carrie back
to her father

and US to Kansas City
and hold out for a while.

Let's not
think about that.

Grace made the most beautiful
doll dress that's ever been.

She gave the
doll to Carrie.

Well, that was nice.
I think she likes her.

Little squirt.

Carrie got asked to
a military dance too.

Grace is gonna
sew up a formal.

The girls are so excited.

What was that?

What'd you say, dear?

It's nothing.

Good night, lover.

Get in the car!

Are you sure grace
will be all right?

She's been alone
quite a bit.

I think she's still asleep.

She's gonna need that
cloth if she's gonna

have that dress
done by tonight.

This way you come back,
she can get started.

What's up, Phil?

good morning, grace.

there's no sense in US standing
out in the weather like this.

Is bea here?


Nobody's with you?


I heard you was
taking up sewing.

I have these quilt blocks that
need stitching

for my baby's blanket.

I don't think I'm going to get
to it, so, you want the work?

Thank you.

There's really
nothing tricky to it.

I don't think you'll
have any trouble.

Dear god.

My gosh!
It's gonna be so pretty!

You hurry up
inside, Carrie.

Show aunt grace so
she can get started.

I'm gonna help your
daddy at the bakery!

You call me if you need me!


I'm so excited!

Aunt grace.

Aunt grace? You there?

Aunt grace,
we found the most...

she's out somewhere.

My gosh.

I wonder what that was.

It was a mistake.

Aunt grace!

You scared US.

Did you get something
for the gown?

Did we ever!
Look at this!

I like the one
with the flowers.

Looks just like the colors
in my kaleidoscope.

I used to
have one of these when

I was a little girl.

You picked so good.

We're gonna make
a beautiful gown.

You know, you didn't give
young Carrie much time

to whip up a formal gown.

Yes, sir.

We'll be having our family
prayers at 10:30.

I reckon you'll have
her home by then.

Yes, sir, Mr. Bretthorst.

Yes, look at her.

You look beautiful.

Thank you.

Is that corsage
for Carrie?

Yes, ma'am.

I'll put it on.

Here you go.

You can go now.

Have fun.

Have a good time.

The dress was
absolutely beautiful.

I think you made her
look too good.

And that boy
is in love.

So what.

You all
look so nice!

boy, you look
real pretty.

Thank you.

Would you like s...
some punch?

That'd be nice.

here you go, darling.
I was watching you out there.

- So was it magical?
- Did he kiss you?

Come on.
She won't give me the scoop.

You're so cute!

We pray for those chased
out by the flood,

including these kittens going
to their new homes tomorrow.

We're grateful
for family, lord.

We draw strength
from one another

and then give
it back again.

And that's the way
that it should be.

We're grateful
to have grace home.

And ask for her a blessing
of peace and clarity.

We're grateful for Carrie,

who has blessed
and improved our lives.

We're grateful
for home and hearth.

And I'm grateful for the one
who holds it all together.

And we pray we won't all have
to swim any tomorrow. Amen.

We won't have to
swim any tomorrow?

That's right.
Nice prayer, daddy.

Aunt grace?


Wow. Is that sky
something or what?

That is the most
beautiful sunrise

I've seen in my
whole life.

But I thought
the same yesterday.

Well, maybe tomorrow
will be the best yet.

I wonder if anybody
will ever know I existed.

I am crazy, you know.

But I walked in the rain
so many times before

I was ever crazy.

I saved a busted glass in a jar
just 'cause I liked the colors.

I broke in at the church to try
and play music on the organ.

And I rode a horse bare naked
from the feeding grain

all the way to Davis
school on a dare.

And I picked flowers at two A.M.
in the moonlight

by myself in Jenkins
field lots of times.

It's funny.

The hard thing about
being crazy

is that you don't get to do
crazy things anymore.

I miss that.

If we even this up some,
nobody will even notice.

Daddy's right.

You can stack
a Missouri sunrise

against any of them,
anywheres in the world.

It's gonna be a fine day.

I love you.

I love you, too, Lucy.

Hey, Mr. Carter!

Hey, girl.
Going fishing?

Yes, sir.
At the big sinkhole.

If we can find any way,

we'll catch 'em
and clean 'em in time

for Carrie's surprise
birthday breakfast!

She thought we all forgot.

Hot dog!

Somebody left US a boat!

Carrie. Carrie, honey.

Do you know where
Lucy and grace are?


Lucy said she was taking grace
to the big sinkhole fishing.

Here. Here's
your fishing rod.

Okay, I'll put
that down there.

I wonder if mom would mind

if I took you to the
negro church sometime.

I'm converting.

Nobody minds
if you wiggle there.

In fact, they're flat
insulted if you don't.


Being crazy is one thing.

Being on the water in a
lightning storm is another.

We better get going.

Here. Give me your pole.

Let's just go to shore
and we'll be all right.

Come on. Come on.
Start rowing.

Hurry. Hurry.

Paddle. Paddle.

Hey, hey.
What'd they do to you?

That's an ugly bracelet.

I'm scared.
Just stay calm.

No, no, no.
Just keep paddling.

It's okay. It's okay.

Lucy! Lucy!

Stay. Just stay calm.

Wait! Wait! Stay calm!

Just stay... stay calm.

Let's swim to shore!

Get your hand off me!
Go away! Go away!


Gotta go. Go away go away.

Our heavenly father must've
had something very special

he needed Lucy for.

I only wish I knew.

I would've
cherished her more!

This damn rain!

Not a very happy
birthday for you.

It was an accident!


Why aren't you asleep?

Nobody is expected
to rise so early

they have to feed
the baker.

The bakers wake up
the roosters.

Thought don't mean
the same for me

that it does
for other people.

You gotta work.

Would you like to come down
and help me out this morning?

Bea and grace
need the quiet.

Janey, and opal Lynn all
came by today, landy.

Brought their
casseroles and breads.

Bea said no.

Yes, I said no.

I said please stop bringing
around all this food.

All I have to do to occupy
my mind is to cook.

There's cobbler for dessert.

Are you sending me back?

That wouldn't change anything.

I need something
to occupy my mind.

I need cobbler. It's the best.

I hate pudding.
Pudding and cold showers.

I'd rather stink.

No! No! It's mine!

No. No, wait.

I need the cobbler
to occupy my mind.

Grace, honey.
No! What?

It's for me! You're
not supposed to touch it.

I need it to occupy my mind.

Okay, grace.

Bea made plenty
for everybody.

I bite! Guards can't come into
the sleep room at night!

I bite! I bite!
You tell them that!


Goddamned baptists!
You tell them that!
You have to do something, landy.

Grace. Grace.

Them... those god-damned

They don't answer!


It's okay.
It's me.

God-damned catholics.
They never answer.

They never answer.

I'm sorry.

I'm just so sorry.

Don't send me back, okay?

All right?

I'm sorry, landy.
I can clean all this up.

All right. Carrie?
Are you okay?

You do what you can here.

Help grace.

I'll be back.

We'll go in your room
and we'll talk. Okay?

All right.

Okay. Sit down.

Go ahead. Sit down.

Doesn't matter if it was
an accident anymore!

Losing your grip some after what
happened is a natural thing.

There's is nothing natural

about rubbing peach
cobbler on your face!

And what about her arms?

She's cut up.
Her arms!

Lucy was my baby!

She's the only baby
that I'll ever have!

Grace is my only sister.

Don't take her
away from me.

She killed my baby!

It was an accident!

And she's sorry, bea!
She's so desperate sorry!

Being sorry doesn't matter.

Being crazy doesn't matter!

My good, happy baby is gone!

And your grace is here!

Why did she do this to US?

Don't you see what's
happening here?

My god! Can't you see
what she's done!

I want my baby!

I want my baby!

The Missouri river overflowing

pretty much everywhere
in callaway,

Boone, Cooper, Howard,
and saline counties.

All central and west

is pretty much
treading water.

...livestock in town drowned...

I pray my soul to keep. in Columbia,

the red cross seems to be
keeping up

with all those able to make it
to shelter by boat.

Authorities say phone
lines are down

in headway, roechport,

boonville and lamine.

Folks in these areas
will have to get

in touch with the local
civil defense chapters

for any emergency

If I should
die before I wake,

if I should
die before I wake.

We're so very grateful to
have grace home with US again

and we ask for your
special blessings on her.

It is reported
there are at least 187 dead.

And the Missouri river has now
overflowed clear up into Iowa.

The governor has requested
that the president declares

central Missouri
a disaster area.

Will you please just
strike me dead!

I've just been talking
to opal Lynn.

We got a radio message
to your daddy.

Everyone is very
concerned about you.

The roads are all closed.

It's not safe here.

You need to be home.

Get somebody to fly
you out somehow.

I think I should
be with you.

You might need me.

You've become quite a young lady
in one month, Carrie staley.

Opal Lynn has sided
with grace on the...


She wants to give
her a chance.

She's decided to let Molly
Jane and little opal

come over tonight
for a sleepover.

Keep you company.

I love you, dear.

You're a pleasure.

It's the god-damned



Grace! What're you doing?!?

Give me the scissors!
God-damned catholics!

Go, girls!
Landy, do something!

I am, bea!

Drop 'em.
Drop 'em!

Okay. All right.

I call and
they never answer!

They never answer!

Grace, okay. Wait!

God-damned catholics!

They'll grab her hair.

They'll touch it!
They'll grab it!

They'll grab her hair, landy!

Listen, listen.

What happened to my dog?
What happened to gray?

I don't know.
I don't know.

Let's go find her.
Let's go find her, please?

Okay. All right.

You promise?
I promise.

All right.

We'll do it another time.
Go on.

No. No, I want to stay!

All right. All right.

Coming, Carrie?
No, opal!

You just need
some rest, grace.

Tomorrow will be
a better day.

No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no!

Grace! Grace!


Don't do this, landy!

I'll sing.

It's why I'm fine!
What have you done?

What did you to me
to play god?

I need flowers!

What did you do
to play god?

Who are you to play god?

I love you, grace!

I tried!

That was always
your problem.

You were always
just too good!

Well now, there's a hot
place in hell for both of US.

No, no.

Carrie, I want you to
sleep with bea tonight.

I'll lock these away.

All right, come on,


The canal's overflowed!

It's okay. Stay here.

Old freedom road's underwater!

Some say there's people
in the water!

We can't stop this, landy!

This thing's
coming to town!

We need supplies, anything!

I can't miles.
Not tonight. I...

he'll be out
in a minute, miles!

You best go get
Dan and Phil.

You nailed the windows
and the door shut.

She hasn't made
a peep for hours.

I'm sure she's asleep.

I'll move her out
as soon as I can.

I can't think about that.

Will you be all right? Yes.

I just don't know
what I'm gonna do.

Maybe if she had her
own place away from folks.


Go! Go!

Any more problems,
get Carrie to the river!

Thank you.

Give me a hand over here!


Grace? Are you in here?

What have you done?

Carrie. Carrie, wake up.

Listen to me.
Listen to me.

You need to go get landy.

Grace! What're you doing?

You can't do this!
Now, stop it!

Look at US, grace!

We're coming apart!

People are losing everything
and look at what you do!

You've still got a chance if you
just get a hold of yourself!

Now, get down here!

I wanna see landy!

Let's go home!


Landy! Landy!

We're desperately busy, Carrie!
You should go home now!

It's gotta be grace!
Why else would she be here?

Landy! Landy! Carrie!

Bea needs you!
Grace is gone!

Come on!

Bad things are happening,
and Dan would understand.

I know he would.

Dan does not belong to you


I know what's going on
in my own self.

That water's cold.
You think I'm crazy.

No. I think you're very tired,
grace, and so am I.

Landy will be home
and you can talk to landy.

Now, please, please give
me those scissors.

You give me those scissors
before you hurt someone else.

You give them to me now.

You're gonna lock me up!

I know you're gonna
lock me up!

Don't say that!
You give them to me, grace!

You're hurting me!

She's pregnant!

She's pregnant
with my baby!



I told you to get off me.
I told you to get off me.

Grace, please.
Please, grace!


My god.

I warned you about them
god-damned baptists.

I warned you.

Gotta go see Dan.
Gotta go see Dan.

There's trouble
over at landy's!

What's the trouble?
Is it grace?

I'm afraid so!

My god!
My god!


It's okay, darling!
You're okay, honey.

Help me.

I already called
for help, baby.

I am...
I am not gonna leave.

We lost homes since you pulled
these men off the river.

People are running
out of time.

Somebody help!



What's happening?

I called for help.
I'm sorry.

Was it grace?

God dammit!


She's gone.

Grace! God damn you!

Grace! Grace!
We heard there's trouble!

Landy, if you don't know where
she is, we've gotta warn people.

I told ya!
I'm taking care of it!

We're all crazy from
working all night.

No! No! We don't need guns!

Put those guns down.

You know better than that.

I'll find him.



Opal! Opal!

Somebody help me!



My baby's coming!
My baby's coming!

Hi. Hello, angel.

Hi, my beautiful.


My beautiful girl.

Thank you.

Hello, little grace.


Grace, why did you do this?
We're only trying to help!

Because she's a goddamn
animal! That's why!

No! Landy, no!

Carrie! Get away from her!

- No!
- Now!

No! Get out of the way!

Not this way!

Why take everything
from me?!?

Why take
everything from me?!?

Why the hell do you
want everything?!?

Help me, landy!

Landy, no!

Landy, please help me!
Please help me!

It's not going
to be that easy!

Get out!



I told you I didn't
want no company.

I think you'll be better
off with the Carter's

till I get back.

I believe I'll just
ride along, landy.

You might need me.

Landy bretthorst.
You're a good man.

I don't know why the lord
chose to tax you so.

I'm sorry.

Grace, please now.

I understand.

It's gonna be all right.

You said it
would be better.

It's gonna be all right.

Don't send me back.

I can't go
back there, landy.

You understand.

Carrie, darling.

We're here.

Sit down here
a second, okay?

Now there's a
really nice lady.

And she's gonna look after you
while I take care of grace.

She'll have a ticket
for you on an airplane

for later on tonight.

When you get home,

your daddy will be waiting
for you at the airport.

I wanna go with you.

I know, sweetheart.

You've traveled
the whole, long road.

And I thank you for it.

And I miss you.

I'll think of you always...

As you grow to be the strong
young woman I suspect you'll be.

But I have to send
grace home now.

I have to be
the one to do it.

And I have to do it alone.


You're so pretty.

Bye, grace.

Come on.

I got something for you.

I think Lucy would've
wanted you to have this.

All right, I'm going.

Go on. Goodbye.

My summer with landy,
and his family and grace

has stayed with me
all of my life.

If you saw that summer
in a movie,

you'd never believe
it really happened.



Grace, I understand.

It's gonna be all right.

Everything is going
to be all right.

Thank you, landy.

Everything is going
to be all right.

When I got home,
I wrote a few times.

But I never saw landy again.

And so we never
spoke of grace.

Bea never survived the death
of her beloved child

or the wound she
received from grace.

I heard from the Carters, who
remain friends till today.

Then one day he got into his
truck, and just drove away.

No one ever saw him again.

I never asked what landy
meant by sending grace home.

But I have somehow reached
a kind of peace

with that friendly horror
that is with me still.