Savage Pampas (1965) - full transcript

In the late 1800's, an army captain tries to tame the open plains of Argentina which are dominated by Indians and bandits. To help do this, the captain brings in a party of women to keep his soldiers happy.



Pretty Woman...

More goods, more food,
many women.

Why aren't you smiling Windcall?

It is not women who
defeat the army.

They are the weapons.

Weapons and warriors.

Women attract, the Gauchos.

Gauchos bring their weapons.

And weapons bring
warriors from all tribes.

Soon the pampas will be
yours again.

Soon Padr?n, it has to be soon.

Before my sun disappears
in the sky.

Wow!! If it's not Petizo!

The army took you away,

or did Captain Martin
send them after me?

He sent us, he's following us.

How many are Petizo?

I don't know how many.

Come here.

Come here!

I asked how many!
How many, how many?

Only five people, Padr?n.

Better that way!

Did you hear that, brother?
Hey, come on.

Let's go... follow me!

So, what do you have
in mind quietly.

Well we, we heard that you...

That Padr?n had women
for you is not.

Come on, say it soon.

But, what do we need to do?


Well, what you have
to do is get one yourself.

That there...
I want that there.

This is from Chaco!
This is from Chaco.

You were out of luck, Petizo.

It was promised to him.


To be strong enough
to take it from him.

Give him a knife!

Lives in the pampas
for a long time

you should know that they don't
fight with knives, Petizo.

I bet a thousand pesos that it
splits, Petizo's head.

Go Go!

Kill him, kill him!

Smash his head!

I bet I couldn't get Petizo.

Captain Martin, will regret

of having lost
a good man like you.

Can I get the girl now?

Come here.

I don't know if you can take it,
the way it is. But she is yours.

One more little thing...

It is one of ours now,

When Padr?n tells you
to fight, you fight.

You will fight until we
end the armies in the pampas.

I'll do everything
Windcall says.

He never rules, Padr?n does.

Remember that Gaucho.

Take a woman, for you.

Hey, Windcall...

as I told you.
Two more men for us.

These are from his horse.

How long?

Something like, three hours.


They are Indians over there.

What do you do with a deserter?

You, chase the Indians
when they separate.

Let's all split up!

How do you feel, killer?

This is for killing, my brother.

Kill him!

Ah, ah!...

You degenerate bastard.

Tie him back on the horse.

I think I should kill
you right now, sir.

I thought of something
better for him.

Show men what happens
to deserters.

Then let's go!

I had never seen the Captain,
with such hatred before.

Not even with a deserter.

Standard is different.

So why don't you kill him soon.

It would solve all that.

They can't get rid
of each other.

Why not?

They both love, the same things.

You know, Chareton, sometimes
I can't understand you.

So don't ask me anything.

Ahhh! Enough of mourning singer.

Shut up, we shouldn't be here.

It?s not enough to stay,
in that damn place,

in that damn camp.

Do you need
to exalt it out loud?

I'm here doing your laundry.
Shut up or rub the earth.

Do not you dare!
Let me tell you something.

Everyone is nervous,

beating each other...
And for what?

I didn't tell you to keep
that damn mouth shut.

We all know what we
need at this camp.

It is in urgent need,
it is a good fuck.

Don't take Pedro seriously.
He's been excited since he saw

a stallion climbing
the mare this morning.

You?re not even men, you look like
a bunch of gelding monkeys.

It will break this!

Ah! I hurt my finger,
with all this antics.

Lower the bridge!
They arrived.

Hey, it looks like Petizo
didn't get very far.

It's not Petizo,
that's Padr?n himself.

Wet the Sergeant's leather well.

The sun will take a long time
to appear again.

And when he appears,
Padr?n will no longer be here.

It will be.

Until the vultures
clean their bones.

And my brother?

Aren't you going to bury him?

I'll leave you,
for the vultures too.



General Chavez is waiting
for you inside, sir.

General. Hello Captain.

Is that one of the brothers,
from Padr?n?

The smiling one,
but we kill the other one too.

It makes our task a lot easier.

Not so much.

Men continue
to desert like rats.

Ten Padr?n brothers killed
would not solve this problem.


This is Lieutenant Del Rio.

He will replace,
the officer who...

It will be a pleasure Mr.

We heard a lot about
you at the gym.

Hear what?

From the Military Academy
in Buenos Aires, sir.

The first class
graduated this year.

Del Rio was second only.

How many were in the class?

Forty-nine, always.

Why didn't you give me
the first place?

And what did you hear
about me at the gym, boy?

Which is one of the best officers

of the Argentine army,
despite being a little...

demanding with his subordinates.

And sometimes
with your superiors too.

Sit down at Del Rio.

Don't worry about
not being the first.

Hey, you know about the restrictions
when interacting with the prisoner.

You, why mind smart guy.
Tomorrow you could be lying there.

What do you want from Gaucho?

Is it true Boss?

Are there women in your camp,
enough for everyone?

Did you just say woman?


Many, I give my word.

You see the bag, in the belt.

Let's open it, take out what's
inside, take it carefully.

I haven't seen female hair,
in over two years.

We're right here...

and the Indians occupy
the entire southern part.

The situation is already very bad
and is getting worse.

All reports state that
the indians

they are not giving,
in to the clashes.

They are not giving in...
If it was only that!

Windcall and his savages are
defeating the Argentine army.

I mean,
Windcall and our savages.

He has almost as many
deserters as there are indians.

What do you do, soldiers defect?

Windcall had an idea,
probably from Padr?n.

He offers women to soldiers,

who switch to your side.

Since then,
we've lost half of the garrison.

But why can't men be
without women?

At least for two years,
until we defeat the Indians?

What kind of gym is
this that you went to?

Many of these men are condemned,

maybe even criminals.

Here they only fight
and defend the fort.

On top of that,
the army won't let them...

bring your exposed,
or women here.

Why wouldn't they desert?

Here they are soldiers,
we are at war, that's why.

That's what the books say,
but our soldiers can't read!

I told you a long time ago,
there is only one solution.

You'll be happy to know
that the chief of staff...

decided to try your solution.

Despite my strong objection.

What solution, sir.?

The army will bring women
to Fort Toro.

Women? It's fantastic.

What kind of woman would
you want to live here?

and Duchesses who else?

Captain Martins'
proposal was approved.

The girls will be brought here
from Buenos Aires,

transforming Forte Toro
into Forte do Prazer.

Unfortunately, no one had
a better idea, General.

Discipline is what men lack,
not women.

So I understand that I should stay,
to teach them that.

I got tired of punishing them
for their humanitarian treatment.

This is insubordination Captain,
I will take you to court martial.

Go ahead, I can't stop you.

You may need a woman
yourself, Captain.

Put the bridge down!
They're running away!


I suppose you have no hope
of catching them in the dark.

No chance in the hills.


I know Captain...
I would never desert.

How did this happen Diego?

What always happens,
Padr?n will give them women.

I should have killed him.

All right, I'm going
to escort the cargo.

I'll be in charge
until you get back

It will be easy to command them,
if I tell them I will bring them.

I don't want facilities,
I need good soldiers.

I must accompany
the Captain, sir.

Sure, why not?

You will see what
a Countess looks like.

He was never a good brother,
but he went there and kicked ass with him.

And I will get it, for you.

I'll get him!

Something interesting, Cat?

The priest's old mule
continues to hobble.

No sign of the indians.

Lieutenant take command,
until I reach you.

Yes sir!

Very well men, rest.

Have you come to pray
for her, Captain?

So why do you keep coming?

Acknowledge for yourself.


What happened,
we're almost there.

Well sir... uh, Cat.

It's just...
Since we came to this place,

and since it's only two days,
on horseback to S?o Pedro...

And why do you want
to go to S?o Pedro?

When promptly a dozen women,

wait for you right there
on that hill.

Very well... right, quiet.

I know that many of you have
almost forgotten how to deal,

with women, so make it clear...

Look at them at will.

But all they are going to do until
we get back, the picture is looking.

But, Captain, you said
these women are ours, hen?

Yes, for the entire garrison.

Those in the field,
wait until they return.

You do the same.

So, go ahead! Attention?

Well, Captain?

We want you to know that we will
never forget what you are doing.

Move girls, all out there.

Well, what a shame,
sorry sister.

It is not for me,
I received an official order.

Tell him Camilla, tell him.

You can't do that, please!

It's okay sister,
don't worry about me,

let me deal with the situation.

No, I better learn to do my job.

Miss, for the last time,
tell me where your brother is.

So you don't have
to go with them.

I told you, I don't know
where my brother is.

And if I knew
I wouldn't tell you.

So lie, for God's sake say.

Tell me something,
that we can do,

so you don't have
to go with them.

If your beloved government
heard you talking like that...

You would have to accompany us,

and I don't think I would find
that work of yours

so different, from mine today.

God will punish you for that.

Maybe I even like it.

Could you come down
with this for me, please?

Anything, for a lady.
Thank you.

He has a heart of gold,

I'm so tired!

Oh! They're coming, girls.

Okay, get your things
and follow me, let's go.

Come on, hurry up.

Come on.

Smile at them, girls.

Don't be upset, girls.

It's a lot of money,
and they have nowhere to spend it

They will return home rich
in a few years.

Save your speech for your
troops, General!

We know where we are.

Sergeant, the ugliest will
only have half the ration.

If she doesn't shut up,
tie her to the horse.

Yes sir.


She's adorable.

Do you know her, Captain?

I know the guy.

Okay Sergeant,
put them in the carriages.

Very well, ladies.

Form two groups
and go to the carriages!

Five in the first,
five in the second!

Come on come on,
come on, come on

You will do what I say,
it is for your own good.

Don't waste your energy
screaming my boy...

because later you will need it!

Okay, inside.
Come in, come in, come in!

Damn, what is that?

Everyone get ready.

All prepared.

I'm sorry, but you'll have
to take this one too, Captain.

They just arrested him trying
to flee the country.

Why the army has
to keep this rabble

I don't make the laws.

By the way, he is one
of those dangerous anarchists.

It's titled, Carreras.

Of course, we never know
their real names.

Excuse me sir, can I fix it?

I'm a journalist by profession...

and revolutionary by
philosophical tendency.

And as for the dangerousness...

No more than your cops

without a sense
of social justice.

My name is actually Carreras.

And unlike you,
I know who my father was.

Get him out of here
before I kill him.

Okay, okay, I'm going.
And do you know how to ride?

Well sir, I could learn
but I am at a disadvantage.

Get on one of the carriages
but don't touch the load.

Watch out Captain,
he's slippery.

Okay, let's go.

My name is Miguel Carreras...

revolutionary, and philosopher.

And, ladies, do not
even imagine the pleasure...

to be in such beautiful company,

on this long journey.

What will it do in the fort,

it's not the same as us, I hope!

I would have a better answer,

if I knew what you're
going to do there.

A type of trooper recreator.

We will rejoice in the difficult life
of the poor soldiers.

We are very similar.
I write funny chronicles.

I'm a journalist by profession.

Oh, I thought
I was a rich gentleman.

Why do you wear
this funny outfit?

For the same reason,
who wear their dresses,

diverting attention
over my face.

My face, however, does not apply
to a face as beautiful as yours.

I can ask why you were arrested,
sir. Carreras?

It's no secret, miss. Hmm...

Please call me, miss.
Camilla. Camila!

Remember that the police
inspector classified me as

dangerous political agitator,
today we call ourselves anarchists.

Oh, are you one of those
men who throw bombs?

Bombs made of paper,
news articles,

to instigate people's

But unfortunately people...

did not learn to read.

Here Mr. Bomba,
your mouth must be dry

after so many educational words.

Okay, take a sip.

Ah, It looks good what
they are eating there.

Would you like to taste it,

I would be lying if I say no.

A silver weight, Sergeant.

It's the kind of girl I like,
there you go.

The olive goes for free.
For free?

I will never forget
your kindness.

Camila, I need to tell
you about something.

Not now, they are sleeping.

Even if they were awake, they wouldn't
understand what we were talking about.

My brother is called,
Frederico Almeida.

Do you know him?

Yes, I was with him a month ago.

How was he?

It means that the government?s
only reason to send you,

is it because you didn't tell
them where your brother hid?

Yes, of course.

The stream is not far,
it is well wooded there.

It will give us good coverage,
we will camp there tonight.

Do you expect to have problems?

I always hope...

But tomorrow we will
approach Windcall territory.

Mimmi, look outside.

You'll never see it,
where you came from.

Are fighting

No, they're dealing
with dinner that night.

That one.

Oh! Hmm...

When we are occasionally
at the fort...

I?ll show you how to pick an ox.

This is, the kind of useful
thing for a woman to know.

You have to be strong
to do this as you do.

Ah, I'm stronger than I look,
wild guy, you know?

Yes, I've had some wild
experiences before.

Maybe after dinner you
and I could...

Hey, hey, hey...
Go back to your young lady place,

before he ends up
cutting his fingers.

And you, go to the river
and wash these knives.

Dip together to cool, the ideas.
Yes sir!


Don't you think
I should chain you

since we stopped for the night.

I decide when to remove
the chain myself.

This is undoubtedly different
from the other girls.

Evil to mix with them.

Who said she is?

But it's like the others,
isn't it?

This is a political
prisoner like Carreras.

Thank you sir.

I'm going.
Is that all you have?

Misery. I'll take this one.

Hey, Sergeant! What about me?

Oh! I was looking for you.

I reserved for you
the best piece

Two silver weights.


No no, I said two.

He forgot that I gave
him free olives.

Well, it's fair then.

Hey Sergeant, are you rich?
What does it matter to you?

I admire men who save money

Captain, do you believe
in mind reading?

As well!

I bet with myself sir.

who could read your thoughts.

I accept the bet.

If you win, I'll give you
the key to the handcuff.

Are you thinking, sir...

Ah, how are you going
to keep men away from women,

until we get to the Fort

I wish it was that simple.

There will be another problem there, sir.
It's very important...

I have enough problems,
Mr. Carreras.

Okay, enough!

The women go to sleep
near the carriages.

And men without a watch post,

they will sleep
on this side of the fire.

Why don't you come
and lie next to me, Carmen?

It's as soft as a feather bed.

You snore too much,
I'll go down to the river

What are you doing here?

We were just talking
to Sergeant.

Calm down, you're going
to wake the others up.

Move. Come back!

Come back before...
I kill you.

Come with me,
or do you want her just for you?

It will cost you...
Come on! some weights.


You! Go back to your post.

Captain I, I...
caught this man. Forget.

You two act like children.

If I hear one more word
from you,

I will chain the two.

Darrel was jealous.

Jealous of that 10 pesos woman,
isn't it?

Listen carefully Gaucho.

Be very careful when
talking about it.

Sergeant, come here.

For the last time...

keep men away from women.

Yes sir, I tell them,
but I just had to turn...

So don't turn around!

Ride on your back if you want,
but follow orders.

Stay away from women.

Get away, all stay away.

Keep your distance.

Indians? Two.
Probably spying on us.

Keep moving, but tell the women

that stay down. Hyah, hyah!...

We tried to catch him alive,
but the fall killed him.

Are you from the Windcall tribe?
It seems so.

The horse too
and he's very tired.

Bring it, we can use it.
Yes sir!

Come on, move.
Get up, get up.

Come on, get up.

Get out of there, out!

Captain, I couldn't...

I see you didn't make it,

They did it on their own
as soon as we crossed...

You don't know what would happen...
if Padr?n finds these women?

You'll find out sooner or later.

Thanks to you,
you will soon find out.

If you can't control
nine women...

How do you expect to deal
with a hundred men, huh?

Okay, go back to the carts.

let's get out of the water.

Move, move.

Come on, come on, faster

I told you already!

Hurry quickly.

Let's move, move.

Okay, let's go.

We will go when we are ready.

Do you think
we are afraid of you?


Excellent shot,
is not even Captain.

Not so much,
I took aim at her head.

Wake up Padr?n,
I found the white Captain...

Tell me tomorrow.

The white Captain
is bringing nine women!

What did you say?

Women? Nine women.

Sergeant and new officer
are with him.

Women for the strong?

The Captain always promised
that he would do that.

How many?

Maybe fifteen, maybe twenty.
More horses than men.

They will arrive at
the Fort tonight.

Hey Petizo,
you left the army very early.

They will have one woman
for every 10 men.

We have to attack them.

Twenty men.

Tell Windcall
to send fifteen men now!

And bring me the Captain alive!

These are women!

Yes, that's what
the boys asked me to do.

And you will feed them Vigo

But there is only one skinny india
to cook for everyone.


Go to the kitchen and help her.

This is a beautiful woman print!

Want to know more,
she has a lot of money too.

Do not tell me!

Millions in gold.

The other girls told me
everything about her.


This distinguished lady will
help you in the kitchen.

Now go,
you have a lot of work to do.

Please lady

Vigo. Yes sir?

Bring a barrel of cacha?a too.
On my way.

Shall we drink now, Captain?

You never stopped, Chicha.

Now listen.

Tonight you can drink, dance...

and everything you want
except that thing.

Tomorrow night at the Fort,
you can do that too.

There's something wrong?

Is there a room here or...

where I can be
alone for a while.

Of course, stay here
and I will provide it, hm!

What do I do with you when
we get to the Fort, Carreras?

You talk too much to a Gaucho.

I've been thinking about
the same thing, Captain.

What would happen to a...

Well, what would
an officer in charge

do if your prisoner
happens to run away?

He would find him, hang him...

There is not much
to hide in the pampas.

It was what I feared sir.

What will happen to the pregnant
woman, Captain?

Believe it or not, one of the boys
wants to marry her.

I believe.

Captain, what are you going
to do with Camila...

since there is no reason
to keep it?


You know,
the government sent her here...

because she didn't want to reveal
her brother's hiding place.

Well, her brother is dead.

I saw him die.

Because I didn't say
it before we left.

I tried Captain,
but you didn't want to hear me.

I see that nobody wants
involvement with anarchists

Do you have any more
good news for me?


it looks like Camila liked you,

It's 10 years late.

I gave up on these women
a long time ago.

I bet on a good story behind it.

You know too many stories,

I already warned you,
you talk too much.

Now get out of my way.

Captain orders.


I brought you some food.

It's very kind, Lieutenant...
but I won't eat now.

I get it.

Mind if I sit for a minute?

I just feel like an officer
out there.

As you wish, that's what
I'm here for, isn't it?

Oh! Do not get me wrong.

I had no one to talk to.

I'm sorry for your brother.

Don't be sorry,
that's how he always wanted it.

You face your indians,
he faced his.

I think you prefer to be alone.

If there's anything I can do...

I'll be around.

Hey, Carreras...
Come back here.

If he wasn't a troublemaker,
he avoided problems.

I've been thinking about,
what you said.

The Fort is more...

excited about what I expected,


They're all thieves,
murderers, or worse...

But they are the best men
an officer has ever had.

Quiet all of you!

I want to talk.

I want to make a toast, yeah...

Two freebies I'll do, actually.

A toast to my men

and the other for the girls.

Girls, if you liked
boys, they are yours now.

The previous order sneezed.

I don't care what they do.


Cat, why don't you
come in and have fun?

I'm a little old for that,

In addition,
there is not enough for everyone.

Maybe tomorrow.

I don't know about that...

but if I had...

I wouldn't let anyone touch it.

Did you see any trace?
No, none...

but what I don't see or hear
is that it bothers me.

Did you see the
indian girl around?

It came from inside.

We ran into the room when
she screamed.

Then the lieutenant came
in and shot Santiago.

The man attacked her.

I understand,
take him and bury him.

Now, at night? Already.

get everyone out of here.

Let's go out.

It's true, Captain.
He saved my life.

Well, you saved
what you consider to be his.

You, stay with her tonight.

What are you going
to do with me, Captain?

I don't know if I give a medal,
or C?rte Marcial, Del Rio.

I'm sorry, sir...
Santiago approached her.

He knew she was from
the Lieutenant's wife.

I understood Pepe, that's fine.

It doesn't matter
what you do to me.

I will never be a good officer.

You would have stopped
him without shooting him.

Oh! Of course, an Officer
without men to command,

if it continues like this.
Now go rest.

Santiago was a Gaucho,
who will not be missed.

You know, so much happens
around you Captain,

it is a pity to be without
the newspaper to be able to write.

I could found one there at the Fort,
even though they can't read.

That's what I was telling
you about.

But I thought Pepe
had more initiative than me...

Look, Camilla
is the lieutenant's girl.

So I wanted you to tell me,
share your girl

with any other man
in the battalion, huh?

Well, if you're trying to get me
into more trouble, forget it.

I have more important
things to do.

How much do I owe you Vigo?

Yes, 100 silver pesos, Captain.
Special price for the army.

It seems very reasonable to me!

It's, that Indian woman
is not being very useful,

I calculated that giving you
50 pesos more,

could you take it with me, huh?

If she goes,
I'm left with no one to do things.

But if you want it Captain,
then it's yours.

Hey you!

Come here.

Would you give 150 pesos
not to have to go to Forte?

I will be in charge there.

Up to 10,000,
but I only have 100 available.

There is Vigo,
a bride with a modest dowry.

Tell the girl she is going.


Ruco, come over here.


Oaw... I covered 8 kilometers,
no movement.

I didn't see
a bird around today.

For the first time, I didn't
see animals drinking in the lake.

Go check that side.

Okay, let's go!

Indians, indians, indians.

They are coming!

That's it, go to the valley
in double file.

They're coming, they've seen us!

Come on Sergeant.

Come back!

Come back!

Come back!

Do not go! Do not go!

Do not go!...

Get the women out of there.

Take another step.

They drop on the horses.

They are leaving.

Cease fire an instant!

The village people!

It was about time.

Tell someone to get the Cat.

And put the women on the back.

We will try...

All on their mounts!

I told you to ride.

Captain, do you still intend
to go to the Fort?

Of course,
where else would we go?

And the women?
The women stay here.

It is dangerous to rearrange them,
we will come back with reinforcements.

Anything more to clarify?

Captain, me and the men...

we are not going to take
our women to the Fort.

Did you speak for yourself,
Sergeant or for everyone?

I think everyone
would rather die here,

than taking women to the Fort.

And let the soldiers touch them,
with their dirty hands.

Did you all go crazy?

Without women, what reason
would we have to live?

What do you expect me to do?

Build another Fort just for you?

Captain, we didn't desert
or anything...

We will fight
to defend the Fort.

Everything you say,
even without payment.

First they rebel,
then they expect me...

Okay gentlemen,
may your decision prevail.

Now, some of you will go
to the Fort with me...

or is asking too much
to leave your women

for an afternoon, huh?

I'll go with you, Captain.

Since I'm going to become a soldier,
I better start now.

Do you guarantee yourself?

I can try. Take a horse.


Father, was it his wife?

The Captain carried her
to the grave in his arms.

In a way, he buried himself together.
He adored her.

Did the Indians kill her?

The pampas killed her.
She hated this place.

She hated Padr?n so much
that she ran away.

The moment Martin found her,

he had already died of fever.


She looked a lot like you.

Why didn't you tell me back at
the station that you knew how to ride?

I doubt he would let me
travel with women.


I thought I would never arrive,

Flirting with women, I imagine.

Make his bed,
don't you see he's tired?

You better kill me soon, Patron.
The troop is behind.

Are you coming?

Because I say that they
are all in the village...

with the woman's
he kindly brought to me.

Squeeze well guys,
the Captain is a very strong man.

I want to hear you screaming!

Why aren't you screaming?

Then maybe I will stop.

You are crazy, Padr?n.
Even your men think so.

You're a crazy son of a bitch!

You want me to kill you,
quick first...

but Padr?n is smarter than that.

Let's go now!

They are coming!

They're coming Lieutenant!

There are hundreds of them,
hundreds advancing, Lieutenant.

Ah, take the women,
into the church!

Get into the church!

Everyone, into the church!

Move quickly,
they will surround us.

Let's go! Keep coming.
Get inside!

Move, move.
Coming in, quick.

This way, you over there!
Quick behind the wall!

We have no chance out here.

Take everyone inside
the church.

Let's go!

Come on Carlos.

Touch the mattresses
against the walls.

Go to the windows.

Come on, come on!

Against the wall,
leaning against the wall, everyone.

Aren't we going
to attack the church?

As soon as the boys
are done with the fun...

they will calmly return
and eliminate us, one, one...

from the windows.

Come on man... come on man!

You can make it!

Come on!...

Come on man, react.

You will succeed.

Just more...
just more, just a little bit more.

You can!


I don't have time,
to bury him...

but I don't think you care,
my friend.

Lower the bridge!

Oh! Martin.
I need all the men.

Padr?n is attacking,
the villager.

Where are the women?
I ordered them to stay there.

We ran out of due diligence.

Hang on!
We lost many men.

were attacked too?

No, but there were defections,
many of them.

You can say, my methods have
only brought us defeats.

Defeat? No not yet.

We are two tired old soldiers,

but we are not going
to die in a bed.

Hey! Do you hear that?

Why haven't they
attacked us yet?

I dont know.
They would finish us off easily.

The Windcall indians attack by day,
not at night.

They had the whole afternoon,
didn't they?

They like to prolong.

But what do they get out of it?

For them, killing is a pleasure,

so they make the most
of this pleasure.

Taking everything easily
would not make much sense.

If you're talking about us
Lieutenant, it might make sense.

What is the old man doing?

She acts strange, doesn't she?

Hey, maybe it is,
to give you courage.

Windcall consults his Gods...

Windcall knows he can die
in the battle tomorrow.

If he dies,
the indians will all desert.

He's not going to die.

We will not let you
participate in the battle.

It is useless Lord,
there are hundreds of them.

The village is on fire.
And our people?

Cornered in the church,
watching from the windows.

I can't understand
why they don't attack them.

Padr?n is waiting for the day
to clear, or for us.

Let's get them now!

With them drunk or not,
we won't stand a chance.

Windcall is a God, not Chief!

What did she mean by that?

I think I understand it.

Wait for me until, at dawn.

Get up! Get up!

They're attacking!

They're attacking!

Take cover! Take cover!
Take cover!

Take cover What happened there,

I think you'll see it
without delay.

Take cover!...

Scout, bring me your canteen.

Where are they going,
what's going on?

I dont know.


Sarita, what are they doing?

The Indians will no longer fight,
because Windcall died.

I believe that the indians will not go
to war again, for a long time.

Still, our battalion has
no strength against Padr?n.

I told you,
there's only one thing to do.

It's no use, Martin.

It costs nothing to try.

I can try?

We will show them,
we will raze them.

General Chavez is going
to amnesty you all.

You can go back to Fort Toro...

bringing your women,
with you.

The only exception
will be Padr?n.

He lies... attack us!

I said, to attack!

I said, to attack!

Attack, you cowards.

Kill him! Kill him!