Savage Island (1985) - full transcript

Women who have been captured and sold as slave labor to a South American emerald mine hatch a plan for revolution and revenge.

Oh, God.


Oh, my God.

Please, God. Help, please.



Miss, would you sign in, please?

Miss, everyone has to sign in.

Hey, you, come here!

Miss Daly?

Mr. Luker's expecting me.

Miss Daly's here.

Miss Daly!

At last we meet.

How do you do?

May I offer you some espresso,

cappuccino, chardonnay?

No, thank you. I'm fine.
If we could maybe just...

Getting down to business, huh?

I can tell you're a woman
who drives a hard bargain.

What a marvelous piece
you are wearing.

I'm sure you will be most
impressed with my selection.

I've collected some exquisite
stones for your perusal.

Is there something wrong?

What the...

Sit down.

Sit down!

What is it you want?

Jewels? Money?

Who the hell are you?

Let's just say
a dissatisfied ex-employee.


I am certain I have never
met you before in my life.

Whatever the problem is, I'm...

I'm sure we can
straighten it out.

I was your slave, Mr. Luker.

Me and a hundred other women
down in South America.

Digging up your precious
emeralds with our bare hands!

I don't know what you
are talking about.

I procure my emeralds
through middlemen.

Middlemen who run the prison.

And promise inmates
shorter sentences

in exchange for hard labor.

What they don't tell you is that
one week on your Emerald Island

is like a thousand years in
the shittiest South American hole!

You're a raving lunatic!

Maybe so. Thanks to you.

I swore when I got out
of there I'd get even.

It took me two years to do this,

and as of today,
no more Emerald Island.

Curious, huh?

Well, I'm gonna tell you
all about it.

Every last detail.

The beginning of the end
was four days ago.

The day the boat brought
in the new prisoners.

Only one of them was a plant.
And she worked for me.

It's been a long time.

Think I could have a hit?

It smells so good, Sarge.

Nah, she's just a baby.
Wouldn't like it.

Green meat. You know
what I'm talking about?

Give her time. She'll be
ripe soon. Apple a day.

Here, I'm going forward.
Take the tiller, Tomas.

Tomas, I'm going up there.

Hey, captain, how much
longer on the jungle cruise?

I'm getting seasick.

Oh, won't be long now.
This happens to be a river.

It was the
same setup as usual.

Four soldiers and two boat crew.

And the captain, Orinoko.

I never could figure out why
Orinoko did your dirty work

bringing in the new prisoners,
taking out your emeralds.

He wasn't a cruel bastard
like the rest of your men.

I guess he and his crew
just did it for the money.

Like any good mercenaries.

Got a little fire down below,

This stuff is rotten.
It's putrid, like this jungle.

Give me that bottle, duchess.

Ruiz, take that.

You feel better now?

My throat's on fire.

It'll pass.

Want a slugof this, Tomas?

What's your name?


What're you in for?

For stealing diamonds from
a fat old bitch

and her sex-starved husband.

I belonged to a gang, see.

Diamonds, gold.

Whatever paid well.

I didn't really do so bad.
I did okay.

Come on, Tomas. We gotta be off
the river by nightfall.

Let's go. Keep an eye
on forward, Ruiz.

I'll watch the stern.

Crossing the jungle to
meet the boat when it docked

was my other partner, Laredo,
and his gang of jewel thieves.

The plan was for them
to kill the guards

and force Orinoko to lead them
to the prison camp.

What we hadn't figured on
was running into one of

the armed squads
that patrol your jungle.

Hold it.

It's this way.

Stay close. Follow me.

Spread out, it's an ambush!

Where are they?
I can't see them!

Got one over there!
Look over there!

There's only a couple more!

There's another one! Get him!

Laredo. I got shot!


Paco, where were you hit?


Most of Laredo's men
were killed in the ambush.

His best friend, Paco,
got hit in the shoulder.

It slowed them down,
but they carried Paco with them,

hoping to find someone
who knew how to extract a bullet.

Orinoko docked for the night,

and let his group into
the jungle to his regular campsite.

Well, here we are.

Home sweet home.

So, this is where we're going
to bed down tonight, ladies.

Sleep tight.

Tomas, come on! What?

Make yourself useful.

Break out the double beds
for these ladies.

You know, the feather
mattresses, everything.

That's it.

Now, Achilles, I think
I'll retire for the night.

Tomas, wake me up around 07:00.


And don't forget the bacon and eggs

and a cup of scalding hot coffee.

Oh, I'll remember, captain.

Not too bad.
Nothing like clean sheets.

Maria went to work on
the head guard.

Well, well.

I'd better go with her.

I am responsible for her, you know.

Oh, sure thing, Sarge.
But if you need a little help,

I'll be right with you.

You talk too much, old man.
I don't like your jokes.

Remember who's in charge.

You watch your step,
or you'll answer to me.

Now, you listen, Sergeant.
And listen good.

Tomas works for me.

I'll take care of my crew.

You stick to guarding the prisoners.
You got it?

Can I have just one puff?

Is that all you want, Maria, huh?

Mmm. Like silk.



You like it, huh?


Let me see how it is
to be a woman again.

Are you afraid?

I'm not afraid of anything.

You're going to remember
this for a long time.

We'll do it right here.

Let me look at you first.


Maria, it's me, Laredo.

How many guards are there?

What took you so long?
There are three of them.

Shh! Right over there.

Draw them over here.

Help, guards!
Guards! Hurry up!

The sergeant's been bit.
Hurry up!

How the hell did you get here?

How did you get past my sentries?

Nobody could do that.
You're crazy.

Who are you guys, anyway?

He's hut bad.
He took a bullet in his shoulder.

He needs a doctor.

Let me take a look.

Hmm, it's gotta come out.

Do we have any supplies here?

No way.

Let's go.

Okay. Lead us there.

We'll take him to the boat.

Well, you've got some supplies there.

Hold him still.

Clench your teeth
good and tight, Paco.

That way you won't feel it so much.

- Here, bite on this.
- Hold him.

Man of strength and courage.

Doesn't look too good, Orinoko.

Give me some gauze.

Pass me the pinchers.

Just one more minute.

And the alcohol.

Hurry it up girl, will you?


Look the other way.

Come on.

There we are.

It's bleeding.

Got it. What a bullet.

To infiltrate the camp,
disguised as the soldiers,

Laredo had to have Orinoko's help.

The warden and
his right-hand man, Jordan,

trusted Orinoko.

They should have known better.

We lost most of our men
in the ambush,

but we can still
accomplish our mission.

But I'd like to ask
if you'd join with us.

Oh, yeah,
so what you want is

for me to risk my neck.

You want my answer?

It depends on the end.

You'd be paid very well.

Then you know my answer.

Posing as guards,
we'll infiltrate the camp.

Jordan knows and trusts
you, doesn't he?

In a day or two, when their
backs are turned,

we'll sneak out the emeralds.

So the deal was set.

And my friends were about
to enter the belly of the beast.

Keep your eyes peeled.

Dig through every inch of that mud.

If you see anything that
looks like an emerald, holler.

Dig deep. Dig!

Work today. Work, work!

Come on. Get off your ass!

Get over there!

Hey, hey, wait a minute.

Hold it.

You haven't found
a rock in three days.

Now keep looking!

You're not through yet.

You gotta find some more first.

Any one of you girls
who finds a precious stone

will get double rations today.

If you don't, you get nothing!

Come on, ladies, come on!

Stay on the other side
with that bucket.

Look, you give me
any more orders,

I'm gonna throw this bucket
right in your face.

Just try it and I'll split
your head wide open with...

Oh, bullshit!

Come on, come on!
Get over there!

Come on!

Come in!

You're not bringing me good news.

Yeah. Another bad batch.

This is it?

The company's gonna shut us down.

Let 'em do it.

There are no more emeralds here anyway.

This island is rich with emeralds.

It's up to you
to push the women harder.

And I don't care how you do it.

Look, if the prison would
send us more prisoners,

we'd have better results.

These women are useless.
We can only push them so far.

If I was in charge, I'd push them
till they dropped.

Well, you're not in charge.

You're too soft, Cesare.

Oh, shut up, you two!

We can't send Orinoko back
with this batch.

Or would you rather be working
this job for free?

It's Orinoko with the new prisoners!

Well, Orinoko,
you finally got here!

I think so.
How are you, Mr. Jordan?

That's him. Follow me.

Tomas,check this out.

Well, how are things going
in this harem of yours, Mr. Jordan?

Everything okay, huh?

Yeah, yeah, I've seen better.

Look, I want you to meet
Sergeant Laredo.

How do you do?

Okay. Come.

That'd be all, Cesare.

These new prisoners
are a difficult bunch.

The company ordered us to stay here

and help you break them in.
Just in case.

What news do you bring
from the outside world?

Same old crap.

You can take the world and
shove it for all I care.

Just give me my boat, women,

and plenty of cash.

You'd peddle your mother's body
for a nickel.

Hey, that's no way to talk!

Get off my back!

You and me have worked together
for years.

We know each other.
We got a lot in common.

You know, you're full of shit, Orinoko.


Hey, Sarge, uh-uh.

Look, but don't touch.

There's a large fortune
right there in those bags.

Phew, I don't know how
you can eat this yuck!

Cool it!
Don't cause trouble.

Hey, you! What's the matter?
Don't you like our menu?

Well, you'd better eat it,
or I'll rip your skin off.

I'd rather be skinned alive
than eat this slop.

Listen, kid, you just got here
so I'll forget it.

Otherwise, I'd have you licking it up
with your tongue.

Now get to the showers!
You smell like garbage!

Come on, you girls,
get in there!

Come on, move it!

Come on!

Get in there.

We don't have a lot of water.
So no beauty baths.

Move it! Move it!

Come on, get in there!

Move it!

Come on, hurry up!

Come on! Get in there!
Get it over with!

Okay, everybody out! Move it!

Now it's my turn. I owe you four.

Maria expected the worst
from the guards there.

But nothing could prepare her
for the women she'd meet.

Hey, I brought you another friend
for your cell.

She's worse than the rest of you.

Fucking women! Get in there!

When did you get here?

Around an hour ago.

Listen. I'm the leader in this cell,

and if you do as I tell you,

things won't be too bad for you here.

What is your name?

Maria. You can sit down.

That's enough. Let's play.


And that's your bunk.

What's your sentence?

Ten years.

And, of course, you are innocent.


Well, an honest girl.

You gotta learn not to think
about your past. It's no good.

This is your new life, and
you better get used to it, Maria.

So you know
who your roommates are.

Mary, six years for illegal prostitution.

Muriel, 20 years for
premeditated murder.

And I got life for killing
my girlfriend.

We'd better all get real familiar
with one another.

We're gonna live together
in this damn prison

for quite a long time.

We all have to give
and be amiable,

so we can love each other.

Especially when they leave us
alone in the cell at night.

You bitch!

You guys are
gonna get us in trouble.

Get off me!

Stop it!

Cut it out! Stop it!

Guys, stop it. We're gonna
get in really big trouble

if you don't stop now!

Come on! Get in there!

They're fighting again.

I told you guys.

What the hell
is going on in here?

Calm down! Take it easy!

We'll give it to you!

Hang 'em on a tree.

What you see here is only
an example of what you'll get.

You must never provoke any
disorder, understand?

This is a prison camp.

We have laws and regulations
and they must be obeyed.

The punishment from now on
will be more severe.

Much more drastic for all those

who create disorder of any kind!

In the barracks, when you work.

I don't like using strong-arm methods

but if there were no discipline
in a prison camp

there would be total chaos.

So it is my duty as warden here
to see to it

that law and order be kept
at all times!

Any one of you who violates my laws

will be punished severely.

Now let me remind you
that each one of you

is serving a sentence for
having committed some crime

in the outside world, and you
are now being punished for it!

I have here some letters
and lovely post cards

from the outside world.

I can't imagine how they managed
to find their way out here.

We are miles from civilization.

But I changed my mind about
distributing this mail to you

because of what happened last night.

And you can forget getting
any news at all!

For any of you!

And I don't give a damn!

Now, work, all of you!

All right, let's go.

You all heard what the warden said.

Come on, move it, move it!

Move your ass, Blondie!

Come on, I don't have all day!

Go, bitches!

Come on, move it!

All right, move it, hey!

Come on,
ladies, get the lead out.

Come on, it's time for
another day in the sun.

Come on, get in there.

Come on, move it!

Move it along, my beauty queens!
Come on!

Let's get out there, let's do it!

Come on! Hey, come on.

Let's get some work done.
We gotta dig here.

We gotta get some of those emeralds.

Dig! Come on!

All right!

Hey, little girl, watch out!

There's snake in the water!

All right, baby. Come on.

What are you...

Oh, boy.
The little girl needs loving now.

Yeah, yeah,
right here in the bushes.

Come on, baby.
You'll love it.


Tell me, how's Maria?

She was beaten pretty bad.
But she'll make it.


Why are you being so nice to us?

I just wanna help.

Why, why do you ask?

Because no guards ever helped us.

I hate to see you women suffer so.

You're prisoners,
not animals.

Prisoners, guards, we're beasts.

Everyone's an animal.

Conditions here are worse
than I expected.

The guards are insane.

The women don't stand
a chance against these bastards.

We have to do something
to help these prisoners.

The guards outnumber us six to one,

and they're well-armed.

But I think we must revolt.

We have no more time to wait.
We must act.

Let's blow this place off the map.

It'll be a risky operation.

Gentlemen, take it easy.

We gotta follow our original plan.

We grab the diamonds and then
we take off.


But you don't have a vote here,

I'm with Paco. Let's blow it up.

Yeah, dynamite is my specialty.

Then we agree?

First, we wait for the opportunity.

Don't forget that you're guards now.

So act like it.

No one learns of our new plan.

And no fighting at all until
I tell you.

Is that clear?

That's it.

It's as clear Asa 20 carat gem.

Kate, don't you ever
think about breaking out of here?

Listen, when you've been
here as long as me,

you don't think about it anymore.

I mean, who cares?

Water. Hey, give me some water.

My throat's killing me.

All right.

Hey, you want any? No.

I don't think
I'll last long here.

I can't get used to this.

Wait a minute.

Hey, what are you doing?

Hey, what are you up to?

I was looking for some
roots. It's not forbidden, is it?

Not when we are rest.

Why would you be looking for roots?

To eat them. I'm still hungry.

Oh, Muriel, you'll
have all the food you can eat

if you'll just play along.

Let go of me! Hold it!

She's just like an animal.

Yeah, a wild animal
that needs to tamed.

Leave me alone!
You two will never have me!

Oh, you hear that,

We'll have her all right.
You'll see, Cesare.

The more you resist,
the more you excite us.

I'm not giving in. Leave me alone!

Muriel, look at this.

This'll make you change your mind.

Now tell us that you'll do
everything we want you to do.

I'll count to five.

If you don't tell us by then,

I'll throw this snake in your face.

One, two, three, four.

You filthy bitch!

You think you're tough.

I oughta stuff it down your throat.

You have a lot of courage, Muriel.

The girls look up to you, right?

Yes, they believe in me.

I bow down to nobody.

As long as I have my courage,
I'll fight.

And to fight for their freedom
and yours, will they help you?

Help? What do you mean?

I was brought here by jewel thieves
disguised as soldiers.

Do you understand?

Jewel thieves.

I don't understand.
Is this a joke?

No. If they're gonna fight

for our freedom, well, then,

we'll organize the women
and fight beside them.

what's the matter with you today?

Don't you feel like working?

You bunch of good for nothing bitches!

Come on, move it!

You gotta work today. Work!


Quit fucking around, fat ass!

Pick it up and carry it.

All right, you two. Come on,
now fill up that wheel barrow.

We ain't got all day.

We gotta get moving.
Let's go, go!

Hey, if you're not finished by sundown,

you gotta go straight to
your bunks without any chow.

Now, get moving off your ass! Go!

Muriel,Kate, look.

What did you do? I cut my hand.

Are you all right?

Here, let me see.

Do you feel pain?
Yes, so much.

Do I have to look after
you cunts every second?

Get back to work!
Oh, I hate that bitch.

She was one of us,
and she's on their side.

You'd better listen to what I say.
You got it?

Are you all deaf?
Did you hear me or not?

What are you doing?

Are you playing with yourselves?

I said get to work!
Now, did you hear me?

We didn't hear you.

She just fell down.

Let me see that.

Ah, wash it off and get to work.

That's nothing.

Get back to work I said! Do it!

You better bring her to the infirmary.

You have the nerve to
give orders around here.

Since when?

I give the orders here.
Now get to work!

You're through giving orders,
I tell you.

She's right.

I'm not mad at you.

Look, why don't we forget this, huh?

You won't, for certain.You listen.

We're not taking your shit anymore.

You're gonna get what you deserve.

You used to be one us, you traitor.

Let go of me.

Let's get her down.

Have some water.


Drink it.

Get her down.

You haven't had enough.

That's strange.

What could that be?

Whatever it is, it's not going
to be very pretty.

Someone's gotten themselves
in some kind of a mess.

Maybe a prisoner's gonna
get a lesson in manners.

Yeah. But do you think
she's gonna live through it?

Well, we're about to find out.

She's drowned.

In water two feet high?

No, this girl was murdered.

Merica was one of my best guards.

While on duty, she was attacked
and brutally killed.

Whoever it was
who committed this crime

better own up to it,
because if they don't,

every one of you prisoners
will be whiplashed every day,

until Merica's murderer
has been brought to me.

All right, Cesare,
start lashing!

- Harder!
- Walk in a circle!

Keep it on line.

Who murdered Merica?
I want names!


I want names, now!

Come on, move it!
Give me a name.

Who murdered Merica?

Give me a name!

Who did it?

Harder! Hit them harder!


I want names now!

I'll take this one.

You sadistic bastard!

No. No.

Paco! Leave him to me.
He's my responsibility.

You fool!

Now he's yours.

Put this soldier under the ground!

Grab him!

You'll regret this.

Let me go!

Yeah, we'll let you go.
You'll wish you were dead.

I want that manmade an example of.

I want to be sure he is very sorry.

I'll have him shot.

Put him down in the hole
where he belongs.

Let's go.

So much for Laredo's plans.

So long, Paco.

I had to do that to Paco.
I had no choice.

We can't be too careful.

I thought he was going
to spoil everything.

I gotta get him out as soon as I can.

He'll die if he stays
in there much longer.

The time is right for the revolt.

We must go and inform
the others to be ready.

Paco'll live through it.

What I'm worried about
is whether you will.

A man's got fortune
in gems waiting for him

and he won't goin and take it.

Is that right?

Pablo, I'm here
to relieve you.

I need some sleep.

Everything okay?

Yeah, I left a blanket
for you in case it gets cold.

Great. Thanks a lot.

take care of the tower guard.

It's all clear.
Go on.

That's one down.

Let's get outta here.


Ruiz, let's go.

Hey, what was that?


Did you hear something?

No. Why, did you?

Yeah. Hey, did you see anything move?


Listen, man, I could swear I...

Hey, boys, look what I got here!


Go ahead. Drink up.
There's plenty for everybody.

Don't you worry, there's plenty.

Give me that.

Ruiz, come on.
I don't think anybody heard us.

Paco. Paco, are you all right?

I'm okay,
just get me out of this hole.

Not now, Paco.
It's not time yet.

I'll get you out as soon
as I can, I promise.

We gotta plant
some dynamite first, though.

Don't leave me here.

To get this lock open.
I'll have to shoot it off with a gun.

That'll wake the whole place.

Be patient. I'll see you later.

You two did all right, huh?

You bet, amigo.

Do we have to wait much longer
before we start this fiesta?

When the sun comes up
there'll be plenty of excitement.

And a bunch of emeralds.

Uh-huh. You bet ya.



Looks clear.



Somebody's coming this way.
Ruiz, hurry.

It's not the right moment.

Maria, did you hear that?

What was that? An explosion?

We've gotta get out.

Guards, hurry!
Barracks A!

Hurry up! Quick! Quick,
the prisoners are escaping!

Paco, cover your ears.


Come on. Hurry up!

What's going on?

The prisoners are attempting an escape.

It's a revolt.


Maria, I've got a job for you.

Get to Ruiz.
He'll tell you what to do.

Give him this match and cigar. Hurry!

Muriel, come with me.

Here, light this dynamite and throw it

at these sons of bitches
while I climb this tower.

You gotta keep me covered,

Uh-huh. Go on.

Where you going, sweetheart?

Rushing off to meet
your boyfriend, are ya?

With this dynamite.

You're terrific.

Let's blow this place up.

I'm proud of ya.

Now, go use that stuff
where it'll do some good.

Okay, let's go.

Frieda and Norma go left.
Muriel, Maria, Tomas, right.

What gives you such
courage, Muriel?



Maria, be careful with the gems.

It's lit. Let's go. Quickly.

I'll take those emeralds.
They're mine.


You cunt!

Laredo, jackpot!
We've got the jewels!

The jewels, partner.
Two bags of emeralds.

Two bags! They're mine.

They belong to all of us.
That's our agreement.

What do you mean, all of us?
They're mine. I found 'em.

Nobody else worked
for 'em like I did.

I'm the one who deserves them.

You wouldn't try to cheat me
out of them, would ya?

Not after all I've done.

No tricks, Orinoko.
Let's have it.


It's not fair. They're mine.

They're mine.
Now, you don't understand...

Remember, Orinoko,
you agreed to go all the way.

Well, I'm sure we can negotiate.

I mean, we can work
something out.

It's, it's not...

You agreed to escort us
back to the river

and carry us home
in your boat, remember?

Well, well, yeah.

But I mean, I'm not going
to do it for nothing.

I mean, you scratch my back
and I'll scratch yours, and...

You're great.

A man of honor.
A gentleman. I knew it.

A man after,
after my own heart.

You're wonderful.

Thank you. Thank you.

That greedy bastard Orinoko
took his cut and disappeared.

I guess he knew he had
a fighting chance that way.

So, Laredo, who could barely
even read a compass,

led the survivors off
through the jungle.

The jungle was crawling with patrols.

Laredo hoped he could avoid them

by cutting through the swamps.

They'll have another patrol
after us in no time.

But we're ahead of them.

Don't slow down
back there!

The river's about
10 miles from here.

There's an old hermit
there with a boat.

I think he'll help us.
Let's hope he's still there.

All right, let's stop here
and rest for a minute.

I think we'll be safe.

Hey, Laredo,
over here. it's cooler.

Watch out for snakes.

And hopefully
no one can see us.

Be careful.

Here, give me your arm.

Okay. Come on, quickly!

We have to hurry. Come on!

Keep moving!

Goddamn wound!

I think he's picked up the scent.

Come on. Come on.


Yeah, he smells them all right.
They can't be far.

Yeah, we're on the right road now.

They're gonna wish
they'd never been born.

Come on!

That's it. Careful.

That's a girl.

They caught up with us!

Drop everything and run!
Come on, move, move!

Be careful here. It's dangerous.

Watch where you put your feet.

Come on, come on, keep moving.

Look out for these branches over here.

Stay to the right.

Laredo, come quick! What is it?

What happened?

Get out of the way!

I'm afraid we've lost her.

I know you're tired,
but we've gotta keep going.

Ah! Leeches!

Maria, I'll take them off.

There, there.


It's all right.

Good God! Leeches! Here.

We've gotta get
them off. No!

What have you done?

I had to do it.

She would have died a worse death.

Let's go.

We've got to keep moving.

Be careful.


Okay, straight ahead.

Help her, Laredo!

hold onto this.

Help me with this branch.
Come on!

Grab on to this.

Come on, take it, take it.

Hold on tight.

That's a girl.
Come on, hold on!

Hold on!

Hold on tight!

Jesus, they've found us.

Get back! Get back!

Oh, Kate!


Get over there!

Girls, you go ahead.

You can be at the river in just a few
minutes. I'll keep shooting it out.

I'm going to kill those bastards!

Laredo, don't be a fool!

All right.
We'll make run for it.

I'll cover you.

Now, run!

Go on, run! Move!
Get outta here! Run!

Move, move!

Oh, Laredo!
Oh, Laredo.

Please, please
speak to me.

Go. Take the emeralds. Escape.

Not without you.

He's dying.

Don't die, please!

We'll have to go alone.


We can't.

We can't leave him here to die.

We must take him with us.

He saved our lives.

All right, come on. Let's go.

All of that


for two little bags of green shit!

That got lost in the quick sand anyway.

And you know
what I realized?

Stealing from you isn't enough.

Ruining your little empire

isn't enough.

And killing you probably wouldn't be

that big a thrill either.

What is it?

Open the safe!


Anything you want.

You can have everything.

Just please don't hurt me.


Quit your blubbering!


It's all yours. I...

I can give you a carrying case.

Hurry up!