Savage Island (2004) - full transcript

Julia Young and Steven Harris are having marital troubles, but on a weekend trip to visit Julia's family on the remote Savage Island, marital problems quickly become the least of their worries. An intense struggle between the Young and the Savage families, the only residents living on the island, takes thrills and chills to a whole new and disturbing level. The Savages, a bunch that take the terms 'hillbilly', and 'hick' to a new frontier, are out to claim Steven and Julia's baby as payment for the death of their own son who was accidentally run over by Julia's pot-head younger brother.

(soft string music)

(mysterious vocalizing)

- Julia.






(Julia groans)

Did you have a good nap?

(baby cooing)

Julia, stop it, I'm trying to drive, okay?

- That's okay.

- No, it's not.

(zipper openging)

Julia, I said no.

- Come on.

Where's your sense of adventure?

- I just don't think it's
appropriate with Alex in the back.

I mean, we could get hit by
a car or drive off the road.

- You're a good driver.

(car honking)

- Julia, god damn it!

Are you tryin' to kill us all?

- Why are you being so uptight?

- I'm not being uptight,
I'm being responsible.

Now put your seatbelt back on, please.

(seatbelt clicking)

(baby cooing)

(mellow rock music)

- I cannot remember the
last time that we made love.

- Julia, I don't think we
should get into this now.

- Why not?

- Because I don't think we
need to get into an argument

before we get to your parents' place.

- Hm.

Just tryin' to create a
little excitement, you know?

(baby crying)

(suspenseful string music)

(waves lapping)

- It looks pretty rough out there.

Are you sure it's safe?

- Yes, Steven.

Come on. (birds cawing)

- Hello.

Nasty out there, isn't it?

I'm Steven.

This is my wife, Julia, and our son, Alex.

- My name's Joe.

- What you got in the bag, Joe?

- Steven.

- I made it myself.

I got lots.

You wanna pet it?

It ain't gonna bite, it's dead already.

I trade 'em for oil, you got oil?

- No, we don't have any oil.

- Tobacco?


- Steven.

- Actually, I don't think we
have anything that you'd want.

- No, you got lots.

- Joe, whatcha doin'?

- They got a baby, Lenny, come see.

- Leave 'em alone.

You're causin' trouble.

- Only tradin', Len, only tradin'.

- I'm sorry if he's causing trouble.

- I wasn't botherin' 'em.

Maybe they was botherin' me.

- Come on, let's go.

- Oh, finally.

- Peter! (boat engine humming)

Woah, easy.

Okay, I got it.

Okay I got it.

- All right.

Hey, Stevie.

- Hey Peter.

- Alex, hello Mother Nature.

- Hey Peter, good to see you.

(baby cooing)

- [Peter] Look at you.

What is that?

- He's big, I know.- [Peter] Wow.

- Hey, are you gonna tie
this thing off, or what?

- Coochie coochie coo.

Hang on.

Coochie coochie coochie coo, hi, hi.

Coochie coochie coochie coo.

(suspenseful string music)

Locals, Stevie, them's the locals.

Doin' a good job.

(baby crying)

(boat engine humming)

- I thought your parents had
this place to themselves.

Nobody every mentioned neighbors.

- Ha, neighbors?

You should see these people.

We're talkin' full on hillbilly inbreds.

- Are they a problem?

- They're squatters.

They're living on our island

with the rest of their demented family.

You ever hear of squatters' rights?

(ominous music)

You know, the nice thing about this bay

is there's no wind.

- [Julia] Yeah, thank god.

- Now, you're gonna have to,

you gotta wait and see these bluebirds

that come up for the country club.

- Country club?

- Oh yeah, and he's really excited.

What does he say?

Go big, or,

- Or go home.

- [Peter] Exactly, I
mean he does not shut up.

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

It's like his head is gonna blow off.

I mean Mom, Mom, Mom has taken
up drinking again, I think,

or something like that.
- What is it?

What are you looking at?

- I thought I saw something move.

- Probably watching my ass again.

- (laughing) Come on.

- Do you wanna put that in the back?

You wanna put me in the back?

- Yeah, I'll put ya somewhere.

(ominous music)

(car engine igniting)

(upbeat rock music)

It smells like pot in here.

- Because I smoke pot in here.


Hey, you wanna quick hoot?

It makes Mom and Dad seem
less like, Mom and Dad.

- Maybe later.
- Stevie?

- No thanks, hey, you want me to drive?

- No thanks, I know these
roads like the back of my hand.

- Peter. (laughing)

- They don't call me Dr.
Night Vision for nothin'.

- Peter, turn the
headlights back on, please.

- [Julia] Oh relax, Steven.
- Oh, it's bright, I can see.

Yee hoo!
- Peter, please!

- Ah Jesus, for the love of Christ,

have a bit of fun in your life.

I mean, come on. (thudding)

Woah, geez!
- Oh great, shut the car off.

- Holy shit.
- What was that?

- [Steven] I told you

to turn the lights on.
- I don't know.

Yeah, shut up.

It must've been an animal or somethin'.

(baby crying)

- [Julia] Shh, shh, just calm down.

Baby, honey.

- Did you see anything?

- Well you're the one with
the excellent night vision.

- Shh. (moaning)

It's still alive.

- You can't just let it suffer.

What are we gonna do?

- I don't know, what do
you propose, Mr. Medevac?

Strangling him with one
of your dress socks?

- Guys, come on!

- Look, what's done is done, okay?

Okay, let's go.

(baby wailing)

- [Steven] Hey.

- Come on.

- [Julia] Alex, we're almost there, okay?

Shh, shh, shh.

(suspenseful string music)

(child whimpering)

- You made it, hello.
- Hi.

- Hi.
- Hi Mom.

- Oh, he's gotten so big.
- Oh yeah.

- [Beth] Oh, he needs changing.

You want grandma to change you, huh?

- Steven, give me the bag.

- Yep, I got it.

- Come with grandma, yeah,
come with grandma, come on.

No, no, no, that's okay.

No, no, don't cry.
- Julia.

- Hi Daddy.
- You look good.

Things are going well?
- Mm, yeah.

Oh, sounds like Alex is already
having words with Grandma.

(baby crying)

- How are you?
- Good.

Good to see you, Keith.
- Woah, good one.

- [Steven] Oh my god.

- Oh ho, yeah.

- Damn deer run right out at ya.

- Stevie was worried about the road kill,

thought it might need to
be put out of its misery.

- Oh, it's out of its misery all right.

Definite kill, calls for a beer.

- Yeah. (smacking)

- [Steven] Hey, don't do that, okay?

(baby cooing)

- I thought you stopped taking those.

- Not yet.
- Oh.

I thought you were getting better.

- I am, I haven't had a
panic attack for months.

- Well, that's good news.

I was going to ask you
how things were going,

but I thought you would've told me

if you had a recent episode.

You would've told me, right?
- Yes.

- And, how are things with Steven?

- Okay.
- Just okay?

Well that's not very encouraging.

The last thing I heard, you and Steven

were gonna get some counseling.

- I know, Steven and I are handling it.

Really, Mom, we're fine.

- I don't see how you can
breathe livin' in the city.

- Ah, you get used to it.

Besides, the smog makes for great sunsets.

- Hmm, have you called Allen yet?

- No, I've been swamped.

There seems to be an abundance
of troubled teens these days.

- See that out there?

There's a whole world of opportunity

just waiting for you to go out and get it.

You know for years I dreamed

about turning this island
into a first class resort.

Now it's all starting to happen.

- Well it sounds like you
really have it together.

- It's not just getting it together,

it's keeping it together.

- Julia was saying that you're putting

a golf course in as well.

- Huh, golf course, yacht
club, marina, summer homes.

Hell, I'll even put in a
whore house if they'll let me.

It's all about progress, Steven,

the unstoppable wave of progress.

- [Eliah] Jimmy!

- Who's that?
- Crash.

- [Eliah] Jimmy!

- Well here it is, I
hope everyone's hungry.

(gentle piano music)

- Mm mm.

- My god, it looks like
what I hit last week.

- Oh, stop it.

- This'll put some meat on your bones.

- Better get him seconds.
- Peter.

- Well, if it's as good
as the roast Julia makes,

I will have seconds.

- (laughing) Julia cooks?

- Yes, I cook.

I'm a very good cook, right Steven?

- Julia's a great cook.
- Hm, pardon me.

You know what we shoulda done?

We should've invited our neighbors over

to enjoy this culinary experience.

- Don't be disgusting.
- Ah.

- They probably don't even
know how to use a fork.

They just use their fingers.

- Why not, it woulda been great.

We could've rented Deliverance
and watched it with 'em.

Shit, why wasn't I thinking?

- Don't swear at the table.

I thought I taught you some manners.

- I thought you did too, hm.
- Are they really that bad?

- Pf, you saw two of them, hello.

- Yeah, they were a bit odd, but I mean,

you should see the kids
that I have to work with.

- I don't know how you do it, Stevie.

I mean, it's a freak show out there.

- Most of these kids
are just misunderstood.

I mean, nobody really listens to them.

I'm sure if you got to
know your neighbors,

you'd find that they're not
as bad as you think they are.

You've been here for quite a while now.

Maybe it's time.

- Hell would have to freeze over first.

- They will be gone soon.
- Not soon enough.

(child crying)
- Jimmy, Jimmy,

- It hurts.

- I know. (somber music)

You done me proud, boy. (cracking)

Get the shovel, oh god.

(ominous music)

(energetic rock music)

- Just like that, your turn.



Now hold it up.

How's your grip?

- It's good.


- Almost, ya gotta keep
the blade straight.

- [Steven] Okay, got it.

All right.
- Try again.


I'll make a woodsman outta you yet.

Had enough?
- I think so.

- Before you leave, I'll
show ya how to skin a rabbit.

You got it all?
- Yep.

- Wanna do the window?

- Actually I was thinkin'
of goin' down to the boat,

maybe clean that up, take it out

for a spin around the island.

Ya into it, Stevie?

- Yeah, that sounds like fun.

- Don't hit anything.
- I heard that.

(birds chirping)


(energetic rock music)

- So how's the acting thing coming?

Gonna be a star soon?

- Ah, can I get any bigger?

Looks like I may be doing this low-budget

piece of horror flick thing,

and that's if they can
get their shit together.

Anyway if it goes, it should
be pretty fuckin' intense,

and it's super twisted.

- You have such an exciting life.

- I do?
- What are you doing?

- I think this is the spot
where we hit that thing.

Wanna go see?

- No.
- Actually, maybe we should

just go on to the boat.
- Come on, how many

chances do you get to
go look for road kill?

Huh, huh? (laughing)

Smell the bacon, um, yeah, okay, okay.

It was like here, right?

Side of the road, okay.

Ran across the road and then we,

woah, we slammed into it.

But we didn't feel a bump,

which means the animal wasn't crushed,

which means it was sorta like a,

a hit and bounce.

Bounced and went to the side,

intestines dragging on it's ass.

- Oh.
- Oh, nice.

- Woah, oh, look here, oh, blood.

- Oh gross.
- No, come here, look!

You see how the grass is
wet and matted like that?

It must've laid here dying for a while.

I suppose a bear could've
dragged it off somewhere.

Hm, it looks like it went this way.

- How, how far are we going?

This isn't exactly hiking weather.

- Ugh, blood everywhere.

Shit, fuck, lost it.

Lost it, fuck.

(groaning) Mm, it's good shit.

- No thanks. (Peter coughing)

Maybe we should get going.

- In a bit, woah, whoa, ho, ho.

Woah ho, ho, oh, ho. (laughing)

- What is it, where do you think it goes?

- I don't know probably goes

to a watering hole or something.

- So what you're saying is that

the animal in its near-death condition

decided to get a drink?

- Maybe it was dyin'
of thirst or something.

- Peter, I don't wanna
follow some stupid trail.

Who cares where it goes?

- [Peter] Don't be such a wuss.

- Come on, where's your
sense of adventure, huh?

(bird cawing)

(suspenseful string music)

- Yes, good boy, yes, and so cute.

Yes, yes you are, yeah.

You getting hungry?
- Gettin' there.

- Keith. (ominous music)

- Jesus Christ, what are they doin' here?

- Maybe they want some food.

- Good afternoon.

Out enjoying the day?

- My boy was killed last night,

left to die like an animal.

- Well I'm, I'm sorry to hear that.

- I wanna know who was drivin'.

- Driving, I don't know
what you're talkin' about.

- He got hit by your car.

Everything was fine here
'til you people showed up.

- Whatever happened to your boy,

I'm sure it was an accident.

- There ain't no accidents
when my boy's dead,

'cause of you. (baby wailing)

- I don't appreciate you coming here

and accusing us of killing your son.

- We can settle this right now.

- Look, if you wanna talk
about this rationally,

I'd be more than happy to,

- We want the baby.
- You killed my baby.

It's only fair you give us your own.

- Keith, everything all right?

- Shut the door.
- What's wrong?

- Shut the door!
- You give us the baby,

we call it even, no more trouble.

- You get off my property, now!

- This ain't your property.

You're the ones who's trespassin'.

- I want what's right.
- You stop right there.

(ominous music)

- What do they want?
- They want Alex.

- What do you mean, they want Alex?

- They're sayin' Peter hit their kid.

- What, you've gotta be kidding.

Well, Peter said it was a coyote.

- Don't worry, I'll deal with it.

You don't seem to understand.

Does this make it any clearer?

Get off my property.

- Let's go.
- This ain't over.

- Oh, yes it is.
- Ooh no.

I'm gonna get me that
baby, you wait and see.

(baby crying)

- [Peter] Hm, what do you think it is?

- Groundhog?
- Yeah, a groundhog

that reminds himself where
his hole is with a stick.

- (laughing) That's funny, Stevie.

I'd say there's something buried here.

It looks pretty fresh.

- Hm, it doesn't look very big.

- You know, this could be
where that creepy family

buries their moonshine and money.

Creepy people tend to bury things.

Read about it in Hicks Home Journal.


- Hey Peter, I really don't
think you should be doing that.

- I really don't think
you should be doing that.

Listen, there could be a
small fortune buried here.

- If you find any jewelry, it's mine.

- You got it.
- No, serious Peter.

- Look, we're not doing anybody any harm.

We'll put thing back
the way we found them.

Now, let's see what it is.

- Woah.
- Hey, watch it.

- Look, you can either stand
over there and get dirty

or come over here and get dirty.

- I just did my nails this morning.

- Stevie, you wanna come
over here and get dirty?


- Adventure. (wind howling)

(suspenseful music)

Hey you guys,

I think you should stop.

- Oh, jackpot, hey Julia, come here.

- I don't think it's a buried treasure.

- Let's get the hell outta here.

- Gotta see what it is.
- Steven!

- We've come this far,
no turning back now.

Holy shit.
- What is it?

What is it, what is it?

- It's a kid, it's a fucking kid.


- Julia!
- Shit, we hit him, didn't we?

- Meet us back at the car.
- Stevie, it's a fuckin' kid.

We hit a fucking kid, Stevie!

- Julia, stop, please.


It's okay, shh, calm down, it's okay.

It's okay, breathe, breathe, it's okay,

it's okay, it's okay.

- Did we, did we do that?


- Allen, this is Keith.

I have a situation here on the island

I want to discuss.

Call me on the sat phone, it's urgent.

- Can't we just call the police?

These people are dangerous.

- No, if we bring them in now

it'll just open up a whole
'nother can of worms.

Once I tell Allen those sons of a bitches

threatened to take Alex,

we'll have 'em off this island in no time.

This'll work to our advantage.

- Well it better, I want them gone.

- Shit, shit, shit.
- Hey.

- Hey.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Hey.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Uh, uh look, it was an accident.

We didn't know what it was.

- Mama says I could have proper babies

if I did it with a stranger.

- Sorry, with a stranger.

Great, if I find somebody
that fits that description

I'm gonna give 'em your, your number.

I gotta get going now.

- [Lenny] You're the one?
- Sorry?

- You're the one?
- Um, that was an accident.

- You killed my brother.
- Well, uh,

- You're the one. did
you kill him, did ya?

- Well, he shouldn't have
been that near the road.

It was dark out, it went by so fast.

- So you killed him.

- Sort of.
- Hold out your hand.

- Sorry?
- Hold out your hand!

- Hold out your hand. (screaming)

- What the fuck is wrong with you people?

Fuck! (groaning)


- First you hit him, then you dig him up,

and now you cuss him.

- Look, I told you, it
was a fucking accident.

Fuck, talk about this?

(rain pelting)

(car door shutting)

(wind howling)

(eerie string music)

- Peter, Peter.

Peter, Peter!

Peter! (grunting)

- Don't feel so good?

You just wait 'til Pa gets here.

Maybe he'll slit your throat.

Maybe he'll just gouge your eyes out.

(ominous music)

- I oughta kill you right now.

- What do you wanna do with him, Pa?

- We're gonna trade him for the baby.


You think it's funny, boy?

- You got it all figured out.

You're never just gonna go away.

We're not goin' anywhere, you are.

Kidnapping, torture, you
and your family are fucked.


- Somebody's gotta teach
you to hold your tongue.


(rain pelting)

(suspenseful music)

- Steven.

Peter, Steven!

Peter! (whimpering)

Where are you?

Steven, where'd you go?

Peter, Steven.

- [Steven] Julia!

- Here.
- Julia.

- Where were you, where were you?

- I went to find Peter.

- I can't believe you
just left me like that.

- You were asleep, I thought,

- You thought I was okay.

I'm not, I'm not, (crying) I'm not.

- I'm sorry, shh, shh, shh.

I'm sorry.
- Don't ever

leave me like that again.
- I won't, I promise.

It's okay, it's okay.

(car doors banging) - They're back.

- Finally, what's wrong?

Where's Peter?
- Oh Mom.

- She had a panic attack.
- Oh sweetheart, are you okay?

- No.
- Where's Peter?

- We don't know.
- What do you mean,

you don't know?
- We found this trail

and it led to some kind of a burial site.

We didn't know that at first.

And then we came across
this mound of dirt.

Peter wanted to dig it up to
find out what was buried there.

We didn't think it was gonna be this,

- It was gonna be what?
- Grave.

- It was a little boy.
- You dug up their boy?

- Julia got scared, so
we went back to the car

and Peter stayed to cover it up.

When I went back to find Peter,

I found a stick covered in blood.

What's with the bags?

- We had a visit from the neighbors.

They want Alex.
- Why?

- No.
- Are they crazy?

- Julia, because we killed,
- It's okay Julia, it's okay.

Nobody's taking Alex.
- Alex.

- We're leaving as soon
as we find Peter, okay?

- Take me to that trail.
- No!

No, we can't go back there.

- It probably leads to their house,

and that's where we're
going to find Peter.

I knew those bastards
were going to be trouble.

You stay here with Julia.
- Uh uh.

- Just in case Peter
does happen to come back.

- Are you out of your
mind, I'm not staying here.

We'll find Peter and then
we'll go straight to the boat.

- Fine. (suspenseful string music)

(car engine igniting)

(baby crying)

- It's up there, on the right.

- We'll bring him back.
- I know you will.

(ominous music)

(baby cooing)

(ominous music)

- This is it, turn off your light.

(ominous music)

(clattering) - Sorry.

Do you see anything?
- Nothing.

- What are you doing?
- We're going in.

Are you with me, or not?

(suspenseful string music)

(door creaks)

- Okay, no one's home, let's
go. (door banging shut)

- Where the hell is my son?

Where is he?

- Keith, let's go.
- Not until

she tells us where he is.
- Keith.

- Where is my son?

- They went to get the baby.

(baby crying)

(rain pelting)
- Shh, shh.

- It'll all be over soon.
- Really?

- Trust me, I know. (yelling)

- Give me that baby! (screaming)

(lock clicking)

- What does she want?

What does she want? (baby wailing)

What does she want?

- Lights, the lights, turn on the lights,

turn on the lights!

Oh my god!
- Bring out the baby.

- They got the baby, come on, let's go!

- Peter, oh god. (wailing)

- [Beth] Oh my god, Peter,
what did they do to you?


- Oh my god.

- [Joe] Hello, hello.
- Bring out the baby.

- [Joe] Bring out the baby!
- Oh god.

What are you doing?
- We have to

give them the baby,
they weren't hurt Alex.

We'll come back for him.
- No!

- Julia, what are you doing?

What are you doing?

They're gonna kill Peter!

- No! (smacking)


- Julia, calm down!
- No!

- Julia, it's your brother!

(glass shattering) (screaming)

- [Joe] The baby!

- No!



(baby wailing)

- I wanna get the baby.
- No!

No, bastard!
- Julia, Julia, Julia.

Woo, hoo, hoo!

Woo hoo hoo!
(thudding) (grunting)

Where are you goin', come back!

(ominous music)

(baby wailing)

- Mom, Mom. (crying)

Shh, shh, shh.

Shh. (baby wailing)

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

(boat engine humming)

- Woo hoo hoo!
- Fuck!

- Julia, Julia, Julia, come on!

Where are you going?
- Shh.

- Come on, let me in, Julia.

(screaming) Woo, hoo, hoo!

Yeah, come on, let me in Julia, come on.

Hey, what are ya, (groaning)

Hey Julia, you wanna play?


Hey, come on Julia, don't hit me now,

come on.
- Come on.

Come on, you bastard!

No, no!
- It's a boy, it's a boy.

- We got ya Julia, we got ya.

- Give him to me, give him!

- You know how long I've
been wantin' another baby?

- Please.
- And now, here we are.

(baby wailing)

- [Joe] Don't cry, Julia.

- We gotta give you a name.

- His name's Alex, give him to me!

- Billy, his name is Billy.
- Please let me go.

- Such a cute little baby.
- Cut the rope.

- No, no!
- There it goes.

- She ain't goin' nowhere.

Get down.

- Peter!

- Come on, get up, get up.

You're comin' with us.

We're gonna cut ya down the middle,

pull out your guts,
and turn ya inside out.

I'm gonna nail ya to a tree
'til you're all dried up.

- You're gonna need a lot
of stuffing for that, Joe.


- Now, where do you
reckon them other two are?

- I'm goin' in.
- No, we can't.

Don't you see, he's gonna kill us all.

We have to think of something else.

He might keep them alive as hostages.

If we just stay here and hide out,

- I don't hide.
- Keith, wait!

(gun firing)

- Daddy, Daddy!
- Let them go.


- Please.
- Or what?

Put down the gun.
- Let them go, now.

- [Julia] Daddy, please.

- You shoot, your whole family dies.

(phone ringing)


(gun firing) (thudding)



(phone ringing)

Ah, shut up.

You think you can just
come in here and take over?

This is my home, you
understand? (grunting)

You had to take it this far.

Bring him here.
- Pa, cut him up.

- No, no.
- Peter.

No, no, no, no.
- Cut him up.


- Ah, you son of a bitch!

- Can I finish him, Pa?

I could stab him like I did the other one.

I did that real good.

Did you see me stab her, did you see me?

- This one dies slow.

- Ooh, slow. (laughing)

- There's one more, Pa.

- Come here.
- No, no!

- Get down, I know you're out there.

Ain't ya gonna come and save your woman?

- Peter, Peter.

Steven! (crying)

- You come out now, maybe
we can work somethin' out.

- [Julia] Please, please.

- I'm gonna count to five.

- No!
- One,

two, three, four,

- [Julia] Steven!
- Five.


- [Julia] I don't wanna die.

I don't wanna die. (gun clicking)

- I'll take her.

- We gotta cover our
tracks, Lenny, all of them.

- I wanna keep her.
- He needs a woman, Pa.

- Well what if I wanna keep her?

What if I need a woman?

He should've asked me, you
never ask me what I want.

You always ask Lenny first.

- You ain't ready for a woman,

now just quit your belly achin'.

- You keep your eye on her. (crying)

- What about the other one?
- He ain't goin' far.

(suspenseful music)

Lenny, you know there's responsibilities

that go with havin' your own woman.

- I know, Pa, like makin' babies.

- A man's gotta protect her, too.

- I will.
- You gotta

let her know who's boss.
- No.

- You're gonna like livin' with us.

- Please, please just let us go.

Please, I promise I won't
say anything, I promise.


Give me my baby!

- Put it down.

- Let us go!
- You don't gotta be scared.

We ain't gonna hurt ya.

You don't gotta be fightin'.

You ain't goin' anywhere.
- I wanna go home.

- This is your home,
this is where you belong.

- No.
- You'll see,

once you get used to it.
- No.

- Don't you wanna be with your baby?

- Yes. (crying)
- Then you have to stay.

(soft string music)

- Here, drink this, it'll help

you relax.
- No.

- Don't make me force it down you.

(suspenseful string music)


- My god.
- Oh Peter, god, no.

- We're gonna get you back to the house.

- Ah, don't, oh Christ! (groaning)

Oh, it's too late.
(coughing) Leave me here.

- No, I'm not leavin' you here.

There's gotta be somethin' that we can do.

- No, no, no.
- Keith, Keith.

- Ah, it's still so pretty, I wish

I was the one who was wearin' it.

- I remember the day your mom wore that.

- I sure hope so, now
go on, get outta here.

We need some privacy, go on.

(gentle string music)

Put it on.


- Kill me.
- What?

- Kill me.
- No.

- Don't let me suffer
like this. (groaning)

If you don't have the guts to kill me,

how are you gonna save them?


- Hoo, whee, would you look at that.

(laughing) I'll be damned.

- I know, I saw it too.

She looks just like Ma.

- Come on.

- I'm busy, Pa.

- [Mary] Oh, leave him be, Pa.

- Joe, it's your brother's wedding.

You show some respect.
- I'm comin'.

- Come on, here boy, take this fire.

Don't play with it.

Lenny, you take her to be your wife?

- I do.
(ominous music)

- Do you take this fine
young man to be your husband?


You say yeah.
- Yeah.


- I know pronounce ya man and wife.

You may kiss the bride.


Oh, come on, Ma, let's
go grab a glass of shine.

(soft, eerie music)

(heavy breathing)

(twangy music) (laughing)

- [Lenny] C'mon baby.

Woo hoo!


Come on, Rebecca.

(soft, eerie music)

Woo, yeah, come on, Julia.

You're so beautiful.


- Joe.
- What?

- Watch it.
- Joe, slow down.

- I'm just gettin' started, Pa.


Hey Julia, you wanna dance?

Come on Pa, play somethin'
so I can dance with Julia.

- [Lenny] Get off of her.

(baby crying)

- [Eliah] You wanna dance
with her, you have to ask

your brother's permission.


- Lenny, can I dance

with Julia?
- No.

- Pa, there's a baby in the room.

Either put it out or go outside.

Go on, there's my little baby.

You're such a good boy.

(ominous music)

Ah yeah, you know mama
can do it just right.

Your mama's talkin' to you.

(twangy music)

- Stop playing that.

Only Pa, only Pa can play that.

- Ow, Pa, Lenny hit me!

- Lenny.
- Yeah Pa?

- Hit him again.
- Ow, Pa!

- That's for whinin'.

- Can I hold him, please?

- All right, just for a minute.

(baby whimpering)

- [Julia] Ooh, no, don't cry.

Shh, shh, shh, shh.

- [Mary] You ain't holdin' him properly.

- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

It's okay, Alex.

(baby crying)

We're gonna be okay.

Stop, you have to stop.

Stop crying.
- You need to learn

how to be a proper mother,
hold him against ya.

He needs to feel ya,
come on, get in there.

- Oh, ooh, ooh.
- See, better.

Good, good.
- Shh, oh.

- Okay, that's enough now, come on.

That's enough.
- No.

- Yep, there's my little Billy.

There's my baby boy.

My cute little baby boy.

♪ I want a baby ♪

♪ I want a baby ♪

- Have you been drinkin' her tea?

♪ I want a baby. ♪

- Joe, you're gonna kill yourself.

- So, so what if I kill myself?

No one would care anyway.

Would you care, Rebecca?

- Get off of me!

I hate it when you doin' that,

always touchin' me like that,

I hate it.
- Joe, sit down.

- I'm gonna kill myself and
then you'll all be sorry.

Yeah, maybe you'll find
me hangin' from a tree.

Maybe I'll drown myself,
maybe I'll cut myself.

Maybe I'll take Pa's gun
and put it in my mouth.

- Joe, shut it, you ain't
gonna kill yourself.

- I could kill ya.
- Oh ho, yeah?

Come on, then.
- Yeah.

- You boys, stop your damn bickerin' now.

Becky, you take the baby now.

- [Rebecca] All right, Mama.

(ominous music)

- Watch your foot, there ya go.

Watch your step. (baby squealing)

You're special.

- You stay away from her, understand?

You understand?
- I think you

better answer, Joe.
- I'm not answerin' you.

I don't answer to no one.

- Now you keep away from her, yeah.

- Now you stop it or I'll kill ya both.

- Quit horsin' around, now.

There's no fightin' in the house.

Now if you wanna kill each other,

you just go outside and do it.

Now get.
- Go on outside.


- [Joe] I'm gonna kill myself.

- [Eliah] Good.
- Julia.

(door banging shut)

(knocking) Julia, look at me.

- You boys are gonna drive me crazy.

Lenny, keep it down in there.

We don't need to be hearin' your business.

(baby cooing)

(banging) (hooting)

- Yeah.


(soft, eerie music)

(somber vocalizing)

Pa, Pa!

(dramatic music)


Pa, Pa!

Daddy, it's the other one.

- You stay here, keep your eyes open.

- Ah Pa, come on, Pa!

(suspenseful string music)








(gun shooting)

Pa, are you okay?


Hit him, Pa, hit him.

Lenny, Lenny!


Lenny, Lenny. (crying)

I knew we shoulda gone after him.

I knew we shoulda hunted
him down and killed him.

Lenny, be okay.

- I thought I told you to stay home.

- Is he gonna die slow too, Pa?

- [Eliah] Pick him up.

Pick him up.

- Get up.
- Pick him up.

(soft, eerie vocalizing)

- Yeah, we're takin' ya home now.

Gonna take you to see Julia.

Keep walkin'. (grunting)

- No!


No, first Jimmy,

and now my Lenny.

Why did you have to come here?

(smacking) (grunting)

- Yeah, you hit him, Mama, yeah.

- That's enough, stop that.
- No!

- Give me that.
- No.

- Mama, Pa.
- God.

He got me real good.

- How could you let this happen?

Oh Pa, Pa, what are we
gonna do without you?

Oh Pa.
- Steven.

- It's gonna be all right.

- Oh, oh no.

Oh no, no, no,

no, no!
- He's dead.

- No, no.
- Yeah, you're gonna

be mine now. (screaming)

Yeah, Julia, we're gonna have babies,

lots and lots of 'em.


Yeah, you like screamin', don't ya Julia?

Yeah, yeah, come on.

- Joe, stop it.

You stop that.
- Where's Al, my, my baby,

where's my baby?
- Julia.

Pa, what's wrong with Julia?

- Calm down, calm down.

Get down.
- It's gonna be

all right, Julia, I'm
gonna take care of us.

I'm gonna look after us.

It's gonna be okay.
- No!

- Julia, no.
- No.

- No, why? (gun firing)

(ominous music)

- Go get the rope and the machete.

Get up, get up.


(low, somber music)

- No!
- Becca, no.

- You can't kill him.
- He's gonna die

like all the rest.
- But I wanna have a baby.

- Not by him, you ain't.
- Please, let me have him

and then you can kill him.

- Shut up, no one's gonna
touch my little baby girl.

- You ain't goin' nowhere.

Cut him up, Pa, cut out his guts.

I'll go get the bucket.

- [Rebecca] No, Pa,
please don't, Pa, please.

- Ain't ya gonna beg for your life?

- You ain't got nothin' to
say now, do ya boy? (laughing)

You listen to Pa when he's talkin' to ya.

Come on Pa, he's ready.

You look over there when
Pa's talkin' to you.

(suspenseful string music)

Oh, you're gonna burn him, burn him, Pa.

- [Rebecca] I need a baby!

(sizzling) (screaming)

- Yeah, yeah, yeah Pa.

Woo hoo hoo, yeah, yeah.

How's that feel?
- How's that feel?

You want some more?
- He said yes!

- Yeah, one more.
- You don't have to ask Pa,

just go ahead.

Oh yeah, you're not thinkin'
about Julia now, are ya?

Come on Pa, he's ready.

Burn him good.
- Leave him to me, no!

(sizzling) (screaming)


- Cut off his head, Pa, cut off his head.

- Stop it!
- Let him live, Pa,

let him live.
- Do it, Pa, cut off his head.

- [Mary] Let him live.


Pa, Pa, sit down, Pa.

We're gonna have to sit down.
- Don't Joe, leave him alone.

Mama, please help me, Mama!

- [Mary] Joe, that is enough.

Now get on the ground, now
boy, get on the ground.

Your sister needs a man.

- [Joe] I'm just doin' what Pa said, Ma.

Just doin' what Pa said.


Ma, please.

- [Mary] How dare you hit your mama.

How dare you hit your mama.

(dramatic music)


- [Mary] Stay down.

Leave him be. (laughing)

- Yeah, that's good, that's a bit stick.

Yeah. (yelling)




- Come on, wake up.

Drink this.
- No.

- Drink.
- No, no.

- Drink, drink it.



There's a good boy.


- No, no.

(somber vocalizing)




(indistinct chatter)


(boat engine humming)


- What are we gonna tell Ma?
- Shh.

You tell her, get ready.

We got company comin'.

(energetic rock music)

♪ What is love, and what is hate ♪

♪ That's a question for
the whole human race ♪

♪ You won't find an answer with a gun ♪

♪ You'll never gonna learn
'til you love someone ♪

♪ Love, love, love, love, ♪

♪ Love, love, love, love ♪

♪ What is love ♪

♪ Love, love, love, love, ♪

♪ Love, love, love, love ♪

♪ What is hate ♪

♪ Hate's the enemy, and love's the truth ♪

♪ It just depends upon
which one you wanna choose ♪

♪ You can live your life
on the darker side ♪

♪ Nobody gonna miss you
on the day that you die ♪

♪ Love, love, love, love, ♪

♪ Love, love, love, love ♪

♪ What is love ♪

♪ Love, love, love, love, ♪

♪ Love, love, love, love ♪

♪ What is hate ♪

♪ Love, love, love, love, ♪

♪ Love, love, love, love ♪

♪ What is love ♪

♪ Love, love, love, love, ♪

♪ Love, love, love, love ♪

♪ What is hate ♪

(ominous music)

- Tah da!
- You know

what we should have done?

We should have invited our

neighbors over to enjoy

this culinary experience.

- Don't be disgusting.

(twangy music)

- Whoo, whoo!

♪ I want a baby ♪

- I'm gonna kill myself and
then you'll all be sorry.

- Shut it, ya ain't gonna kill yourself.

(ominous music)

- This could be where that creepy family

buries their moonshine and money.

Creepy people tend to bury things.

- I don't think it's buried treasure.

- You dug up their boy?

- We hit a fucking kid Stevie!

- Don't worry, I'll deal with it.

- I gonna get me that
baby, you wait and see.

(ominous music)

- Let them go!

- Julia, it's your brother!


- This is my home, you understand?


- Steven!

Let us go!


(ominous music)



(ominous music)

- No!

(ominous music)