Savage Harvest (1994) - full transcript

The agony and death of the Trail of Tears. A Cherokee elder, desperate to aid his people. Demons bursting into our world to destroy the entire tribe. And a great flood that washes the evil up into our modern world. The demons await the smell of the returning Cherokee's blood and soon sense the arrival of the elder's descendent. This triggers the demons' ability to possess human beings. The land that was once inhabited by the Cherokee tribe now traps six innocent victims who must unlock the riddles left behind by the Cherokee elder. Demonic possession consumes one victim after another as showers of blood drench the earth and shrieks of pain echo throughout the forest. The possessed are animalistic, frenzied killing machines, feeding on the warm meat of fresh kills. In the darkened fields, only bloodshed, violence, and terror grow now - and tonight the harvest begins.

(eerie tribal music)

(ghostly whooshing)

- [Radio Announcer] KMJW
News and information radio.

It's 7:30 a.m. Friday morning,

we'll see a high of 86
today, plenty of humidity,

and partly cloudy skies.

It will stay warm through the evening,

but then turn much cooler after midnight.

Well, the flood waters
in many area communities

are finally starting to go down.

This means home and business owners are

getting their first
indications of the damage

caused by this disaster.

Unfortunately, it is now evident that

losses are double or sometimes triple

the initial estimates.

As the flood waters continue to recede,

property owners are realizing that the

worst visions of chaos and destruction

are yet to be seen.

(upbeat rock music)

(eerie music)

(soft guitar music)

- Up until now, we haven't been able to do

a whole lot with the place, the old owners

held their last day of
camp just last week,

but now that they're on their way out,

we can get ourselves moved in.

However, to start getting organized,

we really need to fill the position of

associate camp director.

- Trish, come on.

- Mikki, have a heart.

Where else am I gonna find
someone as reliable as you?

It's a true miracle, the
timing of all of this.

Your training in college, and
then an opportunity like this?

- Reliable as you think
I am, I'm still pretty

young to be helping
around a children's camp.

- Look, you have your
training from college,

so you are qualified, and you've been

coming to Imperial Baptist since you were

a baby, so we trust
you, and two months ago,

when our Church Sunday pay person bought

this place they had you in mind to

help me run it.

- I know, Trish, I just...

Look, there's gonna be a
lot of kids at this camp,

and it's just more responsibility than I'm

ready for right now.

- Okay.

Tell you what, things
won't be set in stone

for another few days, so if you do change

your mind, or if you wanna talk to me some

more about the job,
just let me know, okay?

- All right.

- Did the girls even
ask Jeff to go with us?

- No, I think Mikki and
Jeff are fightin' again.

- Has Jeff always been a jerk?

- Well, I haven't known
Jeff all that long,

but I think he used to be pretty cool.

Of course, then he was born.

(water rushing)

(knocking on door)

- Hey, Karen?
- Loretta?

Are you guys early, or am I runnin' late?

- We're early, just wanted
to let you know we're here.

- We still have to get Mikki, don't we?

- Yeah, we're picking her up at the camp.

- Have you, uh, talked
to Mikki's sister lately?

- Mmm, yeah.

A couple weeks ago.

Mikki dropped by to return
some stuff she borrowed,

and Diana was with her.

Why? What's up with Diana?

(phone ringing)

- Hello?

Yeah Jeff, what do you need?

Look, Jeff, nobody's sneakin'
round behind your back,

if you wanna know something, just ask me,

don't start in bitchin' about it.

Jeff, I have an aunt and uncle who live an

hour south of here, they need some help

cleanin' out an old barn, and they said if

I brought some friends down to help,

we can all camp out by
the lake for the weekend.

So that is what Mark, Loretta, Nathan,

Mikki, and I are doing.

Is this all right over the phone, Jeff,

or would you like it all in writing?

- Hey, tell him to mind his own business.

- Jeff, we didn't ask you along because

you and Mikki aren't
doing so hot together,

and Mikki didn't ask if
you could come along,

so I think she's lookin' forward to

a few days away from you.

Well, that's between you and her, Jeff.

I gotta go, bye.

(soft guitar music)

♫ It didn't happen to us overnight

♫ You took the car and I went on in spite

♫ I read the letter that you sent to me

♫ It said that certain
things weren't meant to be

♫ To be

♫ When I returned from my heart's jet lag

♫ I put your pictures in a plastic bag

♫ I put your address,
but for some good names

♫ Sat back and watched
the thing go up in flames

♫ In flames

♫ Take a bunch of memories
that you've gone somewhere

♫ Throw away that caution
to the cold night air

♫ Scatter 'em to the stars above

♫ 'Cause I don't care

♫ The reasons why

♫ In the moonlight from a night gone by

- [Nathan] Hey Karen, isn't
this the first time you've

been out doing anything
since the accident?

- [Karen] Yeah, and it feels awesome.

I'm so glad to be out of that damn house.

Hey, you guys are gonna
love my uncle's place,

the lake is really pretty.

- [Mikki] I can't wait, this
is gonna be really nice.

- [Karen] Mikki, does it bother you that

Jeff isn't coming along?

- [Mikki] No, you left it pretty much up

to me if I wanted to bring someone else.

It'll probably do me and Jeff some good

to stay out of each
other's hair for a while.

- [Nathan] Maybe after
some time to cool off,

you two can work things out.

I mean, how bad has it gotten?

- [Mikki] Well, it's just
the same stupid stuff.

Dumb arguments over nothing, I don't know.

He certainly can be a jerk sometimes.

- [Karen] Don't think about it, Mikki.

Just enjoy the weekend.

- [Gary] Jeff, I certainly appreciate you

comin' down to help us out.

- [Jeff] It's not a problem,
Karen's a good friend,

couldn't pass up her
invitation to come down.

- [Gary] Yeah, she's quite a young lady.

- [Jeff] So your property
goes back pretty far, huh?

- [Gary] Yeah, it does,
the road behind the house

there goes back to the
old farm, and that's where

the barn's at that I
need to get cleared out,

and then, back about another half mile or

so back to the lake.

- Really, what do you need
to clear out of the barn?

- Well, see, this was my dad's property,

and he passed away a
little over a year ago,

left all this to my wife Linda and myself,

and the lake back there is great,

we really like it, but my dad's work area

around the barn and
everything back there is

really junked up, actually,
he was quite a tinkerer,

and he worked on, repaired,
and stored just about

everything from old cars
to kitchen appliances.

- Really, what was his job?

- Well, it had nothin'
to do with his tinkering.

Actually, he was a researcher
for various museums.

He researched and wrote
about Native Americans.

He actually had a few things published.

Along with this property,
I sort of inherited

that fascination with
Native Americans myself,

I like to study their myths and legends,

just as a hobby.

- That sounds cool.

- Yeah, it is, it really is.

Anyway, I sold that part
of the property back there.

Around the barn, Dad's
work area, and all of

his junk included, but the thing is,

I have some things back
there that are not junk

that I need to get moved out and moved up

to my basement, that's
why I called Karen and

asked her to come down with some friends,

and it looks like the rest of
the crew is here right now.

(car approaching)

- Gary, hi!
- Hi.

- Hello, Jeff.

- How you doin'?
- Better than ever.

- Good, good.

Ready to get back to
those physics classes?

- Better than sittin' at home.

- Hey, Mark, how are you?
- Real good, Gary.

- Good.

- Uh, these are your
hardworking volunteers,

that's Loretta and Nathan.
- Hi.

- Mikki.
- Hi.

- And I see you've met Jeff.
- Yeah.

Well, it's a pleasure
meetin' all you guys,

I appreciate you comin' down, my wife was

lookin' forward to meetin' you as well,

but she has a touch of the flu,

and she'll probably be
out and about tomorrow.

In the meantime, you
guys just make yourself

at home and go set up
your tent down by the lake

or whatever you like,
I don't really see any

need to get started until tomorrow.

- Great. Oh, Jeff?

May I please speak with you alone?

- Um, I wanna talk to you,
I'll be right back, okay?

- Okay.

- What the hell are you doin' here?

Does my uncle think I invited you?

- Now, calm down, Karen, I just wanted to

come down and see if I could stay with

you guys this weekend.

- How'd you find your way here?

- Your mom gave me directions, now listen,

I've been thinkin' about this stuff with

me and Mikki and all these dumbass fights,

and well, I just kinda wanted to see if

I could patch things up and I figured this

would be a good weekend to do it.

Now, if you want me to leave, I will,

but I'd like you to give me a chance.

- Well, you're down here now.

I'm not gonna make you leave.

But no bullshit this weekend, okay, Jeff?

- You got it, thanks, Karen.

(funky rock music)

You know, I'm really glad
I came down this weekend.

And I'm really glad you
were willing to talk to me.

- I think we should talk more often.

- You're right, you're right.

(soft indie rock)

I want you to know I meant it when I said

I was gonna try harder, I mean, I really

want you to understand that.

- I think an elaborate
romantic evening out

next weekend could convince me.

- Lady, you got a deal.

(pleasant guitar music)

(eerie music)

- What all did Gary's dad do back here?

- Oh, a little bit of everything.


- Looks like we've got a pretty big

job ahead of us tomorrow.

- Oh, great, that's just
what I wanted to hear.

- So, we gonna do any of
the usual camping stuff?

Roast marshmallows, tell ghost stories?

- Get rained on, get poison ivy,

get bit by a snake?

- Hey, guys, mind if I join you?

- Not at all, have a seat.

- I was lookin' through some of my stuff

at the house earlier, including this here,

thought I'd come down and see if you guys

might wanna check it out.

- Oh, is this about the Indians?

- Yeah, it is, actually.

I've made researching the history of this

area sort of a hobby, and there's some

pretty strange stories about the Indians

that once lived here.

I mean, you know, it's all
just myths and legends.

- Sounds cool to me.

- This place has a fascinating past.

In the late 1830s, there were a tribe of

Cherokee that settled this land.

They were part of the Trail of Tears

that passed through here.

Well, there was a small
group of 'em managed to

break away and bury themselves
deep enough into the

hills that they weren't
discovered by the military.

And their primary religious
leader was their medicine man.

He was responsible for
the overall spiritual

well-being of the group.

There were other religious
medical members of

the community that were
below the medicine man.

They were called atigua,
like elders of the tribe.

They say it was an
elder who told the tribe

that the white man was good,
and that he could be trusted.

Because of this elder, the
tribe did trust the white man.

For their trust, they ended
up on the Trail of Tears.

The elder felt extreme guilt.

He was taken blame for what
was happening to his tribe.

It was a nightmare.

Many, many Indians died on the way,

and the military would only let them bury

their dead once every three days.

Boys were carryin' their dead sisters

and men were sleepin' at night with

their dead wives lyin' next to them.

But, through all of this,
the Indians never cried.

And the people who saw this
happening to the Indians,

the people who knew it
was wrong, they cried.

Giving the Trail of Tears its name.

The Indians were a
very, very proud people.

It's easy to see why the elder who had

believed in the white man felt so ashamed.

It was this elder who later instigated the

tribe's escape from the Trail of Tears.

He was trying to make up for his mistakes.

He wanted desperately
to lead the tribe from

the pain he thought he was causing them.

Well, the tribe did settle in these hills,

and the elder continued searching for ways

to help his people.

Until he stepped into
a world of dark magic.

See, it seems the elder saw a vision.

A vision of a spirit called Retlawkoob.

He was an evil spirit, a devil.

A devil the tribe thought
was made up of human souls.

Souls of people that were bad.

I guess you could sort
of equate the Cherokee's

belief in Retlawkoob to the
Christian's belief in Hell.

'Cause they believed
that if you were an evil

person when you were
alive, that when you died,

that your soul would become
a part of Retlawkoob.

The elder got caught up in the dark magic.

He began neglecting his
duties to the tribe.

Soon the elder's life revolved around his

communication with Retlawkoob.

But soon it was time for the tribe to

harvest their crops, crops that should get

them through the winter and on through to

the following harvest.

Well, late one night, the
elder went off into the hills.

He didn't come back until dawn.

When he came back, just
as the rest of the tribe

was getting up, they
were all standing there

just totally shocked,
shocked to see that their

crops had been turned into rows of stone.

- Oh, shit.
- Oh, my God.

- All their corn, their tobacco,

their sunflowers, everything,

just rows and rows of rocks.

Supposedly, these rocks
are from the cursed

fields of those Cherokee Indians.

- No way.

Sorry, Gary, but that's
a little out there.

- What are those markings on the rocks?

- According to legend,
the elder had gained

communication with a variety of demons.

There were about 40 of
'em that he kept track

of and wrote about.

He assigned a symbol to each demon,

and all of the stones
that were found out in

the cursed fields had one
of the 40 symbols on 'em.

Now, the tribe was placed
in a lot of danger,

I mean, they could've all
starved without their harvest.

And for such a serious
crime, the tribe decided

that the elder should be killed,

and they threw him into
a hole in the ground.

It's like a natural well.

It's like a hole in the ground that's

sort of like a cave that's spring-fed

from the bottom, so it's
always full of water.

As a matter of fact,
it's exactly that sort of

spring-fed hole in the ground that feeds

this lake right here.

Now, I can't tell you for sure how these

rocks got these symbols on 'em.

Maybe I did uncover some of
the elder's old magic tricks.

But whether or not you believe that they

just materialized out of thin air sort of

depends on how many
bridges you've been sold.

However, I have checked around,

and this is the only lake in the area

that's spring-fed from
the bottom, like that was.

So, if they did actually
kill their elder and

throw him in a hole like
that, this very well

may be where they dumped
the son of a bitch.

They threw him in the hole, and then they

gathered up all the stones
from the dead fields,

and they threw them in the hole as well.

This was all part of the ceremony that the

medicine man was performing
to keep the elder's

unclean spirit from rising up.

The medicine man essentially
imprisoned the elder's

soul within the earth.

They figured that if this elder was in

communication with
Retlawkoob, then the elder's

soul may actually be spared from becoming

a part of Retlawkoob, and they were afraid

that if this happened, that the elder's

soul may come back and cause
trouble within the tribe.

Well, the tribe left the
area, considering the

land to be cursed and unclean,

but most of them starved within months.

Apparently, after the
tribe deserted this land,

there was an earthquake, and an explosion

from the natural well where
the elder had been thrown.

Spring water and hundreds
of stones marked with

the elder's demon symbols
were blown into the air,

which would explain how
I have these rocks here.

I found these after this
summer's flood waters went down,

and there may be a lot
more right under our feet

that just haven't been washed up yet.

Anyway, according to the translation of

this elder's writings, these rocks are now

passageways for the demons that the elder

was in communication with.

Passageways for the demons
to possess living humans.

A demon supposedly enters
your body when you make

physical contact with one of the rocks.

The demon whose symbol is on that rock

is the one that possesses you.

This land is supposedly just teeming with

these demons, but they're all asleep,

and when they're asleep,
they don't possess you.

- Well, what if they wake up?

- They can't; according to the legend,

they'll only awaken if a descendant of the

Cherokee elder that went
bad steps onto the land.

And none of you look Cherokee,
so I think we're safe.

But apparently, that's the
whole core of the legend.

If a descendant of the
elder comes onto the land,

a lot of things are supposed to happen.

The demons wake up, the demons are able to

possess a living person
through physical contact,

and invisible barriers
will supposedly form

around this land, created by
ripples in time and space.

I don't know if the
barriers are to contain the

active demons or to contain
the demon's victims,

but the only two ways the
barriers can come down

are when there are no more
living humans in the land,

in which case the demons go back to sleep,

or if Retlawkoob is conjured
up into physical form

and his heart is removed from his chest

and pushed into the barrier.

According to his writings, the elder had

the power to keep Retlawkoob
alive in a physical

state if Retlawkoob was conjured up.

- So, how do you conjure this Retlawkoob?

- Again, the descendant of
the Cherokee elder is the key.

Only a descendant can conjure him up.

Well, I've gone on long enough, guys.

I'm gonna have to get back to the house

and see how Linda's doin'.

- [Jeff] Now, when an
Indian scalps somebody,

does the scalp come right off, or do they

gotta sort of yank on it
to get it to peel off?

- [Karen] Jeff, would you shut up?

- [Mark] Hey Jeff, I think
there's still room for

you at the bottom of that lake.

Mikki and Jeff seem to
be doin' pretty good.

Mikki actually seems content.

- I don't think it'll last.

They're too different.

- Yeah, they're a strange couple.

- Jeff's just not right for her.

He's such a dick.

Mikki doesn't know it,

but Jeff slept with someone else.

- Really?

- He slept with Mikki's older sister.

- Her sister, Diana?

And Mikki doesn't know?

- [Karen] Well, I think Diana
was either really embarrassed,

or she thought she was helping
Mikki by keeping it quiet.

- [Mark] How'd you find out about it?

- [Karen] Diana told me.

She was dying to confess to someone.

She feels really guilty.

- [Mark] Mikki needs to know about this.

- [Karen] I know.

(insects chirping)

- Where's Loretta?

- I don't know, she wasn't with us.

- Hey, Loretta's not in the house,

and neither is Gary.

And neither is his wife.

- Well, the cars are still here.

They wouldn't have all gone
for a walk, would they?

- Not Linda, she's
supposed to be sick in bed.

- Yeah, this is weird.

- Look, I don't like this.

Something's wrong.

We should all go look for 'em.

- Look, the last I saw of Gary and Loretta

was when they went in the direction of

that junkyard and the lake.

- We just came from near the lake,

no one was there, and we went through

the junkyard, and we didn't see 'em.

- You could've missed 'em.

- I guess we could've.

They might be out lookin' around the barn.

- They're probably fine, but
I'll go get 'em just in case.

- I'm gonna go, too.

(eerie music)

(suspenseful musical sting)

- Loretta?

- Shit!
- What, what is it?

- Didn't you see it?
- See what?


- Shit.

(eerie music)

Oh shit.

(musical sting)

(suspenseful music)

(demon groaning)

- It's Gary, he attacked us.
- Bullshit.

- No, it was Gary.

I don't know what the
hell's goin' on, Karen,

but we've got to get out of here.

- We can't leave Loretta!

- Loretta could've already gone for help!

- You don't know that!

- Look, Nathan, if Loretta
was attacked by Gary,

she would've ran off into
the woods or something,

she wouldn't have stopped
to think about it!

- But if she didn't run off, I mean,

I just can't leave her here!

- Nathan, if she's back there, she's dead.

- Fuck you!

Fuck you!

- Nathan, calm down and shut the hell up!

- Karen, she's our friend!

- How can you act like this?

- Fuck it, I'll go back there
with him and look for her.

- Okay, w-we'll go inside

and call for help.

- All right.

- Shit.
- What, what's wrong?

- [Karen] The phone is still dead.

- [Jeff] Still dead, what
are you talkin' about?

- [Karen] There was a
storm a few days ago,

a tree hit my uncle's power lines.

I guess they just haven't gotten out this

far yet to fix it.

- Gotten out this far, how
many days ago was this storm?

- Five or six.

- Five or six days, and they haven't

gotten out this far yet?

Jesus Christ, Karen, this
is Missouri farmland,

it's not some third world
country or somethin', is it?

Well, is it?

- I think the phones are
just dead here at the house,

we can run up the road and
use a neighbor's phone.

(eerie music)

- What are you doing?

Why didn't you come help me?

What's wrong?

- Karen, you...

You were running with us, well,

ahead of us, and then...

Then all of a sudden, you...

You were facing us.

- No.

I must've been in there five minutes.

I don't...

It's a barrier.

From the stories that Gary told us.

It's up.

- No, i-it, no, it can't, no...

- I know, it, it doesn't fit.

- Are we trapped?

- No, no, no, no.

Listen, none of us are descended of some

fuckin' Indian elder, we didn't wake up

a bunch of fuckin' demons,
and we're certainly

not trapped here by a bunch
of fuckin' invisible barriers!

- Jeff?

- Karen, look, there's
absolutely nothing...

(loud screeching)

- That was real smart, Jeff.

- No, that wasn't smart at all.

(eerie music)

- Nathan.

- Oh, my God.


(Loretta moans)

Thank God you're alive.

- [Mark] What is this?

- I don't know.

- [Mark] Let's get her down.

- You're gonna be okay.

You're gonna be all right.

- Nathan!
(loud musical sting)

(demon grunting)

(Mark screaming)

(eerie music)

(flesh ripping)

- What's that, up there, you see that?

- Yeah.



- It's just me.


Gary bit Nathan.

Gary isn't Gary anymore.

I think it's from him
touching one of those rocks.

Loretta was back there, too.


But she's hung up by this

secretion-looking stuff.

I think Gary bit her, too.

- Oh no, this is ridiculous,
this isn't happening...

- Look, the quicker we
accept what's going on,

the quicker we can find a solution.

Gary's got a lot of information on

this stuff back at the house.

I'm sure we could figure
a way out of this.

But first, I think we should go back for

Nathan and Loretta.

- Oh, my God.
- Linda?

(metal crashing)

- Come on, you shit, come on!

(flashlight thumping)
(suspenseful music)

(demon grunting)

Karen, get out of the way!

(flesh squelching)

- You okay?

- Yeah, you?

- Yeah.

- Let's go get Loretta down.

Okay, let's get her out of this crap.

(Loretta moaning)

- Was Loretta hung up there a long time

before Gary got Nathan?

- Yeah, why?

- Could there be a
reason why Gary didn't...

Didn't finish the job on Loretta?

Let's go, let's get out of here!

(demon growls)
(eerie music)

(demon groaning)

- Okay, tell us what's up.

- Well, to kill them, we've
gotta get them in the heart.

Destroy the heart, make it stop beating.

There's also somethin' here about the

medicine man of the tribe.

His last words before he
died became something of

a common phrase, like a motto or somethin'

to the remaining tribe.

Uh, the translation of
his dying words reads,

"Forever beware his deceiving nature.

"Petals of the rose can be masks that

"hide an evil soul."

Obviously, this was in
reference to an elder,

a trusted religious leader turned bad.

I guess they felt pretty betrayed.

Check this out, Gary made sketches of

all the symbols that were on the rocks.

There's a spider and a scorpion.

A bobcat, a boar.

A snake.


A vulture.

Here's the creepiest one.

The demon of man.

Gary wrote a lot about this one.

Um, "if someone touches a rock with the

"man demon symbol on it, they're possessed

"by the most dangerous demon of all.

"Someone possessed by the man demon won't

"attack and kill like
an animal, it thinks.

"It will plan as many ways to have as much

"control over as many other
human beings as possible."

- Sounds like us, all right.

At least none of Gary's rocks
had the man symbol on 'em.

- Also, according to Gary's notes,

a possession will come on like a sickness,

not necessarily all at once.

It says here that a demon that possesses

a body must first devour
the body's original soul

before it can have total
control over the body.

So it's sort of a
gradual process, I guess.

It says here that the
time it takes for a demon

to take over a body
varies from one type of

demon to the next.

- Oh, well, that's just fuckin' great.

So that means any or all of us could've

touched one of those rocks and we may not

remember it, or we may
not want to admit it.

- Okay, who touched a rock?

- I didn't.
- I didn't.

- Wait, wait a minute.

When Gary brought the rocks out,

Karen, I remember, you picked one up.

- No, no, Mikki, you're wrong,

I never touched one, I'm positive.

- What if she doesn't know yet?

Or what if she does know,
and she's lying about it?

- Damn it, Mikki, I know
we're in a lot of danger,

and I would not lie if I thought it would

end up making things worse!

And I know we've all changed,

we're survivors and we're killers.

If I am one of those things,
and I just don't know it yet,

I'm very confident in
your ability to kill me.

Now, we're much stronger as a group than

we are by ourselves, so stop
breakin' up the team, Mikki!

- There is no goddamn team
here, Karen, you think...

(Mikki and Karen argue)

If you flip out on us,
you're gonna be like

extra baggage, and we
can't afford to let you

drag the rest of us down!

- Damn it.

I'm just scared.

- We're all scared.

- You know, we still don't even know

why this is happening.

- You're right.

It doesn't fit with the legends.

An Indian descendant of the elder is

supposedly needed to trigger all this off.

- [Mark] Wait a minute.


When you were in the
hospital after the accident,

they gave you blood, didn't they?

Donated blood?

- Yeah, why, what do...

You don't think that...

- What are you guys talkin' about?

- What if the descendant
of that Indian sorcerer

gave blood at some time, and that person's

blood got into you?

- That's a slim chance, but
it would explain things,

I mean, we can't think of any other reason

why this would all be happening.

So that would mean the demons
think I'm the descendant.

- God, this is so fucked.

- Wait a minute.

We may have found a way out of this shit.

Okay, here.

"The barriers can be
knocked down only two ways.

"First, if there are no living
people left within them,

"the barriers come down."

- [Jeff] I don't like that one.

- "But the other way is
by conjuring Retlawkoob,

"when he's called to physical
form, he can be killed.

"According to the legends,
Retlawkoob's heart is

"made of stone, if the
heart is then removed,

"it can be carried into the barrier,

"and this will make the
barriers disappear."

Then we're all free.

- Oh, that's just great,
that sounds real simple,

well, we better get started so I can get

home in time for breakfast.

- Jeff, shut up!

- [Mikki] So, how is this
Retlawkoob conjured up?

- Well, if we're right about the demons

mistaking me for the descendant,
I can conjure him up.

See, it says here that
if the blood is spilled

from the descendant, in this case, me,

onto one of the rocks, it will bring forth

Retlawkoob in physical form.

- [Mikki] Are the rocks here in the house?

- Yeah, I think they're up in the closet.

(demon growling)
(suspenseful music)

- (shouting) Keep going!

(demon groaning)

(eerie music)

- We're gonna kill the thing.

We're gonna do what
Gary's notes say to do.

We're gonna conjure Retlawkoob,

we're gonna conjure him up,

and we're gonna kill the son of a bitch.

- Get his heart, and knock
the barriers down with it.

- That's right.

- We're gonna make it.

- We're gonna make it.

(suspenseful rock music)

(demon roaring)


- May I?
- Be my guest.

(chainsaw revving)

(eerie music)

(car engine rumbling)

- Piece of junk.

(demon moaning)

(loud screeching)

(demon growling)

(car starting)

- A trap.

We'll make our trap...

And then I'll cut myself
and get blood on the rocks.

- We're gonna kill it, take its heart,

and get out of here.

(hammer banging)

(soft ambient music)

(electricity popping)

- Well, the hook is ready.

Now we just need to stick a worm on it.

- Where will I be hiding?

- Down there by the box.

- Well, I'm gonna go down now and figure

out a way to hide myself.

- Okay, I'll make sure this thing's ready.

- All right.

(suspenseful music)

- Mikki!

(demon groans)

Shit, shit!

(demonic moaning)

(Retlawkoob roars)

Mikki, help!

(electricity firing)
(Retlawkoob groaning)

- Its heart.

We need its heart.

(eerie music)

(Retlawkoob roars)
(suspenseful music)

(chewing flesh)

(Retlawkoob roaring)

(Karen shouting)

(bones cracking)

(flesh tearing)

(eerie music)

(chewing flesh)

(chainsaw revving)

(suspenseful music)

(skull cracking)

- [Gary] The medicine man
essentially imprisoned

the elder's soul within the earth.

- [Karen] Forever beware
his deceiving nature.

Petals of a rose can be
masked to hide an evil soul.

- [Gary] According to his writings,

the elder had the power
to keep Retlawkoob alive

in a physical state if
Retlawkoob was conjured up.

- Linda.

You got the vulture demon.

(demon growls)

(twigs snapping)

(metal clanging)

(Retlawkoob roars)

(Retlawkoob groans)

(loud whooshing)

- [Radio Announcer] A
shocking and bizarre event in

Jefferson County last night,

Linda Lidanico, age 39, brutally murdered

and partially devoured six victims,

including her husband, Gary Lidanico.

The mass murder took
place on the Lidanico's

property in Dittmer, Missouri.

Authorities were told of the killings

by Mikki Lomack, age 22.

Lomack was with the
party that was murdered,

but managed to escape.

Authorities who arrived
to take Mrs. Lidanico into

custody say that Lidanico was obviously in

a state of deteriorated mental health.

Lidanico is currently
being held at Harrison

Mental Institution in St. Louis.

- Trish, thanks for
lettin' me come out and

look around again, it
was really nice of you.

- It's not a problem at all.

I was a bit surprised at
your interest in this,

pleasantly surprised, of course.

Just what made you change your mind?

- Well, I guess it was
just a self confidence

thing holding me back.

I see it differently now.

I see it as an opportunity,

not something I'm just sure to fail at.

- You certainly have changed.

I think it is a miracle,
a miracle for you,

the Church, and all the children who'll

be at this camp next summer.

So thank you very much
for accepting this job.

I'm eager to see what you're
gonna do at this camp.

- Thank you for putting
up with my indecisiveness.

You're a great friend, Trish.

As a matter of fact, I'm starting to look

forward to all the new challenges.

And by the way, how many kids will

be staying here next summer?

- Mmm, it's hard to
say, around 100, maybe.

- Wow, that's a lot of responsibility.

- Like I've said before,
Mikki, I have faith

in your abilities, and
so does everyone else

at Imperial Baptist, and
if you do have some doubts,

just pray, this is God's
will for you to do this,

trust in him, and he's gonna guide you

through all the hard times.

You'll do great.

I'm sure you'll do everything just right.

- [Mikki] Yeah, I'm sure I will.

(upbeat rock music)

(pleasant guitar music)