Savage Harbor (1987) - full transcript

While in town on shore leave, Joe meets, falls in love with and proposes to Anne, a beautiful woman he rescues from an attacker. Anne, however, has a past: she's a prostitute and a former heroin addict on the run from her well-connected pimp, Harry. With the help of his friend Chris, Joe must make sure Harry can never threaten Anne again.

I wanna wrap this
thing up real quick.

Sam in Kansas City says
he's got a lot of jobs

waiting for this
oriental poontang.

You sure about this guy Logan?

He don't smell
right to me, Harry.

Uh yeah, I checked
him out real good.

He's been doing this
for three years now,

running these girls
in from Vietnam.

Hey, the price is right.

I want you to watch out though,

if anything goes wrong
you pass, you here.

There he is.

Hey mon there they are.

Yeah I see 'em.

You better go take care of it.

And stay on your toes!

There's Jim!

I don't trust this guy Logan.

God Harry,

this is white slavery,
it's barbaric!

I mean, buying these
women, like cattle!

Don't make too much
of a fuss sweetheart.

I'll bet your Logan would pay

plenty for your
sweet little ass.

It's a two-way ocean
out there you know.


- Get out!
- Hey Mark,

over here!

Good to go, - oh!

Stay together! - Oh!

Let's go, !

Oh, oh, oh...

Come on baby!

Ah, ah...


These ain't chinks,
it's a rip-off!


Gimme the shotgun!

What the fuck's

going on out there?

Oh my god!



Oh god help me!

Ooh no, help!

Oh, oh, oh, oh!


All right come on, hurry it up!

Let's get the hell out of here!

- Hey boss?
- Yeah?

Where's your girl?


Anne come on back!

It's all over, let's go!

I'll be damned!

All right let's go
find her, go on!

- She's gone, Harry.
- Yeah.

I know.

She won't get far,
not with that monkey

she's got on her back.

I hope you're right,
she knows enough

to send us all to
the gas chamber.

Then you better
find her, hadn't you?

J it's too good to be true

j can I hope to believe
in dreams come true

j you got to be true

j I'm adrift in your love
and I'm lost in you

j it's too good to be true

j can I hope to believe
in dreams come true

j it's too good to be true

J she's the only girl who can
make him behave that way

j he's the kind of a man

j she runs out of things to say

j they do fine, fine, fine

j when he

j they were born to

Come on Joe.

First drink ashore.
No I gotta take a

rain check buddy,
got a little uh,

business I got to take care of.

All right, I'll
see 'ya, in a bit.

J those pretty people

are you gonna go


God damn, look what
the tide brought in!

Good to see you man!

How you doing killer?

Just fine.

Proprietorship baby,

Hell, I thought you were fired?

I was!

Hustled some bread,
bought the joint,

hired myself right back!

Blew a few minds but
here I am, master!

Ready and willing to serve you!

But you can't come and
act like one of those

sea-going caucasians,
or I'll have to 86 'ya.

How you been?
Great killer, just great.

- Hey Joe, how you been?
- Great hughbie I just got in!

J I'm adrift in your love
and I'm lost in you

Thanks ever so much, let me give

you some money.

Keep your money baby, I get
mine the old fashioned way!


Get off me, please, , get off!

Take the, you can
take all the money to,

, get off!

Get off me, please!

Get off!

Oh, no!

Ah, get off!

Help, no please no!

Hey, hey, I think

the lady said no.

Take a hike buddy
this is a family affair!

- You all right?
- No, my car broke down,

he, he gave me a ride!

The lady said
thanks for the ride!

Okay, okay.

- You all right?
- Yeah, thank you, um...

Joe, Joe Hardwell.

Anne teasdale.

Can I buy you a drink?

Yeah, it'd be nice,
but it's my treat.

Should we go?

Can I use your phone?


Hey, Arlene.

There are some memories.

Do you like avocados?


Just a thought.

Uh, come on.

You gotta be kidding!

It's only been six months!


Yeah well the same to you!

Don't say it I know

exactly what you're thinking!

Hey man, I don't do no thinking.

I'm here to grin,
make smalltalk,

and keep my customers happy.

Good idea!

- What you want?
- Keeping your customers

happy, let me have
your black book!

Hey man that's real funny.

- What did I say?
- You been gone too long

this trip Billy boy.

Give her a call, she's friendly.

Tell her I told you to call.

What the hell can I lose?

Starting on the
z's and uh, Zelda.

- Hello?
- Yes uh,

you're not gonna believe
this but a very pretty lady

just gave me your phone number.

Oh yes, I know her, roxey,
she's a very friendly person.

Well you sound very friendly.

Well now let me guess,
you're probably a,

a merchant seaman back
from, some exotic port?

You want to buy a nice girl
some drinks, and a dinner and,

zap, right into the sack, right?

You wouldn't believe this!

Gee uh, I hadn't
thought of that.

Sounds like a great idea.

And you're probably
oh, maybe six-two,

blonde, and you got a big yen,

and I'm not talking
about Chinese money.

This is fantastic!

You sound terrific!

How can we get together?

I'll find you.

I'll tap three times
on your shoulder.

Okay, hello?



Said she'd tap three times

on my shoulder. Last time I got

tapped three times
on the shoulder,

it was a tall, lean
mean looking texan,

with a police badge!


So this is where you live huh?

Well actually I'm staying

with a friend right now.

When can I?

Why don't you come
upstairs, right now?


You're kidding!

I'll be off in a little while.

I'll be here.

Merry Christmas Jesse,
there is a Santa clause.

- I'll be damned.
- Be damned, what's this

be damned stuff! - Roxey!

Man she don't just
pick up guys in bars!

You must got something

shit in your pants, baby!

J I'll be

How many eggs can you eat?

I can eat 40 eggs, in an hour.

A half a dozen will be fine.


Tell me something.

How come you sailors always
act like you're half starved?

After six months
at sea each year,

we are half starved.

I'm talking about food!

Hey that's what
I'm talking about!


You're okay roxey.


Could I uh, make the
toast or something?


- Gas oven?
- Oh why don't

you just use my toaster?

We didn't have a toaster.


Don't tell me you
don't like bread?

I'm sorry.

Maybe you best sit,

at this rate we're
gonna end up with

nothing but burnt bacon.

Come here.

I don't care, about
your past, okay?

We start right from here.

This is where we start.

Yesterday is just
yesterday, okay?


So I don't want to
hear any more about it.


Will you be in port long?

Uh, I don't know.

I'll find out Wednesday, maybe.

I wish you would
have told me, before we...

God I feel like a fool, I
thought this meant more.

I feel like a cheap
piece of meat.

Guess this ship just
pulled into the wrong port.

I wish you wouldn't
say it that way.


Well I have a way
of oh saying the

wrong thing at the wrong time.

Thanks for the chow.


I'm not really much for
picking up guys, but...

Hey, you have
nothing to explain.

Well it's just that I like you.

Oh I like you too roxey.

I mean it bill.

When a girl feels like
this she doesn't want

to sleep with a guy
like some pickup!

I'll see you down at Jesse's.



Joe? - Hmm?


Thank you, for saving me.

Hey, you ever been
to an avocado ranch?

- No.
- No?

You never been to one?

- Never been to one.
- Well, I worked off

a few meals for this
guy a few years ago,

and, he had this ranch, right?

But I didn't have the
money then to buy it,

or anyone to buy it
for or share it with.

I'm trying to say is,

that I'd like to
share it with you.


Are you sure about this?

'Course I'm sure, now
we're partners, right?


Joe, I wish you'd
let me go to the

ship with you to see you off.

I can't.

Come here.


You're wrong!

I was talking to my sister!

That's a lot of crap!

You were talking
to Anne teasdale!

Hank here heard you
on the telephone!

- He did!
- Now where is she?

Where is she?

Oh, bullshit!

Take her out, get rid
of her permanently!

No Mr. Kane no, no!

I was duh, she was at a market!

- What market?
- Ow...

She's at the coast
highway, and f-frier.

There now, doesn't
that feel better?

All right Hank,
you go find slim,

you go to that market,
you pick up that bitch

and you take her to my
boat, you understand?

Both of 'yal

now get out of here! Okay boss!

You want I should go too Harry?

No you stay here and,

and I'm gonna teach this
little bitch a lesson!


No Mr. Kane, no Mr. Kane please!

I'm gonna teach you a lesson!

No, no Mr. Kane, please
no Mr. Kane!

No, no!

Leave me alone

you fucking!

Now let me get my...

- Shut the, fuck up!
- Leave me alone you

fucking bastard!

Shut the fuck up!

Shut up!

Little Anne with
her Houdini act.

Well now, look who's here.

Aristotle, good reading.

The man had a fine mind.

Go up and keep Freddy
company will ya Hank?

I know you're
gonna find this hard

to believe Harry but,
miss teasdale wasn't

exactly crazy about coming
over here to see ya.


Now Anne, don't you want to
see your old friends anymore?

Things have happened Harry.

What kind of things?

My life's changed, I'm clean!

And I'm gonna be married.


Well now that is news isn't it?

Uh is he a nice guy?


Of course, he would be.

He's marrying a nice girl.

He must understand, that uh,

when the hard stuff was
difficult to get I carried you.

Well things are different now.

I'm sorry Harry.


Well sorry just doesn't
quite make it with me Anne.


No, uh, no, Harry no!

I'm gonna bring you
back into the fold Anne.

Where your real friends are.

God Harry please!

God Harry you can't
do this to me!

You can't do this
to me, please dear god no!

No Harry no!

No, oh god, !

There now.

Doesn't that feel better?

He's a friendly
little monkey isn't he?

Now here's what
I want you to do,

I want you to write a nice
letter to your boyfriend,

and tell him you're leaving him.

The meantime the boys
will pick up your thing

and get you all moved.


You do understand
that don't you?

You do understand that

don't you Anne?

Yeah, of course you do.

Harry always takes
care of his girls.

Oh god Joe, oh my
Joe, oh I'm sorry Joe...

Welcome home.

Oh god...

Hi cutey.

Who are you?

Are you Anne?

That's me honey.

What can I do for you?

I called and made a
date, the guy downstairs

told me to come right up.

Oh, we have a date.

Trick together honey.

That's nice.

Oh, you feel nice Joe,
oh god you feel nice!

Where have you been, Anne's
been lonely without you!

Oh love me Joe, love me!

Put your hands on me, hold me!

Oh everything's
fine Joe, just fine.

Oh you just want to love
me, that's all you want.

Oh we have a date together.

Oh, oh of course Joe.

Oh, I want to please you,

I want to make you happy.

Oh, you know you need me!

Oh Joe, here we are together
aren't we, !

Oh, oh, oh yeah...

You're quiet.

I was just thinking
a little bit bill.

You're serious about
punching your ticket?

Yep, I sure am.

Uh, I thought that
was just ship talk.


Last trip, my time
comes, I'm punching out,

and that's all she wrote.

Yeah, you've had
the home cooking,

home screwing look in your
eyes for the last eight months.

Hey I got to tell ya
man she's a great girl.

You'll really like
her, I know you will.

Uh I hope so for your sake,
to me a broad's a broad.

You got the place yet?

No not yet I sign
the papers tomorrow,

I'm keeping my fingers
crossed though.

Good luck buddy.

To me, it's port to
port for this sailor.

- See ya.
- Good luck.


J things that you do to me

j I'll be

come in! J your sweet desire

who the hell are you?

I'm looking for Anne teasdale,

she used to live here.

- No bells, babes.
- You mean no bells?

She used to live here
about six months ago.

Six months,
you gotta be kidding,

that's a lifetime in this place.

Nobody stays that long.

Come on you're kidding me right?

It's a joke.
Look, I never heard of

her and uh, I'm
not a comedienne,

although uh, I am
available for bookings

if you'd like to talk
to my agent downstairs.

Yeah, well, thanks
but no thanks.

Look buddy I been
here four months,

I never heard of the girl, okay?

So like if you're not
buying, take a flier, huh?

Time is money.

She used to live here.

I guess you didn't hear me.

You know you're cute
but you're real slow.

You sure you didn't know her?

Look, I never heard the
name, and I'm real busy

so I suggest you take a hike!

Yeah, thanks.

I'm busy, come back later!

And bring me some more towels!

We don't want any!

Get lost!

Hey didn't Joe, go with
you on the last trip?

Yeah, he's getting married.

What a world huh?

J one of these days

j you're gonna feel my love

hey, you!

My name is Harold,
what can I do for you?

I'm looking for Anne teasdale.

I don't know the name.

She used to live here.

Did she leave a forwarding
address or something?

I'm new here, I
wouldn't know that.

Well you got a book,
you got a register?

You'd think they would but

the new owners are really
sloppy about that kind of thing.

Look it's real important to me,

would you please
give me a break?


What year? About six months ago.

- Spelled how?
- Come on.

I'm not the one asking
the favor here, you are!

T, where's the t?

What's that say?

Come here.

It simply means she was
registered here, that's all.

Hello Mr. Kane?

It's Harold.

Yes of course, is he there now?

Well who is he?

On, all right,

of course I'll
remember that it was

you who called.

No, I certainly
will remember that.

Yes thank you very much.

Little faggot down at the hotel?

He said some sailor's
been asking question

about Anne teasdale.

You think it's her boyfriend?

Could be.

Check it out and
take care of it.

Take the psycho with you.

The word on
the street and you're

holding out money on me!
No, I have the money!

- Maybe meachy, you want
- I'll get, I'll get...

Meachy to fix that

- no, no, I'll get
- Pretty face of yours honey?

- The money for you I swear
- You want to make it

- I'll get the money!
- Look real nice,

what the hell, huh?
I swear I'll get the

money Tony!
When you gonna get it

to me? - I swear I will, I'l

get it for you, I promise!
Well maybe we're just

gonna fix you right now huh?

Come on where's that money!

Huh? - Hey hey hey!

But out sucker,

this don't concern youl!

You're about to be cut,



Leave it alone

mister this ain't your biz!

- Yeah...
- Tony...

I guess it ain't.


Hi Joe.

What's the matter with you?

She's gone man.

What'd I say?

You read my lips, she's gone.

Hey man, I'm on your side.

I know I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I went by the hotel today.

It's all changed.

Hookers and pimps.

It's probably why she moved.


But she's been
gone for six months.

Where would she go
without telling you?

Hey, I asked you a question.

I don't know man.

You think maybe her father?

No, she wouldn't go back.

Okay man don't get pissed off.

Have you checked
your bank account?

Yeah, , I'm tapped, I'm broke.

Just, gone.

All that dough down the tube.

Oh man, something's wrong, bill.

You're damn right!

Your dough's gone
and so is your lady!

I don't mean that way.

Pipe dreaming sailor comes home

to an avocado farm, yeah you
bought the farm all right!

Are you through?

Yeah, I really
am trying to help.

Daddy, daddy!

Where are you going, grandma?

What are you doing here?

Good old Harry,
he's right in there!

Hey daddy,

look what your
daughter's doing now huh?

Everything you thought I did.

Please no!

Daddy no, !


No, , oh dear old daddy help...



Sir, sir you can't go up there!

Mr. Kane?

He's ba-ack!


Cutey, what do you want?

- I'm interested.
- Thought I told you

you had to call first?
So I goofed.

That's okay, come on in,

party starts right here.

How much?

50 bucks.

100 bucks?

All right let's forget the fun,

I need some information.

Oh, so I guess we're back
to what's her name, huh?


Look, I'm very much in love with

this woman, and I
have to find her.

Will you help me, please?


- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Yeah I've got that. - Hey.

Yeah, yeah I got it

I understand, I'm not stupid!


Look I'm sorry
man the deal's off.

So what do you need, more bread?

No it's not the money,

look I told you before,
there's a way we

do things in this business,

you, you should
have called first.

You knew her didn't you?

You know take your money,
I don't want your money.

Tell me, tell me!

You son of a bitch tell me!

Miss son of a bitch to you!

Okay look you made your point
okay you're real strong!

Look you got me in a
real situation here.

I'd like to help ya but,

you know it's like buying a
one-way ticket to the morgue.

I need your help, please.

, now's not the time.

Where you gonna be later,
I'll call you later.

I'll be at a place on
avalon called the trade-winds.

You call me there.

Yeah I know that place.


Whoo, sailor!

You got your papers?
Who are you?

I asked you if
you had your papers.

Hey what's the matter, you
hard of hearing?

No I hear fine my man.

Who are you guys?

We're the fucking shore patrol.

We're the shore patrol!

And we want you to
find another port!

Oh yeah?

Get him slim!

Get him...

Do yourself a favor popeye.

Find yourself a safer port.

No more questions!







Hey bill!


what the hell happened to you?

Huh, I don't know.

Someone around here
doesn't want me

asking questions.

Like who?

These two goons.

They didn't leave their
phone number though.

Yes they did.

They dialed it all
over your face!

You want some iodine and stuff?

- No forget it Jesse.
- Get it Jesse,

what do you think you are,
a Christian scientist?

That's very good bill.

I should keep my
mouth shut, but uh,

maybe a shady past has
caught up with her.

Why you?

Who knows.

I was talking to this
Jenny, this hooker girl,

I think she's knows something.

Matter of fact I know
she knows something!

Sounds like
you got some bad friends.

Yeah that's what
I'm afraid of, Jesse.

But why's the hard part.

Well, I'll be getting
a call from this

Jenny broad pretty
soon, we'll find out

quick enough, believe me.

Uh, there you go, Billy boy.


how do I look, good?

Did you give sailor
boy my message?

I delivered it
personally Mr. Kane.

He shouldn't be a problem.

That's good, you know
I don't like problems.

Yes sir.

Harry's here.

Christ you're a mess.

Oh Harry, I knew you'd come!

I'm sorry I'm not dressed
a little neater, I,

I'm trying...
I never did like ya

dressed anyway, baby.

Harry, I need a little help!

What you need
is major surgery, sweetheart!

No a fix Harry please,
just a little one!

What I need is a
little more cash on hand.

You've done very badly lately.

For the past two months,
have been bad, very bad!

Oh, just a pop
Harry please a touch!

Uh, I-I'll try and do
better I promise I...

I can't run my
business on promises!

Look at you,

look at your face!

A wino would pass you over
for a drink of muscatel!

Oh Harry, I'll
be a good girl, I promise!

I asked you to
write a letter and

kiss off your
boyfriend, didn't I?

You didn't do what Harry
asked you to do, did you?

I tried to write him.

Harry doesn't like
it when his girls

don't do what he
asked them to do.

You want to please
Harry, don't you?

Oh yes Harry, I do I, I,
I promise I'll write just,

just help me now, please Harry!

Well, maybe,

just maybe,

if you help Harry.

- Oh yes, yes!
- Remember?

That crazy wild
way you used to do?

- Oh yeah!
- I want to see if

you have any style left.

Oh anything Harry, anything!

You want to please
Harry, don't ya?

Oh yes Harry!

Go ahead please Harry.




Yeah hold on.

For me?



Uh-huh, look I understand

your situation but listen,

I'm willing to pay you
anything you want, all right?


All right.


just help me please.

All right, where?

On the corner, uh-huh.

All right, Jenny, thanks a lot.


I'm a little fed up
with the two of you guys.

What's the problem Mr. Kane?

Too much bullshit
and not enough action.

We're leaning
pretty good Mr. Kane,

you can only push so far.

Excuses aren't in my book.

We'll try harder
next time Mr. king!

No you won't try
harder, you'll do better!

We all have our
expenses, don't we?

You've made your point Mr. Kane.

Are you two guys
up on your rounds?

We're up on our rounds.

And another thing,
I don't want to hear

anymore flack about that
sailor boy, and Jenny.

Otherwise I'll
cancel her ticket.

And I want you to do it, slim.

You don't have to worry
about Jenny Mr. Kane.

Hey, I know that
you knew about us,

it's not a problem Mr.
Kane, I can control her.

Let's hope so
slim, let's hope so.

Move it Gladys!

Actually business
has been very slow.

Well it's the holidays,
people just aren't spending.

What are you a
fucking economist?

Well I do consider
myself rather observant.

You've read my
reports haven't you?

Yeah, you got very
pretty hand writing.

All you faggots do.

That's rude!

I think you're just dreadful!

What gives you the idea that
I give a shit what you think?

Let me tell you something Mary,

the only reason you
got this job is because

you keep your hands
off the girls,

and you keep your
eyes and ears open.

Is miss barstow in her room?

Your girlfriend left about...

Her name, is miss barstow.

Miss barstow.

What the hell are you wearing?

- O-opium.
- It stinks.

Why didn't you log
her leaving the hotel?

Or the phone call?

'Cause she didn't
get a phone call.

Did she say where she was going?

No, no she was
dressed for business.

Oh m-m-Mr. baker?

What do you want me to do
with miss teasdale' ledger?

Get rid of it.

All right so what do you got?

Oh god I gotta be nuts,

I don't know what I'm
doing this for man.

So what do you want, more money?

This isn't about money,

it's about me breaking the rules

and risking my butt!

Okay here's the drill man.

The guy your looking
for is named Kane.

Kane, where is he?

That part I can't help you with.

Oh you can't help me with?

What the hell'd you
bring me out here for?

Hey don't cop an
attitude with me man.

Don't think I don't know
what you think about me.


Well let me tell you something,
I make a lot of money,

it's fast, easy money and I
do it because I want to do it!

Tell ya something else,
I support an old lady

who's so whacked out she
doesn't even know my name

half the time, so we all
go our reasons, okay cutey?

I'm helping you for one reason.

Well, two, one I'm a sucker
for a cutey like you and,

two is because I
think that what's-her-name,

Anne, got a bad break.

She's a, she was
a good kid, man.

She caught a bad break.

Forget about her, they got her
strung out man, she's hooked.

Hey slim.

Where you been babe?

I took a drive.

Things been a little slow.

I needed something
sweet, chocolate.

Look like you're
dressed for work.

I wanted to look
good for you baby.

You're a little
early aren't you?

Easy rounds.

I guess you got a
couple minutes then, huh?

I don't know what
you're talking about!

You're fucking lying to me!

I'm not lying!

Where'd you go?

I told you, I took a
drive, I bought a candy bar!

Don't you fucking lie to me!

I'm not!

Come here.


Come here.

Come here...

- What?
- Come on, come on, come on.

Come here.
1 don't wanna come here.

You're mean.

I love you baby.

But don't you ever cross me.


What are you doing?

Aren't you staying?

Son of a bitch!

Joe what you did to me, Joe,.

Joe it's my father I,

I was so young,
18, 19 I can't remember.

He was drunk, he was mad at me,

I hadn't done anything
but he was mad!

He said that, I'd been
playing around with men.

I hadn't Joe I
swear I hadn't but,

he didn't believe me.


I am Joe Hardwell.

You're not from the
dockworkers union, are 'ya?

No sir, Mr. teasdale?

- Yes?
- I'd like to ask you

a few questions about Anne.

Come onin.

I haven't seen Anne in years.

We were about to
be married, and uh,

anything you could
tell me would help.

You probably know
more than I could tell.

I thought if anyone
she'd come back to see you.

No chance.

Well I didn't really
know my little girl.

Her mother sent her
over to live with me

when she was 13, from england.

It was hard for
me to raise a girl child.

All those boys
and, she was wild.

I-I didn't understand.

I was strict with her, perhaps,
too much, I don't know.

You uh, that
doesn't seem like that

would keep a daughter
away from her father.


She came home one night
uh, she was 18, 19.

I was tired I'd, put
in 16 hours on the docks.

Anne was drunk, she started
to undress in front of me.

She was wild.

She threw her dress at me,

well I didn't know what to do I,

was full of anger,
and frustration, I,

I struck her, hard.

She passed out I,
put her to bed and,

anyway the next
day she was gone.

That's the last time I saw Anne.

I don't know what to say.

Hi honey what's up?

Look I hate to bother you
I'm looking for Anne teasdale.

She used to live on this floor.

No Anne here, you interested
in Julie, that's me.


Why don't you came back later,
and play with my pussycat?

- Hate to bah...
- What is it Mac?

Hate to bother you pal,

my girlfriend Anne teasdale
used to live in room 16

I'm looking for her.
I don't know her man,

I don't know anything about her.

Come on, she used to live
right next door to you!

I don't know her!


Why doesn't Joe just
go to the police?

Anne might get in trouble.

Well better that than the
trouble she might be in now.

I ran it by him, no sale.

Hey, where the
hell are you going?

Listen I won't bother you guys

you look like you're
real comfortable.

Hey man, this is me!

I need you man,
I need your help.

Let's go.

Bad trouble baby, I
can feel it in my bones.

That's superstition.

Hope it's not arther-it is.

- What did you say sir?
- There's a guy hurt

out here, he says he's a tenant.

Oh my god where, show me!

Oh, oh my god,

are you hurt sir, can...

Did he talk to you?


It's you!

Hey he's not a tenant!

What do you want
from this maggot?

Personally I'd
like to kick his ass.

But first I need
some information.

Why don't you let me
carve it out of him?

What do you want to know?

I wanna know about Harry Kane,

two thugs that hang around him.

Where do I find 'em?

God oh my god help me!

You'd be better off
calling your fairy queen.

Let me cut him.
Names, give me names.

Jeez, Mr., baker,
and Mr. bender.

Where do we find Mr.
Baker and Mr. bender?

Oh-oh god they're
gonna kill me for this!

They just come around
anytime and check on things!

Telephone number, hangout?

Well, well sometimes
they hang out,

at that, uh-uh c-cafe
on-on Neptune street.

Neptune Avenue and the cafe,

the little faggot didn't lie.

Yeah, well, there
are our friends.

Look bill, this is my fight,

you don't have to be... - Hey,

can't be any worse than the
aussies were in Singapore.

Hey slim!

Look who's here?

Well, shall we?

Let's dance.

Boy popeye you are a dumb fuck.

You got something I want.

Come on beat it punks.

Who asked you fats?

- We gonna talk all day?
- Nah...

Let's get the hell out of here!



Oh, no...

Come on, dammit,

come on!

Oh oh...

Oh, help me, help!


Hey help me,

stop the truck, please!

Stop the truck!


No, hey!

Oh, oh ooh, oh...


He's done let's go!

So tell me more about
this party tomorrow.

Well, once a
month, the boss let's us have

free run of this joint.
Oh shit man,

that sounds wild.

You think I can get invited?

Yeah yeah sure, we'll ask Harry.

Hey hey hiya boss!

Where the hell is slim?

Oh you know that,

that Jenny broad.

Are you the guy Sam sent over?

That's me Mr. Kane.

All right, here's a
picture of the girl.

She'll be working the park area,

around fifth and Alameda.

And I want you to make
it look like an accident.

You got it chief.

Say uh, that little shindig
you're having tomorrow?

- Yeah?
- Can I come?


You do this job right for me,

you can have free ass
the rest of your life.

All right Hank let's go.

Hi fellas, can a girl
turn a trick for you, huh?

- Get lost, will ya?
- Oh come on honey,

do two for the
price of one, yeah?

Nothing wrong with
that is there?

- Take off, huh?
- Huh?

Please honey, come on.
Leave, chi-

- Joe, oh my god!



Jesus, can you hear me?

Un, my sweet,
sweet, sweet sweet...

What can I do to help?

Go home bill, go home.

Eye for an eye.

It's my fight now.

Get yourself a drink,

I gotta check the
safe in the back.

I'm coming for you, Harry.

You got it.

It's you again!



Get up!

Oh, you gotta be kidding!

I said get up!

You're crazy!

That's right,

just crazy enough, come on!

Come here, come on.

All right gimme
the keys, come on!

- I'm lookin!
- Come on!

All right get in the car!

Hey look, for what
it's worth, I feel really bad

about your old lady.

Yeah, don't moralize, all right?

Yeah, moralize.

Look I'm just trying
to stay alive here!

Yeah, right!

Jesus Christ
what a way to make a living!

You just get me to Harry
Kane and baby you can retire.

Yeah well I hope
we do get there.

Yeah don't worry but
you can count on it.

Well don't look now
but we got company.

- What?
- Lover boy's on our tail.

Ah, shit!

All right, hang on honey.

Come on, kick this

thing in the ass!

Hee hee, what happened to
your girl slim?

Shut the fuck up you sick fuck.

I'm gonna kill that bitch.

I'm gonna kill 'em both!

Watch it!

Go, get out of here!

You go get the bitch!

What do I do with her slim?

Anything you want!


This is crazy man!

This situation's just
gotten out of hand!

I don't want to kill you man,

eh, not over some junky whore!

Let's end it!

Oh, fuck me...


Oh, oh!

Oh, no!


Oh, no, oh!

Oh, ! - Jenny!







I'm sorry, I
didn't mean this to happen!

Get Kane, get Harry Kane!

Okay, I'll get him, I'll
find the son of a bitch!

He's at fleet brothers mall,

gns apartments, he
owns the whole place.

You wait right
here, I'll be back.

You're cute,
but you're a little slow.

I'm sorry.

Oh my god!

Hey baby

I could swear that was a dream,

in the morning I'll wake up!

It was, the funniest
thing you ever saw.

Oh, shit...

Why don't you go get your
clothes back on babe.

We'll go to a private party,

there won't be so
much noise, come on.

Oh, a private party

hey Mr. Kane? - Yeah.

These guys make too
much noise around here.

We're going to my
boat, you'll like it,

it's nice and quiet there.

Oh, an!


Oh god, oh god!

Hey, !

Oh, hey baby, come on!

, catch you later!





What was that?

I want Kane!

Hey fuck you!

(Screami in - oh! 9



Oh, oh, oh...

Please don't shoot,

don't shoot me mister!

Oh oh oh, oh oh
oh, oh, oh oh oh,

oh, oh my god...

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah...

Don't, don't you leave me...

Ah-o0! - You got 10,

seconds, to tell me,

where Harry Kane is!

Tell me!
He might be on his boat!

[, at fleets mothers Marina!

I don't know, please, please...

Don't hurt me!
You're not lying to me,

are you sweetheart?
Don't hurt me please

don't hurt me!

You make me sick!


What's with the gun

Mr. Kane? - Oh let's just say

it's a good friend of mine.

How ya doing?

Can I help you buddy?

Yeah, I'm uh, looking
for the harriguns,

they're having a
party here tonight,

I got the address here...
You got the wrong party.

I said you got the wrong party?

Oh Jesus.

That's pretty good.

- Hey be nice, be nice!
- Not good enough.

Turn around bluto. - Be nice!

I am nice.

(Thuddin g - ooh!

Who the hell are you?

Doesn't matter you rat bastard!

What the hell do you
want, is this a heist?

No, , try
the name Anne teasdale.


Oh yeah, so?

So, , I'm here to collect.

Oh what the hell come on,

I got dozens of girls, younger
and prettier than Anne!

Hey, you're not serious
with that gun are 'ya?

Aw come on, take it easy.

An eye for an eye, you fuck!

Na-now, now wait a minute!

Let's talk this thing over!

You're acting kind of crazy now.

I'll give you anything
you want, money, girls!

Uh here, take this
one if you want!

Hey, what do you
want me to say, I'm sorry?

Shut up!

All right for Christ sake's
I'm sorry, you hear me?

I'm 80 rr y. I'm ss 0 rry!


Sorry doesn't cut it!


Joel - come on...

- Is that you man?
- Yeah.

What the hell you doing?

Eh, what?

You been sleeping
here all night?

- What time is it?
- It's 10.

- What?
- Come on man

let me get a couple
of belts in you.

Yeah, right.



Dr. cline to or!

Dr. Jameson, phone
call line three!

Dr. Samuels a patient
is waiting for you

in the waiting room.
Please report to the

emergency room, doctor please
emergency room.

Dr. firestone please,

Dr. firestone please...

- You must be Joe.
- Yeah, how'd you know?

When she's awake, you
are all she talks about.

I thought she was dead.

Your friend Jesse
said she was here.

She gonna be okay?

Sure, last night
was touch and go.

Today she'll be fine.

Doc is it okay if I
see her for a while?

- Please.
- Thanks doc.

J she's the only girl who can
make him behave that way

j he's the kind of a man, she
runs out of things to say

j they look fine, fine, fine

j when he wants

j they were born to be
great, they do what

- hey man, good to see yal
- How you doing Jesse?

What's with her?
Hey man she's been good

for one cry a day
since you left.

Woman in love act
like that you know.

J I was born to be great

j I was born to be great

j those pretty people
how long will you be

in town?
How long do you want me?


You got it.

Get your clothes,
you're through dancing.

Oh bill, I love you!



- Joe I'm sorry about...
- Sh sh sh sh sh,

everything's gonna be
all right from now on.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

- Oh Joe.
- Uh-hmm?


I love avocados.

Oh, what are we gonna do bill?

If I tell you,
promise not to laugh?

Of course I won't laugh.

Would you mind
living on an avocado farm?

An avocado farm?

Yeah, avocados.