Savage Dawn (1985) - full transcript

Stryker, a former soldier arrives in the small Texas town of Aqua Dulce to visit his friend Tick Rand. Things good well till a biker gang who call themselves the "Savages" cause problems and later on take over the town. Stryker, who has had enough of fighting after being a soldier refuses to fight back till a tragedy happens.

Fill her up.

Yes, sir.

How far is Agua Dulce?

- It's right down
the road a piece.

You going to the contest?

Looking for a friend.



Hey hey, mamacita.

- How about a
little service, eh?

We all need a ride like crazy,

what do you say?

- Mamacita, that's
not very nice.

Mamacita, that's not very nice.

Hey, relax, Pancho,

we were just being friendly.

What about the bottle?

What bottle?

That bottle.

- Are you brain damaged,
you taco vendor?

You and your putrid
refried bean breath,

did you see what you did?

- That was Spyder's
personal bottle.

He brought it in with him,

I say you owe us for it.

I saw him pick it up.

Are you calling me a liar?

Look out.

- We was just having
a conversation,

and you interrupted us.

Yeah, that ain't very polite.

Ain't polite at all.

- Don't touch me,
unless you love me.

Hey, go!

Don't move.

Dag nabbit.

- Saying sorry makes
a man feel better.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry, I'm

Not to me, to them.

Come on.

I'm sorry.

Hi, Fran.

How are you?

I'm fine.

Hi, how are you?


Hey, Willard.

Hi Mr. Joe Bob.

You know Willard,

you're supposed to
have adoption papers

to have one of them kids.

No, no, Andy's my friend.

Willard takes real
good care of Andy.

Nothing bad ever
happens to Andy.

Well, no papers,

I'm gonna have to throw
you in the slammer.


Yeah, you can clean out

them slop buckets real good.

- And we'll just sort of
forget about them papers.

Where can I find Tick Rand?

- Well, looky what
we got here, boys.

I mean, this must be one
of them psycho cycles

that we see in the
moving pictures.

You come here to tear
up our town, boy?

Or maybe get lucky with
one of our women, eh?

- Yeah, maybe get
lucky with one of our-



I don't believe it.

The last time I saw you,

you were like like a-
- A little kid.

Kids grow up.

I can see that.

Oh, you're smokin'.

Yeah, I can see that.

Uh, guys, this is Ben Stryker.

A dear friend of my father's.

- Well any friend
of yours, Miss Rand,

is a friend of mine.

We're having us a little
celebration this afternoon

at the Tom Cat Bar.

I'd really like
you to come there.


- I'm really looking
forward to it.

I mean, I'd really
like you to be there.

- Hey, there's a big, juicy
steak waiting for you at home.

Looks like a real nice home.

Yeah, I guess it does.

It's still missing one
or two things, though.

Stryker, are you coming home?

Where's Tick?

- Him and Danny are
up at the gold mine.

So, why don't you
run up on there

while I put on some lunch?

Hi, Danny.

How you doing?

You remember me?


and Dad talks about you.


I've never seen
a bike like that.

The Dutchess?

- Yeah, I mean, I've got
magazines and stuff, but, uh...

I'll give you a ride later.

Is Tick inside?


Come on, he's been
waiting for you.

Are you still at it, Tick?

- Oh, Stryker, you
old son of a bitch.

You don't write, we get
one lousy phone call.

Where you been, Beirut?

El Salvador?

- No, it's all
behind me now, Tick.

Yeah, me too.

Danny, take Stryker's jacket
so he feels more at home.

- Sure, let me take that
for you, Mr. Stryker.

Just Stryker.

Okay, Stryker.

- Go on down the hill and
help your sister with lunch.

- But, Dad, I was just
gonna hang around.

- I'll give you a
ride later, alright?


Okay, how long you staying?

Can I let you know?

- Well, hell, you can stay here
just as long as you want to,

you know that.

Nah, I'll stay in town.

So, it looks like you
really dug in here, Tick.

- Well, it's a
little different than

designing weapons
for the company.

You were the best there was.

And the best there is.

That's live.

- You remember
Mugamba's headquarters

when we blew that guy up?

Tin cans and nails

stuffed in pig dung.

- We hit that mother with
the Tick Rand special.

The ol' shit bomb.

That was a time.

- Yeah, so what
are you doing here?

- Well, my pension
from the government

is enough to make ends meet.

This is what really
keeps me going.


I didn't know you were
interested in this.

Well, I'm not, really,

the spring that fed this town
dried up about five years ago,

and you can't get to
the gold without water,

so the mine closed up
about two months later.

For the last several
years this town has been

dying a slow and
miserable death.

And you care?

And I care.

- What are we looking
for, absolution?

- I don't know exactly
what I'm looking for.

Whatever you want to call it,

meaning, the reason for
living, I don't know.

I do know that you and
I brought flaming hell

to a lot of towns
over the years.

Just once I'd like to
bring a town some hope.

What are you looking
forward to, Stryker?

- That nice, juicy steak that
Kate's gonna cook for me.

You know, Mr. Packer,

at this rate we're
not gonna get to Vegas

'til it's real late.

I mean, are we gonna see
the good shows or what?

- I'm doing the best
I can, Becky Sue,

the very best I can.

We'll get there
in plenty of time,

the convention doesn't
start until noon tomorrow-

Screw your convention.

You know Floyd, this is
really a dumb-ass idea.

I mean, if your wife didn't
suspect from the beginning-


Suspect what?

This is a business
trip, Becky Sue.

You're my secretary.


Floyd, the woman is
not a complete moron.

I type one word per minute,

and then it's
usually misspelled.

Oh my God, oh my God.

Down, down, down.

Back, back, back.

Now, I'm sure you've observed

the southern migration
of the sperm whale

because I think I see
one of their species

looming on the horizon,

and I think he's just
about ready to blow,

and so are you.

She's all yours, Meatrack.


Well, that's nice.

Real nice.

- Hey, pal, you better save
her for Pigiron, you jerk.


Floyd, do something.

Shut up, Becky Sue.

Yeah, Floyd.

Do something.

- Oh, Floyd would
like to help you out,

but he's in a little
pinch right now.

- Well, you look like a
man with a problem, Floyd.

Well, then again,

I guess a man's got to
know his limitations.


So why are we stopping?

Wait, hold on.

- Come on, man.
- Stay here.

Floyd, if you'll permit me,

maybe I can help you
solve your problems.

Floyd, if you'll pay attention,

watch, I'll give you
a little instruction.

The most important thing

is to be subtle.

No, stop, no.

Floyd, help.

Don't maul her too bad,

save a little for Pigiron.

He ain't even here.

Stop, no.

Please stop.

No, stop.

Stop, Floyd, stop.

So what are you gonna do?


- Oh, come on, what
about that girl?

Hey, you can't leave her.

- There's 25 of
them and one of me.

Well what about me?

You do it.


- Knock his head off
the wall, kill him.

Get him, get him.

Knock his head off, kill him.

Winner by a knockout
in the first round,

deputy Joe Bob.

Rachel, what would you
say to a little fuck?

I'd say, hello, little fuck.

To the company.

- And all the
stinking little wars

that you and I are not
stuck in anymore, Tick.


Hi, Tick.

How's it hanging?


Rachel, this is Ben Stryker.

Real good buddy of mine.

- Well, welcome to the
Tom Cat Bar, Mr. Stryker.

This place is kind of a
local legend, you know.

- Tonight the
legend comes alive.

- Every tom cat in the
county comes down here

to prove he's the
toughest son'bitch around.

I'm looking forward to
seeing you in there tonight.

I ain't enough to prove.

Hey, Kate.

Well, I'm sorry I'm late.

You are?

I thought you was
just plain sorry.

See you later, sugar.

- Deep down she's
a real sweet girl.

Way deep down.

Hey Danny, how you doing?

Hey Dad.

What brings you into town?

- I took Katie for
a ride on my bike.

Yeah, it was wonderful.


- Oh, we're real democratic
here Mr. Stryker.

Well, just about anybody
can climb into that ring

and see what kind
of a man he is.

Don't need no experience.

No entry fee, just
a little guts.

- And I'm gonna save
the next dance for you.

I don't dance.

- Why, they're playing
our song, sweetie.

Like I said, I don't dance.


What are you doing here?

- Well, I came to
check out the scene.

- Are you going to
enter the contest?

" Me?

Nah, I think I'll
wait 'til next year.

It's kind of hot in there

so I thought I'd watch
the action from out here.


Want to watch?

- My parents are
waiting up for me.


Uh, I was thinking
you might want to go

for a ride on my bike?

I'd like that.

How about tomorrow?

I'll be out in front
of the church at seven.




Which one of you
cowboys is gonna

get on out there
and go for the gold?

Nah, don't you want to
feel your muscles snap?

You want to slap
somebody's body down

and completely
overwhelm them, huh?

You know that you do.

- I hope you don't mind us
crashing your little soiree.

Hey, what do you say?

All day,,
all day, -

Kemosabe, what's up?

Hey, listen up,

listen, quiet down now.

I want to tell you something.

I've got here $500, count 'em.

For anybody who wants
to stay in the ring

with a certain
dude in this room.

Deputy Joe Bob McEwan.

$500 for stomping on a deputy.

Shit, lady,

my boys here got cause
just for the fuck of it.

And of coarse to please
a pretty woman like you,

if you know what I mean.

You want to kiss me, deputy,

is that it?

- Well, looky what
we get us here.

- We oughta learn
that boy some manners.

- You boys don't want
to fuck with him.

Pigiron, that's a piss hander.

- Look, I just got
finished telling you,

you boys do not want
to fuck with him.

You know what I mean?

Y'all came here to party, right?

My buddy Zero over here,

he be mighty pleased
to stomp on that deputy

you got over there,
what's his name,

Smooch Bob, or something?

He likes doin shit like that.

- I do like doing
shit like that.

Hell, I could stomp
him real good.

Til their face gets
all red and squishy.

And they always
start to cry and beg

for me to stop,
but I don't stop.

And you know why, my man?

Because that is the best part.

- Katie, let's go
on home, I'm tired.

- Come on shitkicker,
I want your ass.

Do it Joe Bob!

Get over here, come on.

Come on, Zero.

The rules are real simple.

Last man standing wins.

Now, I want to see
a good, clean fight.

None of this biker shit-

I'm Reverend Romano.

I happen to be the
shepherd of Agua Dulce.

A preacher, in here?

Oh, well, yes.

I also am the mayor, you see.

I go anywhere.

My people need me.

And what might be
your name, my child?

Her name is Lip Service,

and she belongs to the Savages.

- And she got a brand
on her ass as proof.

Uh oh, he don't believe us.

- Tell this sacred man
with his tit-sucking eyes

how you found heaven on
the back of a Harley.

Therefore, a taste of
the forbidden fruit.

What's your name?


What're you doing here?



The Savages never lose.

- I guess we kicked
his ass, huh?

- We came, we saw,
we conked-ass.

Hey, everybody,

we got a new champion.


And I am pleased and honored

to present him with...

500 smacaroos.


One on one.

He cheated.

You lost, ain't that right, Tom?

That's right.

That's bull.

Hey man, Savages don't lose.

Alright, let him go.

- Hey sheriff, why
don't you back off

for five or 10 minutes man,

and go take a piss
or something, eh?

God damn it, I said now.

Fuck off, old man.

- I'm telling you
one time, asshole.

Call off your ape.

- He won't
pull the trigger.

He never has,

and he never will.

You really tough man,

just like the deputy
over there, huh?

That what you are?

You gonna shoot me?

Go on, shoot me then.

Because if you ain't
gonna shoot me,

I'm gonna take that
little gun away,

and I'm gonna shove
up your big fat ass,

and I'm gonna pull the trigger,

that's what I'm gonna do.

Maybe you like that, huh?

Maybe you'd like me
to make your day.

Where do you want it?

The eyes?

The belly?

The balls?

Looks like ol' uh,

Joe Bob, or Jim Bob,

or Reed Bob done recovered, huh?

My, my-

Looks like all the
local mice clone got

themselves fire arms now, boys.

What the hell you think
we all to do, huh?

You gonna pull our
asses out of here?

Yeah, I think we
ought to retreat too,

old Joe Bob's got
a shotgun, huh?

That's what we ought to do.

Yeah, I'm scared
to death, myself.

C'mon, we better get
out of here Savages,

this town's folk, they got
themselves some firearms.

- Ain't nothin' shakin' but
the leaves on the trees, Jack.

- OI' Reed's
got himself a gun now.

As mayor of Agua Dulce,

I'm ordering you all to
leave this town immediately.

And we'll retain
your friend here

just to show you how
serious we really are.

- Now that's a bad
move there, mayor.

OI' reverend, or whatever
the fuck you are, man.

I just hope you know what
the fuck you're doing.

Tell you what man,
I'm gonna be back.

I'm gonna be back for you,

and I'm gonna be back for you,

and I'm gonna be back for
every one of you motherfuckers!

Let's go.

Take me with you.

- Bitch, you think you're
good enough to hang with me?

I can suck start a Harley.


Get on.

Don't forget about me.

Be seem ya.

You look good.

Real good.


Come on.

- So, how'd you both like
to make it with a real man?

Run, Fran, get out of here.

- I'll handle this,
I'll handle this.

Let me go.

And this greater man himself

shall perform the
sacred ceremony.

Bad news, boy.

Let her go, man.

You stupid little shit.

Who loves you baby?

Come on, what're you doing?


Real bad.

I'm gonna have to
hurt you, you know?

But just a little bit.


- Hey, good morning
there, Mr. Stryker.

Hey, we's just having ourselves

a little old party down there,

and we thought maybe you'd

like to come out and play, huh?

Come on, drag him, boys.

I'm okay, help Fran.

Danny, Danny!


- Look at that
son of a bitch go,

man, he's good.

Got to go now, Mr. Stryker.

But now it's personal
like, you know?

Between you and me.

So, I'll be seeing
you real soon,

you know what I mean, boy?

Danny, oh my God.


I'm alright.

Help me get inside.

Easy, easy.

I got to take the
jacket off, okay?


There you go.

- Hot
water's on the stove.

Kit's on the top shelf.

IS this it?

- Yeah.




You got it?

Shit hit the fan, Tick.

You really keeping
your hands busy, Tick.

- It's nice and light,
and it's got good balance.

Here, you try it.

That's plenty.

Boy am I glad to see you.

Glad to be here.

Especially you.

- He killed Blood,
get him with that.

Alright, get him, come on.

Hey, fucker.

Come here.


Whoa, she's cool, huh?

Oh, look, all the girls
are here.

We'll be back.

You know who I am?

I'm your worst
nightmare come true.

Alright, let's roll.

Give me the gun.

Don't baby me.

♪ Wild long night

♪ Get together in hell

♪ And hit the town

♪ Ride in the night life

♪ Right in the night

♪ We get together in hell

♪ How I love the town

♪ They get to blow up

♪ Wild dawn

♪ The fire flows

♪ Feel it in my veins

♪ My brain

♪ Wild dawn

♪ The blood is streaming

♪ Down your face

♪ Can't you fight against
the wild dawn knights

♪ Can you make it with
the wild dawn knights

- Hey, Iron, man,
you'd kill to see this.

- I want you to take
me out of Agua Dulce.

I want to forget it.

I want to forget I
ever worked there.

- Okay.
- Okay?

- Well, I got a little
bit of unfinished business

there in Agua Dulce first, baby.

Maybe we should,

maybe we ought to just
roll in there, okay?

What if just roll in
there and we just,

just destroy that
town completely?

How's that?

- You want me to blow
it up, I'll blow it up.

I like to fight.

- But see, then you don't
have to have a fight.

Because I know this
area very well,

and I know where we can
get an edge on that town.

Oh yeah?

Yes, I tell you what I want.

- You want an edge, I
can give you an edge.

Yes, I tell you what I want!

I want you to ride
into that town

like a general, I want you
to be a god damned general.

I do.

And I want to ride in there
at night and throw 'em.

You are an asshole,

you know that?

- The big man would
kill to see this.

- What's that sound
like to you, Francis?

- It might be a
car pick, Purdue.

No shit, Einstein.

It sounds like a
flat tire to me.

- Yeah, maybe some old
guy with a hard luck story

wanting to talk to us.

Yeah, which we don't need.

No, not at all.

- Better him than
us though, huh?


Don't shoot, don't shoot.

Don't shoot.

Oh no, we're not gonna shoot.

You can't see that we're not

carrying any concealed weapons.

A bunch of bikers
drove us off the road.


Isn't that a shame?

Hey, is this candid camera?

Are we on camera?

Hey, Francis, come on.

They might be telling the truth.

I saw them motorcycle freaks
on the highway this afternoon.

If you guys could help us out,

we'd be real grateful.

- Well, it's
against regulations,

and there's no way-

- I mean, like, we
can't afford to pay you,

but I'm sure we could
work something out.

Francis, come here.

Francis, we got us
an obligation here.

We do?

Look, come on,

the whole battalion's
on maneuvers.

All we've got to do is
cover for each other.

- Yeah, but Colonel Edwards
is gonna have our ass.

- Ain't nobody
gonna have our ass.

Unless of course
we want them to.

Come on, guys.

What do you say?

- I mean, you
can't just leave us

out here to freeze to death.

Just a minute.

What's this, Katie?

- I want to show you
something special.

- Well, it looks harmless
enough from up here.

- It used to be a hell of a
lot nicer down there, too.

Now it's just another
town waiting to die.

Francis, look.

You see that motto on
that sign there, Francis?


To serve and protect.


- Well, those young ladies are
in urgent need of protection.


And maybe a little servicing.

Oh, okay.

Come on, open the gate.

I'll do it, I'll do it.

Is this your special place?


I come here sometimes.

To paint.

Usuallyjust to be
alone and to think.

To be alone and to think,

that's the story of my life.

You know what I don't know?

Who are the good guys,

who are the bad guys?

I don't know what the
fuck it's all about.

Oh, Jesus.

You are the good guys.

You and Tick, and all
the guys who give a damn.

And you don't need to be alone.

Oh, boy.

Olly olly oxen free.

Hey, sheriff.

What the hell?

Hey, can my buddy Zero

come out and play?


Doesn't look like Mo, Larry,

and Curly done got me covered

Can I tell you what a pleasure

it is to have you back again?

- Joe Bob's known for his
down home hospitality.

It's gonna be a real
privilege having

a man of your
stature as our guest.

Hey, bro.

Am I glad to see you.

Shit, man, I knew you
wouldn't leave me behind.

You are my main man,

I wouldn't leave you behind.

- You may be a bit
of a psychopath,

but I didn't figure
you for stupid.

What made you come back?

- Well, you know sheriff,
I got to tell you,

I took a real liking
to your town, you know.

I thought maybe I'd come
back here and party a bit.

I mean, I've seen all your women

giving me the eye
something fierce,

and I just thought,

maybe I'd come back
and service them all,

you know what I mean?

Let them get a real
man for a change.

Move, asshole.

Before I squeeze this trigger

and pretty up your face.

- Hey Zero, looks
like we're gonna be

hanging out in there
for a while, babe.

We're gonna have a
little party now.

- Shit, I knew you
wouldn't leave me behind.

Hey, sheriff.

You mind if I use
your telephone?

I feel like calling up my mommy.

- Don't worry
about this garbage.

I'll take care of him real good.

- Joe Bob's gonna
trash the trash.

- Give me a little head while
you're down there, shorty.

Ease off, Joe Bob.

There's something wrong here.

I'm gonna give a call
over to the state police,

see if they can keep an eye
on the rest of that gang.

- You feel real good
there, asshole, huh?

You feel good, man?

Ease off, Joe Bob.

Line's dead.

You alright?

- Got a little
surprise Zero, bro.

Hey, tough man.

Come on you redneck
son of a bitch.

Come on out here, boy.

I got a little surprise for you.

Hey, chump man.

Come on shitkicker, you
dumb motherfuckin' ass.

Do it again, asshole.

Do it again, motherfucker.

Do it.


Vergil, get your ass out
there and shoot that boy.

Right, sheriff.


Where's the sheriff?

This is my town.

I rule.

The Savages fucking rule, baby.

I see you all you
mice hiding out there.

And I told you
asses I'd be back.

And I'm back.

Where's my Billy gone?

Get over here, out of the way.

- Let's go fuck this
town together, baby.

Let's move it out.

You all having a good time?

Nobody fucks with me.


Move it out.

Point that son of a bitch
right over there, let's do it.

We're gonna blow
that god damn tower

to god damn kingdom come.

Get out, get out!

Ring that god damned bell.

Ring it!

Hey preacher man.

Hey, I told you
I'd be back, bro.

I'm terribly sorry about
your tower over there.

It just kind of got in my way,

you know what I mean?

Hey, citizens.

Y'all listen up.

I just want to invite
you to the biggest

party in the history
of the Savages.

But I've got a couple
rules for this party.

They're real simple,

I don't want nobody leaving it,

and nobody inviting any
god damned outside guests,

you know what I mean?

So let's party!
Let's fucking party.

- Don't be frightened,
my holy child.

You see, you're in
the house of the Lord.

Oh, I'm not frightened.

Not of you.

You seek comfort, my child.

You see, God sent you to me,

to comfort me in
my war against sin.

You know that power?

It's the power
that made you stray

from the path of righteousness.

To wallow in lust and sin.

I have sinned.


contact with a sacred vessel

will purify you.

- Now you understand, I
want a trim on my beard.

I don't want you to
mess with my hair,

I just want a trim on the beard.


What's your name?

I'm the Big Zero.

The Big Zero?

Well, Mr. Zero, I'm a
born again Christian.

People come into my shop,

I like to tell them about Jesus

and how that he can
change their lives,

and make them happy.

I know you boys caused a
lot of trouble around town,

and you know, if
you just give your

heart to Jesus, you know-

- Let's get one thing
straightened, man.

You don't want to fuck with me.

You understand?

I won't upset you.

If anything, I want to put
more love in your life,

because God loves everybody,
and you're no different.

And I know you got a heart,

I don't care what
you've been through,

no matter how much
pain, he can heal it,

because he's the healer.

The word says that he's
closer than a friend-

- You're getting
right on the edge.

Just a little off the side.

No, no,

no, no, no, come here my child.

You weren't that good.

I said, come here.

I just did the preacher.

- No, no, no, you
don't understand,

you see, I was
ministering to this child.

- He ministered
the hell out of me.

- No, no, no, you
don't understand.

You don't understand.

- You done real
good there, Billy.

We'll call you, alright?

It weren't no big thing.

Relax, preacher man.

Eh, you in hell, boy.

It's a natural thing.

Ain't nobody got
to know about this.

Now, I know that you're a
respected man in the community.

I wouldn't want to go
messing that up for anybody.

- Course not, wouldn't want
to mess that up at all.

- Why don't you shut
the fuck up, man?

Oh, God, no.


I'll tell you what.

I'll tell you what.

I'll tell you what, man.

I promise you, alright,

I won't tell no one.

Thank you.

Of course, you know,

you're gonna have
to pay the piper.

You know what,

I'll have you do a little
thing for me, alright?

Know what I mean, hm?

Know what I mean, hm?


♪ Amazing grace

♪ How sweet the sound

♪ That saved a wretch-

That's it.

That's it.

Thanks a lot, man.

I wanted a fucking hair cut.

Good evening, Katie.

Mr. Stryker, I didn't see you.

You weren't meant to.

How can we help you, reverend?

Well, as a matter of fact-

They're back.

Now look, this isn't easy.

We've come to ask for your help,

before somebody else gets hurt.

Now you want our help.

What's happened to
Agua Dulce's finest?

Look, just for tonight.

By late tomorrow we
can count on the Guard,

if we have to.

These guys are slick,

they wouldn't come back
unless they had an edge.

- Tick, please, before
someone else gets hurt.

He had a gun, he
made me do it, Tick.

Enjoy it, enjoy it my friend.

Enjoy it, this is gonna
be your last victory,

because we possess the weapon.

A 90,000 pound, armor-plated,
green killing machine.

No, come on.

I'm sure a warrior of your
considerable experience

who's led so many
other men to death

is prepared to fight
his final battle.

So join me, all of you join me.

This night in Agua Dolce,

join me in hell.

Mr. Stryker,

Tick, I'm sorry, I...

Mr. Stryker.


Mr. Stryker.

We'll be back.

- They're talking about
a green killing machine,

that's a tank.

And you sit here
in a wheelchair,

talking about taking your
daughter and your son

down there for a firefight

with 30 pyschopaths.

It's insane, it's suicidal.

- That mine shaft goes
clear through the mountain

to the center of town.

We've got the
element of surprise.

With my weapons and your
fighting skills we can-

Do nothing.

You're not part
of the real world.

You've been isolated too long.

I'm not taking people I
care about into a fight.

I'm not leading anybody into a

fight to the death ever again.

Not ever.

I won't do it.


- Ah, don't worry,
it's a piece of cake.

You know the plan.

Out of the way!

- You've got
everything you need?


I've got it.

Go get 'em.

♪ His truth is marching on

Look what we got here.

We got us Mr. Stryker's
pretty little sweetheart.

How's your boyfriend, dear?

- Hey, when you're
through with this lady,

keep me in mind, huh?

- You woman enough
to party with me?

You bet.

Get out, bitch.

Get out, bitch.

Look out, here comes trouble.

Just keep me in mind, huh?

You fucking asked for it.

I will, I'll show you.

- You ain't
showin' me nothing.

- I love a good cat
fight, don't you, boys?

Kick her ass.

What are you doing?

We're fighting back.

Hey, can I help?

Yeah, give me some gasoline.



- Tick, what are
you doing in here?

- It's alright, you and
Andy can come on in.

They hurt Andy real bad.

Yeah, I know, Willard.

They hurt Andy real bad.

Andy's gonna need an operation.


Don't worry.

It's gonna be just fine.

Alright, that's enough.

Tie that up.

Now remember, Willard,

first you pull this
cord right here,

then you start counting.

When you get to 10,

I want you to be far away,

you understand?

When you get to 20,

Andy is gonna go boom,

and kill all those bad men.

You understand?

Willard understands.

They hurt Andy real bad.

Now Andy will get 'em good.

You betcha.

Andy's gonna get 'em good.


two, three, four.
- What the hell?

He's a fuckin' nut, man.

Five, six,


13, 14,


- Aw, they blowed
it to shit, shit.

What the hell happened?

They're dead.

Casey, shut the perimeter.

Show yourselves.

- Come on out,
you motherfuckers.

- Casey, check the perimeter.
- A little of this.

Suck on this, faggot.

What the fuck?

- Spread out,
spread out assholes.

- You're gonna get yours,
man, you understand?


God damn it, this shit.

- Fuck, come on out
you motherfuckers.


- Come out, the
Savages want to play.

- By Lord, the
preacher man, come on.

Get him.

Time to repent, my man of God.

Judgement day, preacher man.

Don't stop, keep going.

- No, no, oh God,
no, no, please.

Tell him to go forward.

Wait, no, please.

- You god damned
cripple, man, you...

Well you just wait there,

I got a little surprise for you,

just wait right there.

- No wait, wait.
- Hey, reverend.

No, no, no, no, please, stop.

Please, please.

God damn cripple.

- You told me I deserved
the wrath of God.

Feel my wrath.

- Turn this son
of a bitch around.

- I said turn this
son of a bitch around.

Let's kill the motherfucker.

" Dad!

Get down!

Hey, your time's over old man.


My, my-

Alright, back off boys.

Let's do it to him.

- Hey,
back off me, Rat.

Everybody back off.

Back off.

This boy's mine.

Fuck you, idiot.

Go to the back,

and get me that flamethrower.


- Been having yourself a
real good time, ain't you?

Well, that's good.

Rockets and cannons and bombs,

and that guy gets me

with a bullet that big.


Help me.

You're dead.

- Like the way that
feels, boy, huh?

You like the way that feels?

You like that?


Get that dog.




This one's for you.


Stryker, we're exhausted,

you wounded my friend,
the end is near.

Come out, Stryker,

come out my man.

You're gonna die.


No, no.

You're a dead man, Stryker.

Now, Stryker.

You took my Spyder,

you've got to play.

And after I play with you

I'm gonna stick it
to your old lady.

Yeah, I think she loves me.

I'm gonna stick it
to your old lady!


Right, Spyder?

Guess what?

Right, I thinks he loves me-

You smart ass son of a bitch.

What are you gonna do, Stryker?

What are you gonna do, Stryker,

leave me here to die?

I'll be back.

I'm gonna get you.

Just like we got that cripple.

We'll be back.

Your nightmare's just begun-

No, no!