Savage Creatures (2020) - full transcript

On the eve of Judgement Day, predatory cannibals abduct two young vagabond women harboring a shocking secret - they are ancient Vampires. Following a bloody clash, the Vampires are suddenly...

For the
life of the flesh

is in the blood and I
have given it to you upon

the altar to make an
atonement for our souls

for it is the blood
that maketh an atonement

for the soul.

Having therefore these
promises let us cleanse

ourselves from all
filthiness of the flesh

and spirit, perfecting
holiness in the fear of God.

Creator of the universe

and all life within,

we praise you for
the nourishment

that you provide.

Thank you for meeting
our physical needs

of hunger and thirst.

Forgive us for taking
that simple joy

for granted and bless this
food to fuel our bodies

forward into your
will for our lives.

We pray that we will be
energized and be able

to work for the glory
of your kingdom.

In Jesus name, Amen.

A nationwide
flurry of mysterious falling

meteors have alarmed
experts and scientists

who have declared the event
as an unusual phenomenon.

The National Weather
Service issued

a statement saying,
after reviewing several

observational datasets,
the NWS can confirm

that the flashes and
booms heard by residents

across the states
were not thunder

or lightning, but
instead, crashing meteors.

We continue to monitor
feeds from astronomical

agencies for an
official explanation

for this wave of cosmic

objects to determine if

there's any threat or
danger to civilians.

- Phew!
- Oh!

These are
just a few videos captured

by shaken residents
over the last 24 hours.

You want God to work
in your situation?

Open the door!

Open the door to your soul and
spirit and let Jesus inside!

Let Jesus inside!

To resist the
Glory of our savior

into your hearts is to
sentence your living soul

to eternal damnation.

Do you want to know why?

Because each and every
one of us is born

into this world with an unholy,

evil savage creature
within and it possesses

your minds and your spirits.

That's why there's
so much malevolence,

torment, barbarism and
debauchery in our world today!

The savage creature
within all of us must

be purged or we are doomed
to burn in the eternal flame.

My brothers and sisters,
the End of Days are upon us,

there is no more
time to dilly dally

on this subject, you must
take Jesus into your hearts

so all of us can ascend
to the Kingdom of God.

Hello, ladies!

Are you in need of
a ride somewhere?

Would it be any trouble?

Not at all.

Climb on in.

I'm Liz and this
is my son Darby.

Nice to meet
you Liz and Darby,

I'm Rose and this is
my good friend Ursula.

And so, where are you headed?

As far west as
you can take us,

that would be appreciated.

Well, we can take
you to Cedar City,

we live just a few
miles south of there.

That would be
just fine, actually.

Thanks, Liz.

Not to pry, but when's
the last time the two

of you had a warm
bath and a hot meal?

Longer than we care to say?

How about you
come home with us,

get cleaned up, have a
quick bite then Darby

will take you to
the edge of town.

Sound good?

We can't impose.

It's no imposition.

As a matter in fact, I insist.

It'd be nice to have
a little company

for a while.

You can set your bags on
the bench there if you like.


Been our home for
almost 25 years.

I can take your coats and hats.

What would you
ladies like to eat?

We actually just ate
a little while ago,

so please don't
trouble yourself,

we appreciate it though.

You sure?

Yeah, I'm still really full,

but thank you anyway.


Well, enjoy your showers.

We have two showers upstairs.

Follow me.

So this is the first bathroom.

Oh, cool!

- I'll take this one.
- All right.

You want to take a shower,

you just turn the water on
and bring that lever down.


Do you want one or two towels?

One, please.

There you go.

- Thank you.
- Enjoy.

We will go around,
down the hall.

Here's the shower,
towels are there.

Thanks, Darby.

Take your time.

The Lord has
been so kind to us!

Neither one of them seems

to even have a cell
phone, imagine that!

Disconnected from the world.


Though they are a little
thin for my taste,

but there's enough meat
on those bones to tide

us over a good while.

Okay, I didn't find
anything but I think

we should get out of here.

Yeah, I got the same vibe.

But look what I found.

That's perfect.

Just let me shut this.

How do
you want to do it?

First I'll um, try to
get them to stay the night.

And if they refuse, then
we have to separate them.

Since they're not
eating anything,

we'll have to do it
the old fashioned way.

Get them from behind.

I'm doubling the dosage,

they'll be out in a snap.

Well look at you two!

Absolute visions of beauty!

Thanks again for
everything, Liz,

but we really need to be
getting back on the road

because it's going to be
getting dark pretty soon.

Well, you know
you're welcome to stay

the night, we can take you
first thing in the morning.

Oh, thank you, we
really do appreciate

that, but we would like
to be on our way now.

Well, I'm a
little disappointed,

I was hoping that you'd
stay a while longer,

it would have been nice
to get to know you better.

But, hey, I understand.

I'll get your coats.

You have to excuse my Mom,

we don't get many visitors here,

she gets a little lonesome.

Not to mention my sister
left a couple years ago,

she took it really hard.

I understand.

These hats have
seen better days!

Darby has a whole
lot of extra caps,

can we at least offer
you replacements?

Oh, well

Darby, take Ursula, let
her pick out a couple.

I'll stay here with Rose.

Follow me.

Liz, thank you again
so much for everything.

You're very welcome.

Uh, Darby mentioned that
you had a daughter as well?



She was very special to me.


Did something happen to her?

She passed away.

I'm sorry.

Darby had mentioned
that she left home?

Figuratively, yes.

She left our world
two years ago.

It was horrible how she died.

Here you go.

Take your pick.

She wasn't well in the head.

Doctors, psychiatrists,
advanced treatments,

nothing could help her.

What happened to her?


Took her own life.

It is the greatest mortal sin,

in God's eyes,
you know, suicide.

Her soul has been
forever damned.

Not a moment goes by
I don't think of her

and where she's at right now

her soul

burning alive in
the eternal flame.

Fucking bitch!

What the fuck did you just do?

I should fucking kill you!

I should kill you!

What did you do
to me you fucking bitch?

Do you have this, Darby?

I need to go into town.

What for?

Cleaning supplies, we're out.

This was unexpected.




Who are you?

You mean, what are we?

I didn't realize
how hungry I was,

I feel so much better.

So, how do you feel
after being chopped up

with an axe?

Hey let me tell you, that
fucking hurt like hell.

Oh, I know all about it

April uprising, remember?



18 something?

April of 1876.

We were in Bratsigovo.

Oh yeah, yeah, you got speared

Right through the damned back.

Those crazy fucking Ottomans.

Still have a little
scar from that.

So now what?

Psycho bitch
will be back soon,

and we have to take care of him.

Yeah, he's going
to turn in a minute.


I'll get the bags.



This time, don't
hit my fucking hand.

Would you let it go?

Should we move him out?

No, I want crazy bitch to
see this when she gets back.

Sounds good.



Why aren't you answering me?



Oh my God!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!


It isn't possible

You know it's really
fucked up what you did, Liz.

I actually kind of liked you.

We were just goin to rummage

through your house, take
what we needed and go.


We were going to let you live.

But no...

- Demons!
- You messed it all up.

And I really don't
like to kill women,

but you're no woman at all,

you're more monster than me.

My turn.

Stupid ass bitch.

This would look
perfect on you.


All right, so what do
we do with the bodies?

There's a freezer
out in the garage

I really do not feel
like dragging them out

there, Rose, it's been
a really long day.

Mmmm you're right, I'm beat.

There's a closet over there,

we can just shove them in.

Now you're talking.



They were going to eat us.

Fucking cannibals.

Hi, I'm Darby!

Oh my stomach is...

I'm not blaming you, Ursula,

we both fucked up.

It was easy for these
yokels to take us down.

It's embarrassing.

How did we let this happen?

Maybe we're just tired.


No, we're not tired.

We're lazy.

And careless.

We used to sense that
shit a mile away.

We cannot let this happen again.

I know.

But you have to admit
the senses have dulled

a lot over that
last few decades.

I do.

And I'll tell you why.


It's the blood.

It's poison.

Because everybody
in the 21st century

is jacked up on opiates,
heroin, crack cocaine,

and so on and so on.

It's pure poison.

And we, my love?

We've been feeding on it.

And this?

Is the purest blood
we've had in years.

And I'll tell you why.

Regardless of how
crazy these sick,

twisted fucks were, they
kept their bodies clean.

This is like the old turn
of the 20th century stuff.

And it's goddamned euphoric.

I miss those days, Rose.

I really do.

It was so easy.

Before science and
technology kicked our asses.

The surveillance cameras
and motion detectors

and satellites and GPS.

And forensics.

And now everybody has
a fucking video camera

in their phones.

How is a vampire
supposed to survive

in this day and age, I ask you?

Small towns.

Homeless shelters
and the derelict.


But it's all trash.

We had it so good back then.

The wealthy, elite

the opulence and
the extravagance

the blood was transcendent.

Now look at us.

Fucking vagabonds.

Feeding on cannibal blood.


We're pathetic.

What's going to
happen to us, Rose?

We keep forging ahead.

Meet each new
challenge as they come,

regardless of how
fucked up they may be,

like today for example.

And hope that my
prayer is answered.

Which is?

A global power grid shutdown,

plunging humanity back
into the Dark Ages.

Then, and only then

will we truly be free.

And is that your
birthday wish?

Birthday wish?

The night just passed.

It is now December the 23rd.

It's my fucking birthday?

426 years old.

And still looking good.

You ready for your present?


Well that's a
new look for you.

What time is it?

Almost five.

You slept all day, how was it?

Great, except for all
of the crazy dreams.

Bloody Mary?


So we've got a problem.

Which is?

The latest of
the National News Service

is that waves of falling meteors

have increased in numbers
across the nation.

Added to that are
hundreds of witness

accounts describing
living organisms

hatching from within the
crashed meteor debris,

wait, do we have him live?

okay, put him through,
field reporter Stan Weston

is coming to us live

from a crashed meteor
site in Andalusia County.

Stan, can you describe
what you're seeing?

Rick the
meteor crash site

I'm standing next to is
about 11 minutes fresh,

the meteor is in a
cauterized crater,

about feet feet in diameter.

the meteor's surface
is charcoal black,

ovular in shape.

An eerie green mist is emanating

from the meteor's base.

Whoa, wait, wait, wait.

Rick, the meteor just
cracked open like an egg.

A milky white fluid
is oozing out,

Everyone stand back,
get back, get back!

There could be radiation!

What I'm seeing now
are two tentacles.

Rick, this is clearly an
extra terrestrial life-form.

Seeing more of the organism.

It's pushing itself
out of the shell.

People, stand back!

I've never seen
anything like this.

it appears to be a
fleshy life-form,

shaped like a sea creature.

a manta ray comes to mind.

Oh, my God.

it's levitating.

it's rising up, it's coming out.

Everyone get back!

It's coming toward me, it's
getting closer!

Oh, my God

ladies and gentlemen, we
strongly urge every one

of you to take shelter.

Avoid the meteor crash
sites at all costs.

Military and the National Guard

have been dispatched
to all counties.

This can't be happening.

Remember that wish
you made last night?

For a power grid shutdown?


Not a fucking alien invasion!

Lock yourselves
in your homes,

do not venture outside
until help arrives.

Ladies and gentlemen,
we're getting more

witness accounts
of victims attacked

by these alien creatures.

it seems once bitten
by the organism,

the victim transmutes
from a lifeless state

into a rabid, manic predator.

who then attacks at random.

the threat to us
all is now two-fold.


entered the station!

Seal off the exits,
barricade the doors!

No, run!

Still wanna bury
Liz and Darby?

If this is real,
which I need to see

with my own fucking eyes,
then I don't see the point!

I say let's get the
hell out of here.

All right, let's do it.

We'll take the
van, grab the keys,

I'll get the bags.

Oh and Liz had a gun, see
if there are more of them

and ammo too.

I've gotta see
this for myself,

I want to know what
we're dealing with.

What the hell is that?

Let's get out of here, huh?

What the fuck was that?

What happened?

Ow, she fucking bit me!




What is?

Just kidding.

Jesus fucking Christ
that wasn't funny!


All gone.


So these zombies, or
whatever they are,

can't hurt us, but
we can kill them.

Just shoot them in the head.

And those creatures?

Hopefully, we don't find out.

Rose, this is bad.

We're looking at the
actual end of everything.

Or a new beginning.

Too many fucking bad
people in this world.

They've had it coming.

The penance is long overdue.

Jesus fucking Christ.

Just when I thought the day
couldn't get any stranger.

Oh, God thanks for
saving our lives.

I'm Father Cooper.

That's Sister Gigi.

She's a mute.

Oh, Lord!

Liz and Darby, are they here?

No, they left a while ago.

Well their van
is in the carport.

They went for a
while a few hours ago

and we haven't seen them since.

And who might you be?

How do you know the Grangers?

We were just
hitchhiking through town

and they picked us up.

Real nice couple,

they let us stay the
night and everything.

We were supposed to
leave this afternoon

but then all of this happened.

Yeah I'm starting
to get real worried.

Yeah, we've been
concerned, haven't we?

Yeah, I hope nothing's
happened to them.

They're real fine people.

More than that,
they're the most

saintly, God fearing citizens

in our community.

I fear the worst.


You know how to kill them.


Shoot them in the fucking head.

More than that.

You've got to hit them
in the pineal gland

otherwise they'll
keep coming for you.

Pineal Gland?

As far back as
the second century,

the pineal was
believed to be the home

of the soul and served as a
conduit between humans and God.

It produces the DMTs,
the spirit molecule.

That's why they attack us.

They're trying to get back

that which was extracted
from their bodies.

You see, the celestial creatures

that have invaded our
world are soul takers.

When they strike, they feed
upon the eternal spirit

and consume it.

So all of this just
happened and suddenly

you're the expert?

Well we've known about
these things since 79 AD.

The book of Revelations it was.

And God's children
came out before him

and they knelt down and
spoke in a loud voice,

Oh Sovereign Lord,
holy and true,

when will thou judge and
avenge those who blood

against the earth?

I've been warning people
about these things

for a very long time.

But no one listens.

No one heeds my warning.

And now Hell's
bowels have released

and Satan's army has come
forth upon the Earth.

And it will attack
and destroy all,

we are doomed!

From below, from
within and from above.

So we know how to
stop the zombies,

how do we kill these creatures?

It's unknown.

It's God's cunning design,

so there's nowhere on
Earth that we can run

or hide or get away.


Nowhere to go.

Oh, Lord, pardon us if
we've done any evil.

Please protect us.

If we've done any good
then deign to accept it.

Oh, Lord, protect us as
we take our rest, Lord.

Safe sleep, Lord.

We don't want anything to happen

while we're sleeping.

May God protect you and
love you in gathering.

Please kiss the cross,
it will protect you!

We're going to have
to take a hard pass

on that, Father.

The holy water the holy water

I command you, unclean spirits,

- along with all your minions...
- oh for fuck's sake.

Now attacking servants of God,

by the mysteries of the
incarnation, passion,

resurrection, and
ascension of our Lord

Jesus Christ, by the
descent of the Holy Spirit,

by the coming of our
Lord for judgment,

that you tell me by
some sign of your name,

and the day.

Oh, my God.

Oh, God!

What have you done?

Listen, there's something

you should know
about your friends.

And what might that be?

Take a look in the
freezer and find out.

No, I don't think so.

Your model citizens
were cannibals.

The freezer's full of
human flesh and body parts.

Go see for yourself.

I'll not have you
defile their character

with your lies.

I know what's going
on here, I think I do,

I think so.

You avoided the crucifix.

You moved away from
the holy water.

Bite marks on the neck.

Spikes in the chest.

You're feminists!

Both of you!

Look, I don't know
where you're from,

but I suggest you go back to it.

You're not welcome here.

You've got a bad vibe.

There's a dark energy,
it's unclean, unholy,

undead, feeding
off the live blood

of the living,
you're demonic evils,

you're evil demons,
you're vampires!

Drive you out, drive
you out unclean spirits,

demonic powers, all sects,

drive you out by
the power of God,

God the father commands you,

God the son commands you,

God the holy ghost
commands you to come out!

Come on, let's go!

It burns!

Oh, shit!

As far back
as the second century,

the pineal was
believed to be the home

of the soul and
served as a conduit

between humans and God.

Is the van clear?

The van is clear, but there
about 10 of those things

in the front yard.

No problem, let's go.


I kinda liked her.


So you liked her.

She was good at
keeping her mouth shut.

You ready to do this?

Do you even know which
direction we're going?

Do I look like
a fucking compass?

West, I guess.

Go that way.


We're out of gas.

I am not liking this.

Where'd you get that?

Stole it from the cannibals.

Always planning ahead,
that's what I love about ya.

Mother Lilith,
it stinks in here.

It's fresh.

Holy shit it's
one of those things.

It's dead.

Are you sure?

I'm sure.

Let's get some light in here.

Ursula, that is foul.

Well if you don't like
it go sit somewhere else.



Find something?

Oh, yeah.

You should see this.

No, thanks.

Looks like a parietal lobe

and here a frontal lobe.

Motor cortex.

The fuck does that mean?

It's the creature's brain

but wait, look at these.

These appear to be atrias

and these are ventricles.

And that means what?

This organ is an all
in one brain and heart.

That's why it died,
somebody got a lucky

shot in with this arrow.

So we know how to kill them.

Well, like zombies
and vampires,

shoot them in the brain and
stake them through the heart.

Well ain't that peachy.

Makes them easier to kill.

I'll say.

We'll clean that,
probably need it later.



I don't know, it
feels like a bug bite.

- Hey.
- Ursula?

What's wrong?




Hey, hey, Rose?


Hey Rose, come on,

wake up, Rose.




Rose goddammit
don't do this to me!


Dear God!

Rose, baby, wake up

wake up, baby, please.

Please don't leave me alone.

Please don't leave me.

I need you.

please, goddammit!

Wake up please.

Wake up please.

Now we're even.

Oh my God!

You bitch!

Fuck you!

That is not funny!

Oh my God!


Don't you ever do that again!

That was not
fucking funny, Rose!

God, I wish I could
kill you myself now.

They're gone.


They're gone.


How's that rejection
stinging you?

What do you mean?

Apparently we lack the
one quality they look

for in a person.


Of course.

They must have been
sucking on us all night

before figuring out
the fridge was empty.

Our curse has turned
out to be a blessing.

We're immune.

And ready to
start the new day.


Rose, what the fuck?

You shot me!

quit your whining,

it was an accident.

Well get it out!


You did that on purpose!

I did not.

Yes you did!

You were literally
chopped up by cannibals

yesterday and now
you're complaining

about a little arrow?

Well it fucking hurt, Rose!


Grow some fucking balls!

It's going
to be a long walk.

Compared to what
we've just been through?

What, the aliens, the zombies

and the psycho
fucking cannibals?


That is a vacation.

Can't argue with that.

So scary question.

What the hell are we going to do

when our food supply runs
out because every human

on this planet is wiped
out by those things?

thought it through.

See, at last count there
are about 4,500 blood banks

in the U.S. alone.

So that'll tide us over for
at least another century.

And then when that taps out,

we just migrate someplace else.

Always planning ahead.

That's what I love about you.

And for the record?

Worst fucking birthday ever!

Yes you did!

You were literally...

That was so Southern.

- I'm proud of you guys.
- Yes you did!

Head back to him.

Oh you're face.

All I hear is
giggling in my ears.

You gotta try and
not grab us, right?

I've warned people
about these things

for a long, long time, but
they did not heed my warning.

What voice am I
speaking in, holy shit.

Did someone go phewsh?

- I did.
- Yeah, let's not do that.

Oh my gosh.


This is not a good
place for this.

Ursula, grow
some fucking balls!