Savage Beach (1989) - full transcript

Donna and Taryn are federal drug enforcement agents based in the Hawaiian isles. Upon the success of a drug bust, they receive a call from Shane Aviation to fly an emergency package of vaccine from Molokai to Knox Island. Unbeknownst to them, Philippine representative Martinez has convinced Captain Andreas to use a reconnaissance satellite to locate a sunken ship laden with gold that the Japanese had pilfered during World War II. Meanwhile, a storm forces Donna and Taryn to land their plane on a remote island which harbors the gold. The hijinks ensue when they are joined by a host of nefarious types who have learned of the gold's location.

Sorry ladies, dock's
closed, it's Sunday.

Aww, you guys are working
awfully hard today aren't you?

Patty, you wanna hand me that thermos?

These guys are definitely thirsty.

I'd say it's about time
for some refreshments.

Works for me.

You know we're not from around here,

I'm from Jersey and Patty
is a dancer from Vegas.

Oh, a couple of Hollies huh?

Right, a couple of Hollies.

And you Connie, me Vahini.

These are Mai Tais, by the way.

Listen you
know I'd love to hear,

it's so beautiful, I'm really
interested on some company,

way on the other side of the island.

Psst, duck.

And with that beard

you kind of remind me
of Don Johnson.


Really, I wouldn't lie.

It must be so much fun working here

and you're in the sun all day.

You get to watch
the ocean all the time.

Donna Hamilton, Drug
Enforcement Division.

Here's my badge, here's my warrant.

And here's my shotgun.

You're under arrest.

No you're not.

Taryn, he's
got a shotgun, watch out!

Drop it, yeah drop it.

Drop that gun.

Release her right now
or your church choir

has a new soprano.

Come on Donna, let's go.

Move it, come on.

They're getting away!

Donna, you gotta stop thinking of me

as just another pretty face.

Before you go to prison,
make sure you damn sure

tell your friends what
happened here today.

And the next time you
try and smuggle China white

through our territory, you
get that bomb up your ass.

Nose Taryn,
you should have said nose.

I know Donna, that was
inappropriate for a federal agent.

It won't happen again.

Take it easy Patty.

God, we only have 15
minutes to relax here.

After a day like today,

I thought you'd be taking
the rest of the day off.

Yeah, I would like to.

I can't even believe that I agreed

to running a restaurant as my cover.

I mean now it's like
I have two full-time jobs.

- Oh you guys.
- Oh yeah.

talk about a pressure job.

Try flying a cargo plane.

Dr. Santos.

Yes nurse?

This is the last of the serum.

If we don't get more,
the children won't make it.

Honolulu's our only hope,
I'll get on the radio.

Honolulu, this is Dr. Santos
calling, do you read me, over?

Yeah, okay doc, gotcha.

Hey Lisa, there's a call
coming in on the radio.

I'll put it on line two for you.

Shane Aviation.

I'm sorry, Shane is into a new project.

He's really up against it.

Oh, I see.

Just one moment, I'll page him.

Emergency call for Shane Abilene.


Shane, a Dr. Santos is calling

from the Marshall Islands.

Tell Nico I'll be right there.

Yes doctor.

There is a supply of Genesis-5
at the hospital on Molokai.

You'll have that serum in 24 hours.

You'd better get dressed.

I'll get right on it.

Hey Rocky, I have
a delivery here for ya.

Oh great, it's my auto-bakery.

What's it do?

Well you just add the dough
and it rises automatically.

Okay, I never
heard of such a thing.

Then you didn't know my ex-boyfriend.

Take it to the kitchen for me.


Hey you guys.

Hi Rocky.

- Hi.
- Hey.

It's the private line.

I'll get it.


Emergency call from Shane Abilene.

He says he wants us all to hear.

Girls, come on over here.

Put the speaker phone Patty.

Shane Abilene is the new senior operative

just assigned to Honolulu.

Another Abilene.

They just keep coming, don't they?

Congratulations on this
morning's bust, good work.

Washington is very impressed.

Well that means
we get a vacation right?

I'm afraid not.

How 'bout a cash bonus?

No such luck.

We have a desperate situation.

There's a case of serum at
the Northshore Hospital.

It's gotta be picked up right away.

Donna, Taryn, you'll
be flying the medicine

to a hospital on Knox Island.

I'm leaving Honolulu now for Molokai.

You have a 1500 mile journey.

I'll help you get off.

See you in an hour.

I hate to leave like this.

Will you keep it on ice?

Sorry, use it or lose it.


Here's the medicine.


I'll get the survival kit.


Agent Hamilton.

Agent Abilene.

I want you to see the special
equipment I have for you.

Well we're pretty isolated here

and I don't always get my share.

Are you comfortable with a big gun?

They have their advantages.

This baby's larger than
most anything around.

Well I'm not as impressed with size

as I am with performance.

Once loaded and cocked,

all you need is a steady
hand on the barrel.

And what about the actual shot?

You won't be disappointed.

I'll be the judge of that.

What about this crossbow?

Ah, that's for Taryn.

This arrow had an explosive charge

that ignites three
seconds after penetration.

It's only good for a single shot.

That's her problem.

Here's the survival kit,
it's all checked out.

Thanks Patty.

Long range and auxiliary tanks are full.

I'm gonna start on the pre-flight check.

There's a bad storm
raging at your destination.

Satellite weather shows a
break due, nine or 10 hours.

Well that means we'll
have to get in and out

during the break right?



Radio us in four hours.


I'll give you more specifics.

And don't forget my all-purpose package.

And here's the South
Pacific area map, 47113R

of the Marshall Islands region.

That's a lot of water.


My grandfather served
in the South Pacific

during World War II.

Has he ever been back?

No, he died there.

They never found his body.

You know it'll be very strange for me

traveling to that territory.

Well, according to our law,

you won't have too much
time for private reverie.

Thank God for small favors.


How could you expect the
people of the Philippines

not to be concerned with the return

of their national fortune?

Hey look Martinez, you
might be a representative

of the Philippine Government,

but to me you're just another
bleeding heart liberal.

You wanna feed
the people of one country

at the risk of jeopardizing
every other human on the planet.

You've made
the right decision Captain.

Look, my neck is on the line here.

I did what I said I would do.

I got that satellite for 40 hours.

I took it away from the Star
Wars Security Analysis Mode.

The main line of defense
for our country

and I did it for you.

You won't be sorry.

We'll see, Major
Harrison will be here soon

with that computer disk
from the satellite system.

It's covered every inch of that war zone.

Why are you lowering my window?

The Marshall Islands consist of only

70 square miles of land.

It's scattered over 5,000
square miles of ocean.

So just finding Knox
Island's gonna be tough.

There's one more thing.

The storms washed out the runway.

So you're gonna have to
aim for the grass strip

on the east ridge.

It runs right up to the hospital.

Weather conditions are lousy at best.

We'll have to get in and out fast.

The break in the storm won't last long.

Major Harrison, Captain John Andreas,

this is Paul Michaels of
computer control central,

it's a top secret clearance.

Here's the computer
disk from the satellite

reconnaissance Captain.

We appreciate the Army
giving up the satellite time.

But the Navy isn't too pleased

about having an Army
officer monitoring our team.

Oh don't worry Captain.

Even though my presence was requested

by the State Department,
I'm here to offer my assistance

directly under your command.

Pleased to hear that.

Major Harrison, Rodrigo Martinez.

Diplomatic representative
and retired advisor

from the Government Of The Philippines.

I'm surprised to see the Army
using your military talent

to serve as a delivery boy.

My talents as an
expert pilot, astronaut,

and technical advisor will
be utilized to their fullest.

If we do detect any treasure,
I will provide the means

to get to it and to be
there with you to secure it.

Gentlemen, I've taken the
satellite reconnaissance

information you provided on this disk

and cross-referenced
every Japanese war ship

known to have sunk in this
area of the South Pacific

between 1941 and 1943.

The computer has identified
371 sunken Japanese vessels

in an area of two million
square miles of ocean.

Well we can eliminate
the large warships.

Where does that leave us?

A total of 127 smaller vessels,

one of those could be the
one you're looking for.

We will need more specific information

about where the boat was heading in 1943

in order to narrow down the possibilities.

Good day gentlemen, I
hope I have been helpful.

Paul, this information is top secret.

I've just taken care of that Captain.

Good job.

Thank you, and our
company is very grateful

for the government contracts Captain.

I am very grateful to be off
to the Bahamas for one month.


Yes sir.

Well earned, enjoy.

Thank you.

Right now two agents
from the Japanese Army

Intelligence Corp are
collecting information

from an admiral, Kenji Inada.

Bring me up to date on that.

The information from
Admiral Inada should be

all we need in order to
spot the ship we want.

Better be our man.

We checked out every detail,
down to his headphones.

During World War Il, I believe
General Tomoyuki Yamashita

was the man most responsible
for the looting of my country.

Admiral Inada was under
his direct command.

I know we're on the right track.

Agents will meet us
tomorrow at 1300 hours

in a Honolulu compound.

We leave at dawn on a military jet.

The plans are the same Captain,

but my government had arrived
transportation for me tonight.

Admiral Inada, you are weak, rest.

We will stay until you
feel up to this task.

No, I've held this secret too long.

The time is now.

The looted gold had been
transported from Manila

to the Central Island Leyte.

I was ordered by General
Yamashita to take command

of the operation in charge of

relocating the gold to a remote place.

We must leave now
before we lose the light.

Revisions will be rewarded.

My family is of samurai heritage,

I was trained in bushido,
I am born to serve.

A storm is coming.

You should wait another day.

The general has ordered
us to depart today.

It is a
shameful task you fulfill.

General Yamashita wishes us
to transport the gold away.

It will provide arms for a Japanese

military government after the war.

In my opinion General Yamashita
wishes to steal this gold

for his own benefit.

General Yamashita would not betray

the People Of The Rising Sun.

I envy your devotion and
I pray for your safety.

After their departure a
dreadful storm hit the region.

Shortly after the third radio check-in,

I received a brief distress
call followed by silence.

I never heard from them again.

I only felt relief at
the thought of the gold

being at the bottom of the ocean.

Thus my guilt would never be exposed.

And I would be spared
the public humiliation

and life-long shame of bringing
dishonor upon my family.

But now I am near death.

The cancer clutches
every ties of my heart.

The newspapers carry daily
stories of treasure hunters

about to lay bare my shame.

Hmm, I want my parting gesture
to be one of restitution.

We'll take this information
from your log to the US Navy.

They'll help us retrieve the fortune

and restore it to the Philippine people.

Use caution, act in utmost secrecy.

There is a fortune in gold involved.

It's just down the hill.

Taryn we're too hot, we're too hot!

We're slipping, watch the airspeed!

10 degrees left!

We got it, we're in!

There, there's the hospital.

Donna, I'm gonna refuel.

Dr. Santos.

Thank goodness you made
it through the storm.

You just saved a lot of lives with this.

Tell Shane I owe him one.

You betcha, good luck doctor.

Hand me that, let's go.

You're a
master at the computer.

You picked the right man.

I do what I can.

You'll do better with this new passport,

the identity cards,

and enough money to live in
style for the next 100 years.

You wanna count it.

For you, an exact
duplicate of the original.

It's all there, have a blast.

Don't spend it all in
one piece.

She's on autopilot for a bit.

let's get out of these wet clothes.

We got 10 hours of rough road ahead of us.

Airplanes are like birds,
they're meant to fly.

Nothing can bring 'em down.

Except of course bad weather.

Thanks for sharing that.

Finally after nearly half a century

we are ready to reap the
spoils of the Great War.

What a coup, this fortune
will support the revolution.

We will be revered by our party.

Our names will be in the history books.

My ideology means far more
to me than fame and adulation.

The good of the party is my reward.

Oh Taryn, we've been hit.

We're heading straight
down Donna pull up,

we've got to pull up.

Reduce power, throttle
back, up elevator!

Check airspeed, watch your RPM!

The cabin lights are out!

Dammit, the lightening knocked out

all of our instruments.

Even the compass is going to hell,

so is the altimeter, we could
fly right into the ocean.

No we're okay now, I've got the nose up.

Look, oh thank God, the
artificial horizon's working.

At least we can stay level,

but there's no way of knowing
which way we're heading.

Dammit, this storm's got us so lost,

Donna I can't even see the stars.

Ain't this a bitch?

What do we do now?

All we can do is fly all night

and hope we can spot a
place to crash land at dawn.

If our fuel holds up.

November niner, niner, 786, mayday.

November niner, niner, 786.

There's no use.

It's the blue
car up ahead, see it?


Look, there it is.

Good afternoon
gentlemen, may I help you?

Can you cover this?

No problem.

Let's go.

sir, we just checked in.


I'll get it.

You can
reach us here, yes sir.

An evening snack gentlemen,
compliments of the management.

Oh thank you.

I hope you find the food
more hospitable than this.

Okay Eric, let's change these IDs.

These are perfect Eric.


Ah, here's the disk.

We need to make a copy
of it before tomorrow.

This is it Donna, this
puppy's pretty low on fuel.

Keep an eye out Taryn,

we're gonna have to ditch
this thing any minute.

Look over there
Donna, is that land?

Let's go for it.

Put the fuel pump on, we
need every drop we can get.

It's flying like a
pig, I hope we make it.

It's running a little rough,

we must of sucked a valve somewhere.

Slow down for maximum glide speed.

Give me 10 degrees on flask.

We're going flask son, we need every drop.

We're going in Taryn,
we're going in, hold on!

Looks good, go for it!

This is it!

Hold on!

It is to the great credit of our nations

that we finally put to rest

a black mark against our ancestors.

We'll gladly cooperate with you

in your most worthy endeavor.

My government has asked me personally

to present you two loyal gentlemen
with these antique Buddha

as humble tokens of our appreciation.


This screen represents data
from satellite reconnaissance.

It reveals 127 sunken ships
within the target area.

Now, I'll take this and cross reference it

with the information
provided by Admiral Inada.

So, according to the admiral's logs,

this line represents the known
route traveled by the boat.

At the last checkpoint,
they were right here.

Now, we can calculate a maximum range

they could've traveled.

Somewhere within this area.

Next we induce a vector shift to allow

for the effects of the
storms they encountered.

The last step is to do a
probability calculation

using all known data.

Captain Andreas, just press enter

in order to view the final result.

Good day gentlemen.

Jesus is that remote.

The weather in that part of the world

can be violently unstable.

Japanese sure picked one
hell of a savage beach

to crash their boat on.

We're going to need a special aircraft

to get in that area with complete secrecy.

Captain, I'll put together a package.

I bet no one's ever
set foot on that island.

Donna, over here, fire.

Damn Taryn, hurry up,
try and get that out.

Yeah I got it, it's out.

We blew the whole damn cylinder.

We're lucky to be alive.

You're one hell of a pilot.

Well, shall we check our survival kit?

Come on Taryn, let's see
what else is on the island.

Didn't look too big from the air.

You know something, it's eerie,

but this place has a very
familiar feeling to it.

Yeah right, like
Gilligan and The Skipper

are gonna be around the next bend.

Who says crime doesn't pay?

This looks pretty good to me.

Not good enough, pass me the new disk.

We'll lock it up with the admiral's

and see what the hell
we come up with here.


What do you say, let's
check out the beach.

Good idea.

Well it's a beautiful island,

but I bet the social life's the pits.

Our plane's
right beyond that point.

What do you say we get
back and set up camp?

Good idea.

How can we be sure

the secrecy of our mission is intact?

We're in an abandoned
military installation

on the north shore of O'ahu,
nobody knows we're here.

How's it looking Major?

We should have one hell of a flight.

I've topped off the auxiliary fuel tanks,

we're gonna be flying underneath
all radar surveillance.

Everything should be okay as
long as the winds are right.

She's quiet, she's fast.

Couple more hours, we'll
be ready to go Captain.

My government grows impatient.

Give it a rest Martinez.

I've waited a lifetime for this.

You're every move inspires a passion.

Together there are no boundaries for us.

Together we will endow
our people with a new pride.

I could not do it without you.

They're a lot of things
you could not do without me.

There's the ocean.

Go down and set up camp.

Taryn, here's another one.

Hey Donna, no place like home.

Hello, oh my god.

All right, we'll be right there Shane.

Patty, sweetheart, come on.

You've got to get up.

It's Shane, we've got
to go and meet Shane.

What is it Shane?

We may have some bad news,
sit down wait a minute.


There's no sign of them Dr. Santos.

We haven't heard a word in 10 hours.

I've notified Navy Air Rescue Units.

All we can do now is pray.

Hey Donna, what are you
doing, picking coconuts?

No, I'm installing cable television.


Not bad.

Almost like home.


Ha, you're sharing it?


That's some good stuff.


According to my calculations,
we're about 600 miles

northeast of Molokai.

Boy are we off course.

They're never gonna find us.

The nearest airline route
is 160 miles west of here.


Taryn, could you get me a
blanket from the plane honey.

I'm feeling a bit of a chill.

Sure Donna.


Can you believe it Donna,
we're not alone here.

I suspected it earlier, then I heard him

over at the edge of the jungle.

The son-of-a-bitch moves quick.

Well who do you think he could be,

I mean do you think he's
part of a tribe or something?

I don't know, he looked more
like an animal than a man.

Why would he want to kill us?

Beats me, but I think we should be ready

to defend ourselves and
a flare gun and a knife

ain't a hell of a lot.

We still have Shane's goody package.

Ha, let's go to the plane.

Whoo, Shane, that
little devil did right.

Merry Christmas honey.


Good shooting Taryn.


Well there goes our
alarm clock, huh?

Looks like we're not
gonna starve for a while.

What are we gonna do,
we can't just sit here

waiting like a target.

You're right Taryn,
we're gonna have to find it

before it finds us.

You ready?



Taryn, get me out of this!

Donna, it's him again.

Look, they found us.

Not so fast, that plane doesn't
have registration numbers.

Let's check it out.

Come, we'll look this
side of the island first.

That's definitely not a rescue plane.

They've added
long range fuel tanks.

Their planes unmarked, it's illegal.

There's a lot of salt spray,

it must have been flying
right on the deck.

Obviously to avoid radar detection.


So if they're not looking for us,

why don't we find out
what they are looking for.

Come on, good idea.

We got the detectors,

the gold should be
somewhere in this island.

That Latin's gun the newest Army issue.

I wonder what they're looking
for with the metal detectors.

Maybe they're thieves or
smugglers, or fortune hunters.

Come on.

This is 424, oh roger Romeo three.

Affirmative in our position.

10-4, over and out.

He's definitely an American.

It doesn't mean we can
trust him not to kill us.

I don't think that cute
blonde could kill anybody.

I don't believe this.

Drop it or she's dead.

Get up.

Come on in.

Who are you?

What are you doing here?

We're Americans,

we run a cargo airline on Molokai.

We were transporting
some medical supplies

and we got caught in a storm.

Our plane went down four days ago.

A little off course weren't you?

They're lying, who do you work for?

Our plane's right around that bend.

Go check it out.

Let's tie 'em up.

Tie this up.

Hey lighten up, come on.

Okay hey, hey.

We have no choice, it's
too much at stake here.

Besides it might be good for these bimbos.


If you knew what was good for you,

you wouldn't tie us up.

You're right, I should shoot you.

Let's go.

Come on.

A couple of seat angels of mercy

who just happened to be armed for combat.

Even Mother Teresa has her dark side.

Who else knows you're here?

My entire sorority and
they're gonna be real pissed

if I'm not back by Hell Week.

Keep making jokes,
but you get in our way

and we'll kill you.

Come on, let's go.

Yeah they're still looking.

Let's lay back until they find something.

What if they come up empty?

Slip out and follow 'em till
they come up with something.

Let's go.

Over here guys!

What do you have?

It's here.

Ah, it's in here.

Yeah, yeah I found it let's go, come on.

Glad I didn't shoot him.

How did you know he
wasn't gonna kill me?

It's a chance I had to take.


Help untie me.

What's with that guy anyway?

We've done it.

Talk about your golden oldies.

My people could live again.

Give me one, give me a bar.

Let me touch it.

Welcome comrades, you're
timing is perfect.

Our time has arrived,
the party shall endure.

Tony, take her out.

Let's get outta here.


Nice hardware.

I see you guys came ready to party huh?

Your plan of giving the
gold to communist guerrillas

was quite ambitious my friend.

You American officers were unaware

of his double crossing nature?

He had no intention of
giving the gold to anyone

but communist insurgents.

Our intentions are different.

We're freelance and come with
our own set of loyalties.

Shoot 'em!

Get up, move!

Taryn, here they come.

Don't you ever call me a bimbo again.

Let's tie them up now.

We're good guys, American military.

How do we know you're not traitors?

You know what they are,
we're all you've got.

Well sir Galahad, I've
got a flash for you,

we're federal agents,
Drug Enforcement Division.

And you can bet there's a
search team on our trail,

so you better be telling us the truth

because we're all you have.

Okay, okay, look we'll spread out,

we'll cover each other and
we'll work back to our plane.

I need a gun, I lost mine.

By the way, which one of
you guys threw that machete?

I did.

She did.


Eric, let's finish these
guys off with our hands.

Yeah, I could use the practice.

Duke, blow these two pussies away.

Freeze or you're dead.

Drop it.

Where did you come from?

Hands up, behind your head, now!

Look at the scary little lady.

Oh, she can get off one shot.

And the other two will tear her up.

Well, what are you gonna do honey?

Kill all three of us?

Blow off one of our heads?

Good idea.

You missed 'em Captain.

You noticed.

Get down!

Oh, you sure
have a way with words.

You know under different circumstances,

I know we could become
really good friends.

No, that's my guy.



Nobody move, drop 'em.

Drop 'em!

Or she dies!

He said, "I could not
kill those eyes again."

"Three Americans crashed in their PBY."

"They drifted at sea for many days

"and were barely alive.

"They washed up on this beach."

"We were ordered
to protect this treasure.

"But as the samurai
tradition was in our blood,

"we were bound by the
code that we could not

"kill defenseless people."

"We were young, frightened."

"We murdered the Americans
on the beach that day."

"After long years of isolation, our..."

"Our disillusionment proved stronger

"than the orders of
our general, Yamashita.

"One of us
committed harakiri."

The other one did not

"even have the courage for that.

"He let the sea take him."

"I remained,
half animal, half man,

"crazed with guilt."

"Until this day, there was no way for us

"to atone for our sins."

You girls sure you feel like flying?

Well it's a little
like falling off a horse.

The sooner you get back up in the saddle

the better off you are.

Saddle, you wanna talk saddle?

I got a better idea.

That's funny, this place

doesn't look like a singles bar to me.

A Navy gunboat will be
here in a couple of hours.

We'll meet you on Molokai

and we'll discuss this over dinner, okay?

You got a deal.

Great, bye-bye guys.

Well Major, we did one hell of a job.

I wanna take one more look at that gold

before my ship comes to pick it up.

Captain your gunboat's been redirected.


I used my satellite link-up

to feed different coordinates
to their onboard computer.

Major Harrison what the
hell are you talking about?

Captain, my real name
isn't Major Harrison.

Bruce Christian, Special Operative, CIA.

Face it John, you've been infiltrated.

I replaced Major Harrison
while he was on his way

to your base in San Francisco.

As a matter of fact,
he should be waking up

just about now.

So rather than getting in a pissing match

with the Armed Forces, the
CIA decided to take over

the whole operation.

Covert, I believe you'd call it Captain.

At any rate we have a small
corvette class submarine

arriving momentarily to do the honors.

And you can radio
headquarters for verification

now that the gold is secure.

Nah, maybe I'll retire early.

Hey, how are we gonna get home?

I'm not getting in a submarine.

Catamaran, Captain you do
know how to sail don't you?

Hell no, I'm a desk
jockey, intelligence man.

Well let's hope you're
intelligent enough

to find your way back to Molokai.

Let's give it a shot.

Let's toast to the
warriors of all nations.

Cheers, cheers.

You know our calculations indicate

that there were six gold bars missing

when my unit collected the goods.


But I convinced 'em
that they were wrong.


Taryn, are you at it again.

You bet I am.

I'm still a civilian remember.

You mean you know where the
six missing gold bars are?

According to International Maritime Law,

I'm entitled to them.

They were in the ocean when I found them.

Besides, do you know
how much it's gonna cost

to repair our plane?

Enough about gold bars,
how 'bout some R and R.

Lieutenant Bruce, Major,

or whatever it is that you
call yourself, do you dance?

I think so.

Rocky do you have those little feet

painted on the floor don't you?

You bet I do.

Let's give it a try.

Shall we.

And what about you Captain Andreas?

Yeah Captain, what about you?

I'll try anything once or twice.


I guess that leaves us, Shane Abilene.

You've kept the home fires
burning and I love loyal men.

I'm honored.

Well you play your cards right,

you'll be more than honored.

I knew that.

You knew that?

I knew that.

♪ See you with this ♪

♪ Instead of eyes ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Hearing the history ♪

♪ Distant cry ♪

♪ Human emotion no longer live ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ Savage reaction to mortal fear ♪

♪ Back to survival ♪

♪ No help for humanity ♪

♪ Oh back in the primal ♪

♪ You evoke your ancestry ♪

♪ Back to survival ♪

♪ No help for humanity yeah ♪

♪ Back to survival ♪

♪ Won't run from your history ♪

♪ Oh yeah ♪

♪ Back in the primal ♪

♪ You evoke your ancestry ♪