Savage (2019) - full transcript

Inspired by the true stories of New Zealand's street gangs across 30 years, SAVAGE follows DANNY at three defining moments in his life as he grows from a boy into the violent enforcer of a gang.

Hey, what's this?



I gave you three
fuckin' warnings, Dice.

Hey, Danny, fuck, I
aint got the cash, man.

Yeah, not for fees, aye?

I'm not treating you no
different, Dice, sit down.

Bro, I'll do a burg, tomorrow.

Dice, fuckin' sit.

Get fucked man, what's it for?

Moses, buying fuckin' toys
with our fuckin' money!

Take a fuckin'
look around you, bro.

You really think this
costs nothing, aye?

So why's he got a
fuckin' limo then, Damage?

Tug wouldn't of...


What about Tug?

Put your fuckin' hand
on the table, Dice.

See this is why
everyone hates you.

Hand on the table, Dice.

Get fucked!

Put your fuckin' hand
on the fuckin' table!

Danny Danny Danny... Fuck!


You fuckin' cunt.

Fuck you, you fuckin' cunt!

You're fuckin' dead to me!

I need a fuckin' drink.


Bro give me my money

you fucking dropped nuts cunt

That's my money!
Before I jump over this desk

and put this bottle
in your fuckin' eyeball.

I'm tryna be..



- Hey Pres
- Hota! Hota!

You good?

Hey, Pres, where's
that bail money for Cake?

It's comin'.

- What's the fuckin' hold up?
- What the fuck did you say?

Fuckin' hippy looking cunt.

Fuckin' babies are
getting worse.

stirring shit up.

Cunt wants
my fuckin' job.

I got it.

Fuck, let's go on another
fuckin' fishing trip, aye?

Sting rays ain't fishing bro.

Fuckin' only thing you
ever caught is herpes.

Smelled like fish, brother.

We on?

Hey, Pres, fuckin'
see the game?

Yeah oh fuck...

Buck Shelford bro.
Too much aye!

Too much.

- Who's that?
- That's my man.

I wanna meet him.


- Babs.
- Damage.

Who is she?

Flo, our new mate.

Started our commune,
works for the girls,

gardening and so on.

Get her out and the girl.

Why do we have to go?

You're not safe.



What, you're makin' money
off these girls?

No, we share it.

You makin' money off these boys?

No, we share it.

Why do you wear that mask?

So you can see who I am.


I'll pay you tomorrow.


Fuck your fees.

Fuck Moses.

How many fucking cars
does he need?

Get fucked!

It's our fucking money

Be fuckin' careful.


Thieving cunt!


Get rid of it.

Fuck them, I'm the Pres.

Fuckin' jelly cunts.

I'll find out who.

Bro, let's just get the
fuck outta here.

Oh my god, that was so good!

Oi, Babs?

You gonna fuckin'
introduce us or what?

This is the gang
president, Moses.

- Hi.
- Flo.


This here's my limousine,
there's beers inside,

I would like to invite youse
back to my fine establishment

for some waita,

some refreshments,
some amusing anecdotes.

Who's going?

Oh me, Damage,
couple of the bros.


Too much.
Only the fucking best.

Damage, can I come?


Watch out
for the glass, aye?


On the fuckin' gate.

You're the man, Damage!

This songs going out to Lily.

The most beautiful girl
I've ever seen.

♪ Baby let's cruise
away from here ♪

♪ Don't be confused
the way is clear ♪

♪ And if you want it,
you got it forever ♪

You little lady killer!

♪ This is not a one
night stand ♪

What's your old man get up to?

He's a bank manager.

So why's a bankers daughter
hangin' out with gang members?

I'm here for the girls.

Don't look like it.

We're a collective, we live
together, we work together-

You're a
social worker?

Just tryna help.


Need a man so you
don't have to work, aye?

Working so we
don't need a man.

Well, we don't have to
dig in the mud for money.

You wouldn't know how.

We're broke as
shit, everyone's

buyin' fuckin' houses.

I don't have a fuckin' toaster.


You can have my
fuckin' toaster.

I don't want your
fuckin' toaster.

We do all right, aye.

Breathe that in.

You don't have to.

Get fucked.

I'm gonna go fuck Sharon.

How old are you?


It's small.

Touch it.

You had sex before?

Heaps, you?

Do you wanna suck it?


Am I the most beautiful
girl you've ever seen?

I'll let you cum on me if you
promise to cuddle me after.

- Yeah.
- Honest to God?



Don't need a man, aye?


What's this?

I'm using you.


We do this my way.

Got fuckin' stones, lady.

Look at me softly.

Don't tell me shit.


You have nice eyes.

Fuck you.

You have nice eyes too.



I should go.
Go and check on Babs.

I didn't touch it.


I didn't!

up to the table!



All right.

Thank you God for
this here food,

this roof over our head

and for each other, amen.



Thank you

Katie's family gets
meat every night.


You little shit!

Your mother not teach
you nothin', aye?

♪ No need to cry ♪

♪ I know what you need ♪

♪ Your mama is here ♪

♪ To watch while you sleep ♪


Caught it!

Catch again.

Hey, take it off,
you're not a faggot.

Come 'ere.

You don't ever bring
shame on us.

Hey. Mister!

Hey, where are ya?

Berryman, new kids in with
you, show him the ropes.

Miss, I don't what
no one, miss.

Hop to it.

What're you here for?

I stabbed up my old man.


'Cause he fuckin' needed it.

Hey, they're gonna find
out what you've got.

Don't be soft.

You'll be doing it
with a toothbrush next time.

Hey, what's that
you're wearing?

Give us a look.

- Give it 'ere!
- Nah.

Take it off!

Give it!

Walk, don't run, single file,

or you can all go back and wait.

Want some?

What're these?

Knife and fork.

Knife and fork, sir.

Knife and fork, sir.

And why do we use them?

'Cause they're easier
than chopsticks, sir.

No because it's disgusting.

Your face is disgusting.

♪ Around the place ♪

♪ We'd romp and play ♪

♪ So lonely now and
oft' times wonder ♪

♪ Oh, will they come
back home some day ♪

♪ I'm lonesome for my
precious children ♪

♪ They live so far away ♪

♪ Oh, may they hear my
calling, calling ♪

♪ And come back home some day ♪

♪ I gave my all for
my dear children ♪

♪ Their problems still
with love I share ♪

♪ I'd brave life's
storm, defy the tempest ♪

♪ To bring them home
from anywhere ♪

Arms up, Berryman.

Arms up, Berryman.

Right, everybody's doing
another minute.

Boy: Moses.

You can thank him later, boys.

Give you a hiding.

Who's a tough guy now?




You little shits!

Get back here!

Danny, how you doing?

I'm thirsty.

I know, brought you something.

That's better.

Have my folks come to see me?

They've got their own
lives to get on with.

Come here.

Two minutes!



Do you hate the dark?

Not really.

You wanna top and tail?


Oh, your feet stink!

You don't want it?

My olds hate faggots.

I can't go home.

You're not a faggot.

I didn't stop him.


You wanna stay here?

I don't have nowhere to go.

Then we'll run away and
look after each other, okay?

Me and you.

You always target me!

Yeah 'cause
you're the oldest.

No, no!

Excuse me sir, do
you have 10 cents?

Excuse me, do you have 10 cents?

What the fuck is
wrong with people?



Where the fuck you been?

We hide shit now?

I went home.

- Back to mummy.
- Fuck you!

I wasn't gonna stay.

You good?

All right, check this.

What's a Savage?

It's just some flash
shit you say like,

"You girls ever had a Savage?"

To the Max.

Nah, it's a
sign, it says fuck off,

you can't fuck with us anymore.

Well it's the truth, we're
all just fuckin' animals,

everyone, youse know that?

We all think we're fuckin'
better and shit

but humans are just another
type of fuckin' animal

and deep down, that's
all we want.

Just freedom, rooting.

Aye, Josh?

Yeh, take this, take that,
that's our fuckin' animal,

our beast, 'cause they
don't have no fuckin' laws

or anything, aye?

But society, its already got
all its money, it's houses,

its cars and then they make all
these fuckin' rules, aye,

to put us in one place and
put us in a fuckin' hole.

- Society fucked us.
- Fuck society.

Do you know
what? Fuck them!

Yeah, fuck them.

Thank you, we'll
take your cars,

we'll take your fuckin' houses,

we'll take so much fuckin' shit

that we'll just go
fuckin' be someone!

So let ya fuckin'
beast out, boys!

Be a fuckin' Savage!

♪ We used to play
out in the rain ♪

♪ Your mother scolded us ♪

♪ She said that we were bad ♪

- Liam.
- Danny.

What're you doing here?



This is my brother.

You all patched up, mate?


What, are you a bit savage, aye?


No, no, it's all good, mate.

But you're in our town here,

so you're gonna have to
take your patches off

while you're here,
out of respect.

- Get fucked!
- Moses!

- Sorry mate, what'd you say?
- You heard.

Come on.

Tell you what, for Danny
here, we'll let it go, yeah?

- Let's go get a drink.
- Yeah, mate.


You're in our town now, take
the fuckin' patches off,

out of respect.


You're joking?

Fuck off!

Moses, get off him!

What the fuck are you doing?


Take their fuckin' patches!

He's not fuckin' good.

Where's your fuckin'
loyalty, hmm?

Oi, you comin'?


Take your fuckin' patch off.

I said take your
fuckin' patch off!

You aint no fuckin' Savage.

Fuck you!

And don't fuckin' come back!

He's a Savage.



What? Fuck off!

Everybody out!

Get off, he's my brother!

Out or I'll call the cops!

- Where's your mates?
- I'm not with them no more.

Pipe down Sheila, we're just
tryna visit our mate here.

Where's your patch?

I'll get it back.

Well you're not one
of us til you do.

That goes for you too, brother.

Sort it.

And then that there
that's your gear shift.

So like kick it down
with your foot

- Down?
- Yeah.

So that's first gear.

What about second?

No, you don't wanna
go in to second, bro.

Fuck that!

Put your hand on the throttle,
give it a bit of throttle.

Yeh small small.

Let the clutch out real slowly
as you put it to throttle

and it's gonna take
off smoothly.

Give it a bit of juice.


Good shit, bro.

So where's your mates?

Gotta get my patch back, bro.

Gotta get it back.

Fuck all of 'em, let's
go do something else.

Help me out here.

I can't.

My brother here
left those Savage wankers.

He knows where they stay.

Fuck the Savages.

Fuck the Savages.

Fuck the Savages.

Savages are pussies.

Savages are pussies.

Mum searched for you for ages.

So why didn't you come back?


If youse knew me, youse
wouldn't fuckin' want me.

What the fuck does that mean?

Forget it.

♪ There is a thought ♪

♪ For the CEO ♪

♪ The one at the top ♪

♪ To the many down below ♪

♪ Could be like Mr. Morgan ♪

♪ And give it all away ♪

♪ The six figure saviour ♪

♪ The six figure saviour ♪

♪ Pendulum swings
the other way ♪

♪ The other way ♪

♪ Don't you know ♪

I'm about to get turfed out.

So where's your mates?

Fuck them, they kicked you out.

Yell out to warm them or take
a single fuckin' step back.

You lot, up the guts, we're
gonna take the stairs,

go round the back so
they can't run.

Attack on my call.

Let's knock these pussies out.


- Ahhh
- Ahhh

You've only snitched so far,

you aint Savage until
you're savage.


Move, come on, Dan!

Ah fuck!

Come here, you little fuck!

Come on!
You want to go get him.

Come on!

Fuckin' borstal faggot.

Fuck, is he dead?

Nah, he's
still moving.

Gone psycho, aye, mate?

Fuck bro, have some taste.

I have some fuckin' taste.

It was Dice, the limo, did
his hand, won't pay up.

Shit's getting fucked, then.

We're fuckin' losing it.

Crack down on that cunt and
they'll get the fuckin' message.

Put him in hospital.

Dice was a mate.

You don't go
hardcore, he will.

We'll go fishing after, aye?

Need a boat.


Spend the fuckin'
summer out there.

Fishin', drinkin', talkin' shit.

What's a boat cost?

Sell your fuckin'
limo, that's a start.

You've fuckin' lost me.

You're a fuckin' cock.

Hey, just keep the
money comin' in D,

then we'll get your
fuckin' boat, aye.

You better not be shittin' me.

I wouldn't wanna break your
girly little fuckin' heart,

I don't want to hurt this fella.

Fuck him, he had it comin'.

Put it down.

- Hota!
- Hota!

- Beast fucking out!
- Hota!



None of us are angels, probably
the fuckin' opposite.

We wouldn't be gangsters
if we always did

what we were told, aye?

But Dice crossed the line

and some of youse are
blaming the sergeant.

It's your fuckin' orders.

Shut the fuck up, Tug!

You aint the fuckin' Pres,

you cunts got a problem,
you deal with me.

You wanna be Pres, cunt?

You better come
fuckin' hardcore.

- Stay mighty, bro.
- Respect the Pres.

It's all about your
money and cars, aye, bro?


Peace fuckin' out!


He's stealing from
your fucking pockets!

Fuck that!

Fuck can't speak up!
Who's next? You... You?

Where the fuck you been?

North Pole you fucking maggot!

Hey the beers warm, no power.

There's no money for bills, aye?


Where the fuck have you been?
I'm getting it from both sides!



It's time for a new
fuckin' sergeant.

The only way we stay on
top is fuckin' strength!

Those cunts respect you,

yeah, you're not Mr. Fuckin'
popular but they listen to you.

10 years, huh?

10 fuckin' years!

It's fuckin'...

We're fuckin' losin' here,
we get booted the fuck out.

We'll fuckin' live.

On what?

No cunts givin' us
a fuckin' job.

Two fuckin' old, sorry
ass broke cunts.

I just wanna be one of
the fuckin' bros again.

If you quit, you're gonna
take me down with you.

If you do that, I'll
never fuckin' forgive you.

Beast fuckin' out.


Moses cares about
Moses, not you, not us,

I'll run shit right.

You aint got a fuckin' shot.

Quit sergeant, bro.

I'll let you stay.

Walk away.

You're still fuckin' sergeant

when I take over
fuckin' President,

I'm personally gonna
fuck you up myself.

Stay mighty, bro.


Clean this fuckin' shit up.

Fuckin' little faggot.

Oi, clean it up.

I can't!

What the fuck did you say?

You fuckin' little cunt!

Get the fuck in there!

What do you want?

All those cunts,

all those cunts!

They're testing you,

you're weak, they'll
fuck with you.

What's this mean?

It means don't fuck with me.

Your mana, your rep,
that's all you fuckin' got,

so you step up and be
fuckin' Savage.

Beast fuckin' out!


Thought you might wanna
go for a fuckin' beer.

So how's mum?

Yeah, she's good.

Got rid of dad a few years back.

Very good.

You wanna see her?


What you up to now?

Got a family, you?


Don't hold back, bro.

Ask me anything.

Your niece.

Got a good missus,
beautiful girl.

Soul mate type, you know.

Yeah well I fucked it all up,

Didn't handle my shit and
she took off with Kayla.

Said she'd take me
back if I sort it,

get out of all this shit
and see a counsellor.

So I'm workin' on it.

It brought up a lot of
old stuff, you know?

You fuckin' pussy whipped?

Get out.

Harden up.

Get the fuck out and
don't come back.

Mum doesn't wanna see you.

Why would she, hmm?

You're just like the old man.

Everyone can see who you are and
you're fuckin' disgusting!

Get out of
the fuckin' car!



I'm your fuckin' sarge.

You just showed up?

Just turned up at the gates,

big, mean ass fella answers.

Damage, tells me to fuck off,

I tell him I aint got
nowhere to fuck off to,

ran away from borstal
and all that

and then he's all like, wants to
know which fuckin' borstal,

and who's running it and shit.

Then he gives me the.

So we go inside, and I'm like,
"Fuck, this place is serial!"

He gets me a drink, lets
me crash at his pad,

been stayin' there since.

He looks scary.

Nah, he's the man, the man.

Who the
fucks in Tugs car?


- Shit!
- What?


- This your little girlfriend?
- Nuh!

She's going now.

- Here, what's your name?
- Fuckin' leave her alone.

Fuck, no need to be rude,
we just wanna meet you.

Fuck off, cunt!

Sold the limo, bro.

Fuckin' boats and limos,

wish the house-master
could see us now.

Fuck, that was a crazy
fuckin' place, aye?

Another beer, bro?

You hit?

Fuckin' Tug!

Jesus fuckin' Christ!

Hey, one of us is gonna
end up in a fuckin' box

and it aint me!

You got this?

Do you want me to
fuckin' kill him?

I'm jumping out,
you can't stop me.

What the fuckin' girl?

Red, prospects can't leave.

You're just fuckin' jelly
because you aint got nobody.

Why won't you let me go?

You want me to be like you, aye?

I'll sort it.

Oh Hun, she's gone.


We've just dropped
her at the bus station,

she's gone to stay
with her auntie up-

- What bus station?

- You won't make it, Hun.
- What bus station?

Where the fuck do
you think you're goin'?


It's next to Cheesmur's, go.

Oi! Where ya fuckin' goin'?

Hey, hey!

Wait, wait!

Wait, wait, wait!

Where to?


Where the fuck are you, cunt?

Why we not going?



Can we go now?

Two minutes.

- Can we go now, please?
- Take your seat!

Two minutes, Romeo.

What're you doing?

Get down.

Who is it?

Fuck, get down!

Where to?

Fuckin' bring your
ass over here, cunt.

Oi, I can count on
you, aye, Blush?

Fuckin' where's Damage?
I hear he quit.

He aint quit, he'll
fuckin' be here soon, bro.

We'll fuckin' see, brother.

You fuckin' jokin'?

You good?

- Hota!
- Hota! Hota!

I'm done.


You quitting?

I don't wanna see
your face again.

Fuckin' found this little
cunt fuckin' tryna run away.


Everybody here wants to
fuckin' leave you,

you're fuckin' weak.

Tryna run away, you
little cunt, aye?

You'll stay a fuckin' prospect
until you get Savage.

Take a shot!


Get your arse over here.

Damage is trying to
leave you, boy.

We won't leave you.

Damage, let's go!

Fuck you!

Come with me, you dumb cunt.

Get fucked.

Fuck you, you faggot!


Beast fuckin' out!

Dad, dad!


I told you to fuck off.

What, you wanna hit me again?