Savage (2018) - full transcript

It's summer, somewhere in the Dordogne, young people disappear. The wildest rumors circulate, we are talking about a feline prowling. Laura, seeks to elucidate the mystery and meets Paul, a...

- What was that?
- What?

Shit. Shit!

- Do you think it's...
- No idea. Let's go.

We're getting two.




That guy keeps checking you out.

He's looking at you, more like.

Not him, the other one.

He picked you, his friend picked me.

He's not half-bad.


- No way.
- Why not, Mom?

No going out at night
till they find that leopard.


It's just a rumor, Christine.
No one believes it.

And the tracks?
The dead animals?

Planted by farmers
wanting to claim insurance?

Tell that to the parents
of missing kids.

Shall I sign you girls up
for the pageant instead?

Mom, we're not 12 anymore.

You did Miss Campsite at 12?

Yeah, sure.

- But you never won.
- Who asked you?

- She was so cute.
- Thanks, Mom.

Sign up Miss Weirdo here.
She just might win.

You're such a jerk.
Do something, Mom.

- Chill, I didn't swear.
- Sorry.

Mind me calling you a weirdo?

Mind me calling you a virgin?


Isn't that your crush
from bungalow 32,

the writer?

Hurry up.

Relax, I'm on it.

- Getting it?
- Yeah.

What kind of books does he write?

Like Stephen King.
Didn't you read Panic?

Nope, never heard of it.

It's awesome.

- Fuck, Laura!
- What?

Holy shit.

What the hell is this?

We're outta here.


Seriously Laura, we're outta here.

The owner,
Baron Ephraïm Tagori de la Tour,

insists he's seen apparitions here
many times.

- What're you watching?
- A thing.


I always have the feeling

I'm being watched here.

I've seen Lucie. And once I saw

an ectoplasm, a luminous form.

It came toward us,

then disappeared.

It reappeared a few days later.

It looked like a woman...

If she wants to, let's do that.

Speak of the devil.
This is my cousin, Laura.

This is Arnaud, and...

- Yann.
- Yann, right.

They've invited us sunbathing.


You seem thrilled.

- I'm not demonstrative.
- Stick with us.

If the leopard strikes,
we'll protect you.

You guys believe that story?

I'm Bagheera, I am the big cat!

Vincent says the leopard rumor
started last year.

It's not a rumor.

Why, have you seen it?

Everyone knows
it got a guy last summer.

The tourist trade
needs it to be a rumor.

Romain and I heard it last night.

It was terrifying.

They say it hides in the Magic Cave.

- As if!
- The Magic Cave?

- What?
- The Magic Cave.

What's the Magic Cave?

It's a legend.

A story they tell kids.

Maybe it's true.

A cave with ancient paintings,
like the Lascaux Cave.

Some say...

it's on the opposite bank.

On the other side of the river.

It's hiding nearby.

Watching us now.
As we speak.

Don't be silly.

This shit is freaky.

You've got a taser?

- Let me see.
- It's not a toy.

Give it back.

C'mon, give it back!

Laura, what is it?


At what?

I must've imagined it.

Let's go.
Quick, they've already left.

Hey guys, wait for me!

The princess of the campsite!

- It's such a cliché.
- What?

What we're doing now.

It's lame.

Are you serious?

Honestly, why are we doing it?

Could you leave, please?

I don't get it.

I know you don't.

What the fuck?


When did you last see Yann?

I don't know.
Just before joining you guys.

Arnaud hasn't heard from him.
His phone goes straight to message.

No one's seen him since last night.

Chill, he'll be back.

A second pair of my panties
is missing for real.

We'll ask around
the campsite this afternoon.

He'll be back, I said.

I'm busy this afternoon.


- I'm going for a shower.
- Good thing.



By Paul Baltimore

Our world has forever
lost its mystery, its aura.

We live in a world
without beliefs, myths, depth.

A purely superficial world.

We glide over this world,
there are no grips.

It's up to us to create them.

We need to create new beliefs.

We need to connect
to myths and mythology.

Myths won't wait for us.
We have to provoke them.

Good evening, sir.

What are you doing here?

Answer me.
What are you doing?

What do you think?

What do people do at night,
in a car in the woods?

Don't worry.

I'm old enough.

We were alerted
to a presence in the area.

A presence?

We can't say more.

Did you hear anything?


we were in the heat of the action.

This isn't very reassuring.


We'd better go.

Yeah, let's go.



It wouldn't kill you to thank me.

Who are you?

I know what you're doing.

What do you think you know?

You're using the rumor.

You're killing animals
to make people think the leopard exists.

Did you break into my bungalow?

What you're doing
is better than a book, Paul.

Much better.

You know my name?

You're Paul Baltimore.

I know your books.
I've read them.

I'm a fan.

- Who have you told?
- No one.

And I won't, I swear.

Is this the next step?

Making people disappear?

Go ahead.

I want to be your student.

Good morning.

Are you Laura?

Yes, it's you.

The description was good.

What description?

Who are you?

I'm the police.

Know why I'm here?

Let me sum it up.

You're about to have sex.

You change your mind,
ask him to leave and he does.

And that's the last we hear of him.


Why'd you change your mind?

Did he say something wrong
or get violent?


I just wasn't into him.

Good move.
Never force yourself.


And yet it's easy.

Rum, fizzy water, fresh mint
and crushed ice.

Never cubes like these.

Got any leads?

Aside from you, none.

You're the last person who saw him.
You had a conflict.

It wasn't a conflict.

He wanted to have sex, you didn't.

I call that a conflict.
But I'm not accusing you, Laura.

You're a suspect,
which is only normal.

But hey...

maybe he'll turn up.

- Like those two kids.
- You found them?

Deep in the woods.

Two little runaways.

Two brats looking for the Magic Cave.

Some guy told them it exists.

Sure you still want to?

Gotta learn somehow.

- The leopard would've gone for...
- The jugular. I know.

He's just sedated.
I don't want to be here if he wakes up.

Never leave a trace.

If you miss your target,
go get the arrow.

And if I can't find it?

I kill you.

You know,

the rumor about the leopard

never really scared me.

I even thought I saw it.

Why are you doing this?

If they said vampires exist,
wouldn't you want to believe?


I'd want to find out for myself.

At the risk of getting bit.

You're leaving?

Margot ran into your son, he told her...

- You're staying?
- Yeah, why?

I don't want to be the next one
to sound the alarm.

The boy who disappeared...
I hear it was the leopard.

Don't ruin your vacation over a rumor.

It's not a rumor.

Did you borrow a bra?


My stuff's disappearing.

Maybe it's the leopard.

Very funny.

You kept the taser?


That guy who works here, Rambo.

He let me have it. He's got more.

Why do you call him Rambo?

He's made up his mind
to hunt the leopard.

He works at the campsite.

He's hunting the leopard.

He's using the lamb as bait.

He totally believes.

Ah, Laura. Come.

Have a seat.

Best time of the day.

The sun says goodbye
with one last, comforting kiss.

- Want a cigarette?
- I don't smoke.

I like you, Laura.

I hope I find a better suspect.

I'm still a suspect?

More than ever.

Didn't you feel someone spying on you,
that night with Yann?

No, we were alone.

We often think we're alone.
Someone might've followed you.

Someone jealous.

Of you, of Yann...
Someone who saw you two.

- Why jealous of me?
- A jealous girl,

no doubt.

Yann got around before you arrived.

The campsite is littered with
the broken hearts of less wild girls.

But for the moment...

you're my main suspect.

Or the leopard.

Think it's funny?

Do you believe in God?

I don't think so.

No I don't.

I believe.

I believe in miracles.

I wouldn't be surprised
if someone finds that leopard.

You know the guy
who disappeared last summer?

The one they say was eaten alive?

I heard about it.

He was my husband.

See you soon, Laura.

They found dead animals...

I saw blood...

I'm sure of it...

We need to talk.

I've got nothing left to wear.

My panties and bras keep disappearing.

But you know that.

Don't worry.
I won't say anything.

- It's not me.
- Yes it is.

Do you want me?

- No, we're cousins.
- Right, and I'm weird.

But you stare at me all the time.

And that's not all.

- We both know.
- What're you playing at?

You stare at me during meals.

You watch me come out of my tent.

I caught you staring at the party,

when I was dancing with Yann.

- I was watching everybody.
- Did you see us after?

Did you follow us and watch?

You watched us, and it was killing you.

It was killing you

to see him groping me. Am I right?

You're sick.

What'd you do when you saw him go?


I didn't do anything.

What did you do?

Why are you spending
so much time with a cop?

Don't you realize people talk?

I'm keeping an eye on you

because I don't want to go missing.

You have to do it repeatedly.

Like a cat sharpening its claws.

You think scratching trees is enough?

It sets the scene.

And taking someone?

Like the boy who went missing?

Do you think I'm capable?

I don't know.

If I'm capable of doing such a thing,

I could take you, too.

I could take you right now, even.

There are no witnesses.

Only the birds,

the trees, and us.

What do you think?

Is it a good idea?

How did you know
that boy went missing?

Everyone's talking about it.

People think it was the leopard.


Press harder.

- What'll it be?
- I saw it.

I saw the leopard a few days ago.

I know you're hunting it.

I want to help you.

Why are you hunting it?

Someone has to.

It's never been found
but may well exist.

The region is poor.

A man-eater prowling around
doesn't help the tourist trade.





Where are you?

Over here.


You'll never guess.
We heard from Yann.


He sent me a text an hour ago.


Went to Bordeaux with the blond...

He met a girl and took off with her.

You're kidding?

I left him a message saying
we all thought the leopard ate him.

He'll trip when he hears it.


Did you call the cops?

No, we need to.

I'll do it.

Such great news.

Aren't you relieved?

I don't know.

It's good news, Laura.
Great news.

Truth or dare?

Excuse me?

Just thought I'd ask.

You don't want to swim
and you seem bored,

so I thought...


Is this how you make girls swoon?

No, I have other ways.

Let's hear them.

How would you make
this night unforgettable?

I'm sure you've got ideas.

You hoped I'd say dare.

You'd have had me strip down,
maybe even kiss you.

What if you'd said truth?

You'd have asked if I like you.

Do you?

Truth or dare?


Get lost.

Go on, leave me alone.

- Wait.
- What for?

What's your game?

Shit, the leopard!

Everyone in the tents took off.

Are you surprised?

We heard the leopard last night.

You didn't seem too worried.

Sure, it's a worry.

You were smiling, Laura.


- Why, Laura?
- I think it's cool.

This is where the leopard should live.

A perfect place to anchor its myth.

It'll drink here,

bring back its prey...

This is where it will end.

We should bring a horse here.

A horse?

More poetic than your rats and boars.

Imagine someone
finding a dead horse here.

Dead horses are beautiful.

I read a poem about it.

- What's this?
- What?

- This.
- You're hurting me.

What the hell is it?

It happened months ago.

I did it because I was hurting.


Over what?

What's it to you?

- I won't work with a zombie.
- I feel alive with you.

I feel alive, ok?

You wanted to die?


Apparently teenagers often do.

Do you like Arnaud?

I have no opinion.

It's a summer romance.

I had those at her age.

How do we know if we're in love?

In love for real.

Usually it shows on our face.

We glow.

Why here?

It's the lovers' tree.

The tree of seven trunks.

Couples carve their names in it.

A symbolic place
for the leopard to sharpen its claws.

Good idea.

We could carve in our names too.

You're shaking me up.

Don't do this, Laura.

Why not?

Because I'm young?

I won't tell anyone.


I'm not your type?

Not pretty enough?

I still want to kiss you.

Let's go back to the car.

I'll want to kiss you there too.


I'm stopping.

May I?


Men are assholes, get used to it.

We found Yann's body.

In the river.


He sent a text, he left with a girl.
You can check.

The text was sent from the campsite.

His phone's been off since.

So either he was killed
after sending it...


Or someone here took his phone
and pretended to be him.

You say he was found in the river.
Maybe it was an accident.

He was drunk,
maybe he fell in and drowned.

His body is slashed all over.


His body is badly slashed.

Since he was in the water,
we don't know if it was an animal...

or something else.

I came to make peace.

You did?

Can I sleep with you?

Remember when I said
it would all end in the cave?



Take this. Go on.

- What for?
- Put it on.

Slash me.


Slash me all over.

Go on.

- Don't be afraid, even if I scream.
- Are you crazy?

Don't be afraid.

I won't do it.

Is that your plan?

You'll call the cops.
They'll find me here.

You'll say the leopard attacked me.

You saw it happen.

If you want to be my student,
stop thinking.

Don't be afraid.

Go on.

Keep going.

Keep going.

Then what?

I kill you?

Is that what you want?

Is this what being your student means?

I'll do it if you can't.

I don't want to.

Why not?

Why the hell do you care?

Because I love you.

I'm in love with you.

It hurts me to hurt you.

Why are you in my tent?

This is his phone, Anne.

This is his phone.

What the fuck did you do?

The cops found his body.

What the fuck happened?

Hey, Yann!

How's it going, dude?

What the fuck did you do?

Where'd Laura go?

How was it?

Where's Laura?

Don't mention that slut to me.

Excuse me?

Think it's funny?

He was wasted.

We were all wasted.

Hands off!

He started insulting you.

I defended you.

- She's not a slut.
- It runs in her family.

He was vile.

This one's mom
sucks cock in the bungalow.

- You never told her?
- Shut your face.

Bet she'll love
her mom's afternoon activities.

He started insulting my mom.

He started insulting my mom.

We didn't know what to do.

We left him there.

We went back later that night.

His body was covered with slash marks.

We'd been talking
about the leopard all night.

Arnaud thought
we should use the rumor.

The leopard exists.

I saw it.

What are you going to do?

I don't know.


How are you?

I'm good.

It shows.

You're glowing.

Maybe not all men are assholes?

Not all of them.

I think we found the guilty party.

Well, not exactly found...

Miracles exist, Laura.

A campsite employee
saw the leopard.

In the abandoned cave.

He said you were there.

He said you
and another camper saw it, too.

Is that true?


Two corroborating statements
are nearly as good as proof.

Will you come make a statement later?


I was planning to anyway.


It'll substantiate the leopard theory.

Good, right?

I don't know.

It is good.

And now we'll make sure we find it.

Now that we know it killed Yann

and made my husband disappear.

My bastard husband.

See you later, then?


Miracles are so convenient.

Solving problems for centuries.

- How are you?
- Good.

Paul, it's me.

I woke up to find you gone.

I'm wondering what you went to do,

now that we know it exists.

Even though it's not true,

I like to think we made it exist.

Because we believed in it that much.

Because two people
write the best stories.

I wish I had adult words
to tell you what I'm feeling.

Usually I can find those words, but...

I can't seem to now.

Only young girl words come to me.

But maybe it doesn't matter.

Maybe even, deep down,

we're the same age.

We are, aren't we?

Wanting to bring mystery back
is a kid's idea.

But you're doing it.

Proving people are hungry for it.

In any case, I was hungry for it.

It's the best story anyone ever told me.

And now,

I wonder

if we'll go back to our own life,
our own age.

Don't worry.
I don't expect anything from you.

Summer vacation is nearly over.

I won't be asking you
to write me letters,

as though you were 17 too.

I just want to tell you something.

It's easier to say it in a message.

You changed me, Paul.

I'll remember you till the day I die.

And that's no small thing.