Savage! (1973) - full transcript

Action packed story of how Jim Haygood (James Glehart) young, black and brilliant becomes the legendary leader of a rebel army. In a daring ambush on the beach Moncada, elusive leader of the rebel army, is captured by Jim Haygood and turned over to the authorities. That night, Jim celebrates his success in a nightclub, where he meets two glamorous young girl entertainers, Amanda of the High Wire (Carol Speed) and Vicky the Knife-Thrower (Lada Edmund Jr.). A reporter bursts in with the news that Moncada is dead, accusing Jim of the cold-blooded murder of the rebel leader. Jim gets in a fight with his superiors over this and knocks out his commanding officer. Jim is put under arrest but pulls off a clever escape when he is being transported to the military prison. He hides out in Amanda and Vicky's dressing-room. During a raid by the military police, Vicky is caught and interned but Jim commandeers an army jeep and escapes into the mountains with Amanda. Jim and Amanda are then taken prisoner by the rebel forces but in a major battle between the rebels and the army Jim proves his true colors. In a brilliant coup he redirects the enemy planes to attack their own troops. From then on, through a swift series of daring exploits Jim Haygood emerges as the new rebel leader, "SAVAGE" in name and deed.

We can't stay here long.

As soon as the boats come,

we'll unload the supplies and go fast!


Clear out those boats.

Increase your range from 160 to 175.

Sir, Moncada is getting away.

We'll cut them off from up here.

And I want Moncada alive!

We have counted 36 have
been scaled from our sector.

Nothing yet from the cleaning up parties.

Now the other sector
put the count at over 40.

I think an accurate assessment
would be closer to 20.

Have you notified Major
Melton and Colonel Munoz

about Moncada yet?

Yes sir, they're coming.


I see that they're
recruiting their mercenaries

among the Black people now.

I'm a professional.

In the service of the imperialists.

Well, Moncada.

Is this one China?

They're still out looking for her.

None of the bodies we found
match her description.

Anyway, I think she'll be very useful.

Well, Jim, you've done a splendid job.

That's what you pay me for.

You might as well go
on back to the Capitol.

Colonel Munoz and I can
take over the interrogation.

No, no, no!

Oh, no, no!

Oh, no!

Let's go.

Hey, Haygood.

You remember me.

Richardson, International News Alliance.

Oh yeah, yeah.

The reporter man, right?

- Right.
- Yeah.

Listen, I understand
there was some action

up the coast today.

Might have been.

I understand they finally got Moncada.

You hear a lot.

You got my key?

- No mail, sir.
- I wasn't expecting any.

Hey look, just one word, okay?

Yes or no.

I'll give you two words.

No comment.

Anybody calls for me, I'll
be having a drink in the bar.

Bring it.

And see what the young ladies will have.

Name's Jim Haygood.

And this is Amanda Cavanagh.

Please meet Ms. Vicki Spencer.

Thank you.

You don't see many
American chicks around here,

particularly sisters.

Look, I'm gonna run
upstairs and take a shower,

and maybe we could have dinner together

and see the sights, huh?

The three of us.

That's cool, that's cool.

So what's your excuse?

All we've been talking about is me.

- Me?
- Yeah.

Oh, I'm down here on a government job.

I'm kind of, I'm a technician.

Bringing in the old America
know-how, huh?

Peace Corps, soft
imperialism and all that.

Well, not quite like that.

Well, I guess something's gotta be done.

I'm not exactly that
kind of a technician.

Well, well, well.

Well, well, well, Mr. No Comment, hmm?

Not celebrating, hmm.

Tell me, did you collect your bounty yet?

Or you work for a straight salary?

- Listen, Richardson.
- Oh, don't worry about me.

I'm not causing any flack.

But you know you're
gonna be famous for that,

the man who tracked Moncada
to the ground and killed him.

He's not dead.


Don't give me that shit.

What's he talking about?

Jeff, you gotta explain
everything to her.

Well, I've gotta go.

And I've got a tip for you.

You should always level
with the working press.


Let's get out of here.


What was he talking about?

- Yes, sir?
- Check please.

What's this about Moncada?

He's dead.

So you're a cop.

Yeah, I guess so.

Listen sister, let me-

Don't you "Sister" me.

You're just another cop.

And a pig's a pig regardless of race.

So you get off my ass, brother.

Come on, Sylvia!

I know you're in there!

I thought you were in the
country slaughtering peasants.

Don't give me none of your shit.

Just start undressing.

I haven't got time to
fool around with you.

Where do you think you're going?

I'm getting the hell out
of this pigsty of a country.

You mean you've used up all
the minister's piggy bank.

Not everybody's as
mercenary as you are, honey.

I know you're guns for hire,

but you really went off
half cocked this time.

I heard about Moncada.

Shut up!

Shut your mouth.

Take 'em off.

Now Jim, honey, be careful.

Moncada is dead.

Government officials just announced

he was killed in action today.

Well, Jim?


You have a lot to be happy about.

Why did you have to kill him?


Could have at least
just given him a trial!

Give him a trial?

Give him a platform to address the world?

You sound like you got
jungle rot in the head.

Come on, you better get some sleep.

What happened to the girl?

The rebel girl?

I'm sure she died with a smile on her lips

after satisfying my men.

According to...


How about some water around here?

Yeah, look.

I want some water.

I thought you Yankees
didn't drink the water here.

Look man, I don't feel
like making any jokes.

Give him some water.

Very soon, you won't have to
worry about water anymore.

Colonel Munoz is dead.

We thought you were dead.

You heard the news then?

It's been on the radio
all night and today.

Did you see that Moncada's dead?

You did not see him killed?

I did not actually see him go down.

It's all over.

Years of struggle, for nothing.

Means exile now, I guess.

It means nothing.

How can you say that?

Moncada's death means nothing.

He was one man.

A great one, but his death
cannot change the course

of the struggle.

We're transferring
you to another jail.

What are we stopping here for?

I'm gonna take a leak.

Why don't you?

Will you hurry up and
get that goo on your face?

We gotta go on soon.

Are you forgetting we're
performing for VIP tonight.

Now I figure if I play my cards right,

I could end up another Eva Braun.

Yeah, well don't build
your hopes up too high.

This dude's only the Minister of Defense.

Well, I figure that
makes him head of the army.

And I don't call that small potatoes.

I call that top pig.

That he is.

Come on now, time for the big show.

Wait a minute.

Now first before I go on with the show,

I need one volunteer.

Ah, Your Excellency.

Would you please?

You're not afraid of me, are you?

Of course not.

You're not nervous?

Come on.

I'm not gonna hurt you, you know.

You stand right there in the middle.

Be very still.

What the hell are you-


Don't you make a sound.

Nobody knows I'm in here.

Hey, I thought they had
you in the slammer, man.

I busted out.

You can just bust right out of here

because if they catch you in here with us,

we get our asses burned!

Look, I thought of all
people you would understand.

Yeah, man, but I didn't tell you go

off no giant ass colonel.

I came to present my homages

for this evening's entertainment.

Oh, it was nothing at all.

That's our job, isn't it?

- May I?
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Perhaps you will permit me to come in.

Well, if you don't mind this mess,

it's okay with us, isn't it?

Wait here.

This is not a mess.

It is charming.

Actually, I came to
offer you my protection.

Oh, here we go again.

Pardon me?

Nothing, it's just I've been
offered protection before.

Of course you have not heard.

The North American Haygood
has escaped from detention.

Oh no, we hadn't heard.

I mean, I'm sure you'll get him back.

He cannot be far.

It's just that I thought that your hotel

is not sufficient protection.

I am prepared to offer
both of you my hospitality.

Both of us?

Brother, you are hospitable.

Ah, I do not want to be misunderstood.

A man in my position cannot run the risk

of being embarrassed by local women.

Needless to say, you
will be amply rewarded.

We'd be glad to oblige you.

It's just that, well,
Vicki and I, we have to...

Tonight, we're tired.

You know, I mean, you wanna talk tomorrow?

We got all day.

Perhaps you are both already spoken for.

Never knew a dressing room
could be so interesting.

So interesting.

Now young lady, what do we have here?

Bring her to the ministry,
to the detention floor.

We will see what she has to tell us.

Andale, andale!
- Come on!

Out of gas.

So do I walk home from this date?

Well, we'll just have
to make the best of it.

The best of this?

Fat chance, you come barging
into my dressing room.

Getting me messed up in this shit.

Look, I can take you with me

or I can leave you right here.

Hey, where do you think you're going?

I don't know if I should
tell you if you're not coming.

Afraid I'd fink on you?

Well, I probably would.

Just cause you freaked out on your bosses

don't turn into no groovy dude!

Okay, okay, hold your ass.

I'm coming.

I don't even know what you want.

The electrodes, I think.

The burns never last for more than a week

and they don't leave scars.
- Good.

I do not want any marks on her.

We might put her on trial.


Don't fall asleep.

You heard the lady.

What's happening?

Come on.

- Come on.
- What the fuck?

You hide and don't move.

This is where I get off.

No way.

You wouldn't get 10 yards.

You are a bastard.

No, just trying to stay alive.

Come on.

Professor Manuel
Flores has among others

been arrested and is now being questioned.

Damn it, they've arrested Flores!

We should never have
sent him to the capitol.

He was too valuable here.

That's all we need right now.

We're weak enough in the countryside.

Just take him away or get
him out as soon as possible.

Look, I'm sure this is very interesting,

but what does it have to do with me?

You are a problem.

Isn't there any way of
getting me out of the country?

Not for the moment.


You mother fuckin' jive nigga!

You got me in this shit,
now you get me out!

Who's jiving now?

You're the one who talked all
about the heroes in the hills.

Well, you're here now, and
all you've been talking

about doing is just splitting away.

Hey baby, this ain't my country.

We all gotta fight on our old turf.

I'm afraid he's in no
position to help anyone.

What do we do with him?

He's an enemy of the people.

Why don't we kill him?

We'll discuss this tomorrow
when our heads are clearer.

Damn it, I say kill him!

Kill me, I'm already dead.

I knew that when I walked into this camp.

But you may not wanna waste somebody

who might be useful to you.

Still, it's your decision.

It's easy for you to jump
from one camp to another,

ain't it?

Well, that's one kind of
mercenary we can do without.

We've wasted enough time on him.

We'll hold the trial in the morning.

There's only one thing I'll tell you.

This is only a formality.

Most of us want you dead!

Well, if you're dying to kill
him, don't let me stop you.

First shock was moderate.

Gives you an idea of what to expect

if you don't answer our questions.

Now, will you please
tell us your connection

with the American Haygood
and who's paying you, hmm?

I don't have any answers!

I don't know anything!

I don't know, I don't know!

Head for the hills!

Red Bird to Unit Seven.

You're on target, continue firing.

Continue firing!

Red Bird to Unit Seven.

You're on target, continue firing.

Continue firing.

Red Bird One to Unit Seven.

Red Bird One to Unit
Seven, come in Unit Seven!

A whole new set of coordinates.

Redirect fire to the Northern
Valley, range, 200 yards.

I repeat, redirect fire
to the Northern Valley.

Range, 200 yards.

But that's the position
of our convoy, sir!

Yes, I know that's the convoy!

The rebels have taken possession of it.

You have confirmation.

Rapid fire from all units!

Fire, all units!

Que pasa?

They stopped shelling the camp.

Cease firing, cease firing!

Good, good results.

And expect promotions all the way around.

Over and out.

What's up?

They have everything,
except what I need.


How do you suppose they
hit their own convoy?

If I were a believer,
I would say it's a miracle.

I'm giving myself up for trial.

- How did you-
- I went back

and cut the brother loose.

And he found a few men up
there operating the squawker.

You redirected the fire.

It would be a waste to lose you.

How about my trial?

Perhaps another time.

Hey, don't I get a uniform
or something for joining?

He's about your size.

The blood will wash out.

Well, I don't guess I'm so badly off.

Keep thinking about Vicki in
the hands of those bastards.

You have a visitor.

This is Julia Escalante.

She is with Radio Barranca
and is here to talk with you.

Yeah, that ought to
break up the day a little.

Also, I will see if there's
anything I can do for you.

That's cool.

Then you can tell that baboon over there

to stop ogling me when I go to the toilet.

You will not be necessary.

I think she'll be more at
ease without your presence.

I'll wait outside.

So you're Jeff, huh?

What do you mean?

Yeah, you know, like in Mutt and Jeff?

Mutt beats the shit out of you,

and Jeff comes along
and plays the nice guy.

Theory of that is you're so overwhelmed

by that touch of humanity

that you just spill your
guts out about everything.

Yeah, on my own, great.

So you're from the radio, huh?

I'm supposed to interview you.

Huh, well, where were
you when I needed you?

Fran Dizzi would've gone crazy
for all this free publicity

for him and his grubby little circus.

That's not what this interview's about.

I don't know anything.

And if I did, do you
think I would've held out

on those torturing bastards?

I know they-

I'm not asking for a confession.

What I need is your interview

in which you will speak
of your humane treatment-

Oh yeah, you expect me to help the cops.

You seem to be sympathetic
with the guerillas.

Listen, I grew up on
the streets, you know?

And in my neighborhood, you
didn't have to be very political

to know who was fucking you over.

Uh-uh, I'm afraid I don't
have the imagination

to help you with what you want.

We have prepared this script for you.

Gee whiz.

A speaking part, huh?

How did you?

Yeah, it's no skin off my ass.

Does this humane treatment
include any cigarettes?

All you want.

Okay, fire away.



Hey, where are you going?

We're looking for the power switch.

- It's that way.
- Thank you.

You, cut off the power.


Where's Vicki?

Open up that door!
- We're soldiers.

Don't you know
there's a fire going on?

Hold it.

I hope you realize
you're perfect targets

for government patrols.

You should have a lookout.

And I suppose you're the lookout.

Don't worry.

Good soldiers have to
discipline themselves

to ignore each other's bodies.

Strong discipline.

You gotta make sure these
boots are coming in straight.

- Yeah.
- Pick 'em up.

Okay, keep the returns sprung in tight.


Is this what you mean Jim?

Yeah, but we're gonna have to make it

a little bit longer.

Lengthen it about two inches.

I'm glad you're checking the weapons

for the attack tonight.

What attack?

Didn't China tell you?

I just think that too recently

he was working with the other side.


That is what makes him useful.

Just hold on.

Do you mind if I get a word in?

I know you weren't around when I joined,

but this is the deal.

They gave me my life and I fight for them.

It's as simple as that, understand?

Still makes you a mercenary.

Yeah, for my life this time.

Jim, is this all right?

Wow, it looks heavy, man.

How's that thing work?

It's all clear.

Perhaps a few got away.

Look, let's get out of here.

We're going to hold this
spot, we fought hard to take it.

In this kind of a fight,
you never hold a position.

The idea is just to keep on moving.

I still think we should stay.

The troops are coming!

Take cover and retreat!

Mena, get the jeep!

Good shot!

This girl plays a tricky game!

Melton, you better watch her carefully.

Right now, I'm glad she's on our side!

Or is she?

Why don't you answer, Melton?

Do you find me treacherous?

You're beginning to
sound downright seditious.

You find me seditious?

Good song.

Just a bit too sad for me.

It is like the story of our people, sad.

They've given so much.

And we've gotten nowhere.

Since Moncada died.

I know.

You should know.

Your people know the
meaning of frustration.

Of getting nowhere.

They'll get somewhere.

You're here with them.

But I'm a woman, after all.

Remember the barracks?

If it were not for you.

Moncada must live again.

If not through me, through somebody else.

What happened to all your discipline?

I thought all good soldiers

Ignored each other's bodies?

Get the supplies?

Why, they've practically
drove us out of town.

"Since Moncada died, the
revolution is a big joke,"

the mayor said.
- Don't they understand that-

And you better be quiet!

They're curious about you too.

We better talk to them.

We can't afford to lose
the support of the people.

Maybe better come with us, Jim.

And explain my presence
in this camp all over again.

Possibly for the last time.

You'll come?

Yeah, I'll come.

Well Americano, you
go on trial after all.

China, there are troops in town.

They're arresting all rebel sympathizers.

But Capitan, my town
has always cooperated

with the government.

I have a reliable report.

Any separatists furnished
by one of your own men,

and your name is in it.

Before you kill him, we should know

who gave him the list of
guerilla sympathizers.

We must know who the traitor is among us.

I have nothing to say
to you, to any one of you!

It's just a waste of time, kill him!

Wait a minute, wait a
minute, wait a minute!

Wait a minute!

I think I know a way of making him talk.

Come on!


Get over there!

You wanna practice throwing your knives?

Oh yeah.

At last.

A target I don't have
to worry about hitting.

You know, I used to practice
this on my little brother.

Now that's probably why I'm an only child.

Now are you gonna tell us
what the mayor wants to know?

Oh, I wouldn't try that again.

Give me that knife.

Oh, he's stubborn.

Yeah, somebody hand me a scarf.

I wanna try and see if
I can do this blind.

Now you tell me if I'm aiming
in the right direction.


I'll talk, I'll talk!

Since Moncada died, what has
the revolution done for us?

It's true Moncada's death
is a big blow to all of us.

We're still fighting.

Give us time.
- Time?

There's no more time.

With no leader and starving
people, we better give up.

If you give up now, do you
think there'll be any more food

for your people than there is right now?

Look around you.

The fear inside of them grows day by day.

And what about the men who
have already given their lives?

How will you honor them?

My people started
fighting a long time ago,

and they are still fighting.

Revolution was never meant to be easy.

This is not your fight, Black man!

What is this to you?

It's not a matter of color.

Freedom is everybody's business.

Will you lead us?

Well, jefe, what next?

- Comida, senorita.
- Oh, gracias.

What are you thinking about?

Oh, lots of things.

You mean your sudden change?

Wasn't so sudden.

Just a long time in coming.

Same here, I guess.

You get caught up in
something, and by the time

you start looking for the answers,

find you don't even know the questions.

I know what started with me.

Brother on the block, low rider.

You grab a jalopy for a joy ride

and end up in grand theft auto.

Judge gives you a choice.

One to 10 in the joint or enlist.

So you find a home in the army.

I guess my story's not too different.

I found my place in a tank town act

that ends in a banana republic.

Still want to go home?

Where's home?

Yeah, I know what you mean.

I think we found our turf.

The mayor promised
to be here before noon.

Well, that smells good.

Yeah, what is it?

Hey, you wanna try it?


This is delicious, what is it?

Field rats.

Oh, yeah, field rats.

I know about field...

Mayor is coming!

We have heard of your exploits.

The people send their congratulations.

Yeah, we're getting somewhere.

If only...

If only people knew about it.

If everybody knew, if
you could find a way.

What exactly?

They're exerting all efforts

to suppress news of your raid.

Si, the government's propaganda machine.

You mean if we can turn
the machine in our favor.

The revolution could be a wildfire

and nothing could stand in our way.

In Barranca, in Campo Medor, everywhere.

The rebels are attacking as they please

and with complete impunity!

And you told me, when Moncada is dead,

it is the beginning of the end.

Now they have found this new hero.

The savage they call him!

Excellency, there are
certain objective conditions

that cannot be controlled.


But seems that Moncada still lives!

The reward on Haygood should
start getting some action.

Only yesterday, we-

That is another thing.

So far, there have been
three reports of his death.

Each one, miles apart from the others!

They hit our camp.

Those goddamn mother bastards.


The government forces
score their greatest victory

over the rebels.

The main rebel camp in the mountains

of Santo Domingo was raised
to the ground yesterday.

Scores of rebels were killed,

more were wounded and captured,

and the Minister of Defense
is certain that this

marks the end of resistance
to government regime.

And here is the list of casualties.

Cut it off.

We attack.


After we've lost a third of our forces?


Yes, right now.

They don't expect us to move.

So we're gonna move.

But where?

Where they least expect us.

The capitol, Miramar.

You're learning fast.

Mena, notify our people in the city.

And Flores, tonight get
our forces in the north,

and you'll cover our retreat.

What happens in Miramar?

Let's do something to
excite the imagination

of the people.

Something dramatic.

It'll be dramatic all right.

Let's get the top pig.

The Minister of Defense.

You better answer it.


Good evening, sir.

Yes, what is it?

Why, something terribly
important, Your Excellency.

Well, it's, I don't know if I should-

Stop stammering and say it.

I don't know if I
should tell you over the phone.

For God's sake, what is it?

Sir, it concerns your life.

I have someone here in my office.

Look, I have more
important things than...



Look, I'm doing something.

You'll see me tomorrow.

Stop it.

Stop, stop,



Hey, I didn't get a
chance to thank you yet

for springing me.

It was for my cause,
nothing to thank me about.

Well, radio lady, what's new in town?

You're quite a celebrity.

They're calling you Savage

and have put a price on your head.

Anything on me yet?

That's what I call
downright discrimination.

Listen, let's get in this hut.

The others have almost all arrived.

Some are staying in this vicinity

and others are in safe houses around town.

And when is China coming?

She's going to remain in town.

There has been a new development.

The Defense Minister is dead.

Hey, are you that big, Black savage

everyone keeps talking about?


I said, you don't look
so mean when you're asleep.

You just lucky you're not
in my dreams, that's all.

Do you think we'll win tomorrow?

You don't win
a revolution in one day.

We can turn a lot of
people onto it though.

What if something goes wrong?

We keep on fighting.

Move somewhere else.

Jim, I'm scared.

I don't...

I don't want you to get hurt.

Our men are ready.

You're sure this is her?

- Felipe.
- Si, padre.

Go to Julia and tell her that...

My man lost Julia.

Maybe she's on to us.

Either that or she's
playing some sort of game.

Could it be she has another lover?

Father, we're all here.

We got your message.

And you must be Savage.

Hijo, the people are grateful
to you and they will all help.

I don't have much time,
but I had to talk to you.

- Yes, we know.

Now, how did it happen?

How do these things happen?

You had a goddamn traitor with you.



What's he talking about?

Flores, he was with
Melton when they got China.

No, that's not true.

I don't believe that.

You're lying.

China's gone.

Flores is a traitor.

So Melton knows we're going to attack.

Let's not disappoint him.

What do we do now?

Just what China wanted to do.

She wanted to do something that would

excite the imaginations of people.

She wanted to...

Julia, I'll need your help.

With China dead, they're
probably paralyzed,

at least for a couple of hours.

I don't trust that Black man.

If I know the way he thinks,
he's up to something right now.

We've got 15 minutes
before Julia goes on the air.

Time to go.

All right.

In exactly 10 minutes, the
fireworks are gonna start.

I hope everybody's in their positions.

That's what we want right there.

Amanda, you take your men
and go around to the back.

Boom Boom and I go around to the front.


Let's go.

Don't worry about him.

He's on our side.

Got five minutes.


They hit the bank, let's go.

Today, people of Barranca,
Moncada lives again.

The revolution is at hand.

The time has come.

Melton, you got a call.

Red Eagle here.

Sir, the Marine
Barracks was attacked.

Roger, we're on our way.

Let's go.

Red Eagle, Red
Eagle, come in, please!

Yes, this is Red Eagle.

Sir, you better
listen to Julia's broadcast.

Let us organize.

With me here is Savage.

I have asked him to speak to you.

Today is the day of the people.

This day you will come into your own

for the spirit of freedom
lives in all of us.

The enemy can kill men,

but they cannot kill the
ideas they stood for.

Power to the people.

The radio station.

So it's been the radio station all along.

Why didn't I...

All units, proceed to the radio station.

Jim, they're surrounding us.

I'll take care of them.

It is a voice of the people
that cannot be stilled.

We're gonna have to go
because they're closing in

on us outside.

No, I must stay.

This is where I belong.

It's my job.

But you can't stay here.

I can take care of myself.

Take some men and go
around the building.

Get that man!

Flores, you bastard!

Several months ago, Moncada was killed,

but he never really died.

As he often said, his death meant nothing.

Others would come forward.

The fisherman
are waiting for you.

Hold your fire!

Goddamn it.