Savage (1996) - full transcript

After his family is murdered, and he's left for dead, a farmer awakens in the desert and finds himself transformed into a savage warrior, with all the powers and skills of the ancient gods. Guided by his "spirit masters" he's given a mission; destroy Tital Corporation, the world's most powerful high-tech computer company and its ambitious leader, Michael Burroughs. Burrough's has discovered the technological remains of an ancient race and a secret that will allow him to open the Vortex and achieve immortality. Out in the desert, ancient powers collide with sophisticated technology as the Savage and Burroughs meet in a titanic struggle that could destroy mankind.

- Mm, so good.

What kind of perfume
are you wearing?

- It's an expensive French
import, it's called
soap and water.

Drives men crazy.

- You bad.

- Daddy, wanna play soldier?
Sergeant Steel is my favorite.

- Come here.

- Daddy! I wanna play...
Murphy... ugh.

- Why don't you play
something else? You wanna play
cards, do a puzzle?

- No, that's boring.

- What about Go Fish?

- No, you can be Sergeant Steel.

- Ah you're winning, bad...

Come back.

You won.

- What?

What are you smiling about?

- I guess I feel lucky.

- Lucky in love?

- Very lucky in love.

- How's that for romantic?

- Mommy, I can't see my food.

- I'll get some candles,
honey can you check the fuse?

- Okay.

- I'll be right back Jimmy.

- Noooooooo.

- Jimmy!

- Daddy!

- Jimmm!
- Ow! Oww!

- No!

- Nooooo!

- This is nothing like
Cuckoo's Nest,
you'll be fine...

The first thing you need to
know about night duty

is that your most important
reference guide is a TV guide.

Yea, right, no kidding.

- Hey, hey, excuse me, sir, sir.

- Mr., let's get you
back in bed we can't have
you roaming the hall.

- It's planted in everyones'
teeth, yes they do, I
know it! Yes, they do!

- That's alright Mr., we'll just
get you back in bed. Come on.

- Don't, I'm telling you.

- It's ok.
- They're here,
they're every where.

- It'll be gone in the morning.

You calm down, calm down.

It's ok, it's ok.

- What's wrong now?

He's been here for two years,
total un-functional,
he never says a thing.

Hardly ever gets out of bed.

- What happened to him?

- His wife and child were
killed. House burned down.

- Did he do it?

- They don't know

- Sound...

Wretch... like meee

- Jim!

- Hello, security?

There's been a breakout
in section three.

What code? I don't
know, I'm new here.

I don't know if he's dangerous.

He could be. Could
you just hurry please?

- I love you.

- I love you too, sweetheart.

Alex, come to me.


Come to me Alex.



Come to me.

Alex, please come to me.

- Leaves... healing leaves.



- Vengeance shall be mine.

- Sayeth the lord.
- For there is an evil among us.

- And God with His hand
smote my enemies
with righteous vengeance!

- What do you want!

- Charlie?

- Alex? Please!

Find the man who did this to
us before he does it to
millions of others.

- Whoever did this to us...
I swear I'll kill them.

Kill me!

- Basket case, you don't
even know who I am, do you?

Do you!

- Fear not!
- For I will be with you...

- We'll be blind but
then we'll see!

- And there were
men who broke his heart.

- And they were the children.

- Yes, come to papa.

- Hey! Quit it!

Oh, cut it out.

- Yesss

- Oh yea? Take that!

- Shit! Son of a...!

Oh God.


We hit somebody.

- What the hell do you
mean we hit somebody?

- That guy was like
fricking Tarzan.
- Ah shit!

- Tarzan.

- Great, we hit fucking
Tarzan. Shit!

Hey Tarzan!

Umgawah! - Hey I'm not kidding
you man, we hit somebody!

- Yea, we hit
somebody... Oh my God!

You're right man.

Tarzan the apeshit man.

Hey you alright?

Great a 5150, we'll be in
psycho central all night long.
- I hate that fucking place!

- Alright come on man, get up.

Let's go Sasquatch,
I don't have all night.

Ahhh! Christ this guy
needs a hose down.

Smells like a goat!

You know what,
you hit him, you tag him,
I'll log him in.

Alright, come on. Come on
goat boy, let's go. C'mon!

- Hey!

What the hell.

Come on!

What are you doing?

- What?

- Yea, hi, it's me.

- Oh yea, Jesus,
not another deadbeat.

I know, I know but
he fits the profile.

- I mean it's Titan, right?
- Right.

See you there.

- Is this part of the game?

Come here! C'mon,
get back into bed.

- Sorry.

It's business.

Give me your number, ok?

- Nobody goes until
I'm finished.

- Let go.
- Shut up!


- If you're here when
I get back I'll kill you.

You understand?

Don't bleed on my sheets.

- That's not what happened,
see, I was just...

- Hey Carter!

Have I got one for you.

- Forget it, I'm off.

- Oh, no, no,
Carter, duty first.

Now myself and my
partner are on street duty...

which means the sooner
we are back on said
street the safer it

will be for the inhabitants of
this fine yet dull community.

Which means your duty
is to cut down the amount
of time we spend here.

Of course to monitor
and supply the paper cups by
that water cooler,

thereby in your own minute
way to keep the streets safe.

- Nice but I am off.

- Oh but did I mention this
guy is a 5150 which means he
has to be tended to right away.

Goat boy.

- Hey Halliday, only reason
you're on the street and I'm
not is because you were a jock.

I'll be it in a minute way.

- Oh yea really.

- Sit down!

Ok, don't.


Do you know where
you are right now?

When was the last time you ate?

Are you thirsty?

Do you want some?

Go ahead.

I didn't touch it.

That's my dog, uh,
my dog actually died.

Do you have a dog?

Oh god!

Here, here, here.


I'm gonna bandage you up
and then I'm gonna send
you over to county.

- Let's go.

What is it this time Ms. Beloc.
Find another juicehead
in the ditch somewhere?

That's five this year alone.

- If you like the money
don't bitch about the job.

Beloc, Marie. Wallace, Edgar.
Poe, Allen. Clearance one,
chairman suite.

Positive voice
recognition, thank you.

- So Edgar, how is life?

- Call me Eddy, call me Wallace,
but don't call me Edgar.

How's life?

Life is well and truly fucked.

I have worked for some seriously
warped individuals in my time
but this nut job takes the cake.

- Mr. Burroughs know
you feel this way about him?

- I don't give a rusty fuck
what Mr. Burroughs knows.

Shit, I used to jack up little
punks like that in high
school for their lunch money.

This is an un-programmed stop.

You're late.

- I'm sorry sir, we came
as soon as we got the alert.

- Mr. Burroughs we're going
to be even later if you don't
turn the elevator back on.

Motion restored, proceeding
to chairman suite.

- Dang!

You think he heard me?

- What do you think.

- Well?

- It's like the other four,
a man was found in the desert,
no clothes, no ID.

Right now he's being held
at the county holding facility.

- Go ahead.

- I'll send a man.
- No, no, you send a team.


- On an operational level...

it doesn't make sense to
send three professionals to
handle another basket case.

If you don't mind.

- Actually.

I do mind.
You see I pay for them.

Therefore I get to waste them.

If that's alright
with you Mr. Wallace.

Is that alright?

Yes, sir.

- Hey!
- Hey no, I'm just gonna
drain the lizard, man.


Welcome to the
gerbil cage big guy.

My name's Shazam man,
because I like to fly.

You know, fly?

Get ready for the holding block.

- Yea.

Hey you like to fly, man?

Hey what are you on, man?

Open it up.

Like acid or shrooms?

Or something better?

Me first, dump these guys
off like it's the YMCA...

Caption's orders...
fine! Like it's one more
thing that I have to do.

Put these guys in these
three beds, they'll be
fine till the morning.

Me? I'm gonna be up
all night. C'mon let's go.

If the warden didn't
have me around...

- Hey, welcome to the
gerbil cage man, my name's
Shazam, I like to fly.

This guy wants to kiss me.

- No man!

- You the nature boy? 6'1",
long hair, 180 pounds.

- That's him, we'll see if we
can get him up.

- Look at that, get the monkey.

Kill that fucker! C'mon! Kill
that fucking man! Give me
something! Give me something!

- Here.

Come on down!

- I got him!

Open the holding cell now!

- PCP, got it.

- Hey! What the
hell happened here?

- Gerbils ate each other.

- Escaped prisoner.

Patching into the
county video system now.

- He was like a gorilla
or something, he tore the
bars right out of the walls.

- How does one man?

- No, no, he's not a man.

He's savage.

- What the fuck is a
savage, who is this guy?

- Up until this point he was
my worst nightmare, now he's
your worst nightmare too.

- I don't have nightmares.

Now what do I tell the
troops about this savage

where's he going, and what
kinda weapons he's carrying.

- He's coming here.

And as far as weapons
are concerned, he is the weapon.

- C'mon!

Give me my boy.

Let it go.

Play gangster?
- No, no, no, yes!

- I'm ready to fax.
- No, no, wait, wait.

They would have wanted him to
fit in, he'll have cut his hair.


Ms. Beloc, your
blouse is undone.

Did you get dressed in a hurry?

- Yes, I did.

- Well button up.

- Let's go.

What's next is to move
beyond virtual reality...

you see the silicon language
limits virtual reality to an
internal experience,

exploring our fantasies
but within someone else's idea
of a perfect environment.

Virtual reality is the beginning
of a whole new concept.

- Mr. Burroughs is
experimenting with a variety
of different drives,

worth protecting the
revolutionary virtual
reality machines.

- But it's random, you
can't control it, you're more
than just a player, you're god.

- Now consumers quickly fell
in love with these enormously
entertaining Titan games.

However teams of highly
skilled engineers and scientists

have failed to duplicate
the technology.

The reclusive billionaire
is closely associated
with Titan plaza

where Burroughs spends
most of his waking hours.

- The plain of the immortal..

Kill me!

- Why me? Why my family?

- You will own a master
of all you survey

and the universe
bends to your every will.

- Is your memory maxed out?
I know mine is.

Do you know where to go
for more megabytes
than you've ever dreamed of?

I do. Follow me to the
electronic kitchen, we
can fulfill your every need.

Staffed by computer
wizards just like me.

The electronic kitchen is
your one stop shopping spot

for a ton of totally
tantalizing technology.

Join us... and surf the
net at the electronic...

Hey you!
Hold it right there!

.at the electronic
kitchen 2001 university avenue.

Stop police! - See why we're the
best and the biggest.

- Cops spotted at Market Street.
- Wallace, Wallace, turn on your optic feed.

- Ok, 3324 Street.
- Oh, you too.

- Ok.

Titan's Illegal Entry

the game that lets you be a
cat burglar, operative,
industrial spy or an assassin.

Welcome to Titan's Illegal Entry
the game that lets you
be a cat burglar, operative...

- Evening dude, may I help
you find something?

- Welcome to Titan's
illegal entry the game
that lets you be a

cat burglar, operative,
industrial spy or an assassin.

Welcome to Titan's illegal entry

the game that lets you be
a cat burglar, operative,
industrial spy or an assassin.

Find the machine,
destroy the machine.

Save the world, save mankind.

Destroy the machine,
save the world, save mankind.

Find the machine,
destroy the machine,
save the world, save mankind.

Find the machine.

- Go get him.

- Go ahead man,
help yourself man.

Go ahead, go ahead, just fine,
yea, yea, yea, that's good,
that's good. Yea, yea, yea.

- Wallace! What's going on?

- Oh men, let's keep
your eyes open.

- Ok, alright, come on, come on.

- Come on.
- We got a fuckin' mess.

Wipe out all police leads
I don't want this traced back to Titan.

- ...Did you get a good look
at the guy who did all this?

- You bet I did, I never seen
anything like that, I mean
look at this guy.

- All clear.

- Veronica, you're such an
embarrassment the way
you slapped that guy's butt.

- What? All the guys do it
to each other when
they score a goal.

- Yea well that guy
didn't score a goal.

- Yea well he was trying.

Come on, Megan, just one
drink with these guys... come
on it's not gonna do any harm.

- These guys are useless,
besides I mean why do we
need men to have a good time...

They either fuck you or fuck
you over and either way they
get to hold you down.

- Hold you down,
now you are talking!

Hunk hunt, beef quest,
come on this could be
your lucky night.

I mean the fabled he could
just show up, you could get
the man of your dreams tonight.

This is nuts.
- What's nuts?

Where are you going?

Nicky, slow down! Will you wait?

Dweeb alert, dweeb alert,
dweeb alert.

- What's the big smiles for?
What are you looking at?
Don't blow a gasket boys.

ID? I... D....

Hey, Thor. Thor buy.
"Sprechen zi English?"

Oh this place is insane.
(Disconcerting sounds)

- Skeletor movement...
take me out.

- Hey.

Woah! Woah! Woah.... Woah.

What are you doing here?
You're supposed to be in county.

- Nicky. Nicky!

- Watch here, watch here.
Move, move!

- Get off me.

- Don't be a mess while
somebody's trying to kill us...
it's like trying to...

- Yes.

- Hey, hey, hey!
- What, what, what!

- Code 3.
- No shit?

- No shit.
- Rock and roll!

- Don't you see it!

- Don't you see him!

- Oh please Mr. Savage,
don't hurt me.

- Poe, do you hear me?
Kill him now!

- University Street looks like...
- That's it I'm a dead man

- Paramedics sort
through the carnage...
-He'll be coming here next.

- Go on what are
you waiting for?
Make your move Ms. Beloc.

We both know you're too smart
to just stick around and wait
for the proverbial shoe to drop.

Tell you what, you just go
to the bathroom... we'll both
pretend you're coming back.

- Relax, I never
leave home without it.

- Ok, a atypically
candid admission.

I'm a fan, you're a master,
this guy's a master and I've got
the best seat in the house.

- This is not a game!
Are you out of your mind?

In my games if you're very very
good, if you're very very good
you should always be in control

but this is out of hand.

I was so close,
three or four months.

-Wait a minute, wait a minute.

- I would have had it,
just two or three months.

- I don't want to overstep
my boundaries here

so maybe if we just
talk this out we can
get a new perspective.

- Talk this... what are you
thinking! This isn't therapy!

- This may sound simplistic

but you knew a man would
try to stop you from solving X,
that's why you hired us.

You say you need three or
four months to crack this.

The fact that he's here now

is an indication that
you're closer to your solution
than you might think.

Or at least that's what they

- The fuck happened in that bar!

- Mr. Burroughs wants
his facility locked up airtight.

- Let's go!
- Yes, sir!
- There are a dozen
men in the lobby.

- Wait a minute this
guy looks familiar.

Jesus Christ!
It's the guy from the ranch.

- Yes, you idiot!

That's why you should
have finished him off!

Now they're using
his rage as a perfect
tool for my destruction.

Wait, wait, wait, wait a second
maybe not so perfect
who is that?

- Who?
- The woman! Who's the woman?

- It'll be on the police report.

- Mr. Wallace you may
be about to start earning
your Christmas bonus

you keep him away
for a few hours.

Access granted.

- Got it.

Nicole Carter.

She's a cop.

- What's so special about her?
- I don't know.

But a savage is supposed
to be obsessed with his
quest, his calling.

He shouldn't
possess any emotions
except for bloodlust and anger.

But, but, he,
he saved this woman,
therefore he must care for her.

Which makes him vulnerable.

He's vulnerable.

Wallace here, yea, ok out.

Morning Edgar.

- Sir she's just no leaving the
station, if you don't mind I'd
like to handle this personally.

- Fine do it.

- Aw I think you hurt the
big ape's feelings.
- Please.


Who is it?

Who is it?

- Check it out.

Alright just gonna loosen
the ends here.

- If you had to break
into this place, would you hack
your way through?

- I could hack my way through
any code in high school

I'm a real student of cryptology
used to break into NSA files,
missile codes, fun stuff

- Precocious.


- May I?
- Please

- Monitor out on level six.


- Yes, cro-magnon.

Our savage forefathers
fifty-thousand years ago.

You know you continue
to impress me, Ms. Beloc.

- I don't understand.

This is not cro-magnon.

- Oh it absolutely is,
I was a member of the original
expedition that found it.

The only surviving
member as a matter of fact.

The others met with a little
accident on the way home.

- Down there.

- Dent, Lester. Clearance two.

- And these pictographs?
- Symbol cryptography!

- Like the fraternal crypt
used by the Rosicrucians
and Freemasons.

- Yes, only its binary.

The cryptographs translate
to key numbers which
translate to cyber text.

- Bur cro-magnon?
- Eden Ms. Beloc, mythical Eden.

- All the earth's
early cultures...

Hebrew, Phoenician,
Greek, Goth, Druid, Sioux
Indian, Astic, Scandinavian.

They all share the legend
of an extraordinary civilization

unsurpassed in spiritual
and creative genius...

Which vanished in a
cataclysm, a deluge if you will.

- But that's myth.
- Why would every culture come
up with the same myth?

Pyramids continents apart

in Egypt and South
American they bear identical
architectural features.

You don't honestly believe
that a primitive people

could construct technological
marvels like Easter Island
and Stone Henge

out of sheer primitive
inspiration, do you
consider this?

Geologists estimate

that the end of the last ice age

the one that parted
the straights of Gibraltar and
filled the mediterranean basin

at around the same time
as Plato and Herodotus
approximated the disappearance

of Atlantis.

Another coincidence?
Read the data.

The virtual reality that Titan
sells is nothing but a crude
version of this technology.

Don't you see?

The ancient ones
created a virtual universe

an infinite paradise
in cyberspace

but they had to have
food and they needed labor.

So they took the apes
down from the trees
our ancestors.

They trained them.

We are not the children
of gods, Ms. Beloc.
We are the offspring of apes.

I'm running out of time.

- What happened to them?

With all their technology
surely they could have
survived the cataclysm.

Well the cataclysm
didn't annihilate them

it merely erased their
fingerprints, proof of
their existence.

You see they'd reached such
a level of sophistication that
they left the flesh behind.

They simply transferred their
essence into cyber space.

The way we digitize sound
and light, they digitize matter.

Now they exist in a
cyber universe, immortal but
powerless in this world.

Which is why they sent
the savage to keep me from

deciphering the
key to immortality.

Don't you see? It's all about
scaring the apes, us,
into sheer ignorance.

You remember your bible?
Keep your hands off the fruit.

Keep your hands off the
fruit of the tree of knowledge.

God messing with the
men who dared to erect
the tower of Babel

Its amazingly
consistent, isn't it?
Knowledge is power.

And the key to immortality
is the ultimate power.

- But why, why would
they want to corner the
market on immortality?

A cyber universe...

- Ms. Beloc, enough please.
The end of our discourse we need
to pursue your solution now.

- Well the first thing we
should consider is all the
binary combinations

that you ran through the
computer about the time that
the savage appeared.

- Good.

- Just one question.
- What?

If I crack this...

Am I gonna have a
little accident too?

- Yes!

Force entry zone B.

- Abort!
- Abort!

- Four down, three
to go, Mr. Rose...

can you feed?
- Reese!
- What?

- My name.
- Reese? Good.

- He's in the building.
- What!

He's in the building.
Finish up!

Looking for me?

You are here to kill me, right?

Well you know we better hurry
up to deliver our speeches.

You know, my diabolical plans,
your determination to
keep me from succeeding.

Blah, blah, blah.

You know what?
I say the hell with it.
It's the 90's let's watch TV.

Mr. Wallace. Can you hear me?

- Yea, I can hear you.

- Let her go.
- Oh I will.

Tomorrow, maybe the day after
until then you just keep your

Oh go on,
you can kill me,
you can kill me, go on.

But you'll be killing
her too, just the way
you were responsible

for the death of
your wife and child.

You know we made you
a generous offer on your ranch,
a very, very generous offer.

You want, you want
this woman's blood
on your hands too?

Is that what you want? Hmm?


At you.

Alright then.

Let's just play a
little game, shall we?
I'm going to count to three

and if you're still here...
then Mr. Wallace will just...

You know.





We're on.

- To Nick, love dad.

That's nice.

How about a little wager?

- Sure... How about $500?

- Let's make it a
grand you punk.

I wouldn't move if I were you.

If I knick your carotid
artery you'll be dead.

- Missed sucker.

- Go to hell!

- See you around.

I'm going back to type.

Keep an eye on her.

- What is taking
Wallace so long?

- How did they...
-Turn a simple rancher
into a savage?

The brain is a computer
Ms. Beloc it operates
on electrical impulses.

You press the right buttons,
you tap the original hard drive

the cro-magnon programs,
the lizard algorithms and voila.

Access the beast within.
- Beast within? Sounds good.

- Shh. Go.

- Get back! Get back!

Where is he?
- I go, I go.
You see him?

See him?

- Fuck this!

The fucking...

- What took you so long!
Did you set the detonator?

Come on!

- No more nightmare.




Where are you going?

Are you going to Titan?

Will you stop for one second?

- I have no time.
- Wait.

What the hell is going on?

Who are you!

- I gotta go before...

- You gotta go before what!

It's me, it's me!

Look I've seen you in action
god knows what you are.

I'm not here to bust you,
I'm here to help.

Back off me.

What are we looking for?

Hey! Don't walk away from me!

They burned down
my home, they killed my
best friend, now clue me in.

This is really spooky,
where is every body?
Company picnic?

What the hell is this place?

What is that?

- There was something here.

A machine.

- Machine? What kind of machine?

- A very powerful machine.

- Is that what
this is all about?
Industrial espionage...

All the...

God it's freezing in here.

Thank you.

Cut that out.

How'd you do that?
- I didn't.

- Then who did?

- Rohmer here.
- Rohmer, why am I paying
you so much money?

- Shut up and listen.
Is it true that the
savage is still alive?

- We do have a lead on him.
- I'm leaving town right now.
I want the savage eliminated.

- Mr. Burroughs,
you never said anything
about killing people.

- Do I need to remind
you how you got
your position, Captain?

- I do remember everything
you've done for me,
Mr. Burroughs.

- Good.

- It looks like something
or somebody is accessing t
he Titan corporate files.

Look, administrative records.

Utility records, water, gas,
electric, waste disposal, phone.
There's gotta be something here.

Look at that.

Corporate retreat at Spirit
Rock $350,000 dollars.

Why would anyone
need that much juice
at a corporate retreat?

- You know what to do, Moreno.

- Freeze!
- Don't shoot, don't shoot, no!

No, no, don't shoot,
don't shoot, don't shoot.

I talked to Captain Rohmer.
Captain Rohmer?

Captain Rohmer?
- You heard her.

- Captain Rohmer
tell them to put
their weapons down!

- Stand down.

- I called them I know you
don't understand but please
trust me, this is the best way.

You can't deal with these
people on your own.

Captain Rohmer... This...

I don't even know your name.
- Pleasure's all mine.

Good work, Carter. Please?

- Get your hands off of me.
What are you doing?

If you just relax everything's
going to be alright.

- He's got a gun!
- He has no gun! Get off me!

- Don't shoot, don't shoot!
Put your guns down!

Calling all units,
pursuit in progress,

Two suspects in a stolen
black and white heading
east on 8th street.

Requesting addition backup.

Chopper one moving
into position.

Three, four and five,
cut them off at 7th street.


- Oh god why did
that scumbag plant
a piece on you?

What the fuck is going on?

The Captain's in on
it which means
I know way too much.

I'm fucked, so fucked.

- Oh god!

Suspects heading
south on Avenue B,

all units intercept, over.
- Holy!

We got three units in front of
them, they'll never get by.

- Hold on!

We have visual contact,

two suspects in a black and
white heading west on Arroyo.

Suspects eluded roadblocks
now heading west, over.

- All I ever wanted to be
was a cop, get out on the
street and do some good.

Guess that's pretty much
over now that I'm a felon.

Assaulting an officer,
assisting an escapee,
grand theft auto,

aiding and abetting.
I'm fucked, really fucked.

I might as well get married,
my life is over.

- Got 'em in my sights
they're heading straight
for the freeway.

- Do not lose eye contact.

I'm sending all available units
to converge units to converge
on southbound freeway.

- All available units, we
have two suspects in a stolen
black and white, heading south.

Converge and intercept and
prevent border crossing, over.

- I need to go to Spirit Rock.

- Where do you need to go?
Spirit Rock?

Hey, I know! And I bet you
want me to drive, right?

That's ok, my life is
over anyway, I might as well
go along for the ride.

- Wait a minute they
disappeared, I lost 'em.

- Alright my friend Veronica
lives... she used to live
right over there.

We can take her car.
Ok, let's go!

- I had him Captain, I swear
I had him, I'm gonna double back
and see if I can pick him up.

- What do you mean you lost him?

I want a statewide APB
put out on both of 'em.

And when they're apprehended,
wherever that may be,
I want them held until I come

to collect them.
My personal responsibility.
You got that?

The key's right here.

Get in, hurry.

The fugitives including
Officer Nicky Carter.

Escaped from Titan plaza
in a stolen cruiser.

- So this was his land.

- I made him very offer too,
an exceptionally good offer
as a matter of fact.

Through a mining
subsidiary of mine.

And the idiot refused to sell.

- And this is the cave
I presume where you
found the machine.

- Mhmm.

- Well why must
you digitize here?

- Because it's a vortex point

it's a condenser of
elemental forces like
Stonehenge or New Grange.

Or the first temple
at Jerusalem.

Does this sound sort of New
Age stupid to you, does it?

You'll soon see.

- Alright lets go, come on!

- Look I really am sticking my
neck out for you. Could you at
least share something with me?

Simple stuff... like your name.

Who you are... what you do.

Why I'm stuck in this
fucking car with you...

Stop that! You're
making me crazy here.

I'm not kidding, will
you stop that? You want
me to pull the car over?

- Sometimes they tell me things.

- What? Through the radio?

Like stairway to heaven played
backwards? Forget it, forget it.

Tell me about your family,
do you have a family?

What are you doing?
What the hell are you doing!

Get your hand off the seat!

We have to stop for gas.
- We have no time.

- Yea I know,
we also have no gas.

- Sorry! Fill her up?
- Yea.

Does the Titan corporation
have a place around here?

- Yea, about five miles north
of here near the old dig
site next to Spirit Rock.

- Al?

Is that you?

- Do you know him?

- Yea, you don't?

- Just tell me who he is.

- He was a rancher, he lived
on the road a couple years ago.

His whole family was killed.
They put him in a crazy place,
like a mental hospital.

- Really? Don't call the cops,
I will take care of it, ok?

I just don't want to
get him upset.

- Put me through to
Connie and hurry.

- Is this where you...
- Found it?

A cro-magnon cave to
be sure but these...

They were obviously ancient
pictographs but there was
something, they seemed binary.

- That's amazing.

- This is just the beginning.

- Sorry.

- Come on let's go!
- No!

Not until you come clean.

- What?

- No wonder you wouldn't
give me a straight answer.


Your whole family killed.

Did you kill them?

Did the radio
voices tell you to?

- No!

When they killed my wife
and my boy... nobody helped.

And nobody cared, except me.

- You turn your back on
me and I'm gone!

I care!

I care! I just...

Hey! Who do I trust?

- This is magnificent!

- What's going on!

- It's a generator!

It's the most powerful
machine ever created
but it takes time to...

It takes time to warm up!

In about an hour we'll reach
maximal dimensional thrust...

and then...

We digitize!

A massive tremor rocked
the western United States.

Scientists are at a loss
to explain what is causing
the worst seismic activity

in the history of
this hemisphere.

The quakes seem to be centered
at an area called Spirit Rock.

Strangely we have no record
of a fault line in this area.

- The damage to property
has been tremendous.

- Woah! Oh my god.

- Everyone hold on.

- What's happening!

- We're tearing
a hole in reality!

And reality has mixed
feelings about it!

Daddy? Wanna play soldier?

- Welcome home!

Looks like the place
could use some work.

Let's go, come on, let's
make it interesting bad boy!

Yea? You're not fighting
back, huh. Why not?

Oh yea. You wanna die don't ya?
You want me to put you out of
your misery.

You want me to do you like I
did your wife? I enjoyed that.

- Please!

- I believe you.

Get up! It's not over!

- Power!

The power's incredible!

- Mr. Burroughs.


Maybe we should
stop, this is crazy.

I mean if we tear a
hole in reality...

it will cause so much death...

so much destruction...

that there will be no
one left to dominate with
our immortality.

There'll be nothing
left to come back to.

- Come back! Why!

We're ascending the heavens!

To hell with the apes! It's just
too bad that the savage will be
too late to save them.

- Hold on!

Get down!

Then cover me.


- Minorly amusing thought.

- Tell me.

- I just thought...

If you were a cop...

We'd make good partners.

I think we'd get along.

Oh my god! Go, go, go!

- No, no!

Put this on! Put this on!

Please! Be careful!

- Yes! I've done it!

- Reese, get them away from me!

- They won't hurt you!

They're powerless in this world!

When the digitized
their way to divinity...

They triggered a deluge that
almost wiped out the human race.

Since then whenever
mankind deciphers the universe's
most potent secrets,

these cyber gods dispatch a
savage to keep us from
destroying ourselves!

As if any self respecting
god would give a damn!

All exit routes from
Manhattan are clogged

as residents try to escape
from the devastation.

Ruptures in both the
Lincoln and Holland tunnels

left thousands stranded as
water levels continue to rise.

- Can you hear me!

- Oh god.
- Take care of him!

A tremendous fissure
has erupted...

- Open the door.

- Come on Marie!

Life as we know
it is a horror story!

The constant fear of
sickness, age and death!

Teeth that rot!

A back that can't
bear to stand upright!

N-Open the door!

- Marie, please listen to me.

Let go of your physical self!

Let go! Your body is keeping
your soul from freedom!

- I like my body, Reese!

I think I'll keep it even
if that means I'll eventually
rot and die!

- Well then you leave
me no choice!

The Prime Minister has
declared a state of emergency.

- How stupid!

How apelike!


- Reese! No!

It has never been seen before.

Churches are filled with
panicked citizens.

Fearing that this is
the final judgement of mankind.

If things are true,
they may just be right.

Buildings are burning
throughout the nation,

cracks in the earth have
swallowed dozens of homes

and panicked residents
are clogging the roads
attempting to escape

but there is no escape.

The devastation is everywhere,
the end of the world may
just be upon us.

Be praised the sword that
brings salvation to the world.

- Though cruel misfortune
plagued thy steps.

- We offer thee now thy reward.

- Choose now if thy will to
shed the scars of the past.

- The painful memory
of loved ones gone.

- Or else choose to
embrace the past and
all you have become.

- The first road is peace.
- The other, eternal war.

- In defense of the
meek and needy.

- Choose and so it shall be.

Electrical power has
been partially restored.

Fire martial reports all
fires now under control.