Sauvage / Wild (2018) - full transcript

Leo is 22 and sells his body on the street for a bit of cash. The men come and go, and he stays right here - longing for love. He doesn't know what the future will bring. He hits the road. His heart is pounding.

Do you cough?

A fair bit, yes.

A dry cough?

No, I spit a bit.

Any blood?

No, but sometimes I have fits
when I can't breathe.

Stomach pain?

Yes, a little.

What kind of pain?

I can't really say.

Ok, let's check.

Take off the T-shirt.

- Where's this from?
- No idea.

I think I fell.

That's fine.

Breathe in, mouth open.

I feel something.

Any pain urinating?

A little.

Remove your shorts.

I'll relieve you.

It's hard.

That's it, let go.

It's a beauty.

Go on.

Squirt it out, kitten.

Shoot a load.

I check round back after.

That feels good.

Next Thursday too?


If I can borrow the place again.

Same time?


Do you know any medicine?

I can't stop coughing.

I'm with the IRS.

You don't kiss?

- I do.
- Really?

Kiss me then?


Why not?

I dunno. It has to be natural.

I'll kiss you next week.

On the bed.

Hold on... My brakes.

Don't stop.

- And you?
- What?

- Kissing me?
- No.

- Why not?
- Because.

- Why not?
- Because!

What're you doing?

- Can you get hard?
- No,

but I can come.

Hold on...
Squeeze there.

- Like this?
- Yes.

Yes, that's it.

- There?
- Yes.

Your cock's beautiful.


You're a drag!
I don't do that, ok.

Don't kiss me, kiss him.

Not even him.

It turns me on.

Do it for an extra 50?

An extra 50 for me too?

Yeah, 50 for you too.

Fucking happy now?



A little.

I have stuff. Want to stay?

All right.

And me?

I want to be alone with him.

He's my type.

I'll cough up more.

You heard him?

Put that back! Put it back!

- Chill.
- Piss off and don't come back!

He's crazy!

Pissed off at me?

Gone off me?

You're pissed off?

Stop it!





Smell this.

C'mon, let's split.

Give me your lighter, you Serb.

We go there with the van one night.

We start loading it
with paving stones...

And the cops...

You're not interested?

Think it's funny?

You're really high.

- You're not?
- No way.

Are you ok?

That cough's not normal.

It's just a cold.

That's no cold.

See a doctor.

It soon passes.

It always passes.

Your hair's weird.

That's not a cut.

Is that an animal?

Is it a fox?

What the hell?

I'm not your chick!

Fucking sicko.

Lucky it's you!

Cut it out!

What do you care?
Go back to sleep.

With a pig jerking off on my ass?

Not on your ass, over here.
It helps me sleep.

Put it away.

Put it away!

Come here with me.

Comfy now?

Yeah, this is good.

There you go.

We're not animals after all.

What's up?

Why d'you kiss clients?


Why d'you kiss clients?

I dunno.
It doesn't bother me.

That means nothing.
It's not about being bothered.

It's like you enjoy being a whore.


That means you'll never wanna quit.

Think I'll suck dicks all my life?

I'm not even a fag!

Find an old guy.

I don't want one.

Wanna live with an old guy?

I just wanna split.

To go where?

Dunno, anywhere but here.

Let's split together.

Cut it out.

There are other guys.
Real fags too, like you.

Fuck off!

I told you!

- What's up?
- He's a thief!

He stole from you?

- Apples.
- He stole?

- He's a thief.
- Search him.

- Nothing this time but...
- Nothing!

Nothing at all!

Go in and stop busting our balls.

- He steals.
- Enough!

Sure. Asshole!

The guy's nuts.

Stay at my place.

I miss our mornings.

- You're too old, pal.
- Too old?

I was never too old before.

My old teddy.

- That's how I like you.
- I prefer that.

So come and see your teddy.

You had everything you wanted.

Come to my place.
I have tomorrow off.

A day together.

I want to buy you clothes.

You can sleep with me.
We don't fuck, we just cuddle.

I love you, you know.

I love the grain.

I think a second-hand dealer
found this.

By the Seine.

This one...

This one was recommended
by a bookseller.

And then...

I finally got them.

My eyesight's going.

I'll make the most of your visit.


Read me this page.


You don't dare?

I do.

Well then?

I'm a bad reader.

Never mind.

We won't read tonight.


that's not why you're here.

No, that hurts too much.

I'm not used to it now.
It's been a while.

If Irène saw me...

Who's Irène?

Irène was my wife.


There she is.

Beautiful, isn't she?

She's smiling, but she looks a bit sad.

Sad? No.

You know...

When I went to bed at night,

I'd watch her.

She'd be sitting.

She would brush her hair

and I'd watch her in the mirror.

Shall I try again?

No... I'm too old for it.

What do you want?

I don't know.

You know...

There's not a lot I want these days.

If you want,

you can stay here next to me.

You can lie there
and I'll hold you in my arms.

You'll fall asleep
and we'll stay here...

I'll watch over you.

You'd do that?

Yes, I would.

You won't get bored?


No, I won't get bored cos...

I want that too.

I want to stay here, nice

and calm.

I want to spend

the night in a guy's arms
and you're that guy tonight.

Will you?

Do I disgust you?

No. Not at all.

At night,

sometimes I wake

and I don't know where I am.

Are you cold?

Are you cold?

That better?

Drop it. Fuck off.

Come here.

That guy's sick.

- What?
- He's the Pianist!

The Pianist?

You don't know yet?

He's sick.

Know what he's into?
Blood and torture.


Come here!

Some new guy's doing blowjobs
for 5 euros!

The bastard.

I can't understand.

I can't understand.

Just calm down, ok.

Looking for trouble?

Where you from?

A blowjob isn't 5 euros, but 20.

Charge that
or go back where you're from.

The street's not private.

I blow for free even.

Looking for shit?

What, asshole?


He's not bothering anyone.

You're defending this fucker?

No, but give him a break.

You're cute, draga.

Hands off!

What're you doing?

Let's split!

- What's wrong?
- You cracked his skull open.

He's just bleeding!

Let's split, this is risky!

He's breathing.

Get a car. We'll take him.

Are you ok?

Take it off.

Come on, take it off.


This is clean. It's new.

Here. Go on.


All right...

It's clean.

Go on, strip.

Keeping the shorts on?

He's fucking filthy.

Turn around.

Seen that pretty ass?

Yeah, but he stinks.

Arch your back.

Go on.

Come on.

Arch your back, ok.

Fucking whore.

Go on, fuck him.

Come on.

Arch your back, ok!

Yeah, come on. Play the bitch!

- Arch it more.
- There, that's it.


Arch your back, ok!

Fuck, it's no use.

Suck me off.

Come here now.


Go on, blow me.


Fuck, bitch...

Yeah, deep throat me.

Work that cock.

Blow him now.

Blow him, go on!

I can't get hard.

I'm fucking bored.
Let's change. Move.

Fuck, it's huge.

It won't all go in.

We'll take it slowly.

Got the time?


Ever had this big?


Get down on all fours.

Hurry it up.

Take a sniff.

Come on.

Take a good sniff.

Go on, you'll need it.



Spread his ass.

Spread it.

Take it slowly.

Spread it.

Spread it.

Nice and slowly.

Arch your back.
Show you want it.

Spread his ass.

It's going in.


Gimme more lube.

Let's try it again.

It's going in.

Don't make him bleed!

It's ok, he's used to it.

You like it, huh? Say so.

I like it.

That's enough, stop!

Stop it now. Forget it!

He's bleeding!

Just stop.

Ok, get lost.
Dress and get lost!

- What?
- My dough.

- Dough?
- Pay him.

- This bum did fuck-all!
- Pay me.

Get the fuck out!

I'm working, ok!

Piss off!

What's your problem?


Cut it out!

You're busting my balls!

Take your dough.

I keep the rest.

Next time, manage.

Get off my back.

- Wait...
- No way!

Piss off!
You dump me in the shit!

Get off my back.


- Don't go!
- Fucking piss off!

Piss off, ok!

What did I do to you?

Get off me!
Fuck off!

Asshole! Fucking whore!

Fucking asshole!

Fetch my jacket!

- Fetch it!
- I'll waste you!

Shit, it's torn...

Fuck it.


How old are you?


Any fixed abode?

I have a place to sleep.

Someone's place? A hotel?

No, an apartment we squat.

How long can you stay?

I don't know.

Where else do you sleep?

On the street.

Where exactly?

It depends.

In the park...

On the sidewalk...

Sometimes in hospital bathrooms.

Why there?

I dunno. It's warm.

No one notices me.
I feel good there.

What's your sleep cycle?

It depends.

When did you last sleep?


Last night, I didn't sleep,
but I think I did the night before.

Ok. And before that?

Before that...

I didn't sleep because of crack.

You only use crack?

Yes, mainly.

"Mainly" means not just crack.

What else do you use?



- No heroin?
- No.

Crystal meth if there's any.

Do you smoke meth and crack?


- You never shoot up?
- No.

No heroin?

No. Rarely.

Nothing else?

No. Hash, of course.

Yes, the basics.

A regular partner?

A girlfriend, a boyfriend?

Not really.

I had someone, but...

I'm alone.

- With someone or alone?
- Alone.

Did he do that?


How did it happen?

I fell.

On his fists?


How did it happen?

I fell on the stairs.

All right. You're alone.

Right now...

he's left.

He vanishes and comes back.

He always does.

He thinks he's strong but snaps.

He messed you up.
He's dangerous.


It happens a lot.

He hits me cos he's weak.

He'll come back.

You make him sound like your boyfriend.

But he isn't.

He prefers girls.
And I know he's an asshole.

People in love say that.

I'm not in love.

How long have you been
selling yourself on the street?

I don't know.

Some time now.

Are you in touch with your parents?

Shall we try something
to get you off the drugs

for a while?

But... Why?

What do you mean, why?

To do what?

Hold on a second.

It's not either crack or nothing.

It is.

You don't want to change?

Why would I?


I'll let you undress.

Breathe normally.

Deeper, with your mouth open.

Carry on, your mouth open.

When I listen to you here,

I hear something...

Do you feel a weight there?

Right here.

When I'm out of breath,
it pinches a little.

A lung infection, I think.
We'll do x-rays.

Do you ever feel thirsty?

Yes, but that's the hash.

Maybe, but it could be something else.

Open your mouth and go "Ah".

Open wide.

Yes, you have a few dental problems.

You're in bad shape for your age.

Now, let me see...

Can you lie down?

No, on your back.

Do you get oedema
on your ankles?


Yes, swollen ankles.

Yes, my socks swell.

That's a lack of protein.

An unbalanced diet.

It causes swollen ankles.

All right, you can get dressed.


You have a tuberculosis-type infection.

Plus, you have asthma,

with whistling breath.
We'll do x-rays.

I'll put you on antibiotics
for at least two weeks.

I'd like to see you next week

to see how it's working
and talk more.

I'll give you an aerosol
to help you breathe.

It's simple.

Remove the cap...

Shake it, charge it

and breathe in the dose you need.



Take care of yourself now.

Is that all?

For today,
but I'll see you next week.

Hi, draga.



No, nothing.

Bye, draga.


You alone?


Wanna see my scar?


Like it?

I'm glad to see you.

Me too, draga.

Your guy's not here?

I don't have a guy.

The hunk who was with you.

I don't care where he is.

I'm no hunk?

Why turn tricks on our turf?

Your turf?

I'm at home everywhere, draga.

I'm gay, like you.

I suck cocks as my job,

but I do it as a hobby too.

Is it your place?

My mum's.

I liked it as it was.

I only have 120.

We said 160.

120 is good.

It's ok?

Got a drink?

I could drink a lot tonight.

You'll get your milk.

I hope so.

- I'm full as a bull.
- Your pal too?

A three-day load.

- What'll you have?
- Got vodka?

Yeah, sure.

Two vodkas then.


When I give the signal,
take this to the bathroom.

Suck up the liquid
and put it in your cock.

In my cock?

You have to be hard, ok.

Suck it up
and put it in your cock.

Then we get him to suck you off.

He'll swallow the liquid
without realizing.

Don't shoot up.

Put it on your cock hole.

What is it?

It'll knock him out.

Gonna do it?

You're scared?

No, but why me?

He won't suspect you.

You dirty pig.

Yeah, go on.


I'm such a slut.

Have some titty.


Good, isn't it?

Dirty pig.

Where's the can?

Last door on the right.
Hurry back.

Go on, don't stop.

That's so good.

Use your tongue.

That's so good. Take it all in.

Come here.

Take it.

Good, isn't it?

- Dripping precum!
- I'm turned on.

Go on, deep throat him.

Don't lose a drop.

Swallow it all.

Yeah, good girl.

Are you ok?

No, not really.

I just feel drained.

No, don't get up.

What have you done to me?

We drugged you, bitch.

Have a big sleep
while we clear the place out.


Want this?

This is ugly.

Look how ugly it is.

No, I think it's cute.

No, it's ugly.


Here, have my phone.

I don't have one.

Now, you do.

Who am I gonna call?

Well, me.


I know where to find you.


What's that?

It helps me breathe.

Show me.

I feel nothing.

You'll empty it!

Stop it!

That's good.

We're breathing well.

Come on!


Don't be a drag.

Come and play.

Are you ok?

What's up?

Are you ok?

What's wrong?

Come over here.

Sit down.

Go on, sit down.

What's up?

In pain?

- It'll pass.
- Lie down.

I just need to rest.

Take your time.

Come here.

It'll be ok.

- What's on your mind?
- Nothing.

You're sad.

Cos you love that guy.

I see you hurt when he's not here.

You say you don't care,
but it's not true.

I don't know.

You do. You know.

You know, draga.

You have to tell him.

He loves you too.

It's obvious.

Get off my back!

Fuck it!


I often see you here.

Live far away?


Want to come?

Want a drink?


- What?
- I don't care.

What's your name?

Call me anything.

My name's Claude.

I'm French, but I live in Canada.

St Jérôme, near Montreal.

- Know it?
- No.

I'm here a few months,
then I go back.

St Jérôme is pretty.

This is my first time.

Doing what?

This, with a guy.

I'm your first whore?

So say it.

You're beautiful.

Let's shift gear,
I'm bored shitless.

Want me to fuck you?

Are you ok?

Shall I call someone?

You're scaring me.

You really have to see someone.

I can help you.

I have a doctor friend I can call.

He won't ask about your life.

Want to stay here?

With me?

Stay as long as you want.

Money isn't a problem.


I asked if you wanted to stay.


What's wrong?


Why are you going?

Cos you're old.

Cos you're ugly.

So screw you.

- What?
- Let me see him.

He lives here.

He won't see you, so get lost.

- He's here?
- He won't see you, ok!

Piss off, dammit!


I'm calling the cops!

I'll handle it!

The guy's sick!

Calm down.

Calm down...

You're leaving?

All the boxes. Are you moving?

We're moving to Spain.




I didn't know it either.

He's bought a retirement place there.

I'm going with him.

I've found a club there
to train with.

Maybe even fight again.

I'd like to try.

While I still can.

When do you leave?

In two days.

When'll you be back?

I won't be back.

Go now.

Find an old guy.

A nice one.

It's the best that can happen to us.

You're made to be loved.

Are you ok?

Can you hear me?

The dizzy spells...

First thing or during the day?
When you stand?

It depends.

More or less any time.

With nausea?

I can feel like vomiting.

All right.

And your stomach? Does it burn?

Any acid reflux?

It happens.

You've put on weight. Good.

Claude says you get headaches.

Yes, but not as bad now.

And with Claude?


- Good?
- Yes.

I've rarely seen him so happy.

I know him well.

He won't let you go.

I know.

It'd be good
if he could count on you too.


I'll do your prescription.

When do you leave?

In three weeks.

Know Canada?

I've never flown before.

- Eager to go?
- Yes.

Has he found you a job?

He's looking.
He has plenty of contacts.

He'll introduce me.

I've given Claude contact numbers

for centres there.

They'll follow you.


anything else?

No. I feel good.

- Not using anymore?
- No.

- Nothing?
- Nothing.

Not even a little joint now and then?


And I don't miss it.

You don't believe me?

I do.

But I have to admit

I'm a bit worried.

Don't be. I feel good.

I'm not worried about you,
but Claude.

Have a good day
See you this evening

I'll be there tomorrow.

Three days early.

I have my keys.

You can call my company.

They don't know I'm coming.

No, it wasn't planned.

Ok, great. Thank you.


Come on.

You'll catch a chill.

The air con's crazy here.

I need to buy something.


No, I'll stay here.

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