Saudó, laberinto de almas (2016) - full transcript

Elias is a successful physician and a family man. He's Francisco's father, who's about to turn thirteen. Both father and son start having nightmares which evoke their birthplace, Saudó, a grim town built upon the pain and sorrow of the many slaves that ran away and whose foundations were riddled with superstitions, fear, magic and witchcraft, turning this town into a cursed place where those who enter, will never get out.

Some time ago, when slaves
would run away from the plantations

they would go to a hidden place;
a place created out of a ritual.

That place was called Saudo, where
only fertile women were allowed to stay

while the men would fight to death until
only one would be left standing;

the king, the Mandingo,
for he would engender a whole people.

It hurts

how's the patient doing?

She's in a lot of pain, her heart
rate is going up and she's taquicardic

let's give her 2cc of morphine
and get a shot of insuline ready also

be prepared for code blue

don't worry, everything will be fine


are you Bentu?

Take me, take me

my granddaughter, let me see her

one last time

They come




we need to talk


They're here,
they're coming to get you

Samir stop calling me,
leave me alone

they're coming to get me,
to get you, all of us

No, no Samir, leave my family out of this

If you're going, do it by yourself,
leave me out of this

Samir, hello?

And if they die?

Bentu, Bentu!

Wait for me, wait!

Run then!

Elias, look at what I found. a bone, a vulture's
bone, it's for you so you can run faster

three points

stand up, stand up!
It's ok, it's ok, just focus!

Three points, go!

Can you continue?

Three points


You can do I!
Come on!


Yes, yes!
That's my boy!


radio: This is the story of a man
who became an orphan when he was little

and those drawings?

You don't like them?

Where did you get them?

I saw them in my dreams
and drew them a while ago

you never come in here anyway

you dreamed about them?

Yes, don't you ever have dreams?

'You're mine'

sweetie, sweetie?



I'll be there

'run away'

'you can't, no...'


What happened to this man?
What's his name?



His blood pressure is 180 over 90
his heart rate is 30

his pressure?
How is he?

190 over 90

there's no hiding man!

Time's over, fuck,
time's over Damn it!

You need to go back,
you are their king

who did this to you Samir?


Doctor, he's losing his vital signs

we're losing him doctor,
we need to activate code blue

we're losing him


Time of death

he still has a pulse

we need to activate code blue doctor


"Here I am"

"find me"

"here, here"


Doctor, how's Samir doing?

I'm sorry

No man, poor Samir, Fuck

excuse me?

Poor Samir, he had no family

well, we were there and a woman
started screaming, asking for help

we had already finished out shift

And samir sent me for back up
while he went there alone

where did that woman come from?
Who is she?

I don't know, when I went back
he was lying there, alone

that place smelled like hell

and it was dark, and all those vultures
were pecking at his stomach

some vultures?

Yes, vultures

they don't even wait for you to be dead
when they start eating your insides

54 captain


I've been thinking about painting the house

all this white is driving me crazy

don't you think it's a good idea?

"Your destiny, your destiny"

do you trust me?

Yes why?

Because I like it when you say it

can you say it?

I do trust you

don't forget I'm the only person
you see when you wake up

and the last one when you go to bed

I'm not hiding anything from you

are you taking your pills?

They are here


What does Sofia say?

Nothing, I don't want to get her
involved in this

I'm alone, I'm alone Martin

allthough I don't play aloing
with everything you say

I don't think you're crazy

you're my friend

and I believe that a person who has been
through what you've been through

has to have nightmares and bad dreams

but they're not nightmares
nor dreams Martin

what's happening to me is real

they know what they want

who's they?

I can't tell you that

Elias, you need to calm down

nobody who's been through
what you have

should go back to that past, that mud,
that dirt isn't yours

do you want me to prescribe you
stronger pills?

"You're mine"

what are you doing?


are you gonna keep saying that?

I'm not doing anything

did you take your pills last night?

You talked to Martin

the only thing I want
is for you to be fine

no, you talked to Martin

no, I didn't talk to him,
but I should

Sofia listen to me

no, no, no you listen to me

you can't stop talking your medication
just like that

do you trust me

Elias I'm gonna tell you something

don't look for what you haven't lost

are you serious?


baby, baby open the door please

sweetie open the door,
this is no time for pranks

Francisco, open the door
or I'll kick it down

baby, this is no time for

sweetie, sweetie, sweetie?




Do you ever hit your son?

Did you ground him?

What are you saying?
Have some respect

tell this man to shut up Elias

get up and do something!

Calm down

I'm not gonna calm down,
how can you tell me to calm down?

Francisco, son!


sweetie what happened to you

god what happaned?

Stay away from us!

My baby what happened to you?

Can I come in?

Where were you last night?

Who were you with?

I don't know

you don't know where you were
nor who you were with

they found you all the way across the city

and you don't know where?

Right now you tell me the truth

I told you I didn't know

I just remember birds, a white house,
and maybe it was just a dream

Francisco, don't talk to me like that



Martin it's me Elias

please I need you to go to the house
and get Sofia out

she's locked in there

tell her to forgive me

what's that?

Where are you going without me?

Are you gonna continue with this?

Why don't we take a vacation?

And my son?

Our son

for god's sake Elias

Fran, go to the car

nobody's leaving the house

Fran go get in the car

I'll go with you

Sixta doesn't exist


Let me show you something

it isn't true

dad are you ok?

I know where Abuchado and Apogado is,
Saudo I don't know

we don't know where Saudo is lcoated

but I'll pay if you know where,
why won't you take me there?

No, I can't promise anything

the money doesn't matter
I can't promise anything

you know, the only person I can recoment
is Arsenio, old Arsenio

how can I get in touch with him?

Yes at the farmer's market


Who's asking?

I want to go to Saudo

that place doesn't exist

I'm from there

I don't know that place

please take me there

please leave

I know you can take me

I don't know that village

get out, get out!


wait here

"oh my got Elias"


you can't wander around by yourself

what were you doing here, huh?


walking? so you think you can disappear
whenever you want to?

I'm old enough

what do you mean old enough?
You're with me

and while I'm with you,
I'm your dad and you gotta respect me

look Francisco

a prince can't yell at anohter prince,
it's the law

who are you?


your son is really handsome

you wanted to meet me?

Did you know Samir?

Do you want to go to Saudo?

How do you think you can see?

With the eyes?
Or with the heart?

There is a moment when heaven
and the open waters meet

that's where the moon and sun mate

we leave at dawn

let's go

are we close?

Unfortunately, Saudo is always far away son

this is the entrance

are you afraid of the dead?

You've arrived at Saudo

walk 15 steps

walk past the big tree and you're there

is this boy really my grandson?

Because he looks like
he doesn't get enough food


he's like me

but he's got his mom's looks

so you mean

my Mandingo

my king!

You have to come with us

things have changed a lot in Saudo

this is all that's left

but I am Saudo

and now that I see you two
I am now at peace

because I don't need anything else


Saudo hasn't changed

foreigners keep arriving here


We're not alone

I know

Saudo knows everything

we are Saudo


you felt the call, didn't you?

Well you have to get out of here
before the sun goes down

they're coming

they're here









"Here I am"

Elias, Elias



the sun goes down

where's my son?

You walk back to your world

it has started

where's my son?

We were

persecuted, burned, mutilated

because of our black skin

but now

we are a legion

we are one people

we are whole

even if the endless night comes

even if there's nothing left
after the savage bloody battle

one among thirteen


that one will be Saudo

the Mandingo


The last one!

The twelfth member of the dynasty

get ready for the journey

the one who was hunted will hunt

and his seed

will be eternal

for the love of god

who are you?

I'm the one who made the call

the one who waits

the one who invites you to the sacrifice

the one who will elevate your son's heart

I am your mother

I'm Herminia

your destiny

I can't

I can't

when the suffering of the races
is no longer painful

when the disturbing noise
of the prayers to all the saints ceases

and here it is, here it is!

Here it is!

Today, the king the Mandingo!

The hunter

only one will live, yes

the hunter will be hunted

the blood of the birds he will drink

wake up!

May the ancestors be with you

"my god Elias"

"we are a family"

I'm sorry

dad what's going on!

Dad! dad!

"Why have you come again,
if god hasn't called you?"

"well you can go back and
my god hasn't called you"

"well you can go back
save the mother goddess"