Satyricon (1969) - full transcript

Lusty adventures of two men and a transvestite young man in times of Rome's Nero.


- I've already drunk.
- Drink once again.

Do you like my slave?
- Yes...

Isn't she pretty?

...Life's a harsh destiny. What is it?
Satirium once again!

I simply don't remember if
I've ever been a virgin...

Tell me, doesn't you husband object
to all these little treats?

No, I don't! I no longer like
or want any woman in my life!

Where are you running away?
Rotten impotent dissolute! Spineless!

Where are you going? talk about these, these men,

who display the most uncontrolled
and wild vanity in their riches,

only dazed by the lustful music
coming from these temples of vice!

And about women, who have no
shame in showing themselves...

...while having sex
under the eyes of public...

...and of this city of
Baia which is corrupt,

...and where lust lives
like a triumphant beast,

...this new Sodom, this
Babylon, this Sybaris...

...where everyone is only devoted to
the worship of the senses and money!

But the smell of decay is already
coming out of your pleasures!

Because the gods' wrath is getting
ready! The flowery ships will sink!

And the lustful music will be over!

- He really acts on impulses.
- A healthy man, with no false modesty.

He's a real Epicurean.

What the hell are you doing?
Dirty disgusting pig!

Filthy worm! Shameless!

You, go away!
Ugly sneak!

She was the most beautiful slave
in Baia, slender like a cane...

Now she has ballooned like a frog.

Of course! If you eat and drink like
a sow, you will blow up one day!

And I'll help you to get
him out of your head!

- What are you doing? Ouch!
- Take this!

Take this!

Still thinking about your friend?
- Yes, I am!

So take this! Swine! Lecher!
Sleaze! Pig! Take this!

The more you think about him,
the more I'll beat you!

Still thinking about him?
- Stop! I no longer think about him!

Such moments of perfect
balance are so rare.